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Lester talks about his contract at the All-Star Game, 7-15-14

Jul 15, 2014|

Jon Lester spoke to the media yesterday and fielded many questions regarding his contract talks, or lack thereof. He re-iterated that a deadline for negotiations was set on opening day, and that no talks will continue during season, because a team in last place doesn't need the distraction.

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You can. Forty in. It's on WEEI. -- The good news Hulu is yes years back. But really say how much has changed when we're still talking about Jon Lester contract -- It's good thing about it is businesses you can take a couple days off. If you do it the right time like you did. And with the way the Red Sox season has been going really how much you can amidst. Well -- they feel when I left arrested a few changes but -- welcome back. There's only one. But on the really changed all that things happen -- LeBron going home to get a kick out of status. That few of the things. And -- World Cup final. That it Corsica Joseph let's talking to me to -- structure is the World Cup -- it's not a journalist to vote. Did you ever in your time playing baseball they no biting clause in your contract that never came up -- negotiation -- -- -- that might be small print might be in it. But that'll that was ever in it like you know we brought up negotiations that does a sticking point oh Stephen Drew or no -- the offseason I don't think that that was something that a lot of teams look at -- better include this. -- that are being. Immense -- Maloney Christian Fauria now is off will be all reunited again tomorrow for the first time in awhile when Christian comes back but. I was joking before the Jon Lester contract negotiations very much at the forefront. Of what we're talking about today or lack of negotiations might be the better way to phrase it and this is a topic that has. Burned out Christian and ever time I bring up Jon Lester situation -- the size size that. It's pretty important I think part of the reason he keeps coming up Lou is there's this odd dynamic to the whole conversation in the sense that. On the one hand. Both sides make it sound like their content with having nothing going on but at the same time within every quote or sound -- you hear from them. There's also the inference that there has been negotiations there have been talks and they just having yielded any. And what it like to be. At that they would like to be some talks right now it does seem like John -- camp is playing a hardball you know it's. I was expecting it we hear rumblings like today tomorrow the next day of of something close. Being done those garlic. A prediction of mine and Hamels -- I still believe that it's it's going to get done because it's still comes down to the player. Wanna get a deal done -- lot of talks at -- Lester talking to me yesterday saying you know. It will get the free agency hopefully the Red Sox won the first team the call. And then it gets a free agent unless I'm sure they'll be one of the first teams to call -- is that this is not. Like a mid level free agent that is hoping that you know just Democrat Cody Ross. A couple of years back Cody Ross right there's an opportunity to trade and they did not get the off -- these are Red Sox. Probably other trade in the country and they'll probably call him mid level kind of guy that ever happened over the money the money really was near a deal wasn't there with cases Jon Lester. The minute free agency opens. He's going to call some from everybody right away brits -- to be one of a dozen teams they're going to be calling. -- to get to that point again I still think he's gonna be gone. By I don't think it's gonna get there I still don't even everything you -- read. Hours and this is a guy that you still hear how he doesn't like change. He likes to be comfortable. He loves it here he wants to remain here this is all he knows get a guy John -- that knows him get a guy won the -- that worked well together. He knows the city that gonna be committed to spend money. Is bad as the year's gone this year via that in baseball market like Boston you read they've already shown angle from last you know the first. Maybe back to last again but still -- -- go back the first again. Just. Doesn't sound guy that wants to go anywhere even though that while -- hardball but I think that's just -- negotiation going -- Well this is lest there. At the all star game yesterday speaking with reporters. Well I -- And that was. And that's what I was told me that the deadline so that so I look at. This evening and we. -- So the deadline was opening day had a meeting on opening day but. Here's what Lester also offered a little bit later rod and misses an article that appeared in the Boston Globe Dan Shaughnessy. We've had plenty of talks after that as far as moving money moving years but never got to another offer. The opening day came in when we put on the back burner for awhile. So I guess -- on goal with a -- is then what's the chasm that needs to be bridged here between talking about specifics and actually coming up with a proper. That's meaningful. A ball park go on and off for us in the ball -- me that that's all it takes about the -- -- Shows article actually it was a Friday. We talked Larry Lucchino and -- we just he admitted they just kind of threw an offer out there. Did that strike you the same way that it struck me. No because it does that doesn't it that resemble it's just that creating an off or how exactly did and that's what struck me is they flat out just admitted. We just -- -- and it always results are a starting point. Com the question will always remain. Through that the decision makers lose Larry Lucchino John and reed and Jerry in its deal. Throwing an offer out there. Realizing that it's gonna take more than four years. Realize it's gonna take more than seven million. You know and then I just always felt like quality especially around here on. It just sort of cut that -- that all that stuff out you know it's cyclists and we can start for seventy. But let's be reasonable let's start at five and 100 in realize that the way to -- it's it's you know we're not gonna go crazy here. Point seven it's a big jump we gonna -- of the year thirty million bucks. To stop the 500 that's not now this is now go back and forth. Right -- what you want the vesting option -- don't want Dallas OK okay well rather -- 10115 or -- we -- -- we all want to double notify me it's just. It seemed like that could've gotten done back then and it did not in -- still is the same thing -- over and over and over again. But still -- that a player. There was no indication at all magical -- reached camp he couldn't even save the words. One in my current Boston. People tried in this city. But do you wanna stay while it play out. It would do you wanna state Jacoby in Boston -- -- powerfully hoping he's going to say so yeah that that's why my agents up or -- deal. See -- -- save the what hurts. Where's Jon -- hand and that's the biggest difference. It. Any game -- but it's not looking to put money you know so. I guess I don't think exploited right word mean. It is shot and -- that are very end collective. An offer out there it's hard. We had any thoughts on that explores. You're losing money. But never got it wrong. Think it's you know. And putting them back. A little this is the analogy I -- dues and what you were -- Christian when the story came up a couple times particularly Larry Lucchino angle that you just referenced. It's Kelly if you look at the bullseye in all year -- can't -- you got freer archery lesson and it feels like. Red Sox started either on the lack of the blue with a bull's -- maybe even the white the outside of the bullseye and now. Lester is people are picking up the phone to talk it was there in the -- me it's got to be in the yellow now right. It archery camp yeah. Archery and yet you go to I was like yeah. Remember four H is 48 still even around anymore -- like on life you know maybe go to the pool once in awhile when they nixed it and do it that -- camp. -- yeah. She's so what about you guys -- -- know what the basketball camp that's pretty much it was -- at a new pull ups that the port and that -- Other polo -- -- -- you're right though it's just you know whenever a lot of people talking about you know all the big. The bad contracts. L that of thirty year old everybody mentions CC sabathia and everybody talks about that the issue with CC would. It's such a tough comparison. CC at the age of thirty paid over 2300. Innings pitched in the big leagues. You know like he was up early eighteen. It was just twenty years old. The guy was an absolute machine and a horse and just people rode that -- special Milwaukee that one year in 2300. Jon Lester they're -- already -- fifteen under. So there's a big difference on the -- a parable thirty years -- back -- inning double Roy Halladay. At thirty years albeit 15161. Innings pretty much what Lester is gonna have in that range DOD -- next five years. 8845. To wait five ERA. Oak Cliff -- Cliff Cliff Lee get about thirteen hundred innings pitched before the age of thirty he was a late bloomer you don't -- you -- -- later Cleveland. So what he'd do the next five years and 31 at 35. It through 91 ERA. So yeah you can look at CC who was just not used as a young kid in the inning total but -- I don't put a category of academic Doc Holliday and a guy like Cliff Lee. From 31 at 35. I still think he's gonna be effective analysts deductible risk is 23 year old it's getting Tommy John right there's 27 year old getting Tommy John. I guess is you get all together is more concerned obviously but there's also which record of guys thirtieth 353135. Established players pitchers like Jon Lester who've proven to be work courses. That should be very effective. Is what's -- urgency about the yesterday when his illness -- great great man you look around the game -- -- Street guys were great -- -- a long term deal. -- -- -- Cliff Lee and the PL. You know he's a guy like Carl Landry whose culture is not what it's not he stopped anymore and you go. -- I can't eight premium money percolating through his birdies. Ideal but the other you've got a guy like you know Arab League like they lower continue to be terrible even after Tommy John surgery. And again that is sold few of those guys that you're. Oh are too many elude -- a pitcher like go to China will play a pitcher like that but that's not easily done. And along those lines that leads me to my next point my point of concern since I'm somebody who really feels that the Red Sox need to get something -- what Jon Lester I am -- -- camp. It feels like he's worth paying a 150 million dollars or whatever it take to keep them shooting get that far. The amount of stories that we've seen over the last couple days -- -- this could be chalked up to while the all star break and -- got to throw much to stop against the wall just to fill space in full time but I've seen too. Three or stories now talking about how good Henry Owens is going to be. And is it just me or does it feel like the pump is being primed for don't worry if Jon Lester leaves -- there are other options. That tends to happen in the media it's not necessarily the media being the PR for the Red Sox although it feels that way at times but it's sort of okay here's the par repeated the story which is if Lester leaves what do they do to replace him and I am not ready to say that Henry Owens could be the next job last. SE demean the hope for Henry Owens that he he does replace Jon Lester. About 201718. To sit not next year on unknown known no. Read it yet it was a two weeks ago but that game against the cubs what's Jake area. -- -- was a guy with the Orioles that they absolutely loved his stuff we use our the other day. No it was 959697. Miles an hour that same break and bought the same similar stuff. But he was just the young kid in the your heels were searching for that like -- they needed it's that call this cued up a little bit early. And he's just not ready so what stake for five years and all of a sudden now you're starting to see the talent come up Anderson now brits know the guy down in Miami. When he was in Toronto you're at 96 with sink this guy is built the -- Red Sox faced him yet mr. great game average rate and about his stuff. But he couldn't figure it out. And he just didn't get anything done up in Toronto went to Miami was okay last you know this year for years into the -- He's becoming what may be a lot of people -- body could become. Every and is becoming went up people Baltimore Saudi can become when it's four years down the road. And I still feel the same way by a lot of these young kids you know it's it's I think there's a ton of talent every single young players they've called up there is talent everywhere. When does that come out you're expected to come -- -- one year to year three at the cute. You know you below -- there might be somebody that comes under its fire right out of the gate. Is to -- Henry Owens I don't know if I just a bit of self made yet they were not up as if someone I've been talking about. First time I got concerned first time I got worried first time I started reading insane myself wait maybe they are sort of setting. The table here for Lester departure when -- signal to beat guys come out with the it will here's the guy that could replace the guy kind of stories. You start to see that on multiple occasions. That leads me to believe that something is leak it out out there that they might be preparing themselves to lose John last year. When you see this repeatedly when you start to see a pattern and the pattern started developed about Henry owns this Henry -- that maybe he's further along. Is he on the fast track as opposed to being groomed to develop. That struck me -- me think to myself well aren't this is the turning of the page. Movement in case they don't get Jon Lester done and that's the first time a really struck me with in the last couple days. That we've seen a bunch of Henry -- woods stories come out that. Whether it's a trade before the deadline or whether it's -- the Red Sox throw their hands up in the air and saying we're not going to be able to get him signed. Or go through the rest this year given a shot -- a cursory offer after the season but we know that yankees are gonna throw 150 or 160 -- This the first time or my antenna went up instead of all this really might happen that they might not be able get it done. Well I wouldn't go that formalities. Out of the -- feeding the immediate thing they'd start hype it up and -- Because I don't think they have to feed kidneys are -- good all around I mean I'm just saying you're just it doesn't. Just look at his numbers that are doubted double play and it just off the charts that's at 183 off despite wall went through the two to one he gets the start futures game. You know I mean. The numbers themselves and their off the charts you know -- I don't think you have to -- it. But I just think you put too much I think you need. That guy on top of that rotation. The kind of ease these guys in and again a look at Leicester. 3135. Compared to guys like Halladay and Cliff Lee in a Corsican pick guys left and right to make -- case. Right but the injury risks that there there for 25 year old as well. I just sticky still gonna be that effective and we got a guy like Lester got a guy like lacking in gonna bring up always next year to got to bring -- -- not -- -- Della Rosa. These are the guys that are gonna help them kind of take it to the next level. Nearly all eagerness to get turned down one and 21 point five is you don't wanna go that far. You gotta replace himself that -- and to bring in a 6070 knowing they'll pitcher the don't know -- market. You don't know can pitch in the post season they don't know can pitch opening day. That is going to be just trying to get is hiring pitching in Boston we're all these kids -- these -- stuff to worry about. Let alone try to tell a young kid how works the big league level he's trying to which just. -- doesn't work out. You get what you pay for sometimes. You wanna get to yet that's it that's a little more about sixty million dollar pitchers and MB mediocre MB of budget threes in your rotation and fine. That's got -- yeah. -- bigger pay and want him to get Jon Lester getting what you pay for but it -- -- once -- -- five for a lesser pitcher won ten for a lesser -- you're not getting an ace. And Jon Lester is -- 61777979837. Red Sox fans curious what your believing when it comes the Jon Lester situation right now which angle you'd taking is this progress -- -- optimistically pessimistic. About things getting done based on what you're hearing from Lester. At the all star game in Minnesota again 6177797. -- -- seven or the AT&T text line is open. At 37. 937 will take your thoughts on that what we come back plus we haven't had a chance to talk to woo. About the departure of AJ Pierzynski as of yet we'll do that return as well this is 937 W yeah.

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