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The Bradfo Show: Talking Mad Men with January Jones, Henry Owens with Alex Speier

Jul 14, 2014|

From the All-Star festivities in Minneapolis, Rob Bradford is joined by January Jones ("Betty") of Mad Men fame to discuss her performance in Sunday's Celebrity Softball Game, wrapping up shooting on her show, and the importance of the name "Xander." Bradford also catches up with Alex Speier to break down the chances Henry Owens could actually become a replacement for Jon Lester if he leaves the Red Sox.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. Another dismissed the threat show's sponsor the days. Five -- difference. School distinctive clothing people treat you so -- -- those who have insurance as well. Hub and BR to define an institution with more integrity today's Brad -- show is a very very special one -- -- from the all star festivities at Minnesota where. Jon Lester Tokyo are representing the Red Sox -- I think a lot of you know how I feel about the all star game itself just a fraudulent event because actually -- think he's -- actually count for something when guys are leaving on the jet planes in the sixth and seventh inning just does not make any sense but there are things around this game. Which do -- doesn't make it interesting and and the media availability talk in these all stars of free agents to be trade targets would be and Sunday we also get a chance to witness a couple things and also make this this all star. Gala. Semi interesting. And that is the futures game. And also the celebrity softball game. Futures game obviously Alex spear is here used as dominating everything and he wrote a column. Off the futures game talking about talking to do in about Henry Owens and whether or not we can realistic the look at him as a potential replacement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jim Terry Jones first of all this how was it every I know you come from an athletic background how was this. I was so much fun. I am happy to share at my data my grandfather and -- -- it got down on -- And next year to maybe you're catching it -- to do about his decisions. Embarrass you throw it to my irons but. It was not. You -- you're down to the gym teachers era it is it's AT&T'S teacher and an exercise is just very athletic family. So any pointers government here or did did you did you play coming up that you played softball. -- -- the kid I think the last time I played them maybe sixers upgrades and not on time at least eighty practiced over the Easter break. And that he don't want me you know like that embarrass the family you know. It's still. There was there anything about play out there then what do snapped right back for you or. I know I did not and getting -- -- -- -- -- stay back but I. Just mountain being part of a team that's really funny get -- on just that -- energy was great. Speaking to be a part of it is that now steal the best car and -- huge Batman fan. The best part about being on that show. Did seem -- yeah we just finished our last day last Thursday and it was really sad event wrapped that up so I'm about these fat -- see them everyday. You say official last day is everything super secret have you ever been part of anything like that where things are kept them around like not like I think that's part. You know black people enjoyed singing and it is -- You don't know what's going to happen -- is it something where army would be obviously you try to guess and you play along with. What how these candies that I don't even know like three years ago you said I think it's gonna end like this today and differently than you thought it would. And I think cabinet like surprises like audience members out. The -- Oscars in Basra related as they say come Red Sox and there's there is the third baseman from Boston Red Sox is named Zander Bogart's. So you over Sunday dinner. It's no accident. But so there's not a lot of interest in the war on his wondered how did you come to -- Did you have a name I don't know anyone name that sounds. It was just weird coincidence. Our second guest of today's podcast is Alex spear has promised in now -- you you tickle your fancy. Watching me live tweet from the celebrity softball game and well I suppose that there's been a lot of a lot of fancies tickled recently robbed but. It. I did find your obsession like I did he joked about the about the all star futures game right the idea of seeing his prospects for the first time. -- many instances in U. Probably you you don't really share that enthusiasm but my god you were locked in -- breaking down what was happening in this with a pretty all star game and it was it was something to behold both both in terms of the celebrity performances in your room. While Aaliyah do you like this futures also argue about you know we see these guys want to see him before I don't get a chance to see fat -- try to stretch or go first of -- and this be honest it or or as re meant to our our personnel our podcast January Jones catching. Catching Jack Morris would get a chance to see differently and going deep for the first time since. We can't mercker back in the early eighties by the guys that gives it's really -- they should view its -- summed up. -- after the game a little kid goes. Aid that show gave me a ball now what. Section of life would someone say -- fat joke. Keep your ball and the guy says sure. He gives -- little ball. Yeah it's true I guess that I guess that normal rules of decorum -- -- -- do not apply in in that sort of setting that you know I'm I'm a little bit disappointed you didn't as January Jones would've gone wrong in the -- that or she grounded into around the horn double play that was kicked off by -- is actually a very -- -- There and this written. -- But this season predictions and spring training if he said that the most excitement from the season's today was jittery Joe's grad grounding into a double play kicked off by an Alley whoever that to pull the big one. It's getting -- button here -- -- -- -- -- this get to the the real reason why am talking to you were a couple. And and that's because you just wrote a column on Henry Owens. And if -- Henry Owens is is -- Probably the third most popular member of the Red Sox right now even though he's not even close of the Red Sox. You know who the first two baby baby he's big he's never won by -- it's always a topic of conversation because just because Jon Lester is the topic of conversation right Iran and will be until he either signs -- doesn't -- with -- Red Sox. So basically the promise of your column which is -- absolute great ones and and I'll I'll everything go right -- can take credit for thinking this premise I think you do on your own. -- Thanks rob -- all grown up now. So slow it so. -- the promises can Henry Owens replaced on Lester. It's a legitimate legitimate point which which people. Most people haven't seen Henry on it -- beyond who are getting engaged in this argument you've seen him pitch a bunch of times so. Give me your take away QB taken away after writing new. Column or QB do you bullet points. These fascinating because the scouting community is pretty divided about him he's not he's he doesn't fit the mold in terms of like what you just look for. In terms of the most prominent checkpoints avoid as part of the rotation guy looks like. The all star futures game is typically showcase for guys who blow 95200. Miles an hour Owens gets out there as the starting pitcher for. And he's working 89 to 92. And he's perfectly comfortable with that well aware that that makes him amended that helps him defy the -- and in fact he he decides that he was going uses showcase just to -- to anyone who's ever doubted that he has occurred while I -- by throwing -- first pitch curve ball to open the game it was a ball goes so it wasn't quite as cool as -- But equipment they go but. I'm so I don't know because he looks different than just about any pitcher that you would see. In your state that type projects is nuclear waste but he has remarkable aptitude as a pitcher he has good stuff he's able to get swings and -- certainly on a changeup he got -- swings and misses with that the futures game he gets a lot of things missing with his fastball. Scouts because of the velocity -- -- about whether he can do that in the big leagues so the answer is a big I don't know ends. That's interesting because it means that to degrade after the Red Sox well if you're the Red -- you can bank on him being number one you can't ever -- -- -- guy. Being -- number one heir apparent to Jon Lester.

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