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Scott Raab on LeBron's return and a reading of Le Batard 7-14-14

Jul 14, 2014|

Scott raab joined the show on LeBron's return to Cleveland and Dino did a reading of Dan Le Batard's heartfelt goodbye.

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Our two DC and C and M as well the only thing more enticing to keep our listeners paying attention in the promise of Scott rabbit about ten seconds from now. To give away some money I'm out of the 1000 dollars Texaco were dropped to seven to 881. In the next ten minutes be -- to win. -- thousand -- message and data rates apply Texaco were drawn DR eight W 27828812. Now. Next school -- will be announced at 11 AM today is day to our favorite guests on this radio program. I -- reviewed just in case you forgot Scott rebels -- Cleveland Ohio 1950 to graduate from Cleveland State in 1983. A writer for GQ magazine. A regular contributor to Esquire. And an avid fan of the Cleveland Indians and all Cleveland sports you joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Scott how aria. Are -- great you -- doing very very well let me just very briefly in case they haven't seen the Esquire web site. We just a couple of lines that you wrote LeBron thank you. You're doing the right thing for yourself and for Cleveland. And you're doing it for the right reasons -- and rings count family and home matters more it's a splendid day beat Cleveland sports fan. And you know -- as well aside. I'll -- or a day that he has you -- at the end who might hold a grudge safe travel -- what -- Scott yes it is you'll like the next ball better. I promise and of course we're just disappointed in what happened to Alaska -- got -- you've gone soft on their -- -- -- -- the World Cup this morning. And hope we get we don't get that doubled -- gone. Do you think I LeBron go back to Cleveland is going to hurt or help books articles for you. Well I I I I expect given the fact it's remainder did you goodbyes for the cost of shipping and handling it can only help only help. It's a much bigger story. That the book I'm a fan first I always said I would rather have one of those teams won the championship. Not that not that anyone won one yet but. That could write a best seller a lot lot of people -- past I do think it's a bigger bigger. Story include. A sense as the -- tanner and you're nodding Cleveland your New Jersey but I'm sure you've talked a bunch of people. They just like you just run naked through the streets drunk. That's abnormal night. The fact that they're doing it in the afternoon in front the front mansion now that it is someplace to go you're gonna run around drunk naked I was shocked. And I know I assure that the guys batted first stop on his website in and I talked with what you guys you know far more than I do about the day in day out stuff because I'm in the NBA. I was still shocked I never I never thought this would happen that he would pull it up with such grace. Is still I'm still kind of stunned about it obviously. And you think this will lead to a -- -- you think this perhaps in 2015. You'll be the NBA champs. Not necessarily in the end it is funny because we know what does not lead to a cycle will bond in the in the letter. There's that he had on the Sports Illustrated web site kind of makes a point to say. There's nothing automatic about this in any hopes to. To bring one trophy home to northeast Ohio so nobody showed any confetti on -- ninth street right now but it certainly improved the. I'll say it it it got so crazy got -- heard more than one person say this will make Johnny men's L a better quarterback. A. You know before the -- and sell side. That -- -- -- agency -- admire whether that had anything to do with anything certainly beyond my now that your insight. I happen -- the guy around camp with a lot of round. I don't see how it hurts a Johnny football because he. Whatever your judgments are about letting people put their own life. Any 21 year old acting out the way he's acting out is that it really your reason for concern in the something scary. When you buy into the bronze. Stories call him and in society needed these four years in Miami and effective is almost like four years of college for him to grow up before he came back. You know part of it is it is cynical bitter old Cleveland sports fan so I can. I can understand people especially people in India in clean water is part of the Cleveland fan base in the -- skeptical. And all that stuff but. Taking it at face value it's true he he grew up with with the kinda hyped as a high school student but no one ever thought he could play up to. He was -- he spent seven seasons with the cavaliers I think it's a legitimate point however deeply felt it is -- effort. Public relations aspect there may be just that some of the other stuff there. As a fan and I really am a fan first updating its face value to that they can really is unique gesture it isn't. Pro sports in America I can't take anything similar and he did it go away for four years want the two -- And he's coming back I'm taking -- look at his word at this point. Scott do you suspect there will be pockets of LeBron resistance in Cleveland you know the people who who urinated on -- -- and a bathroom in the wanted to faced. Up posters -- ones who burned his jerseys will there be some. People on an island in Cleveland still resisting the LeBron -- Absolutely and and I I I got my own little bit of -- back from those people because I've gone soft and I'm selling out and yum I'm buying what this -- saying it. There are ready when he people who feel that way out not funny people still equals. Pretty insignificant minority Maury Marty Reid. But I get bad and I respect that outside of myself and -- that Japanese soldiers still on the island you know in the Philippines in 1975. Or two ago that I get it. -- it's opposite the cubs fans would know how to react or act if the cubs ever won the World Series and in fact would take away part of their personality part of the reason to be. Is any of that in place. Here with a bronze return and if indeed he does win a title. I think not and I think you don't have to look much further than that right out the window to see proof that it did that it anyway. Have have a bad effect anyway. And that's vaccination if it finally. Yes yes yes yes no I do I think it's -- imagine off yet you see that right -- they stink this year Scott. -- -- I did you know what did he thought that people are going crazy over that they would be if they had more images like dude the did change the temperament. Of the city yet change wipes out the system. A lot more pride. I didn't really look people say -- -- -- but not that. I think it was the other World Cup is the World Cup and anyone think it's just sports is crazy you can't tell me that it didn't -- An uplifting in fact I'm Boston when the Sox finally got it done. Well what are the opt out. Next year at this time. There well -- the only -- having having read the letter had been tried to -- it through guilt trip from the media point of view so because that's how how I make my living. -- it would be it -- PE. I can't imagine a war going worst PR wise then then -- decision back in twenty. I think I think this would. Talk -- legacy that's with -- forever almost no matter what happens that would prompt him to lead. The letter represents. I think a commitment and in the strange wickets in the past even if they don't have a trophy he came back in the IPO and simply opting out after one or two seasons and I know that the contract is structured that way. I because of the upcoming negotiations for you couldn't see EPA. But that would really that would really paint him as as the kind of sports villain I'm -- weeks at receive equal. Hart Scott -- setting that aside Pavlov dog always ruled on the bell -- is there a part of you as a besieged Cleveland sports fan. Who is saying to them yourself in the back your mind. How does this somehow go badly for the people in Cleveland next year the year after that the year after that other leading. Absolutely I mean I don't out of -- going anywhere -- he he he's going to be thirty year old guy with a ton of miles. Guilty -- and many minutes as anyone in the league at reciprocated certainly. And physically I mean everyone breaks down at some point you you certainly don't know -- -- of us knows what's coming on any given day in the next. As a Clinton wants and a lifelong Cleveland fan and the ancient vintage. Yeah I can imagine a much different ways this and -- Are you and your fellow Cleveland fans assuming Kevin Love is the next issue. -- -- -- look at that made it pretty clear publicly that wanna trade Wiggins. And you've got the -- -- entertaining other offers an inmate at the move -- and it's hard to know where the pressure point is in terms of who's got the most leverages -- it became a chicken. So I I didn't think that that everything will be done to some extent. With the block again expressed in -- in LeBron letter that doesn't have to beat this year and it depends I think they regard incomplete it was a big stick that battery matter whether the world. Continue to demand -- plots or no appeal. Do you think this is there any user and -- he run anybody talked and you Cleveland sports fans anyone who says you know what I can't forgive the guy for the first time. -- anybody who feels that way. Yeah absolutely and -- I follow a little too obsessively. Other local blogs and stuff like that there are people who feel that way that. There are people who are younger than me -- exceed last tedious to eat it felt less despair that I had. Nonetheless they feel strongly. That they would rather have the cavaliers built it you'll probably -- Relative -- it's -- that chapter four years of one of the most miserable rebuild I I think we're -- any sport. -- still people who feel like -- I I don't want him coming back I'm still lag between them and if I objected. The superstars getting together in Miami with the -- And I can't accept the fact -- -- suddenly an apple product would recruit get -- with separate separate and there are such people absolutely. Scott -- final question for me the browns organization from what I can gather not really thrilled with Johnny -- l.'s off season off field. Alone time activities. What -- Brown fans are they worried are they upset are they endorsing this they let -- be what's the what's the take. This -- a pretty severe split their apartments generational I think I think. The older fan and didn't seem paying any income -- A guy who's ultimately who remembers Bobby lane and Sonny Jurgensen and certainly Joseph will name it. I think I think -- -- -- don't -- quietly -- to worry. You know despite previous examples of partying quarterbacks -- -- it -- passes in the National Football League. Yup that before before they they were nightclub regulars. And I think for the younger fans it's kind of put your cup is back he's 21 is what it is like. And and committee. I while I understand that point you wouldn't know we're talking about it as the consensus. Was that Johnny mentality and Bridgewater -- orders were not ready to Communist turned some franchise. And unfortunately we won't fans are already treating him like -- -- here -- proportion of those fans. Criticizing. You know Johnny put -- for anything he's done this -- it is wrong. I'd be upset myself of I forgot to ask you this question and this is the final question does Friday changed perception of Dan Gilbert the cavaliers owner in the town. I think. I think for most people on and certainly for me I was always kind of like I can't Gilbert and I never had an issue with the letter about the most people in Cleveland. Held Dan Gilbert responsible. Forward the decision. What would have felt although they would have held them responsible -- LeBron chose not to -- -- not to return to Cleveland. But the truth of the matter is that big fans get this at some level players. Owners. Even franchises -- we know everything comes and goes this city and the fans are -- what are what are. Permanent Dubai. And and so in this case at least for now and goes until October when the season starts I think most of us are happy being looked like Gilbert to a like LeBron and look how happy get the chance to say it's a great -- from Cleveland sport. He's got grab our friends from Cleveland out of New Jersey always a pleasure talking with you I assume that you when your -- -- enemies in a couple of browns games in more than a couple of Cleveland -- games this year. Absolutely that's one thing that makes this a wonderful thing that it -- he got stuck at the C a Cleveland team. With a championship with -- board. We'll talk to Deborah thanks for the time this morning. -- Thanks very much got rabbit that a Santelli at hand on the AT&T. It's so the better and not cynical Scott rabbit you know -- that reaffirms. His reputation as it real fans witnessing now that's a real clearly if he were -- were an act of the -- -- -- they -- -- -- yet. He would be cynical -- everything we just the -- -- well enough right curse he really is like. A -- In love. You know he's really not let a target on -- -- avatar avatar -- that crosses the line it's illegal. Session like close stocking our yes. Funny Somalia but yeah well and it's got a in the -- house. I disappeared the Miami Herald posted Sunday July 13 2014 -- -- the article LeBron James gave Miami for unforgettable years. The letter in Sports Illustrated was super sweet. Riders touch really nice perfect really so perfect. Perfect. The embittered might point out that -- like four years ago James bail and took what looks like the easier path. Younger roster smaller expectations that going to be very very difficult to catch the six titles Michael Jordan now. Cleveland a lifelong literate sports is grateful to merely -- him back so grateful. But all I feel all I feel. Gratitude. I've been working in this weird and wonderful world record century. And I know but I have not seen anything like the past four years in this it. I know Bible never seen anything like it again. I'm grateful -- so great. It's okay more net loss of all IPO of gratitude for having at it Toulouse. Sports. So personal so emotional. So cool. -- investment is insane you care about -- famous millionaire works in a way that feels like an awful break up in Miami. You have trouble sleeping Friday night and hurt upon rock anything. -- Cleveland it's a wakes jubilant and buoyant. Like with the new -- comes hurt upon rising -- more -- to James is better at basketball than any of us will ever be at anything. And it was a joy for four consecutive years that he share that with us with our city's name on his uniform. Chastise people -- Spitting on LeBron is he leaves Miami. I don't I don't not Al perspective and healing is for later let you -- in peace but the back -- -- it. -- -- -- -- -- But the feel bad of him taking his talents away from -- -- can't and won't and shouldn't raise the four years of field. That's rational and reasonable and saying it's also. Very -- sports but Chelsea and feel it in time when the wound isn't quite as fresh. And you're back to sleeping normally. And you realize you'll never feel the insanity. Of the past four years ago and he ends with this. Or four consecutive years unlike south sport has ever seen he made us totally and impossibly. Crazy. And that's how he left that's too. Thank you put that on all of it. -- Her -- reads it's cold always hits and -- -- an outpouring of love and -- go back afterwards maybe with level and India have gone a little overboard -- you -- peace. Whale went whale. It's actually Childress and things like when you see elected in war it is because Tamara the -- there has posted 48 hours after agree to any agreement process went way -- -- It's. Yet so that's -- six -- Miami are doing right -- These -- people that showed up late and as you know there. Like -- moved -- they're done they've moved on he was referring to like Nantucket -- New Bedford. Marlins -- battling whaling has been at it as well as won two world championships right yeah. The the dolphins won few games to one chip at Florida Marlins in Florida whatever tickled. At Kansas one title supports teams are great and yet members they want to in credit that he went -- -- another two and we've never seen anything like that. -- peace take a break to. What -- did it. Well in quiet in the combat it will that you with that.

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