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The Home Run Derby is awful 7-15-14

Jul 15, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing how awful the Home Run Derby was.

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Well. I think there was only one. Highlight in 24 spoiler alert if you haven't seen yet do you see that -- know why not you not know so you have. Valueless to the discussed Iowa's try to be your value to the the watched an episode barged into black was great now. Much -- -- what's the the Ebert. Yeah -- -- what took notes on them memorized. Them the right I watched -- I watched it and I loved it. I had to laugh about it required a little extra suspension disbelieve we viewed in that later I would just say this. Might take away. From the finale of 24 last night was truthful and that he has and I more than anybody else love a happy ending I mean I'd love. Happy ending -- a formal over the what a day as -- it's a vitamin you know happy anyone -- -- there were no. Happy endings in 24 with perhaps with perhaps. To accept. Audrey the dish rag. I heard about this takes the dirt -- And that's that's -- And the other thing is the only other. Possible happy ending is that we learned that -- check can survive without Brady which you agree belt object can survive without Brady. Well check -- check belt object I was -- actually can't -- I think that's the way I operate. I think a ms. Mott and -- that it. Kind of a shorter. That. But at that is good. To the best thing I whose real. That they -- next year as I was gonna continue on just well. I thought it was over it's back. Did you know that yes. I read the trades if you like meter meter like many many openly and -- like I don't read variety right I didn't even -- backs out. I am. It's not a good 24 watcher in a good parent cannot go to shoot that Jack drastic you'd hope. See it highlight when you watch him I think what you what -- -- guys do you say that dogs can't talk. You watch the show still he's. Well yeah it is it is a little different though I know for. That it's been desperately trying -- reality. I don't. It was a bad thing I just it required a little more suspension of disparity why that is usually leak case suspension this whole thing happens in one day. That's the case now knows about -- Last -- that. That this happens between. Ten K and out a 10 PM and 11 AM. Really actually is forward another twelve hours when your kid -- -- -- mystery like this. What's called my -- -- is right about this they'll it and watch last night -- the dish rag eased out I've operators IO. CS is the difference in 24 of the shows shows or movies. Like she gets killed a few bad after a lot of Africa and -- popped up on me that she can never come back right I I. Yes father you know like a back. -- Sutherland but think -- -- You'll clout in negotiations right shore it up in the very first thing I wish list. Give me -- hot terrible in this next yes I hot daughter wanted to yup he seat and did in. Now is a hot dotted that you get killed. And I don't remember anything off the cliff. Google with all -- I'm not easily to all operator dory. As Chloe. You know -- and you know Jack and a settlement and a right. -- -- -- It could -- Computer stuff. People like that yeah they sure are freaky which. Higher degree of force would be funny guy dot com and if she could see things -- But. It is total. Disbelief I'm I'm with you on the you know I mean suspension of disbelief that this is a million flaws but I changed. I decided just relax and let it wash -- always drives and think it's just watching the expendable -- no great -- -- coming -- August 15 I'll be there you could never stated that you know. Work how could they do that it's not possibly just sit there and let the thing yes -- most -- exploded in front of view it as Mel Gibson's going to be won the Baghdad that the -- used to -- used to be expendable -- left the expense and that was going to be going against lie -- -- -- they'll -- Arnold Harrison Ford -- It's important to an expendable -- seven news Sunday as you never people can never Q sliced -- will be added though. You know they don't see 300 franchise mean Vietnam snobs like you think he's though. -- Islam is that the city's genius I want some season and it's a bit like him. Do you think he's really Smart yes he's in business yes really ours. Yes and and wrote John -- But the very corporate new franchise at the age of 65 via a new action franchise. So you must set that one point studio guys like you did. Though the student end and have lunch you may never got never privilege of what a -- -- of back and endive salad and a Pepsi and in Minnesota. But then you sit there and they said it was 65 is going to be action. Shirts on -- -- -- you know apple wasn't -- to the -- -- -- import company it to -- the whole -- within a minute and a because he would couldn't get the money all right -- in the trade could get the money all the recent that would go overseas and raise them with its -- out rise to the occasion -- you calling it a film. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have no interest in anything including the World Cup. Early in the Olympics including rhythmic gymnastic X games X games fashion that I did watch in this -- imagine being there. It's nice to aren't always right after six families. That it's an out plus ice fishing seasons -- -- -- -- -- -- But it was awful. It was really easy eternal. Twenty our on but -- that go on Frazier -- owning and we use the it's like one home run -- advances. And that's like that couldn't even -- and the interest in thinks not above them does anybody. Out there -- -- the -- -- -- I know you don't Malia and I know you don't know audience or what time did this. Think end last night does anybody know anybody know now please Texas and tell us what time -- -- -- time this thing and it. Now 1130. I'll look at site I was shocked router actually and all of what was the two semifinals. One files that was six hourly thrilling -- call nine to one bird Dominique you'll waitress. Arenas went deep and doing -- -- -- -- the nine times -- -- with Todd Fraser. Does that sound like sitcom actors. Frazier as a -- of -- weird -- likes them newscasters. Outrage I. At encore at Todd Fraser on the weather. High pressure system with Todd Fraser went deep once. So that was exciting I'm sure of for those who stayed up but -- -- it feels like to meet you know spills like. One of those. ESPN productions. Where their -- imposing its panel yeah soccer. With a pretend may pretend they go to them and neighborhood of make believe that pretend. That -- the bottom line. -- to hero worship from permanent. Urchin and bus -- those guys on over their euros. But the idea that this was a real exciting competition at any level. Is successor to an end and it works -- and. Gas gas -- good enough number that make money ace in the hole. And every one out there to my -- wondered on that field nothing better than have in the home run derby which is boring by definition start an hourly because can't yet. I call rate cut is in -- view and hold them well I. Know. I got up a turn on sports and this morning. And the actions on two separate occasions. One guy had to wait an hour and 25 minute -- -- -- -- go from his last week it was next world about the -- had to wait like an hour and five minister because it was 56 degrees out. All these big moving parts of these big hulking guys. Kind of seized up and that's why as many balls didn't want some montage of -- and stretching which really only out now from -- sporting asked about fraudulent returns would be hard the first idea is to have timed moves. Ten minutes that hooked me on grass at 1152. As well -- need to play and they do. Jimmy felt model you know one. That 6621. The Orleans. And it's 1147. Minutes of season. You -- but Frazier. So you're stuck with it after one apple -- for a while now to look at and after point that it what you did flip that over two minutes right yeah yeah it's got what they put the start of the bracket. For. You to buy this thing. I want to its. Tyler I would it's not over it's I don't but it protects this week Thursday -- it like this might not. Kill it and it's still patiently and HO. It feels thing while a -- -- run derby because -- who went in the I'd throw the ball from the oilfield yes I went so when the NHL has the guys hit the plates you -- -- -- -- -- -- Or watched him -- double play -- but that I was letting us forty hours ago about race. The park inside the park home run derby. If the players of the point that Joseph. Embodies all the history of -- it -- the Prince -- -- the park home run derby naked. Well sure fielder could. Lot of glasses. Look -- like Ichiro. Like someone or someone else these critics even Ortiz who's this wouldn't be cut interest. No take it pitchers in the office you know a judgment to -- pitches so you have to swing and the pressure's on the pitcher that machine born pitchers don't match if they had to swing things open their eyes his pitches. It's so. Often in the girl and outside say it's like devil's advocate it plays a pitcher would get blamed so articulate guy losing. You bring in real pitchers so Oakley and -- -- -- -- -- all he is. Oprah BP perhaps just a while. And it's not even sixty feet get rid of -- something else I don't I don't have to accept it about pit bull run derby. You set on a DNC you can generate the power I ports I -- bowl when it was and in -- Easier for human. Think it's G -- match you -- speeds yields one natural. That's violent deep into the screen at least that screen -- -- did note that it really that all that I am -- yeah. In the seats -- house seats and -- ball went in the seats -- remember frank. Must format. And -- So in 1972 I think I was like yeah yeah yeah Sonny Siebert here's profit yet. I didn't pull through demand -- -- was upwards of me. -- -- now I don't say this dual. Republic away. Sweet. Spot for you yeah. -- at that moment there is not for us. To. Hope you'll check the ratings will be -- that anybody's really -- -- this -- fifteen starts. 1158 who did you ever until they said yesterday that your reign as one last URL. I didn't know we won last year this year. Forgot to -- the next that we talked about -- and Bynum mark you'll forget I want last I forget a guy and more important to Cubans could be that that period that -- picked his cool out of duke they went. -- -- -- On TV and Cuba. TVs that if I don't know north EST on TV and Ghana at the North Korean won the home run to. I gotta have any electricity left after. -- Better all the home run derby a lot I'll. I mean to me it's the most excited that day and that's our channels in this arm and Asia. It's at now -- when its -- Wilshire yeah I'll direct. If it it's like yeah -- -- to -- 75. I want justice let I don't think I'm Thompson's. -- don't want him if you are his teammate or you are his manager or you are his general manager to be this kind of yeah even healed. Stephen Drew J. D. Drew kind of personality or he's not saying he's not handling it right I -- -- Column African whose agent levens who does -- flood levels and brother -- goes -- brother and Irish yeah I think. They have them -- job advising him and I think each day they say. Option that talked about Davis great job and you do agree to -- keep on to step Tenet would indeed do. He points and what -- -- saying and do what you do one and two at the end of the year were gone. Right before we go forward on this let's go back to the offseason let's go back to spring training that's who acted just before spring training. In a hot stove. Section of the calendar let me ask you this he said he would take the hometown discount don't just that I should think about this did that help him. Or hurt him. In the long run now ultimately be sent a huge deal to make any difference one another but to this point the Jon Lester saying. Back in I think December may be January but it was reported at the spring training. I am willing to take the hometown discount I don't like change I wanna stay here this is where I want to finish my career help or hurt. I get hurt him with in the Red Sox because he's the one that leaked so I think they were frustrated. If I was starting negotiations they made an offer was a great offer but he didn't think is going to get out aren't heading not said that would they have offered more than seventy to eighty million dollars. Though may be a bit now probably I think this thing was said I think it made no difference at all you know which is. -- again him handling things right he put the pressure on them. As a hometown discount it's a lot more than offered you know in his mind hometown discount probably at that point 11 point 54030. Via Mike that. And make him an -- and seven so -- -- and an -- that's. -- -- -- -- -- Think the fiscal form now is there in last place. And they are reeling and the ratings in the ownership is getting a little skittish would you say yes I would I would say that signing Jon Lester might help the ratings. Not unless it would but it would help the feeling again and -- you would find it would contrast that it every day celebration. For a day. Well you could make the counterargument. That they yes are in last place but if not for the pitching by a large much of that to do with Jon Lester. They'd be nineteen back not. Not that's true but I do you think they sign him it is a bad day accurate sucks for him because you have an organization of who's doing things directly in the face of what they said. They weren't going to do it took about two years to loses discipline. The charts and talked about -- -- I said it would be that be that that ripped from the front office where you turn to will be against either one side he should be against it because he says Smart baseball man. And Werner and Henry my -- -- -- wanna pick the PR hit it suck -- feel good. And they might be all about feelings right now you know bottom motion and emotionally they would -- and now I'm not I'm not talk about November December like. Estes answer was one of us -- just the -- I hope they're in line on the first they're free agency. And they signed me yeah well they have fifteen days. Exclusive negotiating rights. It imagine that it has. That would be full she's gonna get to free agency even that really foolish because then he won't be pitching he won't be risking injury. He'll get through the fifteen days in on the sixty day will be in the Yankees. So Raymond talked Johnny Damon talked. -- -- -- if that don't give it don't give out a way out here from Jon Lester I would do this yes yes because I'm gonna make a point here. I think the Levinson Brothers and any other media wise type organization sat with him before spring training instead. These are the talking points going forward. Going to be asked about it. More and more exponentially as the season goes on if and when we don't get a deal make sure you say the same things over and over again and he said yesterday he said in February in Fort Myers. I don't think that has been thought of mine and I got sick from from day one I'm I'm worried about you know right now it's for the Red Sox. Whatever happens happens. It's. Always optimistic on everything so. The hopefully come back home but more times this weren't missing injured -- will make things easier on yes. Some people like talk to face it. -- comes up. Whatever -- -- -- thanks so -- will be here. You know or. Uses mark and I did you know -- that anyway you know we know that it isn't. More so -- -- -- I wanna hear. All my bad my bad police say. That they want to stay here wants -- where it says it doesn't want to become its strict and should happen and this -- problems that he did it eighty drops open -- that -- and on she'll be you know let's talk as much watching a home run derby is like after like ten seconds ago. So Michael Bradley it's easy. Goodness all right as Kirk alluded to. No fewer than eight Major League Baseball insiders chimed in on John lobsters final number. Will have that for you nick affordable join us at eight. Are these people trying to get in the work right now -- currently. Jon Lester but -- -- more Jon Lester -- -- Twenty something else. We have a solid Red Sox report card the deal at point like that we have the A-Rod slot upon continues -- question we have our own Red -- report sure. Like I do of one question to the checkpoint today. If I have a page rate here rate and it's just text messages text messages would you say it would fit on one page it was between two people. Some -- and it's not a 140 care to limit we know we -- OK we usually average let's say. Not even that long sides say the page may be one point texts towards 33 times one. 600 so we have 600 potential text messages from one person to another yes well I I've never done that -- -- listen up my best -- that's for my wish would be you know -- all right yeah seven section 600 times I don't think so texted. Up at six under total. Everybody yes you have yeah problems and haven't you don't want those that he can really I got a really worth -- read that.

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