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Minor Details Ep. 93: The scouting of Henry Owens and Sean Coyle, Red Sox All-Star Futures Game participants

Jul 13, 2014|

Red Sox prospects Henry Owens and Sean Coyle are set to take part in the Major League Baseball All-Star Futures Game on Sunday, the signature showcase of the prospect season. Red Sox Mid-Atlantic area scout Chris Calciano discusses the process that led him and the Sox to Sean Coyle in the third round of the 2010 draft, while Tom Battista discusses his history following Owens -- a supplemental first-rounder in the 2011 draft -- as Southern California area scout.

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Welcome to the future or more specifically the futures. The most exciting prospect showcase of the year takes place today as the all star futures game is set to be played this afternoon at target field Minnesota. It's an event that brings together the elite talent in the minors in the Red Sox are well represented. Both -- -- -- -- and Vazquez were selected to play but unfortunately there otherwise and disposed today. As ended eligible for that matter given -- in the big weeks till the Red Sox will feature -- -- Portland teammates. Having great years in double. Lefthander Henry Owens arguably the organization's top prospect and in arguably its top pitching prospect. Will be one of the arms available in the US team in playing second base will be his teammate and -- in Portland Sean Coyle. This we got down on the farm what check in with a skeleton sign these two counts we'll talk to Tom Batiste about his first glimpse of Henry Owens. But first we'll talk to Red Sox mid Atlantic area scout Chris -- on how about Sean -- Cornell who was playing in high school in Pennsylvania when Kelsey announced on them is having what appears to be a break -- year. He spent most of the year hitting in the mid three hundreds with big power numbers having claimed. Eleven homers through 63 games in being right around 600 and slugging percentage for most of the year. This is. Kind of a -- given that he's only five foot seven and -- further represents something of a surprise given his struggles over the last couple of years in Salem. But propel -- on how the man who's got a -- before the Sox took took him in the third round of the 2010 draft in signed him to a first round bonus. The performance is anything but surprising. Probably first time I saw was late summer. Calling it -- senior has also -- summer after junior year. You know kind of like the guys and it shall plus that's the rock and soul you know really -- outfield -- And you know what was it looked kind of early in the -- outside the way he played game and what are brought to the table ostensibly in. You know for it's a it's a different sound up as bad -- -- used a lot the EU really it's based on very very -- In your experience as a scout. How will -- or is it to combine that you know that kind of stature with that kind of sound of the ball off the bat. Yeah I mean that that's kind of what made him so intrigued I mean it's not very common I'll leave -- -- -- Kerry got beat out with a different but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's punishing baseball in the opposite opposite field line drive all right and then they'll that are well struck -- -- it would not evident to leave it. And to accept some power -- the system. At that time so that was that was that was our that was after his junior year or during his junior that you're counting him. Right -- probably. Summer after you hear guys who. And so he's playing -- that he's putting in the mid Atlantic comeback can be you know Europe this is your coverage region but it's it's kind of notoriously. Potentially a difficult region to -- because it's not like it's Florida California. Texas -- every year around baseball. In terms of how developed -- was as a player at that point what did you see from him power find a player -- Well I think she it is fairly fairly. You withdraw or by Hastert should -- nation as a player. It's tools and skill set had been fairly well developed on their words were not. Our church has patients here earlier Backstreet obviously. But you -- eat eat you know his swing -- he's in it for our Iran. -- security -- everything. Which would -- for him to beat her running start that's some early success. You know we felt and you know the approach. A little bit of the aggressiveness and so that they experiment so those they certainly do. Develop -- -- you know most every hitter to hitter but it's obvious -- general skills that were brought the table pretty. It was pretty far along. Did you simply continue to say that summer. I did not have juniors they covered that Riverside didn't it was probably short there are. When I when I first you have really start to get out there aren't with either. You know a couple of travel groups it is where side in the summer fall. And it is different work out things like that that I entered that birdie where. They'll win one coverage assignments were being assigned -- you know and kind of in guys being lumped in as you know. Maybe being in this kind of area of the draft. You know you guys ended up signing him for what was essentially a first round -- even though he was drafted in the third round were you drafting him with an eye towards your -- -- top pick which I believe was the number twenty overall in the first round here. Why don't they have. From schools grades reports or you know -- probably read much like first round for our prospectors and Abiola and the guys that you know I don't know that there were. A lot of teams that would have maybe had the upper level that we at. And so Bob what I want this I think -- Tactic or burst. During the course of this spring distract here. An extension I think that we shall wait a few rounds. And potentially you know you're basically it worked out. Tell me about that why do you think that there were team what what do you mean when you say that there weren't necessary that many teams that have a comfort level that you did what was it that you kind of that you kind of believed in that. Might not have been a shared belief. Well I'd I'd just like when you talk initially about they interpret that the body of the player and he you know a pretty you know. Very strong. Five for seven axed out body type guy. You know. People may have looked at said you know it's a Gephardt I try to maintain. You know regular character ability and you know certainly interprets them. Injuries throughout -- partners currently career. Usually work early part. We -- students and their flexibility they're preparing try to help prevent futures up to shoot edged out by hand to his credit. -- looks great so on spring training. I think some -- it might be the body I think they'll -- that made the -- there. When when you see that body type. How much is it necessary to avoid the lake when Dustin Pedroia was drafted. The natural thing for any guy who has his height. Was to drop -- David next time come on right everyone said oh Pedroia is in the next time -- and it turned out a couple of years later no. Dustin Pedroia does very different things. On the baseball field then did David next time. When the -- is being scouted how much was there wasn't necessary to resist the oh he's a Dustin Pedroia -- Yeah I definitely think that that was what a lot of people tried to -- We brought him you know -- right right you know -- secondary profile and and you army does -- -- it was just about the sold the player as you know what -- EP. You know. And impact site slugging back I think it's a work -- the upper middle order. Opera Jeter at second base to our seven it you know it just didn't it it's that -- and other -- -- -- You know the prospect that in and opt in those guys credit certain it. You know we were in the past that -- the -- is the top two Pedroia. Very different very different player in my opinion. That you guys. Even in what sense. You know I think that that the hand I bird where -- in the princes street is off the charts you know attack rate. You know that is strike out and probably you know I know -- for over early for sure bet you know I think it -- on. They have a little more outside power potential but you know strikeouts are certainly more they're well. In terms of what you saw from from -- in terms of baseball instincts one of the things that that remains striking to me is that basically aside from a couple times in in -- rehab assignment in the in the Gulf Coast League last year. He never gets thrown out attempting stolen bases. How good was zero what what kind of what kind of things did you see what kind of moments in games did you see when your scouting him they gave you a sense for what his deal was for baseball. We really really alert. Especially on the defense side always -- the play where. You looking in their. Are to bonded and play your easier on all our -- immediately checked to see that a writer. I around the bird watchers second much -- it like that you know accurate call where. You know just -- picking up currency -- -- from -- actual you'll. On the base that's. Never had a situation where -- -- Mr. Turk all -- -- -- moving up for you know anything that they always you know get the first to third -- -- -- sugar first erred on. Very good player on all sides of the optic you know -- try to be translated and sort of that. Just to get a sense of of how frequently you got him how many times would you save some over their starting with that. Starting with your follow him that summer after his junior year through through his senior season. Well it's probably easier street just off I had to have seen at least seven gave -- One year 22. Expert C I was able I'm able to do. Get in -- quite a bit but no matter what -- -- that's strong that your Soviet -- it a lot of emotion. Op building a very good volume of apps whether any of them. Going back this summer ball may be another four -- agent so immediately -- a private -- -- we're at bat -- ball. -- -- so there's there's quite a bit of interaction and Erica well in the shall we grow our. Part of what what we believe in process and you know those other post outlook. Well that must have been interesting part of it right because of course you know shuns brother Tommy was at UNC at the time. In there had been a considerable amount of talk about the desire -- to go to UNC where he had a scholarship offer and play with his brother. How confident were you that he was someone who could not who you could side. Well I I felt like listing this on listening to -- well is that. Your discussion that. They're certainly will guide you in the opportunity in North Carolina reputation on street was planned date rape is what are the big leagues and Europe that they it would it would certainly. North Carolina. On the back burner to choose chase an opportunity. To present the right the right situation right organization. Obviously right. Or whatnot but. -- he is pretty candid that you know as to what planet it. In terms of in terms of what you're starting from him at the plate you know -- one of the things about you know about kind of a limited sample and high schools that you oftentimes. After evaluate power of a guy or his kids who or what have you. Against you know against guys who might be three in the eighties. Was there an instance where you -- oil competing against someone. You know who pretty advanced competition to keep your sense of OK this this can translate into the pros. Well you know it's great repression we had him you know had to -- -- -- here here and they match up it'll oil. It just the day double it and so it mission. You know and watching on it at bat against -- you art art that's as well which respect year. You know I got it to heal some of the leaders -- that First Act. A -- -- you know it just -- get a roll over -- -- that you re. Herschel made it just the -- it is the state small speakers. Score the ball right center field. Look for it. Part time up just try to pass on either have to which that it worked out well for all of the ball are also. Don't watch it yet that I was here. You know India a pretty good snapshot of that ability better this. Tuchman Chris Kelsey and other Red Sox made it clinics gotten signed Sean Coyle. When you're and so when you get when you sign when you signed Sean you know endure anticipating what is player development path is going to be like. By virtue of the fact that it is the mid Atlantic -- coming from that it's there it's a region where. Typically you know do you just into pro ball the length of the schedule in addition to the level competition and the fact it's just high school are you anticipating that he's going to be on I'm a kind of deliberate track moving up or where his skills advanced enough that you thought there's a chance that he's going to be fast track as -- as you might have seen you know he he did go out -- first year to full season ball in Greenville. Yes I've thought that the hat or -- and again so. Ships -- development -- question let's say that. You know for me when I've seen or some other guys you know we're pretty aggressive at odds with and -- figured it shall be able to. It took a power potentially. In game and op play as steady base second base you know -- chipped it to move pretty -- aggressively. You know and looking at his first few years where I want exposed 50% of the ships were went extra base hit. He was showing that they think that there are our people certainly look for on our development to turn those promotions that the group. Were you surprised by any of the struggles that he face you know and I thought that he had actually a pretty impressive first year in not in Greenville and positioned him to get out Salem. In that second full pro season. And even even in that second full pro season which he spent in Salem get a really strong second half so. You know he's -- -- -- a bracket that in in noting that it's not like he's struggled all the way up and then suddenly exploded onto the scene this year. Nonetheless there have been periods that he went through whether it was that first half in his first year in Salem. Or last year after our great start and Salem. Where he's struggled high strikeout rates at times. Has any of that part of his player development path surprised you. -- I -- -- -- most guys that you're gonna have at the ups and downs that they -- There were times where and he struggled for a little bit longer period and I just because of knowing and believing players -- -- duke it out that the but it is always been able to register and that app. This -- here IA woods with a -- perhaps and that would eclipse that thought of what the stricter search or do. Will be forwarded. You know -- it has -- -- injuries last year at that China. You know. It on a damper on on Nazis in a little bit but. You know still came back in I think late year hurt -- help help it would championship it would if you performer there. In the post season for sale last year. So he's going to be able to you know find a way it went right through it and and show the things he's gonna be able to choose. You know really street that was it -- it baseball soccer. Obviously so much of the of the work the you do before you before you guys draft a player like that before you sign them is on makeup and figuring out you know what makes him take. How how did you kind of become comfortable with the idea that he was going to be someone who could work his way through adversity rather than having that consume him at times. He's certainly one -- most popular young man I've doubted very current. Level. You know ready writer I -- -- -- acts on the aperture. Of the game -- the play -- issue it each and those type of those those attributes and the figures you know we looked it in say it's -- chip. With the way he picks the make up the he's an intelligent young man all those things add up to. A guy -- going to be able to get into we're not sure you don't want that's where developments in baseball contrived because instruction he gets spared. The the work that they do them in there it's been -- is certainly has the right direction. Position only he was a shortstop in high school a good one problem. But -- there there'd been I think that there were a lot of people anticipated did you know you not ever Wednesdays at shortstop forever. When you're projecting him down the road was the clear second base production or did you think this is someone could move around a little bit. You know for me it was a clear second base everyday type profile. You know to -- that that was going to be able that. Two. Performance sustain in play -- not -- -- merit and the glove but legal short there's -- you know I actually had chest beater you know slightly up that are not restrict second race. So has there been any point this year where you've looked at where you've -- did at that stat like that he's putting up in Portland seeing the 350 average or the you know where I mean really if you look across the board. Average on base percentage slugging mark there among the best and all full season finally baseball right now has there been any point where you where where you've just. Where were you just pin. Allowed yourself to be surprised to enjoy it or have you said look. I I you know I believed in what the upside of this guy was it was just matter of of just waiting for him. To have the opportunity to be consistent and put it together to see it. Jack I think you know I do I do believe that these things that that the opposite numbers he's putting up. Art you know along a lot of what we are all expected at the hitter. I will say. Hot streaks he's had hit China this year where currency and then in over -- -- stretched gaudy numbers up. They've been a little bit more so and I I it has been for sure. And you know when it's -- street 80 really really. There were some special thing. Well -- I think they're one of the special things and who -- an opportunity to do is kind of walk around with Henry Owens at the futures game it's going to present a unique look to see the two of them. Wondering about next to a -- Yeah graduate student instant picture of you got it. Straight ahead Tom Batiste -- will discuss Henry -- Henry Rollins has exhibited Cingular dominance over the last couple years the miners continuing the pattern he showed from early in his high school career. Tom Batiste the man who started going in Huntington Beach High School has had Owens on his radar for years before that. How -- Won't Southern California so it's an early age. And me. We're probably as early as we. What I will rush and about it right away the -- and it put it -- You really are so. -- work spread that about what. Eight. A lot out there -- Abrams now a bit by. Laporte here everybody -- Henry still strikes a unique figure on the mound -- like six foot seven and lots of arms and limbs he's he's filling out on but he is still a pretty skinny guy. Can you just give context for what did he look like on the mound back then. Well you look like they're making a variety jobs now the rain back let. That's out big shelters. Seventy. Right now might equal to each 100. He carries a little bit more like. I. Was he you know I imagine high school he probably was well below that like at least forty pounds maybe more below that when you're seeing him as a sophomore and junior. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At that time so he's -- he was performing well what what are you seeing from him in terms of his stuff at that early stage of his development. A lot but he jumped out at Roland. -- while our. Up -- 88. As a sophomore. -- each year summer. -- wallets. Orbit while it. -- the ball. So -- -- our law. It got there a special. It's it's interesting because when he was when he was drafted you know he obviously had prominence as a as high schooler pitched on the team USA team. After his junior season. But the reports that you agreed in these were for publications are to be clear that these weren't necessarily and these weren't as this wasn't anything I was hearing from you. Or from other scout but you would he publications saying well his velocity is pretty modest his velocity is like 8688 a lot of the time. At that point. When you're watching him was the more tantalizing thing the idea being able to project the additional power or was it or was it his pitch ability at that young age. It vote CEL. Which it. Believe that there were more and there more watched and -- and -- -- ninth -- When he wanted to edit. Care more about. Its ability was there. You -- you win. But when he went to showcase. -- one area. So why aren't. You could throw them really got a lot. And what our radar. That -- and and that day on Europe abort. But. All. -- ought. -- -- -- That approach. At the risk of asking something silly since he threw multiple no hitters and high school do you have -- it was there one outing that really stood out for you is kind of being. A glimpse of what Henry ceiling might be. She she is vehicle and at almost every out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dollar. But there -- I'm seeing where -- something water she. They -- multiple. He. See. In repeat and different. And that I don't eight ball a lot -- -- In terms of how you viewed his side his pitch mix you know in terms of both the present and what you were able to projectors as possible. When you're how did you grade to the fastball curveball changeup and expect them. Well. -- -- change over all but out. Once our stop start coming and you know here. C dot better pretty. But. And we. -- manipulated curve ball because. College. A lot about the out of oh so the -- although it. -- see -- average. Nearly all. Spot. -- she's a more. So you know short. Everything checked and outraged. Or better our board so you know you can see he wanted to see. Modest about it conservative. To take out these average -- -- -- he would show up on average rental. That all I will. A change there. Shell on average -- all men are rolling variation -- while we eat well. Water -- a more. Change we order where they don't want. -- charter. What our. Action -- better and and -- -- won't while. -- -- There are a lot of the reports. Are. What you are. Always. And. How many times would you guess he saw men in high school. She -- While I'm there year. Mean eighty. Get EDT. -- -- -- -- You guys had done had 41 round draft picks or at least for indoor supplemental first round draft picks that year. Ranging anywhere between between I believe number nineteen in that draft to number forty. Were you comfortable with ten with the idea that you'll be able to get Henry if you waited until 36 or were you kind of sweating out the time between. Between that first pick in that third one that you guys had. Oh. That's right let back -- I was very let it however Hillary dynamics. Bottomed out and my -- -- a little bit. You know our our -- in general. And our. That order and there are I'd like to do that. So there. Pretty much. Figured out -- -- more accurate data about your. -- -- A lot of good things and there are real excited about it and everybody can want what want we're not so I can't sit out that. I'd like it's -- as -- is that it's okay. There are probably figured out how to get and take it everybody. Throughout. We do it. So what will -- be -- what lit up the forward. What are all year. You you you said you know three average at least average pitches were pretty clearly present therefore you. I'm that would suggest easily pretty straightforward at least Major League starter projection right. That we didn't that we know Turkish projections. -- she sold out all the rejection. Overseas -- So given that kind of evaluation that kind of potential ceiling that you soft remember back then have you been surprised I mean. He's going on two straight years in which he's basically been the most unhittable pitcher in the minor as it sounds silly but if you just base it on batting average against. There's there's nothing like him in the minors for these past two years. Are you surprised by anything that happened to him in terms of his professional development today. I'm not surprised he we spend a lot of time on character and make and when you know a lot -- All of the cool thing about Obama and you mix and the charger and make. It's kind of taken to another level it makes them somebody -- you -- -- nobody perfect player out there and let you -- the ideal guy as you hoped for though. In all things considered the medical it's. A lot a lot bigger art than most people in believes that you have the ability to spell and get back out there he's been there in the morning. I'm thinking out. Very. While logging. Here these personality and that from a -- -- around on Sunday and then an animal. -- -- -- is editor like let it it may sound. Nobody does but see. -- and make up as much more than anybody. And that Berkshire. -- Given your mention of the make up you know I love in LA I Henry's a unique personality I think that people who encounter him will. Suggested you know he's he's a memorable -- interact with. That being the case I wondered do you have as a kind of last question. You have a great story -- to kind of it kind of helped -- understand who Henry was. When you were kind of trying to trying to do that makeup research. I am well -- personality and I don't think it's just words -- that then. So you don't look like defining moments. -- a lot he played and the tournament. And Jupiter Florida. I've forgotten in 2000 and she there in the dugout with a -- and just tap that words very allotted to personality -- -- inmates and you know the front. The dugout but not guys. And remember it's like a one hitter out in the game and what about the championship game. Man he was actually under but I'm going -- engineer and. But -- saying it when he. -- approach you know command autographs -- a man. The he got the operating on -- -- today and it it's a couple days. Previous. And let's it would -- Is that these area bone cancer and out of -- -- -- -- -- And it's really different for you than their game based upon. All want -- three. Yank them on edged out you know it want to -- more than one inning. I think you're back in turn around and get started shared that the book deals in the actually is and. Well what are we -- really contribute. Thanks to both Chris tells yahweh and tomba tees up for breaking down the scouting process involved with the tube with a Red Sox to futures game represented nerves. If you'd like to hear the full interviews with both Chris and Tom. Check in that WEEI dot com pot slash podcast where soon there'll also be interviews with Sean Coyle and Henry -- Thanks also to producers Saturday and built -- -- and all of you for checking in. Next week.

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