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Three For All: Self-Serve Beer Succes! 7-15-14

Jul 15, 2014|

Rory McIlroy upgrades his girlfriend. Target Field introduced the Self-Serve beer machine, charging 40 cents per ounce. Rob Bradford interviews January Jones of "Mad Men."

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man meets east three or wrong. Three. 33 people wrong -- It's 34 wrong these days with MF beat. We're gonna get back to -- does not -- Kerry -- it's -- parade which seems to have brought out a lot more split reactions. -- and I -- -- -- Would get to that momentarily but -- identity. For -- today right now because first and foremost I've got to give. -- you will bill Brooks -- closed the deal with any bill weld done you close that deal while. -- What dealer talking about David wait a marriage I don't know it's your judgment yes so congratulations to them and along the same lines. Rory McIlroy. This Auburn that referral table today and Julie you better have something ready as well since you gotta fill in for Christian is you you're the third now you're the third part of the trip has yet. I -- something ready but. Rory McIlroy I didn't realize what he had graduated cue from Caroline Wozniacki the tennis player yes you're familiar with -- right yes smoke and congratulations Rory Agassi did upgrade after all I'd give you Nadia Ford. Who is an Irish model slash actress slash singer like Michigan has some sort car crash the -- to receive the British opens that's that. I've found the big lead it photo blog of her we posted. The amid days of them at -- page yourself a favor even if -- not a golf fan. -- and it is -- -- -- page and click on the Rory McIlroy story just go -- likely likely to the Nadia for page Irish but none of it's not like -- You would look there's Irish girl she looks a lot more exotic. Yes -- what. -- skin -- ginger. Predicting -- -- -- -- -- Auburn hair big fan so if you haven't seen Nadia or yet make street check it -- blind date them. But the draft -- So that crowd surged on the news or get out down in Minnesota right that broke this thing up drafts are we get to -- pre loaded. Cartridge he -- your own fear. But it did that so it actually feel fortunate but apparently last night people love and it's so it fairly they have it's like champion urban up pale ale now. They salvaged by the out. I didn't realize they did it go -- mean either so it's forty cents an ounce. That it bud and Bud Light is 38 cents an ounce -- you get a ten dollar card prepaid or what else prepaid cards. Actually -- roll up there you put in I guess somebody else you want me just put that thing underneath that. Later on maybe maybe like two dollars and forty cents. They just say Ireland go all out and get six whatever ounces of flood lights just to run next card out but apparently people love it -- not -- -- -- but. Outstanding and we brought this up before you left. We still here we figured out it was -- by the Jacobs -- yes the memories or is it. Has stick for Bruins and greatest negative -- I think probably the garden as well yes -- don't prepaid card. They probably make a direct don't you political with -- four -- on the card to know we always get one more today. Last call you look at your card -- -- -- -- on their he had much -- -- this off right now Avery back next time your notes due to bring back guest is that they. I don't think it is an expiration did question is if we have like fifty cents on that thing going YouTube accounts. Announces record quarterly -- to stand in line for just announced today not a crime machine -- Larry you know to beat the assailant rounds before. Joey what you have to look at -- but I thought it would never -- -- -- as it did when -- rescue in the interns -- -- that you're referring. Sunscreen under threat until I listened to you rob Bradford podcast. With January's just ask you about this like literally five seconds ago right before we came back on the air five seconds before we did is as creepy as you think -- -- editing here's some audio. -- we have audio already this generous job right you Jane Mary Jones first of all this how was it every I know you come from an athletic background powerlessness. Much. I got to -- -- -- out of my grandfather and every. -- -- -- An -- you make. We're catching the abducted -- quite good talking about the extra. Ralitsa. The it was time. You don't you're dead at the gym teachers error. Agencies teacher and exercise just very athletic family. Sony pointers government here or did did you did you play -- enough that you played softball actually did the -- I think the last time I played maybe -- -- grades are not on time. -- think she does over the Easter break. You know I mean I think it embarrass the family -- But there was there -- thing about playing out here that is what do snap right back for you or. No I did not -- and getting all I have been snapped stay back but -- About who's being part of a team that's really funny get you know I'm just -- full of energy was great. Well Joseph I think -- being a little too hard on rob Percival any double entendre that was in there was her fault. She actually did an -- fault for interpreting that would have put him asking why here's catcher. Boy asked why she was catching now what she was squatting and if so why you squatting in a way it turned into some clarity was robbed. I don't put in your. Yeah exactly would have been my thought as well but to me Joseph -- walked away from that I'll -- -- myself. Creepy. I think very nervous did you get the sense is very nervous maybe out of his element. We -- of course the -- church Saltalamacchia -- front runner. Up. That is they're asking how he looks they put me in a position to succeed if you don't believe me listen to a familiar voice from reds. -- past as -- Saltalamacchia. I just wanna say I don't know how marvelous or did it rubs the best dressed person out here -- looks great good jobs. Russian got up to January Jones night and the guy from the -- commercially you know that right. Free definite people wanna listen to that podcast you get a W yeah -- dot com and robs -- January Jones. Thought there that's out there Ryan Amber's bladder and that it -- seven WEEI. -- targets go to. Hurt though -- the -- it was Terry and I think you know light light -- at least early -- -- So you know you're under the even at that -- topic essentially people. You do the -- -- -- start point where you're -- but but the thing with certain is that. Yeah I mean I think if there's a partial credit given out if you look at it on that -- test all. Staying you know the final at their side -- Well you know he did that being is that you know might have been needed to get to the right answer. You can't you can't -- your intent. For -- out all the guys are playing on the steel so. Are you an example saying great cars or nearly beat tiger inside at war and he's that he -- -- -- great per game and -- -- Allow it -- you come back. Harrington -- the great move you know that that he turned out to become a bout -- gone and then they're great at -- an amazing Harry everything you're saying. You know -- in -- -- move that was -- fine he made he made the decision to brilliant if you don't well Brian and time that Grady Sizemore performing on the field let me ask you ran in -- and saw what you -- -- -- -- -- -- Bring instill some voids in did that in on -- that's got so projection thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What grades you give -- to last year. -- relaxing and in a regular I would say turn and last year. You know I probably given them the DP clutch AB I think he did to get things. It and it worked out for him. But I'm not I wouldn't sit here and say you know eighty plus sharing and because at the inside looking out there -- yield you know plan again. Well and his closest thing is -- cluster manager by your analysis that anomaly she's consistent because I was hoping give manei. You know based on the way guys like it's not just deal with him yeah I think some of you guys played according him scientist. You gotta make decisions I mean it's it is results drip in me and if you if you make a move. But right now everyone's praising Dan Duquette. For signing Nelson Cruz. Based on that analysis you can give many credit he should give all the credit Nelson Cruz -- -- -- so we're not gonna give it and I've got to judge GM's then is that what with that right that's in essence what he deserved it no general manager to do better than a B than we should bother talked about a general manager does the guy went from. An absolute train wreck of of an organization for a year and a half. Went out. And that is beliefs you know it and you gotta give a ton of credit for last year because nobody -- excited given how the end of 20111. A 2012 point. He signed a bunch of guys that make any succeed. In signing anybody sexy names past that a bunch of those guys running guys he believed that a -- -- help him win. I give a ton of credit for that. Precinct this well enough to bring it down memento rivers that mill road guys and it worked out they went from last place to winning a World Series. Any gonna give -- But they don't based on performance of players then maybe these at least he's consistent argument that. Yeah I think some people or defending -- -- and who are -- looking at this from the standpoint of you can't blame the players more less than your blaming -- I don't think we're doing that. I don't think we're doing that I think what we're doing is for saying that venture and deserves blame. And with the players deserve blame about China's of the players deserve no blame -- -- -- -- the year. I'm not trying to alleviate the players at all. Are we come back and I 37. We do Nomar Garciaparra is gonna -- -- have been working on this all morning Nomar Garciaparra is gonna join us to talk about Derek Jeter's last all star game. When you talk about Derrick here in the 1 o'clock hour we will do so with Nomar the next. There -- 90% of area. -- you over Sunday dinner guests. Not since then bill but so there's not a lot of interest in the war on his wondered how did you come to sin. Did you have a name I don't know anyone name that sounds. It was just weird coincidence.

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