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Christian Vazquez Player of the Game Interview

Jul 12, 2014|

Joe and Dave talk with Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez after he goes 3-4 getting his first big league hit and RBI.

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Christian that's what what a night for you were how do you feel right now after three years it's your first Major League waivers made big RBIs. In rehab. In doubles -- fought through your mind I'm excited man you know the team win you know. Were important to me. But Raymond. My effort it. Very excited. Big night we Christian of who gets the baseball now because they they got the baseball back in I'm sure it's in your locker right now who winds up with them. I think I'm gonna send out tomorrow mom. I think I heard. -- she's home it's my very the on that great the end your mom lived over this country this side of the state said. For a little while achieve big baseball fan of floors of scores she loved it they've gone to you know there -- so. -- -- what was it like you know catching John Lackey tonight. It looked like he had some disagreements with the umpire at times but what was it like catching Johnson is an ornament you know -- Also our pitchers. I respect. Its opponent to me that's him on Wednesday. You really did a good job by hitting the ball to the opposite field. With a double the ground rule double and a three run that -- out. The two run double is that your style to use the whole park -- line right out of that thus must my game you know for the middle of the field. Good -- you know. Comfortable on. Felt myself. Christian finally will you catch Jake Peavy tomorrow. I don't know two I don't know. -- the seed -- well enjoy this one and a congratulations great gentlemen thank you on Christian thank you so much congratulations threats nicely today three.

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