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Butch and Buck on Lebron's latest decision and choice to go home and how it relates to Boston athletes

Jul 13, 2014|

Butch and Buck get down to the biggest story in sports the last couple days - Lebron James making his triumphant return to Cleveland. They give their reaction and discuss who they would like to see return to Boston. They also talk about the content of Lebron's letter and what it means to Cleveland fans. Butch then brings up Andre Johnson and how good of a fit he would be with the Patriots.

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Our number three -- -- 1111 on a Sunday July 13 talking Red Sox Roger Clemens LeBron James. Your thoughts about how do you feel about that hole. Story how do you feel about James going back to Cleveland how would you feel if you were in Cleveland as a columnist and writer. Cleveland sports in general. I'd love it. Might not I'm not caught up in the -- He because these guys are gonna make millions of dollars anyway no matter where he plays. End. I'm looking edit purely from the perspective of a Cleveland sports fan. We get the money and not writer band that. You living Cleveland yes -- -- dire it's what's your your your city is suffering economically. I was in Cleveland just a few weeks ago. A lot of the businesses downtown have dried up -- there's no big department store downtown you went down. Some of the streets what you Oakland avenue and you see just storefronts -- boarded up because it's not as bad as Detroit. It's EE you know it's still got what we enable it to go to little Italy and it's just that as though I think we lab's -- great town flat a lot of flats is overrated bit. Why is gone that's that as an as a tourist area really right up yet it out that didn't work out as a long I've -- -- and but they have not had a championship. Since 1964. With the browns winning the all the NFL championship pre Super Bowl. Prior to that you gotta go back to you don't there was a year when Cleveland was referred to as the city champions. Night -- 1948. Where the Indians beat the Boston Braves in the World Series. The browns what I think was called the all American Football League or it's all American football conference is something. It was a precursor to the NFL but they won that championship. And the late great Cleveland barons. Won the Calder cup the American hockey -- and so everyone was all the buzz and then just a few years later the Indians that a 111 season. So widely -- -- -- CN by the giants the World Series so so there -- days but but they've had nothing. They've had some close calls of the you know the catch the pass the drop -- on little nicknames they apply drive the drive and all that stuff. And -- his minor -- those Indians teams in the mid ninety's we currently dagger and all that. And they'd they'd have not won a championship. And now LeBron -- a native son of Akron has come home. And you know maybe 01 chip to maybe they want but the fact remains there -- something now again. To root for Iranians fan you get journeyman -- we can debate all they along what that's gonna mean. But there is hype and anticipation right now the browns are gonna turn the corner where do you believe that or not that's what a hype this. You have a right to root beat teams and hope that the when and the Indian and the Cleveland fans haven't had a lot to root for over the years in that spirit I think it's great. Maybe -- and I even my part but that's what the way. I think it's great to I think from Boston sports perspective again I'm trying to think about this and Clemens got me thinking about it who's the guy who could come back here what would be analogous. On the Boston sports scene to somebody coming back nowadays right now. There'd be nobody there's nobody out there. That could come back well it's different here because our teams collect all the of 18 champ troops since 2002 true so it it's not like and and also Boston's economy isn't suffering the -- -- very vibrant city what's building going on. -- was a little different that's not a shot at Cleveland I feel bad for Cleveland. And so so -- is looking for something. To get excited about Wii because of our economy -- -- the economy we because of our teams. We because of the beautiful skyline and the public garden in the Aspen -- all the great stuff that there is we are not thirsting for hero. We've got heroes as much as sports people can be heroes and use that term in quote. So we we don't require. Pilots -- -- back -- Paul Pierce coming back very go -- a good -- I don't think it's analogous to LeBron by any means -- hold -- -- there I don't know but Sagan is a good and I I didn't think of that. -- is one that for all the untapped potential. It's the one -- you don't think it would. Was -- combat you don't think they would -- on -- it -- just a simple we are you know I won't speak for the fans -- and calling -- but. I kept I kept. How can I phrases. When the Bruins traded Tyler Sagan to Dallas. Did Boston Bruins fans with -- up in arms over that or did they buy into the he'll never beat you know dale. Made the point and I agree with that. That Sagan. May be I am paraphrasing what dale said that that's taken might be a great player in Dallas. But the the Bruins will be a better team without him. And habit is some to be said -- that right and most people -- ever wanna cup since he left it's only been one year but still. 02 years but of the fact is. Could date would they have been a better team over the next ten or twelve years and in -- they'd say it's gonna put up great numbers and we can all agree on that but. But he didn't seem to be the right feet a year he certainly wasn't mature based on the stuff that we heard and it may be being in a different market to better thank. But I'd be interest to you Bronson tabled that which you the issue here -- Stephens Fall River has to sell of course Steve's always welcome at this today Steve he makes sense our time. You're about what happened. And one walk it back so it. Any does try to. Good ones we can't keep trading -- remember when they traded in 01 of the street that bought. But they didn't do what they would not that any change back to the big. Update where they. Tribute to -- and -- -- -- that the rule that all fear at all Walken what do you Wear it well well it yet at the legitimate. -- I think Antoine Walker is a good run by the way Steve to interrupt you for a second can make a prediction. You've got to somehow. Talk about Manny Ramirez is a leader before you hang up. -- well -- a billion not a million knock as you did yesterday and we're not going on that road again. That's our agenda are you wannabe now. I want now I just I heard it yesterday I said that was -- spirits crawling. Yeah I want to wonder should've happened it didn't happen ever but that ought. Highlight should've been back. Into well I wouldn't for all your vitriol about -- over the years I wouldn't disagree with the idea -- we ought. All of them the rest of the TBI. I don't know little immediately. Contract these people. I wouldn't disagree with -- however I would argue for all your vitriol over the years about Ty Law. That letting -- Longo was an easier or better decision than letting us aren't they Samuel goal. I think when they went on based on -- let me hear me out. And insists on it was a better player than Ty Law but at the time there was a bigger hole left when Asante Samuel left -- when Taiwan. That's what we thought that I watch but what issue where. He'll let you know what I don't love look at certain that make it a lot of right. But what he would create June 06 new patty really bring him back and to be allowed all of what it ought to. Can't -- -- he could have been back and the about it tactics and no one. It could -- that guy or use the million but they haven't beat -- wanna be like a what do you change. -- -- -- -- He did hit the open market and of course they witnessed the -- you believe but had they done right there every -- a problem with rookie. It would hadn't fully you know. Sixty billion dollar record at Iowa seventy million of the right there are big weight. I told that help you with thick of it at two quarterbacks are so I'm not -- the -- is how well they're. The 060708. Seasons and now. In my world you have a few -- like that all this played that played. All right so Steve go to my question about is there an analogy on the Boston sports scene either now we've already done going back. But is there one now that like what's going on at the level of LeBron obviously. But is there a guy that could come back to this town right now. That you would say all is forgiven they welcome back. While we all know what because that -- one that's left that and an accomplished yet they don't they get it and no we will accomplish. We want to let -- -- a couple of he loses he won Stanley Cup and I around the league baseball that we'd like to have back there but really didn't. Look at all at all that one out there. How would you feel with Clemens came back. If you know all things being nickel we are having this discussion fifteen or ten years ago. I would have liked to have had him come back security was -- -- Without knowing anything else. So would've made a difference became back to Boston after the Yankees years in your mind. -- at all. Not really why at the tiny -- big yeah we are well I'd be what what they wanna know about about what he won it all watched. -- is the -- being at a game a lot of fiber at the 88 right. Why -- people -- the game you're down and we could win it. Anybody else who blew the game like that so what you -- the -- he come back yet equitable one. How would you feel last question we're gonna go to break how would you feel Wes Welker came back. I'm not I'm not that pop up but what brought you to the slot. You know the big goal and 118. Bartlett with Albert giant floppy CD player I do want to say one thing about what I. But man does that bet was that affect the lead there David Ortiz. That it withdraw what we outlet but like any any album any guy all right like that writes. Use -- as. We got to take a break Steve Buckley Butch Stearns when we come back I'll give you the latest Andre Johnson update. Speaking of impact players moving from city to city that we come back here on sports. Clock is ticking down before Steve Buckley hops on a plane and heads to -- apple. And a Major League Baseball all star game you gonna take all New England with few buck you know. Three year column in the Harold that's nice you say that what we'll do our live up to those expect what you're going to have to because I'm gonna live vicariously. And I spent two years in Minneapolis. But on the live by -- well in Minnesota. I swear you in Detroit and in a U -- Minnesota worked for eighteen months yeah so a year and a half. And Rochester and Austin Minnesota but I worked for Kate stand. The all sports station -- it's not that icu and -- right Chad Guerrero was there -- Guerrero and dance again Guerrero and Chad them. Dan -- I know Tim -- and Chad Hartman since. Sit apartments on yes along. It's and he is on at that time they went sort out our listeners it's at a longtime columnist for the Minneapolis star Aaron I know little bit about everything was accounted. But I really everybody was a close personal friend. It is all right right. Even you would say that you know Koppel alike comic close personal friend told me. So so but as you know how I a -- FaceBook. I do not. I'm a Twitter guy in our face I don't spend my Obama -- follow. You don't know why -- well what -- what I do is when I'm on the road elect posted to the towards the picture. Out like for instance -- Detroit last year and Lindsay Berra who works very. MLB now different -- east grand tournament restaurants. We took pitches is at this stage Joseph Louis sculpture. And and -- of the fittest. It's Iran sent via toll put like our faces and -- record so I have that. And a picture of me infinite rate Chapman's grave you know that we played a dime it would be you know Cleveland a few weeks ago and you know stuff in New York. And like a couple of weeks ago I was department -- heparin sold. Townhouse on east 49 street three and -- Minneapolis. What do you think it would do mean what's the ultimate -- depict to you can take Minneapolis princes from thinking that ultimate sports steep retreat to take in Minneapolis. Horse picture drama like the statue of Mary Richards. And -- -- awards show. Downtown new -- at all which he's throwing their hat in the electorate in -- show it's cumulative is a statue of her like throwing a little happy -- year but you are gonna take a picture with Laura Petrie. That's Richards yes I am. Without the Capri pants more power to yes this is that this there was that time at that Laura Petrie at that she had moved on from New Rochelle I mean mr. skin should have been talking about Laura Patrick yes. That that would Reynolds school you know that in every episode of the Dick and I HO. That it was a mandate that she must appear. In at least one scene into -- out of town that's a fact I did not notice. Little known fact and you know that all of you faced teenager hardly a teenager named Rob Reiner and cut the trouble. Because he pitched Mary Tyler Moore on the set abdic and -- -- And that that Laura Petrie went through the show's producer coroner and said you need to have a topic your son. -- -- -- That's might be wary got an economic you with my two meters -- while you are heading to Minneapolis yes and wow when you fly back. I think all lot of people's attention will start turning from Red Sox perspective the who's going out of -- trades and move right to going to be made however. There will be two weeks or less than two weeks as you fly back to -- patriots training camp start. Yeah and if Andre Johnson more and more if you read the stories are playing I am. Andre Johnson on their -- a mile a -- I feel about this he's my key right there now yes by the way I'm reading a New York Post article from yesterday with the chances of the giants when the jets getting Andre Johnson and out of Lamar. Here's the here's the pertinent stuff this week you will wait for us all year in rap on you care about its football Ian Rapoport. Report by knowing your grappled this -- rap -- -- I know we can wrap your know Ian Rappaport at it if it. In -- reported this week at fourteen games. Are the top teams have possibly in underage. Any reported that there -- the Panthers the browns because of the Josh Gordon. And the patriots he didn't report this but other people speculating these of the teams -- you said it was fourteen. So the giants and jets article in this in the post says that they don't have a chance to get him have to restructure and the giants though. That did the giants have a better chance on the jets it's -- New York focused article but in this article is a quote from Dan shock. The general manager any national scholar for our lads and FL scouting services. Here's what he tells the post about Andre Johnson and 33 year old Andre Johnson just don't get those threats expose -- his whole -- -- lined up -- -- the door by which -- I guess people are waiting talking football league going head -- to sell when it's right there are people we care about this but I don't like and Iraq all I cared about you only wanna cares about Andre Johnson turned 33 on Friday. Okay get a hundred mean he won't idolized him content whether it's -- get a hundred and a -- -- -- a 109 catches and 14107. Yards last -- put that in perspective. Those are both top ten was also his season a hundred house. Okay our lads in shock a quote agent time is catching up to Andre Johnson. We still rated him the league's. Best receiver. Last year these 33 years old may not be the big time feature receiver he once was however. His value was a mentor to the young receivers and a solid number two option. Many goes on from New York -- as I can't see the giants bringing him at the jets may be an option the price is right -- idea idea out from any patriots perspective. Andre Johnson. On the books for ten million next year. He's quibbling right now in Houston over one million dollar workout signing bonus 'cause you -- the work he came out this week and said I'm not playing in Houston I don't see me playing and used. He's got a different form next year why is it is happening -- YE. Why it makes too much sense can you imagine if the patriots get Andre Johnson. Imagine it imagine -- your gonna be writing this is the goal for a year first -- -- So now I don't have the -- you've written -- I just don't understand. I just don't understand why it hasn't happened already. I agree it makes too much sets I have never understood why the patriots don't -- every single season asking themselves one pertinent question. Do we have enough targets -- I think defense is important politics of defense and guys in defense wins games up it doesn't I understand all that so do they like you've got. Why I don't know with the Julien cattlemen replacing Welker with the matches -- Aaron Dobson coming back hurt him a week or so ago that he back from the surgery he's feeling great. Kimbrel Tompkins. They signed Brandel of foul a detailed enough to Rob Gronkowski who knows when he'll play. Hundreds just adjust I think as I've -- this a million times that you'd driving back from the -- you heard me say this before don't drive off the road. But they seem to get it after the 06 season was to indie music title game and they didn't lose that game because of the lack of receivers. But you clearly look at the season as a whole. It's suggest they'd had a better season enhancing home game that -- Reche Caldwell -- gaffe machine you all well and Jabar Gaffney and so forth. So they go out and I Randy Moss and Wes Welker and Donte' Stallworth and Kyle Brady. And also produced on that Mickey Thomas of that was the first time that clearly had a focus on targets for robbery after that season. That it Christine Wayne in -- in and subsequent seasons. And in that spirit I agree with what you. Six on 7779790%. Of budget taxed on the eighteenth tee text into our. Question about. We like to -- come back and people -- into this. From a LeBron perspective and -- -- -- sports and it really is anybody there but there's some names people throughout Tyler Sagan Joseph Thornton Phil Kessel. Wes Welker division is Debbie Reynolds -- just before you go what you think is a great. You're about bring in Jumbo Joseph back to Boston now. But they brought that name mop. As someone who would have the same type of feel. OK as LeBron James coming back to like there's unfinished business -- Jumbo Joseph. I would argue that his business every reasonably benign while that's Edison could. So maybe is part of -- that tickets an interesting one would you be upset if they brought Joseph Thornton back and by the way at the expense of which senate. David Craig T yeah the trees are really upset I just wouldn't see the value. I mean certainly nice and have guys that wouldn't it would it would be moral outrage in -- risk reward situation when not bring them back. With a chance that our team it's got a chance to win deeper -- glider to think they'd bring in Joseph Thornton acrid guaranteed it never win another cup. Your body and mind Kevin ball department have a field day -- it randomized sounded wanted to see rip off like branded. Antonio took -- show going to the medals with of all he wanted hall that was the rifleman and it was before. And but duped one of those that Selig like a ceremony at sunrise -- -- right up his chest. And and break the sort over the knee in awesome note. Techsters. Is. Brand of fellow at the top ten years of healthy that's neat. That's great I am excited about Brentwood fell to how many Donald daisies or Joey Galloway east or or. Even -- Donte' Stallworth. Or -- the last one Lloyd Brandon Lloyd how many of these secondary receivers have -- and even on well 174 -- season but it. Haven't been the answer. Praying and Andre John dog Joey Galloway was one of the biggest disappointments in recent pace peachtree street -- at Ohio State. How exciting was rated for 21 round draft pick -- traded. For 21 round draft picks in the NFL. But it wasn't that guy when he came here. But like Chad Johnson a complete disappointment its -- sides JJ stokes in his career are you love that -- -- you you know you wax on politically about JJ stokes. And this whole thing actually -- the young with -- article on the Boston Globe. Texas receiver Andre Johnson has kept far away from -- its facilities this offseason skipping voluntary workouts and mandatory minicamp. As recently as Wednesday told the NFL. Media as Marcus -- that quote hopefully. He'd show up for training camp. Actually goes on to talk about unlike most players were unhappy with their teams at this year. Johnson is looking for more money he's frustrated and he's in the twilight of his career and stock on a team that's rebuilding again. And is reportedly asked for a trade. Bill Belichick. And bill O'Brien talking about a bunch of things aren't -- They have a great relationship if they do yes LA so please Williams at William -- Just. All right. Okay -- says I'd like to see Babe -- accurate such -- from we saw that yes last Sunday at Fenway plus or did a standing outside there. Do you know that just a couple of days ago was the 100. Anniversary of Babe -- Major League debut you know what threats I didn't know after you wrote your column about it. Not not to brag on myself because it is it was actually my idea was Mark Murphy and -- pirates and heralded the ones that brought it to my attention. I'm surprised that was it more. Purer more of hoo -- Oh with a 100 anniversary Beirut the greatest player in Major League history is no debate. The guy could go run hit for average. He did you don't run the re invented -- home run and let's not forget what a great pitchers. As a follow up for you -- columns suggestion sure it sure was the last time you spoke with Julia Ruth Stevens. Not several years I mean he's back in town he'd I've done never pieces keystone and in -- New Hampshire and I she's still there yet I've done eighty's and ninety's now. They talk she's back in town my -- -- -- from Quincy sort of handled her affairs -- -- going to be there. I don't know if things going to be it but I'll find out from -- to be that she's going to be and if you notice if you've spoken during the last what five years I don't care. How old she is -- birth certificates she has arc he has remarkable. And so could follow -- interview with the Babe Ruth I mean you could talk about the two of you. Sitting in the stands back and whatever years and watching her dad play by right he could do that. Right. I was too young to see Beirut play for the residents that it seemed toward the -- yankees Korean yeah I was the big guy that -- play for the Braves. I did and what I did make the trip to Pittsburgh -- three home runs. -- If that's -- those baseball -- by the way that he paprika that's in the movie that he hit three home runs. Against the pirates at Forbes Field and then retired right afterwards. He played like another week then retired should quit right then there. What signing Andre Johnson is easy for Belichick he does everything the hard way. There's no one is we go to break think about. Bring back Tim Thomas. He can push to cut to be a shut down goal he's pushing daisies at this point -- and he's at. Steve Buckley -- transcript -- Rebecca -- after this. Are you a little Lauren Zeev on Kim Yang for the lyrics. -- I tell you -- at my favorite part of this also. Bag comes right away. Dies just the instrumental. He had only great Warren -- on six on 777979237. On Sunday July 13. Red Sox take on Houston -- this lineup Brock COLT Dustin Pedroia David Ortiz. Napoli now Bob Bradley. Bogart's drew and Vasquez a text to text that in the boards and why is it will keep bets in the lineup. Well -- knob in the lineup for gonna go to kids go to kids. What why are we bothering -- -- and -- It was image and text good point you gonna go to kids go to kids. Are they going with the kids means going with the 100% of the time that would be productive. They're trying to be productive. They made the transition yeah. But that let you you can give valuable playing time of -- bets and Jackie Bradley junior and all these kids but that doesn't mean that the play every day. You don't you you wanna succeed at the same times of the matchup isn't conducive to what you try to do that don't put in the position with a gonna fail. So and you do have a 25 -- -- I don't have an issue that'll that does bring up the question of the next two weeks again. One of the things I predict you're going to be thinking talking and writing about a -- you finally get our -- comic is -- -- -- -- we like reading your columns -- matter fact you know sort of all the things like that say about you you often listen. And you'll write a column on the masses ask you to do so I've been to take request I've been spending a lot of sun damage due to -- I I'd like to believe that we have a fondness it's developed. Between -- -- -- a model for you so fight so fight can sort of you know that the picture put on FaceBook you know you say you mr. I'm too cool for FaceBook but. I put a picture a face that was too cool for fake I'd put -- it it -- that what you're holding the three rings and guess David Ortiz the big poppy MB yeah -- you know that. Get over a hundred likes. Yes they like my fat fingered people like that picture view. You resonate with the masses but what in the next two weeks after the all star game aren't you going to -- isn't that if you had a list of topics when it comes to the Red Sox. Is -- one of them what happens to not those -- Even victory when Napoli you could argue Napoli signed a little longer but the -- was on one year deal. And after that just a what a victory is going to be Europe this right but in he's got no value because he's not help the -- but so but the novice the Gomes. The analysis of this season. In the top real for reasons his team failed will be Victor Reno being out most of the season of the injuries. You have to argue that because he hasn't been well coupled with the fact if you look at his numbers last year how important -- Bright gold glove consistency every day. Great offensive season -- you know clutch hitting. Part of the top of the line up -- as one of the top the actress about Jack -- Come on a -- I want your opinion about this what are your thoughts are gonna read the quote a second about LeBron James letter and the part about the kids of Ohio and I'll read the quote. Com. I feel my calling here goes above basketball. My presence can make a difference in Miami but I think he can mean more were I'm from. I want kids in northeast Ohio like the hundreds of Akron third graders are sponsored through my foundation. To realize that there's no better place to grow up. Maybe some of them will come home after college and start of the and we are open a business that would make me smile. Our community which has struggled so much needs all the talent. It can get. Why would have a problem with that I NC a -- I ask what your opinion. I think it's great and I I get I get very upset the other day. I don't know who said it a caller talk show host. You know it is when you're running around doing stuff you get different stations on different shows callers is that. And somebody's message was and apologized for not knowing the derivation. But somebody's message was that select crap that -- took two days to write. This thing was all in the bag -- -- crafted the letter and then they meatball of -- dot. If you're going to make a monumental decision with your wife. Of course you want to prepare. I would rather he will write his letter first. And then posted then announced he's going that the Cleveland and then. Scratch up hastily written note that that doesn't speak to his real reasons for wanting to be here. Well that did those are the same people that criticized the decision and -- orchestrated Alice but but everything's orchestrated now and I had no problem with that at all none whatsoever it -- it hearkens back to what I said beginning the show. Cleveland's had a rough spot right now. And if people who live in Cleveland can. There's not a lot the doing Cleveland is not a lot to celebrate it's it's it's really a much better city. Is it is it is picturesque and architecturally in cities Boston. Know is that the economy of Boston know and that's on the competing up Cleveland it's just the way things have played out. Well what a bit heavy industries left town over the years and fortunately in the trying to reinvent themselves if the return to LeBron James. -- any way shape or form help speed -- along or even give people up and cheer for as they try to reinvent the wheel so to speak. What's wrong with that. Argued William Rhoden. And at times yeah yeah so interesting article when I recommend reading boston.com has it. Up that we -- Rhoden wrote an article about LeBron James and he quotes that quote about the kids and the difference he can make. And he gets a quote from Mike Brown former coach and of the -- on James yes. And saying how much he was moved by that part of James letter. I'm about he feels his calling into their James. Brown said James statement brought tears in my eyes. I was overwhelmed he -- I thought to myself. This is Mike Brown on LeBron james' point about making a difference in Akron third graders lives finally a black athlete who gets. Finally a black athlete who is taking responsibility. For being someone who can and does make a difference in the lives of his people brown acknowledged that James maybe some simply have expressed those sentiments quote to make it easier to leave Miami however. Quote but it just a shred of what he said was honest and from the heart. He now joins Jackie Robinson Arthur -- Jim Brown Mohammed Ali Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson. In a class of black athletes who understood their responsibility. To their people and their communities and -- rights right after that time will tell. No mention magic in there. No he did come in fairness to him magic was mentioned at the top of the -- Magic Johnson for all his. Whatever you may think of Magic Johnson two great point that that he is invested millions of dollars in urban ears and put businesses in in. The areas where money was needed to stimulate the economy so he has backed up. His -- every whatever Magic Johnson would preach he's backed it up with cash. Trying to find a party didn't mention Magic Johnson in this article before and -- you -- little surprising that. -- com scored a key from Bedford -- next IT. I keep helping -- Bedford. Real nice today. No -- Com. Anyway. It is because you know a minute ago you're talking about that -- that -- -- Bob doesn't really after turkeys and and -- -- whose plays baseball. And come first -- is that'll be two years and now I mean Ortiz case. And by then we may have a new. It -- you know a new trial may be jacked Bradley he starts getting. I want -- to say is that. I think that leaded dead and LeBron both mower had written. Is a beautiful thing. And ease ease the peso bounced the ball and I think maybe baseball could use a guy like that with those sentiments. But techsters agrees did you says the world is full of talkers I respect doers. So again William Rhoden wrote the conclusion that his comment time will tell. Don't thank you art while he cruising at gunpoint. By Keith there. Again on the -- and -- surly and he's a veteran guy or don't get and I will be -- -- -- to go to Stephen teams -- hello Steve. I had this is Steve Dave Bruton in the face of baseball. -- I just heard you guys talking about it I just cut the tail and the attack and about baby. It's labor and the person is Stiefel and -- that I know he's the right I think they are legal limit for people that don't know he's Steve. Talk seriously talk about what you do as -- from Beirut and apple people doing the before he does that. Steve I have a I have a question for yeah. You've you've you've left -- little bit -- you looked great and I understand that once help is very important but as it has it has it hurt your business. It really hasn't hurt my business but I do get comments when I go to different venues they -- -- a lot -- you are a lot of weight and I'm thinking I gained only. The regular way around. Dumping on the pregnancy belt and suggestions. I was gonna ask if you -- -- -- that is a professional -- with the -- it appears the old time baseball game every year will be here again this year. August when he -- don't win the stupid Boston uniform and don't Wear the Yankee road uniform Wear the pinstripes please. I will do that back and I just just got a special jacket from Cooperstown -- -- if you watched roots in the -- gold gold -- debit it. They were -- really heavy jacket. I would I would suggest some cosmetics that -- helped the grip on a little bit Steve wicked people get a hold you. You wanted to -- opponents have a website yet it's time. -- root dot com let our him -- room. Dot com. Have you ever met Julia Ruth Stevens -- star. You know in fact I've never -- actually did win the -- now a couple of years ago. I came down to the ball game I was invited but I was hanging around the dugout. I'm going Red Sox he's three years albeit without an invite. Sorry -- Abbott on the uninvited guest at Fenway quite often impressed by expert go ahead. Two in the Cabrera. And there. And I was hanging out the the Red Sox dugout and that I Latinos army. -- he says that he had seen in Adam and you took command -- and that get a picture with Julia Ruth Stevens a couple of her relatives right around Chris -- Well she's dumb she's coming down to Boston again soon a friend of mine is gonna handle their affairs which comes down. Now try to put you guys together if you'd like. That would be fantastic I think it would be an -- old pregnant the I think I think that would be equal for both of you. Yeah I think -- okay. You wanna get out your number are which -- number. Are gonna get over the -- did you go to the website that's fine art. Okay yeah and I just wanted to I don't think -- Babe Ruth was really humans -- by the Red Sox -- Major League Baseball. You know for the year -- the greatest of all time and they didn't commemorate its first official game. All right thanks for the call Steve up this year right. I we have an hour to go -- hour plus Steve Buckley has sleeved top the -- plane go to Minneapolis -- to 115. I'm what Stearns this is sports Sunday with Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns on WEEI stick around for more.

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