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MFB grade the Red Sox first half, 7-15-14

Jul 15, 2014|

An abysmal first half yields abysmal grades. Specifically, Ben Cherington looks really bad after a slew of swings-and-misses. The callers came to his defense.

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There are -- days with -- MSP -- Maloney and to advance Christian Fauria is off you'll be back with us tomorrow -- been off for a couple days but. Back here in the middle of the Ulster regular thought that you would have playing your weekend specifically just before the all star week to get lost in watch every minute of it. No -- completely zone around it no attention anything because. Nearly all star game it used to be a much bigger deal right I mean it used to be what happens in the it's it's weird the more they tried to make it matter. The -- it matters I noticed that. I contribute more. Honestly I just. The more they've done some things to it's less enjoyable. You know I wanna see guys out there just haven't fallen in shorts and spill poses certain matchups whatever -- -- -- certain pitchers go out there. She everybody place EO Alan. And now it's a different feel that just doesn't have the same VO for me. Went -- educating and all the way up until college all star game really meant something. And and meeting mid ninety's late ninety's -- -- start to fall flat you know why I miss him as the home run derby Monday. Mr. excitement you know of the exciting -- -- the wedding down at Chatham at a wedding and silence those that Chatham bars and for -- tonight. Elect at the end of last week and just try to enjoy four nights there which -- Beautiful places amazing -- my voice to the bartenders. Over victim are simple weakened but yeah especially the reception they had this. -- US open bars -- wedding was actually amazing that they had a little stash a little private stash. Of crown Mexico. Comic and it's your -- that was like when I when -- guy's guy's got game and -- -- -- Reached underneath real low and just a little bit on the rocks that was a nice touch those guys to care did he know that from the show and advance or did you -- this with him -- And -- them are strictly day perjury here we -- some special plea later on while I would do this now that's the celebrity treatment aren't there the crown to crown was -- -- -- jet that Esquire there like the night before. Now so we're sit down economic it was a little shock last crown rocks as well -- -- the -- going -- -- a commercial with tip of the cap Pretoria a borrow -- with you know. A flask -- have a flask that's restricted and have a problem now known known. But it was nice touch the real ones you'd toxic now I am the toxic to you what that article that I never -- you leave the studios don't bet the I don't know what it is just. The littlest all of it died this week -- what's -- winning studio it was Susan -- weakened to a typical day for me. You know typical -- -- Tuesday or thirty bartenders are definitely in seventeen years and you try to do and -- you know post them you know. -- -- You know it it was a reminder to you just can't do -- six Saturday full thirty wedding down the beach and and it was like late twenties on the wedding in and immediately points than most -- -- Jose -- and it was like about 1520 people beach just destruction Beers a clock waiting for third while they -- there -- my favorite is just look at Adam and and just like. Classy guys I mean really so much in front here right now what if all thirty it's like my nap time I -- that I -- at 3330 nap right. Can't do -- there's not back pew falling asleep snoring during it passes I don't know the actual late. Perception art. You know it just show up like six. My involvement here really that crucial you know. But it was a beautiful Albany bartenders are listening Joseph label would you like them to set aside for up. That any Johnny walker blue that they wanna put underneath more particularly at all. Again so much in front end days of our youth and now. 677797937. For your drunken stupor yeah he's put together some Red Sox grades for us that's the one thing we wanted from you coming back unable to do. I did I did go through the weekend and just sit there -- think. So reaction is all over me because it too late the wedding yet because this -- your ten crowns in what -- -- here Windsor majestically the team done. This it all down they've won 4 out of 5 o'clock to reverse jinx looking ago. But the reality is that still a thirteen game stretch for the what what five and eight before the break and the not to play the Astros on and -- -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a great sequel it needs -- rates once -- degrade overall for the team ask. -- go -- or would you go deep minus like a 61. Job do you not go -- clearly they are the only -- as it is an opposite team -- ago DE. You know I don't know he's seen some young players maybe the reason I CD's because there are worst teams out there but. Doesn't feel like -- it doesn't watching this team every day it's an app for the team. Like it seats some of the great -- Courtney put up your -- we're not fellow player by apple harrowing on on on the applicants start the general manager share. Article after bench Eric. You know last year -- everything today everything worked out and it was great last offseason was perfect. Has anything worked out for venture that this year one move you tell me AJ Pierzynski. So much. We're where we're at where else that would illegally bringing up Holtz. -- well okay -- that might make it not in half that brought up hope because well -- Brooks of the handed job to got hurt and really didn't perform a mean it was a tough first -- even though Jack is the good the last point games in the reins over to Jackie Bradley. You know -- with the deceased and he moves in -- to bring in Stephen Drew and obviously that has worked out as much as I like that move has worked out. -- he got me telling. -- -- -- -- -- It worked the order reaction up I would say give him a reagents -- That might have softened the global with the rate and credit for not even taken a swing at the plate. To stand up there into a leader way yes this does not spending it is proof do you think that there were some guys you looked at this offseason instead added wanted to spend frivolously some -- from morning. Nelson Cruz comes to mind but. That seemed to be. Where -- improvements were in the off season ranked the changes of this team. Center field catcher shortstop and third those were all blown that's would get some doubts that those four different faces you star misty. I don't know where else you can go with that you know. Notebooks they brought Ryan Roberts but it worked out so well -- your greater we just heard about how you handle your baseball camps obviously your partner at a sirloin are and help move us Rocco -- -- it's about doing 61. That was and it that was done last year and a -- That acquisition yes falls under last year's acquisitions. Right to keep -- last year within Marco for him jewel and -- Indian or pilgrim. Andrew Bailey didn't work out for him but in entering -- he got brought cult. It was a feature all favor right right probably what about title I think sell so very little doubt but everything else. I ask where we don't mean or Ares I its rate for him at Franklin morality in Tripoli. Nothing's worked out it's like -- a yes. And for not overspending and not overspending a dump players never particularly at bat and just standing near this bad in the field will not losing any draft picks for like Carlos Beltran or Nelson Cruz something like that yeah man team not staff. Half last year -- Everything work this year half I don't know world's. Now honestly it's like. That is -- there be pissed we disagree you might agree half of network. What about John -- we gonna agree on this or not -- -- bill. Game. -- -- 77 that CC plus UMC plus again we're going to be splitting the difference -- OC I'm gonna go. OC. OC should be minus one because I have no idea what he has to work with because of what we just establish had been sharing it. -- the only reason I'm giving him a little bit of a -- we talked about this what you're -- when it comes to bear arms when I look at the manager and a look at. All coaches across sports I look at the managers having usually the least amount of influence. On. The outcomes of games because -- it's an individual sport so I'm looking at what's out -- have I thought to myself. Five or six days out of 70 my god what's he doing with the lineup or about thought to myself five or six days -- a seven why make that pitching change here there. Five or six days at a seven Whitey -- haven't intentional walk in this situation -- I just look at the players that he's worked with. And seen some days we're not not is batting fifth. And I think how -- supports the way and. So I give him a B minus. Yes Jack OCC plus in the -- struggles on the NC apparently so the way I look at it with him. Right now when you got them at the junior -- modest offense is just it's a mess right now I think it April. -- -- he over managed to try to do a little bit too much stuff I thought there were some inconsistencies. With his small ball technique. You know and I and I felt like be consistent with it either bunt or don't NFL accused always chasing chasing a tail there for awhile. You know -- you know what you wanna do. A 11 on a Friday night he would but Jackie Bradley didn't work out that on Sunday it was glaring that it was a bunt situation he ran away from it. And Jackie was strike up next I just remember that because it was one scenario one weakened. And that's to single out Jackie but it's across the board. And I just felt like there was some inconsistencies. In -- way he went about it again it's on the players. -- maybe seized two large but it's on the players right and those guys didn't perform but it just I just felt like. I think he's got control law from a think he's a leader and I think that's why won't be elected Bobby Valentine kind of just circus tent. But I do think early on that there was. Member widgets that Russia got a running game is we just you know we can't steal bases and innocent as a a crap -- it runs try to create things. And ending June I get it written an April may I felt like it was. More great panicked then offensively. -- what is your stereo is another reason why you can be a B minus because you're here now how much of a negative effect each acres in ski ones. A guy that was brought here by cheering and not buy him a guy who clearly. Ferrell didn't think was doing a good job behind the plate yet that was kept quiet and didn't become that big of deal. In part because of who then supermarkets -- -- the lack of drama I think he is and we talked about this what you were gone Christian I brought up. How. Him being dull really kind of helps this situation it's going to prevent another fried chicken and beer fiasco. And I think you hear more about how managers do a good job emotionally when it's a good team got a bunch egos -- are going right he keeps everybody level headed. Well when things are going bad -- could get worse based on how. Attitudes are in the locker room and he seems to have a handle -- And we haven't heard what you would expect to be the normal about us nineteen. The normal amount of vitriol coming out of out locker room for a team that won the World Series last year was on his back in the last place. This year so I do give him a little bit of credit for that. If that's part of manager's job -- he's a leader and it Bobby V was so. You know get there. Complete Garnett it was so ludicrous speed again because you know look pretty good job. About whether or not a lot of. It was a mistake public this rotation. Of -- And kind of literal because as good as last year's -- and a -- struggled recently those two guys but the but the bottom through buckled into brought just. I know what's been better lately but it Lewis is it too late. You know I put a lot of stock in the first too much to the season's first three months of the season when disease that was seemingly lost we'll see what happens -- second half. But you brought buckle nowhere to be found when they needed in the most two guys the top -- and Bibi I don't look at the record okay. It always battle must restarts and very good yet so I give him a -- because of what he's seen a Workman -- Rosa. That sort of thing but I like -- because top heavy. I think run like a three or four point curve here is I went B plus eight plus -- three or four. Points easier than you in just about every -- category fields like spurs big sexy clothes I thought I would sixty rotations pitch and Jake Jake Miller wrote BB BB a lot better than his than his numbers up -- -- realize that nineteen starts of the -- quality. Forgot -- -- won one game will be almost like opera production for America but some extra note that beat -- Hasn't been a problem what about the bullpen opens been very good. Aka B plus. This -- little bit under -- via a going to be one. I -- -- more what happened with -- a couple of these games and ecology and -- backed into a couple of wins couple of couple times human league go in Indiana and wins form it kind of opens a very good probably should be taken in my area it I just. All the guys in apple Ottawa's outstanding beginning medium ever break up couldn't get anybody out that most of sort of -- up cap one on -- not good. And any sort of struggled recently Miller's been outstanding coach he's been great Regis look at the first half the same with his outlook. Aside. -- -- Week has been awful. It all means just hasn't as a league and what they expected that back up closer. So that that that's that's the one guy Bristol hasn't been that good repeat plus look to -- but I still think back in the gun control offense -- agreement total all right. God -- half can it be an F minus. Mean if they would just middle of the pack Q what eight games of wildcard. That was in nine right now maybe or ten games the last moment in the American League east. Just give you like seventh eighth in the office where this team be with a game two outs of this division yes yes stood in the game to out of the wild card -- be in the same spot. Just average offensive production just anything average not the worst. Just average. I -- That that is still but the one thing. And I think if you would asked the front office their biggest surprise obviously is going to be the office and added that given a score 850 runs or whatever was. But still the -- last to beat -- state team with one worst offenses in the American League and really baseball bottom 56 whatever it is. That that what is the could figure that Red Sox -- basic good. Won't give you the -- numbers here at 6177797937. We wants you to give us your grades act mid season at the all star break for the Red Sox in any of those categories where do you agree where do you disagree. -- generally speaking has been -- a little bit harder than I have but work in the same vicinity and just about we have we don't strongly disagree on anybody. Guys is often cheap plus. G plus maybe maybe OG I don't know. No no we don't we don't throw -- -- -- -- him a disappointment as the guys disappointed how audience first Pedroia. Or would you say age anymore he's gone right next gone but he could -- one are are -- while would have said AJ but. Now he's gone I'll say Pedroia because you're giving him that much money. To produce offensively as well as defensively he's been fine defense -- a great difference but. He's just become a punch and Judy. You paid him as much as you paid him for being a major offensive wars at the second base position because he was unique in that regard. When he came to driving the ball to one producing hits homers doubles and he's just -- is gonna have and home runs tops. By the end of the year at this at this rate cracked. -- he would not last year at least one Ortiz has started to. I think pick up the pace when it comes to hitting with runners in scoring position and he's got after that ten game losing streak. He started hits in key on runs get some big hits start to produce winning. Was on the line runners on base I still -- a tough time with the shift no doubt but. What Pedroia is -- that you is just not impact apple in my opinion. Yeah and maybe if you Google Pedroia. Means don't fire obviously recently which you -- like -- -- a lot of stock in the first couple months. You know what guys we're answering about well that's needed PD just actually -- -- here carry a little bit that's -- Ortiz category Cary carry little bit and didn't. It just didn't happen and and sticking with that theme of like early on this team needed him most. -- obviously Daniel Nava. You know and and it's and it's not fair I don't know but I just had it that guy last year. It real 3385. On base 831 slugging. And open yes rather end. Until June. When he -- of April and may. For the first two months and his team was scuffling you won thirty found himself down at the -- -- a couple different times. And in. The -- missing the most. Right on that team almost first month and -- -- field was brutal price Victorino was on up and off the DL mean Jackie was an out. It Grady Sizemore was -- work and Jonny Gomes is stationed right BC never should be faced varieties but to put him in it because they don't have a left handed bat then. And when it tugboat misses in the offseason we missed the most obviously Ellsbury is going to missed him a ton. But Daniel -- to me the second guy that you missed the most earlier this season -- first two months at a -- thirty. This is a got to share in its second free of their time maybe even leading off. You have a left handed bat at all for what three fifths of the games when you went out there now he's been hit three. Thirty since June which is he so he's back but again the first two months. Of the season which -- lost -- you needed that -- huge you'd never replace them. -- to biggest surprise biggest disappointment were -- too harsh were regretting too soft 61777979837. Text just 37. Night 37 on your question -- it's brought cold as the biggest positive surprise to me now you know. It's going to be getting there is no other solar is there another option I would say this for as much as I heard about Jackie Bradley's defense it's even better than I expect I'll agree with that. OK so I was surprised at how he lived up to the offensive level of expectation and surpassed a particularly with his arm. On when you have your height your your hopes that high and something guys surpasses it I think that's worth. Pointing at him and before the year is out just defense you know you might get on that list and who knows right because. Was last twenty games and he's had over 300 -- -- Sudanese aria is at the 227 I mean -- see where this average -- to -- Continued climbing go crazy the last couple months in a -- sixty simply gold glove defense what you should win. You know been a surprise you on Bogart's out there for disappointment. Yes company with the expectations. Probably unfair. Maybe you know that I put on over Israel's put on him but god is no doubt the drop these go through right now that's one of the biggest things that history not the rest of the year mile under 16100. Yes because -- Stephen Drew -- allow that. On the Dodgers haven't WEEI. -- -- dig down or it. So Taylor out called the night I think you guys being too hard on Jerry. Soviet bloc are inside I mean you look at what C what it be done what he thought he'd be incurred. You know it really you'd say that you would expect to bolster a little it was a ball. I mean no one had a great year last year at -- very. I could maybe they're being run or something yes you -- second. In starters certainly look at it so. This is what we may just simple. -- brought him into eight -- he doubting that I the other guy had this to the country now. You just mentioned and they slip up on news and breaking -- -- do better this week it was predictably that I don't know about that. He brought it -- a -- Lotto and Dana. Apple -- in -- The good news of the Disney -- one for assignment is conveniently out well I know there again. That it won't turn out that way but that's sort of what we got here that's that. Why you're what you're saying is hindsight Lou and -- saying our results in -- asking -- because -- -- -- Offensively for new positions. Pitcher short center in third of those were. Well notably worked out but I mean yeah it. I -- this is great -- got a great results that are. But little -- gone well I immigrating here now on how he performed what it -- she made last winter. Yeah -- just like last year and the year we gave them an -- did anybody give them an AM April 2013. Going into the year. They looked at the guys they acquired Easton that's the other thing works out. With that you agree to yield rates almost a fully take it. Okay why did you do want a great unjust result only then yeah that's that's unique secret and I think widget. Which is urging them on that decision he made last winter and I think basically ET addressed the team you'd have a -- lineup looked fine. You don't know that in car not -- startup terrible carpet injured so they're going to look at the. You released -- lineup looked fine coming into this year where you worried for the nine guys were new. Positions who who -- outstanding. Lights out career year last year Daniel now coach who are. No well but that's OK I agree with him but how how do you rate a great second second in the league in -- scored. It's okay it's our opinion out of it take our opinion out of a what's your grade prevention Arrington is here I know I didn't see what. Steve plus it and as Anderson just to. How do you -- gonna feel great results were or you when I was an algebra C plus but it comparing last year's team agreement a 2013. Because it was a boat that yes general manager at a fan of people watching this game this is Baxter -- that signal let's see how this works out. -- you Shane Victorino Ryan -- of Stephen Drew -- Jonny Gomes Mike Napoli it's you know all these guys worked out you know we are. -- -- -- And it went at season's over the -- -- -- -- Ousted. Amateurs and integrate that is walking a ticket -- -- look and say you know today I'm gonna wait to see it tested a great. Maybe are being too hard on him Lou that's the opinion out there let us know 61777979837. For being too hard have been sharing and let us know but. I think he deserves you said enough. Talk about that next this is not a 37 W yes. You can read the text. -- A little bit yeah there's a win more support from venture into and I thought. Process. We asked the question. The top of the hour we want people to give some response to the all star break graves that we gave the Boston Red Sox. Luke gave cherries and after I gave him a. He at least decide to bring up rock walls of for that I gave -- a passing grade that's what got him into passing territory for me. And the first caller out of the chute was really defensive of and sharing to ruin our surprised at that. And I asked for others to give their opinion as to whether or not we're being to our insurance and just checking detects the AT&T -- 137937. -- -- getting quite a few texts. To that question and the answer is yes like for instance this text that we got in the 401 area code. I think you guys are a little heart -- cherry too and yes he should have had a better lineup but. He -- projected average performance from what he had the lineup as assembled has performed below reasonable. Expectations. This one from the 603 what's more important is -- at the end of the season his -- then hopefully could be a base and trade deadline mid season grade. Which is a 80% -- -- I now when I think some what is more on our side but as I was scrolling to the Texan oil -- came in real fast. A lot of people were saying was projections projections projections and they were more or less giving. Sharing to a higher grade based on the fact that he. Made moves that seem to make sense on paper and what he was projecting. Deserve to be getting more credit than what were giving him for you take any stock in -- -- we off base. Well I mean obviously -- project this team be this bad offensively. But he did change. Or 119 guys Carolina. And these issues that each and every one. Offensively. We barely even talked about Stephen Drew decision old actor and don't -- is that the infielders then masks. From day one. If forced them legal and image decision -- Stephen Drew which are supported. Then. It's still a mess elevator left side of the mess. You sign a catcher designated him for assignment. And he got a center fielder who were talking about it -- thankfully last point games in 300 but he still in two point seven and we -- local defense. But now and he put him in there party offense right so. I've no idea. What you can't be hard on them woes tuition of given emanating Lester we can accommodate last year based on results. How she's supposed to great somebody's -- based on results. We got a couple of those text on our sides wish I had that callers my teacher any category what I did for resort ocean I have -- I give likely -- today minus. That -- -- -- really good this year -- not look at his results. There were more on the same page here what you just brought up Stephen Drew I didn't factor that into the equation at all -- -- that you're giving an NF. And you're one of the few that supported the -- your side. And now. Absolutely. And I don't listen it's just nothing nothing has worked out idea what is so wrong with saying nothing has worked out oh my god look around. Tell me one thing brought Cole was in as an organization argument that trip a year ago. Sony brought him up out of necessity and a guy took off the player took off again it put. Name me one move this offseason that was made a decision that was made that has worked out. -- -- I think a lot of it is it's easy to say oh my god were disappointed in this team it's hard to say this specific guy let me down because this specific people helped to win a World Series last year from a standpoint of as the vibe that I'm getting out of -- Harrington. Being knowing you know to chip chip -- But this year just isn't working out now and -- -- six was 77797983. Sevenths go to Mike on a car phone Mike here on ninety -- And a VI. I let some guy and a lot of new show. Thank you are so let's let the last April I want a guy -- called up and I was getting fired and I was so mad they let the bargain they -- -- -- the team going to be awful. And everything broke right to the stock last year I would truly wrong and I admitted that was true and brought in an -- actually you know you you'd given cherry -- -- or not I don't know the guy the previous guy how he could. Say anything other than. It's -- that complete failure. Like you said -- the results based that you you -- -- -- together what they do on the field what you do you think about living in fairy tale world here I think apple is -- can you. Fell in love -- -- golden idol locker whatever whatever. Whoever you lose tropical last year whatever deity is to -- Everything broke right in the stock last year it would broker I'm glad you're breaking on this year and again our. Their guys are performing but you'd call you can judge Monday as big Aguilera there with a great lower apps I would give cherry and nobody got very much. Every jot it all thanks Melissa ID I didn't think that. I want to -- get Nelson Cruz that's hindsight decision there. But if that's you wanna rip a charity can rip everybody -- -- on the knickers again because the picker because your word about tomorrow office Terrence -- worried about come off the steroids what he's going to be. Early overdraft -- form a first round pick for that guy. And and looked at it where's -- gonna play forming I guess implode amount left field. You know I just -- I -- always going to be that bad outfielder. And of the when he was the only guy. Nobody give this guy anything. Mean Baltimore sign -- more because they gave a bald -- him and -- an -- Tokyo a second pick but they gave -- one year eight million no I was will only get this guy more than eight million. I'm not I wouldn't have done that either -- can. -- could justify it objectively talked about the other day. Should look at our left -- production last year you know as a team they -- left field it like to ninety drove over a hundred RBIs in the platoon. Two golds in it right left these now but can it readies. So -- Arab promise that projection but I had a problem with 13 of your entire line a -- rookies in two guys are particularly and shown anything it they can be everyday players in the big leagues yet. In -- Brooks and and and Bradley. I mean that was that was set on how many times. At the start of the season before the season started there really critical of the year what these guys well they are the better have some backup behind in the -- some veterans behind him case they fall -- their face. And they. No one's done it AAA rehabbing. You know it and the other guys started catch fire right now but is it too late for this team. -- remain united resentment and. Eight. Calling about this and -- can beat down here. And. I -- wondering are opposed to just assume that every year supposed to be in 95 win year. The standard then you're gonna have a great fickle -- And I know you're trying to defend every will be made the -- -- swung at me scratching my head because he can't prove himself. But not a person in your nation who beat. And it shouldn't have been wary -- agreed to -- that he went through what now. That doesn't reflect I'm -- cherry engine that reflect on their broker actually look like Iraqi. Okay all animal lover did Dan Dan I think you're gonna speaking to the point it does make him before what would you give for great for the team right now. I'd say I'm looking deep plot -- even shape torque. An incomplete but. But I wanted obviously incomplete is -- easily -- by two games a lot but when you say deep plus OK so it's a not September would do that September right at it today. As -- today. Yes well you should yourself I Jackie Bradley in the left when he -- sitting over 300 positive. Maybe bench Harrington was right in and having him fair bit of Bogart's. The jury's out okay but you're not gonna get rid of him because -- -- -- job not just to make the Red Sox ready for 2014. So at best he put together and don't Clusty by your estimate what is York rate of bench Harrington two day. On this right now I integrating our -- Minor. -- what -- -- Saturday that look at that you like. -- and what moves that you make the issue the like. I like I like him promoting Jackie Bradley I like given the chance. -- like that they decided actually recognize our coal in in Panama where they needed debate. On the I -- and Eric. I'm frustrated by eight what they've done to him but I'm not sure that that was changed completely. Terrible and we shopped him over to third base why can't they -- them where are. This is the difference I I think the -- auction compete -- a division every year. I'm calm and everybody feels that that should not be the case. I don't get that line of thinking here in in for the Boston Red Sox with their resources you this team. Can compete and rebuilt at the same time. I mean this is what they did in -- -- what they did before while they want a World Series. And they brought in a rookie pitcher and -- brought in a rookie in Ellsbury and it brought along. They Jon Lester while there winning and it developed the Daniel Bard and Papelbon and buckled while they were awaiting. They should still be able to do that. This and if you guys just everybody just wants it OK you know what whatever a lost season buck 62. Play every single kick as a pay dividends three years down a wrote that -- investor with thick and I can't change that I don't agree with that. The Red Sox can rebuilt and win at the exact same time yes they should try to win 95 games every single. Geared their payrolls 1618190. Eagle where they want. They can spend whatever they want. I edition not be we give up but he here this should not be a Houston -- the should not be a Miami Marlins. That season we -- a World Series cash and all you chips in rebuild we'll see in five years. No not here. Lot people find that I'm not. We're monitoring Jonny Gomes which we expect churn to get back for him no animosity. Not outscored and as is being suggested now god no she uses. The idea outscored not I don't think suing judges saw come up and attacks that people now expecting -- Israel -- -- -- -- just a portion he would release and we couldn't get anything for him -- -- hoping to get much at the prospect of TV that's idyllic. Prospect of dvd get something Jonny Gomes nice piece to a puzzle for team so it lefties ought to be a lot of interest in form but in getting back. If pro prospect if it gets them back you do it. After Sunday's regular trade demand right next or three games after sent out teams in town. New York Somalis here let's is that working out here and then when senators over egos in the team like Iowa but they want him for that guy Hokies and let these -- right. -- left the -- Gordon but to him. Are we come back. We'll do the free for all I gotta get this weird for me because everyone on this path a golf related. Prioleau but it throughout all this talk about the Red Sox Stater -- Riordan gets you would top the -- is not for seven to be media.

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