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Roger Clemens joins Joe and Dave for aninningof Red Sox-Astros

Jul 12, 2014|

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The Red Sox hall of Famer Roger Clemens Rogers are great to see -- thanks for joining us. Who -- Astros in the fifth. And Jackie Bradley junior leads off the line dissenters first time up. It is an assistant to the general manager you really Astros there's a called strike that he's a Red Sox all the way that. Yeah that is true I enjoy my time when I get back up by trying to get back to Boston a couple of times. Three seasons at a time out there. Jackie grounds went toward the middle until they can't get it with a guy that goes into center field for a base if they if any. Raji going at the Red Sox hall of fame Pedro and Nomar and then you gotta be thrilled about that and you good company parties and he's seen a lot of my. We've seen a lot of my work out every did you ever pitch there Red Sox are 192 wins at. I'd love that that's -- yeah as good company I had a opportunity Pedro. A couple weeks after the announcement and that we are both fired -- so we're looking forward to it's going to be a fun week for us because we're gonna come in and and then that you do this do the ceremonies and bounced back over to Chicago my eighteen year old just named on the under on under armour all American team. And they get the play at Wrigley and -- -- affirmed in this is is this is Cody is -- on. My youngest he's a team -- it -- -- album did go easy pitcher he's a middle infielder. Yeah he's about six months -- seventy I guess enough but they're -- eleven -- their -- case is that Texas of course he played in the college World Series. Few weeks ago that was fun to watch also. -- runner back is. We'll keep -- -- struck out looking as did the play. When you -- -- doing some work here with the -- we are ahead of fun visit there by and I've been a good day came in to talk about the celebrity softball game and I'm doing right here minute maid with a bunch of celebrity friends of ours but it was great -- some familiar. Familiar faces down there in the Red Sox clubhouse and great. Outside of that C a you know course and a lot of the people that that you traveled with over the years in this support staff still there it did I took a handful of pitchers last time in over demise. Seconds on Korea has his own restaurant here -- catch 22. And I took some of the guys on the pitching staff over there fed and they they enjoyed it and it was great. -- great surprise to see Nolan here today Nolan Ryan was here today and knowing I got to -- little bit. I think -- of that is when you came up he was your guys right Nolan was definitely one of the guys I -- along with Seaver and a drysdale. You know for sure Gibson guys like that that I was able to you know look at. Photos really because there wasn't on the video at the time you but we looked a lot of photos -- I actually. -- in the middle of a conversation. An hour or so ago for the game started about. Pitching inside and learning how to pitch inside my younger days when I've missed -- Fenway Park with the short. With a short porch same thing here at the Crawford boxes. Fastball outside did you would. Know how to pitch inside before he got to -- You know -- job always been until they've always been a power pitcher I've never I mean I've never been a power for or that's why I think I was fortunate that. Even when are reported to wondering Florida after coming -- University of Texas. I really didn't have. You know pitching coach mess with my mechanics too much. They are great mechanics called strike -- forget the first that we site its spring training you Katie award winner David. Larry Herndon Chet lemon and Tom -- did you struck about ten pitches. All you would note that I don't him as it was such an eye opener if we hadn't seen that. Who is on -- tell the kids here at the same thing with the Crawford boxes almost the same distance. -- it's on the three years when I came out of retirement for the second time or whatever was that come home to -- It was very difficult because again on -- the -- knocked anytime I made a mistake here. You know you you know have the green monster to knock it now so it was very difficult. Here's the pitch to. Bookie these went to drive went deep left center -- back goes Hernandez down the track he makes the Yankees. -- -- about that he has to retreat to first. About Dave O'Brien that they wanted your. Plastic teams here with the Astros that went out forever. They game that wouldn't -- it was the division series and I'll I'll never forget they game that was one on the Burke home run really camera shot of Roger out in the bullpen. The shadows were creeping in and he was like coming to get on a hill. I have to do them -- on Nolan gets me is ready to go was unbelievable. That was that was unbelievable that game was unbelievable it was a great game some ice that we get no hit from the night to like about the seventeenth I wonder what Phil Garner manager was going racing -- and that's the time but opposite now there. By myself in that bullpen and that was. They can do it there's no way am getting in this game in the phone rings and next thing -- in and it there's a story to be told me earlier that day I was I was messing around India batting cage. And I and a thorn equivalent to about probably seventy pitches down underneath a couple kids don't. Not thinking I was gonna get the game all they to strike. Amazing to today on -- in the doing a whole back in Boston. Which of these players would you would you have loved to have seen returned to the Red Sox. You're running in first place on on that list is the fan -- was doing right now so. I gotta say I enjoyed playing for mrs. jockey the times that when I've played their -- -- doctor was fantastic. In the new ownership came down. Actually came here to Houston to visit and I've really enjoyed talking to might think at that time the only person. Again this is when I was gonna. I was getting phone calls to come out of retirement I think in the play. I think Nomar was still here and that was probably the only guy really knew on the team I -- a few more yankees but. You know what. You know I know I hear both sides of it and stuff being tied with Cy Young in wins is pretty cool. Obviously. Having my name at that site in just the history of Boston -- really enjoyed the learning the history of it from day one when I got there my mother really was responsible for. Really get -- equated with the history of Boston when I got drafted University of Texas your mom did she did in this in the reason being is that you know everywhere I went and pitched. Prior to that Texas. I think the Rangers and the Astros had the topics the top. Three or four picks -- -- maybe three and five. And I always thought that I was gonna end up here -- -- Boston grabbed -- at seventeen and nineteen so like that so the eighty -- discount. Appreciate that beneath it was great to me and gave me some great advice when he was. You rated sign in my you know living here in Houston Texas. In the it was fun and in -- misses. Most people thirteen great years on 11 pitch in all lines while Lafayette racquets down for a base hit. -- not to second Rocco went to rice here did he really is self made player plays all over. Good player you know again that's actually got to manage in my softball game for me former coach in this form of Wayne Graham have Rice University coach Graham was. You don't play for coach grim. Out of high school with the Saints in a junior college in. I learned a lot from coach Graham for a great baseball man obviously got his thousandth win as college NCAA coach this year so. He's gonna come out manages enough. Try to keep anybody from pull on the hamstring in this little bit on. -- on Tuesday night -- this is for your foundation is Pedroia comes up it is going to be further my foundation we're gonna help out some military. We've done stuff with helping a hero. In the past were rebuilt. A number of homes for wounded Warriors so it's been it's been great no project. Beatty checked -- swing and takes the ball blown away the Astros are gonna have -- grounded the big screen on the gonna show the all star game live. From Minnesota in are only represented about two days of reserve I believe so he gets in the game when he does. If we're in the middle of the software game -- stop -- -- -- the fans with season ticket holders in Washington. That's terrific cause -- is the 10 it's one -- lying down the left field line foul. They can't help but notice this that the wind. When the Astros honor veterans. The crowd reacts. Everywhere we go on America it's pretty much the same thing but even more so here. People were standing up standing ovation for the soldiers. It's really very touching distance it's great and you know one of my celebrities are gonna come here try the biggest supporter of the military -- overseas Toby Keith on my country singer Toby actually talked about quite a bit about his concert Boston. He said it's one of his favorite places to go sitting through the for his his people. Meaty parts of file to the right out of play to 11 out with that he used to hit to the one you're the fifth. The -- we have. Well I've got Vince Young hurt the former quarterback and -- -- -- to Vince -- not gonna have Jeff Bagwell later -- -- gonna come back. The only team out and plays -- Austin and my cat come back and throw underhand. About the equivalent to the 93 miles an hour and a half and how much have a couple of these big football players stand in there and to see that so they can hear it they won't see it they'll hear. And so it should be fun we've got. Went to -- swung -- -- foul on the ground third base one of my buddies that I appeared on the show three times our -- Robert wolf was a home here came at a university Houston he's coming in from LA for us. We've got Patrick Beverley our guard I try to get a little flavor of our hometown guys one of one of our best teams -- the Dynamo and obviously the soccer going on now so it's not Brian Ching who's gonna play foresees. Fantastic athlete than. So we've we've got we've got quite a few guys come in and in in the course that's going to be the lone TD. Lined one sharply into right -- the base hit -- was -- back consecutive minutes and stuff it's very tough to read their for the runner at second. The bases are loaded with David Ortiz. We shot the first it was half I think. I was two down the right field line. -- week. David Ortiz is right up there with the -- -- it. Red Sox history alive with you and Pedro. I had fun with David we were you trying to think I don't know that we cross paths and threw me off their games in the American League I've had the look at. I'm not a big big numbers down that but I do know that when. We went to. Japan in the Major League Baseball team to Japan get to know David quite a bit then -- -- the evening he got a video camera personal camera when he -- them to the camera. And I said you know I knew David when he was the Minnesota women and you know what he was an out you do that you could get him out -- I said in now that I know I'm there's no way to getting -- Now the pitching coach bill will be. But. He's not the self he took with the president's pitch at -- that. Rihanna and more around. -- -- is it is hard the last couple of innings the only out it was a long enough Bible either pitches want a grounder to the second baseman it should be -- -- didn't shortstop putt on the the bases loaded opportunity after -- happ to Houston to -- star market WEEI Red Sox radio network. Are we go to the last that they have Roger Clemens. That'd be a -- into the Red Sox hall of fame joining us in that Robbie Grossman. Hernandez in Gonzales who you're the last to the fair that the Red Sox had a squander the top of the inning. Red -- course -- Roger is. Grossman steps in. TV's first pitch you the switch hitter is low ball one every University of Texas product now its occupant Brandon Workman. 82 thirds innings over and run to the post season. Last year yeah I got to watch him work you know when I came up his guys last year and also watched him in spring training a little bit so that was that was fun to see him out there. I know he visited you know every once why he'll he'll text out to a the to -- to skip Johnson university Texas we converse -- different. Major League guys in and I enjoy doing that especially when the the young pitcher that just as a few years and they -- really pointed questions so. These pitches outside tells me they're trying to be a little bit of their own pitching coaches think that they have to be when you're out there were you like that dude you get a that it. I was and like I said I I had the fortune of in Boston playing receiver for a couple of months and so I got the watch up close and personal like guys that could add subtract home velocity at his advanced -- at that time. In Seaver was a power pitcher he won the power for -- it's amazing in spring training. When I get these guys together on a chalkboard all with two different categories are for or our pitcher and list names in the kids can't really you know full amount the different. Grossman swings and looped a single in right field at Buffalo pitch over -- the -- rookie caps it off Tony Bobble that Grossman in the second. How tough I -- -- bases -- -- as far as rookie cap filler but it's not about with the Cleveland. Lead off man at second base. We had quite as pitching coach to -- of my favorites uncle -- built this year. This is great with the Canucks what he was this was bill Fisher was was great and you always tell the story still think you hold the major record for. You know you want to walk it was it is now -- offices. Both the 9089 innings maybe Nomar right yes critical about that right Maddux approach that. At one point. I've really enjoyed their work and for fish you know he was pretty simple and and kept it that way he's still working at the age of 84 plus months that -- and I. Feel the Kansas City system where -- not -- his pitch. -- -- Think about bill because this leave his home was Council Bluffs. Right that was right across the bridge there what we are normal offer ten days two weeks. What's -- a college Russert and -- he always gave you credit for the porch that was built on the front of his house in the world here it's. And it. There's days that they could do a lot more report here's the pitch to the right in battered option to the right out of the way. Lot of great times and you come back with Pedro and Omar really has to be. This week. No I -- and I enjoyed being around Nomar and I and you know. You really can't say you enjoyed every time a match up against Pedro but they were great games in new he was gonna give this fast and and we had a ceremony there in Boston not too long ago and I chance to visit with -- and it was it was great conversation with him and and. Me and if not all the right field this is it well -- keep moving back to where they -- -- there hasn't been Grossman snagged it moved from there. I was I was giving credit for a couple of where -- play so one out of a -- referred to recruit talented shortstop. -- Like to be -- -- would you -- to -- pitching. And in at the same table was rich get men and Jason Varitek. Those are good -- When Pedro and I. Got the conversation going it was it was a -- to watch those two guys listen -- always a close friend was getting your favorite catcher. -- was definitely. Obviously early in my career he he helped me like -- had one of the best fans I've had some great backstop or my. You know Tony for years yet to do that they pay attention to detail because. I've pretty much called about 90% of my idea game from the mound. And so I just by look and it did you hear their own certain pitches he -- he took control the game for the first. It's just one out of prop -- up for 222 or three of my big league career there in years there but. So -- it was fun you Getty and get towards ligaments in his one time. On -- two seamer and but yet it great hands and he was very quiet behind the plate some similar to Brad softness or Charlie O'Brien. -- remember Tony Pena would you throw was split is in Toronto one nothing lead gift by five runners at third -- -- call that splitter he said don't worry won't go by. Well Tony was though different bird back there he's animated and I think you threw the ball back to me harder than -- through and sometimes it's. It was fun thrown at Tony as you go down that one leg it's always the and when he came over -- I don't I don't think Tony ever had a there I mean he was full life. Owning him still the first guy throwing BP every day for the Yankees. At Winslow inside the Gonzales can believe it. Do don't want used to rhetoric third one out with the Red Sox have the infield the end. Was it like for you in the infield defense not that it happened very often. I just don't count yeah I just knew were cut and run down late in dependent on the speed of the the ball or you know. Be in Detroit with thick grass ankle high you really loved it. Well Tiger Stadium. As a foul to left out of play. Against when he strikeouts. And and do it again ten years later in years later that's insane isn't it first of all do once it's ridiculous good. It was thought that that was fun that was fun moment and and like Joseph alluded to earlier I get a phone call for much -- accorsi was there on the person on the second one. Same thing doctor Andrews and bill Fisher call -- said we'd like to Tony strikeout but you know I like the most since you didn't walk again -- don't I guess the one at that rate of speed and being able to. Unbelievable keep guys off base you walking on. Is that pitch if it's a breaking ball large river after your first twenty strikeout game. It Seattle Phil Bradley the last victim will be the twentieth victim. And then after he became over. Puck -- and then -- came -- post game show with us. That you had just been married right yeah I think so. Early in my career. It just want out of this take out my breaking ball down at the end. So Debbie understand that has as many trophies as you do. For. Golf yet to close the Devils revenues in hard she's got about. I think eight or nine club championships in. She's taken my cy young's and put him in the attic that we've on the look at these anymore and put some crystal out there at that that's. -- -- and I had zero and still working on it. They strike out here with a man that third repeat -- -- -- honestly -- the end. Think battles I think he does changeup. Pitching different right there. Best thing about it when he -- lovely cats love in the you find that balance point. To go out for up to the bases -- tough out here yet -- he may talk themselves. More than mark literature or did he does and he doesn't yet different to bathroom down the epithet that. The -- a little bit in the third option in his one. I just watch guys even it whether they're young -- veteran like like it today in. I just watched their front shoulder and see how well their hide the ball because you can really when he when he opposite shoulder he wants to get that two seamer comeback against lefties or. To really enhance it sliders it is definite arm angle. As I -- pop foul to the right at the plate. That was one right there that just darted away and ran all the way back from Austin. To -- fans you sound just like a television analyst here at after winning and do this. And he I enjoy doing it but not like you guys do you guys are pros so. I do I -- watching and listening when guys are on top of it and they can really pick up details I've really tried pay attention to details. When -- out there. Peavy pitches they can behind. Me such -- Articulated so well through which. Probably you know complete good coaches and chose to do that I know the Houston pitchers were telling me that you know the ball. And they've their very flattered that Giants tonight was telling me that today. I trial watch him on thank goodness for Tivo when I'm running around chasing the boys games to us like come back and watch him. Outside. You never know again the greatest thing is -- text me they got my number -- text me or will visit by phone. And I do it you know. I'm never gonna turn down. I felt when he mentioned the name but I probably got about fifteen big leaguers that brought the house knows he's not stay in contact with -- and I'll pick out an inning. You know they'll say listen can you help me out here and feel like I'm not doing this -- doing that and I'll pick a solid inning that they had. In town to go pull that up and watch the mechanics and watch their approach trying get right back on line TV deals out to be. Grabbed -- for the shortstop -- called pass it to his left flyers -- time for the -- guys tonight. -- fashion and look forward to seeing you on August 14 and it's an honor for me to -- They go -- with you on looking forward to guys or see up there being down right after 521. Used to have a shot star market WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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