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Three For All: Drunk Florida man refuses to leave LegoLand, 7-14-14

Jul 14, 2014|

A man who calls him self "Pterodactyl" had to be restrained by multiple officers and LegoLand employees (after a failed tasing) for being drunk and disorderly at a LegoLand Florida location. Also, Chrissy Teigan trips out on a raw cashew on vacation.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionately. Renaissance man at -- at least three or wrong I'm never afraid of psychiatry threes overall picture. It's three overall dvds with MFD. Definitely brought McVeigh's and feed. Demands Christian -- at the will be back with us tomorrow that you're off. Like you got SEC mediators and yes yes they do I gotta get to college football with a free for -- brought to -- -- -- ballot instruction needed to -- they've got you covered. And I just start off with what basically by deferring to you for a matter of opinion on this but I wanted to ask you stories -- you -- -- you guys for outline craft. What it comes to the summer months and you going out what your kids to try to entertain them. And pass the time and they're on summer vacation that -- up on weekends even during the week just to keep them entertained right yup. Things like for instance Lego land or Chucky cheese come off holy -- so boring. What did you just have a a birthing experience or just -- the birthday party your house -- my memory yes at mile per department torture right agony yes I would imagine yes. Kids -- I don't know can't swim habitable part -- stop and get off allergies and -- total floated a life jacket. That's faster and faster so the other option is not -- host these parties you go to somewhere like Chucky cheese or illegal yeah. -- speaker of the state there's not editing dump for a decline Polk County Florida. Police arrested a man who told them that his name was terrorist act after allegedly having an instant that label and Florida where he appeared drunk. The guy's name was Richard -- and Andrea and allegedly he refused to leave the attraction. And was inebriated he asked who just leave the park and instead ran into the parks lazy river. What was occupied by a large number of children. Deputies attempted to taste and hand yeah. But it was unsuccessful. It ultimately took multiple -- and employees are I don't know let -- let employees to get the 36 year old under control US enrollees that shares on officers. And this goes a lot of the story from. Costa Mesa, California. We're two California men allegedly getting hired a bathroom where the presence of a giant mouse -- walk at its hind legs but it wasn't because they were hallucinating. They were smoking heroin -- a Chucky cheese. I gotta say heroin addict that it now if you really -- trip out. Go to Chucky she's be really imagine what that mouth and although every point you probably never have been too which is sure I have yes advocate. I got off -- at chuck. Those robotic. Like you -- animals that are just singing and dancing with the Mets beat popped up with some sort of drug it -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of I actually have some sort of empathy for these. Bothers here this it's going to actually debts while whose kids are at Cherokee chief David just did it quarreled and it Chucky cheese and other kids I don't know old. That the Chucky cheese dads were. Dad's I would get at a -- is it appeared at a debate who's going to protect -- and other kids Jarrett Jack still was there with his kids -- -- -- land and -- ran into the lazy lazy river. At what these situations were so bad that you couldn't get through without getting popped up on something. Not smoking heroine yeah -- do whatever was left over for your playing days that -- -- just talking about our back pocket. But at least a few drinks that are alleged they -- those things -- there is be careful with that. Any point did you say OK I cannot get through this Chucky cheese birthday party with a -- -- 10 yeah yeah you know it's funny like some birthday parties. Like that that the kids are so young so the parents go -- -- based disappeared hang out and wait for it to end but every now and then it is painful. The host of the bet that the parents the host of of the party -- off view an outpatient -- Buick next to a tree and cocktail you know advocate yes. Bibby to figure -- I have another capital I mean or Britain -- -- -- like real and about Chris Teague did get a vision because. To think that that it actually happened UB ED raw cashew and you can get high. Boss Gerald supply in assessing that she got high eating -- raw cashew. And I. I would have to -- -- -- never eat a broadcaster and apparently -- information on the Internet that says if you -- -- cash she was like taking LSD you could trip out. That's brand new news to me I never knew that Obama try that out that maybe they -- whole foods along with a coconut oil predict the coconut oil so these are you stories about -- gone awry. Not you have one as well from the aquarium yes well I've ever is still a man jumped into the New England Aquarium now I I don't know about you. Because it's always been I don't want to expand thief but a desire of march a goal. -- the jump in -- some random query every pixel laps -- out. You know whip them to kick me out satellite. You know running on the field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who jump -- dove into the New England Aquarium. And aptly get arrested -- -- Steven. I'll agree 51 years old and we obviously just goes to the strong team that goes for the three for -- -- de -- camera he jumped to but he doesn't just jumping to jump out. He -- day -- does collapse. He does the backs broad ego that he hangs out you know look checked -- the coral but outlook and see what what the danger is -- It's not like there's great white sharks in the Vatican it comes to Bauer has got to really -- danger. Like you are splashing around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shark that -- watch you know we start the people diving into the query result after the really isn't a threat level there. I get credit for diving in you know and and and -- doing the backstroke but. The fear factor there is -- volume zero what I think is that something like that happens. You allow it to happen abuses and keeper are definitely is thinning the -- Same thing happened Japan remember a couple of years ago some guy ran into the gorilla -- and got all pulled apart. Oh yes -- big jump in the lying KG got all pulled apart. Let it happen. Let's go they're volunteering. They're giving up their chair at the party didn't do it -- you saw the body is that he entertained at -- possibly jumping off a three story building. What you try to -- -- too. I he got where you kind of dying go to the federal time. But it jumped up -- bill I never will know Christian understandably so I don't need it but I hear about it somebody Eric -- I got this putt but all these are Metafile corset that it is it bitter bitter. Six -- 777. 97937. What we come back -- gonna go around the AFC east Bob was shoes and from New York. Dave Hyde from Miami Michael -- could join us from -- -- for buffalo weird joke from WGR. -- -- schedule from WG RR us our sister station in buffalo a -- -- ago. City by city to go across the AFC east will wrap up with -- New England. And you'll get your store to Mike about how many drugs usually is illegally took from the during the patriots locker room that's not true. Illegally means there was a rule against it there was a rule that -- percent of via.

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