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What will the content of the text messages between the Patriots and Aaron Hernandez reveal?

Jul 15, 2014|

We discuss the subpoenaed text messages between the Patriots and Aaron Hernandez, and what, if anything, will be revealed by them.

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Earlier today on Sports Radio on the Dennis and Callahan with -- hand shelf and it went to college because they keep claiming that the name keeps changing it's the DNC morning show -- -- there when minutes. They have my schedule and when I went man. They have Mike McCann on who is a yet terrific lawyer sports lawyer we've talked to him before he's really forged to a place is one of the best. In the business and that's a very good. And they have Mike McCann on this morning to talk about the latest on the Aaron Hernandez case it came out yesterday. We touched on briefly kind of came out as the show was going on yesterday. And and really the bombshell if there was a bomb shell game yesterday. Was the fact that there were supposedly 33 pages. Of text messages. Between bill ballot check and Aaron Hernandez between February. And may. We did rough math I mean who knows how long the texts -- but it's what seems like it would be samarra on 400 text messages. And and I said Michael yesterday Greg I just can't picture if your name isn't Brady Bill Belichick is sending you 400 sex marriages. -- it but you can't. If your Bill Belichick I was thinking about it more I don't think you -- favorites like that either hate Tom Brady's best player on the teams following text him. And not tax anyone else I mean just the opposite you probably would be texting. You know player number that you're 38 or 39 best player on the roster guys who need what a pick me up motivation whatever -- -- more needy. That Tom Brady. Wouldn't it be more delegation though -- your position coach be doing exactly Richardson. And I agree with I just don't picture they had coached -- got so many things to worry about so many irons in the fire but at that time of the year. I'm and I know yet free agency starting to get the draft but still. If Bill Belichick. Nose and was aware somehow. Of some of the issues that Aaron Hernandez was having -- I would think I can buy the 33 pages of tax I can understand him texting and want to bet is it. Just that we don't think any head coach would do that -- I do think we're getting into. Bill Belichick develop gently whole. Aura of whom Belichick he's not not a guy it's not for me pretty without any head coach I I just don't picture head coach. Maybe he countered that it you know Pete Carroll maybe Shanahan and I have what Atlantic -- Mike got a typical political hit it in the with a manic Monday -- -- -- and go out -- the past I'd love to practice -- and Pete Carroll I don't picture a lot of head coach in the -- a picture like Sean Payton why and I can picture up. Pay -- the offseason and you know you stick into the work outs. At all. I texts. Back and forth you know going to be on the twelfth right you know that's sort. -- -- what do you think about the coaches in the -- See a lot of guys doing actually Rex Ryan doing the absolute that it gets bigger jackass let's go get us now haven't I see a lot of guys. We're trying to connect with their players trying to. Try to respect the rules. That the that the collective bargaining agreement has put out there the rules that OK can't be all business all the time so you respect that but you're also. Keeping in touch to remind guys. What you want done. What's been the way to do what's that thing. What better way to do with their with the a three word text. Don't like dealing with a you know do your job right after I got -- -- that -- well anyway Mike -- was all the guys this morning. Was talking about in answer to a question about. How does this look to the patriots to -- expect it to be any problem. We would have already seen the patriots. He is not charged with a crime. Some indication that that would happen that. It's now been over a year. I would be surprised that. -- check would've been able to just continue to coach without any charges if he's in any way implicated. In this case and like I could be wrong there could be something in the air but I have a feeling it's not going to be as. You know again as -- of the ballot check out there is there is a clause in the collective bargaining agreement. Section 21 article one wanted to say that prohibits. Meetings between coaches and players during the offseason. Maybe that was broken through these attacks but that's really an NFL you know legal issue. A lot of taxes are bringing a group text now. Does that include group that I'm sure wouldn't include a group text. And Aaron Hernandez is a member of the team Bill Belichick is sending text in the entire team that's an Anderson picture. One hopes that architects that part. But I think that's the other a majority -- coming from a Hernandez or from Belichick that few other question is Aaron Hernandez reaching out to Belichick and texting him. And has Belichick responding to these -- are initiated by Aaron Aaron Hernandez lots of fascinating question I would love to see subsidies to. Likely bring up a great point here because if you'll remember that with the period of time that these text take place a reportedly February to may. Didn't we also learn haven't we also heard. That Aaron Hernandez flew out to the Columbine in Indianapolis to meet with -- ballot check which was in February. So supposedly he goes to Indianapolis to meet the -- Jack we don't know what the meeting was about but that's supposedly what he did. And then you know they start communicating on a regular basis. This could be as simple as you know coach looking out for player -- OK you know that does that issue we talked about. And no don't I'm not talking about. Shooting people and things like -- You know it is it is it that sort of thing. He he supposedly did meet with ballot check in February. And does -- sort of coincidental -- and at the the period of time for these text messages was February demand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what was it Miami. Where. A friend of Aaron Hernandez is two is. Shot and I got what -- what that during -- -- during his time the University of Florida note on until is that this is really thought about oh yeah that's -- Utah but the other one this is. Yeah I don't you don't imagine O'Leary attack on the other -- -- got a guy that's just out of Florida right. Some start to think I don't think any thing. Controversial that we know up from. Just going with the time line that has been laid out by the prosecution on the anything controversial happen from February 2013 -- made right 1013. But maybe Hernandez was saying. Am overwhelmed or. Now I don't know what to do you know some of the people around me are bringing media I don't know. But if you're the head coach what are you doing what that response to a don't shoot. Doesn't it make sense that if there was is as big cats and if there was something incriminating. Would probably know bought up by now or at least they would have been. Something Don develop check of the patriot organization by now well first -- -- the the alleged murder vote -- didn't take place until after these -- messages took place anyway. The the alleged double murder took place you know the year before that -- so it. The text messages weren't in any way shape or form around the times of these alleged crimes accusing alleged does it feel like my -- yeah. We have to say don't ask you guys -- you think anything. From the Aaron Hernandez situation. Has affected the patriots and how they do business or should affect the patriots and how to do business and our product Josh -- people -- now he's -- take -- chance -- a character guy like that because of what happened and Aaron Hernandez or drafting a guy who's got questionable character you think. Is based on what you've seen with of the patriots -- draft. Of their offseason you think they're effective Biden should they be effect -- I think. A longer time goes the longer. Things separate in terms of years. I think they'll start taking more chances can -- you were two from now but I think they're taking fewer chances now does that get to do more due diligence now than they've done in the past -- also say this and -- brought it up earlier. If Bill Belichick is called to testify. I could see it having an effect on this team and especially the trial and you know could happen during the course of the football season. If you know he -- Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday in a courtroom somewhere. You know maybe we're just in terms of preparation right but but you're you're not saying in terms of image of having a head coach on the witness stand. -- and an -- in terms of you know he's not -- team preparing for the game on the weekend the other installing the game plan and Josh McDaniels is doing it not Bill Belichick that sort of thing. I do think it's interesting there's so protective of scouting information you would think. That's the last thing that they would be protective. The patriot. When it comes to handing over information. To the prosecution. And the defense as well. They are there willing to let people look at it but they don't -- handed over in it is it just I'm wondering if they're concerned about. How people how the rest of the NFL looks at the -- analysis. I'm Aaron Hernandez and other players or is there something in the -- they feel like. This is gonna make us look bad but -- get a match. Well being -- you knew that there were issues we certainly didn't expect this. But we knew we had some issues and yet we signed him to a -- -- -- issues for the. And I fell and issues for the rest of society don't always go hand in hand NFL. I mean you look at guys and today. Or he had an incident in college. I don't know how reliable he is. I don't know what. What kind of practice guy he's going to be -- kind of wraps guy he's going to be. And outside the -- about what you did -- that you had concerned of concerns about concerns about them in terms of being. In an NFL locker room -- in terms of practice. It did any of my concerns ever venturing into crying I should make some ridiculous -- war or. And now this is this is one possibility. Is there a little afraid of giving up the psychological report. Did a psychological reports. Indicate that this guy has the mentality of someone who could. Who could be -- Q do you think most teams would be in the same place and position as the patriots do you think as many teams. Would be as protective of their stuff as the patriots know apparently are I don't why do you do know I don't know why you guys I think writing any team would say. Played him I don't want to -- there well okay. But Greg said do you think most teams are as protector there information I don't think so all I because look at the pictures. This year the Atlanta the Atlanta Falcons are going to be hard knocks. The Bengals with academic twice the cowboys have done. The jets would object to them the ravens have done. The patriots but that's not the same topic as -- by legal. What you just how young there's some organization I mean even even on hard knocks they -- the cameras out at times that eight you can't stay in here for this I think some organizations are much more protective of their information. That others and I think the patriots are in that category there's no there's no question I think there are among a handful of teams. Who would rather say I I mean. They'll take the criticism they won't take. You ripping them talking about them they don't wanna give it up all I think there're there are plenty of teams out there who will. So to speak you know show you other sausages are made their writings that say forget it no way forget EU do you serve me before I -- -- One more cut from the camp. Who -- to your point about legal issues he doesn't think their legal issues but there may be others. Well I think morally John it would create some issues about what the patriots maybe could've done. To. Better enforce rules against Aaron Hernandez and maybe they tolerated him. And it and they knew of his behaviors that were publicly endangering but I don't think that would lead to civil liability for the patriots because it's very hard to show. That Aaron Hernandez is acting within the scope of his employment. When he allegedly killed golden -- -- and the two other fellows it is really not part of his employment as a patriot. Did -- yeah I think it's gonna lead to any civil liability for the pages they didn't think it would raise moral issue than maybe the NFL would take some type of action against the team. -- Mike may have hit that the nail on the head here. There may become questions about and Michael's point about you know what do they know in and I raised the point yesterday if it if at any point in the 33 pages Bill Belichick says maybe you need to get a place. And -- live in North Attleboro but maybe you need to find an apartment at Franklin and that was hypothesize. It's good to a year ago won all the stuff started to break out. The bella check you know people bought some people believe that Belichick said yes go get this hiding place and then the question would be would become law. Why you tell you -- to North Attleboro why are you suggesting get a place in Franklin now is it because. There are bad guys out there. And he may need to get away from bad guys at times. I'm not -- hiding in an apartment in Franklin's a good idea. Now I don't know I don't know -- -- I don't remember this being in the paper or or being reported -- texas'. There was there was word that there were rumors that Belichick told -- to get a flop house where you can expect a lot of talk about we've ever reported but it was it was. It was thought to be a possibility that some problems with his girlfriend. So I don't know if that was the case and then another Texas is just trying to get a sense of what -- Hernandez's state of mind was. At the time. Because this -- a couple months well before he allegedly. He allegedly killed -- noise. I do believe as Michael said Mike McCann said. I don't believe that the patriots have any civil liability. And even the possibility that the families of these or murder victims. May be filing a suit against the patriots is gonna have more to do with. If Aaron Hernandez is -- any money by EU. It's not -- and Aaron Hernandez it's -- us. And I think that's more I I don't think anybody is suggesting in any way shape perform well patriots are responsible here they should and nobody could kill people. I don't know anybody who could legitimately try to make that argument. Not I don't think -- And as far as. -- the patriots giving up information a lot of Turks satellite did the football life and there's patriot reign in all of the there are certain things. Which made you persona not yet okay but there are certain things that. He was not gonna give us. You know and whether it was -- me asking for it or the late great and I mean great David Halberstam asking for a -- there was a specific thing. That he was gonna allow to happen. But it's not like you just have the run of the place. And and copy this and copy that -- take the scouting report -- -- -- the psychological report you -- ask about these things in and he would give you would general idea. Of what they were about but -- at a football like for example. I think it's no accident that that happen so that was a 2009 season I think it was the fourth into 2009. You know 2009 season that came -- 2010. Football life. So it's no coincidence that it happens in -- nine. It comes out a year later in the -- editing power. From the patriots perspective you can use that you can't use that mean there's certain things there's there's a teaching. Aspect. Bill Belichick the sum of two teachers essential. Like answering questions about football history liked teaching people about football so that's there and he'll share that. But it when it comes to -- this is how the patriots do business -- and that's no he's not gonna give. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number you can text that's if you like it. Up 37937. Maybe you've got an idea and it's beyond what we think of how this could somehow hurt the patriots. Other than public image that's the only thing I come up with that may be hurt. On the part of the patriot that you may have a better idea right back to the calls for -- just a couple of minutes dale holly Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah I needed for the possibility that there's more it's could be part of the agreement as a preliminary. Order where only that period of time. Is considered the window for checks and it is an alt text. And their entire lifetime between each other but there could be in order I imagine for additional text. That was Mike McCann on this morning with Dennis and Callahan with Manningham. The Rolling Stone article that everybody refers to the the big opus. I'm gonna reject just couple lines out of it and then it is very lengthy goes into a lot of the -- Quote by now even Hernandez seems to have sensed that he was wildly off course. According to a source close to Hernandez he flew to the NFL combine in Indianapolis. And confide in confided to ballot check that his -- was in danger. Hernandez was trying to break away from the gangsters he befriended. He worried quote they were actually trying to kill him on quote says the source Hernandez began arming himself stashing a rifle and in his gym bag. This past spring skipped out on team training drills going to California rehab. Then it goes on to say Hernandez returned to Boston. Ballot -- operate close Hernandez associate. -- told him to lay low. Rent a safe house for awhile. In May he -- a Condo in Franklin mass that Carlos Ortiz referred to as a flop house twelve miles from his mansion in North Attleboro. I gotta tell you that just doesn't ring right to make. And it took every -- of -- redirect me because if they player came to a head coach and said listen. There guys who were I think out to kill me. The last thing -- picture Bill Belichick or any -- coach doing it sank but it just -- place in Franklin okay. First recital policy director secured -- saying -- come with me right now here mark rigs that might my director security for the patriots. You -- here you get the police chief been here you get the state police in here. We're gonna take care this right now. I look at with a player even trying to trade in and -- -- had a doctor okay maybe the baby itself to -- -- officers -- that's what you're. More important -- or any dollar and we know but but more specifically made this guy Aaron Hernandez. It's what your best players. He tells you that he thinks people are trying to kill. The one thing you don't do -- say hey take care of it on your own get another place. You're gonna try to help them that you've got to contact somebody else can -- out of his hands by the way to sort of explains the huge a lot of text OK okay everything are right because he already has a reputation. You know coming into the -- it's not like. A guy like Brady your guy like Jerod Mayo who came into the league. By all accounts by most accounts very mature players. Acting characteristics -- it's like to say very early in their careers Aaron Hernandez did have a reputation of Florida. Certainly didn't have when he got the patriots that you would leave it to him you would go to the authorities and say this is what I've been told. Looking into. You're just opening a -- for more trouble for this guy because. If this guy was getting in trouble both Florida and without any of Belichick's helper anybody's help -- -- gonna get into more trouble and get into things deeper than that. And am I right. Texture here's his dot com -- before the draft discussing draft prospects. First -- it it's Aaron Hernandez who flew to Indianapolis to ask -- talked to bill -- wasn't like pillows and hey look Arizona. A couple of tight ends from Florida and -- come on out here and talk to me about this -- like Hernandez to Indianapolis. To discuss draft prospects at the combo line. This was a player again according to the Rolling Stone -- influence helped Indianapolis talked with coach and say my lights can not control. I just don't picture that coached and saying. Find your place in Franklin hey I -- I I got to worry about we get to fifth round draft picks the week and worry about I can't I can't deal this right now -- got a place in Franklin. Let's replace -- current carrier pop out somehow that work for you mean just because you're the we all have them it hasn't. Here we go on your minds in Milford New Orleans and I don't know I just don't run I don't know gopher tunnel for flop and I frankly it's too nice of a town -- -- -- and a white kids' -- they are clearly result that let you back object apparently are -- well that's that's why did you do that that's -- -- -- -- they are how you deal. Older guys are. You know I look at this whole thing guys. To me. If it's as if there's probably a big -- of fire here. Actually he is is. Let -- let you know actually the patriots have no exposure obviously yeah you're right I didn't integrated -- Ebert someone. Stated Ingrid -- emirates on they're saying. They know each day and they don't eat I don't as a patient. I probably didn't know that doesn't count I had trouble. And you've got apparently. What sort of hot spot early they did this guy -- or ear and and it would leak check sure there are indications that -- -- way way way out of eating yourself -- right. Well ironically all art I I and again I am I'm referring back to beat the Rolling Stone pace ironically they said it was the change to mark Briggs is the security director. It kind of cut off a lot of that information flow the previous security director. Have these relationships -- all police chiefs in the state police and if somebody to use your term art if somebody sneezed they were gonna know. And brakes according to the Rolling Stone piece didn't have those relationships. Didn't have the same information flow. And probably didn't know some things that other guys in that position would. Yeah well maybe yeah yeah yeah but I still believe that you're -- you're -- you know -- -- You -- being. The curtain on some kind of cover up a little bit of children in big trouble and some great deal lawyer. Side dispatch saying that that that that kind of -- due to old -- orders -- -- -- you know I mean who knows. There are are apparently had at this does go back to you I go back to their agenda their agenda is. For the patriots. Wanna make sure you're ready to go September. We huge amount of money I made out invested in -- who -- a kid is great is they've talked about family in caring about people were sure they care about people. Because of number that number one job. Is for you to produce for the New England Patriots. So. I would think anything that happens with Aaron Hernandez any advice. That Bill Belichick is giving Aaron Hernandez or any other player it does come back to what is best for the -- poetry so it's best for you if you're not gonna help us. It's best for you to. Get out of town okay we'll say you'll get out of town is best for you and that's for the patriots I don't think. They were thinking anything along those lines think they said. -- -- If if you're if he if if Aaron Hernandez told Bill Belichick I'm in trouble. I mean danger I'm in danger is not gonna tell on the get a house. And that's gonna make it go away just doesn't make sense that. Art doesn't make a little to me absolutely -- and by the way I feel that same way if it was the 53 guy on the roster. If the 53 -- roster went to Belichick and tablet I think their people -- to kill. I think Bill Belichick would try to make sure that didn't happen. I just truly do believe that 6177797937. Dale -- Greg Dickerson in the house Sports Radio W media.

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