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Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated, on the state of the Red Sox going into the All-Star break, 7-14-14

Jul 14, 2014|

Tom Verducci joined the show as he prepares to work the All Star Game in Minneapolis. He says the Red Sox could be BOTH buyers and sellers at the deadline. He also says that the Sox need to do everything they can to sign Jon Lester, and peeks into what Koji's value might be.

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Noon -- middays with an FB -- -- the Maloney Christian Fauria -- -- he'll be back with us tomorrow. Right now though you're amid days and MF -- top producer joining us from SI on Fox Broadcast or the all star game. Please join us on -- hot line right now Tom thanks opera come out with a cell -- to report to the all star game this week. Until well. Obviously really excited about the game this year from me especially. I'll be all star game anyway the biblical how rattled and -- -- can be a black. Top as far as what your role is to be near the dugout he could be in the Booth what do you do in the broadcast. -- in the -- that's it we've been doing this year part of their broadcast came with fox we've already -- not the -- and again urged conglomerate. It's not so. Looks like there's a little bit of hope for the Boston Red Sox I -- that's what I'm calling it they want for the last five. And -- -- break here before they start back up again after the all star break. Should they be cautiously optimistic or should start warming up the singer to start columnist Dana over. Cautiously optimistic and you do you have to put that bird and there because. Personally I think it's almost miraculous run to get back in a postseason picture I can't rule them out -- course but. Liked -- when people are doing -- an active in the Baltimore Orioles in particular enough credit at least the NL east I know people are saying. You know that nobody great met -- and nobody is going to run away with it by. You know I can't that they excel well he's probably going to beat Baltimore is still going to get eightieth win minimum. And -- for -- -- to do that we're gonna have to win basically every series now you know plank or 700 -- all. But I will say you're right the last few days at least has some dramatic. Trying to get the glamour culpable of any kind of it was a wake up call a draw on the ball it looks like. He's got the feel back on met changeup in the he's completely different looking pitcher than he was -- had a little La -- hiatus that's the the time on the DL and the jitters as head and body. Tom -- you mister -- and fox the all star game coming up to talk about some things involving all star game -- just a moment wanna follow up -- -- thought about Tom Warner saying that the Red Sox are still evaluating being either buyers or sellers. Is is there value winning -- options when push comes to shove you really can't split the difference can you Tom and be both eventually they're gonna have to make a decision. Does it come down all these games that they have coming out of the all star break against these divisional foes. You know you could there's no doubt about that they must count double play and it is of course should. Right now they have this sort of you both LaGuardia to lay ground work force and deal. You have to see what you can get personal body in order to Jake Peavy made history of injuries and you are. I think kept explore those at the right deal and -- Still think you'd do a good deal. Without saying hey listen we're completely giving up I expect there they're going to see a lot of players moved up to roster. But I -- I think that would be -- at least a partial selling mode and as you that they get somebody. What about western -- -- ball and that or is it wise to keep talking to Lester as much as you can between now and the end of the season even if something doesn't get done. During the all star break and take your chances in free agency. It -- -- that's really tricky I mean I I'd do everything I can't re -- this guy I know some people. Say let's and he can trade has been reached signed as a free agency and the year. I don't -- -- that that really -- -- -- the are acute. Could you give me your best shot I mean yes obviously tried it again I'm -- had a contract now. Obviously you know you're locked up in good but it. Again I don't even know I would trade him because. As you're going to like that I think yacht with deadly complete sign of the future. I partly -- Mac regrets are going for the Jon Lester the opposite you know you know he's been -- ability that you -- Ngo -- a secure place called. Yeah you look -- -- -- familiar with an arm that you're really light but you know some of those guys are two or three years where the potential of being Jon Lester and and clay has not proven he's a 200 inning guy it's -- restart Europe year. Big thanks man you look around the game guard E Street guys who are breaking out a long term deal surpassed he has. Are currently under PL. You know he's a guy like pearl Lander structure is not what it is not be stopped anymore and you go. -- -- -- -- a premium money percolating through his birdies. Ideal but the other the exotica like Adam Wainwright saint -- continue to be terrible even after Tommy John surgery. And again that -- so you're a guy that you. Oh are too many you'll lose a pitcher like going to China replace a pitcher like that and that's not easily. So so with that being said Tom how much do you think it Jon Lester would be worth on the open market what teams may be interested. And it the Yankees would be one of those teams. What happened with the Yankees out. You know listen I mean some Homer Bailey contract he certainly has more diet and you know 106 million dollars to assert their contract the -- at least 140 or you're getting into the ballpark there. So all we always seemed a couple of -- I think kind of like gave Detroit its only because the agent prize will be the top guy in the market -- -- until sweet sixteen. -- because a lot of teams that you know our -- our team like the angels. You know I -- -- Seattle Mariners -- -- he has interest in going back to the home state could be on the market. I have very strong market there's no question about it shook quest and I know our -- the belt that hometown discount -- Red -- well. It's so far it is the Red Sox target for the -- a lot bigger records on the line. So it's pretty achieved because they -- the money going to tell it to matter how how -- -- how small my character count there literature -- and keep a guy. Top producer -- from SI and fox course the all star game tomorrow will be watching that as well as the home run contest tonight Tom -- -- part of the broadcast on fox for the all star game to advance Christian -- with -- But the Lackey deal how much talked is that getting nationally about how things could go. After the season what the red shocks with the Red Sox should do in that regard. More credit than just saying because obviously you guys know coming back at minimum contract fees it prepares her contract and you know whether you ought to -- can regroup and extend it by. You know I think has turned they're giving other teams an open door which some players that you have injury histories. -- -- main -- something like -- copy or more and more pitchers. Yeah look around again that they want historical first efficacy and unfortunately. I have been injuries especially injuries to pitchers on the need to go back to last year. I'd take -- our people -- Hernandez come out here are not as Korea not to best -- appropriate the most exciting pitchers in baseball and the kilowatts and throw because they can't throw. Slightly team would look for more protections in that regard. -- IQ John -- a lot of credit has made actually a better pitcher coming back Tommy John surgery and he got himself in great shape and that's one of the character so that surgery -- current one. You can't broke for three or four months and the guy who really really take care of her body and especially worked cordless per year or month -- -- now. They create a parent that's an Intel lack Egypt a lot feedback and more importantly. I think his command is better than it's ever been throughout career so. -- success story no doubt about that in terms of what Tommy John surgery can mean. A super guy papers thirty -- not in their career that kind of start the second state of -- career. So talk to -- bit from the from the Miami -- season that that white whale that. That everybody wants and there's a big power bat that especially the Red Sox a look at four have you heard any thing. About him being moved and the Red Sox possibly one of those teams are being involved in that. Yeah and boy a lot she's a lot to get him collect right now that's he's not available that the Marlins are saying. They certainly think that they still have a shot at that they're not willing to order a certain date. That dropped the white flag and say give it your best stoppers on these guys. -- -- There's not that far away either but not this year guys I don't think parents to ensure they have to move John -- stand and you know they're just trying to get that -- based actor and believe again that can take awhile. In that market. I mean I can't see them at all will be -- post and the months. And actually unattainable this winter because they aren't like the court that's -- better -- Hernandez comes back we see them. That's the best power arms became the -- and that's. I thought that's a great combination of both your franchise guys and Stanton and -- so. As much people they call a time about stand. -- yankees GM -- tell people right now we're not movement in this month so I wouldn't expect to see anything happen. I guess I wouldn't expect it to get out and actress is. Yeah tot -- what the I just think so much the stop with Stanton is because he's a marlin and they have such a checkered past was such a bad track record when it comes to being willing to sell anything that they have people -- mostly. Forcing the discussion on the -- in the league just because of where he currently plays now and their history but this does this isn't a move that they have to make right now. Now it's not I get it you know most seen it's it's kind of a weird trading deadline I think you know the typical everybody wants another arm for the ball and but offense pinned down as much as it is this year a lot he's really do need a -- -- -- out and I mean I probably don't but first late night jokes. Yeah and it really hit it just couldn't say the Marlins saw this spring training that stand -- last year he try to check out a little bit. I -- don't protect the lineup but he started the year -- -- -- -- behind anyone can get pitched. And I -- -- for sport but this year he came in the spring training in great shape -- there's. That poor mental shape. And it was game on I think they want to I think are now excited about the and that they have -- Energized a bit more about work and that seems certain. Lasting sound for a let's go here -- the deadline now what could the Red Sox did or -- they decide to move him. That's a good question thank. There's demanded a separate church and especially good teams this Syria and like right now it is imperfect start. I think they can get a pretty good prospect you know you're not gonna get you know that -- that rotation type -- you are -- league pitcher but. Used frustrated out there are cheap salary much they want removed from the collision course Papelbon you know another year left and it may not they're such. -- coach for a couple months should not panic yet in -- on top of the rotation player that all the order bat make it slowly lowered -- little extra help in a couple of years. I would guess I listen -- -- -- -- and that much is a Red Sox welcome. I think that's it yeah I would make our Red Sox article right -- attempt by somebody European a couple of years away. I would if I get that done for a guy like Koji because I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- missing piece for came out Arabic at -- like the angels I mean on an adjustment and a great job. Our political than last month by. I think it creates something in the -- big -- to Koji because we know he can do it especially in October. Don thanks opera coming -- we do appreciate it and I forgot to ask you reportedly name a starter yet in each league. But the starting pitchers who are. In the interest staring at me and I I think in the National League but being in my opinion is gonna cheer between his own guy Adam Wainwright or -- shot. A tough call from -- -- Well let me -- manager. The manager again it's kind of hard bypassing. Sole title in his suit we will find out the later yeah. As I was wondered if it was going to be Lester maybe an American -- side or the elixir network Felix Hernandez. I will appreciate the time Tom thanks much for coming on thanks colon and you got -- right all right that is to bombardier C on the AT&T hotline from Minneapolis.

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