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We're all yelling about LeBron James

Jul 14, 2014|

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We're back in Atlanta my -- You have fans. Have a have a have a have a -- else tiebreak today at aipac has stuff. Now we don't know Dario I don't race Chris and I are just are no time were the all star art we're referring to the home -- can't yet take -- I hate the break I hate the all star break now -- you -- used to be such a thrilling time a year when you -- the teams didn't play each other in interleague play and he couldn't. You didn't get to see the National League guys -- time to -- his -- -- you see anybody any time he would give him will be passed heritage -- ESPN you know Wednesday night based on you know it. So it's a little bit it's taken a lot of the juice out of the -- and I really didn't. Yes -- but I do like MLB you know network when I can seat cabin on game sent an -- game to -- so if you're like baseball is off for the greater good and in fact that the you know the all star game is and what it was it's still -- best all star game start to grow group. That's a low bar to clear but yes -- -- through I think it's always good to see just how far atop his head Carl -- -- -- his rug. -- nine because it gets higher and higher as time goes on. Now he's got like a trip to hedge on top of his head. And everybody knows it's it's follow. You know it is not his real hair -- -- deductible and Ankiel but it's too late for him now he's OK okay government even doctor Leonard can watch that I mean he's committed to this Rockies had a different Tony as I mean it's all over. It's it's over it's gonna live with -- like Howard Cosell did you know that work for our. It's definitely you know because it mattered a lot -- our -- and it looked like him. Mohammed -- being very strike you went to. Win I don't know what that is -- -- blow it it's pretty and that's what I. How we are. Taking your phone calls and I talk about LeBron James will know OK at his way. Here's why do wanna talk about the oranges compared to -- don't. I have -- only you can -- government Iraq right why do well because it if it hasn't hasn't noticed. How orchestrated. And choreographed. This entire thing has been first of all can't write that stupid that that that we really Jenkins said he did he do it right. Well I would tell -- Lee Jenkins and now he approved it. Mall he Jenkins said those dollars is a word as you sort -- together as told through heat they sat down. I I was there. I'm sure you've heard which they sat down together and he told them you know they talked they had a nice little dinner the guy made note to recorded it. And then wrote -- in the Bronson had. LeBron had first right of refusal to change it after it was written by this guy what's his name -- accurately I use and -- -- yet Missouri asks I ass kissing going on here now. Wherein this exclusive comes their way -- -- to -- any coffers in the next five years of Sports Illustrated. Well I think you gotta be on the -- one way -- -- -- he would be anywhere he'd really doesn't need that you know but I've found that instinct. That ESP yen. With Bruce in and all those guys are present when a horse literally now has the move from Miami are practically -- easily drag but all those guys from month. They've been on the trail right Stephen -- -- will speak polarized Ian Wright all with some connection and it's the stupidest trend but the thing is right. And who breaks the story good Ole print journalism SI crater where there was a deal me. There I -- you know -- what's. It was a special steal what. The exclude it it was the decision to on a smaller scale where where -- the narrative is controlled by LeBron himself. Like the Obama administration was in charge of something -- but what you don't run had to go to SI mean it's his -- how we welcome it relates the story you know and I know his girlfriend tweeted about -- weeks and weeks ago so this is -- -- mind was made up before this Oprah raid. And a whole ass kissing torque and let's go around and meet with people pretend work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Owning a morale like cue card dashes paparazzi -- right and and it just it was disgusting. He hasn't met his new coach yet right but when you send at the World Cup. He texted. David black. Instead. I look forward to work review in meeting you. Com and let's get -- journalist's big list which -- -- team that was his -- -- to David black. They only met twice both kind of -- the Olympics okay tenth and twelfth. They didn't even know which had a I don't think those -- words so he knows of David blatt and I remember all the tweets on ESPN. When they -- black. And the tweets were from journalists from fans. That now. All that kills any chance of LeBron going to Cleveland of these not gonna work for a guy because by guy has never been in the NBA -- -- Perfect for him because that he can control. But not while I tell you that's what he's all about yeah well. He's not clearly control on his game he's really not what. Not his game it's not a game you'd be real consummate team player away hold on the consummate team player arcade I got to watch is hardly Miami Heat games a year and you're given a fine how do you define consummate team player. When -- when you die every eyeball let's go to write it all probable. Everybody's on the court. Everything revolves around him is wrong to assume that. Everything is set up around LeBron James what are every clearly is on the court every team in basketball runs -- -- best player to every -- he's not going forward how to do my work out of my carry either there was a magic -- Well when I'm confused here -- not gonna say how do they went to James -- despite running things through LeBron -- -- -- -- -- -- but they had to compile that team first they had to put together the perfect team for LeBron. With his input by the way with his control. Did you think that coach coached that team what what did seeing strong what -- -- these principles does a better coach and you think I think he's a joke what what did Danny -- do for a Ron Paul -- Before his he went Austin silence the T I got the team together that's separate but this is this wasn't. Paul -- saying. I would go here over this team's second -- -- guy this guy right yeah right you didn't have that capital urges you didn't have that kind of Powell at port and what's the what's going on right now with the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron. I believe it's not just going on since he made the announcement it was well underway writer that's where -- clandestine crap is a bunch of B yes. This has been in the works for a long time. While his wife. Tweet about going home to Akron or whatever was that she just tweeted Akron and and knowing not knowing at all that might -- loves Akron yeah -- yeah fine you can you can believe that you want to. -- you winning. I think I think she probably a good idea talking to her husband what I want. No way that's rush this whole thing is fit I think she'd like procedure was a joke now know I get and I don't believe that -- show it. Times -- would get here we go world has stopped Islam rods. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is not just the NBA now I mean that's fine I mean it's it's a huge story I mean it anyway. He is the biggest deal out -- and I and all sports now anyone beta there's no heavyweight champion -- not I would tiger didn't write it out to the good point tigers on the wayside right. And this is a big thing in team sports now mom. I hope Cleveland sucks for the next ten years only lost so you can hope at all -- wins -- championships. He may not win a championship but what do you think this and help them get Kevin Love. Well that's the other thing about how that argues open up another can wore them academy of thing OK here we go again. Now ago whereas LeBron going I want to go here to. You know when inside of Kevin -- came to Boston -- Rondo -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why do you always have to -- past examples where we're talking about LeBron James because you make it sound like he's unique and he is not and to know why otherwise don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He more importantly what that huge news when he came back. About your -- each stop playing the game but we're talking about LeBron James stopping the whole NBA mechanism everybody's decision while everybody -- celebre can decide what he's gonna do you tell -- there's one other circumstance like that one it. One other -- and nailing another you say he's. I don't think -- -- -- I don't think the game's been covered -- you don't think this is one of a kind I would based on I twice I think it ESPN were what it was now in 1996 yeah would have been the exact same thing. And to say that. The heat didn't do exactly what the Celtics have done. Two years before I you don't I think he Michael Jordan had a decision and changed teams and then came back to -- -- you know he didn't have to we got lucky because Scottie -- end up falling into his lap. At that happening Cleveland and even got that Larry Hughes and Mo Williams is best players is decent chance to stay there. You know Melo Melo didn't follow LeBron Pao Gasol didn't. You know that's a lot of guys yeah. Don't for focus on the Lama and he's done. He's not done now he's not done any -- that's a great fit in Chicago battle days on. You you've got to get him to place that many games again but you -- at the plate sixty last year about 1718. Points 910 rebounds he still got it. Okay well you guys and -- anybody out there wants to buy it violates all the Texas a line Peyton Manning when he was a free agent. Manning watch about bringing the world to a stop always figured out what Brett Favre was gonna do -- in. And in -- from Mississippi. Peyton Manning was. That was at that that was not a situation created by him was created by the team they -- and this situation is created by the media there's no question about it that create about LeBron. If you wanna hear on somebody going on ESP and yeah -- -- it's not save an actor you know complicit don't bury Craig -- they'll talk they have bent out on the complete they were creative they created it. -- they've made it -- this whole morning of LeBron thing this whole pretending thing -- movement around the country and everything's all secret was and this was written down in -- etched in -- I -- we have bigger foreign basketball camp and -- -- -- ones. If ESPN. Didn't drive this story into the great okay every day almost 25. Freak and talked and heads there -- follow -- wanted to get the story for ESPN right always would come and up with something something something right. And LeBron just -- his life he's he's still got to think where he's gonna go. I blame ESP NB you know 6070%. If you don't like how this went down data -- Didn't LeBron just come out with something and last couple days saying that he knew last time we got together with people in Cleveland and it was gonna have a year ago. Years ago. Jordan knew for six months before we let the latest C if I go play they just getting out how fraudulent uses a human being now. I don't really started. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I never bring up brought it to you. If if you Qaeda as you love your heart on for -- guys predict that as you -- him so much and it lasted more than four hours let's go to Stephen Fall River if you get LeBron and every night if you're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- I know nothing will -- at this week and if they admit it all. Economic -- he had people go with it. Say I pygmy tribe that he tried to get in. Why it happened. -- -- the whole equation LeBron is going to be a free agent in a year two years and by the way the only contract. Ever in the history of any sport where at the end of every year in the markets -- now let me tell you what a minute do. -- -- told you resigning in Cleveland it'd be done overall you can do it again next year I understand that what do you want to -- that he's gonna staying Cleveland if he doesn't I'll be the first one LLW out of the way said you're gonna wind not wind all -- not crying out for Miami's -- -- like oh my -- again at -- chaparral is ridiculous. -- what would he says doesn't matter. Might come down ticket -- I'm sorry -- an example of the play in the -- Pre treatment are a bull and then had it happen. Read them -- will that make a move in yet to play. About it will it take -- -- -- so what are the -- well while you chat about the league I don't remember I think like. Could I say something about well. The Red Sox a good chance that it out yes. On of course other -- A bowel. There's a lot of peace front you'll hear go -- out of -- nine I nineteen on the I've never -- a mathematician. And the -- and anyone backed -- that strictly. Talk radio that. Not that would get these it would have looked at me I'm gonna -- created. On July the signal to mean not. You have to take care of all of who will you have the sleep -- -- -- if you can get twenty billion block at the public if there. Being five. They're not going to be nineteen in front of them aren't going to be -- -- market for well -- and you go to seven began to rock salt says Steve Begin yet you -- get your point what do you think they're gonna do the second half my. It was a it out of it would be a great great are their you know it you're gonna have to rely on -- Rookies. Make in the batting order that it. Can they keep it up along all. The pitching that is definitely. Play -- while very well while. Which is a good eye on you can get hot. One other thing tight. Yes there. I called you a few weeks ago the Red Sox played Cleveland -- -- to -- few weeks ago Bradley in two chatter yet. I call -- and -- I called you guy I hope the guy not a nice place it did -- like it was somebody we. Unclear what might play it it was a it was a -- that the red ball a -- -- this guy will not be denied it played it at the end of the week coming up -- I don't powers Steve that's the problem and under the in my -- -- I just so. I think maybe you're right but you -- you -- -- -- they could find a place -- in the -- -- you know lineup higher -- but you know -- all we've got to go with so far is this one -- a month of July. And he's rising in the in the batting order Brantley and Taiwan's economic play he doesn't have power. That's OK he's a hitter you all nine guys act on a -- I see you tonight and a lot of they said they you know he's he deserves to be in the lineup -- you know he may be a leadoff hitter of one day. Maybe but I -- -- see -- -- tonight and I'm fine with that I don't away it doesn't matter. If he starts it to the point where we can't and I am at a higher spotlighted and it'll happen but -- you know based on. There's this year the compilation of those guys were -- to a two point seven. -- you know. And so it will pass Bogart's next right let's let them you know will give us today in the time I don't inverted relations -- like 43 Wednesday he passes Bogart's for good what -- what kind of hit more than any probably -- grounds. Feel singled. Right size nice to be hit very hard now held meted out is something I don't know what the athletes in the east safe and hit it they killed me. -- -- And I -- I agree with everything you're saying it in the -- library you know people hate I couldn't wait to back you up on everything you're right thanks -- a lot of people hate because I don't like LeBron you know -- -- -- this guy makes me sick. Not when they're -- -- Yeah you're your your old school thinking -- are quite big guys. Is everything date to come on the court it is at WW dot -- -- -- slow it can be -- you know you have Michael ware. Right and and Kevin Garnett doesn't that you can but you must -- yeah Garnett and see why -- why -- someone else doing something stupid have to -- whether he's president Obama's -- -- the point that he is not unique and you make him out to be when he -- in point of fact -- opinion. In point of fact he's not. Not unique. When it -- say LeBron James is not -- I actually that -- it didn't he said that on the -- right and I I -- OK LeBron James and OK let's move out of next time I I disagree with Chris and I always easier -- you just said Garnett does the same damn thing will actually take this into all of that he does different things and I don't like that either by the -- that's -- this is a project he's most kind of set the pace for a lot you know I was criticize act. Chris you're standing in the totality of the -- He's not unique. He is unique and I got that Enron would that if you're glad you -- we talking about 2014. It's unique world golf it's a change it world right that Ivan is very unique. We're like so that they the script about Mikey come out eve candlelight -- -- And everybody back. Can I totally jumped thirty years old group reached fourteen under they watched -- Skype and Twitter they want to know we have for breakfast they got that he would -- -- go to they are welcome interpublic parent problem. And I just don't hate -- I don't have a rational for nobody to end of this year. The spurs -- better team there's no question about well and it proves a point that I made many times when LeBron is not handed. Out but it certainly can you -- when he's not handed Somalia and -- he doesn't go watch him play you think he's not a team doesn't win the championship at first but what can we. Championships fortress the finals and you championship that's exactly what the Celtics in the -- that's exactly what the lakers did in the -- anybody get on urged the lost in the finals a couple of times really. The relatives analysts now an insult match. If you're not gonna compare LeBron and -- are you wanna help you compare and Michael Jordan and everybody does a good thing that makes me. Well blog about this -- every cent a big deal along the backcourt able. Okay all right but did you like it okay what did you get out that way if they don't -- I'll let you got out that from watching ESPN is that correct. OK so you can't blame him he's not the second. You're you're kind can blame him because he brings it all on. It eaten the price is say he loves this he lives for this like he's not. He -- he's a fraud he his humility is nonexistent. Okay and when he pretends that he's got this you know on -- face up and this guy is even he makes you wanna roll up the way he acts of this all this. -- attention because there's been a lot of people have a lot of attention on. In all walks of life athletically and none of them have come across like this -- By the latest taxis a 100% right at you should go to college. For at least three years in particular he let them wasted three years of his -- and it costs a lot of money. Yes and how does the consummate team player do against consummate team and it doesn't -- -- a hurry up beat people and -- It cost him money or go to Google is what. Too -- on -- I don't care and yet he worked. -- I teach you and oh -- we. Poured into -- you look at that they are able. -- -- -- Well how how about how we actually with kids in -- -- tampering and welded that's fine that's great and that's our thought that's a whole separate thing though that has nothing to do with this whole charade. How reacts with kids and again I've never been around my reaction -- his family. He took the greatest family in the world I've heard that he has a good family man many analysts when terrorists or. Or maybe we just don't know rocket even get into are -- to the dubious the quagmire on what he's like off the court because he's only gonna let us know what he's like. When he wants to let us know in in small doses on this on some specified web site that's there to glorify him miked says the whole world is here to glorified LeBron James forgot. It and supports this country lights the biggest best bank and abroad is it. And so. It ain't going away so yes that -- nobody by the way if it wins four championships on thickened by this -- if he wins what you have just played five more years and gets up rev rises on all the stats sheet they're like that. He'll be equal of Jordan. I don't think he has to win six I don't the F 2.5 -- only four. Play five more quality is he's right there you gonna have had time. Drawn the line in the sand who. Better -- what Bill Russell. -- so I always wonder why Russell gets left out of that. Conversation eleven championships well it was a dead -- did not want -- -- the -- -- five not ten. Even imagine Russell saying that though this is what makes me wanna get sick. As night is like Larry Bird say gonna say that even Michael Jordan wouldn't say that your obsession with this pep rally is really. Strange as that and that's just one micro cosmic example of this and that's the one you always go to blustering ego if if ESPN it was around and Russell's days. He'd it would be the same thing and they create today they be although they have -- never what does stoop to save some so it self indulgence and insane I know what is no one not so -- -- -- eleventh blog called the coverage would NN there was an mentioning man. And he would have been -- covered for that you know not released discovered something in this last segment and that is that there are some people agree with me and -- dislike for LeBron and it and that he's not unique at all that's -- -- lineup. In runs out in many of the ways not using gay -- is not unique -- say not Diamondbacks broke it. I go for the whole picture here with him. 6177797937. If you like to text as you can in do that in 37. 937. Andre will be right back with -- our next segment which follows the prior segment which is reported just in anticipation of the segment it'll follow that. Where back on our planet Mike. -- -- going home that in place to the you know. People get pissed my talk about the Broncos are either it's it's a very Polaroid was there it out does it polarizing it's like it's like politics you know if you Rhode. A liberal -- anything that the conservative says is science you know and it and it got its incendiary and vice Versa. So it's the same thing but LeBron you people who love him or hate him. Andrew and that's the kind of guys idiots -- I personally -- now and again not personally. I -- personally I personally my personal opinion is. But -- -- -- personal hatred that I know they don't know Omnia I understand that the -- what he represents two of the world of sports and with a big big government. The ESPN IPS I just thinks everybody just falling over each other including the referees to make trees I think I thought it might get a point though is with the media and the coverage. Well some of it but then again I think I think that's a lot of I think he cultivates that and promotes that and by being in the best player in the world and plays it. But you know what the best player of the world in any sport I've seen a lot of guys a lot of sports beat the best player and and I never got this reaction from myself. On on the creepy being creeped up Regis said Bobby or okay greatest hockey player ever. Never once. Ever. We come within a million miles. Of acting with the arrogance of LeBron James and he was the greatest hockey player. It's a it's a whole different religions right it's just him about it would win what A-Rod. Was considered the best hitter in all of baseball. Tuesday in a lightning rod for this kind of thing he still didn't do. This kind of act this whole routine -- -- world revolves around him. The same way although he came close and it's calls like if they go to win the bronze. LeBron it's like whoa whoa whoa hold on it's me LeBron everybody stop not a look ridiculous in that comparison is Todd I'm about to decide what's gonna happen in the rest of the NBA the comparison is tiger. No other athlete. In my lifetime at least. As -- things revolve around him when he was at his peak it's like different now obviously out but when he was at his peak then tiger. From the way that he controlled the media how tight his inner circle one and obviously that all unraveled on him eventually but he was he's the top of the list for -- right -- -- that's good example but at tiger also. Played. A lonely sport -- division -- shouldn't play there was no. Raffle to give him a benefit of and by the way that's the other thing about LeBron I think it really ticks me off into this whole area with him is that he expects. Fully expects. The rest understand. How he supposed to be treated as LeBron James comes to issuing fouls ignoring policy might have. You know you know -- occurred on his clock and -- He that's what he expects from them and that's and I understand why because for his whole life that's where he's been treated. Okay then you can bring that right up today had a referees sent in silver and all of them saying you know what this is too obvious you know it's. Love mocked LeBron is that recipient of that I get it -- it but it's not his fault. He's not I don't know but that's one thing to be the recipient of it -- -- -- to expect -- and almost demanded by the -- US and that's how -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I you know he probably gave -- all that's you know that's their fault I don't follow up well you'll be okay -- Africa who were talked into it. You'll hear a lot of veiled complaints and blatant complaints from coaches and and -- -- believe -- I'm in the locker or mapped every game complaining about how the game officiated and they know they gonna get slapped quick a 25 grand a wideout. Anything you get in line less that's kind of like you know -- a bad way to beat you should be able to talk about that stuff -- -- -- who's gonna. Brian is in New Hampshire hello Brian how worn my -- my -- always great to listen Chileans are well thanks for thanks for listening. Not a problem and I agree with you -- good dislike of Obama had I had a like LeBron at all what did he was so little high school kid being on the cover sports torched. Are all Ellis -- fault. I've absolutely not now not and that that they say this and that's a perfect example how this gets away from you. Here's what I'm saying is that accurate -- -- like the way the I didn't like Welch were able now wasn't really get strand of you know how. He dealt with that but at the same token I understand when you're kidding you have -- tensions while match. It's just the way it is I get in his right that that arrogance of. Athletes in general on the elect which you're just talking about LeBron and how he expects everything to be its way kind of like David Ortiz a couple of weeks back. Expected this score keepers to score everything the way he wanted it and his best interest because they're little yet and yet had a lot of athletes in general there is the. Arrogance there. Okay I gotta tell you about reverse arrogance. I watch a lot of baseball games right. And I see 19 he hit his for the cubs or anything just pick -- team right. And he'll get a single -- double OK and look in the dugout. Why go to south -- Everybody it's like he's the only guy ever got a double for the cubs he might beat black. And it -- after everything that's -- valid estimate aggressive Vasquez this weekend right yes it's right right it's a great to see him do that right. But he got the he didn't have to be taught he went right into night is on second they would in the dugout 8888. Look at -- -- -- me -- -- Today so LeBron doesn't -- themselves and look at -- he he just assumes everybody is already and they are you pretty -- -- -- that that's but that's a whole different world but it's not his -- I'm not stranded -- -- that it would and -- that's his -- I'm saying is the way he -- but -- -- -- that first text about the -- that -- that's that's exactly -- -- get -- Kevin Durant regarded as close to the best player in the league and you hardly hear from him -- -- LeBron why humility humility at all because he re signed with the team. There was never free agents pursued because he had gone to freeagent humility. Yes and gone to -- you know telling you he's got humility sure yes why doesn't it Kevin Durant were a free agent you better believe teams would be moving dads around since you know -- salary cap space and you better believe he's out of the woodwork again when he -- and dealing -- would be doing it -- what he -- moving the players. Find out teams what do we games weren't -- okay well -- always -- -- -- what teams are doing for the -- differently bronze controlling. All of it. We all know effect he's got a contract -- -- Bryant the fact he's got a contract it's gonna allow him every year to do the same thing. That's not controlling I told you and I'll be perfectly clear about this okay. He said he is going to resign in Cleveland he says the reason that he is taking a two year deal with what your -- It's one year option to hear I don't know quite -- is that there it's twofold one there's -- -- CBA and is uncertain of the collective bargaining agreement to our money is because of money on is a big television contract it's gonna -- in two years OPEC and the salary caps and looked around eighty million -- money's -- so we have maximized his career start and asked her one year. He could do this again right. Correct -- from -- -- feet I mean you guys let live I'm right or wrong if he does. I will -- blow you out of the way not to be the first value -- liar and a fraud act you're free future acceptance of what I'm saying only I. I was late night except there right now gonna bet your bottom where he got he got. Asking you a question. As to -- advertised second just don't talk. -- Oh how I I at all got to -- That. If he did when I asked your question can he do after one year yeah as a player objects to say yes sort of ball yeah it took it's just. I asked you look yes no question you can't help. Can -- -- after one year yes you don't have to two years yes they -- -- -- the three years. Under the contract and I got Willie -- -- after when he -- yeah like priority well Michael Jordan you're I don't -- after -- -- -- he's gonna do I'm asking him what he can't do as a first time a government like sergeant Roy does whatever you get to pick my own rules did you. Renner do you think he would leave after one to two years -- how else culprit would anyone date they would that would get up -- luck. They would get up posse and Cleveland and chasing down and showed them in the straits and it I really wanted to honor I would carry a pitchfork people that. And about future possibilities that that he has made sure are available to him. And let's say I make to scrap and which looked at let me say this right if you let -- Kind of power and to calm right to control your salary you'll years etc. set two point one million except -- Would you accept. If I had the power. -- of course I will well he has the power it stood at LeBron has the power it but it -- the things we're talking about point out. My argument completely about him who he thinks he is in relation to the world and the -- in how the world will stop whenever he says it's gonna stop treatment and often change teams view once it's -- -- -- it's a -- world. Well wolf one other point that I has to as far as number one thing that I can't go against football on is the fact that he -- their only super star that strut their. Put together a super team won the championship called Malone and Gary Payton know what the lakers that's one aspect of that Scotty -- and. How about -- and Shaq how my check when he went to lake it's I think good. Somewhat on pins and needles see where he was growing up I think it's different to golden wonder -- Bryant I think you're right Brian Brian I think it's different to gold was situation that other people working on organizing in order to make a good team. That to take it -- -- here's what I want a I want this city this guy this guy this salary and this out after one year and by the way. I want this got to stay in this gotta go. Yeah that's not what it's about in this league it shouldn't be. I and I -- and I can understand that completely I think that's what a lot of it though is that there are a lot of -- players that have sort of done what they needed to do to keep people that he's setting a new standard for this. And and I and I think that it's also just decided makes -- before we're both sports Twitter or FaceBook and all of that what you can know what these people talking about. Everything was just behind the doors were real well I'll trust. And now all of a sudden there is no such thing it and then you look at. Don't basketball and all sports wrestling basketball football it was also -- closed in the world but now that door has been opened the of the social media so I think that maybe things might have happened in their own weight in the past -- -- that now. Which social media the way it is there's no way to hide it. That is that no question that social media plays a big pat and out lies and every aspect or you wanna talk about sports from abroad it's 80%. We got take a break -- his patio Specter flash and these lights like now that like he's the big big guy at the strip bar who's in charge of economic growth what it. Because you've -- I think any good at that thing with your calls right after this it.

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