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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Katy Perry 7-16-14

Jul 16, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network we started Hyannis Massachusetts. Amanda -- court today after accused of breaking through the hyannisport home of Ted Kennedy junior hope. Marshall police called received and I'm on one call Tuesday at 9:30 PM from Kennedy. -- to Connecticut and said he stranger into the phone is cape home when he called check -- on. Please respond to the home and said he found James LeCroy 53 was enterprising disabled veteran inside. When officers questioned LeCroy said he's looking for singer Katy Perry. The binder and the big no no it's Troy west and the broader way over the limit like yeah guys that didn't get any kid out of you heard. He's gonna go off again. -- wanted Erin Andrews and you -- -- and stay with -- later in the program we're gonna replay but that yeah we replay because it was uncomfortable. Out five and that's his -- -- playing -- -- American people and copped -- yeah absolutely so -- hand goes on a tirade at the commitment -- and I apologize advancement up and go next -- -- I -- it right I -- on rant against -- can roll off the track will be -- an -- that's -- -- fox reporter -- and buddy list -- her limb from -- wolf what kinda wanna play that you know this is vertical -- I. It's a bull for 8 o'clock. Wow we better hurry up so we can deliver. Either just before or just -- -- camera on yeah. That that is a talent show it's push -- because a couple of times she just loves social media. So -- the future yet. Called his own home on vacation now and -- as you were by well it's. And some stranger answer that's creepy. Very -- your home phone to call I've idol hopeful order why don't vote yes on the line I think it's of people wait offshore. You know we do because as part of our. Cable package is actually cheaper it's true that they gave us the actual land line up. We never content with Robert felt that number I don't know who tell me on the air a -- -- six and you get. Away I don't know. I actually on seven they -- and why aren't runaway that it -- I election all right phones they're fossils not. I want. Money -- -- -- that's harassing -- money pumped money that they have seen a pay phone. This is what you want which -- -- center right around us train also area. Yet others burial some dollars that are. Yeah they're they're they're like oh. She might so my daughters sent Texas can. Is it too young for her to go to a concert yeah yeah yes it is it's like -- -- and yet but not that next big mixture in thirteen hours and I have no idea I'd look at it and it's a guy -- on this year. Straight up. -- this yeah. -- -- -- Was looking for Taylor Swift is she's in. Confused look confused right now and -- -- the fine Katy Perry Taylor Katy -- she looks like she -- why they -- yet he's he's got that guys DNA on. That's true that you are issues like Internet pitches I think ship shall play ball slipped duties. Elements looked and he and on the very pale. Pale. Is there -- Mentally and physically she is. Erupting and you -- Archie comics. You did read Arctic IE I suspect back material with Veronica Jordan Edmund Robert -- -- rather -- lover on the bad guy yet. W never really fortunate. Have you seen this story. Yes the adult arts as an adult Archie spinoff comic. And beat fitness -- -- that he goes he saves he's -- For a guy shoots Archie stepped in front of ease the politician as -- It just assessing Archie steps in front of Harvey Milk -- the positives. Harvey Milk that aren't there yet with -- -- -- -- Brokeback is -- currently in the comic in the making I love you. Took -- that it's not that. Nokia is his buddy big years. Ago conservative guy like the guy who killed Harvey Milk white. It just is crazy politician he has goes Artie Johnson front takes a bullet first bout takes a bowl and I steel -- last name. Actually true Archie bell on the -- and a injuries. Actually true art -- majors yes. Steps departments against hot button topic right now for right leaning readers this thing while the right readers of this Archie -- comic. Readers if you think about their. Original which is that they are letters and emails piling -- how did you do this would have regional again. Got that up with them on the book and read it again. You're never gonna renew again ever ever it's strange it's -- and ways and it -- Archie really hits and a tropea ego up to go to LA now and you grew up and able Peña you know. That's a big hot button issue right now yeah. Archie -- readers checking out. You -- name Jose a window dose Santos. He batted eighth nationally -- Atlanta -- -- single. Easy Brazilian. Parents for African slaves and is now they think the oldest living person ever documented. After -- rebirth to begin showing he turned 126. Last week and now. Well he's born on July 7 1888. Just two months after slavery was abolished Brazil the last country in the world -- trade. If the bachelor who never married children still walks of stick -- four meals a day it has no health problems let me guess -- one glass of Scotch -- that night on cigarette he does something despite smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for the last seventy -- -- no way. Picked it up and Asia I'm sick call obvious on the yeah there's he'd do that there's some hoax issues however. 126. Years of age he never married coincidence. So good point out it's true like Louisiana arena right and that it -- only -- tonight -- stop working in 1960 days. Which were -- access both eyes it's trying to -- the seventy's at that point check out and in the pension collectors are secure this guy is yet it is what does this look -- -- point 62060. Of well it looks like oil Campbell yeah it's -- -- -- sick guys like 88. This -- of questions up big for Brazil gave him an official birth certificate saying he's 126 years old. He used in the World Cup if they -- Wrote about this yesterday and I have heard whispers about this because. Now we're very happy about Jenny dealt with Mel Brooks getting engaged yeah however there have been people -- such thing it's a public should be between a pitcher's outing. -- -- videos you this video that she put up yesterday's surprise of Waukegan all the family being in their. There are whispers that they are. Pitching -- reality show you can will. Aren't sure have not read about a are there a couple of other sources do you know what -- there's no chance that lap to Ginny but we'll doesn't need that. -- as a borderline mentally it is the last six reporter for sega's NFL. -- reality television she could be -- in the yogurt commercial on the Dancing With The Stars this is better than -- but you know what Jenny is beautiful woman apparently very nice human being she that. Exciting interesting now. No I mean should not -- not mean the reality shows are reserved for lunatics if here nice person yes boy you know like one when. Those idiots -- managers shall learn a whole hour while -- blow when he puts -- -- -- JJ. One ounce McKee people like that Canseco. Went on interest either means Snooki and you know not a club that looks interesting now up now. No not just for me but the picture's nice guy but you know today people like Ochocinco and price right press exact right. Yes and back to work again SPS that's. Probably not gonna happen maybe just crack -- but I do wonder why you know she tweets percent into Graham puts videos up. Now I am a Twitter timeline genitals hunkering down now an easy straight regular who order a man and knowing useful thing. For rip -- does that seem a little strange. You know Aaron Andrews your boyfriend is. Hockey NHL player of the other things yet a tough mentally. There is still here that's that's who boyfriends yet. Lucky lucky chairs dog conversations in both -- I mean. In no particular order debut with the strategic arms limitation the Gaza Strip situation. Immigration on the board and throw things at work on the Fed. The Fed -- Do you think Aaron Andrews knows. The secretary of state not to -- any chance at all. Think if you asked Erin Andrews like what has been the milestone only know and care human banker. For the Dow Jones which you know 7000. No no she knows he's got no mention -- those things she does she play it right that the for the intestinal whenever fortitude. While genetics musicals yes the witness that stuff. -- -- noticed passive yeah ago and leisure leisure out. Accident -- -- -- standards. And I definitely think that's what time. -- -- I just like that -- have a good time ago if you want to one more. Find some for Kirk right here. To talk -- on what to do and we'd like to shape. I did I am glad you did yesterday it was so Mikey it did it. It was doing -- -- she ask where is going well did that all this is your last day he -- -- -- to -- your analyst we don't. You secretive tells we. She won the government -- to our wedding California. All this yesterday's story of the chick who paid like 50000 calls surgery comic look like in Kardashian yes. She's only 25 years old asked -- -- next she knows yet she's getting as soon as that of the faced on and the guy's whole thing. And your life savings look like him Kurdish how to turn out. Not mean she looks like -- as she does. But not likes. We focus she's great. And -- user aggression. I'll -- Mean that's -- she's yeah she's smoking -- -- and well yeah I consider totally. -- that it is fantastic took off for a wedding. Root for somebody to meet you come across the country have I completely agree it is that a marble and blue -- or just a destination that would seem like accounts on my best friends. Do you live. -- Yeah cause damage from here her family's from a -- for impeachment it was like in between -- -- two hitless until after the show is like six hours. And it. If you could just tell him outwardly goes -- electric miles -- -- on your winning this thing is by the way you know. -- Europe flights. Hotel the food alcohol -- The gift the gift that. 3000 dollars or 500 bucks 3000. Would -- for letting. Do you know yet checkers I went up which which they give us -- money. Now I mean money he's a teacher he's a good of the give money money -- -- as money in my nation in the -- you guys are different stratosphere. Intrigued me. Would say. Somewhere between fifteenth and in my family's money so what what's the right with the rage out of box that yeah that's -- A formal -- The first formal war. It is a beater by far at least made its wrote to -- spine center left yet on the other when you do. For -- why people. Age group that's given to married this when you're Ager getting married ever. At the -- question -- which I don't ask I grew up all -- my friend who's knowledgeable of the you know there was moved anywhere in the second round. Is that it is a section but the couple. And really having these -- Caribbean compressed and destination now did you think about. Yes he did he says roach remembers that we did not go for it we were happy yet it was going to be like virtually take yeah we bring like two or three people 23 couples back and yet nobody international it was a nice to very -- had a good time our abilities in -- -- talked to him -- used -- 1777. I had 790 threes we'll replay minivans and ran off. On on -- and -- yes who blamed social me right but the Firestone that followed. At a -- writes admission that he grew moved a couple of pitches and I still need to know is Christ what amused Eric up. With gave count.

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