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The All-Star break: a good time as any for the Jon Lester contract talks to heat up again

Jul 14, 2014|

We discuss further developments in the Sox efforts to lock up Jon Lester to a long term deal to remain in Boston.

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The saddest part of that is that nobody left part of an -- heart yet. That's the saddest part of the whole thing. I will tell you that Paul -- sons have been using that on vacation for two weeks in Maine -- all -- -- already are they now. Last seven and nine have been -- a bit -- of America needs -- There's an endearing quality when you can laugh like that it's her own jokes and really get into it makes everybody think they're funny at the game. It's a good technique makes you happier to get ticked me Arnold I always say as long as I make myself laugh. I'm happy somebody literally somebody else out there is laughing too right. You need somebody in -- you're in tears if he would not yours but if you if you gonna take it as a comedian. You need somebody fallback career somebody else besides you can't just you. Plummet career. You can't beat the one who gets the biggest kick out of your jokes mean ultimately I think that -- -- that rule a recipe for disaster. If you everybody -- when Adam Sandler used to laugh remember in the middle of the skit he would start giggling and Latin America Lila yeah Daniel -- doesn't on the show now start laughing everybody else -- that was -- original and I don't apparently thought I guess I. This sounds like myself like much like last self. If that's going to be stick out of there is an original things don't come up with is nothing original in common errors or something figured out let's get to the cult that you guys six -- -- 779. 7937. Text this if you like a 37937. Let's start -- with Adam and Auburn -- Europe first on bail him out. There and -- at a -- and augment -- like -- I -- that impact. I just wanted to cut comment on the -- and try to offer calm rational explanation as to why I UBE is -- OK let's -- -- Now I'm not saying I don't want him I do want him and I agree with anybody it's that they blew a forty year I think they did. But we are at that point -- and there's no going back so. You know deciding to write -- moving forward -- what most import. So I would like to sign a -- -- that I'd I'd appreciate it you can pick up and I would Latin I would let him go and indeed to the region. I think we need to step back if you look at the broader landscape of baseball and offense in baseball offensive -- it's -- I think -- twenty pitchers with a hundred innings pitched with the gallery below. Which is what I mean that's coming up. Right so what what you're doing is incredibly great year but -- not exactly that you -- separating it from everybody else in the league. That a lot of guys pitching Christ not replace him. All aren't I get a -- I'm just saying. They're the young pitchers they have been all like court poor Gary Cole -- Richard. Sonny gray. Ran from from Italy that a lot of good young pitcher coming in and it. All right away -- that one. I would not go ranking she'll call the money I would get elected at the feet. Occurred around on that one option when it so how you can Sonny gray matter are. I. Don't regret about it -- -- no I think he's just like -- -- race. We are happy homecoming so you think can you always so you'd use -- how to replace Lester that's what it says on the on the schoolyard so that's what got me. So you tell me you're gonna replace Lester with Henry ailment that's you know -- owner all on video -- we got. Obama another and that's what ever -- don't have that much time -- -- you -- I want you to tell me who that person is just he's and you got great information and you did your homework. But the bottom line is replaced Jon Lester with -- I'm saying my bad -- it from the exact aren't they left. -- -- And it only got like three years that shorted in the shattered and execute left. I -- -- of which you came with a friend. Like that it is absurd but you're an unfair position. So I'll try to stop got. It right. Here and you and it's being compared. I'm saying what about closely. It better that are -- replacement at last year and a lot of money you don't give up probably eat -- -- -- -- want to do they want a look at what you are what. Lately for years and -- -- -- everything I don't pretty -- -- so out of it and I'm glad I'm glad to doctor that's where one or two ago. -- so quickly. In this is the problem people talk about Jon Lester. Love that I'm Sandra Beth callers but are you -- get today but I know a lot of good it was good that we've probably got here so answer as quickly. It's what quickly that group Lee has. A fantastic president. It's like just like Jon Lester lipped about the other day look at the career numbers letters and be surprised so. As a fantastic resonate just like Jon Lester. He he has won a World Series. It's like Jon Lester makes a lot of money. So what's the point. If your point is you don't wanna -- job last year. There -- gonna pay Cliff Lee how old closely. He's older than -- thirty. So you eat you can lock in the three to shorter term will cost it about women -- 35. If it does he think it is up 35 -- League east 3535. Only 36 and August okay and Iowa about 33 Bob that's out your window don't really stupid. -- really -- with Jon Lester and why does everyone wanna go into the contract yet under the contract is not going to be chances are you play the percentages. He would not have you won't be great at the age of 3536. On the which -- paying for is is let's say 31. The 343135. The numbers say you probably gonna get a good performance out of Jon Lester. For four years. And then he's asking for the extra year. I don't know after four now back then back in a sprint probably with the -- five. And you're there are not going beyond for example that a market. It's going to be in Adams right about that goes the market is going to be 67 has got a lot of money regardless. What you flight suit your replacement for Jon Lester is gonna cost you. A lot. And Cliff Lee is also only under contract for next year with a vesting option for the year after all the most you'd have them for is two years after this year. And he's going to be 36 next. It makes no sense to me and crap and get a better argument to be made in my opinion. If what he tried to say west -- -- it like Henry Owens Bledel thinks ready. But that's fine I I understand the youth movement that's going on here and Guerrero had six RBI yesterday let's get him up here -- play short. But I think Cliff Lee is a better argument than Henry -- at least you know. What Cliff Lee is now hearing Owens of is a good looking prospect. And he's have a great season at double you look at what opponents are hitting against them miniscule numbers. Great stuff. It is he going to be -- a great. Good. Major League pitcher I don't know premier top rotation guy you know wind up being a highly regarded long reliever who knows. So that can't be you could say. That's a replacement for Jon Lester but that's a replacement for Jon Lester and of their answer that's your answer. Then you've got to go this is the unknown he could be great could flee yeah. You know -- could be the next Clayton Kershaw. Or it can be an -- Brian rose. Lindsay now and easy now click on it Darnell boy I don't know what are your boy Cliff Lee makes 25 this year 25 next year. Of vesting option is 27 and a half. Wanna -- Jon Lester and watch almost six years younger. Red Sox spent the wanna pay him that much I I don't picket the plan but also the issue I would. -- not the issue the question is the ridiculous part of the offer the four and seventy. Was the seventy right. The four. We know they wanna keep the contract -- route along I think -- was too short but it too sure what -- not within a negotiating window right you know he might come back with six OK when you guys are on either side of the common ground. The ridiculous was the seventy. And they started with four in. 95 or something. People -- -- said that's a ridiculous -- that would have been a starting a legitimate starting point I think even Larry Lucchino kind of hinted that yes in all hindsight being twenty money may be that first offer wasn't. A good way to start and I thought Mike Reese made an interest in peril this morning eat pet who's coming back from vacation at a bunch of notes and different things. Was actually calling out another radio host in this town and part of the blog entry but comparing Wes Welker. And Jon Lester. In that case it was the player that started off in ridiculously. Three years 51 million. For Wes Welker was the starting ground this for now remember a guy who bet to win thirteen or two and twelve right. This was on this was the management on the opposite end of the spectrum that that. Hurts the negotiation right off the get go you're not even it. Will we can't talk. -- and I think that's then all of a sudden last minute you're trying to get it done with Welker and we started off way too far apart because you had this illusion of Granger. And you wonder if the Red Sox and -- are going down that road in the opposite sense where the organization start out so low. That all the goodwill the hometown discount went out the window okay we're -- free agents and basically NY Erica counters Lester site shut it down exactly okay where and I think. It all likely not over my guess is when the patriots were handed an offer of three years and 5100000430. Something Wes Welker. They shut it down. And I always think it's nothing I don't buy that you can always talk. I think you always thought you know it just starts out so ridiculously. High fuel honest you don't want to if you want if you wanna get the deal done. If you wanna get your side out here. Don't just don't just to walk away you don't just you know it's all going what is call away whatever it is don't count on popped so. They give them forward seven. And his response was. To go to the meteors agent's response let's go to media hey let's let's put this -- regrets are too. Come back with -- -- whatever your -- your -- -- to -- come back with that limit got probably not not an emotional countered it's like. What you think the market is in the market is well would you combat market has established I'm Jon Lester out is that Ford 200. No because you wanna be ridiculous I don't want to know I got emotional wanted to be ridiculous with final -- or two I don't wanna do that I don't care what you're right it's fine it's you think it's 170. I'm -- I'm not taking it personally and -- can take it personally and business so. I know what the market as I've done I've done our research and or Homer Bailey got. I know what Adam Wainwright god I don't Kershaw got all these guys and Brittany Cliff Lee. Sure there aren't I don't all these outlook and all this information and I know what I want. So I wanna be here for five years so I'll say you know five years. No 140. 135 I'm not gonna just come up with some crazy number if you asked -- to explain how argument with that number I'll be able to do. If I ask you to explain. Why he came up with sports deputy advocates rooting interest. Whatever it -- pushing it how Tacoma yet. And I when Larry and I don't know that it just it doesn't sound like they could come out it was just a starting they had no reason. When unloading automatic that -- but but why was it four and seven if you're gonna be. What the player apparently perceived as disrespectful ridiculous well then -- wasn't for fifty. You know what made four in seven. He just might take -- did they really think that although I don't know and a what kind of data they think that. Late at night after you are flawless self serve Bruschi at her and hello Chris in New Hampshire Chris you're next on sports radio's dale -- Fellas doesn't anybody wanna talk some balls. And think back to the Tom Jackson thing immediately before he said they -- their coach. He swivel his chair. He faced the number one camera for an isolation should be held here and out front of them like a politician might instead let me be -- -- So there was no slip of the tongue here he came back from break through and exactly what was gonna say it was just the miscalculation. As. I don't bring up great point because he -- and I remember vividly -- let me be clear. And he didn't say I think they know they're coach that let me be clear they hate their coach you're -- -- have a Roy Firestone other suggested. I think they actually price hated their coach for some short period of time at a at a emotionally reacted and each one of them in their own way inside probably felt like Jackson. Would have felt as a player you know what I mean so. Yet I guess so on this project texting. That if that's a fact the only thing I know for sure is there's nothing good that can come from this -- Belichick and I sure hope for his sake. The words Franklin apartment. Aren't anywhere in the post text because we've heard whispers about that. And you hit the nail on the head we were talking about that it's somewhere in those. Suppose at 33 pages of text messages if there's anything from Bill Belichick that talks about. The them a flop house the state house whatever word you wanna use. The apartment in Franklin when it got a house in North Attleboro -- context though. I. I don't -- that's automatically either horrific it depends on the context if somebody comes to you and says I think people follow -- I think somebody you know threatening me. You you couldn't say it will maybe need to lay low for a note in which -- saying come talk to our head of security. Let's get let's make sure we know what's going on here the first thing you'd say is I don't know the name of the guy who's had a surgery for the patriots mark breaks okay. I want to commit here talked to mark Briggs today. That's the first thing you'd say are a bit but how was the I was any reference the Franklin. Damning for Bill Belichick because the question is in and I've heard people talking about this war yet. Did the patriots suggest he needed a safe house and look if and if they do it. Why it depends it depends on what what the -- well it depends what the house what they thought was four. -- you think he's doing something illegal he thinks he has guns there are you think that he is. He's got a double life. Well -- help the patriots. And help them to keep that apply. It didn't help him to support their lifestyle. So I don't think that's it. Now the patriots it and that's and that's the case for Aaron Hernandez but for Hernandez for anybody any other player a lot of guys out there. Who have other. Apartment. For different things not necessarily. Breaking the law in the camera apparently maybe breaking browse. But that not necessarily break the law so the team knows about that are you obligated Q telling guys to be faithful to his wife and I don't know. I just -- picture Bill Belichick involved in the conversation with a guy about breaking your browse. Well you know -- allegedly trying to play. And that's my point you're saying if you mentioned the apartment yes mentioning the apartment could mean many things unless we have more details. He mentions the apartment and he mentioned guns you mentioned the apartment any -- -- be careful. I know you have you have lots of unregistered weapons but it's just so sorry I can't imagine Lawrence he's got selfish purposes as a football coach. Shortly care about Aaron Hernandez yeah yeah I care about -- -- -- -- -- but that the number one thing is. I want it's gotta be on the field I want this -- to do great things for the patriots so it seems outrageous to me that he word. Being cahoots with Aaron Hernandez keep this secret lifestyle girl. Well he's certainly not in cahoots but I think you you still need a frame of reference in over forty years in the NFL. About -- a lot. -- about Lawrence Taylor. Team we. Even fathom potentially. What Bill Belichick went through with -- Lawrence Taylor. And knowing what Laurence Taylor was doing off the field trying to marry that with football and making sure he was on the field on Sunday and at. I think we are naive to think that these are all chest. Jerod emails that they came into the league very mature players they got married they have three kids and they go home at 5 o'clock after the finish practicing and -- right. I think -- a lot of questionable characters that do a lot of questionable things. On all 32 teams in the National Football League and I think that's been the case for a long time and I think Bill Belichick has a myriad of experiences. That played some sort of a role in this in dealing with -- we know there's only one player in the National Football League has been accused of murdering people. Focus -- a roof but I I but he's gone but I'm saying listen. My point up until Aaron Hernandez Bill Belichick had dealt with -- whack jobs and emotional guys and guys with no ties to this neighborhood in -- friends. To your point none of them under similar circumstances and it up a murderer. This one did -- I hope this one played out differently at the final scene. But along the way a lot of the steps may have been very similar to a playbook that Bill Belichick used for years and it. And what people want and oh -- this thing up last year when Aaron Hernandez was charged any did the perp walk we also -- continues you have put it. Then number one question for people when it came to the patriots was in remained. What did they know -- -- at Dana when they know so. Similar question that's always he's getting worse politics what -- no -- -- when you know it's over the text messages. If it that question is answered. It ended its proven that they knew some of the stuff they were able to. They had to than it was in some terrible things going on in the life of -- Hernandez. Are now becomes even more interest I don't know the -- are gonna reveal that they'll -- no. No no no I am still I wanna see that I wanna see it. I don't expect to be very surprised. If a public those text messages in and -- attacks from BB thing it's hard at nine Jihad and. And I and it's it's not nobody expects that but the question is and Unita placed a -- ball. But even that I like that would would -- real every -- I don't -- and got my address you know there was a big uproar in Seattle. They printed that Richard chairman's address fans are all over your streak. And apartments or sometimes you can just go get away and -- feel like there could be a million answers to this and I know I'm kind of being she'll be looked at a certain way here -- I just don't think it's so salacious and black and white is it's going to be port tree text messages from brokers out of I. 77797937. -- telephone number hop on board talked with a -- like Texas at 37937. It's dale and Holley. Andy -- heart Sports Radio W media.

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