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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Anthony Cumia talks 7-14-14

Jul 14, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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All right headlines. As a -- headlights brought you by ATT cover more than 9% of all Americans building a better message we're. Ever claim that you know on on the air that's that's I have action said that yeah. You've been. Exposed and -- -- -- I disagree with that that's not true you're not -- I'm not go there no I'm not. -- wailing away at the whale male horses some alert viewer. Captured man on. And we have and we just re tweeted so you can take a look at it and -- of somebody that is one hell you know yeah. And you need to shape. That's why aren't yet do not look I know I Johnny you -- beyond. When I came back to start the 7 o'clock segment was Scott. Because he said we wouldn't wouldn't when we went into the break oh you're going to have something creative and interesting assay. When we come out of the break and so when I started my introduction Scott. You on -- it wasn't pressed for the that's true commitment to get there actually get any wasn't listened to your question and there and people you know one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The cavaliers loses something that was useless for us now. That's going to be obviously there's not going to be happy go lucky it's it's gonna be like having my mother's Everett's XP and a Johnny men's all gets arrested -- -- -- big tobacco brightness that it's always that was that Rondo with Chris -- -- but the very next question. Now wasn't wasn't. Like dislike your case couple questions later I think I was yelling like you were there to perform as a reflection of the you know to. -- republic the question was you repeat it. You don't doesn't even know yet even though I -- question I asked him -- our pockets of resistance of LeBron hatred you know the same people who urinated on his cake and defaced his poster are they still. In existence in Cleveland knees up to eleven and use the expression the Japanese guy on the island. And I followed are there still people who want to get it seconds got confirmation. God it was. -- say as I just told that's good he's lost the ball you don't. He's got you have headlines all the whole week by -- -- a lot of work critical care about right capsule that meter do it Bradford do or should have Egypt being do it or. -- do it. -- -- -- You -- -- star -- in the Boston Herald I mean we -- -- not -- -- New York Post. Robert F Kennedy junior kept a list of dozens of women. Filed under the letter G cellphone you know why did that girls. -- guess odd spot. Well -- as a pretty fast teams that you know I don't like duke didn't know the story a -- his late wife -- -- believed stood for -- -- Italian slang for mistress but -- He's set to be married to a Cheryl Hines Larry David's wife on curb and due out later this summer. Hyannis Port. But -- poster that read this post story first. -- late like -- Richardson shared certain lists of suspected suspected other women with a friend to Muster -- she committed suicide. May 2012 -- Kenny and have a gallon of report he did seem to have friends in many places. At least five women were from Toronto won in Paris others from Palm Beach Alaska asked the mine in my -- Cleveland. Pensacola one moment had a notation airplane after her name to Robert Kennedy's notes another farm another teacher won a script that we known -- Z. Which some believed her philandering husband off to use aliases to hide his own -- -- roberts' strong was a favorite -- She told their friends. Someone so this dumb broad from Larry David show was gonna matter is there's this guy yes he's now and then -- seems dragged into another divorce battle last month he went to be the other man. In current divorce from plastic surgeon Lawrence core cellphone records for the Chelsea current Kennedy spoke five times a day in December 2012. According to friends or 43 names like -- -- on the G list let's put one and report does that yeah doubt. This disguise. And -- is history of meticulously documenting his conquest keeping notes of women's teams in the back of annual ledgers. Along with numbers from one to -- Richardson told a friend. The numbers referred sexual acts with ten being intercourse. The post review copies -- can. Irish -- and I got a nice things to write about I've not lived to tennis the actual intercourse with a one handshake. That it. I would say one would probably be like yeah thing that's what's eighty like let's say there's a -- thing why. That's pretty heated nine more than that will and others in between like let's set at seven would be third base handing. Landfall and so can't really -- action. For. But you never made useless -- -- I mean. Any woman marries a candidate that deserve yeah I think you know you know owning a notable -- debate here others so the post got these. -- got these these diaries a pretend world in the 43. There were 37 women the 2001 ledger alone. Sixteen of whom -- tens. Next their names. Kenny was apparently tortured by his behavior of some days you missed the name of two or three wood and other days he -- victory which means he avoided temptation. Mr. doesn't want journal kept the offer portray -- as a victim saying he was mugged by won it since he wrote the narrowly escaped being mugged by eighteen with two women. It was tempting but I prayed and god gave -- the strengths and send it -- you're afraid to point at 2001 he got mugged on my way home from Manhattan node name won't work -- the next. Mixture of struggle with his greatest effect -- -- demons dirty had to avoid the company of -- If not the strength to resist the charms. Well wailing about this is -- and demons. It's lost steam and some. Like committed suicide squeeze buried less than two miles away from where in the compound will be getting married what do you think she did the suspect you don't punt in the opposite -- all the Kennedys at the stupid wedding with their champagne on the -- sailing and somebody read some famous quote from his. Dad and all cried -- I was dead and hound. Mean they're all pounds his dad was you know great politician what you grew -- -- -- happy to fight off a given that. Environment the lawyer this guy sit out you can look at. The Iowa pig farmers and more a threat to our wellbeing and Islamic terrorists. Because I would -- Thomas. Create government men who. And that's ridiculous -- -- imagines -- somebody though who keeps a diary. -- conquest and missed them -- degrades the last that's quite the -- it's one that we Nazi like naked pictures joke. 47 we have Smart -- the a big jump. I -- what number would be sending you -- -- six -- -- and I don't know that's that's that's that's a leap day you know you can screw around women what she didn't act in your opening up. -- -- -- Amusement different. Pitchers could be jump on let's chat interface is not involved. Yeah when it's identified. Have a trademark. Right. -- -- -- about the cup -- welcome Kirk says welcome Jamaica have. Upbeat part to go to Pennsylvania. Good news six -- have to be released from fighters and Taliban captivity. Oberto is expected to return to life is in regular army solo as early as today part officials said late signed as a regular guy and you still are missing. -- that site or is finished undergoing therapy counseling army hospitals -- Antonio. Will assume the job with the army north headquarters the same base forcing Houston officials know. You can't be real did you see the picture with the Taliban and seem pretty happy like that need to be dealt with about that that when he wanders off of -- space where will he be had it. Its -- lover of honor him and they -- M. Very good question is expected to meet with general and -- all the officers investigating the circumstances of his disappearance from outpost. In Afghanistan in 2000. As he met his father yet I don't think that's. We whereas you know I'm about that's the therapist what point after all the work that -- -- this economy this a freak out like. Step with a bayonet charge -- -- -- transfer from therapy phase two regular soldiers' job as part is reintegration army officials said. -- live -- barracks and two other soldiers help bridge us. Which was that was actually not -- armed personnel is different and leavenworth. We wanna be his. Make now I wouldn't. He's in the creek -- time for him. Last Thursday senator Carl Levin of Michigan Democrat who heads the army armed services committee these letters. Each of the Joint Chiefs of Staff support -- this for bird don't bring him back republic critics said the swaption this. Is a political move -- what to do. And it took like at this -- Team bringing him back in here. Be quick spears -- don't know whether he's in the interrogated metered markets spears got me it was some Nazi last week said the results for the game believed. Mean some months 71 candidate to -- through the game -- what they. That's what would it make it looks bad -- that is a good question I didn't watch of course we never. He gets seven goals I lost all the like me. How much all the US yet in the one against Germany that great win that he was 01 yeah that we want advanced yet advance. German team. Scored seven goals. Teams after they scored three stop trying to school I was like coaches fired the coach for a bit yeah that was nice that they called. Obama called Howard again after industry rashly. Judged wants to talk about the the -- tomorrow night. Wednesday -- Wednesday. And -- love -- hollers hosting. Start. As a commercial for so commercial it's a Drake. Open at -- Show is hosting its operations with those -- climate there are comedians. Very funny guy. The rate of laughter guys that starts in the lions will be great when's the next 10 o'clock -- I know we watched 24 tonight. Also they I need permission from you I'll stay up on a home run derby Thomas. Up balls all the way we're gonna get wherever port for home will there be more -- at the SB. Tim Howard Michael. -- -- -- Miller at Michaels and stork. It and now now assembled a standing ovation. -- -- Well. The sting operation along like half an -- congratulations let's get on our feet because you prefer the company to women can't. -- So you -- that choice and decide. That's true that's valuable but he added on bravely came out against the in the closet as primary and the war. About this weekend his career as a resident it's true yet with. Affected swimming career -- -- on a -- -- scam while enabling us to dive and the keys today. -- accelerators is. Gonna do this -- beefing up quicker drop. They asked did you do it last week it was real corporate Bradford and you know early and don't -- those -- so removed. We -- things to work system -- -- they did afternoon and so we NC right yeah they were just you know. -- in the second last week I swear this is true I didn't I would listen you guys that was from the stern. I I've never my wife listened to open medium mystics up if you ever now. But I haven't I'm always confused on post -- and don't even know the difference in who's all right you look at some late in the game when I found that the making five million bucks a year each started in attention right now. -- I don't I am mature mature assets acquired assets -- exactly that -- after awhile you get to know them we say get fired for -- You know -- like 03 as outrageous. And and they claimed that any. He's great -- -- -- the any defensively he sounds like kind of a dummy times but he makes a good point on this this woman allegedly attacked him. So we called -- savage yeah now. Probably could come up with a better word but if someone is attacking swing and putz and yeah wouldn't savage seemed to apply whether savage animal. And animal animal while agreement and if there were no race component it's that's appropriate -- she was -- Adam yeah allegedly. That's his right and he's he's well that's true she really was beaten him up on punches what's wrong with caller Sam it's. A huge and and what does race have to do with -- here's the thing you know. In 2014 he knows it be tweets at about a black person he's gonna get fired now set Isa on the air that. A lot right I was gonna say it doesn't make that if you're an analyst sodas and put their whole job is to the right and crossed the line but the world has changed can't itself anymore but he does all the time and he's got away with the use of Fox News read this -- repair and he will not apologize sports what's play which wants the best. The number one. My brother I at one point even said can you just say somebody got a phone -- -- -- No it doesn't work like that people first of all people that listen to listen to it to me on the air. Would have known yet he talks like that on the shelves yet all the time. For ten years experience except I had spoken like that. Stringing together lines of obscenities in nonsensical fashion but yet that's somehow don't. He can't interpret that well and a 140 characters. That's true an issue in -- right about this man he should have known action known as the image can't do that. But if you're saying all day on the air all day everyday you know it's different and you just -- you thanking the people follow you or your fans who would listen. What's the difference in Italy with impunity what is the difference different you're just saying it conversation is opposed to having written and people looking up what's right -- stupid I I hit the fire people for the stuff. But this is the world we live you're going to get fired -- -- he's made and I guess the in his bank of three million a year and -- -- -- were these two -- per million god bless him for report. Network equipment and I've no idea -- they make money to justify it somehow wreck. Off another -- -- satellites ad rates I have no idea how many people to try and I mean because they Helm. I don't they do with economic storm makes I don't know if that's you know I don't know. I've no idea I'm a little bit and some valuable as we benefit -- amber let's whenever some real quick that at. -- and all that. Episode of fired me for something that was on social media is kind of hypocritical I think I think they it wasn't even any outrage but no -- it up. Up approached Sirius -- and said all I got you got to fire them -- it was such a knee jerk reaction in this day and age we are. It's dangerous minds and try to be say anything and speak your mind. Why the woman allegedly punched him. Or to show. Is that I think I don't know any stories in the post a day or something and he was taken pictures in Times Square after a move I think was. As -- did you -- she called accord him again. She called them a white mother blacker via attacked him watch I believe that's what does she care about him she knows them. I'm confused I believe the story right -- -- -- -- ugly lie and that he did deserves to -- -- and he's line but he's not. Do you go to was Boston just said this is what you needed to Yemen and say outrageous be on the edge things right on the edge he's always talking about race writes I mean. This is like he says nothing new -- ten years in the payments -- the -- I don't -- -- it's confusing to me is why -- and finally Don the plays its 73 million dollars swivel. In its opening week I was in second place and how far behind you know and right now number two was. I think it was transformers -- dollars and number -- sixty point five and number three Tammy. Twelve point nine jump street six point seven. Yes I did you -- planet of the apes I'm not I'm not I -- to movies on vacations sheep on planet does not. Did not I'll tell you what they are we get back -- either be discussed the be disgusted by one and probably. The other. I also understand that you are different speaking of open. Are on bear bear in -- for something you do it last week discuss that next.

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