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Derek Jeter love in 7-16-14

Jul 16, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing last nights All Star Game.

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First things first I will swear to god right -- god I've never heard the term. Tight shots. Before. Now maybe I wasn't involved in the drug culture is should the bitterest. Men and may have been out in California. -- have you ever heard the baseball term. Tight shots no last night to Italy very handsome today thank you clean shaven nice yes and look like. Robert -- so now you can actually call now -- dare you ought to warm yesterday and it paid. That's ratcheted it beat me not. Area. That may now select the development. -- -- the Taliban chic weddings were conforming. Alabama have a hand. It's not that will be back promise -- -- God's good in and -- sure it's -- -- Yeah I earned Osama together like it's obsess -- Oh good you can have a date in Canada lost zero a bribe knowing -- Penetrating -- Sosa that you care about you know I care about not being that -- sweaty. Gross wells yesterday -- like nineteen days of not -- that I've got a good conversation. Got -- -- -- -- -- and figure it appeared. Grab. It did -- That W yeah. Must have you. Seen the pitcher of the month that you laugh -- this over ask everyone. -- each portal stash of -- of the notion that ash but like shot. -- Never like ignite interest and in the context would mean else -- did you -- -- -- know. -- -- meant him no and I'll be able to outages may develop as he went wrong and this all really you are in May not be a baseball term. Her -- that Terry Francona it's a tight shot well. You know what that is. In -- has gotten so few tips that he was deeply immersed in the drug called yeah public -- -- -- we start this way. This is what my standard. True isms but I applied in my life and that is nothing is ever as big. As it's seems at the time. Should repeat that it is important. Nothing is ever as biggest it's seems as the time now there certainly are a couple of exceptions to that. 9/11 would be one sandy -- would be another one but generally speaking nothing is ever as big as it's seems as at the time. So so let me jump in the -- beat on this temporary. Short lived controversy. Sort of like. When Pedro. These days during which have at the picnic table spring training and Pedro would be three days late and he would spend hour upon hour. He drew mostly Pedro not here is grandmother died his father of for they would of the case may be right as -- a big deal at the time right and Edison is Pedro arrived it was not a big deal at all. I think this Adam Wainwright situation. Balls into that category I ask the question. Is Adam -- A liar. Or is he an honest man what would you wanna be known as the obvious answer as you'd wanna be known as an honest man. Wainwright hedges and gets away from the liar thing and says I'm not a liar I'm -- knucklehead. Jumped at this point. In public that you need to explain yeah yeah -- I'm pleased -- Derek Jeter if you didn't watch the game maybe it's meant to last time work and sleep. Derek Jeter had perhaps the greatest single baseball game ever see -- -- -- mean it was that Fred Lynn ten RBI game yeah no three home runs that would be one David Ortiz in the World Series. Would be one but I think Jeter tops them all yeah me and to just to recap the special just recapping fielded a ground ball through the first late didn't get the output it was magical is. It was a deserve it all it's probably better in the -- Jackie Bradley made last week and then at the plate. He'd just hit a couple of shots that there were almost as. Dramatic as it Giancarlo statements longest home on the I mean just he just barreled up the ball twice. And one of them was justice unbelievable rocket -- a right field a second it was a scorcher that I mean -- absolutely it's hot all. That was just note it was a no doubt. -- no doubt -- flare single to right. But the first one was double and it was at wells typical Jeter ever write that bounced around in the got a couple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jeter let him get it. And this seems to me outrages. Like you would why -- wanted to would you wanna get their Q how capsule. Wouldn't that be cool to get strike him out to embarrass in the way he embarrassed -- -- shortly thereafter. Guys got to unbelievable curve ball and he doesn't protein groups want to cheap shot. Russia of that -- -- like never before and I never had means you nine mile an hour if you ask that all ultimately you let him hit it yeah. And he hit it great but he hit a typical -- little right to get double. After the game two things happen win right you know turn around and in front covers tracks said -- -- that. We did in the media circled the wagons and actually defended. This act. In a game that but I don't think guys are hurt in the game. Matters it matters twelve years now matters it matters beat the winner gets the home field advantage in the World Series that means the American League gets the home field and the home the team with the home field usually wins. This matters more than most regular season at bats this matters more than most regular season games all played with when he did in the first inning to Derek Jeter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I think our ability -- is no god is going to be -- makeup call the year Jews can win another gold -- that's -- that's at this kind of make a solid short last -- like only one I don't have a problem with -- useful this -- old -- Exhibition and who. They're cute he's he's got his job -- does he says the right things does the right that's a big empty board -- -- -- everyone else morphed into twelve year old girls and Justin Bieber can't. It's embarrassing. In. Thought they were interns from Ingram you know spook the way our rivals -- so egregious. It's stipulated I'd like Jeter he's great -- great -- that you grew migrate you greet our greatest ever this weird thing happened this year. He turned forty. I and it kind of slowed down a little leagues and I'm gonna retire. I think he's one of the first players in history who's done that most players to directly elect a hundred. I'd -- Babe Ruth is still I got it to -- -- Bob I mean. He just reached the age of retirement he's not going to Hamanaka throwing ball at him he does not so I don't believe he -- -- believe these has Derek -- disease does -- -- I don't know a fatal disease though I don't know what's even Drobo. Like to get along air right out for yeah -- and Tommy John got -- elect a guy from adult brain tumors he has never sick child -- He's not Jim Kelly right. Jim Kelly who's that is a cent store yes we get to that. James just reached forty and is walking away from the game in with his help and would 225 million bucks at least an outrage. Let's get that Tony -- story they declined -- tribute. Tony grit and Tony and MLB San Diego Padres -- the tribute to -- MLB said no thanks this is Derek Jeter night. And you can disagree about on this program is a better player Tony -- dot -- He died this year pretty right I believe he did and they said save it will go to another day extra point -- -- -- another day. Derek Jeter. Is retiring from the game moving on broadcasting coaching whatever is gonna do. He's there when every single player in sports is. He's walked away eventually meet some some I aghast but. Players reach an -- they retire. Even if he's gonna do -- -- that's not what this movie you know we got three more sixteen million dollars it's true and that's true that at you so just out of fourteen says that she's last year and -- -- -- -- to do this over and -- is hoping to this extent that it would Rivera lashed at a Rivera -- higher in the -- keys. Speak for itself you think Bradford believes they'll -- -- Bradford has come VP my god and and just. It was amazing you know my favorite guy it was last night that heckler. Malia and generated a lot of got old or re 80000 people just fawning over him debt and at Harold Reynolds has got his job hunt and kill. -- have a roses on Jeter's. Years year and ear and I mean he's just taken turns. At Purdue -- -- just taking turns. With the the the on going -- geography it's we're going to. Elevate him to a level button that we didn't before like -- new level and we reached with his hero worship. It was just like one person after another sideline reporters broadcasters writers players coaches. -- -- -- -- -- He's on the for a -- are you. You don't like twenty years he is cute but if you don't skip past it because -- know it's. I cannot do -- you can't welcome him I love view. You know Brett duke was at the -- -- but I feel it you know John I don't -- him 20 years. I am sorry I will never say. I love -- you know we Gaza. He doesn't have the opposite to a guy. Yes. Your two year old son you're gonna compare that the right Butterfield a coach for the Red Sox have ever selling David telling. I. W percent I loved you. -- served for your wife your mother. -- I know a lot you know. Listen you're playing a baseball game he's never gonna get the planes exhibition again while -- -- a minute -- overwhelmed by the emotion. Any normal person real well Mike the situation that he's not gonna get a ball thrown at him for -- -- and I didn't I love you and you think Tony because. I deserves this kind of attention by a priority and better guy. Nobody's better too young but let's. Written better I would not listen to this -- wouldn't put a video montage of Tony -- it was a better player a better guy -- human being that they're cheat on with five titles. But he was never that good that it's called ice. Three days from now. The rock will be rolled away populist up liquor and Derek Jeter and analysts and to have that all right so don't be blasphemous Callahan. We treat him. Like -- One patient like they cleaned the the the so wars in sort lepers in directories. But what they should you -- is some one of his endorsement companies should put together as a commercial that's a good I don't know if I know I that was amiss yeah Nike messed up to my stuff that does not like you're not doing. Was LeBron in the commercial. Was not. Leave him who was one of figure who left them to make it out of it's Sox player it's. Fans and lock him last year. -- car -- right here. In New York off presume it was the catch. Right. Griese he was and that was gonna do opened his wife said she read this from the -- It's Derek Jeter did you sort putts that -- appointment the New York. And does a great guy. He and observe what ever take his gift pack after he abuses be all night long our -- for ticket. Are all part of -- -- -- I love that guy and I love that cat is dead. Q yeah but you know they rip them from you know label are being raised and killed. At least the next Brian now with an -- about how to -- in the name of god to bring votes no -- yeah that's now. Adults and it got killed parking lot -- not be -- market well yeah yeah and as you should have been presented to cooperate and it spurred. Still spells rhino or else the next Bryan stow and read about the he's -- -- -- It's in them seed of this hero worship -- -- pass it shops and the writers and media guys were missed one guy. -- over rate you know what. Let's say in the -- and kill me if you want Derek Jeter is OK. He has to catch that Derek Jeter passed Stabile -- we saw the way -- try and I can go one. By definition I actually I think Jeter's actually under rated. Historically now because so many people and in the you know that the new age Saber metrics called -- become hip to knock him. As an actual baseball players career I think is under rated. But you know it was tough last it was tough it was that was a tough on this -- now the. We think more pathetic in my estimation. Then Adam Wainwright if indeed he grooved a couple of -- shots and -- and allowed Derek Jeter to get a double and start the start -- off. Would be the defense. By the media members of Adam went right in saying he did the right thing as -- may argue. It may first of all Wainwright. Sort of say am this is what I did in the first inning. I was gonna give him a couple tight shots. Just as he deserved it. And as you hit a double relatives. Who's gonna hit it is something hard for the rights for single -- now. I approach it vegetable that. Now is he lying here or -- -- -- miniatures used on which I think he -- till after Jerry tell that you with -- line absolute -- telling the -- you source curve ball if it's he's got unbelievable. Pictures made -- look like a fool. And he didn't want to do that dictator he's a better he's been as good as crucial issues -- better. And love the idea that he just beacons who's made -- made the choice somebody wrote that. So why couldn't. -- couldn't or Oprah Lester because Metheny pick in right yeah it -- penguins. It's it's ridiculous to me you Wainwright. Over the course of the first half seasons and the commercial dispute 3040 earth hotter or shut down much hot right in the hottest pitcher -- is so. It. I'm on -- -- -- firm in -- -- Derek Jeter ranks among New York Yankees. Mr. -- Prius you'd like -- that's right Michael PS plus. This. You'd think what that would -- all on the brokers said what's the license like the men in the pat and the talent. That's automatic -- guy at six at bats. All have. Like a thousand. Gains -- -- at least 500 gained sixty. Try again. Or -- again. 634. Does it all -- 33 OPS's. It was an -- yeses you know that's that's. Universally shortstop to be fair universally accepted he's trailing -- Wounding player. Hey Curtis Granderson. Tonight. -- Tino Martinez. Moose tower and Nick Swisher. Hideki metsu Oscar gamble a player Alec. -- Great great player. He still operate he's -- and -- box at last night he's the captain baseball so I'm captain based captain of baseball on the ship now he's the captain. -- -- -- -- -- John payment CBS kills the guy yelled over rated. Who's where's the guy who says we can go -- we should condemn -- dove. Oh lord this is the most unbelievable thing if see we know we all agree Wainwright grooved a pitch right. Well I agree I am tied at his word argued as the tribute to him the cheers the videos the Cessna one wasn't enough to suit when you are watching and I -- I watched it wasn't enough for a win here did a pitch and Jeter could -- -- a double into right field. Give him a couple tight shots at him a couple lecture notes that this can have a day off from Tuesday. New York Post. It's Jeter deserves the group a group pitch and he deserved. The coverup. -- is unbelievable. Reporter that's that's a guy whose jobs report. It has served the copper up. So group pitch Wainwright. In a momentary. Lapse of dishonesty tells the truth. Says yes or -- -- your gold medal winner and the writers singles record he's deserved. Almost as this estate at fault and I got a good one to Rudy. They give you my payment Jeff -- -- you pass -- pass that these are normally sort of cynical -- a New York the end of the day though these guys up as -- and they're adults that he moments like this one children he has asked. It's okay if Adam Wainwright group Derek -- -- into tonight's all star game really it's more than okay it's wonderful. It's great. It's sort of campus which one of the greatest ball ball players generation on the greatest yankees ever. He and other members about what exactly Jeter did it's good to one of my -- -- -- it's not unbecoming it's not coach it's not -- -- it's completely stinking. Perfect McCouch. Coach just. Go to your -- obviously swell up we -- drink too much too much she's got to get out. There it is gouged. It's what hopeful that a player for one team has completely stick left another player. Getting hit in a game that decides who gets home in the game it that the sport. Hammers at you and mostly matters even matters -- -- and one player. Essentially froze the game -- small part to throw the game. And Jeff -- a writer for Yahoo!. Yeah epic writes it's not only okay watch him four wonderful lots of it and am no Jerry it's completely stinking perfect. That it's completely state historical list completely stinking perfect. Then. Some people the media revealed the true that he grew one month ago. And can -- deal for -- -- post. Thinks that -- deserves a -- he deserved. He's so good he's so special that the media should copper up. The -- Indices lost African mind that's right program Wainwright did he was in the wrong and rightly pissed Derek Jeter couldn't have done any of Jeter. Murdered on -- game. It took us at the island tonight that he would go on his other nephew in the whole country sit on -- country as a child care. -- -- The shuttle was Joseph barker somebody said -- -- Reynolds that's east. -- trade rumors start about his hero. And said its knees -- -- -- -- our -- our Reynolds that what you like these socks it's like for you Reynolds a decent interview for the game with Ronald -- no. She's in the pre game but he adds there but that's -- of their knees were clutching his forward which. Lee would approach it like now it's he lost his job for sexually harassed and interns. Assumption how he shouldn't use that as just somebody in that have on the way to dinner court defense sure. -- -- Shelton is defense he kisses everybody that stroke and real meaning that the Derek Jeter. It's not like these interns were. Ordinary wouldn't though thank god for the speaker's Matt Damon Jeter last night. Really I disagree I think Trout and we -- Route sutra UC -- pre -- Kershaw all the time we get seem ever want. Me and LB packages you know I know -- either on -- MLB TV forty baseball games and I disagree completely this is the next generation and this is if -- baseball -- one of the audience that the -- like these writers like data off now you say while baseball is in good hands of commissioners still -- as we -- that in post world. Only. Yeah dollars. Throw it wasn't -- most of all. Baseball is in good hands this is if you want to write the real stories. -- can leave. So -- the real star is the guy got the MVP yes and you know what shockingly if you want me to -- today who the better players you said -- does play generation. A -- trial -- with three years he's the all star team every year. He's now an all star. And BP. April -- regular season MVP which Jeter has never pan. Much much much better player than thirteen did you think I hash tag was -- hash tag Mickey Mantle. I'll skip that kind of career. -- you mean that's a huge he's muscular running back could easily have two MVPs -- right and get it right to be one reason only to. Keep could be one of the great players in history and fifteen as spoilers. He is well apple don't cheat and he falls after their couch future. But it can be placed in the age forty that. He might have an MVP. -- -- -- -- Jude and which ones never been an MVP -- never been the best player in the game cheaters never you're 25 home runs Jeter has driven a hundred runs once on the Jeter has never deserve a gold club. That's true early career. There's a particular year it's been a good shortstop but he never been out themselves. He's never been you know well arteries which particular. Or Alex Rodriguez won gold gloves yes as a -- that he's been -- been B plus player for twenty outlet that Greece Holland stopped the world when the steady guy. Retires he's got a -- look at because Derek Jeter turned water into wine. He healed the sick he -- the blame on the third day senate haven't. 61777. Point 79 -- 37 lines are open couldn't get when I opened my old sports note sprays yeah. -- do something about that if anything -- Michigan and man oh. Anybody he wants to work and -- that's a boring yankees he pocketed the TV. Commercial know he said I'm not going to be. Ruled by schedule travel when -- first for time travel. Travel travel or -- -- -- -- Derek Jeter play goes from playing twenty some years yet. Would -- not travel that's a grow -- -- that goes. Summaries and for two different from Minnesota law. Chart -- chipped in goes somewhere. These guys like Monica house is like yeah that sure your idea about deviancy. He says the number seven dollars and have to interview. Interviewer Reynolds and Purdue and she brought after game six tradition to say nothing always yes this is not a lot yes tell -- enough art all bubble top you next. I don't feel forty I may look for the on the move around like a forty -- in my head I'm still younger. Okay good massive selecting kids Manning playing -- games that's the bottom line and if you can't enjoy yourself. Playing baseball Sandra.

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