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The World Cup is finally over 7-14-14

Jul 14, 2014|

The guys opened the show celebrating the end of World Cup soccer.

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Just -- visual observation. As the old gang gets back together again on this Monday morning while I was away last week at two different people. Chose not to use two different things. Gerry Callahan said I know -- consultants -- Anchor and razor apparently broken chose not to replace it via what summer. Summer. It's hotter is scratching yeah I look hotter that seems to be the fastest -- got it right and it's a little great yeah it's like George Clooney. Net I I don't much you're on vacation in which it is just this morning -- supposed to do they go back the work that could -- bad -- you -- abdicate I put subsidies that these guys all fortunate I've put sunscreen on every day real voice today and real look like a -- on an island. I do. 1015. Notes three and a half at the nice bronze and this should go to like the ordeal bill. I have a seven to do yes said the promise is a sweat proof kind. That's brought waterproof what what proof that kind. It's really it's it's the newest fine -- in notes that. Nice and it's not the old fashion idol found -- desperate public works at a and to do what Michael -- I do what makes you think that. But what you like. On SharePoint fair point necessity -- -- -- hour. It was sunny was a semi hot as well. Sometimes definitely the water. Then. I didn't. No no. Not I did not sweating it off your problem -- well didn't go in the ocean usually do that in August there still too -- And I just didn't. Does that. Whose disease you'll beat guy. Yeah yeah it was at the beach yesterday I give it transitioned. To a position that I was the beach yesterday -- it was a great -- that rang out on the beach. And I am ligament on government where India is going off on the soccer game you get it notes and -- and not just love pocono up there and it has a lot of other -- are. And and -- is tied at the end of regulation Mexico. -- -- overtime it's always fun and be -- is obviously gonna wanna discuss decide to pack -- Mike cooler my chair and head back to my house to watch the overtime well -- got -- -- -- time but it went -- colors normally done -- that extra and that's whatever it's via. What -- hi -- dove tail his transition. To my transit shore and that is generally speaking. The first day back from summer vacation. On Wednesday rainy Monday and there's nothing going on I mean literally nothing going on on the sports sports world. And oftentimes be somewhat be maudlin depressing. Kind of Monday morning. Not this. -- brands I am taking great solace that today is -- specially. The last day we discuss. World Cup whopper for the next four years that's true this is the last 8 weeks I -- Say sure they do pick up their flop game in extra time -- -- know I'm. I would sit and watch and think I wonder if the whole game has been like -- -- -- -- -- along overtime is nobody knows. It's like to one guy knows -- the one guy -- to fifteen and between Israel I think it's like. I -- they don't they let them have that final shot and then handed. Yeah like they've never blow the whistle as the charging down the field it sure they wait to the issue and then and kick out of bounds and they say. It's game over. Even within that the tying goal against Portugal against US they would easily scored -- -- -- But I know more time it's over. I watch those 250 minute to get through the document team plus stoppage time corrected when flopping time and I said. This at the summit march and on. If the whole game was like this yes -- useless word their snipers on the root out what was just -- -- just picked as the pressure builds. They say in May be worked that one game like Robin. When he flopped about it and they said we gotta pick up. Are flopping game to beat the minute periods. Guys went down. Off while all of whom they're like Stephanie sniper advance all right I couldn't pick off almost beat that one German guy with a last name yes nice to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Schweitzer and it was them. -- it's -- status if that was recovery. And and it right and we're watching the final can just get up and you get off the regain ground. This old weird weird analogy only applies -- -- -- level steroids. And the steroid era is two baseball. What flopping is to soccer and only in this realm. Because you saw the results of a lot of steroid use you just assumed everybody was on the Jews in baseball during that era. Because you've seen you so much flopping it makes it bad. The -- falls down oldest had given up and your blood borne out cut yeah right Deborah is that occasionally you can get hurt but you don't. Think Buchanan has given a cut face like you cut your face in basketball do you lay on the court. What you stand like and hold your face yes me do you have to lay down. We don't get hit that you actually -- how they train to get hit in the face like in baseball like them to deal lay on the ground. Hockey yet talked to distract you say I haven't they had I have to leave my skates and lay on the -- just point out that the settlers and I got to cut -- about how many stitches a little potted plant in years and let -- go to the bench. For the rest they have actually no protection -- this it is going so fast they don't know first blush that's real not real well within -- -- that you -- just assume it's not -- that it is real -- aside because there -- so much of you believe. David -- -- the injury stop Israel right. I think I come away. That need bar although political economy. On. Result yes has to be the greatest. Player in the history of soccer with all due respect to Maradona and Pelé and the rest of them. -- to be the greatest in the world. He goes down with a broken back and it carried him off in the coffin yesterday and I believe if my math is correct they were after that. Outscored ten to one in two games so he's the greatest soccer player in the world that elevated Brazil. To being one of the favorites in this contest. To being an absolute. Until stumble bums out there must be mentally not tough if -- has goggles down and they give up ten to one. That happened at 71 to you as what you know. I didn't know I was I had to keep what you saw in October I saw you on toward I didn't know I was supposed to keep watch -- but once the US. You know after this heroic courageous climb up Iwo jima. And in -- 12 and one performance after that I thought we around and done now now now the sky's the limit anything can happen yeah after that. You're gonna miss elect also what the -- now says about the World Cup final it was almost as exciting as John Deere classic is on the -- next ought to write almost as -- I doubt. So what Brian -- right try to arm under its almost as exciting as watching those guys -- The worst I mean let's let's tonight Dale's gonna come on today and say it was this great event international right sure he's right Hampshire at a great time. A watch of the game yesterday guy gets the ball dribbles past on the guy that some guy slides in the flops all over the place and them -- -- -- look at and the guy gets up does it again the other got the ball falls out. The report says it never and it gets how many guys held them all in industry image search. You hit the turf yet spelled out. On board that that's one every three to sit at a surge -- probably 200 times it was -- short a time to and one guy get a cut in his face everyone else is taken. Right right now even he didn't have to go to you never know what to do and they're really weird you. They're like we will only do they do know is part it is funny when they look at the -- -- -- -- -- they asked Chris they can pieces no they call in the -- -- -- he has that collectively we don't need is just like it. The refs they look at first records. One thing I equated argument to its -- I equated to the -- never ending campaign to speed up baseball. It's not one of those unsolvable problem that's true other other problems like him and -- -- injuries in football and it's Parker. Which I don't know what to do you solve an injury problems. Economic installed solved the flop problem -- Given him as our pal Tommy Smith said give me -- Out of Nebraska yeah come out right don't shame them. A year you're you're pathetic this is not helping our sport wouldn't. -- pre season when the officials and do the little -- with each of the clubs. They played funniest -- you've ever seen in life about the sniper shoot the guy's gun goes off you see this now. Ought to -- -- template for a -- out like last week yours ago. It's it's done it's it's from. Saving private crime here and what's his face the guy that played Roger Roger Maris Barry Pepper are on topic is a sniper and like he's running as Richards knows what effect on the soccer -- in the area. -- -- But. It. I it I say this you can on the the level of energy and excitement doesn't seem commensurate with the action doesn't -- the sport and you go on. The whole world's Mick -- Tom Brady's. Latimer -- and seven billion people around the globe watching on. And again it. But witness the exciting part yeah. Are part of the guy to escort that was very exciting that was like 1000. That was missing yesterday. -- That would just run at full circle would just completed. The entire. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He was there yes there's there there -- -- yeah oh yeah Ottawa. Always he is he was sitting on debt limit our lap that you. Agree that this is that a terror -- and connects. I was just hitting them like that should check and in -- -- I'm stuck in ethnic it is due to this this this guy. May need therapy that you know he. Ice and he has some -- the bronze old sweaty clothes like the idea and I assume he's huddling with it right now I hope the laundry basket right to Wear out I had a dog I had abducted did yeah but wants to beat Austria. Think it's OT surely you remember in it's -- remembered Braveheart. William Wallace at the microchip that handkerchief to his girlfriend wife -- wife left in -- the kept forever in the -- Robert Bruce actually added at the end open -- -- -- right that's what I don't know what it is could be in -- could be a -- like go one further piece of American rock -- -- usually because he's a film Brokeback Mountain to say that -- -- at the end of the field. Yeses uses little shirt member has you put your shirt that keeps up in his -- -- the case every night due to all strokes or is it as yet I I I'm not kidding habitat needs help. This is yet and we make -- fan boys all the time some of you know some work here and some of them are good good -- a lot of make -- of the standpoint. What we all but I would be today's -- I was never know I forgot we were told. Me about. This is just IC is typical this is an issue ultimately -- so. We have imagined I am announcing have a radio show -- -- -- -- Does he have a pathetic TV show remarks he uses his own father well -- might have happened. Like a prop because I was watching. -- -- got a. Well. Did he get this. Like emotional on TV or radio because it wouldn't know he's not only is he heard he's like -- he -- -- he's devastated semi. Amazing even on the Internet when I read the article in the Miami Herald and the headline reads LeBron James gave Miami for unforgettable years. Even on the Internet you can see that your state are its true yeah -- I -- stains or on this basis like Q. People right. Vote. And remembered I see that some really that dog dies some real emotional -- he -- that's the point he reached because of basketball player. Who was playing in the same state -- in the same region that he lives. Four years is gonna go play in another read this is much worse than a family member line like year you know I think about that my wife dies okay my wife's she's dead she's got -- goes some of -- hit another let's look at some other city -- my shot like that. -- -- -- that guy's father in arresting way right maybe electric guy's father going on the show with. Michael Smith right and at times what's Jameel hill -- like go on match or around the corners that is the -- what is that I hope property is on around the world are bad guys -- -- magical happened one I just copy paste yeah yup pretty much. Being on lamenting the fact that the lot of his life has departed Miami. It marches to a certain extent Miami fans who are abroad for -- it's people in my. That upset with LeBron go Bakley we -- we -- to re. Back I got a couple questions on this they -- -- items that a rental lot and kind of fault it was on the news in the bronco on. Cleveland yeah she is panel Friday -- a lit us up and who quits. Like you know. 9/11. Or whatever spikes and it was like playing Munich Olympic Edwards is that it was just -- czar nonstop coverage. I know it was a little surprised -- abuse him and the Cleveland but it wasn't totally unexpected it was. Always in playa IPO was like he announced I'm gonna go play for a them to bubble sorts and and yet they treated like the most shocking thing because -- and number there which. Were wrong and and SI story a lot piece that began almost every fifteen minutes ago with that coming home song yes well it just -- that our ratings. I would. -- upped its okay Dan. I mean to our country. This why did Dwyane Wade oh auditing and all of a -- I can't and they flew together -- Huckabee each other hugged each other but what it's. -- -- -- What was the wrap of the argument that LeBron made to get him. As you make more space to give me more money we can all get back together. It never happened course did. So widely opt out here -- So but their that was -- hug. -- -- -- -- Wait I mean I understand -- look a -- as a fan big and the heat maps music it is game on an eighteen -- as you do right by wade that's that's obligated tallies in pretty good deal. And he's fine and he they're gonna sock literally -- I don't. Was entitled to -- twenty million a year that's right we said if it's before it can do more eight or nine million will be like now the Buick manatees authorities will be the blog or he has seventeen -- for a -- if you -- -- -- -- It's just now I can't quite. Grasp what LeBron said two ways to get him out of that. Sweetheart -- people get an Easter slot at this -- he says your name it and you know what you know what wade said after you know LeBron left says well I'm grateful. So grateful it's -- to mourn the loss. But well I feel is gratitude for having it to move it. -- an on -- that was that was -- but it's but. Probably. It it feels similar orbit currently wrestling on Quayle's wife after I've got and actress with a -- it's. Mope around the house. We will be reading from the Miami Herald it's. It's emotional try to get through a puppy that's what I suggest -- laboratory and puppy in a property and -- Not just Enron front some to get that Nicole and yeah it's up to replace its comfort -- or you know TLC to call electoral friends from high schools has to get together we have this emotional. -- Notes that -- -- big chill. -- going to get when it gets to go back home to at least talk about. You don't think he's adapted to -- speech -- a case. So yeah I had a guy to win any particular point. I don't think he has to go back because they need a full time LeBron report -- union why wouldn't be laboratory he could go to. He's mr. -- is okay why wouldn't Bruce Broussard. Could protect the national -- just assume win horse is -- -- beat the fall around his whole career he's president. Almost music and I got to break this or get the sun screen and horseshoes discus at work -- to sell its U. Brian in -- LeBron needed a crutch in 2010. You know he he he needed a crutch of Pat Riley needed crutch of Dwyane Wade. He had a crutch of Chris Bosh he of the crux of Miami. If he was hurting because he had tasted failure. And he had not yet realize that on some of the failure was in the -- with his own issues in the actually had to learn that in Miami. And over the last four years LeBron has developed from being a follower. Into being a leader. And that's what he's saying he's saying I'm gonna take ownership now of what's happening in Cleveland. Well that was bordering on she critical. And that was -- very careful he said he Cleveland he was responsible. For so. He says that it -- Ron didn't hear that if she should be pissed off. Wait wait for bamboozled by LeBron. Imports who has been -- -- o.s and hello said that nothing gets. The balance -- out of that don't like the story. Or can you imagine where huddled behind the scenes battle for these guys not Jesus. Aside you know aside and Miami and Cleveland all reporters all NBA guys everybody call every single source. I'll give LeBron credit -- And remember I guess it was on Twitter so -- knew what I did yesterday. It's awesome great story it's a great story it's unprecedented. And that's what we do witness we try to find comps. There's no content is not mean experience -- electronic compared to. When -- lift Milwaukee to go to LA and there's nothing comparable in sports. There's a guy with this in this good this much of an impact on his sport doing this guy just did and for years it was easy to root against them as the blame yes because of the decision that -- them one not one not two not real -- It's gonna be hard to root against them now and I don't -- Needham. It's a really cool story and everybody will live for -- yeah I mean you know we Jenkins that it fines and helping him with the global growth -- -- -- probably. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He he did this simple philosophy when he went brawny just tried to do the exact opposite we did last. You know no dance in the smoke showed no he pressed congress. You know no decision no might know -- know your prayers and you know Jim grass can about this thing in -- championships and oh yeah exactly know. And win 567 just. Very understated ankle missed time to get the war ended and it is really cool because I think. I think is to do things that happened here that his wife obviously. Okay it was a league -- Savannah weekly auction -- ago. And pick -- the people closest to him wade or but I like. -- And two boys and you know not all the -- interest. It is -- -- old friend yeah you know circle you know they are all from Cleveland Akron. Yeah so that all on board this so the people closest he's not talk Broussard in the pocket -- parties talk and -- grew up guys or its cousins and uncles. People mom people close. They made all on board music a lot of them like. This it is. Like this is what you should do I'd say this -- -- were as good as he was two years ago. I wonder James. Stays mean he probably yeah probably does not I don't take this second he's doing it because of northeast Ohio is a basketball and all of you on the match hard if they can acquire. Hello with -- -- which is their goal right. They can pull that off. -- at weekends now -- battery not out there again -- -- will be great and much better just to this quick comparison. The powerful lost personal. -- -- not report -- you know guard Irving verse. Irving not as much as you think these are right now. No clue and a better as the place and -- drench the bench and we know they complain about weak bench was in Miami equivalent degree it's well that happens with that Cuba -- I heard. The -- and their goal would be to give a deal on where they have 31 round picks next. And that's. It low but it's God's help. That dragon of the teams involved but the goal is to get love without a -- flexible let. While ago. When he can't help but you don't know the third -- and a tournament giving a blow for 31 excerpt for Dion Waiters and thirteen someone else that he comforts. That's what the work on right now the Celtics couldn't seem. Are relevant to this whole thing and every now they're definitely not going to love love is now he is accused pulled it does feel -- -- different world all the stuff we can hope for is the Jeff greens the logos. Yes I guess that's where the high point and immediately run to right and I missed out on all the other tonight it'll another draft choice what you gotta admit he made a pretty good deal you know helping Cleveland. I read the X six time world wouldn't -- orchestrated. Nothing got or purse for a first -- and senator. That's good deal salary exemption ten million dollars while sellers Chrysler wants 777 point 7937. Matt Scott raab has gone soft on a Sino -- Man he's gone around the bed. Quite as though I'm. Engaged in the LeBron thing as is to avatar now but he's he's right there. -- fault lines open we'll talk with you 61777. Point 797 boys are back together again after -- week of vacation. You can just feel it coming up from.

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