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Nomar Garciaparra talks about Derek Jeter's last ASG, 7-15-14

Jul 15, 2014|

Former Red Sox shortstop, and current ESPN analyst, Nomar Garciaparra, calls MFB to talk about Derek Jeter's final All-Star game and the reception he's likely to receive. Tim and Lou also ask about the notion that participating in a HR Derby can negatively affect a hitter's swing. Nomar also thinks that, someday, David Ortiz will have a farewell tour similar to Jeter's.

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Embeds liberal -- Christian is outs today he'll be back with us tomorrow please to rejoin right now only be upset. Knowing that Nomar Garciaparra was all of this right now mostly it was gone but Nomar joins us right now because this is a little bit late notice for folks hopefully were able to get the tweet that I put out their -- in -- Debbie that Nomar -- gonna join us. To talk to us in large part about. The all star game taking place tonight which she could hear here on WEI and the fact that it is the last. Game four Derek Jeter in the all star event. Nomar fewer in the dugout as an American League all star John -- Indians and hey what do you think we should do for him what would you say what would be an appropriate way for him to be honored. -- especially. On the heels of the way things went for Mariano Rivera now is looked upon with such high regard last year. Well I think. It it's one you know when he says about there he'll be out there he'll start you start at it and get innovation. I think at some point to like. They're similar to let Joseph Torre -- way to win the world that also held out there in 1999. LE wanted. -- I think for Jeter when he came into my place their shortstop. Well it. You know go out there are you weren't you there. Ovation and I also appears like Eliot -- and that beat boutter. They include car. But I they you know that could be a moment as low especially you do it and as a pitcher I'm sure it'll be a long moment to keep it -- that they can come. Aren't people -- -- time and the pitcher has kind that kinda. Stop -- and they give you going again so I think that would be you know pretty cool that. Well yeah I'm now -- -- I'm guessing he's also gives the that David -- treatment for cal Ripken of the final game camp that we just. Throw nothing but fastballs and fortunate counted realize those happened the most third -- that bad but now Wainwright whoever else comes in faces and it's the -- curve ball away Adam you know just -- this Sosa meters. I have I have looked elemental you know why you would hope that would happen you -- you know he's picked -- it I don't. Early games he's a little bit or what I don't think quite that way anymore. Some of the -- younger guy that I I yeah I think guys like right. Eat it it sure. He's been around a long time I could see that happening as -- and understandably so. How do you feel about the other the Jeter I mean that the toy that went on the respected this guy has in the game there's like Mariano Rivera -- I don't know the next guy is they announced her retirement that would get this country -- -- Your thoughts on Jeter army guys came up it was you know you Derek A-Rod to how to kind of jumped in there as well just that you guys had that lets look clicked their shortstop. Yeah I -- and I think -- Pete. Brought some recognition is to that position in the grander scale obviously. You know he had cal Ripken obviously being there more than eight. Really brought -- tension there and Uga and what you did with the club but facing. The fact that there are so many of them at one time don't know that there and make an impact. Both offensively and defensive. Lee epic was -- really. Well it was really people were just focus. So much and also all the art and great art and brought -- into the game that you. You know he's done it for a long time and with such storied franchise and you still love respect. As well want to -- felt almost a little shocked -- that he's now expected also understand. And well because I figured that he would know and you know they know what his personality elect -- you wouldn't want kind of this war this year -- -- in the Mariano. But I'm sure you'd also thing I want to be answering this question all yearlong -- -- showed that -- be counted about it. Nearly three. It really technical. Take a wait content in town from that side and just listen I just want it to the final year of it for sure that he did you do there. Now Margaret Nomar Garciaparra is with us here MW EI -- and asked this question -- almost potentially make it sound -- -- -- humanly possible just to get the point across but. What is Derek Jeter really like that what you like is a guy give us something that we don't know about him just following him from -- in the media or stance. How can actually. I think it's I don't think it's really aside I think that's what's on -- -- people. You know often. Think a lot of us may actually have and I get the same thing at times where it slate all of that you've got to be different than what we see -- like well. I don't know what you're trying to the other. I I can't act and Jeter I don't think -- acting by any means -- you know he's youth baseball player is an athlete not an actor I think when you. And the way you present yourself that's what you get. A mile my times personally oxide and everything so it's just such. That being great he's such a good person respectful person to respect the game respects competition. And I think he's he's Pakistan. And that's what this game's about in this game you know you hear a lot of great players are Victor Martinez on or on working you know -- we always talked about respect. That's that you try to earn deeply that he try to earn the respect from your peers and everybody around you. And on and then you respect the game at the same time and that's with their. And obviously with. Delete people you know -- -- about them what they're a species -- Final warm toward he's getting it's because it's because of that respect people are -- him back what you. -- -- twenty years in army play at a high -- looks like Mario the year before but it's just. It's just mind boggling you know in these big bodies up playing a -- four years ago and actually look up in the skies still play -- got the kind of came in with. Yeah for sure I mean there's guys that are hurt or killed in a utility -- grateful for the it's it's the -- -- and that that position. Sure you respect what he's done that position for so long with that franchise so. Settling long -- know how this this game action on the body and he was. He was able to -- that sure he had a an unbelievable all tanker. Let me ask you watch him home run derby last night I don't know if you just got -- can and WP you're a couple of them you know a couple -- you also and -- -- that when it -- -- -- economic times he said a lot of the home run. While the bomb there -- it. I shoot we're not going to actually make -- a Bennett the last three years four years so I've I've done it their all and served in this -- Yeah I know you probably -- they love that was long you know it's it's set a laundromat the Turkish or you don't know what's up now as compared. But it's just on the back I'll say that right now it is on the cover. -- the part of it. It's it's not easy so taxing on the body I help you hope I did oh when did not sit in in in the hot seat once -- As we're trained in our training -- and that they did this one. I would adequately and I had a players' union the association over -- bunker. I remember finishing one in every single muscle by the train hard and going at it but every single lost my body was sore from my oh my head. It was immediate you get real like it took all that other -- To try to hit home -- and I know these guys are real. How much you think that affects guys Leo is it that talk right after -- there Alec yeah China's island -- I tell people this was that if you know -- much -- that this meeting is its. A lot of that mental -- -- -- -- the American game hitting is not confident about how you feel what it's meant to feel good about it on there and executing. If you if you think that it can -- swing and it it. You don't think it's gonna let the pursuing that it's not it's really how you actually approach it. And I that you wanted to you know within two and you know and I never felt like after a policy is all that -- -- -- all this got. I didn't feel that way and there the year fell -- you only did it but felt it would it would and I would. But I never felt that -- -- -- can never use that and the reason why. And so I don't think it it bothers people. -- used the word respect before -- talk about Jeter had you seen the respect Nike commercial. Yet with them. You know I try to think in the there's been some the other commercial dog remember right now. It's it's a brand new it's just coming out now for the all the other -- you'll -- it's and but it's great and there's a scene in there or this couple Red Sox fans kind of -- grudgingly giving a tip of the cap to Derek Jeter's everybody else is doing the same thing we've got to post or web page right now people wanna see it -- I'm asking you that because I'm wondering when do you think that turned to the point that Red Sox fans could look at -- the kind of guy who deserved -- that response. Beyond just all he's the shortstop is taking headlines away from Nomar or the rivalry aspect if you will. Well listen I got -- -- I think good. Reflection and respect became. You know for most parents I think they're so they respect players that play it right and for that matter I don't think it matters really when it's also. With that uniform I think you know when -- at them when they're out there. All partner at and an epic game and you know because they can't stand in on that being out there and that pinstripes. For sure what the individual. It's a whole lot different. I think at this moment about children and individuals are celebrating their uniform is what and -- bat the bat human that commercial amplified because -- now. I know now when I go to New York -- -- now and she didn't like I'm actually not that stature as the -- yeah though. Like he'll pavilion all bidding up there I'm sorry that you also here's an exit I apologize and Omar what is going on and you know I feel like -- -- right lead of the game right respect that we know. It you've beaten -- and I'll and I think ought to add to employ their respect and that they -- game. -- in the right way so that you know it and certainly they still can't and the Yankees I'm also about the person so. I know it's. You know I would still people who go to that group become Red Sox seem like gain respect hard down the first baseline every time out. That's one of the finger at -- stand in my mind that the grumble it's the first baseman. And almost beat it out of the inning on I -- out you know but I just rampart. I mean the audit that they respected that so I think that the that are true it is about that. Axiomatic win the World Series can -- you know he could actually recognized somebody but I do think struggled over there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You mean it's I mean everybody that -- to get tickets or the individual -- now people feel about individual connected people use it and -- repair. You know they respect him hope and and they showed that I think that you wanted in -- Bill -- real quick by the Red Sox right now with one -- -- -- the question about the Steen Nik is John -- jobs is a big debate. We in the Boston Red Sox I got a product -- that threats such never rebuilt I think that they should just win every year the capable of that. Lester wants to stay here how do you see this whole thing unfolding bully -- will you be covering him next year over there in the Dodgers. I don't know it mean I've been so wrapped up over here at the Dodgers every single day so that's about it on. You know I don't know in the old so who knows that night in -- I don't know what's going on over there -- -- where you know alert Monday it did want it bad. You know and it can -- out -- that you get in for a long time so. It make it on talk about the guys who thought the don't you know anything can happen and it is an act. And it's it's it's a lot that right now -- idea -- -- for an -- in auto week exchange. Well politically in season negotiations will will it change that much during the season Nomar. Yeah I don't know like that that -- -- they you know what's going on what's going on behind closed doors -- -- Now he's not and that sometime I know some time that president. I can to paper said -- at this table with the you know without editor with deep that it put behind closed door tutors so. So that stuff that the kind of calculated to ease it some and only about who's the next guy's gonna get this country in what about poppy. Yeah I mean yeah I think -- I think David yeah I think David -- or when he's ready you know hang -- -- you know he hit the same -- respect currently an -- little respect who is. Annulment -- -- -- -- -- due respect I think Lou. He almost as good as or soccer -- that we had on I don't know all them. Mean and -- pretty good ground. And I'm not -- in this but you know there's there's that I didn't I get to keep fighting -- -- much Greek culture she did a lot or -- She's ill she was rip and she's a net Suarez guy like right before you actually hit the other two -- like I'm. That it -- Hewitt foreshadowing you look exactly what you're seeking -- You thought -- that you are hungry later the ethics -- good analyst tells you what's coming before it actually happens right you. We actually -- Google. Thanks a lot and Omar no I guys Arctic air. That is Nomar Garciaparra here on 937 WEE. It's not.

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