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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson: Lebron chooses Cleveland, 7-12-14

Jul 12, 2014|

Craig and Larry discuss the biggest news of the week, as Lebron James chose to go home to Cleveland in hopes of bringing the city it's first NBA Championship.

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I'm just wondering if we can substitute in that sees category cavaliers -- Celtics or maybe talk about them hand in hand because LeBron James. Believe it -- not taking his talents back to Lake Erie. As he returns to Cleveland. Unbelievable. I don't know who fought saw this one coming LeBron James who everybody thought pretty much even though we app that out of his. Contract would return to Miami along with Chris Bosh. In Dwyane Wade instead. Besides. That he felt well he always the Cleveland Cavaliers -- ownership and fans and everybody else one after. Leaving with the big decision 34 years ago. Heading back to cavalier country pretty amazing meanwhile the Red Sox. Who needs AJ Pierzynski who needs all those veterans bring up the kids and let's see how they do. They won their third last night down in Houston over the Astros where would you like to begin mr. Johnson. Well I think Richard's got it in to me I think only one of the stories of the year depending how it ends up Butler Brian going back to -- Cleveland. I was surprised but very pleased adding it's a great storyline. I am amazed. It. How people perceive him in some hate him so much. Because a mistake he made but the press conference and how we handle that it outside of that. Not one not two and out every night and is about to happen to these guys -- and all of that stuff -- it right. At Coke I -- like daddy either. But to the extent of how people judge him in hate him dislike him I don't get it when you look at these. He's not Aaron Hernandez. He's not. Shopper on trial for rate being guy allegedly rate being five or six women know whatever or. Mean he's nothing. Like that he came up from a a tough background in Cleveland a tough home we all know about rumors and stories about his mom that he -- -- -- -- And I think for the most brought the guy has really carried himself with a lot of class. When the story broke yesterday of course right away via these comments people saying why am writing a letter now -- I don't I -- he did that himself for an end. Some of the more Ryan came out on an even thinking understand grandma I swear to god 2014. And you still got to put a -- crap like that somebody saying things. I maybe they've got to check back with the brunt of background that they were at 81 tore parochial high school and he had a three point seven grade average. I'm not saying he's a Rhodes scholar -- a -- year park in the way he carries himself he's he's a pretty bright guy. I don't this is the -- I don't get -- You whether you liked first of all I think. I think the leaks all of them -- like keep the park won a two spots open -- to for guys to be out eligible for free agency. Because I think it's such a frenzy and we enjoyed -- so much with the NFL. I find this very very exciting with the NBA sources topics can be more pot habit but with. Bar story back to Miami which I don't understand but the possibility of Gasol. Going to the bulls. I'm playing alongside -- are you kidding me it's just it's a frenzy it's exciting. I told you amassing a coach you're so 'cause I don't I make more mistakes that I told you cells but I did tell you a couple of weeks ago that that that Riley eight. Op press conference with LeBron and wade in and bar sitting the -- and about how. You know I'm get a grip is non you know -- -- -- and suck it up and all that kind of stuff that he comes up with. I just brought me the wrong way it we -- almost has spent his Gilbert's letter it just it rubbed me. Like he's got a lark Federer in intimidate. LeBron James import more the responsibility on him my -- at the time I said man that. I don't like the tone of that yet although I didn't see that as any kind of ominous signal that LeBron there have been some -- -- around out there that he really did not like that that. -- tactics at all. I assay that was the reason I don't really know what the reason is I mean you read his letter and he said. It does make sense when you think about it when he says you know the as a young for ME two boys and a girl coming on -- it's easier to. Are raising our children in Cleveland that it would be in Miami well -- -- a great spot let's face it it's the place to be whether or not to raise kids there I don't know. Well I don't know I I I can't give you any kind of informed judgment as far as which is a better environment to raise a child I don't know. Well I would think that the parents if they do their job they can raise their kids properly inappropriately in any environment. I'm sure that the suburbs of Miami air just as a nurturing is the suburbs of Cleveland now more -- so I never buy that. I do understand or Pat Riley is coming from after he's the president he's the major dome all of that. Organization he's trying to sustain something he thought probably. Would go beyond four years. Or comfort somebody got -- -- Right which is what he was trying to do right by the way Jackson. Riley and all these guys out there how many teams that they've meant to. -- the point I'm trying to get to -- the year if you're exercising your right to where do you like it and not. They're playing by the rules and doing your free agent in you wanna hop along and you -- chance to decide where you wanna go that's all they're doing by you know lot. It goes to show you and it's -- plays into my philosophy of sports in this LeBron James is the perfect symbol for. If you like LeBron James you are going to -- for the Cleveland Cavaliers next year. In if you don't like LeBron James you're gonna root against them and -- a lot of people in this area. And already discussion over the last day or so has. How is this a fact that the Celtics everybody wants that now. How it influences the celtics' future you know what is long LeBron is in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics are probably not going to be successful as they would like the -- though. The bad news for the Celtics if you wanna throw in that Celtic perspective is LeBron stayed in the Eastern Conference more bad news he's going to -- team with a lot of young players including the number one draft pick. This year and hiring Irving again I think given the basket well beyond. And the other finger when I would does affect the Celtics directly -- -- people were dreaming on anyway Kevin love the capital lob. Going there I think artifacts as Celtics is the same way that the you know I thought that way anyway is it. You gotta be patient I think that god had DL what it was such an immediate turnaround of people ports world and they just thought that can happen again and just to move people around. I'm you have to do with the old fashioned way you're collecting draft picks you make changes to their roster when you can. Now I think you should -- run as much as I like him because he's. He's he's about four years older than the group you're bringing up and I think a Celtics fans -- just have to be patient. I think for the leak in general I think it's exciting I think it's always it's just like but the NFL when the patriots. That it went out and signed readers and a all these seventeen was making these changes pepper is going up and it brings a difference I think. To -- as much as I always like that guy stay with the same team burba the Celtics ever magic but the lakers. I was used to that. But now I'm getting used to the fact that don't hold on to anything too tightly because these guys have a right that's the way the collective bargaining is written that they can. John teams when their contract is topic I don't blame them. And in the NBA this is my point that a player is bigger than any one team let's face it LeBron is bigger. Then any particular. Organization he's working for it doesn't really matter. What the color of the uniform is or what number he happens to where Arnold he's gonna abandon its Olympics six to go back to the 23 whatever he's gonna do you really. Doesn't matter usually colors of his uniform deserve a number of season tickets they sold already I think they reached a Macs are -- one -- well you know a lot and -- -- it it -- a game of the year has got to be the first time art Cleveland plays Miami. Right and remember the first time Miami play Cleveland back in that first season that LeBron tickets talents down -- South Beach. And they were and at that point if you remember the heat was struggling in their first year and they were kind of tearing a little bit and that's where all came together when LeBron came home. The Cleveland just -- on the cavaliers in that first regular season. It is going to be fascinating. I think LeBron I think everybody understands at this point despite the two championships. -- his critics and there are out there and we certainly hear many of them in this area there's a lot of I think LeBron NV in Celtic country. Well I read that Borges is piece this morning and I love Romney. Britain broke my best friend over the global remote areas I and he runs the contrary in January report via I don't get it if he's got a strange way away lesson that I was a crime when he was with the goal in the globe stock at the program. Okay an -- is it alleged friends and everything everybody turned their back on him and I remember it in any got a job over year the IE and then eventually get validated and -- -- a record. Does a terrific job repair herald by. Anybody who's walking arm and I left the -- to go to the National Assembly -- immediately -- tree even -- everything an interest only had no choice of what the -- wanted to do. And with -- they offered me was where you want the body so. People can say what they wanna say but it's your life in if you choose to to go that route to wait way is getting older his knees I've gone on them. And I think of from the Bryant as the map the look at the best case scenario for me and that's wrong going back to delicate part she -- went to Houston. An incredible support system there with that type -- game he plays. But instead he took the money and he's going back to the match which I don't understand I I do not understand that but. In my hates it you know you yours that if not you but if you can use that word for eating somebody in Augusta. Save it for some readings so murdering people saved for somebody who's not reaping people and doing all these other things. You're in a greener where people are playing by the rules. In they have a right. To choose to go to a different team. It might not like it but I am back I hate that guy he's had done nothing for me eight and has he made some foolish decisions. Yes but haven't we all the. -- art critics and as I said there are many in this area. Would claim that this was a set up I resent the fact that LeBron James the audacity. The downright nerve of a player. I'm manipulating. The system so we can bring a couple of his superstar friends one from Toronto the other one already in Miami. Bring them together and just win a championship that's not the way it should be done OK so the broadest. Answering those critics by returning to a place that his been. But definitely down and out. Since he left four years ago he comes back but the situation is a little different perception is that LeBron is returning to a team not as talented as Miami. They give you really look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. This tremendous upside of that team. Now when you start with a. A guard like carrier ring who a lot of people now. Argun and no I heck of a lot more about than they did up until LeBron through Turkey about where against for for around a lot of you can pick -- Like you'd even ask the questions about well are you in a lot of people think got weakened shouldn't even have been the number one -- it should have been Parker but errors reading something with Pat Riley is I'm surprised and am pleased. That he addressed the situation great respect and in Miami I understand out -- field but at the same time we won a couple of championships he took to the finals and I mean that's you know that's the whole point I'm making is whether you like -- but not in I've been with you for over and any number of years that you finally convinced me of that it. This business of the these players are going to be your players for a lifetime. That that's. People moving around and they using free agency in the going for the money and Barbara as they wanna go for a so. I think you enjoy them while you have them. Tom and I think Miami he did a great -- for them on the air in the deluge us more why in and I think you enjoy it for what it is I'm not saying it never warm Miami fanned -- You take it for what it is I don't I can accept any of that when I -- I have problems with. Is happy Booker turner -- it's -- -- in just hate the guy dislike the guy because he's exercising a right that the -- greens. And I don't understand that and I. I really do believe you about look at his letter. That the key thing for me is this is what I think is genuine about LeBron James and again -- Necessarily. Judge one area more appropriate to bring up kids and another but I really do believe LeBron when he says my relationship. With the northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball I didn't realize that four years ago I do now I think he feels a tremendous loyalty. In allegiance when all is said and done to that area and I think. -- probably 50%. Of LeBron James in those four years in Miami in spite of the two championships in the validation McCain -- those two championships. I think he felt guilty. And I think he needs. Up a little redemption. And that's where -- That's why he's going Beckley I also think the winners and all of this will be some advocate that the kids and in Cleveland he's already got some foundation. Supporting third graders. And I'm -- group for a lot more money in the air you're probably. Come up with some huge youth center and stuff it -- listened. It's a great. Story and I also think from a basketball standpoint it's a great. Story because now all of a sudden this -- affected you know art is like shares -- moving around. I don't know what the lakers are gonna do with Gasol leaves I mean a stripped down again Jeremy -- but they're stripped down to -- Kobe he's got it. Two more years left. But he opted for the big contract I don't know what they're gonna do next year you got that you've got the -- going back to Miami. It's kind of interesting and I don't even understand can you explain to me how why would -- -- wanna go back to the next. What do they have well the question is what is he looking for easy looking for Benjamin Franklin -- looking for an NBA championship. And I guess atlas or whether you're making 23. Or 28. Is -- that much difference I guess other than Uncle Sam is it that much difference. Well and you know anyway it I think from -- Basketball standpoint I tell you -- -- are ready trying to contact one of the Celtics people on the front offices even get tickets to tour meant that he look at the on this schedule last year musically front outcries sodomizing them now all of a sudden everybody got the hottest ticket so you get instead those two games. With the Miami Heat over there at the Boston Garden at two games of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Should be fascinating on the first topic out of our first topic yeah I -- I am in total agreement with him going back if he had stayed in Miami. I think I would have been disappointed really yeah. Because that's -- were rooting for him to return to Cleveland. Yes I had I was sitting back in my usual flat liners at all. Very neutral just interested and intrigued to see what he would do and which support -- I I respect. LeBron immensely. Pockets I can't stand the backlash in these parts against him I know that a lot of has just. It's laundry base -- not wearing Celtic uniform their four a year ago you hate him but they never felt that way about Jordan. A -- was never here's the here's the difference by the time the Big Three was broken up. There really wasn't any rivalry between the -- -- remember Jordan never be Larry Bird in the play in the playoffs. Byrd beat him twice 86871. Round. By the time Jordan rose to. The top. The Big Three was pretty much of what they were never rivals Larry Detroit in the lakers were. The rivals of that the Big Three Mikhail parish and bird there was never -- rivalry there. So by the time in an essence really you think about it the torch had been passed. And that first championship the that Michael won. So Celtic fans. Were rooting for Jordan why would they play that first championship. Both lakers magic went down five games at that point this is pre. HIV. We didn't understand the extent of that relationship between bird magic that point Celtic fans were rooting hard for Jordan as they want to see the lakers illusion once -- six championship. So there was never any rivalry or hatred animosities matter meg Jordan and Jordan finally beat Detroit which we like to know. So that was never rivalry at all because the Celtics had vanquished Jordan in the early days there was never any of that kind of stuff so this is completely different. And I would say I would say in these parts. I think Peyton Manning in LeBron James are pretty much equal on the job on the hate list. I I would say that neither of those players are assisting that in this area and people would root for. In yet I don't. Get it from a character standpoint if you were gonna have a son you'd say you know I'd I'd -- it like it is emotional it's all it's I know based on May launch a -- sports -- about sports that you're that I am sports I have to have. Well about the -- say it's all based. The fact that you're not wearing my you're buying this -- be a revelation is the ever VO. Believe -- these guys are -- different. Universe the kind of money that they're making and everything if you don't like them believe me I'm sure its mark on the affect it every day. Lifestyles so it's up to you if you wanna be measurable -- for the rest -- like needing somebody then that that's fine you have every right to do that. I on the other hand I think it's great I think it's exciting. I guess I I I think in Miami's case they have Iran needed a good job at Dem and recover it was -- though because during raids. Knees are shot and I think LeBron I didn't like the way they handled Miller and some of the other situations by the way. Did you see whether the Brooklyn team. That their owner had to pay eighty million dollars and -- tax. So if you have an order out there and he's willing to spend the money that and go over the luxury tax then you can have that and -- -- right in O'Brien's case he felt they should have made a little bit better effort with Miller and and a few other players and they let go and of. About Porsche Baz. They are running UConn and Roxbury. LeBron glowing dot around like a yeah bass player that this is exactly that he should should get unfortunately. You'll not be my teammate two weeks later. It's I'm sure some mixed feelings for the Miami heat's number one draft -- he's only got sadly only on the other thing we have going on is obviously the young guns the ever since they brought up these kids is just as as as you put your award winning. Trainer and went three for four last night where you are just guys I'm in his throwing ability he's better than residential. Our whole continual as the number Matty got a big game is only there. This story to me also to keep an eye on is Bradley ever since they opened his staying on top and that he got another to his last night he's getting to twenty. Yeah 223. But the story the other story is of course -- -- talk about is -- or what you can do about signing him not signing in the -- ski. Fallout why is -- always when people leave. Then all these stories not coming on and they don't come out when you wrote a dead end on May 24 -- -- article -- non-GAAP couple months ago and I remember that article came out was in the Saturday edition and is a show on Saturday that were involved and all our show right. And remember we were like a day later we're kind of talking mankind listed below and we were regretting the fact that we didn't heart bonnet and a little bit more. And we get into a little bit about that we're gonna talk about LeBron James take you telephone calls that 617779. What is -- -- 7937. Thank you so yeah it's been awhile this summer for some reason I've just all lot of support of that martini down maybe you remember. On some summertime is the great -- the dollar wise and there but it take a break your calls coming up on Sports Radio W --

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