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The Red Sox Managers Show with John Farrell

Jul 12, 2014|

Dave O'Brien talks with John Farrell about the change in the catching situation, and how Christian Vazquez cares about the pitchers and the game and how that can go a long way to forming a successful battery, some of the umpiring questions from Friday's game and more.

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Welcome back into the Herb Chambers jaguar and Land -- of Sudbury pregame show whiteman its review. Let's get to the managers reported sponsored by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care wherever whenever -- partner count us in. He Red Sox skipper John Farrell it's Dave O'Brien my thank you very much Red Sox going for four consecutive wins today taking on Houston Astros. Johnny had to be really happy with the performance of your young catcher Christian -- not only because he -- first Major League -- RBIs. But because of the way he swung the bat the entire night and the way he handled -- Chief staff punitive I think that when they readily stands out is the way he runs a game I his ability to handle pitches up on the edges particularly in the bottom part of the strike zone. We talked about this after the first game you know he's so strong in his forms and his wrist in his hands that even when a pitches traveling in the low to mid ninety's there's no give he presents. Pitches to the umpire to be seen so clearly. He doesn't push balls out of the strike zone and he's really impressive to watch on -- plate and I think that we've always talked about. In spring training and how he's developed as a hitter last night was -- I think evidence of the fact that he can use the whole field. He's not subject to you know breaking ball runs out of the strike somewhere he's pulled off pitches. As a -- they -- middle of field news and right side of the field it makes him a little bit more of a dangerous hitter. By keeping the baton strikes on. You're a pitcher you have thrown to countless catchers in your career as a player. I gotta ask did this guy is not a big guy he's only about 59 he's not huge doesn't present that giant. Carlton Fisk had a target back there how does he get it done. Well I think the one thing -- the one -- clearly comes out and for the short time we've been around him in the last couple spring training. Spring training as he cares that comes out and I think when pitchers on the mound sense that a catcher cares. For the game that's called how they block pitches in the dirt how they might from the game that. Goes a long way in a pitcher's mind and you know regardless of the size of the individual. The fact he's got such a huge heart and he really cares about what's going on behind the game as it relates to to his role. That plays out today and you know what -- like you said with the way he presents pitches and the fact that pitchers know how he feels and how they feel bottom those those two elements go a long way. -- not catching him today is David Ross in there how what is your plan moving forward on how often to catch Rask is how often use of while the plan would be investors would catch three -- three of every five. And that way one bit. David Ross -- David Ross is very often much. In Iraq thing with with Christian. As -- the coaching staff so in somewhat of a mentoring role and yet he's playing with them side by side in the conversations that they'll have. 11 of the others catching. It's is really a good report that has developed wrote really quick. But I think the fact is Christian can watch a game plan as it's unfolding -- David Ross he's been in and out of season all the meetings and how it plays out. David will still catch Jon Lester each time he goes through and and right now matching up -- Jake Peavy as well. So those those are two of the five that David Ross catch but. I think it's a good blend of veteran guys being able to give a helping hand talk about firsthand experiences and then witness what Christians doing behind the plate give him feedback as well. John Lackey less than an unusual night for him six innings he only gives up a couple of runs. But he walked five men to get some battles with the umpire he wasn't alone both sides were in on that but it didn't look like John was quite. As crisp as we've seen him in the past. Well I think any time we get to this point where in middle July and you you've. Run off twenty consecutive starts and not miss time you know I'm the all star break comes around at a pretty good time where. You get a few extra days of rest catch your breath a little bit. I'm not saying -- fatigue but at the same time in over 130 innings you're gonna get a little bit of -- second wind you get into the second half of the year here. And I -- -- looking forward to a few extra days off but. I think last night he made a number of good pitches that you know on some other occasions he might get some of those swing count pitches called him. There was a almost like a reintroduction. Between he Christians so some of the more some of the game calling probably fell on John shoulders a little bit more last night and maybe has been the case -- -- AJ. Who was more familiar with him because of the numbers -- caught so these are part of the start up situation you go through but I think going forward John like you continue to be that that strong start that we. John can you clarify one thing that you came on in chatter with the umpires with and Joseph west in particular and at one point eight Vasquez dropped a pop up. Looked to us like he was transferring it is that not a review -- play is that the reason there was no challenge there. Well any time that there's a catch on the infield in front of the umpires. At their positions that that's you're not allowed to challenge that are review it. I thought last night because it wasn't a question of fair or foul it wasn't a transfer. -- or or catch of 00 ball in play. There was so there was no question on that is going to be placement of the runners be different because it was a foul ball. And when I wanna talk to rob Drake -- -- first -- well I felt like we caught he caught the ball that was just as the transfer. To the bare hand there there has to be a voluntary release of the throwing hand so. I asked to just that the the play be reviewed from the transfer not the catch itself so. You can argue that the transfer is part of the overall catch and I thought because he was in foul territory the the review stipulations would come and play. Rob Drake thought the same rate goes -- let's take a review let's take a look at the challenge that I said OK that's who wanna do and then. -- Lawrence I don't know that falls under the categories of on valuable because it's a ball that's caught on the infield so. Anyway it it might be one of those situations that. Umpires myself like we're all working through what the nuances of review will not reveal. Not the first time seeing that happen this season music and you're already at the all star break practically and still not everything is absolutely clear is it. While -- -- you know he saw the play out in Oakland you know a week ago where there was a discontinuation of a play because of another you know challenge and them making the difference in the -- plays called so. You know what we're seeing less and less of these things. Gain a focal point and reviews so I think everyone's getting more accustomed to the the game that were playing in right now on the use and the availability ever replace so we're making strides. But -- -- there's going to be situations come up that I haven't been seen yet today. Probably another one today. Good luck in game two here in Houston John thanks thanks appreciate our question with a manager was brought you by Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz summer event is back. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer. For limited time lease and financing offers on select Mercedes men's models. On the web at MB USA dot com but I hurry because just like summer these offers won't last. Dave thanks John Ferrell brought you by AT&T with the speed and reliability of AT&T forgy LT eat you can post stream and up loaded with confidence. AT&T. Building you a better network. The starting lineups and the first pitch from Houston coming up next right here on the WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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