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Minor Details Ep. 93.1: Henry Owens on All-Star Futures Game (and the future)

Jul 13, 2014|

Left-hander Henry Owens, the Red Sox' top pitching prospect, takes stock of the honor of being named the starting pitcher in the All-Star Futures Game, the progress he's shown in the 2014 season to date and his view of his future place in the big leagues.

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-- appeal or if you just came by Henry Jones and Henry do you typically talked before starts or you know are you. If this is because they are unique kind of start for him yes Libya on one and only exception and talked for an assessment I -- this -- -- smarts. Kind of enjoying the experience in -- I'm a little more on the -- tips to competitive. At the same time. -- -- -- -- And what do what does it mean to be selected as the as the starting pitcher for I mean this is as you know Lincoln an all star futures game features a loaded roster. There's there is an honor that goes along with being named the starter to you what does that mean. -- means a lot means everything I've been fortunate to planned. By the best team my baseball -- -- a lot of wins and kind of help my stats like how much better soft because of their dogs out that's pretty cool on I mean. Number one it's just great to represents a Red Sox. It's kind of interesting to me though because I usually you know the futures game specifically like a showcase of like a totals almost -- by that I mean. You they will often often it's a guy who throws it blows like ninety to a hundred for an inning at a time. And that's that's not who you are names you know that's to me it's kind of interesting bit you know that you are if you're selected as he -- being. First guy out in this you know in what's typically -- it. Yeah it's was joking with oil. Yesterday saying -- -- throw away their nine to them -- a hundred but when I found out spartans. Surprising that. I'm here it's now on it's federal them so what are you gonna try to -- pretty gonna try to ratcheted up -- need to -- Among throw fastballs in slow change ups and trying to quite fast -- Johnson is. You could be very -- what you just intentionally made the point of being like I mean I realize you -- policy at eighty to 92 right that's how most people describe it. You could become you could make history by being the first -- to just make the point of not breaking ninety now. That I'll I'll bring nine you know. I'll probably reach back. Notes you or someone at an accountant -- -- Plaster and for entertainment purposes people who watched the game and appreciate velocity over pitching. Where you -- guy who did that who like you know as a kid growing up we talked about your secret -- your secret player crush on non John -- child. Did you what you were growing up to. To your politics isn't just like it completely mesmerized by whatever number was going up on the -- not really is before Lackey as a big -- and fan and using. -- -- the radar guns by any means I guess not. There's been really interesting year for you mean at least you know you had statistical dominance last year right you bite you -- a I think. The lowest or second most -- batting average against in the minors lots of wins then another successful team. I think he should I take a little more credit for adding your own stats but it. As -- to speak your team and you know you can truly well last year this year. You pitched really well you started out by throwing you know there on opening day. And then your season seemingly underwent transition where in these last seven Marie starts. You just stop walking guys moralists. Can you explain what exactly. With how you've evolved over the course of this year even. Yeah and a little -- in. Five starts and -- my mechanics of it and it. All all about -- commitment I got -- back on track and we figured out toward a routine meeting in his start that's really saw it and it was kind of stuck with that I'm never. Never gotten involved with thinking about locks and things alone -- this kind of maintain my focus and trying to often. Command fast on that want to commend fastball it's. What's it like regularly going into the seventh -- me. It's it's been. Pleasure and seventh inning stretch and -- airlines not really so my first two years and it's kind of funny and now this -- and it's trying to guess going deeper in games might be more. More or less -- focus thing but it's also it's counting on government pitch count down and earlier innings and striking -- -- guys with him completely find it strikeouts you know greatest. Trying to get put out ground balls on us. That he gets the point where you learn from where Europe they would you give it appears strikeouts aren't necessarily going that well there's a runner. On third base with less than two thoughts upon transfer you know that's it's all about the situation it's all about what's going on in the game right there in the moment so. I think. I just I really just. Came into the season. China tell myself I'm going 67. Possibly. Even every single time now I -- -- sold more than 100 pitch -- that's kind of touched on it. It's been it's been a pleasure going sentinel. Even to go with a hundred that's that's doing something distracting. The I think my last game. And it had a tough little innings in the forest -- it. Sometimes there at the board deceit that at some times you live at the board checking out. And is it. Looking a year possibly -- most exciting and that is trying to go out every inning of the leadoff guy and let them. How would you describe the development that you didn't have this here which passed on. Fastball command center is everything in my current model is believed and I don't know someone else then that the American there -- a lot of changes. Mike curb laws. I'm kinda over using my starts now trying to prove a point. It's not that's not for every situation. You -- a change of calls for -- some ignorant person turned a ground ball. And a place I've used a lot more development. Actually got a lot of greater feel and you're in the forties in between them -- -- playing catch and throw mournful friends and it's really. Amounts far. You said purple to prove a point where at what point is that anyway and -- -- now. Since change well. Mean that's that's interesting to me because you know I've I would have -- you know I've had wouldn't know whether or not you take stock of you know kind of scouting industry wisdom about. Are you someone -- like you pay any attention to what you know what kind of reports what kind of word of mouth there is about yours that your tendency to own. It's been media keeps asking me. We know we have fastball. Changeup and curve -- -- -- -- lately especially now. I'm thinking and Jacobs -- there last year there that you're four just in total so. -- -- -- talked to incorporate more and warm -- For -- -- like sentence display at all. For what it's worth I just talked Tom Batiste. Added it's probably -- fifteen year old. Rolling through Southern California via my dad and for a time as a freshman school. So I'll make you change it. -- -- well a change of and Italy and fast on -- thought I was a lot of Tucker while Switzerland -- and those are fun. How often -- -- incorporate that when we maybe maybe that's the thing you're under on the futures down Oklahoma not belong futures and terrible one. That tells him to accurately it. In terms of in terms of thinking going forward well actually before you go forward you've been you've mentioned how good the Portland team is that you've been on. How cool is that to to be here with Sean -- we've seen them. Go through. He went through a challenging season last year to be up here with him I understand that you take it into the fact that he's he's the little guys that take offensive. Fact you can get extra -- by sitting next him on the bus but it how -- to be able to be another team. It's really cool is not a little guy that sort got the guys one big ball muscle he's got tremendous power you know last year he might have been finest -- -- about. They'll be the first monetize figured it sounds when it's great -- -- timings. Just -- he's one of the guys that we'll talk about the -- like he's one of those guys that when he gets in the box kind of everyone. Everyone's watching the game it kind of -- your little more attention when. He's in the box to some exciting about the companies and double triple home run. Instability and jive -- fields and -- back that -- it's great to have a little more legroom. On the bus next and then we we kept it going on the way here on the bus I sat next -- the only guys that about. That's -- -- -- keep that tradition and starting pitcher always gets to have you know it is just -- sort of rules. Yeah. -- really have sonics in the audience on school. Breaks my heart is also having agree here you've been a teammate of his forever dating back to your time to get -- team USA how considerable -- his progress in this. It's been unbelievable he gets better year he should be in the locker room right now should be catching me about. I guess I guess people thought otherwise I mean. Every single years he progresses and from the first here on him pitchers every year. He's -- great guy -- clubhouse period battery maiden is an unbelievable feel for all of it is not just mean. Users. Use and unbelievable I mean I was blessed to own them not -- last count the Portland. And now he's in the show itself. It sounded like those opportunities. I think it might be getting an unfair clips or perhaps it is fleeting glimpse of you know the quality of fatigue that we've gotten to work via its definitely been -- so. We'll keep it on melanoma Canada. I think elect -- I've heard great things about and so should be fun. Now this has been an interest in Tampa Red Sox obviously you mentioned asked if he's up in the big leagues a guy you were teammates with earlier -- -- McKee that's he's up. You know there's any number of you know this is a time you played with you. -- -- After a few reluctant to -- a -- or you might have been just that if you but. But you know he's up -- up. What as a as a young player in the Red Sox organization what's your outlook right now on just what's happening in terms of the men into player development. I mean it's great seal those guys go out stressing you play with them and interact with in the clubhouse tonight see that finally get their opportunity. And that's it's awesome I know. Most of us know we're gonna get opportunity and I mean I'm. Very excited for when that's gonna happen but I'm not gonna ever put a timetable on anything -- that. What's kind of standards do you hold yourself to an all be more specific there's a conversation right now going on. About if if Jon Lester goes you know to the Red Sox have. You know have the top of the rotation. Heir apparent in this system and you know your -- that comes up in that conversation. Do you believe that you can be that you can compete on the level of any starter -- Absolutely fine and how much confidence when. -- and be here and when you when you're pitching every -- and come of off field trying to get better but at the same time no one knows I've never pitched in the big leagues. Lester spent on a veteran -- How many years now and he's been an ace for how many years now saw. He's credits on the watch him play in New Hampshire. I -- at the Reza it's gonna do the right thing and keep them last time he deserves retirement side. You kind of you know Q. You said you try to you know what's sad about. Do you want to -- at the same time it went up. Proving people you have curve ball Cuauhtemoc -- people that you -- you know that you are capable of being -- Yeah -- in the first pitch tonight. And an economic plan. I like it well I'll I'll wrap put this you know you've actually it's kind of last question -- two parts on T. You have been really really good for a long period of time in Portland. And that. How eager are you to move up to keep things to you know kind of keep you progress of the remove report get to -- it -- do you feel. That you've been able to continue developing even while you and injuring him singularly successful results in port. Yeah I mean I'm a big day by day guys feel like. In this game how hard it is and how hard it is -- -- you can always something every single day to get a little bit better I literally. We'll have trouble sleeping and that if I feel like I took a step back. Rough outing here. If I had a tough -- don't talk to -- afterwards talked to overcome in just trying to figure out what I can do better next time and I mean. Of course I'm eager to move up -- -- to get the big leagues but at the same time. Like a sudden there's no timetable and I am just excited -- the ball park -- dynamic Saddam matches you come and a great clubhouse and. Portland and mostly been sleeping pretty well this year and yes. Yeah I've been nice and relaxed and a well the difficulty of talking to you and holding up this microphone much over my head is I need to go find oil so thanks for the time and like social.

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