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The Bradfo Show: Talking trades, transactions and rumors with Giancarlo Stanton, Jon Lester

Jul 15, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by two players from the Major League Baseball All-Star Game who are no strangers to trade rumors: Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins, and the Red Sox' Jon Lester. Stanton explores his history with trade rumors, going back to the very first one he was ever linked to when the Red Sox were looking to deal Manny Ramirez in 2008. He also once again answers his thoughts on potentially playing in Boston. Lester, meanwhile, explains his approach to answering contract questions throughout the season and All-Star break, while also diving into the communication he has kept with Red Sox

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It's nice secret. Not -- things that interest. So I wish my chest. And just sit there and it's okay. Episode of this and to be who would wind you know. -- Welcome to another edition of your approach shows -- as always -- who distinctive clothing and hope. You know and insurance hope that B dot com. To the finest institutions you'll find anywhere. Speaking of finery we are at the all star game -- just wrapping things up here from Minnesota. When Jon Leicester Sergio are the two Red Sox representatives. Restore money through the second half and obviously. Huge huge. Point of conversation will be trades. Trade rumors and non waiver trade deadline you can hear more on the non waiver trade deadline to show on Thursday nights from ten to twelve without steered myself. But until the show rolls around. What I wanna do is to talk to two guys who are at the all star game whoever you need. Experiences with trade rumors. Miami's Giancarlo Stanton who's in almost every trade rumor. And really do every Red Sox fans' hopes to in every trade rumor going forward. -- like Richard Jon Lester who is going through. All kinds of trade -- right now and really. Just going through contract toxin. And everything becomes with transactions in baseball so unique time for Lester. Talk to bowl Stanton. And Muster. Prior to the all star game so the trade of rumors spectacular. Podcast. When -- kick it off between Carlos -- him Hoosier Palestinian thanks for joining me and obviously you know we talked yesterday about. People -- and -- you to come in Boston and get that from a lot of different cities I'm curious. As a young player when was the first time you remember ever hearing yourself and trade zone with. I do it actually the east they went out in the minor still were amending the -- for Boston. -- About -- I it. I actually didn't understand the business side of it as much pretty much at all at that point felt like wait a minute I mean from -- it's makes no sense. Whoever the other Camby even close it's true but I grew up and got older I understood. How works a little better understood that I was a possibility. So what you remember that moment to make -- move awhile ago bureau -- the moment who might have told you did how you found out was it because it wasn't like it is now it wasn't Twitter. I think once -- and in that Dallas shoot well at first. Year two of Twitter and on and all the madness that goes into that 2000 it and to lose right when that started. So that's not found out. Was it. Was -- you said do you know what to expect you understand the business side of it was just it's disheartening -- -- because obviously you go to a team and you -- think you know this is my team. Now and I was actually pretty flattering to. You know be compared to that caliber at that time. Men. Two two huge risks when you do that for for minor league never touched the touched foot in -- Did you stars -- -- -- you actually start looking at. Boston I don't know if you ever even been a -- you start looking you know while this happens. I would have to know where to throw it. It was not them because. We'll still pretty far away from big league. A year and a half away. You're looking like Pawtucket for -- why you do well evaluated Demi god that you didn't start researching on me saying our. Did what do you do do you call your agent do you call the front office -- what you just have managers' time. This is this on minimizing talk about us the easiest. Route to you know legitimacy or not so. That's pretty simple and talk to him on what what matters and get back to a -- -- Was out and since then you've been involved on the trade rumors but TV do you feel kind of like that was the closest. They would be seeing a reality. I'm not sure there. I don't know how close I was -- Article however irons close every did you do you second -- -- do you get sick of this sort a lot of question. Yeah for the most part I mean because rumors are rumors but then again the root of all that. Through shirts could be some rumors so you never know it your play at Fenway Park I have one time it was it. Once 2012. For. It was a forward. Play in the. Okay AF. You know when you're going when Europe you're not used to -- you see on TV. And you walk in their for the first time want to -- so wide and on the wall as a close was your impressions. Talent especially. Fashion field you know like one of those games those student designed and and video games count just plan. So. It's different things -- are so many years on TV and then walking into it you know so. South. Through the wall seemed closer. Yeah I did he do it. That's you video game player. I was gonna say you need me to pick suddenly part that's what I do concedes he's as well. I and so last last time I will ever ask you this question until you arrived in Boston -- answered the exact same way you yesterday. So what do you think about playing in Boston potentially in the future. That's out of my control so. You never know. You understand I had doubts that -- thank you for Jones. Are right second appearance on the -- OSHA regulations Jon Lester. You were to say how excited you are -- to execute. But the fact that I get another free preacher if cart on the something just a teacher its European cuts are you better start working -- So this is going through were sitting in the American League all star locker room you've gone through this before. As you said yesterday every experience is different hum so far to this point -- -- where we were talking your play in the game to this point how is this -- been different for. I think this I think more so just off the field for me thank you -- You know I think off the field stuff has been different more different for me this year just isn't like kids you know I got -- -- -- kids here so it's like. They got to worry about them you can get naps together you know you gotta. Make sure you get here early announcing to -- this. You know still enjoy it and you know how the families and you know it's just a little more chaotic than. In years past -- so. But as far as all of this stuff it's been it's been great it's been. Been a lot of fun being in this clubhouse those guys in and you know everything tell us that moment there regret -- and so that was. -- old school and let you know let him be a part of it and and so yeah it's it's been a good experience. No idea I I of falsely. Said that you were gonna have been for a and power of questions from. Media all over the world and all over the country saying where you don't play you would you like to play here we like to play there. Were you shocked like I think. A -- -- score -- that more people that come over that he's such -- like you've been through the media session before but not as a free agent were you surprised how that should count at all. A little them usually like you said there's -- there's a few people that come over from different teams and just make it general small talk and ask about one of their guys there. Or whatever but. You know just you guys this year. So which makes it easy to me it's easy -- all the you know obviously that this familiarity with -- and you know probably yes but -- progress all the same questions and do all that so. I mean it was good and I'm glad there's no surprises in. And you know I think that those those types of questions would probably. You put me a little off garden and little hesitant to answer and it's those sets and on a few questions yesterday about future so it's hard questions answered you can't. You don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow so. You know you just you got to take it you know played played today and see what happens tomorrow. It was a trick was the trickiest question for you because -- you last talked to about this before. You've gone through this whole contract year and handle it very very well and and answer as honestly as you can. Enough friends he can you get in that dynamic where you're sitting there for I guess it was 33 minutes yesterday and there was a time where I think there was a bunch of them in a row. And no loser one that it was tricky and offer him. Not don't think church yet thinking it's just. You know you end up answering kind of the same question over and over and over again that. You know your answer could change a little bit and people could perceive that as you said something else you know. I think that's the hardest part is just you have to be. Whether guy words of this swear words in another way you have to be consistent with your answer and and make sure that you stay you know he stay on that course to second city if you. You veer off that course and just say one wrong word that you meant to say. Meaning another thing. -- that's when he got controversy and he got blow up and we got even more questions so. I think that's the hardest part is just making sure you're consistent and now felt like that that I feel like that's why this year has gone. As well that possibly could to this point just because. You know we haven't had we said this. What what did you mean by this and they're saying you know so. It's been an adjustment being that consistent answer and make sure that that. You know you don't have any flare ups you don't have anything that comes comes from. All in one of the external things jumped out not really jumped out because there aren't surprising that there were entrusted to me one was you can be very openly said. Listen there's been things that came up this year and I've talked event and we've we've we've cleared here on after lack of better term. He just talked about that about that the importance of whatever communication you have had with whether it's -- or whether it's with the ownership not necessarily -- dollars and cents but about the handling of this whole situation. I think you know anytime you're in this yeah I don't know yeah we did yesterday were doing it again you know. You know any time you're in the situation there's going to be times where. You know -- he may feel like when I'm telling him is in the truth through. I -- feel like what are he's talented near my reputation isn't sure they're whatever and where things get lost in the translation of they set to -- this can you talk to him or hate him. They settled on this and talk to him you know like that might get lost in the perceived in different lanes. And Steve -- clear they're clear they're on a few things in. You know it's like this and that that that's been that's been the thing this year and I know people on the outside don't understand because they're not in the room and on the conversations but. Everything's been ample everybody's been having good conversations and and you know it's not hang up the phone screw you were never talking again and you know things have -- it just hasn't we knew that we we decided and they've they've. You know obviously -- respect their wishes on -- about you know not talking about money but. Or or don't getting golfers in negotiations we we've just talked about the parameters of mark Gibson and things like that and you know I am and sentimental and consistent with that and and just trying to put it off so totally in season when we can. When we can all just put our heads down and and work on this as opposed to working on trying to win baseball games in this. And deal with the media attention and you know there's so many things so I feel like. You know that they can keep saying there's going to be -- right time right now it's not live in. When the time comes we'll we'll be we'll put our heads down and and get it done hopefully. Two and a half months ago I army army guys whether it's you personally whether it's a team. There's been a lot of surprises along the way I think -- yesterday as a when I was prosecuted to the state and obviously the team a surprise. The situation has been a little bit surprising but now you have two and a half months. Are you looking forward and when your pitching well I'm format is always easy to look forward. The are you looking for to you last to a -- months or is it like I you know I need a couple days to try to regroup before I get back into it. -- Look forward you know to playing in it and hopefully get us back so that's where we need to be. You know I I think this is a good break you know it's chaotic and crazy and and all that but it's it's still a good break and we get two more days and so you know look forward to look forward -- look forward to getting back in the it's so we can get this break was good for everybody in. You know we can give back to to playing good baseball and we get back but we have been the last you know. 56 games you know we complain. Playing pretty well so hopefully we can continue that Raanan. Just it would be more consistent I think that's been. The biggest thing is you have a good run of good baseball and then. For the next ten days collection of baseball you know and to sort. Just put ourselves in a deeper hole so hopefully -- consistency in and and move -- the standings we look forward to most severe but. Alarming last night and Watson -- -- it was pretty impressive you know he's going to be traded -- sites a couple of years everyone knows you have concert. -- I mean just being in the room really I mean I've I've been around some of these guys. You -- opening -- with Cabrera and -- you talk to sail over the yesterday and then ventures there. You know -- -- guys that you play against all the time and it's nice because you seem on the mound you -- on the field and obviously the personalities are very different on the field or -- -- -- -- so. It's nice to get that other side you know you can. You know you can make you let your guard down a little bit to those guys when you see in the on the road or at home or whatever so it's. You know it's nice season -- -- without naming names in when recruited event happens now know. Nonetheless that comes out. Talk about baseball talk about. You know different things happened during the year and we played each other -- whatever and -- threw it well. Just wanna let you know the Friday Rams going around bragging about how he's the first ever. -- replay. Officials for the American League in history of baseball you would break about it too. That's about par for the course for all they -- and I'd thanks John thanks.

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