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Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday -- Reaction to Lebron James' return to Cleveland and what it means for the rest of the NBA

Jul 13, 2014|

Butch and Buck talk Lebron, his legacy after returning home and how the rest of the league is reacting.

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Number to join us here is 61777979237. Quick repeated at number four. Should know but it's 617. 77979837. Talking about LeBron James Roger Clemens Red Sox heading into the all star breaks -- -- along side I'm what Stearns Matt Loper. Taking your calls you can text -- At 37. 19837. Bomb to chime in on all of these subjects -- today as you're flying out to Minneapolis. For the fifteenth. Year. Has grown in stature and our sixteenth edition excuse me. Since the 1999 all star game in Boston the first year they had the futures. And a future game is going on today and we have. Bert Blyleven. And Tom Kelly managing the US vs the world teams. And looking at some of the best future close -- Blyleven the world team because none of them. Kelly Blyleven to manage US world Kelly was -- in Minnesota are no debt and pilot was born in the Netherlands record so looks like a US marker at some point I'm trying to find the rosters complete coverage I know we've. From our boys Henry Owens. And this one of the guy's name escapes me. Am trying to find oil. Futures game features into the anyway the futures game is is of a fun event as a sort of appetizer to the all star game. Just they'd give fans an idea how it works to get the futures game on Sunday. Which is just what the name implies future Major League start from a Carlos Pena played -- years ago. And then the next day they have the media availability at the hotel players -- a little boobs. In and they have a one -- America they went on nationally union. The writers go around picking up border quotes like nuts and -- it's a fun of that players tend to be very candid. And they have nominating contest at night. On Monday at the home run derby which some people of I don't. I think of -- players' swings. And then they have the game on Tuesday to fund its a fun three days. And notably to starting the game is looking into. Me read from his parents -- blah blah will face an equally impressive US lineup. Starting with the national center fielder Michael Taylor Red Sox second base prospect show on oil hits second. Followed by Dodgers shortstop -- seeger cubs third base prospect Chris Bryant tied for the Major League lead minor league lead with 31 home runs with sports. Followed by the Rangers Joey Gallo is the DH managed DJ Pete recently with rush Joey Galloway Joey Gallo used. Odds and hey TJ PDs Hamlet six reds outfielder Jesse wing Cutler weaker meaning left hitting seven hunt to renfro. Of the parties -- -- -- and play right the Mets Kevin -- wacky. And the ninth spot doing catching and he'll be the Red Sox lefty Henry Owens battery mate in the first inning so Henry only -- and show on quail. Red Sox. Prospects Texas a reminder to keep sane in the trending now but it's 1 o'clock start for the World Cup to 3 o'clock o'clock pre game two hours. While I bought into the ESPN height 1 o'clock got a -- at 1 o'clock. But that's what they do we hear -- -- is that 6 o'clock tonight now it's that it's that -- says George springer played in last year's all star game and that brings up an inch and local guy. The next thing growing up Connecticut really yeah I think this is -- penalty George -- become has. You know well is an all star George Bush I don't know a double -- but here's an instinct point. Alfonzo Soriano played in 1992 home runs at Fenway in that first teaches game which was at Fenway Park that year and it goes on to say. Tom that there are 28 futures game alumni. On this year is all star game rosters 28. Last year there were 37. Prior to this year is all star festivities 115 players have competed in both the futures game. And the Major League based on all wrapped up in the future is also the point is if you spend time watching these games and you're gonna see future major right. And possibly Major League starts using it thinks -- -- the same -- just not to put now what you're saying. You get in the car dragged on Orleans to see the same thing but here's the thing the -- -- here's the stat I was leading up started very. Twelve. Players. On this year's all star team. She's twelve players have become all stars the year after okay they played in the futures they are. Is this thing on TV at all can people watch it on check downs -- -- an event that -- check it out Jose L two day Adam Dunn. These are the guys that became all stars a year after the -- in the futures -- pitch his game after all of you media OK well then who do you think some of the others I. I don't know late in the future I don't and well it's come -- rob. Bryce Harper Jason Heyward Evan Longoria Manny Machado out Ben Sheets. I found that interest and you don't I just try to fill some time before I go to -- -- pretty great think it's great. I regret now. You can always conversations going on right now but I didn't quite a guest today it's like he'd be here protectors as Blake's wife is pulling each three or you don't go to John -- -- what's up John. That you can do is not a Major League Baseball now look at Bible thank you very much. Thank you are now out and now we are actually I'm watching him after the red sucked it. John can I look I I love you have great respect -- you're really do. He took a -- last time we did Giancarlo Stanton trade offering an on going there again. How long our but I do want to bring that up because his name was elected again. Doing a week -- by -- cup title on the Major League Baseball network basically saying. That the Red Sox -- out the pieces if it's him a mixture of Majorly -- veterans along what some of the kids that they need -- -- -- does it -- In the Major League in my job but I think it's it's it's getting to that what was done well they're back here and now. John the reason you took a beating. Was -- you weren't willing to give up either Henry owns -- Bogart's and put them in the deal so well you're not. You're not what you have to offers the reds which you both if you don't give a Bogart's our -- real as the guy who's starting the futures game -- I guess that he had no idea. So what does that mean. Wasn't looking until -- deal I mean what what happened with that under -- twelve Andres -- down in the mine -- EE is still in the minors and I think that was Dresser for those you know tourist former big league outfielder played in a giants' World Series -- a few years ago. He kicked -- op refuses out of baseball. The Red Sox sign he worked out lol he's in a target right now is hitting well I think -- at 340 for a few weeks. But there's really no place for him right now because it's it's either play with the veterans you've got or go with the kids. If this team was still in contention that dubious -- him right now John but there isn't. So basically you guys stayed on the minds of the time. Right -- he's got an out his contract and a few weeks and if the right thanks to make a move on him. He'll be a free agent and then maybe contender who needs an extra for the would pick them up. So basically is -- has been challenging gonna stand pat -- -- -- then make anything happen -- any moves. -- -- -- I'd be very surprised if they did not making move forward to wolf would you like the -- Let me get Matt I think is right now I like block called. And although the cause he's being called -- super sub as the last for the reasons we know I mean. He's played every position at this point right now I want played in. How will little book. And Shane Victorino I mean it it it you can get them any it didn't get them any sort of helping us. By the trade deadline I'd try to trade those guys. And I'd give it even little books this and so yeah I'm. Well hold the starting job at third base. And he's is the third base right. Well well John the problem the problem with trading Victorino is whoever requires him -- beaten up a contract extends through 2015. And he has virtually not played this season he's been hurt out of shape policies itself. What's the Red Sox were to give a lot of salary relief I can't imagine. What why would anybody picked Victorino up even a contender because if you need someone applaud -- -- provide depth. -- does he'd answer any of those issues and he hasn't played all season. I think in answer -- to come up I was -- under. His value couldn't be lower Africa prime away from the Red Sox I am signed for another years on not getting a -- to plan and I'm gonna. Check my scouts and seeds I think he's going to be healthy for the rest of the year yet these -- coming back and he could be a -- in that that your premise is based on the Red Sox. Paying the -- his salary. -- us why why would you pick up his salary through the end and -- -- good player when healthy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And paid the rate you you're gonna have to pay ten million dollars next season. For a guy who has played more than that thirteen is -- -- enough votes and yet you -- 339 million. So okay you're gonna pay thirteen million dollars next year for a guy who's. Had 3540 at bats this season. That's a lot of money to pay for -- question mark yeah it is so to your point why am I doing -- department team. I'm not doing a -- its -- the professor -- -- David -- to be in the -- -- -- -- me on the equipment thank you know there's an awesome date that's fine. And I'll continue to start taking some notes of some of the predictions you make to you should do that I will. So far on the team it's doing I'm doing it either because the Red Sox except to big money or. I'm not giving up a lot and I'm willing to take on that isn't just economic guaranteed -- David through -- he's being lost again as the way you embarrassed me affordable and have like I. -- lead over my head first of all me out first of all it's very hard to embarrass you. Okay. Second of all I am I but. -- -- quick are right that it topical content I think. Outlook on how they changed I get. A -- All or there or out wide like it -- Rondell White we are on what are now. At the stand. I I don't think I've ever felt or walk a lot or and that's your. -- got irked that he actually but -- -- -- all. You meaning game game seven when he came in the garden and dominated. I'm not that I know is that this here is that the series your talking about. Or are we that he would. Call and issue a party that. Bought about all I. -- offer out yet who are. Not that now. And it -- Michael Gordon. -- -- -- -- -- Bob that's fair that's fair enough we can we can go back and forth and those -- the two sides of the argument. I think it was a defining moment for LeBron you think that it was aided by the NBA because they wanted the -- -- that's a fair enough. Argument I would I would save -- That superstars have always gotten a call and whether he got more or not is debatable point. The point is that he dominated. In the garden whether it was dated or not he can't deny defected in game seven on the road. He dominated. I I I really I I I thought that I. When -- -- people call it well again you're you're you're arguing the results and I don't think that's arguable how he got her. Are. On call that that. -- and act or an amendment and -- really. Are what our affiliate. It but I would. The Celtics that they were brought a white or die -- bought on say that and you would have rooted against the Celtics the LY much like it's quite a lot. -- -- Or apple now where we are so far. Technical. And so much so going out. I chipping and I would I would like all he within -- rock. So your despite all the money despite the face of the NBA despite the calls and whatever his stature is despite the fact that the news came out this weekend now that it's reportedly a two year deal in part of the reason that. Is that he's -- the Max is going up significantly in two years so he's positioned himself to make even more money despite all that your. You're trumping all a bit with the fact that him going home and trying to raise up an entire depressed area is is Norman Rockwell bush is average. It. It is that your opinion Bobbitt if it it's pretty you're sitting at my electric. That's -- good call -- he can't believe what it's done for him. -- this guy who -- LeBron and every single weapon imaginable especially the Celtics perspective yeah and now he's turned it it's not a 180 it's close to that because of the story line. Of going home to raise up. -- -- Springsteen yeah. Is rise up and wants to win next -- Springsteen he's he's not he's not to. Know that he's got to corral these. But it's an -- to get everybody wants talk about LeBron salutes them phone's gonna keep in -- I keep. And it apparently -- and I'm into uncle Brian I think this should all just part of it is like marketing strategies. As far as Blake choosing I think you definitely considered. You about it and and yet and you're going to be going back to its hold on obviously. Cause that they issued rockets and everyone going to be talking about it is so they're going go that -- went on and. I think that's a byproduct of it I think LeBron so you talk about marketing employee talk about the LeBron -- jeans brand and the money I make up while it. He's saying going back to Cleveland will actually help his image. I think you're absolutely I mean that I get it out so much all that uncommon -- stuff. On that -- Everyone hyped about it -- Everyone needed on the floor early on that -- and now he's gone back to its own in which he -- -- years ago it. People are happy for Cleveland thank everyone and -- so -- Buick. Okay. Well the key point -- and -- I think dissidents and point may be I think more about this than the average person because I spend my. Most of my time in my life now is a digital marketer. But one of the things that it offers the LeBron James -- heading back to Cleveland is something that he couldn't get anywhere else. The fact that he goes home this is a true. Story you look for he gets the value of redemption. He gets the value of going back there's a feel good. Part of it that he couldn't get anywhere else if we went to LA he went to New York by going back to Cleveland there is an opportunity for his marketing people. To really take advantage -- just those comments about the kids while he needs to do. Is present the image that he is helping out kids and he should be I wouldn't hold that against him at all and his brand goes through the roof it takes a different level. Back to the caller who just said you root against the Celtics had to sign LeBron. And I take him at his word sure I that's fine. I just don't know of anyone who's ever actively rooted against that team. Because of a certain transaction. But the one that comes to mind I think it was more wink wink. Because it made for good stick on the radio was the famous Al maverick. Who was a famous Bill Parcells -- squad and he claimed to have been a in in order -- jets fan. Cowboys -- Odd jets dolphins cowboys jets cowboys dolphins. Jets and patriots jets quote none of them going post and went out. And I think there was there was a rumor that Parcells was -- the Redskins and I think -- famous or -- but Redskins jacket at. So I I I think that -- for good York's on the radio but I I think deep down he remained patriots and and I think that any I can't speak for the call. But I suspect that a lot of people claim and again at the -- says it believes that many in the in the belly and god bless them but I suspect I suspect that most people. Who who claim that they will not follow a certain team if they acquire -- player ago that there really change. There really he said I'd root against the Celtics and I don't know if this is that -- didn't realize that far when he said he here's what I started thinking about too not to that degree. But people that have been acquired on the Boston sports scene that I didn't really root for -- in strengthen my affinity for the team aging in dollars and Carl Crawford. May never and it really racists either one of those guys as big money guys as productive as Adrian Gonzales was in as much of hitting machine I never really never really bought into him. I have to go back to when I was a kid from saved when I was eight when I started falling on the team's. And into. Graduate UMass since 78 became a writer than this 187 -- eighteenth. And so so we're talking that this sixties in most of the seven. And I can't remember. There's times were different but I can't remembered deciding to root on not root for the fourteenth. Because of transaction in my view. I'm from Boston they with a Boston teams and I rooted for the rain should I may have been pissed off at them I may have moved on other teams and other words. If the well but the Red Sox. When I was a kid reflects sucked and it was just you knew that going in every season so I just love baseball and I never even. Thought that they would ever wanna panic and you know that I was eleven at 67 it was a magic but. My my view is always been as a kid these were the teams. I may disagree I mean like a certain player -- a certain player it pissed off that trades in management and so forth but in the end I would still be a fan. That team techsters as we go to the breaks say what about David Wells coming to the Sox and I and everybody and to Rasheed Wallace. So is Joseph from New Hampshire so they go we come back Peter met and Michael you guys are up first sports Sunday on WB yeah. We sat down in Miami we talk to him and he talked about the past. First when -- fell out of the way it you know racquet is the truth of the matter is we have five years together -- -- that night and that's really what was it wasn't like any. Bad things in the relationship the entire time. That's Cleveland Cavaliers principal owner Dan Gilbert. Talking about -- LeBron James cement block -- -- answer this question for Europe at the calls. I'm set the over under on today's World Cup that starts at 3 o'clock of -- -- James cut aways in the stands at fifteen. Go over -- under. Said the over under for ABC ESP initial -- LeBron James in the stands at fifteen. No wonder -- -- under under. On the on all that's that's assuming that he's going to be in the -- -- -- -- guy you stated David Ortiz at. Football fans don't care about LeBron dominate all you went over because if he's in the stands. By his count the pregame. To our pregame -- every segment -- -- things which has to apologize for the previous Sunday you're not going to be in that -- I'm -- I'm just pointing out that you know -- I was wrong. The fact that David Ortiz not going to be in Minneapolis I am surprised. And I was wrong. With just that you're wrong with that. -- you serious gave it she's the world trade it in a baseball game you're looking back on it I think a big part of it as the techsters pointed out this morning. Is -- Ortiz told Farrell. -- well rightly say after you know you know make it any. Many opportunities from Major League Baseball and the manager of its weapons of your manager to get you into the green like three players. You want. That that's been written adept at managing gets a little thing eighties days. But when you have a better chance of going -- -- in the days later in the week if it's your manager. Cauldron of the year the Joseph -- -- taking all my guys yet. -- it's at that but it's changed since -- Let's yes. There are a lot of other restrictions let's go to the phones. LeBron James is in Brazil leaves yesterday he ran a clinic is also quoted as saying when he was asked about the game Germany as the best team. But line Massey is the best player in the whole World Cup Argentina's so that's why we play the games. Com. And that's where he -- let's go to Peter and -- Peter. They they trapped me -- I just wanted to -- are a couple of callers I addressed what you're really quick second thing and Ira port up. -- thinking that I believe we were called how LeBron. Quote unquote demolished the Celtics in game seven I just honestly about 31 point I'm correct but. Yeah I take a way I heard her correctly with the bought one -- that. Austrian city music he Ceres Peter recorder. -- -- -- you know you're you're you're not well my point -- you're not willing to say. That LeBron James came into the garden. And dominated game seven that he was the main reason they won banking and willing to say that. It's a hard you to say that where do you agree whether -- not mean you just not agree with the point or is it hard for you to say that LeBron came in here. When his legacy on the line and wanna game 7 in the Eastern Conference finals. I don't think -- can put the nail in the coffin he did his part but he was not that's because it was still a tight game going in the fourth quarter and -- ideal -- for the -- with spot. I disagree I think that the marquee game in his career before that was the game seven duel with Paul Pierce where he played well enough but -- played better. And then I think after coming in and doing this I think to -- all due respect you gotta give it up to the guy. Would also recommend that the legacy wanna game which is beyond -- -- got a W factory but I really feel that I don't know just parched just talk about historical political and bringing that up and it didn't help his legacy he did. That you are looking thing it didn't help the legacy it's just that it wasn't you know an -- game excerpt from the heart wasn't quite cleared as like I take -- -- that bosh came and not -- and put a dagger and but anyway that was my first point the second requirement that there's telemarketer but said that the best thing. LeBron is that he's going back to his hometown that the unique event. And I think that the exact opposite I think it makes it look like. You know a guy who accuses ex girlfriend dropping it impoundment wants to come back you're not a word that and it just made them look even. Me well how this plays out will be the and -- -- there was a guy who called up and said. That I think it was a marketing ploy that brought him back it was me -- my life as a digital market that said. I think his marketers can have a field day with this there is an opportunity for them with him going back home. To capitalize on that that the opportunity would arise anywhere else going. And now -- now but it just looks week I think on -- the -- and on his part I just you know it you spent much time away and key kind of slap in the face too hard you know it's -- -- they're -- like that relationship you know it was too bad you can't go back and. Let's let's let's thanks for call -- let's explore that conversation later in the year. When LeBron has been on national TV and Cleveland's best team in the east for a while he's getting the big verbal hug. And physical hugs from everybody in Cleveland and all that I think then that's a good time to revisit that conversation. Mets in Providence -- Bakken butch. Matt Matt Martin Brodeur go without. Albert Cole who said. You would root against the Celtics if LeBron came -- he didn't think the worst -- print it's it's. Are you have a player who becomes so aware that we're looking here in New England who has a rap -- this as a full book. Bought the team -- player who goes you know steroids perhaps when you were championship but to either shrug your shoulders and it. You'll be LeBron have been guilty of was making a decision. In greater on national TV it's only going to be guilty of these guys their model citizen you had to go to the trouble. -- kind ever really see him oh like letter to club when it whoever it is it's a function because a homebody you Jimmie manned. Realistically. Would you rather have that type of player you know. Odds are he's not gonna get in trouble because he had the great people around him. What you want some of these mid level -- you gonna come and actually guns around to do understand the third Eldred and I'll put in the work in. Well you have no problem share program buying figured he'd do whatever they do home buying into it but yet he can't get he had. -- -- did everything you decide and I do and I think you're echoing the sentiment of a lot of textures that are probably didn't express while earlier in the show they're saying this is a joke the people that say. That they would root for the Celtics if he came to the Celtics mean let's just take a deep breath for a second and play that story out. What the heck are we talking about today if he's wearing a Celtics uniform. It and one -- big group with a guy who just cannot. To mention about it and go for capital lose fifteen pounds and -- -- no we can't go back here for a few weeks. The tournament that you don't want to work that's -- -- little bit but just for a couple of weeks minutes you know -- -- a guy you know game that we know where you are. Going with that 617779797. Techsters reminding me that the the game we're talking about that LeBron had 45 points. Fifteen rebounds. Was game six in Boston of the 20121112. Eastern Conference finals it was not game seven thank you for minor matter said it was game seven. Chris Bosh -- at the confusion -- -- as bosh actually played really well in game seven. When the Celtics were up three games to two was a game six in Boston that forced a game seven. -- implement -- Michael. Good afternoon gentlemen. How -- on -- yourself hey it's gonna. -- -- -- go abroad they are interesting comment they keep from his home. The Pacific forget what LeBron did in the 2012. Playoff form. I'm searching my memory -- checked -- I don't know that anybody's ever matched -- base ball. I don't know hockey as well but I know basketball and then baseball hasn't been done. In three consecutive series with this talking to our team on the on the pool and on the -- What does she do the Eastern Conference semi final against the pacers. We just one game or go to the war on Miami's being written up. And comparable -- -- -- the agency would be 4018 and nine and that game. You know what happened against Celtics in game six and then in the finals game two showcasing -- remember location one being -- And another game for the ages and acting true. Yeah Michael I think -- I think your point is well taken you could say a lot of things about LeBron you can hate him we can do what if you want. And his legacy in the greatest players ever because he's one of those rare people. It's sitting at the table with Michael Jordan Larry Bird magic -- all about but women. But -- -- when you can't take away from him. Is it sold far 'cause he's won two championships been to four NBA finals and by the way. Did the best player on his team and arguably the best player in the league at that time. Has lived up to that mantle by -- warming when the pressure has been the most of their backs against the Wall Street can't take that away from him be right. And I submit a game seven against the culprit was -- performance for the ages and -- about talking about after his game six. Game seven and already. All went went pierce when he played Cleveland. Yes that was one of the greatest championship format this -- a -- of -- -- game seven except that pierce beat him one on one. -- Orbit at the end but only true. An analogy I don't think there's anything approaching them talking about it or anything analogous to what LeBron trying to do. And I don't know what will -- all the little variation. I had -- hometown guy I. Let us. A change your career. Some snippets of success. What is largely considered a failure and the score -- we. 10 -- count seems to two championships and forty years. The waiters in the wind in connection. -- So you sort do you extending the now these same one of Jim Clark came home. How I'm Bob Kelly at Oakmont clearly a little variation. On -- -- they were dating a lot of our listeners but yeah I mean for people that don't remember didn't live through that. Football didn't exist in this town for longest time the seventy patriots. What will McDonough and everybody else put the page on the map as an NFL. And -- Jim Clark it was part of that they traded him to get a package of draft picks that turned out to be huge success for them for years to come but -- -- then did go on. Never lived up to expectations here is the number one overall pick. What did go on to win two Super Bowls with -- another team and to your point -- agreement that analogy came off the scrap -- That's a good -- I think you're funny -- you thought you brought up -- network yes. This is true story apps we'll check the tapes you lay out money. Like this was in December and I read the patriots were down near Miami I want to see the game itself from Everett did you know OK the patriots last. That game and then a couple of them want to -- -- they are now a bunch George Bush boulevard. Where places. And cool and Chim Mae and such but -- -- they want some pro corporate talk about the game. Two days before. And about the patriots and dolphins and then guess what happens out segue into his favorite topic and he tries. To convince GMMR seventeen and all -- -- That the tour that was a better coach. Than -- shall back over the radio. -- -- They've -- a call Michael quick break bill Alex Matt and Robert you guys next. Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns before buck heads out to Minneapolis for his 23 all star game making us all jealous. -- spending your life and career 123 Major League All Star Games what do you do for a living. We're back with more coming up. Right after this on WEEI. On sports Sunday. On W. And go to the noble right. I don't well I can grab them by Leon -- hundred year anniversary. On paper I read it was a great story thank you -- You render irrelevant when it -- story but I actually did which is going well a little bit longer breaks or any recent domestic get a -- incorporated. It's up to today. And so did the right thing the president -- young mistake they made was not doing its -- I think it could sell the seat and literally. Like getting ready himself and he was -- -- in the direction drove the rotten apple on the apple cup I'll let you want to describe it. He -- the terrible influence that club -- in my opinion and I actually call for an released back in April on station I could feel ill. Just went against the grain collect eight it will actually end at one I didn't stick it out of a happy ending but I don't think that he would have been much. She kept competing for the debate. Judgment themselves. -- -- sort of disagrees with your premise that they should have got to remember earlier if I hear -- right but when I read your column -- putting it more on the leaders. Of the team with the AJ Pierzynski thing and so thanks for the call bill in your point I don't know for could have been done earlier I mean. Doing it earlier bringing Vasquez up I would argue that why did you sign AJ Pierzynski in the first place. I mean. You probably thought Vasquez needed some more seasoning this year Michael all of young players in May be this you know ten games under 500 in. And the way they played over from month has sped up that process clearly has even got John Farrell saying. They've done that but some. I don't know I don't know if I don't if you sign -- at the beginning of the year. I don't know if it was even prudent to drop him a lot earlier than -- you thought AJ Pierzynski was debt debt. Mean what message of the Red Sox have been sending info on Memorial Day they see you know what made a mistake by their actions and cut AJ Pierzynski then. Well I don't know I endorse this. This viewpoint that that the planned ways to carry Pierzynski as long as they could to Vazquez was ready. -- cut ties with him right -- would've thought the whole idea was to have imported tires season. And used Vazquez in September as the third of fourth catcher and let him get his feet wet and so forth but you know you never know there's always -- -- a car is next. Little Robert. Followed a particular call. Well I'm back to always respect a LeBron. I don't know how anyone could. Dispute. The way he took over that period of the -- that -- want -- -- seven I think he put his team and in fact when we had the damage. And that -- will have churned out elite yet it came on and back and carried them through in the it didn't championship I mean I don't doubt it -- -- -- Anyway it was also in and if you're an NBA. Historian of perspective. This is this is the way it's been it was a passing of the torch. You know the heat where I had to get by this Celtics. And they got by the Celtics by doing that. Exactly and there's no question about that a couple of called back and I think the edit. Right on LeBron James that never really understood. All of it detractors. The the bad. Philip by Brett Kahn and 45 years ago when he looked at it -- And some people just haven't got no I don't know what really degenerate but to me. He was seventeen years old maybe six. You can have been great at the expectation on him and I think he's I think it's a -- I think it's a pilgrim and I think he's I think overall it -- a class act. And I want to say the other thing I really like about that mold I don't know what are the marketing move. All want our back is not I liked the you have a thirty. 09 a thirty year old man. Well the world watching college I'm -- into writing his own story is not. Just not going to be. Pushed around control. Yeah he's doing is Larry I think I think you got to look so I'm I'm squarely in his corner. I appreciate your -- my router on the thanks for the call I do to it not mother trying to sell books here because it's out of print now but. General we can Goodyear several years ago I devoted some space. Who LeBron James the way he carried himself turned the other so that's when the championship -- an epic great series against Cleveland. And there was an absolute joy. To. Following the post game -- is that LeBron James was doing because he was the word it kept using was regal. He was a great spokesman for basketball back then and and to a degree still is and this -- says he used when he five point you know whatever is age was then but he played. Is his is the Portman suggest to someone much older. He always had a way about him he looks older than he is axle and he has and -- he was quite eloquent. Talking about those games of that series and so forth and and I came away very impressed. -- Roberts points -- ones that I find hard to dispute the way he's conducted himself especially compared to other. NBA players of his generation and even before. And also the fact that he's performed when the stage has been the biggest. The best that I mean again you could say a lot of things about LeBron you really can't. Take that away that that one of the significant things about that game six coming into Boston performing that way and then finishing it off in game seven. Was the passing of the torch the Celtics might not have been the team that won the championship but again like the bulls with the pistons. Like the Celtics. I mean would the bulls would -- the pistons with the Celtics Ewing never gonna get past that until you get past. And that was eight that was leaving the carcass on the road once they got past the Celtics. They went on they won their first championship they want another championship and went to the NBA finals the year after that got to Matthew in Portland Maine -- -- that. Now -- that. Drop my phone you didn't feel I apologize for the speaker but what I call -- and just a real quick on the analogy about going back to their girlfriend. -- -- Better analogy now would be if you're going back your longtime childhood girlfriend the girl you grew up and be with -- -- -- -- -- -- our data but it was really -- So can -- question it like LeBron did you break her heart. -- Maybe we'll know because -- I don't know it is a good and because LeBron. If if you're gonna use that analogy directly you Brokeback girl's heart. I'm not your -- and are you gonna back. Bet you what you went tomorrow you dated a bimbo you realize that you want to be -- -- But look why don't the persecuted but they were talking about LeBron going back and there was a lot of US. And then when he died it was like the day or two of people a lot of people they I don't I did as a marketing ploy blah blah blah. I think people need to start -- the cabinet. The disclaimer that they're not going to be happy no matter what. What do those people want the right decision here they can't even like this move what would you oppose right do. -- no doubt question that I have brawl with a record since -- brought -- I don't like opulent life a lot now lately the 18 I don't know. I'm happy wouldn't it be literally done any better in the way you heard all the -- -- the how everything went down the last time he did everything differently. He did everything the way that you -- you. He's a huge. I feel like people wanted to sit back and Leo oh hey I'm going back we will not do anything at all about what it up. A letter a lot of the biggest artists or not why. Like I agree with your premise -- I don't know if you do -- that what else could LeBron has done in the court of public opinion. Like if he went back to Miami would people feel better about that he stay loyal to Miami if you went back if you went LA or New York. I think it boils down it is there's an element out it has a lobby that just hates LeBron because it is. -- it's always great to hate the most popular guy at the big though other. Other. The reigning guy who wins a lot is brash you know the way they hated Reggie Jackson back in the day so the short of winning the Nobel Peace Prize LeBron James was lag issues. Never gonna turn around some of the people just don't like this is the way it is. I park you gotta leave here until August 25 butch OK the is that was my toss. Yes OK I was gonna such a -- voted them at the TV because you know you Connelly I ran into a speed -- you -- -- -- -- giving -- to -- -- don't -- to -- to 321. Tebucky got a lead to catch a plane it's good opportunity if you talk about the the old time baseball game which is Monday August 25. -- -- I would be glad to do that actually had caught the parents Euphrates the end the awesome. In Burlington. It's Melanie. I know. It meant very good. And we met at the Burlington and we've been ordered John and -- -- This year's game is being played is a dual fund raiser -- -- PDI which is tailor therapy development institute Cambridge. Which obviously doesn't credible Warrick. It experimental treatments and and hopefully cure for LS along with the number three -- fund. The so you can actually give to either charity sent me an email and -- Buckley at Boston Herald dot com. We have all the players lined up which try to buy individual sponsors. I think it's 250 dollars for each split but any donations -- it but the best -- is. The game and in an August -- -- -- What a great local players and vintage old time uniforms that the Oakland oaks him Francisco seals. Brooklyn dodges the use -- wait a sell on days -- Negro League uniforms. Uniforms a heavy loud colorful players -- wearing them to get 15100 people with saint Peter's feel on a warm summer night. People who've been a war game love keep coming back every year -- whole bunch of us involved and it's though. If you wanna support Pete phrase and by the way but I don't know if you know this entry do. Pete -- -- having a baby and so did aren't all that yeah that is a process of Pete's got a lot on his plate this summer. He's got the all time -- -- came and it is gonna have a baby -- he's gonna like going -- and the home team. Most of the players on team will be former teammates -- Pete phrase from saint John's prep. DC hi I'm Arthur saint John's prep Boston College. A Mike Gambino is going to be in the BC coach of course will millennium party. Who plays every year will be years so if you wanna come to -- great local baseball he had a celebration of baseball. Market -- account Monday that August 25 7 o'clock saint Peter. Fueled Sherman street with -- so before you go. Who should start for the American League now between doctors going to have surgery. In European -- Burly. Mean early parolees faulted lately he's -- is until laughs lately but is -- season's pretty good. With advocacy Jon Lester get the stuff we know that's not gonna happen in the overall numbers on there about it I I navigate cut Julio -- starters should be. -- I've felt like the honor -- yeah and I always like -- start and -- -- just about putting it down a bit and my focus is elsewhere. So and you got Felix Hernandez -- Scott Kazmir. Yu Darvish. Talk about a comeback season Kazmir who's done a couple of years ago it's clear that is going to be clincher Kerr shot from the national unity and he -- he and -- -- -- should have been epithets and so last thing before you go and you got to catch a plane and carry on without you for fifteen soldier -- A soldier on. Cool you aren't listening driving. The report so who are you we RD avenue mind what are we gonna be reading about it the all star game site Koji. And western some comments or to get I mean that's a story yet to be written somebody may say -- do something that inspires the pros but. I candidly say that right come from one Monday when they have the media availability. I will be camp that a journalist -- table pizzas he's an all star. He's one of only two represented is the right side and he's at a crossroads in his career vs you know -- of these contracts though. I believe that whatever Jon Lester says will be -- work out. I agree with you and I'm looking forward to Reid -- on that and hearing Lester says because. I think his tongue on his own how he conducts that media session -- yet of where their. And you're going to be -- sub inched and you are right there at that -- etched in your perspective because you you agree with that don't you know I was talking about yes the tone of some McCain. No I heard the one year in the all star game forget what one was when when reading John and I discuss how. And and we kept asking and asking and asking asking -- betrayed betrayed you wanted to unity treaty -- he kept the flattening and finally. After like forty minutes he said all right I admit it I'm gonna trade I'd say it out are just gonna say it and it was hilarious. Safe travels bark you -- every now and have fun at the house to get me here next week I'm really into additional map today. Today it was a special fell. It was really close those special about it. Don't know it just seem to work today anything in thanked me for -- now but I was going around the room working working as waivers that. It's like in the in the Broadway you've reached -- union graduate orchestra. -- they go to New York -- conductors it. It's ideals our. Are you of course what what a great job I -- can -- soldier on without Steve Buckley here for the final segment of sports Sunday leading up to Red Sox pregame. Now we're back for more often.

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