WEEI>On Demand>>Is Derek Jeter really infallible? And why should Boston fans "tip their caps" to him?

Is Derek Jeter really infallible? And why should Boston fans "tip their caps" to him?

Jul 15, 2014|

Derek Jeter's retirement tour continues, and after a new commercial featuring "Jetes" aired, we discuss why he may or may not be overrated, and why Boston fans should or should not pay their respects to "The Captain".

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The lineup won't won't go as follows what Derek Jeter playing shortstop and leading off. Mike Trout or hit second play left field. Robinson can no will be at second base and hitting third. -- Cabrera will be a first in hitting cleanup spot. Jose Batiste. Who was the overall vote getter leading vote getter for the American League will be in right field batting fifth Nelson Cruz will be at the DH spot -- -- six hole. Adam Jones will -- seventh in center field. Josh Donaldson will be at third base. In the eight hole in Salvador Perez will be catching hitting nine. John -- talking about his lineup for tonight's game by the way I just did a very quick look. On on line. The season finale of 24 last night and -- 49 overnight. The home run derby did a 39. I think it's fair to say that that probably hurt baseball's on artwork for -- baseball fans. And as I say it's a predominantly male audience 24 yes you know the action. -- I would guess it's in love a predominately male audience. Yes I was watching it as many people wore. Not I am curious I don't know. I've I just know that they did -- and improve number from the week before twenty -- it and get a 49. Which is better than obviously what. Home run derby may go back to the -- you know at some point in time you -- -- watch something else that I can't hang around for the. Snuck away and I'll Wear for the meaningless a lot of corporate competition if you love the competition doesn't really mean anything if not there's no championship come out of it. I know elimination real nomination is gonna come out of an anachronistic and stick around and watch just some news on this by the -- new and different. Sport the Celtics. Are working to complete it is the coordinator -- Borowski who gets all NBA stories all NBA stories. Wizards and Celtics are working to complete sign and trade. For Chris Humphries right now Chris Humphries tiny three year thirteen million dollar contract with the wizards. And the Celtics are trying to get it make it -- traits that give some compensation. And valuable. And following up on that NBA news his Dwyane Wade reportedly has his contract with the Miami. -- other work hard for our provider at a -- -- money at 21 million dollars Cummins whom had well over a year two years so if 42 million dollars. Two years 42 million dollars now this deal. He's gonna average fifteen million dollars over four years they'll make them want to do -- do the math that I don't want I don't want to I don't I don't want to is that you lose money. But but maybe. It our social pat I would say they were given -- sixty million instead of 42 million -- on but I can get back get 42 million. In two years older than a -- giving out sixty million. Over four years all of sudden a player one year for free basic right. Look everybody thought. When he got to -- out -- the world why you do in this. Flew back with LeBron from Vegas. The night before LeBron announced it and supposedly didn't tell -- way. What he was gonna do the next day supposedly Dwyane Wade did note holy land it. And supposedly if you believe the report's accuracy they just had pat O'Reilly will Pat Riley knew. When they met in Las Vegas that LeBron told him at Las Vegas so riding you know he's on the plane with LeBron going back to Miami. And wade still doesn't. Now I don't know if I buy one I don't know -- because they they have. As well. You know. Wade and bosh have gone on and on publicly talking about this brotherhood and how close they are and wait did that come out with that statement saying I am sad to see LeBron go but it it the right move if LeBron really screwed him I would think nothing. And that's -- -- grip on publicly but if he really got screwed this deal. Don't say anything at all but -- the statement saying odds greatly bronze going back home this is wonderful elderly but if you don't say Michael. That speaks louder UK -- or something because they wanted to either -- and come out and rip them. And say man. I really opted out because -- thought would come back together. He gave me indications that he was coming back to Miami in. He played he played before full. Now the only guy who really. Is should be happy to -- Chris Bosh. A lot of credit should. The brunt of a comeback probably gonna hook them up -- number -- it I got a hundred million dollars and a lot to Campbell's the ball. He's the guy right now is supposedly that's what he's wanted to eat it and I want -- number one you wanna beat mr. number three where mr. number -- good luck. That -- digress. Back to Derek Jeter he will he will be. Honored tonight at the all star game and -- and it's funny I I got up a tweet from what my Twitter followers just four went on the air today. And he says says dale remembering fondly when usage Jeter was the most overrated player in the last twenty years -- Pat why don't focus of the last twenty years but I did say he is a completely overrated player I was Bobby -- -- hot hot hot. And I have said that in the past now. Can you BA lock first ballot hall of Famer and I think he has yes. And still be overrated yes and I think he has he has five gold gloves which is five more than he deserves. He's never been the MVP immensely. He does have what almost 3500 hits 36. You know but I think he's overrated. Now. It was brought home when I was listening Kirk this morning. And Kirk was making the argument that Derek Jeter is the best player of his general has. That's just outrageous now dare Jeter is a great player as a great Yankee a champion a leader all of those things charismatic. A guy that. The opposition. Can applaud the guy that the opposition can respect and finished and a lot. Being where and they -- respect especially where we are up Red Sox yankees and I think the majority of Red Sox fans. Have nothing but respect majority and -- and nothing but respect for dirt I agree but you're right about the best player with generational with -- and -- this morning it was like Kirk got it can really help out. I've never heard of Robert -- All the polls. Is the best player of his generation. And it's hard to argue against him let's send Alex Rodriguez. -- its romance and conversation. I think polls is better. Polls is better than -- I think polls is better. And Alex Rodriguez because of Rodriguez there may -- or whisper. Or some people wonder about all we know. About Iran the -- is the is the runaway winner if there is no proof. He's a -- -- -- might be a pro IP. We don't know him to be out we know A-Rod it's because -- bottle is another guy don't would be easily out of it it but. I would say how to -- he was a better player than dirtier the better player. Overall -- well no I thought no question. And I think Albert poll is a better superior player to Derek G. Anyone Michael -- on our got to talking about this in the office before the show flip flop these guys okay. Derek Jeter goes to San Diego plays his entire career. As a Padre Tony Gwynn goes to New York plays his entire career as a Yankee. Who's more lauded who's the great higher -- not even close well Sony -- And I think I think this is why I'm marketed this totally dismissed Jeter's accomplishment now it's -- if you're just talking about. Course a better baseball player I think -- proposes better baseball player. But the fact is Jeter is seen as the glue. For those Yankee championship teams in the last one and 2009. He had a lot to do with that team winning championships and was captain of the team so I don't want to minimize what he's done. But I also don't wanna go crazy because it's as last year and try to make him and somebody that he wasn't. Is Jeter better than Ichiro Suzuki. I don't think -- yeah well I he argued that he is only because. He is only because he spent more time here but each has spent nine years here we'd let's try it we live I -- and I don't -- -- procedural it come here at. 44 top five that I -- is not a bush and 4000 hits its articles I -- Was he a better player that says only reason I was a Jeter's a better player in the future because Ichiro. And you heard it from a number of teammates they have been so many stories about him not playing the right way or not doing everything he can't help this team being a very. Selfish player. Wade Boggs outmanned and out -- Wade Boggs and a lot because he could hit for power they claim want to be wanted to when he was more concerned about his batting average Derek Jeter did everything he could help the Yankees went out there there's no question -- I agree that some limitations. -- on the throughout the gets a lot of credit for. That the -- -- grow okay well part of that is you know not having the strength. Attitude to make the throw conventionally. Felt it was. Smart baseball player. -- winning baseball player what the best. Now it's it's gonna sound like a lot of sour grapes between the three of us because people look easy yankees. You guys. Are jealous of the Yankees you're jealous of Derek Jeter. I try I want doctors partially -- -- -- jealous of -- -- -- but I'd Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter and his single days he's still single right he has yes -- Derek Jeter put every single man to shame. -- -- I -- death penalty corner -- like energy and aren't -- off the -- greatest of all time on the field not so much. And then by that I I I shorted Ichiro thirteen years that that is the -- Thirteen years I mean we again we lose sight and and the other thing is Ichiro. Is out there in Seattle for most of that. Out of sight out of mind you lose him to make your point about you know Tony -- in San Diego and Derek Jeter's in New York. Well Ichiro Suzuki spent most of that period of time out there and Seattle and nobody ever got. Married the -- by air here. But you know Doug band came up with a list of players who Cano played and nineties -- the same time with dirtier in some cases the same team -- as Derek Jeter. I'm Lester -- polls because I can poke holes in a lot of these guys. And starts with S ends with the steroids so Gary Sheffield steroid suspicion great player but their suspicion Albert -- Juan Gonzales. David Ortiz Sammy Sosa. -- times Frank Thomas Thomas was very outspoken. Run. He debuted in 1990 I got out to -- frank Tom like the 30 with a two on taken Frank Thomas Vlad Guerrero to go one. Jason Giambi Erica. I don't think Rollins or Roland. -- on his level you know -- buildings department to Derek Jeter the fact that he was able able to play twenty years at that position that's the strengths. He argument people so -- reason -- in the hole famous because he played 23 years at depth though that yet that's that's a good thing out of breath and I had a high level for most of that out. Let Jeter is as I said -- -- first ballot hall of Famer there's just no doubt about it. There's a great commercial like give them credit Jordan's. Put it out -- respect with the -- the number two with a great commercial. That is is running as part of this whole start thing Jon Lester stars in it at the beginning. And it's it's kind of an Oman Irish started to object Derrick Jeter. And I -- wishes that I am fine with it it closes with a couple of Red Sox fans watching a game in a bar. And kind of begrudgingly tipping their -- to Derek Jeter because even Red Sox fans have to give respected Jeter in the same way they gave it. The greatest -- of all time in my opinion Mariano Rivera. Red Sox fans respected him. Well would you agree commercial that was at the net assets that are exactly or with Jon Lester at the beginning starting goal tipping the cap thing. I got a wishes with a commercial I think it's very cool it's well done. I think he's locked first ballot hall of Famer and yet I still the -- over rated US the advanced metric crowd. About its gold gloves they they just laugh coach Rob Schneider will laugh at you if you talked about Derek Jeter's gold glove candidacy. The advanced metric guys will -- he should have zero. The only gold glove that I would say is more. Over rated than the five Jeter has as the one they gave to Raphael Palmeiro for playing first base that he played like twelve games that first thing. You know insistence that OK though the word overrated and I can. Keep thinking like I have promised that work had a problem the work -- I don't think Derek Jeter is over on the his game is over rated. I think if you're in new York and you're good you're going to be over -- That's just the nature of being in the nets only about a terror -- that over -- I think it's David's exactly what it appears to be I think he's a great player. I don't think he has the greatest player I've seen of the last twenty years I don't think -- the greatest Yankee. It is anybody's making that argument you know maybe they just are saying the greatest Yankee's fans. It was a great -- -- who's the greatest Yankee in the last 125 years I think it's simple. On the last when he between last 125 years as a Derek Jeter is Jeter is now. It's Mariano Rivera if Mariano Rivera really is hands down what he greatest closer. Probably in the history of baseball. Derek Jeter's not the greatest shortstop and instruments and Albert you are you talking about -- -- shortstop on his team. The tablets are still talking about not what I don't hear you talk and yet pictures vs position about what I. Late acknowledges that -- attic if you have the equivalent Mariano Rivera in the starting rotation. I would say shall Argo tech guy but you're talking about a closer. Comes in an -- either 83 out -- in some cases Rivera a five out save that much of it. A six out save kind of guy what he did Michael he -- dominating was dominant issue was right any body. Yeah I don't know if I can say he's the best -- the past 20/20 five years I think that is Jeter but going over history and you look at. Meant so when you look at route that you look at Derek -- -- -- DiMaggio. I get accused Yogi Berra got so many people. I think it's crazy to say that he's the best Yankee who ever played. Let's bring you guys into the conversation at 6177797937. -- telephone over the AT&T text line is rolling already. -- -- -- -- Greg Dickerson is in the house gallery and talk and some baseball with Derek Jeter in the all star game and everything else Iran's Sports Radio WE yeah -- let's dive into it you guys set. 6177793. And 937. And there. You know what did you or probable pujols is a career OP yes his fifth career not keep in mind he's been. Pretty below average. The last two years. And two of the three years you've been an LA above 900. Idea. It's not about a 100200999. Why now this is car. With the lawyers here there everywhere open yet -- 999. Insane. Kind of hard to overlook that yes our -- -- -- -- you Connors Dominic -- you're up first on Sports Radio -- holly. I thought well I don't itemize all of our -- check you -- on the want yes sir. Oh. I don't know how do they Albert who all is the best player this generation and I totally I hear it. And I don't eight era the rod. I mean it -- all it ought to look in Ottawa on anyone -- -- wives got bill and a nine it's the that are there were on a united front. -- -- and that we know about bonds we know bonds. Which skinny very and Pittsburgh was a fabulous player Barry who I hooked up with Victor -- Victor Conte. How was a fraud because what I know there are so yes that he was a -- -- mean it is that even a debate them. -- Who called it a long cannot I mean yeah -- a lot of it -- the majority of my guys you know they're generally apart and. Yeah Connor I gotta tell viewers to look at the numbers you're seriously under informed -- -- I think you need to do as as a manager once told -- -- got to do your homework before you come to the table with -- yeah -- -- -- -- I'm looking at pulls his numbers right foot injury. He's had two bad years. That creditors know -- -- so he's he's he's eight he's 83 time MVP. He's got 319 average got a world six on base fourth career 594 slugging fourth career not many that hope -- for his career. I I don't know. What else you want him to do what what what what other standard -- -- -- Whom you in my bring -- big Manila. -- maybe okay yeah maybe that's true he may have done it we don't know we know that they brought it -- told you -- but he did. -- schools is some speculation maybe. I haven't got one final -- eleven times overall hundred RBIs eleven. And that's not doing it over a long period of time Erica and -- time by the way again 99 which had an argument any one argument against. An incumbent can -- simply struck. -- you go out there are got caught your own okay. What they are being -- -- -- -- they don't -- that they're they're you're already out there now. And I think we're not talk about him he might be sure he may -- may may have done -- that in 2000 dollars in your argument before our daughter that he didn't -- over a long -- I'm not that not an. Country who put that weeks off. -- -- -- -- Don't float around like -- to -- you did okay that into regular soda are. That's a fire under the record provides hands at Hartford you're next on Sports Radio dale and Holley. Ike -- I clinical data question will be that I almost statistic -- Iraqi product that. They're there. Not that the counselor. Oh well I'll go up. To. Joke or zero -- about it. I. Know you're a part of baseball. Went up -- -- call it enterprise. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did but Griffey junior is is in the argument to absolutely that's a good -- not -- my Derek Jeter being the best player just don't. Talk aren't so this state this they Jeter it's easy Jeter thing now I think polls over Jeter and her up. It. I think Corsica argument. I can't I. It's an argument GO. -- are being heard tiger talk out Jeter and pool. And it gripped Europe your natural. Polls and Griffey is he really good argument it's a great argument. It's really -- and and ourselves and yesterday about Griffey argument none of which seemed to involve Derek Jeter right -- and how we we were talking about it yesterday. Where he -- eight season stretch -- -- eight -- stretch. Where he hit at least. Forty home runs seven times. And had eight gold -- Legitimate gold -- not sure propriety criteria he's just -- just kind of -- and dad out there we game a couple of gold gloves. Five or six years ago. So we just need to keep given a gold gloves he deserved it so I think if you wanted to go -- Griffey over polls. Sure that the government put all of the other guy. Past few apologize were. One or excuse me I think Derek Jeter should apologize other -- and the other -- if he's -- -- -- -- and as the best player of his generation. Billy's -- New Hampshire hey -- you don't. Well I. Respect them gonna bring it up to another thing to stop that there Rivera poem that was written not an -- -- the Yankees. What he saw three World Series didn't happen. There's no way that people are respecting the respect -- you know they -- in order. -- -- -- Mickey I'm a Red Sox and I hate the Yankees but are you up when I saw that it happened. It doesn't happen -- and I think that I think that's a great. The ball spotted that there OK I think it's great that. If that limit. If if if if there was still the eight and the -- all they what are your call to elect yet. -- probably not but that's not what the situation tennis. At that point did not want to say you -- integrate that particular cap on all the blocked it and didn't happen in the history of course. No way and and again the whole Michael you remember -- back on the blog know what happened but the -- blaze under the played Rivera. Nowhere does that happen no way. Yeah. But -- did happen but I think this as I'd like changes as an end you know -- if I'd been six foot nine maybe out of an able to play in the NBA probably not but. Can deal with reality sometimes. We're talking about reality right now. Yes the Red Sox did break the 86 year curse yes they did come back from three -- down against the Yankees all those things did happen. So does that color how we respect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They come out here coming up here. You can't have -- that that texture says you can't have an eight year stretch. Where you hit forty home runs at least seven times. What I -- Eight years eight years. Seven of 87 -- 80707. In a row the eight year eurozone that break year with seventy home runs -- seventeen home runs and eight year -- hit forty home runs except for one year when it's 71 amendments. I'm not greater Matt who don't don't don't don't you told me earlier there was no math don't don't do this to me if I'm missing something. Help me out I think a -- on this when. Not in. The country who put that weeks off target so open. A an astute text -- pointed out that that's the same guy used to -- and well you what a great job Bobby Valentine was doing his manager of the Red Sox always O'Conner yeah. The weeks up to the -- guy railing about a guy I don't know. -- entries this. I don't know I wasn't here or member. -- I wasn't in the ballpark at that point since Bobby Valentine a question. You know during the -- during the break -- yeah I pulled up Ichiro Suzuki. Just because I was curious. He's played in the league fourteen years. He's led the league in hits seven of fourteen years. He was MVP and rookie of the year is his first season. -- gold -- 12345678910. In a row silver sluggers one. 233. Silver sluggers. All start tenant and straight seasons. It probably better than Derek Jeter to. Overall great not good great defensive player Derek Jeter was adequate. Great base runner didn't hit for power -- power -- As more power hitter but I'm guessing neither you don't think of either guys as being a power or. I mean I'm looking at. Led the league in batting average twice 350 and 372. It. Have to say -- -- -- -- when you're when you're when you're Derek Jeter or anybody else who successful on the Yankees. I don't you gotta you gotta -- captured yet you're going to be elevated -- status and I think all right this is -- the hard part but that was the point I think that we started this is why that's why I don't think overrated still. It's a right -- for Derek Jeter. Because I know what all the advanced metrics day in and know what a lot of them. Signatures and say about Derek Jeter and you can go to far with that stuff too. And there's there is an element. To Derek Jeter not to get into touchy -- intangibles but there's an element to Derek Jeter. That. The numbers don't quite captured there's a reason certain guys. Great players and he has great player Jeter there's certain there's a reason certain guys went a lot nurseries in certain guys who have all the statistics. Can't get it done a lot of times it is the people you have around you sometimes general manager -- manager but. There is something to Derek Jeter. Beyond the numbers and numbers are good enough. That. Inspires his teammates. There's something that may help allows him to to regulate a club house and you're gonna play the right way because Derek -- and aliens. Fired I think so he inspired. Mariano Rivera. And Paul O'Neill part of the -- Wade Boggs and -- he was a policy with the policies that are world for a championship teams. Won four championships in five years now a month. And I'm not -- Muqtada credit I and I like what you said before I I think the line when you said. He's not overrated -- height -- -- that's the good way to look at it but. I mean you've got to remember that Yankee team in which you won all those championships in the middle late ninety's in the 2000. -- We're loaded all over the we edit text early on and I wish I'd read -- it's time but I -- extra rated an element and it. Is there a comparison to be made between Derek Jeter and Tom Brady. The winning the championships. Doesn't necessarily -- we -- all of the numbers. You know Peyton Manning's going to be -- Canada ever had better has better numbers you gonna throw better numbers action than Tom Brady's gonna throw action. But there's that intangible aspect that you talked about I think there might be fair comparison. -- ago when I -- good comparison. And -- that India may be that the it's something that you can't put your finger on but there's something there 6177797937. Charlie's out on the road hate Charlie I don't. Hey guys great value -- -- Charlie that banks that take like call. Listen I just -- very brief comment local church you'd think. Personally as a diehard Red Sox fan and I feel about Jeter but this is this little but not shall remain. I think people can argue and I'm not good enough numbers and I don't research game -- -- up but I would put pool well. -- And Griffey. -- Ken Griffey and eventually end in one my -- would be anger but I would. Adamantly arguing against Jeter in that -- where would put -- And I think that I would support him at any level and I think that even we Yankee girl and it is exactly what you spoke about in terms of intangibles. -- cute to me represents the poster child of all the good Major League Baseball. And I think he has compared it to to Tom Brady gets -- don't. It's a respect -- there I mean you say you're -- wanna play in Major League Baseball someday watched Derek Jeter -- worked after what you expect that he squeaky clean. What -- fact that he's a great spokesperson for. Major -- based and I would argue with anybody. That when I remembered there achieve any dust blah and all of it I just remember him being back guys and everybody should -- -- I think he's clean. I think he's awesome I would as outlook elements. I would love to have mama Sox about on -- repair -- courts to. But anybody out again and I'm -- Yankee hater like any. But I've got to tell you. He just he he's the man and actually should be remembered each doubling up about. But he says he's a large -- guy comes to work every day. And does his job is affordable contract you whine about things you ought to shield yet to do once I do not that that's I'd like to say thanks guys. Our technology Charlie want about a contract one time and it wasn't. It wasn't long whining because. It could be Brian Cashman in New York was not gonna win that argument is that they don't get Derek Jeter so Jeter said he wasn't happy about. Some -- information got out and then. They they've reached a deal and -- he's he's Smart. Off the field because. We know we don't a lot of stuff a lot of stuff. How do you avoid a guy is the most impressive thing is with page six in the and the post and the daily news and everything else. How is he avoided getting into trouble for the last sixteen years and how are possible in New York here's a formula. Don't go out of your way be Randy Johnson to the media and don't talk to me out of my paper and a camera Johnson. But don't give me everything. So don't give them nothing don't don't get everything but beep -- polite and give them nothing. But don't be an ass. That's -- Derek Jeter has done and he has got the media on -- I have and I'm sure I'm that got some stuff. That they could have used over the bit gossip columnists -- -- page sixers I mean I artist I'm getting up they had stock fest of York you're currently. This is the simple it's that simple formula I mean it just like I don't think I'm revealing any great secret here Richard Ben Cramer wrote a great. Biography of Joseph DiMaggio. In DiMaggio didn't cooperate with the Kramer said OK I'm gonna do it anyway no hard -- Our solar Joe's teammates. And then there were Joe's. Women. And then there were people there were Joe's opponent and after awhile you start talking the people's talking to people talk to people. You're gonna get you gonna get the story talked to his son so the point is with Derek Jeter. Are -- Derek Jeter -- to give you anything. You're in the New York media. You can tell me you can't talk to some of the women yeah -- -- are going to make -- they really kind of I don't agree with you they don't. Pat him exposed they could have a lot of stuff on and it probably happy it didn't but they don't because. He's got charisma. He hasn't been a -- If and and I am just using this is my count for example not because I and I used the techsters example here if if the inside track pad stop on Tom Brady. And I think he -- a pretty clean life as well. But it they had stuff do you think they wouldn't run a bank I think if you're advocating if it was gonna sell -- -- of papers and get close. Absolutely I don't think -- absolutely -- -- it always that bit of let let me ask you this if if -- play favorites just like anybody else you're -- but if they found out that Tom Brady was having an affair. You don't think that would run that I don't you think they would that really. Why am I -- I -- -- Greg that's not a story that that gets clicks that gets DMZ that does worldwide news. It does but also if you if you. Re let's face it you pissed off the wrong people yeah. And Oregon because off the wrong people OK I -- clicks than than maybe you clicked out of work after awhile maybe somebody buys you out I mean you think about it and it's been real. The Herald. And the patriots. I do I wonder about the connection at times and wonder about the relationship because you know Bob Kraft -- The Herald dead to rights. After the spy gate thing. After the after the -- article madam -- Get it done anything so they gave no apology in the front unprecedented apology on the front page and the back page but if you wanted to. I think can shut down operations there. Really all make of all we can't shut down and they are and it's got a guy get a set of them. I can shut down I don't know -- could -- that I mean they have been able to do more than Danny did we are down I don't know gonna put him and out very perilous position. And he did -- I think most newspapers. Well and and of course they don't advertise it. I think most newspapers. Only go so far. As to who they're gonna agitate. And who they're gonna knowing who they gonna go after I mean my dignity in new in New York. In the at a different animal a completely different animal that if if -- -- and I'm trying to remember what's left what papers are left in New York. The polls close daily news. New time on is that the -- must give you know there. It it would make life hell for the beat guys -- page six at some Derek Jeter expose today. I just don't picture the paper Berrian -- a for the sake of wild got a relationship with the in our RP shall I shall Sherman really likes Derek Jeter and they get along well together -- franks and sandwich hey frank I don't. Hey guys -- are you are right the red accents or over year I had a banner in my bedroom in 1960 so out. Urging LaMont won the parent so I don't think there's anybody they -- -- a long time and I like that -- I can't have more respect or -- -- Are to be starting shortstop for the New York Yankees almost two decades to beat up by a spray. You have a reputation that he has. -- What matters is this guy is somebody we will never see you act. She is the -- a prior call that an ambassador for the game. And it biggest fall back that he likes the company of beautiful women. Has the ability to deal with got one. That's right yeah that's -- I -- It during a certain respect left -- all their front got no issues with that frank you're absolutely right but I know art -- of curious as to why it won't ever see anything like that again. That's what these guys and Clinton. I don't know yet setting -- -- died in the wool gloves which he didn't he did just that really knows. But the fact that matters to you on another person who's going to be. Starting shortstop in New York Yankees were twenty years. -- OK art art that continue to not talking about. He's done things we've never seen players do just in terms of playing that position for twenty years in. You know I'm only playing you're playing -- high level being out in the she's having multiple championships and they're too good times bad times. I mean Derek Jeter -- to me a model -- -- I'm I'm just not when where and when we don't have. The only the only disagreement you and I have on this frank is he should have been the shortstop the New York Yankees for twenty some odd years as I said he wasn't about shortstop on his team. When A-Rod got there he was clearly a better shortstop in it's -- rod to -- because Derek Jeter wasn't move and he's the captain he's the icon. If they did what was right for Britain argues that the wrestling term if they did what was right for business. It's Derek Jeter who would have gone to third and -- what about at shortstop but they weren't gonna do everything that he's got to play plenty of places if it's not the only time that we've seen. Our resident. Whenever shortstop second baseman center fielder not move his position beat even though there's a better guy come along. M maybe maybe. This is where -- deserves some credit at the time. He was able to go from short of -- no problem do you think Jeter go -- short the third with Derek Jeter -- third baseman I don't know I don't know. I don't know you know what -- and -- it does shorts right. And so A-Rod let. If A-Rod hadn't if we didn't know all the stuff about Iraqi Robert this argument that he's got a we're talking about. And we didn't know all the stuff about his cousin the Lucy comes two years in Texas they gave that interview Peter Gammons a while ago. The bio Genesis of all of that is not a part of the story you look at Iran look at the MVPs look at the numbers -- the production. Yeah you say rod is the best but. We know what he has now. And -- -- questioned -- we -- -- winning when he went right yankees we didn't -- that would value question what did it start when needed and has been going on since he was in high school. -- people believe that Iran has been doing. Steroids since he was sixteen or seventeen years old. -- may well have been at the timing was acquired by the Yankees. Well if there were whispers I didn't hear them out loud and I didn't know the stuff that we know now. And probably an effort to answer question texts are we completely respect estimates aren't talking Derek Jeter and yankees last all star game tonight after Derek Jeter. Don't know if you've heard AL parent I know they're gonna do and a lot of room I'm sure they're honoring him and John Ferrell all star manager will come up. Some appropriate. Tribute or some appropriate -- for the crowd. To -- acknowledged energy here so that's the -- the connect my understanding is Ferrell has actually gone to Major League Baseball. And and basically said you know how about some advice here that he wanted to do this do you wanna handle this this is one of those deals where. I'm sure he's been to Jeter first and -- come along you -- like. Like three innings que up like four innings. He could probably write his own ticket tonight's game but then the question is obviously he goes out to short. Did you pull him off the field and obviously that's that's the easy part. But it's there's something more than that you know Dennis does the National League team line up out front of their dugout and applaud as I think April oh well. It is the American League team come out and and and I like it's a hot lines of American leaguers out to the foul line to the dugout. In effect escorting him back to the -- are doing what he goes out of the field for the first time as the rest of the defense as the rest of the team stay inside the dugout and just let him go up by himself and get a standing ovation. It will be interesting to see how they handle let's -- -- -- another text or what's you know this is the question for anybody it's a steroid era or her post generate -- was -- with Derek -- -- I think he was -- where he -- that oh well let's put it this way we don't know. We don't know is one of their few players that -- -- in a whisper about and it hasn't come up now. But do you know for sure. That anybody in this -- know this was a 100% clean those who don't was. To mood 2012. The other big year here the what three hit three something. I mean -- can look at that easily say RTC was 3637. Years old in the has don't plus 300 typed here you can easily. Connected -- possibly but other than that. Not admit any whispers 6177797937. -- on the cellphone hate Jim I don't. There you guys -- -- On the troublesome negotiations. It was talking about all can't discount you started -- -- -- -- -- with a you can actually in the country industry. Well if you read it to pieces in today's paper I'm not sure that testing free agency is necessarily given. In fact as I read through both pieces Steve Buckley in The -- Dan Shaughnessy in the globe. I kind of got the feeling that this so called you know we don't wanna talk about it now that -- he almost made it sound like you know they could get together. Tonight. In in Minneapolis then and begin. Hashing something out like it. Don't like it that's what I think getting. Jon Lester is making it clear to the Red Sox. If you give me a five year 139 dollar offer -- except. Right now it is seems like the Red Sox are making it clear at least publicly. That they're not interest in giving up 530 million dollar offer so he goes to if he goes to free agency. Made two things can happen one can beat beat paid. And outrageous sum of money can get out 170 apartment 75 million dollar contract offer from some audio and take. Or. He can look like a hero. There's still get a lot of money you still get twice as much of what the -- are offered. I guess somebody offers a 165 million dollars over seven years in the Red Sox are from 13549. Dollars. He could say taken home I don't go to hometown discount because I took a lot millions of dollars on the table the come back to Boston at. Don't think he comes back to the Red Sox. Do they value. Jon Lester beyond four years. They wanna go beyond four years because that they don't wanna go beyond and they don't wanna go beyond four years. Then why don't they consider trading Jon Lester right now. If if what you say is true and forays their tilt point and it got a trade. They have to because -- know just to walk away why that why is that fifty year why is that extra years sodium important. This team restart. But -- Oregon and I heard and I understand EU that guy saying that. At age 3435. Whatever age he's going to be at the end of five years there is this history of falloff. -- -- But. If the Red Sox think they're gonna get a bargain right now it's only goes up what to host a free agency it's gonna cost them. X number of dollars more that they try excited right now. Coming up top of the hour for a four. I'm playing awful Derek Jeter at the all star game tonight we're gonna talk about all star moments that took him beyond the game. They're -- some of those will give before them today coming up top the hour 4 o'clock. Come on in there aren't I thought we discussed this thing at all worked out. You're our starting shortstop how can you possibly afford to spend -- -- Housing was -- Laden. We're just proud and -- to watch him work and let's be honest now he did after all league gift. The end of the night. All the limo and give -- I can make fun of it whether some -- nothing. You answer this on high ground -- from the program and all of the things guys. Just say okay later. Or make up some excuse. All got our our work here -- -- would talk. I mean I have an interview. On tactic. We didn't supposedly one of the items and it was a power or service Hampshire something coupon for don't know he gave them the the ride at about it. They're -- ride home with a partner than I was assigned to argue baseball. So no greater love so -- if your wives and girlfriends have signed up there -- at all. -- they audit and a collectible. Beat a really good deal even be disappointed briefly -- Are there -- I know I would be real supplement. -- Already dropped out of anger in life that report Seacrest. I don't want our -- I take issue with that that -- still -- down. Why don't we don't time to have the old thing obviously I don't think -- do you want personal overall is greater than Jeter maybe Wagner. That's a hundred years ago as as a player overall everything considered at this at this shortstop. Home. We're just about all shortstop or just about all players. Our doorstep to something you know the -- -- is up there but. It actually and they want player right candidate who couldn't come at a almost thought the rhetorically. Broken cal Ripken junior yeah but I -- talking championships and leading the team and these. So again after a lot of regrets yeah nor does -- last part is -- -- at a news. I'll talk to 76 like I'm Eric vs 311. Jeter at oracle called tonight at elaborate gold -- -- Illinois just. A-Rod wanna go globe first two years coming into New York so if you -- the better shortstop at that time. I think it speaks to his competitiveness which is another great tree and eager to talk or else face it none -- a -- I'm staying here he's -- one that. Well look the next three years it's no bite antibody against all I have this idea that it saw Tony award. Take issue with debt managers and coaches vote for. They -- the old pal Merrill -- club Jiri played twelve games at first base was June 12. Why do we -- the voters are real. -- know it's it's flat out phony. It it always has to do -- who plays the best offensively and doesn't -- it with the -- I mean today. Is pretty good offensively don't you. But when you pick and choose you worked okay. I'm hopeful that these players and coaches -- making it vocal role player. So I went to look at the -- -- Look I think it's very intricate question US a very good question I think some years you look at -- you say some guys are -- lovers and they deserve. The gold gloves ticket and then you can look at it and based on the information based on a guy playing at that position for. Take ten or fifteen or 25 games and -- -- -- can say it's bogus now. I think a lot of fans want would rather athletes. And coaches. And even in general managers to vote rather than the media that's what most fans think that you know right -- you guys into the game with these guys play the game. So I would rather they vote that you guys and I think OK that's fine. But I think that they put a lot of effort into it all the time. To think that they are. Are very diligent in doing their research is naive now how marijuana is not in our gold glove he played 26. -- 2828. Games -- and it and what it probably. Start and the -- -- that baseball ordered that all of that it doesn't position out year for for a space was DH. I -- and I got to be honest now lies end and this is not well it is partly knee knocking Jeter's defensive abilities I have read about a lot. And I know why I referenced rob -- -- earlier but he's not the only guy. People who know a lot more about the defensive metrics than I do and lot more time and effort into this night you will tell you flat out he's not a good defensive shortstop. All we're probably going four on Wednesday -- at all and this is where every metrics you'd have to step back from the metrics a little bit and say he's a bad shortstop. How -- says that he has got to Pascal the last couple years now right now right now is not yet shoppers he's got an all star but its final years -- at the bottom in the game. But if you look at Derek Jeter New York. The positives and negatives both come from playing in the your Sony or did word. Promotional opportunities advertising opportunities to higher salary because -- New York Yankee but you also invite more criticism more scrutiny. Because your New York so I think. That -- -- factory to it as well so many people. I've heard that about Derek -- greatness heard about intangibles. That is almost a cottage industry has developed of people. Where Derek Jeter hit. You agree discipline because obviously plant because he plays for the hated team replaced for the Yankees course. That that commercial I was talking about Derek Jeter respect commercial. One of the parts in the development especially funny. It's got a couple of Mets players. And mr. met in uniform tipping their patents in the digital eyes out their faces that include mr. -- and you can't tell tales. So yeah I mean there are some people probably in New York especially you probably consummate very good things Kevin's and -- like -- I don't. -- up first off on aunt -- up at all I'd rather like girl -- -- huge huge bout in the Dwyane lately supply at -- -- -- And early brash and it. -- like got up and down all -- now on a side note of one of those guys who thinks. Are the biggest stage. As a place to show that the biggest said the stone a guy like Curt Schilling really showed up in the world are you know kind of games -- have a guy like Derek here. Who is batting. -- Hewlett the World Series to a guy like pujols is batting TrueCrypt he liked from the world -- Bank -- in a matter right intangibles leadership guys that play which it would follow -- to a volcano. I haven't heard about multiple modes -- I think shrouded in the mystery quote -- EE eight. Problems but who lives in mysterious. Because one -- came out flat out said he needed in order to assume him. Yeah right we'll -- right assuming that what happened. OK let America. Some other. Product so that's terrible shape somebody accused you of George W did you know you said you're gonna -- back got back down there. Improve it if I know that yet no nothing nothing but we -- -- or hearsay. Even talked about the stage with a guy. Had a not a -- but you -- -- -- that's -- fair and -- that if somebody says something about you and you know what's not -- Wednesday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah he was caught he failed he actually failed a drug test. You answered because on Monday -- that -- -- I've never done steroids and that's a lot. He was wrong he did. Maybe you. -- how -- is it a little. I young bull coming up mr. Mark McGwire -- are only the ultimate chick I personally how is going to be opened -- -- it. What does -- he shot a -- I don't know. It's a little bit of a -- a lot of a stretch that just because Mark McGwire touted this kid. But all of a sudden Albert Pujols it's all related opera performance enhancing drugs. You all going through a system. There is a all of website called and graphs and they -- a whole long. Dissertation about Derek Jeter and his defensive issues. And this is protectorate particularly says stop saying to people baseball's activities gold up while telling. I'm just gonna -- via a quick example here. Statistically he's been right below average defensive shortstop and everybody knows that. It's ultimately shortstop for his entire career short stops -- above average defenders relative to Major League Baseball player pool on the one hand. Jeter's been one of the worst. But on the other he's been one of the worst out of the best so it's an important -- to remember -- those defensive numbers come within a certain presidential context. He has and by all. Accounts all statistical accounts one of the worst defensive shortstop during the twenty years he's been play. It's you can't argue that does that matter date they've got the numbers out there you're -- yeah I got out there you would say more about -- you know they did that let's say something that. He didn't win a gold globe until I think his ninth year in the league. So it causes for seven -- years. Without winning a gold gloves and something tells me that by the time. He ended up winning his first couple. It was because of his reputation. Not necessarily reputation of being a great fielder. But reputation as a player of the 507. Guys who played shortstop over the past fifty years. Derek Jeter ranked 341. Defense. According to baseball -- -- out of how many 507507. Have played the position. In the last fifty years he has -- 340. Burst. Offensively according to baseball sources tell me up or know what they -- -- -- worse but -- -- one of the worst. Six or seven more than a hundred guys below hair -- and a thank goodness 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line -- 37937. Coming up for a four top of the hour. All star moments that have taken things beyond the game. We've got four and four at the top. Yankee captain Derek Jeter when I say that -- what do you think my job and that's my job -- in my job for awhile and -- I. Take a lot of pride in and plan for the Yankees put -- uniform -- You know my teammates it takes time to get them to get to know people and in order to lead people we have to get to know and I've always tried to take this idea. Derek Jeter a couple of quick text 379370. AT&T text line first -- says. Only on this station -- here Jeter bashing. If he wore Red Sox uniform -- would be so different dale you were definitely saying Nomar is better back in the day I did I was wrong. We I was flat out wrong absolutely no -- absolutely. And another one says Michael you auto admit that. -- -- -- -- -- Ed Henry and the other end -- the -- says leave it to the Red Sox radio station spent the better part of their afternoon program to bash Jeter. Classy stuff guys jealous much. Sox have been sold to him since I don't know I don't know I suppose since I'm not sensitive at all not Abu Al I don't I'm not talking about the almighty god. It's what it is it's how old -- you saw. All you -- lips say in the world that it's bad about it great that regardless of decision. -- what do you want you to fix your lips to do so open house will be kept them from all of them radiates for four hours for Derek Jeter back if this guy. There can't be any discussion. About Derek Jeter unless it's just. -- asked according you know just withdrawing palms that it's seat with what he thinks with a on the donkey ride out what I don't care. What if he's the savior Tim do we say this we just get -- -- -- Casey's people haven't heard Derek Jeter. Is a great plot was a great player as we said Derek Jeter -- Go to all of the first ballot hall -- should be. This whole discussion ironically was brought about because one of the 3 guys on the morning show. Said he was the best players of his generation. We disagree -- not a -- some station no no -- never hear anything positive about -- -- on this Acer. He is. A great hall of fame player he he's he's he's not quite as great as he gets credit for some he may not be the greatest. Later of his generation maybe the greatest leader. To the greatest leader of the generational -- by that I'll buy that I'll get that. Derek Jeter got -- game. At -- and this -- does that years ago it got a couple of years to an end by the way just to make sure we get that out of the way as well. I have no issues in fact I applaud Major League Baseball. Having a position. For guys who probably don't deserve to be that kind of a career achievement award they did it for cal Ripken junior at the end of his career. It deserves to be on the all star team any more than I did for crying out and they were right to put and Derek Jeter based on how he's played this year. Has no business being on the all star team. I still think it's great that he's there he should be there they should be able to net to give this lifetime achievement award to a player to -- It means something how does your -- how -- Trout sucking you probable. Below all star level player but in a game that counts but be on the field. I think it is hard to do especially now I mean think about the -- that we live in group with Twitter FaceBook. Sports talk radio reporters just swarming around not just mainstream reporters -- -- sports everything. Video. Fans with cell phones. It's amazing. That a guy who played in New York for twenty years. Doesn't have a scandal following. He hasn't had to call Olivia Pope. And -- and asked for help me you think about that that is very difficult to do I don't know if he's pretty -- person I don't yet and I don't know what it means in terms of his legacy in that. Probably has very little to do with baseball. It just it almost. The numbers the law of averages says at at some point. In a twenty year career. In New York City you're gonna screw up or you're gonna screw up or somebody's got to accuse you of stirring up somebody's gonna. Like opera handles about gonna come from left field and say what you did this and you said -- no lawsuit. -- camera exile Blair. You're right it's it's remarkable that may be the most amazing thing about. In fact I'll make -- the equivalent point we talked about this earlier. You -- think about other than the decision which was horrendous. As LeBron James ever stepped in it in and that's what you know it's funny you bring that up. It's one reason why have always. Defended LeBron James the people look at people like to rip him obviously. For the decision and I -- Oils is he done. Is he does he deal cocaine as he got suspended for drugs ED easier or. Other counter drugs you know -- As the gotten into a domestic dispute any that's -- about that stuff never an upper LeBron James is about -- clean. As you can possibly find in the NBA yet people still. Wanna destroy them. It -- -- mark up Elsinore which -- I don't. Eileen and Ali -- -- pressed on what's going on but. An embed them then that's -- yeah but I -- catch it and I actually able -- diplomatic. Really believe it was -- actually. -- -- at third base line get a macho side of his head the other -- debate throughout. Go back I'll play who don't know much about it you cry again you really left. Yeah. He plays but it took it -- -- every bit. And web cams to take a lesson from that gentleman right here because you get -- straight class act. And builds its. And I pay back in the day you used to say no mas bad. I would no doubt that twenty -- that it -- -- Pakistan about a minute. One place that want our plate change I don't act I gotta I gotta give it to builds and builds right and this is the power of TV -- talk about powerful medium. There's so many people like bill mention. You mentioned that play it doesn't matter what Tito said hey Nomar wasn't available we were in communication in the it wasn't right not what it doesn't matter with just the split screen. Derek Jeter going into the stands maybe didn't have to do it doesn't matter once this -- tumbled in part himself kept playing and Nomar. Was there -- how many how many shots we have a Nomar. On the bench sitting and that was what was that old three. Well I don't 30 yeah you don't wars all forty got -- -- for so you know. And people still people still go to so. That's a power -- I mean it. And in the same way the only other play that they do with Derek Jeter is the flip fly in the World Series. The other all my god what instincts and anyway -- play. Most people think it would have been better Politico. I was -- I don't know about that -- is critically ill I don't go away from basic as much as what's your take stuff away from and bashing them I can't taken out of all of -- say that Jeremy Giambi at it and slide that would work. If you go electric player argued to the during a break but I don't think he -- no he did not and he should have -- but in terms of the position that Derek Jeter was in in the play they made bought -- house. Amazing. Gloucester hate Tony I don't. There are pretty great. OK great I -- -- -- -- they'll Michael will be -- written on that. I'll argue there is you're -- blocks. Aren't aren't just who recently backed by. A lot -- short. We learned our World Series. England thirteen all and build more equipment re real leadership. All I mean it just today social media. On on it would require up to cable. Among that a lot when a well thank you all like on it would still some of the captain and leader without being that guy I Castro like. Right now Michael dale if you had a poll Tuesday. Put in La. In the hall of fame -- that would -- they -- Because -- -- since -- elect direction the switch from shortstop to it because they wrote about a player. And you are right on that but well right now who a lot of that achieve that and -- I'm sorry guys. Myself how to put that you and it because all the scandal they -- it Michael real quick earlier that some in the pro the last twenty years. You think. -- you MO. -- -- -- can act any old and log they would mole and initially we got to the formal consistency. Like who I am sure people there to protect -- Two pitches I've got a -- or not that I thought that this guy like the well a little bit about it actually. You know I have to -- -- the last twenty before that that was the question. Hole. Just as the man let -- bring -- to listen to. Should call thank you 617 sevenths I Greg and I hello are you doing this thinks the lot of them -- -- tucked tail Michael well it's like Greg Dickerson is that there's no reason it's called the dale and -- familiar here I'm here and there for the day right or wrong your right here -- right here with its gonna be here are monitored and off Thursday urged Thursday -- -- down. We do we sit where we aren't sure we can talk us we're probably. Going to be -- McCoy on there's beautiful love going to baseball games that look organ to show there. We're gonna look at that. Most of the August roster for the Boston Red Sox. On for -- on July power opportunity on Thursday to look through the August roster of 6177797937. Is telephone number. Derek -- in the all star game tonight the last time you may have heard. He led us to think about our for a four. All star moments that took the game beyond the game it's coming up next Sports Radio W media.

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