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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Winners who Lose Edition - 7-14-14

Jul 14, 2014|

We tackle four topics all centered around futbol's greatest player Messi never winning a damn thing.

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And we were up thinking of Lee and -- messy and yesterday leaving the World Cup without a championship. Let us to today's for a four. -- -- On this thing out on the iPod. Or at war brought to you by AT&T AT&T -- with a 99% of all Americans build a better network. Instantly tell me what this is likely in the coming into the song pops out of balloon. -- Hot Zack -- I know I was really if you accidentally go your remember I don't know I don't feel that it ended this on full house. Where it's not a good comedians and that's how far side. It's been a -- dirty state some two weeks ago that you use terrible. Resolves it owes you money and there's always that moment that moment you think if you want -- to highlight -- -- is gonna say how funny. It's not funny at all we got we -- an audience looked on billions then what do you do you know what out of you know but I can't. Picture. Mary -- -- you. Hello I'm 24 it's a standup comic. That's what she does normally she does I -- in Petro I -- profit. -- Chloe O'Brien got Jenn Sterger. An idea chicken the offense you stand now is -- quarter unquote standup comic in Jesus. Name. Not a I don't ever hold back up and not ever hold back the best. If it's really bad at it you never know they'll play let's count on that a total. That was Alaska. Not in front of a microphone while. Okay anyway shouldn't -- That's right you're with something dude are rightly as we sadly and I'll messy in Argentina lost to Germany yesterday in the World Cup you know -- Doesn't have a World Cup championship despite the fact that. Most people say it's the best player in the world. And it led us to today's forceful. I had that brings us -- four or we tracked four players who never wanted to although we're not going with the poor. Greatest players. Just players who played the majority of their career in the ninety's that we're gonna start. With Ken Griffey junior the 1997. MVP. The closest he got was losing in the ALCS in 1990. I'm used to it. He unloads a high fly balls hits it deep to right if it stays there. For a Ken Griffey -- Other cars today. -- Are you guys figure that Griffey junior for what you think he was the if it was a steroid guy. Yet it yet there's the question just I'd say yes you say yes -- accurately I'd say yes -- said. I just too many of those you know muscle injury right things at the end of his career. Couldn't stay healthy in all those things where they say steroids helped. Break down those things like yeah but you know I think toward the end of his career could -- healthy. -- the end of his career and some of the injuries were meanwhile was a restaurant and it all yeah I mean you look at this guy. I don't think it was getting it clean under the F I don't. -- think any action I don't know I'm ready -- -- to leave it -- they're really hasn't any. Strong suggestion. For Ken Griffey junior did anything. -- -- eight -- stretching but that's over eight seats. He hit at least forty home runs and seven of those things seasons and eight out of 81 the -- -- up. I mean just when I think about complete players. -- guys who did everything well there's no question that. He is one of the greatest if if he didn't use so I mean you you eliminate some of the user's A-Rod you eliminate bonds. He's one of the handful greatest players ever play again no doubt. But again I'm a cynic in -- Aronson injuries and some of the power just different things. -- Yeah. Yes we are in right now we're talking -- the 1993. NBA MVP. Also -- to lose the 93 NBA finals and the prime of his career playing second fiddle to Michael Jordan Charles Barkley. I'm impressed with the patriots organization that. It's like. That they've also limit people. And don't take you don't know what to winning programs. Don't do. So everything. It would -- the other kids who use. And some great relief helped -- -- and suck it. -- it's a shame that the the owner's box at Gillette Stadium is alcohol we cannot accept this column rebel -- -- an idea is that the president Lisovicz is at that point there. Okay first with the -- organization. It's like. That they've also limit people. They don't take you don't know what to winning programs don't do it. Don't do. And everything. You wouldn't feel rather just leave. -- become brittle bone doctor okay -- And so are you play the Jackson -- from him earlier Eddie Eddie Murphy. We really admit to not use the forward after they. Can't Matt. -- -- on the phone is that same thing I think they tell you that he's about to their Internet. He told that in front of everybody was hugging him he took a photo with Mike Reese does he wanted to everything something but. The best part yes I am desperate yells like he pretended like he knew my -- and I go over to Mike I don't -- -- Barkley goes. I don't. A look at best part of our legendary Jackie who he doesn't Jackie -- obviously that I obviously right. She's he sees her she's you know. They kind of connect and she puts her arm around him and he's -- And then she clearly he vehicle it's this this is in awkward situation with a man who may have had too much to drink -- -- -- Charlie let's go Diamondbacks out of the picture doesn't wanna be apart now we -- now. We aren't necessarily looking for the greatest players who never won anything that's the most colorful you could make an argument he's among the best players who don't want anything. For a lot of guys like that in the in the nineties just got caught up in the ya Jordan watch Karl Malone you know Karl -- Patrick Ewing John Stockton. Charles Barkley. We built what was it please. Allen Iverson. No no no. -- no trucks. Well I -- player I mean it's gonna give me an MVP of the league that's what I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That brings us right now to a long time possible and finally got his ring. But in the front office he lost to Stanley Cup finals as a player talk about Cam -- It's not him Daley's fault unfortunately that. The prime of his career happened to coincide with the Edmonton Oilers -- Got a Stanley Cup finals twice. Had to be Gretzky and messier and coffee -- Lauren and. Quite work almost these guys and it airframe -- for great players there -- a Toronto Ontario. Barry Bonds different categories -- very thoughts on some things going going to be enough for him great player because what he. What he did -- himself but a lot of these guys. In the things that. You can't really hold their general managers you can't they're not general manager. Serena were judges general managers weren't judging players fit right there that can't really do anything to prevent him from winning a championship now. Probably helped get them further than they deserve credit if you look at some of these guys. Either general managers make bone headed moves -- general managers. Don't make moves at all which is what the Bruins were accused for many years not going that extra mile to pay extra dollar for top guy. So it's not really it is too bad that we look at them that way that they're somehow diminished because they didn't win. And the answer could've been -- be spinning it should have been report right. He get traded away to -- his -- it went right but and port can't win if you know. Ray -- should have been should ended his career out price should never wanna cup that was an awkward situation that did and didn't. And then look good for anybody else to Padilla I think getting ready to write him now I don't know I have other people did that sound really yes. It most it just let the Mets dugout not a partisan mode. -- the majority so you're so popular so respected carry themselves the right way. That I think. You know 6570%. Of Bruins fans that could go for a I'm glad I hate your organization I love break from -- -- but. I think there are a lot of -- -- brewers fans ripping anything stinks you know what going to be here smell tests and things that doesn't pass the smell test. The the brings us the last player on our list. Amid the playoffs five times lost four wild card games and then 1991. NFC conference championship game -- in her. Receiver Roy Kramer handle Sanders coming right here. Game. And then quit. Scene of the hall where he almost came to blows in the -- -- earlier because -- are he'll bat every art wanna did that take on. The venerable Barry Sanders I wouldn't lay up -- within five yards. You have got mad at ray -- for gold somewhere else to win. But Barry Sanders it now -- Detroit Lions needed to -- want to go home run out. -- -- I just kept his mouth shut in the organization. I had a very Sandra I'm not battery -- -- the organization that lipped about twelve under orders are we supposed to do this can claim you're playing for the entire I probably retiring -- resign but lumping him into a list with guys who. You know immediately put his entire body on the line to win correct cursor up there again that what -- and that's it but it was not done. He was still playing at a very high level -- and said it is I don't resolve out when his body is it. I mean it if he if he doesn't have the -- please don't play at a high level when he left never. So but thank you can't hardly ever heard -- -- he he ever got some of these things that happened good or bad -- her to pick it definitely sure to ask mark Smart of hands moderate Barry Sanders you but that's a different group bought what -- -- went all the way struggles. That was my idols guys who didn't have the chance to win -- title. And and that's juxtaposed greatness. I don't you think all -- title he left. He let it looked at the Detroit line. And they haven't they haven't Diego when it damn I'll hear you talk a lot pulled it out and -- and -- good -- I don't know we've talked about the browns earlier. In 1964 for them up -- line by 57 ranked so Barry Sanders lectures on the defensive. The reason. We haven't won when the going out of the top Ivan Sanders retired and it's not. Four and it's not for lack of players like me and it's it's dark at the top and it's not gonna change here. So -- that are going to a different team he went home but he just like LeBron I've sort of -- -- back earlier Clinton met on acidity and on tight if he's gone to a different team. You would've given them read more treatment that it -- actually that's the beauty of tawdry. Now don't want -- -- in this category don't want I don't lions fan care. I am a Bruins -- -- -- and don't work and work thing I didn't like the western Uga kept playing. Or maybe that's trade. Maybe that will get better I don't know but I feel bad for you well I think what happened Whitney that your -- that -- fonts that problem now that ownership. So he plays for the war but I don't know if you think. You don't and I don't realize -- -- greatest players to ever play the game there's no doubt the alliance would have won the champion might have. We have air quality talent who's the greatest ever -- would have added to every one of those teams one guys may have played out differently. Okay -- stamp your feet go to a different team and then maybe I'll say you know Barkley. Barkley went to Phoenix didn't win a title I can feel bad for Barkley David is all his body gave up Barry Sanders. What's really funny is. Alliance made the playoffs. The first year Berry was thinking maybe they wanna what what do on -- -- they noted that -- they really hadn't taken his ball and gone all know what you're sat and yeah -- programs. -- none other probably nevermind network when he gave up. -- it -- among them and so he gets that aside and I assume you don't have a problem with him deciding. I don't know the national this anymore I don't feel like put my body through this anymore. Rather -- than taking your money under false pretense is committed to the honorable thing and step away. You've turned that into a negative -- Only in terms of comparing him to other athletes. Who like I think Dan Marino held on as long as he could to try to win Super Bowl I think in Reno wandering more than anything. I think Barkley wandering more than anything went to a different team held on all that. Barry Sanders didn't and I don't begrudge him or it -- -- elect elect out if if the ring was the most important thing it is like he would not retire. By retiring your eliminating the opportunity to win that ring if it's the most important thing your life in the -- were traded him. I don't know if you'll never know I think you do now know we recognize her I don't know what bent to wearing -- -- make that team better. I. Included on the list you can Griffey junior -- a lot of like twenty years. There are a lot of great players the reds was trying to win had to get there at a Seattle tried tried tried. Errors and there are a lot of great players and great coaches. Who have contradictory. Over the years yes some of them have gone to drive to make it again yes that aren't. Some of them have wound up at -- -- -- couldn't help some of that wound up with a New England Patriots Bill Belichick coached there. I mean it in -- -- -- and -- -- so many great players over the years over the years. 1957. And he took Calvin Johnson should retire he's -- body on the line for not then how many years replace. Seven. You weren't there. A lot of guys he's not gonna take one. Talent who can turn around the tree paper they really need and turning everything around Detroit it's it's also a valuation of the greatest players that didn't win but never went -- to have new owners. Nobody needs me greatly you know -- and you know they director Michael -- players who he didn't do his best to win. He quit and went that -- and now he did well he was mayor yes well -- -- they are but he had more left in his body and you've just added they went to the playoffs maybe if he's on the field make noticeable that year you know went home yeah he took his ball literally and went home. Not gonna win the Super Bowl that year do you know anything can happen in war yeah Kevin Garnett told the everything -- happened yet. Since 1957 the Detroit Lions haven't found a way to win -- champions you know the only way that it's impossible to get all the NFL -- not play in the NFL. -- book -- in the NFL Barry Sanders joins me when he joined the cal church -- their -- rate. Players who still had something left when they walked away from the game -- Ken Dryden still could play goal at the highest level. When he said you know what I don't know I didn't want to drain right but that's ailing heart -- aptly had to bring in -- laugh -- and I had a problem that I'm behind that 100%. But I don't have to whine and so I feel bad for -- never got to win he. What did -- say anything about why this is about how we feel bad for these guys that never got a chance to win a ring well Dan Marino at this woman I have feelings it. You don't know -- pretty hard on the -- -- went under six minutes I'm pretty sure you don't actually he walked I can't shed a tear for him no sympathy Barry. You walked away you have your health. You have your records you have your greatness you do not have a ring and it's 6177797937. As a telephone number I know. They hit 68 X line is 37937. Unfortunately when we come back in a time lag thing and Griffey junior. Probably did use something. I mean LA I I hope I'm wrong but I am gonna tell you my evidence why not when we come back and just supplements. Tomorrow on MS. -- -- -- with the -- at 10 o'clock. Lewis back and give us his Red Sox it. Grades plus we'll start looking at a Red Sox coming out of the all star break that's coming up at ten good days than a bit and they have beaten. -- -- -- Sports -- 93 point seven WEEI. Bottom of the ninth bases loaded before you gonna turn to for unparalleled customer service and construction support. 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