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Around the AFC East with MFB, 7-14-14

Jul 14, 2014|

Tim and Christian take a spin around the AFC East as they ready for the NFL season. MFB talk with Bob Wischusen, the voice of the Jets Play-by-Play for ESPN New York; Joe Buscaglia, WGR Bills beat reporter; Dave Hyde, Dolphins beat reporter for the Sun-Sentinel; and Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston.com.

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Final -- -- with NFC -- -- Christian Fauria at the -- back with us tomorrow. Chris has been dying to get some football talk which we have done throughout showed today. And we are gonna cater to Christian even more here. Todd just me -- just for you little football discussion. Throughout the AFC east -- know you've been dying to go around the division I just focus the patriots which we will do in a moment or two with Mike Reese from ESPN Boston. But joining us right now first and foremost is Bob shoes in. He is with ESP in New York Jets play by play man Bob thanks a lot for coming out with a -- -- Department -- -- appreciate the time to join us Christian watch until published on the air Decker signing. Saw lawless and great signing handsome guy good looking why. Do you think he's gonna have a dramatic impact on -- office or somebody else gonna have to emerge. Well I think it's better for the dramatic impact. You know he was kind of universe we will honor the best wide receiver available. Not to eat them. Like I guess we would sit quote unquote number one watt receiver. Is being paid you not make it would help our country counts and make but. Mean I think it's now is representative of kind of like a high number too low number one -- deeper than most people would -- it. But if you look at that move in concert with rafting. -- tomorrow. Who is really cut from the patriot mold those speed. They'll run at the scene -- it and if you catch the ball and also adding Chris Johnson. You know those three all have to be expected to vote -- -- perfect practice -- their offense. They're not been geno Smith at -- gonna be on an island. But in the next -- Bob what about geno what is your what is a fair level of expectation behalf repayment terms of his improvement from the year ago to this season. Well. I mean that's obvious that it factor. As to what this team ultimately is going to be. You know we've seen it with the states. You can change the cast of characters around the quarterback. But unless the quarterback play at a high level but you seemed to be in trouble. And if your quarterback play that a pile up all the matter would accept the characters are around that -- -- guys probably going to end up maybe we used to. Double digit wins in division title and the only guy that's injured but it is quite like that it be -- it would wanted to get a -- mean you know that -- play at a high level. But what you accurately judge what he uses a quarterback is only the -- if you give him some guys. And last year. And quite decided. Which yet that's what I would say were the worst group was still players I think that efforts to collect the. On the Jeremy -- the best receiver you've got. It's kind of number to number three running backs are really the only offensive weapons and the Arab and what are you really. Suspect that the court. Bob Shuster when you pull off they're all up isn't as popular but it's sealed the weapon nobody actually up about all the ball you'll now find out ultimately a pretty good. Publishers it was ESP in New York just play by play man. They -- you signed ax Calvin Pryor took him out of Louisville strong safety. That was one of the guys that we're looking at it we want to -- the patriots roster. How much of an impact is -- gonna make and looks like he started already but is he going to be impact a player for the jets defense. Well -- -- -- look the other needs to face. You get a prior and keep open half an immediate impact. Then. You know I don't know that anybody would look for safety at the -- the jets -- to meet that probably filled with a book watt receiver. Our quarterback. You know there there were some other position. That you could easily have looked that in the first round. It is looking at their roster. As being of higher need but they think Pryor is that talented and that in fact. That you know it -- impact is going to outweigh the fact that in the apart at some of the position you need -- -- they really delicate that the best available player. I remember you know the general manager announced got a his last -- close Seattle. What are we watched. Seattle do all year specifically with their secondary and -- what we watch those things he's doing Super Bowl to be unstoppable -- those off. So it clearly it looks like -- stressing you -- -- last year in the top and now you come back in the first round draft prior this year. You know and he's gonna try to make that secondary over in the mold of what he had or to look the part of helping. Built in in Seattle so I I think you're coming from that blueprint than they thought prior to that -- And Bob they -- the -- talk to during the seasonal cant. Got -- does publishers and ESPN play by play man in New York for the jets joining us next jobless data we have from WG are uploaded talked about the bills. Joseph let's start with the unfortunate news this offseason lots of Kiko Alonso. How are people reacting to that in buffalo. Well I think you walk her for her to go on -- really seeing mid and had one of the biggest impact of any defensive rookie of the past year so -- and obviously one up for the best rookie year. But Kiko Alonso was able to establish himself as a play making linebacker. And was one that kind of faded as the season went on so what they did it was speak they stop they were gonna put -- -- weak side linebacker. Shield him from some blocks says that he's -- -- thought it was better that orange and courses defense. He probably would have been but that's all for not now be torn ACL that lately and this year so people are not very happy because eagle -- the big part of that. So -- how good it is to simply walk because right now. EJ Manuel hasn't stuck to throw to Robert Woods. The speed of -- he's good when Kennedy throwing and Sammy Watkins. And that is a a lot of speed a lot of tell a different approach to any excuses he could make this year. I don't think so I think EJ Manuel has everything right there -- he got less stable of running -- not just really got. -- -- -- even for you want accounting Anthony Dixon now -- along with CJ Spiller bridge accident. And Bryce -- and then at wide receiver you've -- Mike Williams Robert Woods and you walk in the news one of the group. Better wide receiver prospects telling out and in the past two years mean there really aren't many excuses as the only. Weak position per say would be tight end with Scott Chandler's -- of very good player to go but. I I think he I think EJ Manuel it's definitely all on you this year and that. There are surrounding him with enough talent to where they wanna hear them make a decision. And will he provide an answer this year I'll have to see but I would and the big one way or the other they want that answer pretty quickly. Lastly Joseph what is the best case scenario for the bills this year while still being realistic terms of -- -- I think the best case scenario probably the eight live I don't see them getting over that wet so they have a -- December. Against teams like Denver Green Bay at New England. Two of those games are on the road and it is in December they'll or road game in Oakland as well. I think I think that -- win quite -- -- our guy. At their quarterback at quarterback you -- basically only has a little over a year under his belt. I think it might be -- a little bit too much of a bit and get a winning record this year despite the deep and despite everything however it's. If they tend to go into a game manager rode him and ball control and their defense stepped it up from where they weren't last year that baker pushed. That night when Barbara still don't think -- dole did get it done to be in the playoffs. HL picks up the time greatly appreciate it we'll catch him when he when the season gets going okay. -- got a little as Childress Dudley from WGR in buffalo quick note before it gets you David Hyde here from Miami to talk about dolphins. They did announce the starting pitchers they'll start in these Felix Hernandez. And Adam Wainwright Jon -- not starting now that you will have more info on that. As last our program goes along most of football for the time being David -- the sun sentinel. The reporter for the Miami Dolphins all of us right now Christian Fauria meets in -- Mike -- coming up -- second -- pats but. Dave what about the dolphins how'd they bounce back this year after the disappointment. At the end of the regular season a year ago. Welcome to solve that question up -- one audited so how they rebound on the offensive line or others when they play the patriots in the opener -- -- -- -- five starters on the offensive line and only one proven. NFL starter at left tackle Branden Albert so. You don't think Bill Belichick is. Well I -- those numbers and then moving his -- and I was around two figured out how to take advantage of that but relatively. You know before we get there are serious questions about. Ryan and the -- of all men and you know how good this defense is you -- start there with an offensive linemen after last year where they. Obviously had to do it dole. A lot of the offensive line get did it can later in the one -- either -- the rebuilt completely the offensive line. What about Dion Jordan I mean is he considered a disappointment at this point are they gonna get some more time trying to figure out. While going to have a choice but to give them side might mean. -- -- -- disappointment -- -- there you know there. You know it's such a remarkable physical. Visibility he ran step for step for -- Rob Gronkowski down field that the game got here on Saturday he. Had the -- that on the game against the ravens. So use this special place for him from him but he also. I'll scratch your head and wonder why are the coaches put a mob feel more and maybe. You know you heard question -- Of you know how. -- she's applying himself to the game is it. Whether senate -- PD's come in the questions so. Yeah absolutely it's disappointment. In here to any rookie especially with the rookie thing you know overall the draft. -- -- here should be making impact and now he's gonna miss -- games. Dave I was working in Pittsburgh last year when the -- game occurred with Antonio Brown stepping on the sidelines last moment crazy flea flicker at the end of the game Miami wins that contest and prime position to take that last wild card that seemingly nobody else in the AFC wanted. I think gag it away with losses to buffalo and New York down the stretch. How much sting was there in South Florida for there was two contests after they were said and done always instilled just fallout from the a locker room situation from a couple weeks prior to that with the hazing and so forth. Well I think you can tie the two together a you know the pressure was on them all the sudden they've made -- clear path the playoffs question like Hughes says. They got a little -- from Antonio Brown somehow step in out of bounds in the snow and and then Vegas. -- part -- and you know maybe that maybe all the issues they had internally. I'm in those moved away from the ballpark to edit edit -- more pressure mounting. Last couple games we have finally there -- expected to win. Expected to go to the playoff sudden and you know they didn't handle well you know CNN -- had probably the maybe -- two worst games of the year. And you know us and that all the questions. Just spilled out into the offseason. Rose to the surface so the you know it's a good question that the Buick franchise is that for decades now searching for answers and I don't think anything really changed. I'm as we get in this bill. Fourteen season. Dave thanks a lot for coming out what this we appreciate your phoning in and will make sure to catch up as they see east schedule rolls along okay. All right that is David -- from the sun sentinel dolphins beat reporter. Now joining us to wrap up to talk about the -- the patriots on the AT&T high hotline it's Mike Reese from ESPN boston.com. Mike thanks opera come and how we get the patriots now of course to sum things up as we go across the AFC's beaten -- And Christian Fauria appreciate you called up and out all right so we just talked about it the biggest threat allegedly. Coming into this season for New England is supposed to be. Miami as we -- just talk about David. That's a team that showed no guts no starch no fiber. On the last couple weeks and everything was laid -- and make it as a wildcard I can't see them being all that much. Other contender for England's crown in the AFC east. And it's interesting because I remember when the patriots went down their lot. Last December a lot of people were saying you know they've turned the corner they -- for real and Joseph -- their head coaches sat. You know coach of the year candidate for sort of keep them afloat with -- all the controversy they had down there and then. This sort of tailed off the last two weeks of the season and it's sort of chose yes hell. How sensitive the balances in the lead anything can just drop off so quickly. If I had to say of the three teams in the east. And I think rules would give the patriots the biggest run for them the money but probably start with the jets. Just the idea that you know -- you know their defense is always going to be competitive. With Rex Ryan and and they made some improvements on offense so -- the -- that catches my -- with with one caveat and that's that. The patriots season opener at Miami I do think that can be tough game you know 1 o'clock kick out September 7 and that he. And that's a tough one to get ready for just because of the conditions. And there are different talent down there and that dolphins' roster. Day Mike you -- -- Christians we're seeing great thought yeah this so I listened. We just got a phone with three reporters from a eats a CT on the jets dolphins. And the -- Now after talking to each guy they still have all these weapons and they they drafted well the bills in particular. But they all have these quarterbacks that still have not proven anything. And in this in this conference the quarterback who -- at the best conference the best quarterback. Usually ends up winning the division. Are any of these quarterbacks from -- attending a deal Smith EJ Manuel at indium at any of them during the of the offseason showed you at all. That date that we should be worried about there improvements. It's the last game I. I don't think anything specifically they did Christian but I'd look at the things that happened around them so. At Miami you know obviously and amateurs -- I just just touched on this. I mean it would no matter what can kill did himself. This see that they needed to get him help in terms of protect him. That offensive line that was the big issue there so they've done that so now I think he has a better cheek and. Its third year with a new offensive coordinator to possibly take. A step forward -- in buffalo. EJ Manuel if they trade up which to me would say you know on or overly aggressive move out almost to the point of reckless probably is too strong of -- word -- to go up five spots to get a receiver and Sammy Watkins that they think it's special. They wanna give EJ Manuel all the tools possible. So that they can say hey we gave them everything he needed to succeed and if he doesn't that's on -- I think that they helped him in that area and then you know you look at the jets. I think that's a lot of weapons. -- you put around him with Chris Johnson and Eric Decker and bringing back -- tight end contracting case tomorrow the pain in the second round. And also the one quarterback I might add in their Christian is Michael Vick because it keynote had really done. Follow up you know and and doesn't produce. Not a bad back up to turn two and Michael. Yes I look at the Buffalo Bills. Mike recent years -- -- dot com. Is that Sammy Watkins signing could be one of the best sides they've made of the NLC got Cyrus wants out of Alabama. But that receiving corps is sick but tied and although he's not a murder is -- killing the patriots for years and then you throw at CJ Spiller or Fred Jackson. And I think defensively. They're gonna be set that's one of the biggest the biggest concerns for the -- -- opposite deepens a lot of the bills. So do you think out of all the three teams now defeat the would you speak and it pulls the biggest threat the patriots. I'm I'm still gonna go with it yet you know I feel like -- elegant yet you disagreed -- I have they don't bother reality Adelson met. Seems like an accident waiting to happen out these really get out of his own way Bryant had a -- although he has has more years under his belt. But I -- like the Buffalo Bills what that defense. And EJ Manuel for another year under his belt. It's is it I guess that's the team that scares me now. We just had. Though Joseph on here from the bills reporter at -- before you he said they'd only went eight games that even that to me that seems. Awfully low. Yeah well so a couple things that but -- in the standard to meet one doctor I still have questions about eating and I know he has. The first round sort of label to into the into the first round pick. I'm not sure that was warranted I'm you also have -- you change on defense. And I always -- you could speak to this better than here you know from having played. When you have when you're going from like some Rex Ryan my -- and tight defense and and they played. Fairly good defense faster than the run defense struggled a little bit. To Jim Schwartz -- style which isn't which is a lot different that's sort of that yet secure. You know Tennessee Titans 43. I want to put all the pieces fit and you're right they have good personnel on defense they didn't hear it spurred their their safety so I think it's a downgrade there. I don't know I guess they still have doubts for a permit for a team that I've seen the patriots really handle pretty consistently over the last decade plot. My Christmas from ESPN boston.com. -- any reason for patriots fans to hold out optimism that Andre Johnson could be a patriot before the start of the season. Brought him I I don't think we can always dream right I mean it it would give great fit for any team I mean he's that good of a player. I get to -- if you have to have an interested party -- on the other side. And I just don't sense any. Interest from the Texans part to trade -- and less. Note that he would come to them -- an offer they couldn't refuse and I would think that would have to start with the first round pick and potentially include. Know a conditional pick that could be a second first rounder and I don't. Keep the patriots doing that. And and -- and I cannot detect and had a change of heart I think it's one of those situations where and left the -- you get. The trade and that such that you can't refute it almost need to make a statement if -- bill O'Brien differs here's coach and say you know what. This can't happen because we. You don't do this for the player than the next player that does this week sort of set a precedent so. You have sort of a precedent setting situation here for first year head coach -- trying to setup this program and I sort of fall on the campus of Andre Johnson played he would detection or not. Play at all. I've mikes so Rob Gronkowski. Looks like police the word is that he's gonna be -- -- the first game of the season. However a they'd do the other patrons gambling a little bit if they don't bring in another veteran tight and right now you have DJ Williams about a lot of experience. Michael -- -- of a new week. I mean obviously we know he can do is more that moved guy that you have a couple undrafted free agents and Justin Jones and Asa Watson. What do you think the Smart move would be for them to do it tied -- You get you have an eligibility left now I goal line red zone like that we've -- -- government down there. I definitely light at the position from my view I think that. Probably on it if they go in this way I would probably look at the offense differently may be more from. The 2007. Wins when they were really more of -- -- receiver offense. Then the 2011. -- when they were too tight end it was gronkowski and Hernandez are pretty much all the snaps if not -- Maybe 10% of them still. I think the way that the roster structured. It's not like -- sure fire answers out there there was that you know great. Tight end that would get checked out all the boxes in terms of OK there's no injury riskier he's still. You know productive and he helped the you may be Dustin Keller could help you put this question director Michael in the same thing. If they feel comfortable with it I could see either of those guys helping them but. I think if they go into this season with the roster they have you might see more about James Devlin possibly you know fullback using a pull back a little bit more. But really more than anything Christian. Three receivers more more receivers and less of an emphasis on that tight end position. -- -- -- sing about there are two ESP and related matters involving the patriots who want to bounce off you the first of which is ESPN team by team greatest player in franchise history appalled that they did. I had an issue with them just saying it was the tuck rule game ICG is going to talk Rolando Estrada -- been together with a Vinatieri kicked. Ought to get your thoughts on that how the voting went and they also did a poll about the top. Impact free agent signings from one team to another transforming reagents for the franchise. And Darrelle Revis not reference anywhere on the top five were you surprised at that. Yeah I mean I would I would put them on there because I think he's he has a special player so I would I would agree began read -- -- on the -- The top please stand like ten and on the the right person answer to actually had that the pick those cute kid that I struggled -- Brutally honest you lay it -- what I mean like I. I wanted to put. So it's a top player top memorable moment -- in franchise history. And my thought he was okay. You gotta have the field goal that Vinatieri kicked two wins Super Bowl 36 because. To -- that's the first Super Bowl you win and if you're a fan of -- scheme like I think that's one of those moments. If they where where you you know the one of those -- and that you never forget your first championship so I thought that was a no brainer. And then you don't know -- I felt like I had to be in there. To a tight end the tuck rule that would have been the three plays an actual but I wanted another play like. You know that -- debt represented may be like at a different part of the organization's history silently that. Snowplow game you know from 82 cycle because the ticket that out. And on the tuck rule itself the mobile kick. And the Super Bowl kick. Then I -- had everything from 2001 to presence felt. I probably you know you can I think -- -- fair point you made I I -- you can't really of the tuck rule without this noble kick. Because what if you know yet the couple that he doesn't make the -- or even talking about the tuck rule. And then give the couple but he doesn't make a kick. You know do we talk about the kick you know so it's it's sort of you have one without the other may get took the easy way out there a point values -- sort of the thinking how. Got -- and got -- it too much not a Mike register as it was of the that I noticed -- -- of the that -- -- delayed play -- do a play as opposed to doing a game you know I mean. Totally totally SharePoint by you and I just sort of wanted to explain when I was beginning coming up with a to try and you know. That that was basically the thinking behind it. I thanks a lot like really appreciate come on it won't be only a bunch in the season I'm sure thanks for joining us -- -- I -- -- Mike -- here on night 37. WEI of ESPN boston.com. -- you fall -- had to be changed your mind at all since you brought it up as far as of the play yes. I think that most important play would be. Charles Woodson great speaker -- -- play. The -- played itself not get it the talk play and where you act on what the battery that's bella finally started all they've really -- all without that play without them over ruling that then you have none of -- 6177797937. What we come back on WEEI. Not a good time for your call we have been able to go to phones for awhile so now's a good time to do it you're able to get through before do so and I can also text 37. 937 plus. Christian I might investigate doing something when it comes to sports viewing that we've never done before play with that is next this is 937 W yeah.

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