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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley Kick off Sports Sunday -- Grilling, Roger Clemens and the future for Jon Lester 7-13-14

Jul 13, 2014|

Butch and Buck get things going on Sport Sunday talking about everything from grilling with friends to Roger Clemens talking with Joe & Dave in the booth yesterday. They also discuss the release of AJ Pierzynski and why people are putting so much blame on AJ. The boys talk about Jon Lester and if there are any chances he'll resign with Boston before he hits free agency at the end of the year.

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And yes indeed let's get it started a phone lines are lighting up already and we gonna dive into it today I'm -- -- Steve Buckley is along side Mac low park. Taking your calls after -- hard earned and deserved week off. I would say what it. I'm Mike on the -- on a low IQ -- this thing -- itself at that might be -- Listen I can hear myself. It sounds like a month on the air a the would have Matt who is a week off right now just accurate family I think -- spilling coffee just a little barbecue reaction. Are you -- check with -- before you barbecue he's the grill master I'm not the grill master I'm the guy who frequent barbecues. That may need -- IP AKA makes you the grill master because you brag about ash I do I brag about having people. And in in but I usually puts them -- health and -- yet to growing up you know. Well because I'm not -- executive producer like on the bench Eric and I assemble. The team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I went I bought. Like when he chicken breasts. Economize if you do big gatherings like we had this had happened this -- I caught -- ball up into big chunks to put on skewers. I took a little zesty Italian dressing like cans. Put my own -- crisis are mixed it up -- -- -- yeah marinated it. Actually at the chicken and water for a little while it makes it more tender gives blue -- -- -- -- and so an idea that I got my hands in there and mix it up and I took. A bunch of peppers different callers liked to -- -- -- some onions. Tax season goes and I put all those dead. Was sent -- -- -- -- your dad when your kid on home again it was pretty good -- but I didn't just kind of bounced rely irons so I just started cooking. And here's what happened was grilling on the -- at my house through the woods' actions is Kazaa guys probably listening. There's an apartment building -- about twenty units it is. In the parking lot screamed at the top of the long. Right easy. You do my car. You don't know I'm getting -- hole right there he's yelling. And he's an apartment building loud enough like everybody here so I say okay domestic dispute -- a Mormon kids -- -- and round. He screams like one or two minutes finally said that's it. So because he keeps going on drop an -- on screen at the -- -- or call cops say we got a little disturbance in the woods I'm not sure what's gonna happen if all the description. Cops show up within like two minutes I hear him screaming at the top of his long saying. I act called 911 like like he's gonna call for ten minutes he's out there screaming so I digress so I made a bowl load. Of chicken. Grilled vegetables. And I was -- -- passion. I like having. Anywhere from two to six people of I don't have like big cook outs but give a limit it to people commend Oprah so it is 70 ticket god forbid him he's got to hit -- And I -- aren't -- -- Jewish immigrant men by like last week I was going to have DJ -- From WEEI dot com yeah. And Joey MacDonald from ESPN while he wanted to -- to Brooks and exactly right and -- select the fourth time we've scheduled that. And each time -- DJ Joey Mac -- like two in the afternoon so so that's over no more no hockey talk will take place. You invite people like I got by times and they keep bailing partner now so that with that so like that but that's -- elected you have a couple people over and you know I don't drink so but I always have beer and soda area. Diet group -- you know go up in a lemonade. Looks and stakes. Maybe some cigars. You sit back and you just in in the light -- in this park there. And just what my favorite things that absolutely and in it may or may not be directly to may may not be the grown to could be movies politics art. And it's just you just talk about stuff that it's that there is something singularly American -- growing in the backyard with some and I just love. We get there it's like now. Yet so tonight because usually one of us comes in here a little more fired I don't know what that one of us containers -- takes the ball right to the balls it's okay. A little passionate about. The more I've been thinking about this I think this ties up everything it's on people's critics really Dubai. I think it ties up what's going on with the Red Sox in -- -- and I don't know what's about to -- I know you don't destroy like about this -- I want you juniors advocate Izod. The LeBron -- conversations and what it has to do -- Boston do what do you Neely shows that no no no no no. However there was something that spurred this on for me and it was a seating guests in the Booth yesterday -- Joseph. Are -- days of Rocket Roger Clemens -- so here's my point. We have heard in the past since Larry Lucchino John Henry. Tom Warner on the Red Sox we have heard it right over and over again that they are concerned with sizzle ratings selling the sexiness of their -- Matter of fact I would argue that people have written and talked about that at what expense sometimes. It didn't they when parents they actually haven't talked many things I believe the date they. Talk about putting a winning team in the field okay we we believe that there are obsessed with ratings and and sexiness and all that step but they've. All they ever say is we just wanna put thought I -- I declare I agree with everything you're saying so far up with that minor caveat. OK then let me ask you this question only thrown out to the audience going forward from 2014. July. Thirteenth on do you believe the Red Sox are more concerned to winning. Our team reconcile sizzle to. You had to say if they had to make a choice of do you think both going all right I don't want someone accompany many but I don't think in in the woods beat them up more honest but you know. That the stupid overpriced obstructed view bleacher seats. There's a commemorative bricks having pilots with a lot of crap. At the end of the day they're great owners and I think there -- today. It may not always manifest itself with some things they do but there's no doubt in my mind that they believe that a winning team. Trumps everything agreed 1000%. However get perplexed when I think about. Because what is it that's. What what specific incident has charge you when this topic Roger Clemens being on the -- has got me thinking about this particular set that he was allotment on nominal. No matter of fact NASA had a hole yesterday up. That said if you could have won Boston athlete come out and have awesome like LeBron James Clemens won overwhelming the -- and have more. I don't know -- -- -- it -- in fairness I did not watch the gain is that I was growing at a rate that's exactly what I was always doing stuff from our leaders to more than one radio in Boston didn't mean if you listen. None wants that you were listening to -- on the radio because you're doing yes and what I frequently will do is when I'm doing stuff like I was don't screens and -- would stuff from them -- -- Minnesota today if you know yeah. And I'll be gone to win at a point to stop I had to get done. Around -- house so I had the game on the radio -- -- and I heard clemens' interview and I know that Joe's big Roger guys so. And nothing wrong with that so you know what's going to be you know a buddy buddy type interview because. I think joke is they beat every one of -- arts -- -- -- well. Does this exchange metal find him played afterwards -- Joseph recites two Roger the very first time he signed -- 1984 spring training and the three guys. But he struck out inclement answer to it is. I have no recollection of that don't you wouldn't know that you know so are cut to the Jason my point I do know we Clements played for Ralph -- Yes that's how long and nine at least. You know lukewarm and drafted him with the Mets around come on how. So so so here's my point yes I believe the Red Sox are concerned with -- winning I believe that they believe winning is -- the best way to sell the team however. If the sizzle factor issue. Roger Clemens you said it before Jon Lester. While Lester is this this this this and that he's the Red Sox -- he's gone for seven years general pretty plus starts he's a guy would sign and give maximum money you. Like most Red Sox fan admittedly I don't look at the schedule and plan my day around until Lester never has been one of those guys two most Red Sox get to the Red Sox he's the best thing they have as. Three news. And -- know we as and you said you don't plan your day around him like he did not I said I that we are people. I did do I do IR OK I love watching star -- -- no but but. You depend on what. OK so and you you you do quote me accurately. Accept everything. That is a general sense. I mean let's let's be candid here -- you know how much like Lester. At the same time I also understand completely. That he lacks the sizzle. Right he's not as good as Pedro Clemens let's get that out of the way to -- -- it was thought at and that -- disrespect but leftists and Illinois and -- to be the first to admit that. There's no shame in being the third or fourth best pitch of the reflects at -- forty years right and -- If you wanna -- below we T gotten showing for a couple years we can do that. But I think we all understand. That the -- great Red Sox pitchers of the last. Going back a Cy Young or -- of their current update so -- -- let's put them in a separate category. And then work from there and we both agreed that as far as appointment viewing the week he was in that category locally for a period about the Red Sox well when I was a kid in high school in two -- -- missile Luis -- -- -- -- -- -- was fun gyrations. The -- clubhouse and all that stuff. And this telethon with the other day if if you go back. If you could find out which which have actually done for various things of that if you go back and look at microfilm of the 1970s. And read Joseph -- audit and Harold and gamut from the globe and and you know human governed the western -- you know but then again when he resigning -- years ago it if you would read. The stuff written on the reflects eat even even the print stuff. That Tia with they would jump off the -- and I think the right is acting decorated the writing. They date they would supply more -- -- an empty out leaned back into the pop as the guards said. And they would have a quote where is another guy it would just be blah blah blah said whoever that that that is how captivating Louie -- So I'm starting to believe I'm starting to deal mean -- a big part. Of I can only go by their actions a big part of the reluctance of the Red Sox to sign Jon Lester is that he's an appointment -- starting to believe. I wrote that night I think it may be something to. Hi -- -- how foolish is that. While I don't think that's the motor that drives that decision but it factors -- -- -- noted date by the way I can confidently say that they would. Deny that with flags course of the blazing. Because -- that that would give it to the lie in your view that that they're only concerned about ratings and sizzle and so forth. So but but the -- think it is a factor yes the wiping the major factory is John Henry is a numbers crunching individual. Who has MIT. Master's students applying data. That players pass the 230. Having going decrease in production in the afford Jon Lester because he falls within. That age group is it worth the money I I think that might be the main. So you believe that the Red Sox were denied that publicly. Yeah I mean like John Farrell would deny that reason the white flag by bring in the young kids up which by the way is the definition of reducing the lights. Except that there be a bit better team right now with the botnet is I don't know I think I understand but don't do you deny. That by bringing five rookies -- just -- is -- It's not by definition in the history of baseball raising the white flag. The middle of the season I mean you may. You may hit -- the latest of Morgan's magic and -- different way -- -- in the opposite that happened I just it struck me the other day when -- Farrell was on with no Hawley and I'd do my deal was optimistic -- -- Greg Dickerson and dom. Was a third army it was Dickerson makes -- more by the way any yes I agree. But Farrell was asked about raising the white flag and said nobody's raising the white flag -- there is it time to turn the page and go for the future the organization are thought to myself at. That is the definition of raising a white flag. -- were turning the page in terms of investing in young players and part of those players in Lucas case and in when you look at his situation particular. He's come up is as a right handed bat for the -- too because chain victory in a situation. Smoking is advanced to the mightily very quick and we've had a number of young players in. Starting roles for the vast majority of the season. So I wouldn't say that the the white flight is being a wave because since our clubhouse that that I can honestly tell you that feeling does not exist. This is a matter of how we're gonna go out and be Purcell tonight. So that feeling does not exist Spock you live in club -- you live in the Red Sox clubhouse. What are the conversations that Ortiz. Napoli and Pedroia are having with each other right now when they look out. And they didn't there wasn't that long ago sometimes are probably seems like years ago like when you graduate from college but when they look over and seek more -- Christian Vasquez. Our Jackie Bradley junior Zander Bogut to struggling through what may be ended being all of incorporated we all hope what do you think the conversations are that there. About this Red Sox season veteran player yes to themselves. I think they recognize. That the plane drawn up in spring training didn't work. True that they are reason the white flag of turning the page if you will. And I think if they have an ounce of self respect which I think most of them do. They put it on them that that they didn't delivered to the degree required. For them to stick with the team and back in April. Hey John with the DNC the other day in marriage talking about -- agree with your life and if you read the calling him today's paper. We've got -- scapegoat -- Ross sat. We get a scapegoat at AG Kaczynski. And look at itself on the club buzz that's why they're not winning right. You know rob had a piece the other day it's nice neat convenient and it. Don't worry about big poppy and you know the worry of you know complaining about score keepers and whining about. The thought that John Lackey said in I don't get a free pass and with -- David Ortiz score all the travel schedule right. I was if that a couple of two Munich is that that's the reason. It you know travel schedule so we we've got excuses now we got the travel schedule we get equal score keepers. We've got Nelson Cruz being -- a play for the Orioles went. Defender of the game John Lackey apparently doesn't want him out there and we've got the malcontent AT present -- -- in a cellphone. While some of the pitchers is that next -- -- So so don't worry about. Finger point that's all it's all been delivered to was an -- package. -- right before we go to -- cast a phone lines and phone lines are lit up for we go to break. Here's my point that I'm kind of off fired up about Clemens got me fired up about which ties in to LeBron by the way texture says to me Nomar won that poll. Our national data elements yet I didn't see the end of its of one eye socket elicited joke stayed on the radio Clemens was was leading that poll. Is it Roger Clemens. The one player. If you look at the LeBron perspective going back to Cleveland still in his prime. Is it Roger Clemens the one player that could come back to Boston and all would have been forgiven yes. Yes I. People may call disagree. One of the big misses that had in years and years and years is that I don't know for -- -- I know he's had at the back of my head. With 100% certain that Roger Clemens would come back to the words I did to -- felt like that and and let's be honest when he was never been given out yet -- ever been except -- And and again I I may have written it may have said it. I don't call but I did. That it's not relevant to the point the point is I took it to the bank is a given not a belief. Not a prediction not have prognostication. Just -- -- I will be back. Ryan an -- to make it analogous to LeBron before we go to break. After coming off -- championships it would have been right after he left the Yankees he would have gone home to Texas yeah -- love fuel what I her way back to book if you remember this ownership. Produced a video I think it was narrated by -- is -- yeah. They produce do think you're correct there's video that they delivered to Roger six polling the reasons why. It would be in his best interest. To come back to where it all began come back to Fenway. Will be under the -- house up Framingham will have eighty throw out the first pitch your first start. Union between one in that was gonna go up there with Ted Williams Borg -- yeah as an all those guys. And I thought it would have been beautiful. People love that stuff I I certainly do. And it's it's a shame it never happened at putt so a lot of sins might have been erased. An eerie insisted that it would -- you know -- -- Talking about an imaginary timeline. But it's a faithful timeline worth thinking about. Aren't some things on the table this morning if you're in Cleveland in your feeling whatever feeling you feeling about LeBron coming back home. Would you have felt the same way Roger Clemens had returned to Boston. After his stint with the Yankees in winning championships in New York. And the Red Sox sizzle vs waiting -- at the same. You thought Steve Buckley what Stearns Matt corporate taking your calls at 61777979837. Text on the eighteenth -- text line at 379837. Like this one here the only factors it's our last five years he's 31 in January with 16100 plus innings. Techsters sort of -- in my -- -- stand and make back with more sports Sunday after this. Course. No way. Would never. There's did you -- Today. Make that clear. The Baltimore in the news. Sorry I didn't pay attention but -- Beyond the music. -- -- -- -- After his start yesterday Jake Peavy won in -- if that is the latest example. A -- with a win loss record does not tell the whole story is JP he's won any record really belie how he's pitched this year aren't such. It does that mean he hasn't had -- does or does it doesn't. He's pitched much Rick it would. -- as a complete side. I love it when guys but the I'm a month citizen of this region were appeared you grow up here and I I didn't take it when guys. I hate this place like Carl Crawford I can understand baseball reasons like that the way to ballpark plays. And -- comparable fit that that decree baseball opening. Bottom but when guys won and that's about all things Boston. If if it was a good thing that we love baseball. And if that we love baseball if that we are obsessed with baseball. Images like -- players replace some itself. I love it when guys in race the Boston based on experience. In -- is one of those guys. It's all while -- pitched much better in the wreck and angry at that point but he he has not and yet he's -- -- -- -- I would say this apartment contending team for the price that it's gonna -- yet -- way he's pitched he might be my first target immigrants are you assuming Lester Lackey are not available. Not -- yes absolutely. Let's go to the phones you got to let up this morning carries in Quincy to start -- -- and butch on Sunday morning hello Harry. Hello every lie you have the -- -- Owens -- on the year now. -- go -- it don't let you I could not agree with you mob like erotic ball on top this chisel I advocated for years. And out on the -- now lost and become our target group that -- and he got a lawless and beach. Yet I love I love Boston beat. Oh yeah I'm not I would take you invited talks -- ot whatever you want to act as its stake. If you only have been like me once -- -- sounds good I'll stalled budget. -- reports you're a great guy have a good day today and I look forward to watch the -- welcome -- -- Harry. Listen if you if you I've come to my house I don't limited to six people so you'll have to get on box exclusive I'll bring you some -- but our bottom. Got to install chronicle my friend. That you like you guys have a great day I Harry to regret and feel a -- I really appreciate your barbecue -- like the ones -- up that. Now that's been neighbor by the way Texas before has put the projects that let's go to Johnny Grafton on Massport Sunday morning hello John. They're gone -- more and John. -- pumped -- I got a little bone to pick a spot yesterday. A week ago when he was struck -- you factor last -- Are remember correctly or the political -- -- -- that. Well -- sitting there saying I believe in Westfield city property or 85 while I. In in in. My apologies I left in 79 so -- I can tell you a little bit about saint -- soccer back in the Todd Collins days. That's right it's not -- -- -- -- gallery golf so so anything could happen at the 97 Unita the claim ignorance of. Are you out of Japan out on now -- There are a call -- -- the first comment made about age difference. I mean you know we're really -- hole. You know mediocre. A couple of good -- John you polish. Quarter order blocked out recorder are -- -- and pull him -- oh okay well if it. Well well might add red shirt which I don't know my grandfather's old. -- What's your presents key point John what's what's that Jessica you know -- I don't regardless Canada but lost to drop to just. And a there are -- you know rafter writes you're cool about PJ present talked about cellphone. Like it's what worked pretty -- -- skewed yeah contending in. A mean trick. We're gonna do anything -- they -- -- for dual credit for the -- up and cheer for crying out loud. I have a little bit they can -- to play out at all. I know he's not. I -- when I will tell you that the in the -- -- which amuses me is that on May 22. Wind Lester got lit up by the -- blue jays and we were asking Lester barrel in present ski. About the tandem of Lester Kaczynski -- -- -- to Lester under the bus saying hey don't blame me I don't talk about that it was not my fault. This are you start your article that they -- to that game like he never caught Lester Democrat Lester again so obviously that there was there was something to it. Getting away from that presents keep it a good job catching Lackey they seem to work well together but then they get rid of what present skis and now. All the problems -- gone away now because now. -- -- is blame Pierzynski for this lost season so it works out great for everybody and by the way under the does anyone appointment charity and others those saudis that dollar. On the front office or John Farrell there and like rock road guys with the writers so Kaczynski was the bad guys who just blame Pierzynski. Your article this week the culmination of a lot of talk this week which started with the mossy article. Which was a little bit of hyperbole but the premise was there. It's all AJ Pierzynski is fault several weeks ago could talk this week on the radio about that now you kind of wrapping up a nice big ball here and in that I think is the big point. If you go to take that tact and blame AJ Pierzynski up whatever level the most aware that snap. Does that mean you're deflecting all of the other blame for the fact that -- the worst team in the American League right now. I think the I think there are some players. Can't name them but I think deep down there's some players that in just. In a whistle happy tunes in the room as they write up in the offseason Senator Clinton you know Kaczynski and that's why we didn't win. Shame on them if they do what I wrote today shame on them if they do -- -- away by the way this. Band of Brothers. This Peter bunch. That won the World Series last year with -- come out clubhouse chemistry accountability and responsibility daring do and all that. Where does so at this season was it was it was -- fraudulent they did not exist. Is if if there really is great -- both leadership reported the wireless Pierzynski I. I don't really understand how the -- us to be a bad team because Pierzynski was in the club of looking at itself. I mean this is this is it to that. I guess I get confused about that I don't assume out of Tibet thing maybe that wasn't explained. -- -- -- to me how it got all we talked a cellphone. And so is is RG you look at this team. And you look at present ski and you look at where this team wise and where it's going. I don't like the fact that. I kind of lost my train of thought here but I don't like the fact that you can look back on this team and all of a sudden it's all presents -- well at that bothers me. I'll pick up where I think you -- and there -- -- is -- -- the bothers me -- That the last three years it's a roller coaster when it comes to chemistry. In other words this is a team like you said -- last year but had all the right chemistry and all that they want all clear what mr. Burris assay was present ski. Should have gotten with the program if there was great leadership in this club exactly they. It he should have been one. This flat all yeah I saw a couple of important as -- -- to like -- in -- REA this year -- this week talked about Corey Dylan how he was in the right patriots locker room when he was brought it and instead. Rucinsky apparently brought bad chemistry bad vibes. Into the clubhouse and that army what is its value that a three year period. You can go from worst. To first and world champion two worst again. When it comes to the chemistry -- what does that tell you. It tells me I mean statement of the -- captain obvious that tells you last year. Was in it. Doesn't make it any less fun. -- -- last year was a bit the cosmic clicker is fell into place every single turn everything you could say it was a -- -- can say whatever. It was no less magical is not I I covering -- user its talks with about as much fun as I've ever had. Partly because. I'm from here go from here that they that the marathon bombings. Meant so much that so many of them. And when David Ortiz and in and to the -- -- who says they do I would do I gotta give David Ortiz and try to and so forth. I could not have been happy for David Ortiz pulled himself. When he delivered that speech and -- of people still get pissed off and they send an Ali swore -- kids and all of the humanity. Deal with it. They would it she says exactly what I would have said if I'd been up there. And and from that moment on and I I know the Bruins made a gallant run for the cup than they came up short game six. I think all four teams. Did a great job of embracing the spirit of Boston's strong this particular team happened to win a championship. And against say what you want about Jonny Gomes but. I was deeply moved when he put the merit and we generally these are genuine and it was there was it was a genuine mr. and so the 2013. Responsible always. Have my respect. Then and now for a go to gym and PBA's next. Jim what you look Zelaya and those things are less I would think we're just on top of this I don't want embassy about. And it will run -- logical practically go to a point that you're in each of stops to win another championship or when you look also points. From a LeBron point you mean that part of why he's going back to Cleveland. Is he wants play that he can do it -- mind. Watch Iran ought to appease. The dignity of one of those guys are where he would win one. Really got -- I earlier maybe I never got that. I would agree with -- on that point on LeBron when I think eight part I don't know that's the part but a part of LeBron going back to Cleveland's. Despite the fact that it's home he wants to bring one championship to Cleveland think that's meaningful to him I think -- there is a party and -- as you know what. I'm gonna do it again and this yeah this way I don't know if -- this -- testicle but this way I'll be able to take credit. More afford not to group three of us to do that I and -- lest our point was what John Jim. But these are gonna take much else. -- take small popped up this government should take a big one you know. Well whether he showed whether he -- two different questions buck when it comes to what westar will take. I think we've gotten to the point I keep saying that you don't July 31 is now. The demarcation line but we've already gotten to the point where Lester -- -- in the hometown discount as 120. If they're lucky. Whatever yeah it -- -- -- in mind is and I think we talked about this last week if not it was when it was on DNC during the week but. Jon Lester is at a crossroads not just financially but where his legacy is concerned. And -- east now into his thirties he's 3031 and eased into his thirties and now begins the the the homestretch second half of his career. He's been in the big leagues that thinks that those six. And what what's going to be is legacy does he have a chance of all of main human -- you rise gold you'd go already at roll your eyes but they go look up is now -- look at the 651%. Sixth. It's not quite there used to be but it's what all these no decisions in losses this year than you deserve. It's not about that thinks 34 but site and with the equivalent numbers. But the fact is that. Now latter had a very good Korean series Curt Schilling had a great career in the thirties so it's it can't be done. I can look up a whole bunch of other guys to agree -- that there is those are just -- TI. You know I need a lot of guys have to get -- hall of fame. Right as far as crossroads he's got to continue that are winning percentage in winning equipped. -- to get that magic I don't know what it is now 250 yet while you're gonna get that done that he got to -- -- -- -- had I don't think showing it to twenty and he's got a chance hall of fame but the point is. That if I'm Jon Lester you better think long and loud long and hard but where you go. Is if you get yourself into a bad place. Where it is not a winning product where you don't get the adrenaline rush that you get at Fenway Jon Lester has said on numerous occasions famously so. At the writers' dinner in January. And then during his first media session first couple days to spring training that's a period of like six weeks where he said. Quite vociferously that he would take a hometown discount to play with the -- -- now maybe -- won't be a discount but the fact remains he's medically he looks like Boston agrees with him. What's to be here. How does he wanna go to Seattle he grew up -- wallop which is read without a Tacoma which is south of Seattle into the area well -- -- live there and may -- wants to go to make babies may be some at some in the -- an only child. Parents rodent Puyallup may be is parent to -- one -- comic and play the -- but -- high school buddies in the stands. May be does that mean because the Yankees -- and get all the money one maybe goes to the angels Dodgers with a weather's always nice. And that these are all good reasons to go to those markets. But the best reason to stay in this market is that this market works for him. And everything else is fear of the unknown this market works for him and he needs the put up some numbers this second half his career. To be hall of fame candidate. And again go look up the numbers. He's not gonna -- 300 games but we may never see a 300 game winner in our lifetime. Is one on nine and 63. In his career so far that includes this year -- nineteen games started and nine and seven record and your point that's a 634. Winning percentage in as we go to break for accuracy sake he's thirty years old right now but will be 31 when next season starts his birthday January 7 Joseph in Natick. -- Bellingham you guys are up first and second we come back 6177797937. More about Roger Clemens also. After the break. Well I gotta tell you I enjoyed playing for mrs. jockey the times that when I've played their -- -- doctor was fantastic. In the new ownership came down. Actually came here to Houston to visit and I really enjoyed talking to might think at that time the only person. Again this is when I was gonna. I was getting phone calls to come out of retirement I think in the play. I think Nomar was still here and that was tried the only guy really new on the team I -- a few more yankees but. You know what. You know I know I hear both sides of it and the stuff being tied with Cy Young in wins is pretty cool. Obviously. Having my name attached to Cy Young in and just the history of Boston man really enjoyed the learning the history of it from day one when I got there my mother really was responsible for. Really get me equated with the history of Boston when I got drafted out University of Texas your mom did she did in this in the reason being is that you know everywhere I went and pitched. Prior to that Texas. I think the Rangers and the Astros at the top picks the top. Three or four picks them or maybe three and five. And I always thought that I was gonna end up here in the Boston grabbed me at seventeen and nineteen -- like that so DV dorms is an android appreciate that -- Danny was great to me and gave you some great advice when he was. Getting ready to sign me in my living room here in Houston Texas. And it was fun and in my concerns. I've always told people thirteen great years on. I would argue that there have been many Boston athletes whose careers. After they left Boston went on to much different things different degrees of success but there are others like Nomar. And bled so that there was a period of time in this town. Where you said to yourself. Are we have a parade for this guy when it's all said and done but I would argue that Clemens is in -- league by himself. When it comes to that as Michael Silverman writes in the barrel today after talking to Clemens. After the game yesterday by the way that was -- sitting in jokes big and Dave O'Brien during an inning yesterday got a big charity event -- Clemens he's an assistant. -- -- -- Special assistant special assistant to that GM is at the -- this -- that. And you can diving Clemens is more active with the Astros and this -- that -- with this it was just a phony things so naked. Circumvent their stupid policy and retired uniform numbers don't get me going on that. That was a game to get production and named him special assistant general manager come in under that phony baloney guys -- that number lucky finished his career with the Red Sox and it can retire is every day. And it's it's all -- that's whether it would put -- number up there why they even have a stupid policies beyond me. As you digress as I got. -- an -- but I go back declared they say and they say that he ended his tree with the Red Sox. Did Ted Williams and his career at the Red Sox now we ended -- -- as manager of the Texas rangers' run on a play that game. And they -- all of now US special spring training it's not there. Today our case I sort of ball Bobby door. What about Bobby -- but we -- in the history of hitting coach of the Toronto maple blue jays and back -- -- just hitting coach go and base and -- he was not a special spring training instructor. And then you know what there -- that was. Well I he's -- he's a member of the red -- family. I was Kevin. Silberman in his article in his conversation -- just cause at the Clements mystique. I might discussion about I don't think that -- is in a class by himself when it comes to unfinished business as the Boston legacy as a guide for thirteen years. Who like you said we qualified it a million different ways you plan your schedule around when he was pitching he did things that no other and our lifetime Red Sox pitcher Don. The respect to all respect to Louie Tiant and guys like Jim -- and others who took Red Sox fans. The different places struck out both six guys in the all star game before page whoever came around he was thirteen and all that year in 1986. They went to the World Series yet. Clemens are always feels like unfinished business even in this discussion -- Michael Silberman. He calls his chance to get in the hall of fame and agenda by one guy to keep them hot he also talks about. When it comes back to Boston. He says two things number one that he loves Boston three things number two he loves that Toby Keith. His buddy tells them how much he loves Boston is just to the Clemens it's never simple. The climate and an eagle out talk anybody if you really really loved it he'd found a way to return here or stay here -- get a list but. Measure what he's saying I guess so when Clemens was on yesterday it would joke steak and Dave O'Brien it got me thinking like LeBron returning back. Would all be forgiven for you was Red Sox fans. I wouldn't. Because. A kind of grew up around. Scheduling. My life around when Clemens was pitching the fact that he pitched for the Yankees I would not play Mikey Adams and you know be wary that -- yankees tacked two on my butt for bets that I've lost and I wouldn't bother me that he won championships -- I don't know how people would feel about let's go to Joseph Natick who's next I -- I radar guys but. I did they give back a couple of top ago but I. That's that's good I don't let it not all old. And barbecues. Ideally a little about how world where weight is back and try and drive economic now. And I saw it might every once a year for a barbecue at a big past. Checked it and it. -- out or make the data so let out does. This is your house -- So we're in -- Natick. So who do you put he'd like to use the -- tickets all the meat together seasons it gets it ready does all that. The money or make -- only been solid -- Again trying to stop at. They're eating steak tips -- data. You know. Well and the -- and I'll try to stop it. It means it's -- among -- I think he looks. Six. Woods yeah it sucks but. You may be. Contrast that would -- the patriots locker broke but you know you're out east this dissension -- yeah. -- coming in here and I'm trying to currently being quick but they're running back at it from that bank going -- So if you guys aren't out there just was out of -- A year when. -- Thomas and a couple of the guys that missed the meeting news use that we might actually getting to a meeting and there was -- they were sent home in las was in that group. Mosques and an ever amber. What was there an incident where the writers to talk in a player and -- the other place. Do so yeah it might they were kind of mocking the whole process. Yeah. So the deal locker room hasn't always been a better roses mean that they have had years. That was one particular year when things clearly went wrong. While I was just gonna comic you're you're sort of more expert and all of a Spock who spent so much time. The Red Sox clubhouse but my perception to Joseph his specific question the Red Sox clubhouse or locker room compared by the way they don't call a clubhouse. Outside of these debates early in apart football's played a stadium -- right it is a Bruins locker rumor Celtics are reds are patriots called a clubhouse now it's. This is the way it is. In football the locker room. That's -- a lot yes baseball club yes hockey it's a as its own name hockey it's in and theater. Dressing room just in a very good to ask a humorous writers that you were sweaters that's. My perception about the red sock is heard. -- rant on the bruins' dressing room. They got they've got framed photos again -- don't walk on the logo and I'm -- at that stupid thing but they've got. They've got this they get framed photos of every Bruins in the hall of fame. Which is nice if you limit it to like a New Zealand war and you sick and guys that real Bruins. Anybody either -- the Bruins sweater to look at Reagan Reagan Paul Coffey. And it got. That -- really call to me because it was back when I was -- -- -- tells you how much the sweater out of party -- anyway it tells you how much the swept -- gosh imagine -- cash. You mentioned Bobby your. What unit that dressing room the Blackhawks -- an -- not up to get that. Walking into the bruins' dressing and missing Bernie for -- paying him is his dressing room no it's wrong. Com. So my observation about the patriots locker room vs the Red Sox clubhouse is this it's it's just the nature of the sport it's different first the ball. The locker room for the page football is so regimented -- so strict that here's one thing comparing that to them. They spanned almost all their time at home in their locker room. They don't go on road trips and spend in a visiting. Club house six days or five days. Or ten game road trip football players. A more regimented in there there's so my point is you wanna talk about discipline in this net there's actually I think a better opportunity you could argue. To establish a routine and things in a pecking order in. In a football locker room because of the regimented nature of baseball it has to be something that because of the -- being gay because you play everyday because you travel all the time. It appears that there's an opportunity to be stronger or weaker I think your strengths. Or you weaknesses get exposed quicker and deeper in baseball because of the nature of clubhouse vs a locker room -- -- Iraq. Guys in baseball obviously we are not there -- even we who claimed the ins and he's -- -- comic Adam Comcast insider. Michael so -- -- well you'd never really an insider -- not inside you're not pull -- so Cochran you know -- off but but enough anecdotal evidence spills out so that you know over -- years. Which guys who main arena these statistical leaders. Are really important clubhouse guys if you go back to those Yankee teams of the 1970s. Fran Healy. It from GA guy Holyoke Massachusetts who went on to a burger broadcasting career. Was with the Yankees were very short time but apparently he played a pivotal role in brokering a peace. Between certain thanked his actions in the yankees' clubhouse as he was good clubhouse -- we heard this about Al score. You could cap -- guys that were really important clubhouse guys. And I don't you don't hear that in football just because of the nature of non guaranteed contract although I would submit to you that that my understanding is that if you want a common good clubhouse guy. Is that one of the most important good locker room guys the patriots is happens to be -- marquee player Tom Brady. Malia that's when that stems from the top. We will take a break but I wanted to -- from Bellingham has been hanging on hello -- I -- -- -- -- and I can -- -- ass out on it it can't break it down. I grew up from Braintree. Did you know it's growing up that we know each other doing. Now I didn't sound like that regulated class in 1956. All your -- -- -- in. You bomb attack my -- brag about it got this you know playing sports and felt like I've met Michael Bali. I don't know -- was a major major sports star pronounced guy that is not true and I have a great Babe -- tournament. Tampering each other -- -- weekend is that the arsenal Massachusetts term and puts on you what's on your -- I don't and. What what I tell you before I tell you about my complaint. Is that we can -- -- union that the improperly. Reunion okay with the guys that you know we graduated with a pat Bradley had a chance to -- at least virtual lineup please and I think that he would not have come at. As speak up you know what we have another get together. It'd probably if you copy of that. About me about it but at any other refinanced all of -- were having a great time. They have not called then. And complaint about happily I am so disgusted with -- lined up how many times has he left Ortiz Pedroia I'm basically he strikes so. And they keep having him in our lineup that happens with -- went out went into the radio show what I try to listen to it every day -- -- hear anybody saying anything about that I. I think it -- Well I'll give you my answer join me the question is why nobody complains about Napoli the answer to me is. Two things number one guy as legitimately been hurt this year he's had a wrist injury and all the problems they have I don't think he comes the top of mind. For a lot of people on the number two reason is. The Napoli is what he is he's -- sixteen to fifteen hitter. Who's gonna -- you some home runs he doesn't strike out as much as you think he does for example he struck out 85 times this year and walked fifty. That's better than his ratio. From most years so. Again I I -- you watch the game my mom was like you should watch the games she's got to pet peeves in Napoli not one of them. But I think my answer to you got to -- -- brokers are gonna take a break. Why -- do you think people. Complain more about Napoli I think because he is what the stakes at forty -- except but he is and he is going to strike out a lot that's what. I'd like -- -- compared to an eye out there I have to room remember something here a text. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fact that he's not the all star game tells me -- About poppy stature in the game and Major League Baseball fields. And panic like I -- -- 360. -- when he saw when he got his sixty what is it what the what if of 140 which has -- basically put you back we start against I guess it's a winning. -- right we're back Lamar our number two Bakken butch after this.

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