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The MLB All-Star game, a good time to catch up on your DVR recordings...

Jul 15, 2014|

We discuss the fledgling interest in MLB's all-star game and how most will choose to watch other programming instead.

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Everybody has an equivalent in their lives something. Where you're watching. No not porn but it's something you're watching and you -- auto -- you're embarrassed want to embarrass ought not a big dollar and spirit what's that it's necessary. But you you've watched amateur but we shall talk about portal and I don't report. You watching that want to watch and I was watching why am I watching this when I see. Great home run hitters who can't hit home runs he sees Stanton out early he hit some shots and. All my god of your 425. Friedel outscored -- always unbelievable. And then. You see what he can zip. Like John Perkins and line them up is the nerves there or something. It was where -- -- watching it to see the moon shots. And the moon shots aren't necessarily happen. Today. The the commissioner Bud Selig held his all star break state of the game address. Told the media gather at home run derby needs theory -- as it at that every tip for last night they changed all around and faces yelling. Required Nomar on what am happy and -- said it's a fun event to cover. And it's a fun event to participated. Now maybe one of those things that you admitted it yesterday dale so maybe that's the case. It is one of those things. Where you just have to be there. Yeah I freely admit that in 99 when I was there sitting out there and right field when my brother. It was the coolest thing editor I was there -- us also had a great our debut of droids in performance enhancing drugs in the home runs that was big part of it was still with a home -- I mean it's a home run derby so. Whether it's the steroid era or the that ball -- the batting practice. Picture just started to your seventy miles an hour but it yet here's a question and it's -- like what the NBA goes through with a dunk contest. What helping you do. Are you juice it up high -- change around so that its interest thing all over again. What do you do to make it looked like it was ten years ago. You know you can make fun of the era if you want to remember how deep brown the dunk contest the other Reebok pumps up at a pump it up gonna go dunk. So you get you get -- like. Sticking yourself. You don't have to yes. It's like a British -- there -- -- pop why aren't at all -- -- as somebody come over William did you little needle in the behind you -- meals that. Hold up the Mitchell report. And I'm here I'll watch this all I don't know what you do it leaves just one of those things that. It needs to maybe -- suspended for a couple years. You're suspended for a couple of years and then people say really -- home run derby you bring him back. The World Cup every four years the World Cup every year would that be a good thing now. Yeah I thought you forty years YouTube hit an element and yet the threatens -- we will not have a W it may have hit an element that it. An element yesterday with you know the stars have to be. In the slam dunk if you got LeBron James and Kevin Durant I mean I would watch that I'd watch every minute of that. It if your home run derby and it was all the big home run hitters in the game. It's RI that's a pretty good names so the last eight. Better than what the NBA gives you with a home with a slam -- Johnston and done what what -- you do you guys even know what is the prize. What do you get for winning home run derby. 'cause I know -- what they not watch -- giveaway WW league championship banner. Derek sets but it's got a belly got a trophy too and I'm sure there's money let's are trying to but it -- -- make cherica. Make you gotta say 200000 dollars or 250 thought you gotta make it worth that for guys even get into this -- on the money at a car. Obama and how about money about it you know are hard -- that they're immediately turn around and give to their mind that I don't know there. On hard that you would not give to your -- I'm charter card you think about it athletes in the twenties and thirties. A lot of you know big spenders when they want. -- -- talking about money these sports car eight race car fast car two seater car. Not a car it's got the -- got the car seats -- there and got the animal crackers all over the border. Talking about it real good argument -- -- -- you know and it's nothing we Rhode Island nada who produced by this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well take care to think that would probably draw. -- part of that luck maybe it's just we're we're we're trying to come up with these solutions for the contents maybe does -- say. Well and I think ultimately that may be what they finally decide here I mean fox tried to save the all star game quote on quote when this time it counts. And the ratings have dropped every year and and -- apple what they work you know ten years ago nobody watches -- no one cares. Students. Really east the intensity he's back. This time it counts for that matter and equipment and it's not that it. Don't -- that not an air about that. I mean they could increase the money let's be okay. These guys most of these guys we here in auction. We talked in the money they tipped the clubhouse cute I got if Michael Holley were still alive -- would as I would have this line here this Texas that -- where car texas'. I -- where car from -- at a park presidency -- I. We have not -- -- the family business and don't like it out but it is one of you would deal. Is -- I just think that unfortunately. It is it is it and idly if people lest people think Macon autumn baseball here. I -- the skills competition at the NHL all star weekend. I find it boring you know back in the day when ray Bork was breaking all four plates at all for critical. I've had enough of that I mean I I cannot had enough of that. That race they do around the ring got I've had enough both of Alex so -- can stupid floppy hats when he's taken the -- the shoot out shot I mean it. I've had enough of all that stuff. Art rocker this -- -- you do this is what we -- him with a home run hitting contest this is not a made for TV event. Because it's going to be too short. One a scale with doubt about the seven now goes forever as an artist what would. We have. Eight a singular event that singular around is that it is going to be a knockout round. So we have made we have -- -- now maybe have rivalries a Yankee -- -- Red Sox player comes vs cardinals whatever it is. And you got one shot. If you take your swing limits on line assessment this would take more pitches than he did last night partner take the apostle or one swing. You'll hear you know once like honest to god they would anybody -- a 25 pitches he got back out to stand there watching now at five -- coming your way. What matters right in the -- -- that we have one album. At home -- not eat you know home run great you advance you don't have a thing. Over a breath caught and go talk to our son is to take I got my fault I kind of like that that you develop not why don't you take rivalries that are all established right between players or teams. -- the -- home run derby she'll member joked he'll black and white show majorities that they re playing. You -- forty years later I'd like that and I got I got a whole lot chip but I like the I don't watch at a perfect undercard. That's all Adrian Peterson out there for the vikings and he was -- and are some hard times man advantage is wonderful in his sport. Cannot play soft and Atlanta and -- at the baseball -- -- either by the way so you want rivalries outside of baseball. The -- -- -- with threatening in the and I -- about your actor which Canadian Harris bring them I'm going to kill you bring about next season so you want some cross promotion. Other sports involved -- -- -- -- well -- him like this idea as it comes out dale leaves at Ole bill. Let me just say this too and at the risk of I I honestly hope -- pressure army isn't listening right now gets mad at me every -- says this. I was sitting at Fenway Park and 99 I was sitting in right field in fact with my brother. And -- had the souped up baseball remember Pablo bell got one out of out of yawkey way and they -- they have souped up baseball's. They're stair related to the -- Came within fifty rows of that phony baloney -- the right field at Fenway Park. I've never believed it if nobody could come close to it that night they will never come close to it again by the way. Mo Vaughn and David Ortiz -- both said in the course of their careers there is no way. -- it don't understand the genius of Ted Williams and Saunders and the legend of Ted -- was a -- was a story there's got from Dorchester at a straw hat on. He was asleep he got hit with the ball in that read all the -- precious well let's send. Since when did mobile on write a book about hitting it -- -- Ted Williams got her real science the science targeting doctors getting the sites in Iraq -- what nowadays when an. Mr. I just love that -- -- the stretch it needs to be such a good lie if it provides a great lie don't wanna keep ago. It's funny because nowadays go to game. And and somebody hits a home run that's up ten rose over the bull. Tom she'll be almighty god what a shot well that ball is fifty rose from the dead heat in eagle areas. Everybody every at Betsy by the way I think back accident -- -- all mastered. Now shot up. These events -- for younger kids. That's why you don't like watching anymore. And all. -- What young what young kids are watching I I got a new -- this point I don't don't they why aren't getting I don't really watch a baseball card game are -- not the -- to the watch in all I'd I'd bet the ratings are is some doubt it. It's funny too because for the kid Major League Baseball I -- everything they can do. Tenet -- tool around with the ratings for tonight's game generate nothing. I mean nothing else. You'll watch it if you're a sports fan your watch in the Major League Baseball all star game or I disagree okay -- -- I'll stop that heat -- it. Tell Michael would you watch it last night. The large ones like what was. Outstanding sporting event last night that you probably missed. Andrew Wiggins vs Maryland snow well after Philadelphia. Against Cleveland some early summer league basketball from Las Vegas just got to report. -- the floats. That's some sick place. Boat floats in terms of that's not a good and that's not a bit not on -- -- like not like he's an acrobat I. I wanna I got know doubt they'll vote for him in and out of focus exactly raising exactly the guy like me disappears and actually got a -- appears. My wanders yet though in other words the Jeff Green comparisons aren't too far no I did not know he's got the same way it was him. His freshman year in the sometimes you watch me go. Lou this guy's gonna be dominant other times like where have -- -- Oscar predictor of street apartment love yes. I know a couple of I don't know what and wouldn't. You don't hear it now or in the league you might turn towards Kevin Love he's only 2526. Might turn to a superstar one day. Give up on them and I applaud you about a future and what I try to forget and yes I absolutely Cleveland general manager Greg Dickerson I don't want the public. Like I thought and here. We all know it's summer league basketball game -- underrated player. Okay short of watching summer league basketball and -- I don't know what's left for is so they do everything they can do to prop up the ratings for the all star game but it's going to be on this radio station which I'm sure Mike he's happy. But I'm telling you. That the numbers historically have been dropping like our rock. And and the curious and maybe we can find out then maybe you can only find out what the numbers work for last night now they got hurt. Buyer rain delay and I'll admit that that that probably didn't help them at all. You think young people stuck around where the home run derby last night guys don't. I think I think all of this stuff is for. Is for kids. And I you see some you see some parents there and got their jerseys on they got there. Stanton jerseys and can no jerseys but I think it's where the kids the kids who were in the outfield chasing down those balls. The kids who -- in the stands in their kids watching on TV. Market that it is not a whole long how long talk. And how would you poster stretched out if you're young kid if your rate teen 2216. Whatever number -- -- there under what young twelfth. No attention span. I just read -- house fly you can't sit -- launch that a line. You're you're you're watched year in and out of that you can't you do when they Buick and they wait what do you think uploading comes rod the -- you. You know about it so he's out he's bear. But not completely focused the entire time. You guys like. The that the night before the all star game festivities. Surrounding the NBA all star weekend on the other Gallup yeah I do you think it's not a slam dunk contest still entertain you know I like I that's an entirely -- like events the currents and wind. Slam dunk. Yeah I I actually liked the skills competition. The three point shootout to me supersedes the the dunk competition but not that they lost me with the dunk competition when makes it. Hey Michael -- The ago you got twelve chances to make one -- She's been through during this argument you and your dog I'll try to hit it here you are gonna try this I thought I -- But it just felt like god and you're trying to get -- you think that's going to be cooler and actually make. It was that you what some sympathy vote here I think part of it is with the NBA and -- baseball and not so much in in football because. I think is this the game you don't even take the game seriously but in baseball. And basketball. You're looking for part. Part of -- is looking at the event itself. They're part of is looking at. The camaraderie the fraternities. Slash family reunion aspect that that is taking place mean yesterday mechanical issue that -- you know McCutcheon went standing at -- home run McCutcheon it's kind of pulled -- -- dollars basically cause -- -- talking to his teammates can you believe that. During all star weekend. Former players current players. Having a good time fraternizes whatever it is and it's kind of corny but yet you like watching maybe that's part of the reason I was watching yesterday and I didn't know why. I was watching it but I want us there was. Nothing else on a that's why we're watching a quick check by young -- last year the home run derby -- a five ball on the overnight last night it is 30. Let's drop -- And in the ratings of the game when you see the ratings for tonight's game. Down from last year. And they've been going down every year ought to tell you know ratings on tell the whole story that don't -- everything. I papers. And newspaper. And worry about that. Not texture here says my son loves it it's all about growing the game. And -- the next generation of fans. And it turns out. The home run derby -- the next generation and the normal four. I don't believe that's the case. Because frankly young people just in general -- baseball. And a link to it that has argued only that time consuming thing to you gotta sit there and say if you're young cute. I'm willing to donate or give three hours of my time to watch his game I don't know are. Let's we've said -- so much that think we believe it to be true but probably knows. That young people don't like baseball what what kind of kind of evidence do we have to back this up. Short believe it any you know it may it may be true but I've just I've heard it said over and over and over. And it just becomes part of the commerce tablet that excepted but Q has anybody proven. Topics about how about this young people aren't as addicted to baseball as we were when we were kids. -- -- -- I mean if there was if there was a Red Sox game on you'll -- and if there was a -- -- a bit Monday night baseball you'll watch and nowadays. It's just aren't as in they -- -- they may like it but they're not devoting. This much of their time as they can to watch it like we. Get short but I think there are a lot of things going on with that I mean. When when you're watching baseball when you start watching baseball when I started watching baseball. A ton of options now trying to think how old I was my family got cable. On the 22 -- -- I can't help it. -- I got -- when I was ten seriously 101112. Did not have cable so. And even if he did have cable there was no. Sunday night baseball on ESPN a long time element game of the week was what Vince Scully and Joseph Garagiola -- Saturday afternoon and run back baseball back girl was Bob Costas and Tony to Mexico. Didn't have a lot of options so if we wore in the -- position. We were coming up now. I think. Our attention to baseball our love for baseball would be similar to Ayers and we have as many options they have with those options. You can do what you can do different things. Into the text -- who says wasn't on a weekend last you know the all star game is always that the break -- always Monday Tuesday Wednesday all its. Home run competition is always on Monday night the game is always on Tuesday night is -- in India yet where that is different. Major League Baseball has been the same for years and it will be the same forever more. That's their three daybreak Monday Tuesday Wednesday sleep can't write off the drop in ratings -- -- at all while it was a weekend last year. It doesn't work. I just. And an even the commissioner said today you know we might have to look at freshening up the home run there and I'll give you one thing you could -- in this is a way out there -- -- drug -- -- up I was in that weird I was in Tokyo with the Red Sox when they played the Oakland days there number of years ago. And they played a couple of exhibition games before they played DA's won was against the Yomiuri Giants and I forget the other games again. And I remember the thing that had everybody -- I'll actually post a picture on on Twitter. The Japanese teams do batting practice with two cages two pitchers two cages going at the exact same time. Terry Francona laughed about it he said we would get somebody killed if we tried to do and I'll I'll actually tweet out a picture of it because if you don't see it you don't believe it. That's what you can do for the home run here. Two pitchers two cages they're hitting simultaneously. Who gets the most home runs yet occurred this out and got 62 home run hitting a race. It's two weeks at least two great power hitters and not only -- sixty seconds but they're going against each other had yet. Now that would be out there. -- That's not a box outside the box like yeah. And I got out of the way it is now -- to the downside to it. I watched that I would know I was watching I can't -- and now I like watching NASCAR so what -- you see somebody get hurt. We'll let take quick break we're going to be all over the place today we got a lot of stop -- try to cover here will talk about that -- we talked about the home run derby all star -- -- talk about Jon Lester. Out piece by Steve Buckley in The Herald Dan Shaughnessy in the globe today all about Lester it's meeting with the press yesterday as part of the all star game. Well talked about Derek Jeter there will be eight. A bit of an in game type of ceremony John -- be at the Helm of this. Honored Derek Jeter how he pulled him out of the game how the two teams respond. -- final all star game I was listening to DNC and Kirk this morning as I do every morning Kirk was saying that Derek Jeter is the best player of his generation trees. We'll talk about that is well got a whole bunch stuff will get to would you guys Greg Dickerson is in the house. When dale and -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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