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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jenny Dell engaged 7-15-14

Jul 15, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Care yeah there's your headline Dennis and Callahan and headlines. Headlines the Bulgaria have a lot of headlines with -- commit that occurred minutes on Sports Radio W week. Don't don't go ahead please should not be here are your headlines it says here is your head like it's kind of joke it's. All all those -- I write these things I think. You know you're creative -- to -- atlas in the woods was one if you try. In the over -- you've got -- constipated and line them. He's gonna get a text from the -- line in the eighteenth mean we love it. And I think he maintains an opposite jobs right approach that we're back of the folks precision that is equipment as well brought to -- at. They cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network organizing and mom and we demand the voice guys because I I I don't hear. Just to Canada it's good news -- completely. -- -- But I will be listening to entry deadline issue is we won't we well slumber party Thursday up by the way a couple of things that we get the headlines every single -- says Kirk. You've got to where it reflects off -- America program. This at the you Wear reflective vest is the most ignorant Atmel shortsighted most not thinking about your family can possibly imagine although it may be what -- Darrell -- by unprotected sex with a prostitute. Talk any more reckless in running without protection that's not the most -- -- second -- -- -- what I get syphilis or BD. So -- -- -- -- -- Maggette can you could die on the -- on Tuesday or Thursday morning leaving your wife a widow when your kids although you really think a walking beside my wife would be upset but I probably not -- -- how -- -- -- will -- -- -- Go for subside the second thing is hey Jerry you did spoil you know what -- -- but I'm going to be elected Algeria audio books right there's a theme here. There couple a couple of guys who had some bad luck. It's a somewhere some little more than actors how to cook pretty good day yesterday two -- -- cup last couple days of a group will start we will wedding music. Let's start with some upcoming nuptials you know it's like -- -- US may seventeenth may seventeenth Thomas anniversary. 12 months that really anniversary -- that it would last in the last -- -- -- -- -- anniversary that's -- Congratulations to wield little Brooke's -- Jane DO -- put dinner on Twitter and his Seagram last night. Last night of my life she showed her. -- and we'll are to see the ring is a big it's pretty nice peaceful rate to where. It. Oh. Yeah and that's so do you think over -- you think it's gonna last no I don't capsule. The water for forty years forty years I don't -- ultimately what's your face too much uncertainty in the lives -- that's the problem too much travel. No kids involved. So -- just too much going don't give it a case that something good about not being together twenty or seven. She's too little this he's a baseball she's. CBS sports and not been in the months. Sony's problem with whatever team he's going to be. Somewhere on the tough for these things excuse to make work she's a big star. She's on the rise yeah what would argue. But the best thing ever happen sooner was losing your job that's because she got that -- job now she got engaged a virtual gauge -- the -- it's. To a player so much same out quietly yeah if you let their people she should be thanking. For putting her in the situation. Turkmen and yes like me. You're taking credit for the -- CBS but as -- from. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our heart broken -- its goal on. You thought it'll some public whose adult. Male she's already -- on whether what happened was my guess is again I'm guessing -- Brooks other picture that night. It's she saw her eyes. It here before -- -- on younger than she used to crash the compared yeah that's the problem. It makes. It most would get divorced I think now that's the first Al second reason is it's. Yet as the too much going to a variables. I just said. Agree with a group is -- -- last segment and I agree with that while yes there's too many variables collected how long's it. Last opposite they give shot seven years substance that that your inch 67. So it's -- it's. Six and recess till death do they. You know just being honest about this -- to be you know it's like last. -- that that because we just explained it to used to very good thing he's older than he has to do this forever the ball -- very very attractive some other offers you like me I don't have any. -- attempt she's much more attractive. Like as a guy. Is it's not mark Duff and his wife. Jason upstart yet but he's not a coach but he's not he's not -- I don't think it's easier for ugly guys to stay loyal. It's all I mean. Is it easier for armed robbery for smells. Sports. Proposals all the time -- of the release eighty's he's the rating Johnson -- sausage got. I think you straighten out all the Holmstrom. Had a chance to wrap its arms around her ankle to be dragging around the house like myself mr. repeats will be about it. It's a judgment night -- get your eyes -- and find it hard enough. -- -- -- -- -- Cal's zone. That no I don't the WO. -- -- It's frightening like you have a lot of temptation. It's certainly Big -- Certainly think about it when horse horse and say that's not cheating. But that's temptation. -- and yet it was back to your hotel room floor at spring training. Jimmie dale walked eight that are not only got to give him and he would not aboard as I guess my point it doesn't happen right be put yourself positioned for. Do you do try to chesterfield. In public those girls that's a good position I am not go to our of those girls chesterfield. They want them deep regret that was that was. Out. What it would be like real ugly at the end and I couldn't resist that -- -- that went KJ talk that Alexandria -- breakfast next morning the third. Was. Congratulations to I mean this is we imagined she was really very I just think you lose. We should have been doing the job -- -- that's fine it's over now she understood sound nice and you know I don't you know she's nice -- weakness in the -- -- that -- about -- she wouldn't say that -- about -- yes you know -- presents we would like the ethnic. Outstanding -- text all we asked to everybody she would -- over the legacy before that yet. So that's more good news that -- -- I ran the Jeff Bowman race ago said yes yeah before the race I got a drink and the job. Please don't -- -- drinking again break -- New -- that peered ahead as early morning run at a hot chocolate for a little shot but they replaced the job a room I don't talk much offered notes two notes that after months yet the book. It really really really pregnant woman walked in behind. Got something with not that. Crazy twelve months right now. They're gonna race and I see Jeff I talked to him and me to lose -- fiance -- it was her she was really really pregnant as we find out. She is now giving birth Jeff and Aaron have early baby girl eight pounds. -- -- sort of thought emailed Margery Eagan so now he's a dad -- a moment seems like everything is fine it's a congratulations. Shoot them to for them and as a friend two little boys when it says this is the greatest FP UBB evil dad estrogen is an Asus -- -- months after he was. Virtually is a joke cards the FY right and nor available arms in in his -- cell with a guy outside given to -- right now with people watch an agreement -- -- -- Never gonna get and Jeff is that is new -- is up exactly and yesterday he's. Victory variety reported that Lionsgate has launched -- development of stronger bulbs -- bestselling book is now going to be. A movie the guys who did the fighter the producers of fighter will produce actual. Known -- this is if it's a great book. I talked a couple fronts as we. -- -- And girls. And -- ago it was wrong with -- It's an easy read -- re read this Jeff got some dough out of this movie deal yes -- -- so good it's a pretty nice for Katrina taught us a great book that. These guys here it was a very conversational. Now that is way. Now -- of this like he doesn't like me right perfectly. Criticize that currently it seemed very laid back -- congratulations to Jeff aired in the nor -- moment it is org says incredible story can beat somebody. In April that they're following July who's gonna have a baby bestselling book movie. Yes it's a -- is as as between development that we. -- you do that that is the best revenge this is the best met. Marathon bombing survivor Sidney corporate did have such a great weekend. She was asked to leave New Hampshire's TJ Max and natural last Thursday because she said the store managers and service dog was violating store policy. Corporate nineteen shopping Nashua TJ Maxx of the service dog coda. -- told corporate told does seem to be CVB didn't support systems should you post traumatic stress disorder the masters attack. According Cochran the dog corporate pocketed investors service start on the and it told me cart. She told the manager dominant in the cartridge that she was told you -- -- the dog defecated in the store -- -- urinate -- this is just some overzealous. And it manager who's gonna do it. Called. Well the Boston area and that he'll probably get a gift card in the mail I would think apology to call their mother -- possible flex -- tax less rushed over there and gave manager. He remind American disabilities act like a manager. Quickly apologized not good enough solicit should've known -- -- with emotional disorders so much worse. So my as a party politics yeah but for my guess is TJ Maxx -- make good on the media is not good. Good press bad job by them and local company. Yeah local companies you know do they do plenty of good things it just want to -- manager made statements speak to companies hold true bill. Bill right that is an assistant manager today yes yes a film that's headlines happy go lucky good time headlines we're gonna do -- Really it is I don't the Olympics as the supporting. 61777. Point 7937. Affordable join us at 830 when we come back we will discuss too. Diametrically. Opposed. Television events from last night. One could not be more boring one could not be more interesting we'll do that when we return.

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