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Steroids, Baseball and David Ortiz.

Jul 14, 2014|

We discuss the eternal hot-button. Steroids and baseball.

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-- heart tweets may. With a one guy on the planet who agrees with them -- one guy and as I said Andy a moment ago you probably don't wanna take a look at the text machine right now man. I know they were so many Barry fans there are a lot of Berry fans -- tight quarters were so popular. LeBron takes the easy way out and he gets ridiculed by every fan and Pat Riley you must hate Curtis Martin to lakers would -- quit quit quit. He played her. Quit in his prime what what you're supposed to stop for Barry Sanders when it becomes an issue of held that up among mum about it you've got to be the right. You want to got to be worn down sorry that's -- reality that it's okay for just a reality all it's okay for you to go to now. I don't see too many NFL players that walk -- Ireland. You know we're we got to get the point where we're making fun of you -- where. Writing columns and going on sports talk radio saying this guy's a liability net and it's OK but now the year they would ask but it but it usually hit and we don't see it. Well that was. Ryan was he that was physically on the wrong side of his career at that point -- -- team wise. Only he could he was still a great still like -- nominal but was he on the wrong side of his all the crazy -- that was the wrong word but he was still phenomenal. He was still in the -- running back he was still very productive he still could have helped a play off team dale the next fall. And I loved the guy was one and every guy every I -- this argument by the way -- -- -- help us out what this does every single time we talk about Barry Sanders. We talked about with the player right that he turned inside out patriots defensive backfield where the run where he may still be screwed into the turf. One of the more famous clips and in all history mean a top ten -- famous clip and I can't remember who. What I was Jerry ray are really did did you look it up no I'd like to appear to -- other Barry Sanders a play for ten years in the last journal league. He averaged. He averaged four point three yards and -- -- it's not as much front -- for him. That was that tied his career low still better than Charles maybe he felt in the year before that six point one yards. 2000 pick if you were so we were from 2053. Yards to fourteen anyone in the -- world. He had it collide had to drop off from 2053. You don't 149100. Yard season. Yet for him because it except he's an artist 15100 you cannot just aren't good enough. -- -- We've had several people -- we've seen Harland Barnett name. I think that's in Myron Guyton and it was Harland Barnett -- I think one's heart that we got to find it will find it on YouTube to sort of great moment all my god. What are Harland Barnett Africa. It's like it's always. While I was gonna be remembered but we remember that I like OK if I'm you know. The guy being dunked on if I'm gonna live forever and just be like this but I -- -- -- view hopefully that's what put on your -- regular. The other thing had to proceed toward more than she ever will be in the match I -- Russell another Jordan -- hey you're the ones like -- -- might not remember the sport guys who because it was like Arnold and he does happen to be in the area he represented 945 guys. Who also got spun around on that run -- back to the calls. This is why unfortunately. I sort of feel in my heart even if I don't wanna think this that Ken Griffey junior probably Australia's got the evidence well it's just it's. It'd be -- no iPad no got kept in a Miller like kids why add back up. I mean think about power numbers today in Major League Baseball and how the game has changed in the quote unquote post steroid here right let me know when that starts -- now. And I'm look at it it Ken Griffey junior where in successive years he had 49565648. Why -- -- think both are clean when I think Sammy Sosa's they're dirty and Mark McGwire or dirty. Those number 88 -- somebody at 56. It back to back tears in this day and age in Major League Baseball and not being a mammoth guy. Being sort of a lanky build an all around player who could -- simply defense is certainly not -- respect that guy get back to back birdies. He's such -- it. That's that's what the steroid era did to all of us right into cynics agreement Adam and -- that knob beyond being cynical. The steroid era -- that's forget. That. Henry Aaron was not a huge guy it made us forget -- -- time -- -- fifty. And or better yet they. And yet a bunch of steady -- forty -- and forties right clubs and you can hit you can be a home run hitter and not be a huge guy and that's what it was that's what that's the way. It used to be me obviously -- there's off off on his own Mickey Mantle was not hawking got a but did Mickey Mantle hit it to -- yes he did. You know Roger Maris -- -- little ones you know he was able to you know get the get the sixty. So. It -- that's not -- -- your life worse state upon you would say he didn't. Well if my life for State Department I would question the track. I would question why in my life at stake upon us how would that's what I was don't start questioning the system why why why the hell I got my ass right. In my life formalized sound like. It's our rob Bradford I heard talking about Ortiz and Griffin -- he takes. I'm just I'm just saying in those in the -- successive years 49565648. I don't believe anybody in that era who put up those kinds of numbers was clean. And and it's probably totally unfair one guy who wins maybe he's he's the guy who it's really 56 I don't believe that broke the 56 home run here. 56 home run hitter back to back years whose clean from that era. I just don't believe that the respect. I I wish there was. I wish there was and you can't prove you know that you didn't use our guests but. Let's see McGwire Mark McGwire debuting a -- and admission and even before his admission. There was there was some evidence you know Barry Bonds basically. Admitted to -- Sammy Sosa. I think it was Sammy Sosa on the on the list I don't believe so in 2000 that I am a -- the Mitchell report the 2003 list. Was -- on that. Think I don't believe so I may be wrong but I don't believe -- Thank you know Ken Griffey junior there hasn't been. I don't think other than other then. Looking at an error. If other guys were guilty he must mean guilt if you don't think there's anything else that you haven't Ken Griffey junior now that we know he is. He is seen so well that was socialism. Is seen as the clean guy he is never the guy who we always hold up. The paragon a big guy who didn't do it. Have a hard time line but there are a lot of heat in 56 home runs in back to back years data clean and that and there are a lot of guys who weren't paying for Arnold Griffey will mean Griffey retired in twenty to and so. I.'s gonna come up soon with hall of fame eligibility. -- -- -- The -- We look at these guys. They have incredible numbers. But I think because of that steroid era it's in the back people's modeling bits and and that -- article airport you. I there there's nothing there for Bagwell what people think when you must've done something -- Ethiopia odds greatly did at that the best catcher. The best hitting catcher. That I've seen in my lifetime. A better hitter. In my opinion Johnny Bench. That's the only competition for in terms hitting catchers you know Carlton Fisk and articles on that level. As a hitter but. People look at and say now. Something's wrong and we have no proof no I got nothing other than the numbers that I just said and circumstantial at best. Adds I freely admit that an all white -- and I just I -- a lot of people are. And that's not fair and that's what you know he gets lumped in but that's the problem with the at a new dimension the whole Bradford many camping I heard a clip from that. So what would -- both of them. Well I did speak honestly it was says yeah I think that he can't close he was stumble on to I think I think he. Any fumbled around a couple times he wanted to say -- dramatic answered. I don't know what happened. What do you think. It. Do you think he did something. Do you think he did I think he did steroids in 2003 proper effort did you think so too and the only -- -- -- Kirk -- it was. You gotta agree with me. If you don't agree -- -- -- fraud well I think the right answer is if you. It doesn't matter what I think it was on a list. Correct. A list journalist for a reason for so what's been I thought they are relevant but I think I -- that is not a -- I do not test you for any drugs I do not stick my head in Europe detest you for drugs. I can only go by the list. So that's what Bradford point was he's on the list for a reason to why no why he's on the list he's on a lift the so he he triggered. He -- something that triggered a positive test or was it steroids. Was any UH. Wasn't just the bad -- was masking agent what was. So how to help him a better question that helped rob Bradford to say. Oh yeah. It gets steroid it doesn't really matter that's what did you sort of citizen I can help me answer this question -- human hand because you're here in the studio. All day long. And you don't have to do what David Ortiz or David Ortiz -- agent or David Ortiz and teammate. I don't covering baseball glove and help me to answer this question there's no downside from the absolute worst case scenario like. You can think of his Ortiz gets so mad that he slams through the door. Goals -- radio go right at all. Run for rich are great he's gonna show up here probably there going through doors to argue and an inappropriate and then I guess that's where it's convenient when I try not -- Don't get the heck of -- 6177797937. Thompson Mansfield eight on your next on Sports Radio stale and holly. -- -- -- -- -- Okay enough is going on top Kroll are certainly hoping so -- like -- like this like is that typical for a add text or by the way says. You know why do you assume and I -- stock enemy here. Why do you assume that Ken Griffey junior used steroids which don't make the same assumption with Pedro. How come opulent grippy and you don't want Pedro in there. It's a legitimate question it has drawn to you up and Pedro I don't and I got nothing to base that on. Well it's not as easy a look for the spikes in production for pitcher personal right. Mean -- innings against would be a spike may be your stronger -- longer and gain and it's right about now it's always great right to strike -- numbers were always good but if we're just using the -- yes pagers and. While I would certainly say to answer the question why are you doing it for one man and opt for the other because all of us. Conveniently forget pitch pitchers -- -- a very gala where we always it that the focus is always on the hitters. So if if I brought up -- -- for example. Hey Greg dramatics -- and throw that hard and Greg Maddux was able to do what he did. And be super -- so precise can use steroids and we laugh at 565 pounds. He's not -- -- wasn't throwing 97 miles per hour and half of these these devastating steroid related injuries which kind of dismiss it unless it's obvious. -- -- -- case of Roger Clemens where the numbers whatever terrible at the end embossed with the terror that's been. I think overstated but it was -- but not -- not not not really he was a 500 pitcher for the last several about 500 look at the other pitching numbers -- -- good pitching numbers. But anyway to Toronto and came back this monster. He's it will work to help this come for a. Okay that's an obvious right it Pedro right there was never that you know all Mike -- what happened here there's a better example second time -- we've mentioned this guy. Andy Pettitte Andy Pettitte had never said anything about a huge. Andy Petit name does not come up we're not thinking about about it that's exactly fair but we always forget about the pitchers. 6177797937. Texas to be like at 37937. -- holly and every and Andy -- -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Include us on and to be they say that I. That test positive and -- -- list. I was asking questions how all of the right that's positive what the right took. Know what -- have a NASA farming in most every single person that they. Call mile away it they have every soul listen you test positive for this you were used in this Q what advice did he win them by that. And in my case it was not not that. And that I was one of the things that kind of piecemeal you know Lucas. You -- you can just point and be pointing fingers -- people without any proof and in my case I never take stereo would never takes Teradata and is there. That was David Ortiz last week. I will say this he was right about one part of that a tank and in fairness. He was part of that that survey testing the first survey testing. Which was supposedly just to get a percentage to see -- more strict drug testing policy was going to be implemented by Major League Baseball. They were told. No names attached. To -- to the survey testing there at the donations. And there should not have been names and all of a sudden his name is out there as somebody who was one of the the survey tests. Who tested positive. Where in all the other cases win win. You get caught when you you know you test positive they say what you tested positive for nobody has to this they said woody test. Well -- watch her on that list though. There's no recovery is over forever. Let let's put this where OK I'll give you a -- in -- you tell me how would play out. Scenario one David Ortiz comes out to variances. I get a I took steroids in 2003 because their product to get away with it. I thought my name would be protected it would never you would never find out about it. And I wanted to make a huge impression in Boston my first year Boston wanted to be good I did in 2003. When I stopped. After that. So what people say yeah right. Yes stopped after that OK sure -- there's there's no forgiveness if somebody from Major League Baseball comes out and says we have found out. Would David Ortiz. Tested positive for what it's something from GMC you can get it all the time. It's not a problem. But it triggered the tests. And he has been clean. His entire career it was just that one blip. People -- yet that that's fraudulent you know lyrically. What could there is nothing. He can do right now to turn that around. I don't think there's anything you can saying. I don't think there's anything you can do I think some people most of them. Red Sox for instance. Our ideas past all the test. The Major League battle tested -- has brought out on. Anti war started whenever he's our guy -- aren't allowed to touch pro basketball right now but all it was true Lance Armstrong right the only thing has Barry Bonds. Failed they never fail tests right in annual report. Other and in other words you. Rationalize it because he's your -- Well can he plays in your table and hasn't heard of has hurt but the guys -- on -- very very rarely. Most guys -- call we got. No very rarely I don't and that let's just cut and lot and it's very rarely a star. In any sport 'cause they know how to get around it that's what the hold by the Genesis thing was all about. The guy had mastered the ability. To administer steroids and make sure you remember the era idea. You gotta put this under your tongue in the third inning if it's after better earlier than that whatever it was timed down to the evening. To avoid feeling this is a science and it's all sports I don't fault. Major League Baseball NFL or -- -- -- go to Olympic testing. You rarely get caught either using that did the testing is so far behind the taking that it's not even. Back to the call 617779793. Salamanders on the cell phone and -- Did -- do it when Europe. And I'm taller version you. I want to talk about that -- -- Mum I don't know we're calling or seeing your work. -- -- in 2003. Are supposed to be wasn't published -- but he's right away it was never looked even even the reporters. Who have written about it. It was a guy from the New York Times and wrote the opera t.'s article in 2008 -- published that's what I meant that in the New York Times but that list wasn't -- some of the names were all of them all the names have not come out basically. There reporters who were getting tips from people who had access to -- who had seen it. And they weren't necessarily holding cell they remember the high profile people who were on the list Manny Ramirez David Ortiz. And they were able league got to the media but in terms of it that any publication come out with all of the names -- -- -- -- -- because it wasn't legal. I don't remember any mr. Barack yeah I don't know what do like a hundred or so right. And the only the only problem you get summit with only eleven now I -- -- I don't know a hundred people that build. And maybe the mentally there and wouldn't you release the name. That's a different argument there editor of -- for airport but it's different argument OK so why why David Ortiz and that day another high profile guy. Who knows maybe an -- somebody who they agenda -- -- Red Sox maybe somebody like David Ortiz. That's beside the point is maybe they only saw the -- from. You know. K through I don't -- something I don't think from my understanding that reporter. Didn't -- it. It was old. About some of the names. On that list that he actually happened is is that women always at the New York Times let him do that if he was -- by one source -- was he was it was confirmed got a right. Yet and it got it right Ortiz I don't believe has ever disputed he was on the list -- you why he was on the Gaza MLB. Right disputing a wreck and the reporter got it right and a that would be an issue for the times and I remember the there was some disagreement Murray jazz came out so this is still legal. The times never should've run is because. This is a sealed document mrs. this is illegal for the report reporters come out and do it. They had an ombudsman said no -- -- auditing are involved around that that the reporter was right though. -- the report was sealed court ordered that the that the -- was sealed. So hot they confirm that the reporter was right you got from an. How did the reporter compartment under the New York Times say he got it right look we we confirmed it was right because this is a district turned into a cottage industry for the scare. This reportedly is Michael's Schmidt is -- And he would this is not the first time. He had gotten a report that became his beat so to speak the drug beat catchy beat. So he out of sorts who get in the original information -- RJ Quinn of his time there he confirmed with another source. Anywhere with that in Major League Baseball -- absolutely right David Ortiz is on that list. And we can't tell you why but -- -- -- And again I'd I don't believe Ortiz has argued that he wasn't on the list I think that would have been an immediate lawsuit that would have been an ambulance information he lives in -- -- how everybody else finds out why they failed what they failed for. You tell me why -- his. Claim is that he never took anything right that should have triggered it in -- wants to know what trying to assess right he wants to almost no for the good of everyone because I accidentally triggers test for something I took you should make that out there so that the next guy doesn't have a false positive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And congrats. To somebody got a problem Griffey I have a sort of period. The generation complimentary ticket to -- ought to be at all during the steroid era it would all the that you know you're like mid twenties working class now part. Biggest baseball there and -- -- he is sort of that's what everybody's favorite player like -- Iran like. Rwanda has been around that. -- -- with sort of -- guy and that sort of the fact that he never cock cock and it's only evident that it never really got ripped. Sort of saved the ball and keep its validity for real important chart cannot pretend they're -- a fan today or are you think about it. I think that that baseball was saved more by the home run chase of of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa it was saved more by the pursuit of the of the endurance record by. By cal Ripken junior amateur than I've ever heard that Ken Griffey joined Griffey now saves -- baseball I I've never heard it but he was part of the fabric of that -- he was a part of it actually that I did player in the hat backwards in the swing just the pretty swing and everything the smile. Everything he brought to the game was. Iconic from that Arab but I don't know that Saturday -- Why is well taken that overall. The steroid era was good for businessmen that they edit you can debate that -- to break out the attendance went up more money came into the game it was from it was a more exciting game for the casual fan. Because of all of the rum production. Which came from cheating the only question I have is the steroid -- the end you that we joked about earlier I don't know in the beginning ones. I have a problem with that when people label one win this -- I don't know I would say it started with let's start openings. Affairs with Canseco and McGwire on the same team that's a wanna start maybe so we're assuming requires 49 as a rookie we're steroid aided. I wanna say I won't say as a rookie. The 49 so he showed the body as a rookie to basically hit fifty home runs right and you theorize a guy's gonna get better he's gonna. You know learn -- -- they are liars head and go with his words I think he's fair he started using them to recover from injuries correct. So that happened while he was with the Yankees but. Just as he started doesn't mean the -- start what I expected that there are people that -- -- doing steroids there are people that claim that the San Diego Chargers in the 1963. AFL championship game against your New England Patriots yep. Using their must've been I mean that's -- a lot of -- at Balboa stadium but that's two decades earlier that they may have been in. The second tier football league and you're telling me they didn't trickle over to a baseball that was the America's pastime. -- I have my question. And that's total and how and why and I wouldn't say with the sixties because there was a lot of misinformation at the time remembered -- a lot of baseball players. Didn't lift weights correct but that was bad but that was after the swing into our living off select somebody had to dabble somebody had to have a friend -- -- football -- somebody -- but to call it the era to say that the Arab began it became a popular thing. I'm gonna say like late eighties. Late eighties is probably fair but I am I guess is they were people that run for a decade plus more than. 6177797937. AT&T text line it's 37937. It's dale and Holley. And in the arts Sports Radio WEEI.

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