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All LeBron, all the time. Rapid reaction as LeBron James returns home to Cleveland

Jul 11, 2014|

We discuss the biggest news in the United States today (say what you want about that later), LeBron James is going home.

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-- Or poor car Patrick -- follow on trying to follow the logic. I. If you warned that played. Port Cleveland. -- -- -- -- -- -- grandma. And me these are people. Immediately for the falcons that night. And you go back to Miami issued a -- yeah if you want to come to clear them pay for this -- LS. Okay what are your relatives are probably not -- struck a crowd I got in northeast Ohio. She like grew up in Cleveland -- -- that would meet the Steelers actually played part of valor as the -- are just things you have no idea where she had to write about tonight after. Go back to you whatsoever. Hearts in the house -- is -- or not guys doing feeling good. Alien alien yes and I want to write and thank you note to LeBron in corrosive but the timing of this. For about it how horrible for legal and given -- this low hanging fruit. So I don't wanna you know the NBA experts that we. This is not about it did this not being in it's not about being in India expert. You guys understand what the story the story for us assists toward Everett Sharon. Historic can't you go home game and wait for your photo that I don't even Celek I don't know -- forgiving I'm at the Victoria I don't know. Who who the -- I'm not sure anybody has forgiven -- -- -- well. Some may have happen that can't happen they're giddy but I'm not sure they forgiving have you seen any shirts. You guys you guys have the Internet report given yet forgiven. Kingdom restored. At present those are just for enterprising individuals can make some money as she was the hard core fans -- played the Steelers. Enterprising individuals looking to make some money do you think it makes money with the forgiven. Yes I think not my story Gilbert's -- they -- -- and all the jerseys that people -- the first and how about the guy he was selling out LeBron James it was a fat -- who's in the fat cats for 1741. Because of the significance you're used to download a couple on Centre court in 41 -- -- not I would be all over the storm battle -- -- better. I think Arnold. -- on base he would get a little way he betrayed us so I'm gonna sell his merchandise. This diminish merchandise for seventeen dollars. 41 -- out there. I'm sure. Everybody in the NBA got that reference there were talking about it before games usually. And it. -- -- rip them Benedict Arnold wrote and it affected Alibaba to freeagent I don't want my stuff sell for Benedict -- not at all. I'm most of those guys are only familiar with Benedict Arnold because Peter Brady did want to play him in the school play because at one in the school -- absolutely -- absolutely that's the connection -- -- guys who -- my history comes from surprised by. Surprised by the result. I I am somewhat there and less than it -- LeBron wants that gold there. Then I am that Cleveland is willing to embrace him so much that this that the oppression -- with the exception of the Steelers lady I didn't get the impression that you get that. They're welcoming him with open arms now. I'm not emotionally attached at Cleveland I don't have skin in this game you put it in that city was a friend of mine it's. They would. Self respect demand and he would say I'm trying to win. -- -- -- -- brands are frauds they wanna win that's all they want an end wanna win you are. You don't you you've never seen anybody she's hot -- he's smoking okay. Very good at what she does is never see anybody get remarried you know they kind of break up -- -- separate and get back together they reconcile right and that's what I call a trial of optimism over experience. Like this that just the messy break up was she. Stopped vote in Orange shirts. And now you want to go back to -- I'm not likely her and the only knowledge. Doesn't target Attila the analogy -- work because they both did things that to the -- all the other spotlight. All. There was an obvious victim here here's the obvious victim I mean I guess if there's an obviously comes. It would be Cleveland -- and that some of that victimization went away. When Dan Gilbert wrote that. -- well I know I mean he had re sending out letters really overeat I don't it was just. Clear passion clear motion and complete idiocy. I mean the big guaranteed. That they were gonna win the title before LeBron that's statement in bold in the center of the letter says. This is ridiculous -- I'm emotional right now and I'm just letting it flow nothing. Honest and true about that letter it was -- or you know bonds to a -- knows just Q more emotion just like when the girl walks out on you you don't really hater. You still want her back so bad but you wanted to think you -- On all you gotta find somebody exactly like her don't perk to make yourself feel about it that's the one mile on this you don't just. Lick -- your emotions hang out there you'd just you'd get drunk like a man. You don't express yourself you can bottle up those emotions inside and maybe someday have a road rage incident or something like data putts and I'm not speaking from experience. Of course that now I'm just saying that you have some respect he can't just like. Want a little -- this guy in an -- The treatment but everybody else think that facility is you get a first round pick. To get a press unprotected. -- and Arabic and two players. In addition just to get this guy like a desperate. -- -- -- Will Bryant ever happen to respect for you -- what you're doing just to get. -- -- -- Cleveland Cavaliers not the only desperate team everybody was desperate to Miami Heat were desperate. Phoenix on anybody who thought they had a chance at LeBron they were just -- losses desperate aka some of my comments about. Me. I was desperate I was doing last night well. I'd ultimately aren't you want until there -- no I don't certainly not the -- I was delighted when one of us is gonna take the big chair when he gets picked up the effort what he was doing -- 12127. This morning actually tell -- once when he's foregoing their parent -- -- computer. And I'm I'm I'm -- keep waiting on. Any LeBron James news so adamant. I slap myself in the face and I went to bed. Waiting up for this and I heard so many people saying -- man. -- what the FB indoor and all these LeBron updates and you know what LeBron waiting for but we are all waiting all of us even people were upset. You're upset but you're watching ESPN. You're clicking on espn.com. -- going anywhere they want you got anything pay -- market dine. Hey Chris Broussard on and on by insiders. And win horse who grew up in Akron. No LeBron you moved to Miami to follow him you must know something. So we were all desperate. And I really can't. I can't really -- Cavaliers or anybody else because we were all following you tell you were you following this whole story. Everybody one shot solo and it's not just talk show you seem to edit and pro athletes -- -- immediately tweeting about it referencing it making jokes about it every the entire world was watching I -- yesterday went crazy. Twitter was ablaze with homelessness and -- all day yesterday -- pays can be announcement at 330 because at 330. That's Akron. That's the that's the very code 330 -- making its announcement at 330. LeBron James dot com of course. LeBron James dot com crash there all kinds of crafting jokes. About all all the website could come through when it really matter. Who was a guy Chris Sheridan Chris Sheridan. Used to work for ESPN. Chris Sheridan says. There's a 90% chance you want practically that the price is right I got back up I got 91% not reported more ballot and no. One dollar. Is there anybody. It sports who craves the attention more of them prime does it's just it's got to put the World Cup like every four years we've got to have a summer of all of the decision. No this is just that decision in part to win four years now he'll be doing the same thing and I can only hope quickly learns his lesson when he sticks it to them again inning goes. Elway Europe back to Miami or something. You witnesses I got a real life example a -- -- they're real life example this is Rihanna taking Chris Brown back. Where everybody in America Rihanna. We love you you're you're -- you're -- in -- -- -- don't don't take this -- Becky. And she just. Went right and just threw it dignity out the window because she had to have this ice so bad and now I -- that's a bad example has got to wasn't a nobody without Chris Brown. The Cleveland Cavaliers became know. And it became ugly there music's that it usery on a connection to music stops -- they couldn't sell out concerts they could do nothing. They needed there Chris brown and air quote -- LeBron James why that's why they were so desperate -- fairness -- -- Cleveland I do want to do -- -- this is the reach of American cities. -- If you look at Aaron and I was I took pictures is about going back. -- yeah she's she's incredible in Cleveland is is an arm -- only slightly less of an Arctic now that they've got. And NBA MVP. Well it's not gonna matter -- -- it's not gonna matter because can be an armpit that. No mid level but bubble type free agents. There -- the the cavaliers will always have an audience with those guys as well as LeBron James is on board. The entire NBA universe. We'll focus on Cleveland Arnold ESPN is gonna have a Cleveland index like they had heat index for cavaliers index and they were just following. The victory. But they won't be focused on LeBron de L. It's like van -- register Jeff Van Gundy already you know they still need some midrange shooters and but they're gonna win 55. Well that's what he does not apply automatically bolt. Your 55 wins with nothing else maybe you add Kevin Love and Alice -- year was apparently just add Kevin Love. All right now you're not just talking about that the DPP's Bob and Jane. The talk about it a serious. A championship caliber team -- which brings us to the Celtics. The -- doesn't -- I don't -- listen I don't against Butler the Celtics facilitated to -- ultimately went right right through the trade so big debate facilitate them not getting Kevin Love. Has now Kevin Love lost the equivalent to report right so the Celtics maybe could've -- Kevin Love and being competitive in the -- now -- insured -- A good chance at Kevin Love want to go to Cleveland to ensure that Cleveland is now the dominant team in the east and the Celtics are continuing to rebuild well I think that was gonna. Happen regardless -- a -- for the Celtics. We're talking 2018. On this is that this is official so whether whether I Kevin Love went to Cleveland. Or not aiming -- LeBron James in the east thing in the Eastern Conference. Insurers. That until LeBron is what 34. Of them for years of playing at this level four more years you'll be thirty in December. He's 34. I don't think the Celtics are even ready to contend that it can take awhile I think it extremely lucky with one of these -- they're and there are very far away from being. 88 serious contender. And -- are far away as possible and I think Kevin -- product you're okay with Kevin Love. They're closer -- yet their closer but their iPad couldn't agree more I can't see that the formula it's going to be. Pulled the trigger on east 91 round picks over the next five years that that's not gonna work because they'll be. They'll be running up and down escalator they gonna turn these assets into veterans into established veterans like can't see any candle in any of the way by. How -- the corollary of how he he might have strengthened -- Cleveland but -- just -- to -- by facilitate this there are router or tore it completely done. 'cause you know Chris Bosh goes to Houston. LeBron James is in Cleveland. NBA player one -- -- is an NBA writer. Who have a beef right now on the project with Starwood wait. So he opts out of contract. And had 42 million dollars in the -- forty million dollars or -- 42. Million dollars companies were over two years. Michael adds up like that left little less so he opts out of the contract. All locked out LeBron is going to for the match actually get to race LeBron Daniel gosh. I'll go to a team probably the third best player yet I'm gonna get their backs are right LeBron at it and Dwyane Wade says okay. My needs are done. Think they're gonna give me 21 million dollars here. I would give me 21 million dollars a year and had to pack tell you were just hitting muted really -- -- that's one guy is pissed off and upon the other guy. Writer Brian went -- you know -- Woodward the story now -- I grew up with LeBron James he's. From Akron you worked at the Akron Beacon Journal covering LeBron what was -- high school dunking on like fourteen year old guys put couples. He did everything it took a prod the product over Cleveland the president going to Miami whenever it may do soccer. -- -- moment game. He needs is to validate me validate we have one of the best insiders in the business. Give the -- jenkins' big ticket pigs grow but you know when an -- at the Boston -- department that -- Michael Ali many here -- go. Away. Come -- now he gets to go home write a journal endorsed a folder -- what liberals all the Norris is working on a LeBron James gamble I am really sorry I -- liberal at all. -- a lot of -- unbelievable. -- as Carmelo to Miami. So without -- Nobody will mean. Would you go to Miami. Would know bosh and LeBron Miami is similar to be important moment the name Boston and -- -- in the end of the Big Three era I have. That's your best behavior because LeBron wanted to direct. Is our backcourt guard and traps -- -- chaotic Irving wade I'm gonna play him. -- By the way that that letter that he wrote I imagine we'll get to that later on -- jump ahead but -- the people on. Cleveland -- you mentioned by name you know he imaging carry Irving -- whatever. The one maybe didn't mention was Wiggins that he's getting traded to Minnesota Philadelphia that. I mean that would follow logically right if -- why would that have been number one overall record and assuming as I am but LeBron didn't write that I mean it didn't come across says. What will -- speak I'm -- he kinda had in -- helping him with that or but the whole point of the letter I was right on and I'm a mentor now with young kids will be youngest kid that needs the most mentoring is the number one overall pick right at guys he's not in there. So they got I mean you look at this team look at. Look at the Cleveland second Miami. Danny Granger Josh McRoberts. To -- Napier. -- -- Norris -- Maybe doing -- I'm missing anybody again I don't have. Don't officially have Dwyane Wade Horn went on the -- Is Miami. A testament. That's much for the printed it with game three chip also probably old the old cold you were gonna pay you for the -- yet -- -- finals MVP I think also just to -- him so people actually become games because well CD yet maybe. I played two thirds of the games last year wouldn't replaying and all the games I -- -- -- -- -- toughest job right now just became season ticket sales for the heat the idea they went from the penthouse to the -- -- -- -- -- exactly because they are Smart. They probably had just sign up for season tickets last year I got these teams. Yeah I read dare rebel wrote about this a while ago. That the heat. Where were getting commitments a year forward. Show or maybe even two years -- you know Michael Jordan left the the bulls. It just routine to -- -- -- watching grass grow retiring 1993. And next year season tickets -- -- orbiting -- the place in the same thing. After the second retirement after the second three -- The next year plan capacity because it already. On these people ups or Miami next year shouldn't be a problem year after -- out and try to go. How long it took the Celtics to start lose in the fan base after after say that the original Big Three of them the bird -- Celtics it took. It's a couple three years right before people finally got that cigarette be even at that. I think Protestants of the pitino -- so you have to sort out the false optimism of of that that last that a vote. Six weeks I think. You've got you guys figured out of the Cleveland and then mobile take your calls on this -- -- from seven on seven under through seven you guys think. That Cleveland's roster really is at that level -- -- we set it over and over and I was when I was up at 1:27. AM last. And what do and that this morning I meant you -- that interest I would just it is and you thought I don't I'm imminent that I don't want to miss anything what I go to bed at 126 might happen what's the latest what's the latest -- to -- it in and so it was just wired it was a way. Those things to. OK finally you like I don't really want everybody else. No I was looking at the computer right went into Canada -- 1:2 points and am looking at bay. All statistic -- -- -- adopted to delete your browsing history Galarraga I guess that night I got a good idea. Run out of town by any chance don't blow up Michael get at the middle and yet you want to feel that I -- after -- -- -- I was thinking about this last night with Cleveland -- by Cleveland. So that -- gets it -- -- -- going over and over people hey we all have our print and I actually helps me prologue. At nice. Time up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. Hours of the roster. I think carrier serving the best point guard Eastern Conference that fair to say to a choice in the nation like the best we can because of the injuries injury to a two Rondo. And an even of Rondo is healthy I gotta give the edge to the -- overall it's too. Injuries Derrick Rose Derrick Rose -- -- better but I I'll take -- over. All over freak and Deron Williams right -- so you've got the best point guard in the eastern conference on your side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh yeah you're counting on the talent of carrier -- going from a very good player to a great player he's got to be a great player. You've got to do that and it got to be durable counting on that what else can you count on. LeBron James cavaliers. Much interest in Thomson. He mentioned Dion Waiters he didn't mention Andrew -- so either Andrew wigand's slash catalog -- -- have loved you get which happened. Is the roster. Really as good as we think it's the roster right now without -- we think that the situation -- Because they have LeBron that helps and they got. Some draft picks. Second deck and help them going forward the next two or three years but I'm wondering do do we or rate the Cleveland that the Clinton roster. All they've had a ton a draft picks over the last few years where's it got them in L a but they're they're in the lottery every single year itself. I agree with -- I don't see where beyond LeBron and -- healthier Irving what what they have got to go one by. Vegas the -- this this deal was announced installed them as -- one to win the NBA title not to come out of the east to win the title. And I think that's the big differentiation they're good enough to compete in the east right away obviously come out of the east Eastern Conference finals something of that nature -- But compared to the west I'm not sure. Would love they stack up. And that's what I thought I that just seems like a foregone conclusion to me the next piece of -- puzzle -- love and boom they're competing for time. The project is going -- what are you guys think of -- 6177797937. Into the text or who says Tommy Michael do you think LeBron James as I speak that's on your business. He also says I have always believed that I returned to Cleveland and my. I just didn't know Wednesday after the season free agency wasn't even -- thought -- have to poison my wife Savannah. Is pregnant with a girl I started thinking about what it would be like to raise my family in my hometown. I looked at other teams but I wasn't going to leave Miami for anywhere except Cleveland its push for -- The more time passes. Quite felt right this is what makes me. We'll avoid the front voice sounds different and I think if yeah it went pretty broad middle aged white gentleman. Bureau that is the that is it Cleveland. Radio host and I'm surprised that he. And get a little emotional. In a little emotional on a year and a burning jerseys for years ago. I we booed you four years ago we had a great chance remembered LeBron knowledge say Packard and in Cleveland. They're not connected so -- LeBron going home. It's not like Cleveland Akron each other -- thing there's a rivalry but once a small city Adam is. Relatively big city. So LeBron always said well there's a big difference between Cleveland and Akron. I I get a lot of love and -- and back to Cleveland which it's it would act Korean -- year old I. So. I know we all these things happen and but all is forgiven. If you guys are you any heart. Jerry Norton but -- forgiving type. Alfred giving types know. Now. Apple grudges or not -- unanimous -- On the on the generosity it's burial Dan Gilbert in me I understand. It and how you feel I say that. For anybody else but it involves me personally hold grudges. I I work -- grudges like some artists work in Wales or clay. I I yeah I and I enjoyed -- you guys eagerly learn from the example of saying LeBron jeans. Tyler are an example of -- Bill Belichick. Actually -- grudges -- I'm -- -- -- -- -- I don't see that at all Peter King bold. And locking from. Tom Jackson. I I love the Belichick list because my characteristics of it his grudges -- yeah. Around genie is walking this earth a shell of a man he's a shadow. Of Aaron Roberts it's like a sudden I -- -- throw everything but like camp out at outside the the -- offices. And Belichick equally it would wipe his feet on Molly stepped over that. That's the eyelashes bill now -- I don't I'm not I would not now not ever with the old expression he wouldn't he had Eric Mangini if he was on fire disrespectful piece of crap forget about entered and got happening all of -- up. Without textures are difficult and secondly you Texas in the AT&T -- -- -- -- Michael about George W really really don't really -- How could you say carrier. Is the best point guard in the east and one of remains that the best point guard he's -- December win. Rondo. They're showing that he is the best point -- love Rondo but. Last year. Show me that he's not quite back on his game while Rondo but not there yet. Approach of injuries like round a lot of injuries take their wrote that one in another texture but the good name. And I really thought over this. And that -- not quite at 127 it's more like -- 114115. AM kind of thing before it's really X John Wall John Wall. And carrier ring to go. I would say that's that's a fair competition normally give the edge to -- and it maybe look at maybe -- Maybe the hole on drew playing in May be the fact that he was the all star game in BP maybe I'm getting caught up in that. But I'll I'll give it I think -- Irving has a little more refinement to his game a little more general final. Well his job just -- Because he had the best player in the NBA in his roster and he's got to say when regardless of what you thought of him free today. His job any easier in carrier he's gonna be a better player. After this and you won't be able to necessarily compare him the real John well -- he got LeBron you can't be a pass first point guard in a vacuum. Part of the reason Rondo wasn't impressed and too many people masters -- He didn't have. Allen and pierce and Garnett to throw to the past -- anymore. And -- eerily well -- this year either I QB they would Rondo is who if he's here who he distributing to Jeff Green right. We're so you're value out where I think you're fine putting wall on Rondo behind -- especially from the state -- don't don't mess up my -- there's an Alley -- to throw down. I do you guys don't believe there's -- -- to step up our first call that comes from. -- at Logan and at current market hit an assortment. I had a -- up -- low hall. Yeah I wouldn't call -- you know -- perspective on things that -- from Akron went. I was here in the summer and Providence on an internship so. -- might wonder. Talk about a little bit about. You know what this means. People market so I don't know why. You know people are driven it appears people are celebrating -- gotten call all day about it. And you know I get it it's funny make clinic Cleveland market I don't act in Poland armpit and and I -- -- I -- -- -- And social rights stuff that's just the light stuff. Well I know I'm very toward the B did act like us this that's like his appetizer waitress gets into the entree. I -- -- I am pat I apologize Logan now is not aligned it's a it's a garden spot it truly as. Well you'd do it these are nearing its -- there's no denying that but. You know I think what this doesn't LeBron come home it may be an allusion made before one day may be superficial sports story. Both for people from that part of the country. You know we've seen so many family members friendly to pursue opportunities elsewhere. And I think maybe what this represents a little bit is. That you know those left stated then and be able to come home or twisting to increase in opportunity increase. And those that they're here like myself. You know your undergraduate college and been like that we don't actually -- remain their family and friends like that may be a -- may be. Temporary. You know I I don't -- -- and so once -- -- a resolution debate maybe a little naive. Not a -- I don't -- -- negative spin on LeBron James had a reason. To come back home -- back home if you're you know graduating from University of Akron. And to go to Chicago six hours the way you worked here for a few years in you have the opportunity to go back to Akron for the deal that LeBron James had. OK yet the beautiful story but the fact is this is hey this is not a story for the working and and working woman of Akron Ohio. This is a millionaire who wants to be a billionaire going back home. Getting a Max contract which he's never had -- career and I think. Putting himself in position. That the as such he positive person in the community. That when he wants to do deals business deals in Cleveland after his career is over and he wants to have a piece of cavaliers ownership. When his career is over that is very smooth for him. -- that's where I the whole thing of people leaving and coming back first thought he left. To win NBA titles. He did that he won two before and now he's come back with his rings so. This doesn't say you know graduate from college well if you wanna witchy you know win some prize has some medical student. You're probably gonna go elsewhere and then yes once you achieve that success but we'll come back and set up a clinic in your hold. Your old town because you're you know one roots -- year old town so I don't get that angle of it. The other aspect of the business side is interest if you -- legitimately a northeast Ohio person and you know you want to revitalize the community. Having LeBron put his roots there for wherever he goes business wise because as you mentioned he wants to be the first billion dollar athlete in all this. If he puts his roots their business wise that is great for that community. Long term not about NBA I. I'm talking about. The Magic Johnson route if he dies theaters anybody whatever whatever LeBron does post basketball that is rooted in northeast Ohio it's good for the commissioner -- How you feel about this -- I think it was easier for magic to do it because it's Los Angeles and get the second biggest country that the second biggest city. And the country. And you've got a lot to work with that the business community. Is it just swallows up what Cleveland can offer -- in Cleveland. It is not a thriving business sinners not a thriving fortune fortune 500 -- the corporate basically reverse the corporate base in LA or New York or Chicago. No comparison and that's where he's gonna bring more job I don't know if he can do that he's Albert King Jane you have to such. It was in one. Like dizzy what what businesses is he gonna set up Amy's -- Republica. I'd like a bakery actually looked at a muffler -- are now below are bigger than that apparently just by the way have varied interest you -- big dabble. I'd be surprised when and and I'm just saying if you bases if that becomes his home. Long term you know with a -- that has his face on at a casino would be his home long term. I mean I remember Kevin fault was in two burger kings he was in two. Some sort of thing that worked on deep sea drilling mean you have varied business interest of the money that they wanna invest and if it takes -- it doesn't. You know you don't have to be in LA to make a successful business it's yes Cleveland is not well it's easier much but if he wants to live in Cleveland maybe he'll do with -- And it was easier for magic to -- news. Five championship. With the lakers then think about who's out there you know he's got a lot of people a lot of influential. Monied folks. In Los Angeles who can help it could help make it happen for. I don't know five -- who -- who Johnny and -- troop carrier I don't know -- form join the door record Gio was up. They record I'm Mike. Jill I got a question -- and I like to make a point. I know like shouting -- people talking about how they're real happy for the people Cleveland and what I wanna know it. Since when people -- become so concerned with the well being and Matt -- share of the residents of Akron and Cleveland Ohio. It might pointed in you know upon leaving and coming back sort of like cabinet called sprint I watched this via the people. After a few years going out smashed -- -- What I -- it and how do you already know what's that Joseph is okay listen it's dead on Joseph I know but upset but it's OK if -- -- can't -- We're gonna -- this -- the relationship and there is no question that Cleveland is the one that swallowed its pride and took the woman back after. You know she made her way around. Town after you after he comes of that analogy you say swallow the pride yeah. Can't I can't deal with that what do you guys think this means for the Eastern Conference. What do you think it means for the Celtics technical 617779737. Portrait -- W yet. The fact that that he's made this decision I think is a testament to the kinds of values that he is incorporated into his life and that he says that he's. I action in. In instilling in his children. I think it's a pretty powerful statement about the value of the place -- consider home. Do you believe that. It was a White House spokesman except. I like Hulu is asking that question awful who's asking that question in the white house press corps. Slow Friday. -- Dillard public that he's answering it like our our. Are all the other problems of the world salt or -- they think that king James really as the king. -- -- there's some other issues that you might want to be talking about energetic like it's the president like OK Josh aren't they good you know it's basketball fan. OK maybe you wanna get the comment from Obama and the Press Secretary at a Press Secretary like. -- asked the reporter from like the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Washington Post. President also acts an opportunity to meet him personally a few times. And the president does -- BA. Fine young man who carries himself with. The kind of professionalism. That. That I that is really pretty as the SE. -- the president has an operative has had an opportunity to meet them. You don't -- known -- in the champions go to the White House and I -- -- like the -- -- Jersey and. He stands there and if the photo -- -- -- that LeBron James Cole -- -- you don't you don't fed is he wearing a Jersey right now. Have a cavaliers security now he's waiting for. You guys have been reporters are reporters it is how does this work is the whole press -- run out of the Roman called the writers and no I'm still. The president think LeBron and I just added that it. About LeBron James. But I thought I -- -- thinking about this any -- hear their voices -- -- torn -- -- A cigarette. Pat Riley came out. At a press conference after there. Elimination after they were eliminated by the spurs and -- you know you wanna get up and trending get this trending on -- It gave us a whole history of the NBA. Adam plates and -- with the facts but the appoint his point was he can't run away -- was directly to the LeBron James he can't run away this can't. I'll go to adversity go to another team well. Whole NBA created the situation that's why no one can be met Dan Gilbert and the cavaliers created the situation. Where they allowed him or they were doing they were making moves the first time when he was with the count there are making moves the placate him. Then when he left. Pat Riley recruited him. And now Pat Riley was trying to recruit him trying to give -- -- mistake he's going back the Cleveland. Everybody. Has bowed down for him so you really can't if you're in the NBA it's part of the culture the only team that can say. I don't really like it. Is the team that beat by a couple things beat. The Dallas Mavericks the first year there I think part of that was just. LeBron James is still think in this Dwyane Wade's team and it -- take over and have a dog and yet. And then he figured out the next your way to do anyway you're an old man you're an old 32 and I -- 32 but at the -- your old when he whatever -- I'm taken over ninety. And then the spurs. So if you're another team looking at this. What way you can look at and say we just can't beat LeBron can't we just can't do it. We have to wait until this time is over or another approach can be. Restore the spurs did. Let's build something must build quality basketball team in -- we have Morgan players it's possible that beat the best player and only. And you know it is if I needed another reason to -- Pat Riley that pompous twit he sounded like in likable -- and that whole thing because. He was mad about the prospect of LeBron may be jumping show people how do you think he ended up in Miami in the first place you know -- comedic. I hate to keep Cameron this boyfriend girlfriend thing no I don't admitted it would help if I can't armed. What you know you stole him away from a guy he was married to and now Europe. Like bent out of shape -- he's now considering dumping you like that's that's how -- -- when you line up with with the -- you end up with oh. And I I think -- understand that Reilly may have gotten a little you know he tells them you know it's not supposed to be easy it's not but you know it's hard you're supposed to have to be. We may have back fired him in LeBron said he's tried not exposed to be easy. I'm going back where it means the most to me Cleveland and even if it isn't easy. This guy why was my boss and I respect tells me that's how exposed to be exposed to work hard take a long time and will be worth it in the and so. On some level rightly may have pushed him out of Miami draw and it's just -- good on him as you're right because you know. She she cheated with you but she's never gonna cheat again right you know to. Usually two days and we took its right side by side. I think -- play in the world's smallest violin for Pat Riley is and directs the point that out early you don't -- we probably should feel bad for is the good job good effort -- Like it's gonna be hard date for that it is probably not acknowledge these public twelve afford college -- now is really got to -- those lessons because good -- get effort on a team does not quarterly. -- -- -- Always good children that suffer what -- and 53 is not. -- bad guys some other news going we know the problem at the Cleveland. According to a source and intrigued love will not commit to the cavaliers a done deal. As far as Carmelo is concerned is the knicks or the vols. For him that's we've deciding between the lakers are out and Chris Bosh. Is expected to sign with the -- so while everybody was waiting for LeBron -- and then. And now that he is committed to Cleveland all the other things on places after Ryan McCarty run with them. Brian. I that they're doing is they check electrical by the dot com. And I saw the bit mitnick has already -- the favorite to Lindner. This year's final they're not sure I quite agree that it was the power out of the -- a bill -- clippers -- spared. Under your other. -- -- -- terrorized a question right now as a standard that they don't make a deal for Kevin Love. I say no way in hell. Well the best team in the NBA I think even if they get tablets we got Kevin Love got LeBron got carrier -- -- some of the peace is not bad not bad. But. What you guaranteed is that you'll blow open the Eastern Conference Miami is out of it. So you're defending Eastern Conference champion not to worry about are you better than the Indiana Pacers yes you are. So it was pacers Miami in the conference. Who made who made the semi finals yes but the bulls met our partner or if they're okay now the bulls are interesting the bulls when -- That's very stiff competition from Miami -- for Cleveland excuse me but I think Cleveland would be up. The Western Conference. Cleveland Cavaliers team that team we saw the spurs. I dispersed that team play with the ponder that team play with the clippers. -- the clippers and him at. Something like that Western Conference. Only thing you can hope for and the rockets with Chris Bosh. Bosh is -- bass player and you got Dwight Howard got James Harden looked. Always get hope where's the Western Conference is beating each other up by the time that represented of gifts -- finals. That team is -- So you guys don't agree with me that now that we have locked up be free Bradley itself that's I I -- that all right Erica he was the -- might let me ask you quite an hour. Maybe two times ago when I was on here we're talking -- in an injury I don't know but. And you were all on weakens Huard draft him right now because everybody was saying for six months he'll be ready it's not a lot of -- indeed beat him beat yet Ali okay. For yet. So chimed in on Twitter on this move literally everybody said. Yeah. They have a LeBron opinions like on Twitter that's the modern age you are settled boards I thought you were about to brag. -- on yourself. On Iraq Brad I call the people outlets I was -- and our value about the -- but -- will get that the the bragging we had a hard. Where Jerry Gordon coming up next 6177797%. In Sports Radio W yeah. -- -- are different every time I love that. And yards here or Jerry -- There will be back on Monday. It's trial for her homecoming for. Sisters and -- come back here on Monday he's taken his talent backed against street were the real IDL is a very modest. Get real. Big deal predicted something. And patents themselves on the back that. Once it's really -- him now. And injured or an accurate iron now. Dominique Easley. He's been enough for. Called -- Dominic called the first you've heard you live on I do. He did or downstream afterward I in fairness I didn't plan those those are the others get a good game get toward carried me on -- I predicted that the patron to draft a guy who only played Richard who lives here. And yet I -- right is right. And I didn't get the summaries in the same amount of attention and I correctly predicted Neitzel Aaron it is -- Butler. Right Aaron Hernandez that we're realists that and I have a monopoly I -- I predict that drafted him predict. What an outlet. Hernandez was gonna do things maybe you should just got up I had him down for two traffic tickets I never got there it is a -- color of their part now I know the real brighter room. Is -- -- -- -- -- The last time you were here believed to move forward for exercise. And we're trying to figure out. Where LeBron James is going -- listen I'm not buying people's summer and Akron I think it was more today. Controversy. Narrowing. To Cleveland. That's why we're really excited about. He's really excited she grew up in -- She's been around all these phony people of South Beach. All the beautiful people. -- I can't look at this excited to go -- would think our ball. Real it's who know in my entire life and dismisses the salt that your strategist -- backed. Okay blown out room and I am called I am horror -- From northeast galaxy worry about it Babe Ruth -- shot -- -- this point into the bleachers and deliver on the ball right -- well done -- what are your life. Just. All that whole idea of when she tweeted -- -- -- was you know count down in all of this. I think this was the plan all along I think he wanted to be wined and dined EB -- Admitted that -- is I was gonna go with his Cleveland humanoid visited other teams so you just want them to funnel it's all about eventually. He knew Cleveland Cleveland. Let one -- on home and he's gonna -- with the Irving and Parker you're good fortune -- well while all Bob Barker well that that court. -- so. By the way -- more news and I know it was going to be their O'Brien Michael. Here -- and yet even up a perjured -- make a put one flaw in his creation has only ally is perfect and intentional that pitted on carpet and I. There's been news the rockets have cleared up that space that can bring in response. They traded. -- -- -- Candy first round pick to the lakers. In what. Big Three in the world is Chris Bosh -- -- one and not for number three hit by definition if you get a Max contract. That's not a victory. -- mean he's he's not the goal of the silver medal winner in the Big Three. One nobody signal as the third if Chris Bosh is your third bass player pretty good to write you up which you don't. That your third as well that's the name right it's taken a better job that's the NBA's Bryant yeah. I'd say -- world does a Max player it should go to their best putt. That doesn't make any -- -- -- logical wrote the CBS I made it it's perfect it's perfect for him you think about what Chris Bosh has been able to do since he left Toronto. Like in Toronto. It was that he was seen as the pretty good player -- pretty good player. It was an outstanding player. In the in Toronto but since 2010. We -- think about the bet that Big Three in Miami. You either under you either under rate. Our Chris Chris Bosh. He's either under praised he's under criticized. I think it's it's kind of like -- finally -- to -- is about but if you had a problem with my -- Miami failed -- gonna blame not bra. Second you go to Dwyane Wade. He -- you go to schools are never really he never really war. I mean he did some nice things in Miami but it's like okay anything that anything positive happens at Miami it was a ground. And that -- all wrong. That's what should be it was balls for a it was not for our league of. But not over the course of their career he wade is a legitimate great player Chris Bosh has never been a great player and it will be a great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The ridiculous this of this is. You know LeBron is now going to be the highest paid player Ernestine -- that was terrible thing for the first time in twelve years he had never in the -- he now is. He's supposed to be he should have been all twelve years Chris Bosh should never be the highest paid player on a good team. Not that cut. It's it's crazy cult back with the NBA's and run they help lock out. Because guys who will franchises that we now know worth two billion p.s because of Donald Sterling com where we don't recommend you pick up. They get players. Basically running in the league rally -- the lock outs that they could wrest control in -- charge of Iran franchises. And that we've got players just assembling teams on their own you don't like LeBron -- and you don't watch it recruited by the way we'd like what was the point of that lockout and now. Chris Bosh get exact -- his or her job -- entire -- it was on hold until LeBron decides yes -- nothing could happen. The best player and only. That doesn't happen and any others it doesn't happen and an aunt or how many guys -- -- it they deserve a Max gone by but it wouldn't -- -- and -- -- it's really really Max contract and the best player on the planet. Michael Jordan when he was making. Thirty million or whatever was -- last couple years. That's right that's how it should be he should be there should be a big jump between him and the next guy he's the best most marketable. Player on the planet. And that's what LeBron I'll make a case to say Kevin Durant to whatever but it is going to be like a dozen guys or more may make him the maximum which sort of defeats the whole purpose of. Have and Max contract if it is any you know -- you like right Chris -- can just let them. Let's go to a cycle that form with Chris Bosh I think I don't have a little harsh -- -- I don't think I trust a lot Carlos the guy is now 40. Take it for what it's worth I mean some calls from people look at All Star Games -- make the all star team nine -- -- -- So -- -- on the on the 2008 gold medalist. Gold medal winning. A basketball team Brandon Meriweather there was a two time -- below target two times vs 912 times in forty years here. If he can do -- courier -- delicate very fortunate spot is Chris Bosh when he went to Miami. It was a top ten player annaly. Right now is ultimate topped one. The top twenty player that it -- -- actor broad audience they would he be the best player on a really good championship contender. Now best player on a really good championship contender probably not okay so that by definition he doesn't deserve. I'm Max deal unless the league is completely out of each deserve to run my horror when somebody says you deserve not -- I don't go to. I could -- dig -- -- from Houston's perspective is that erotic. If you got Dwight Howard. And you and you've got James Harden and you have an opportunity to get Chris Bosh. -- your third guy. He makes you make Dwight Howard much better because Howard skills that doesn't -- boxes but shouldn't have to play five now he's not a five. And a guy came as a rookie. Hundreds of freshman played one year Georgia Tech comes in the league. Toronto -- have a center they probably can't and they are thinner and that's okay Catholic 117. But he's not -- five -- three slash or more before so who can make twelve to fifteen footer eighteen footers for that matter. So that makes that team better Houston yes. Even if -- the -- but Chris Bosh scored what our -- hasn't yet is Houston better -- better he's a good player he makes them better. But the problem is the end the whole NBA system the problem is when you have a -- people want. When you put a number a definitive number this is the Max. And that's the -- with it. You -- -- that I got to Max -- well I'm certainly Max player than a response was Max player that's why you should never happen Max number what's -- but that's all but that has changed not just because Chris Bosh. That changed with this free agent -- out -- you know you look at -- look at a nice player nice player I Channing for a assigns. Nine million dollars a year Avery Bradley in a nice player eight million dollars a year for two effort for Avery Bradley. Are you look at Josh McRoberts. Rookie Jodie Meeks. Mean these guys but you're right when you said forgetting you're worth what somebody -- -- -- and every and we got a little bag now or play -- -- -- bless America but there's no way. -- the NBA CPA use is one of the worst. Formulas in sports because it's not just overpaying Chris Bosh it's well we got -- overpaid this guy. So that we can maintain the cap space and traded to this payment and all these these accounting numbers where. That is just laughable Andy this is such a beef -- mine this time a year drives meet in saint nick because of these rules that nobody outside of an NBA front office can understand. It's between Mitt you don't traded player exemptions and that it buyers yeah as an extra. I got a great acted don't worry about it straight I don't whatever title tomorrow for the Celtics but don't -- about an imaginary player is -- after I got a first round pick back -- -- at all. -- -- Yeah I'm happy the day -- -- that he pulled this off but he treated as second for a burst into players. And the other -- was only too happy to do that it's like. The periodic table yet -- -- major -- you're here are trying to make sense of radiant as you make fun of the NBA not to bring up the periodic table what did you talk about. -- -- -- -- the big fancy Dan was right. I agree that the CPAC is it true that like I'll everybody in congress -- a lawyer and the like a lot that only lawyers can understand from the the order that. -- Second genocide gently LT human and the economic though that. If you think they only one player in the league should get a -- robbery but on the other hand you would. That he that would brilliant but I don't think it was going to. I I didn't say one -- that was in my heart itself bit the a little. If their -- should go to the best to subject line in this call by the latest -- is -- which is what I think I like yours like Michael it right. How important stuff obviously I don't believe that area at all it'll put up for a second then how dare you have got after. I'm upgrades so there are some players that deserve that money -- That the whole point of haven't. That that makes cents now I'm not believe me I'm not ready to go have a big -- ball quick wrote spec isn't worried about you don't have been able to make ends meet that's on my point my point is. They shut down at the lead. To get a pay structure that makes sense and now a few years later while you know I regret making eight million a year. Why the -- -- and even though you even I admit that but the the -- -- to know what's the ticket to the total amount of money at play good god what is it makes sense logically rationally the rule the -- Nothing you know. They wanted to recruit without the ball in conflict with the 7% of the time all we can talk all about it. And that the what you're doing has not been doable if only one player with a Max contract the team that the only way you can attract these guys. Bio click OK I mean I'm currently at all. Are you got it got enough and I thought my boys got to be patient it -- -- out there the largest dog bit I have to do they I'll I'll double the press Democrat. -- -- -- My feelings please let it -- -- but it texture says. Houses different then and now we have only contract and if you think about all the sports. All the sports. When it comes to free agency we know what's gonna happen when Jon Lester it's free agency when when the Red Sox don't come to a contract agreement with him. Number we're going to be seniors and I can't believe Jon Lester got. Whatever that number's going to be through this like we said I can't believe Jacoby Ellsbury. Got the money he got in the pocket got a 155 million dollars and these -- the same thing in hockey. Oh my god gonna pay this guy that Britain up -- are out of -- and whatnot this. It on and on and football. The only difference of football news. The contracts that they -- are there are really they're ashore yet so that's all I. A little crazy get a -- weary with the NBA is unique is that every other sport I can understand. The traits. You you get a guy is the guy that you gave up better than the guy the getting backed economic sense with the NBA it's. It's so Byzantine and confusing like you you have to be -- Evian master's degree in cap polity to make a DM but a sense out of it and as a fan. It removes me from the equation because I can't I can understand. Like what the trades. Are as you hear that -- -- them and use the word Byzantine he can't beat that now there you go network. At Dexter says that the might be down but has blogs impeccable in the seat and all I can cigars and have a car an adult respectable I think your your self esteem during this a little bit and as one of builds up that -- and I got to keep around for you don't go out. I never thought I don't you all may just tapped all of an electoral ever got to stare you down around 5 o'clock that got completely discount them. It's gotten somebody hello. They don't guys I'm sorry and yet our -- but -- -- couple quick and public to be happy about opening is ours. They're conducting a pilot get on the set. I think it's hilarious but at same time I actually I do not an -- you talk about the white collar guys on -- while he was. Chris what you need a second plate like I know the biggest disappointment in the league. Big -- does now -- -- -- -- -- would double double he's got to be technically he's pretty. And you -- not to get back in a -- I want to know. Why now that apparently not the end I. Know hundred in -- -- They aren't they got like these. What exactly would give them can be. The big game but that would block well. It would have been had he seen that meeting or one hour a little bit and I think the older that nobody. And I just think that carry on about a Allegiant. I expected that Portland again. Well in Iowa -- I heard people talk about this would Dwight Howard maybe Michael was a lot of players that you don't like. -- you go too far so Dwight Howard. I know he's kind of he's kind of Mo Pete and you look at that you look at the body you say -- Mean this guy should be doing even more or this guy should have developed a little more of a shot -- does is dunk. But this Dwight Howard is. A disappointment that you have to say compared to what. Compared to. Public event compared to Rory -- Murder compared to what used to be in Orlando. Total disappointment with the lakers there's no question how -- got called out compared to what he should be right now what's your rebate what do you think Dwight Howard to be a much better player than if you -- at would you use that cliche from. From an NFL draft and you see this one every single every other -- report is. High motor would you describe the -- -- having high motor. Yeah I would say as a high motor I wouldn't I would say does not have a high basket basketball IQ at times does have a high motor. But the problem with Howard is I don't -- in this that this may be a disconnect between Howard and his coaches. In differently knowing when he was playing for us Stan Van Gundy. Talk about touches name attached. It. Once you have -- in touch. Would you didn't like I want you to defend -- the rebound and what you get garbage. Get garbage points create your own talk -- that get garbage points. You'll still average. Just averaged eighteen and 1218 and thirteen. Because he -- he's such a great athlete but I don't know what the offense going through him I don't want him to be used to say he can be their second best player I want to be the third option. I think that's what that's gonna happen in Houston if he -- They convince him we're much better team of Chris Bosh. It just touches Harden and bosh and then you there. I can. That trio fits well together -- no matter -- -- at the four Howard at the -- I think that's a good fit for them. But like -- initiate it's it's all about how the egos come together and Howard is at the top of that list of egos coming together I got -- On paper yes I agree with it totally we did he strike it was a guy who would subject gave his own eagle for the betterment of the team to use them. The crappy phrase god maybe not for you guys capital mr. -- without I got -- Tell -- Out of out of very early so I know I know -- may have missed this. And Texas during previous caller. Jerry Sloan he did and I said -- -- coaching whispers did you did I think I chalked that up to him meaning to say Popovich not to defend the caller but he was in the middle talking about the spurs and -- in -- -- thinking why me. You're observed that Jerry Sloan birds. Like guys eloquently that would and like. Let's say a quick updating you we just veterans and finish the new ringtone on. Here -- sure they -- -- Cleveland. Cleveland Cleveland they -- -- Cleveland. Cleveland Cleveland that they -- that Cleveland. Cleveland Cleveland sounds like a whole lot right. I'd never. I know is that same -- I heard that you wildest was as expected this is just a mere formality so that they can. He'll bring the Big Three back and Alter their contract and blah blah blah formality that he was going back to Miami. Dale Arnold said it was a formality that he was going back to Miami only -- -- -- on this radio station said he was go to Cleveland -- -- Cleveland. -- Cleveland. Exactly. Cleveland Cleveland back I no longer feel guilty about spiking the football on nine Domenici. So I was I was I was humble compared to. Yeah okay go back to Cleveland aren't nobody nobody saw that. But I don't it was a formality there it was going somewhere -- -- adamant LA -- in LA and he's Georgia he never even consider doing late notice it. Did you guys what you guys -- this conversation the the videotape. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Between LeBron and into language students and two composition and so I'll yeah it was it wasn't a -- there was no audio. It's almost over watching it's like eight minutes long. And you know you can see people coming buyers are opening at UV and then there's wade and LeBron talking and you know not to read too much into a wait and look at. Would you. You gave up 42 million dollars how that conversation go what happened there I gave up 42 million dollar index formula crowded. How -- LeBron. It LeBron. Oh wait that's the story when it now going forward LeBron tell -- hey you guys know. I'm not gonna leave you guys we came together for -- reason. We're gonna we're all gonna opt out when it -- back together. He tell them that is that why -- -- about it you can trust me -- I'm not like the others I don't know it but what do you do -- -- the question is what does Miami do. What Dwyane Wade franchise player going forward rebuilt it and go. And what does this mean for the Celtics. It's Eastern Conference off the table for the next 45 years what do you guys think the concept of service of -- nine -- -- -- great and Jerry Norton in the ego mania card. Cleveland Cleveland they've -- Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland. No we're sure a lot here on the DL polished or any hard and Jerry -- as a matter of which are so much that. We just got to call this segment is sponsored by depends -- Already unloaded Welker if it's up Wes Welker it's good enough to get -- -- you think I -- my parents could make you think Welker. Really has a problem or is it just today the pitching. Yeah more money is trying to make up that. Like forty million he thought he was gonna get which turned into twelve he's making up with without ever catch on in the NFL by the way like. You're playing the game and sometimes you gotta go during game went back to -- room and new spokesman is seraguso -- do you believe equals yeah I can definitely see if that. I have a hard time imagine them ever actually made that for right now but Welker added jobs away it would explain all those drops. Wall. Come on that's a low even for you. -- for the Broncos -- -- like your anymore but I believe Larry Izzo once did the deed on the sideline with some tiles around. Which one or two to all everybody want they -- -- time. Really I believe is though there's never payments everything that god -- -- field turf must be -- Bledsoe used to when your guys are loud and all the I don't need you guys government team and the art patrons who publicly complained that opponent for -- to -- -- nice cut he got the binoculars on the guys -- bin Laden's death and they're drop in the binoculars on the guys. Are you now. He loves to urinate on points the last time you when John Dennis. I during the game I -- yeah it's every year now you see a little less now at home. Because they have that little door behind the bench where they can run over go to the bathroom and run back out but at the Foxboro Stadium. And I was actually on the -- it was a PR intern like 2001. And they would just hold up and drew would be election Camden that was your jobs that's on -- credit and I didn't -- it's an old guy when Adam observed now I get five parts to. Watched -- surprised by any of that is that -- actually take the time now. Drop -- would do what I just assumed football plays just let it go in there in -- uniform I don't I don't want to get you ready and you know I want to feel like a little bit I did I mean look at 360. Pound guys I mean -- can't tell me. Haloti -- widgets like well I don't wanna and I urinated in my pants is that would be grow. Jerry got HDTV now. And -- think that the Nike uniforms reduce the average that you could actually see through the pain today can't get away with that 6177797. And present a lot of things going on today. We've talked about -- depends of the gospel product brought down a charity that it. We haven't gotten to the media the media crime media media crime yet we'll -- -- that that's one let you guys about this letter. -- Dan Gilbert talked about the latter. With LeBron James that was going to be a sticking point try to convince Tommy current. And Greg Dickerson that that was going to be an issue for LeBron James I think we talked about it on Wednesday they were -- no way no way that's not going to be an issue well. So Dan Gilbert talk with atrial -- -- in and told them. How this meeting happening at a face to face meeting with LeBron. I said Gilbert do a Google search on me and it's the first thing that comes up. To a certain segment of society it's like somebody killed somebody like somebody killed their kid I told LeBron that letter to hurt anybody more than hurt me. For the first two months I kept thousands of letters got hundreds. Thousands written to me there were ninety year old ladies and CEOs and I realized. At the letterhead transcended the event went far beyond LeBron. Two went far beyond LeBron after a few months. I would reread it and just before the progress that wasn't me that wasn't why I didn't mean most the things that that there. The venom that produced from all sides I wish. I wish I had never done do you buy it yet he -- or look this is what I need to do. Get LeBron James accurate -- -- I don't think any amount of latter -- -- capital of the website for four years right. He pragmatic so I actually never took it down to it felt like 72 hours ago I don't think I'm okay. To overcome every time they read it on the home page of mopping up of lights franchise that I got a cap dark content to read about all got a bachelor -- We had -- in 2000 I know how many years not one not two not three or appears. Yeah he's just. Backtrack and I don't think there's price some bit of him that regretted it because it was as I said early just pure emotion. It was the jilted lover and whatever you wanna say he just reacted he was angry he wanted her brought you want to lash out -- did all that but. It was just stupid. The dumping by a rich guy who makes a lot of money -- a lot of great decisions in life was one that this self titled -- right back. Guarantee we will win a title. Except the back and they went to the Eastern Conference final four -- 012 and we pick number one we're telling it where you are howling and it. Sleep well Cleveland right -- I. Our whole like that man looking over the city in life I am here to our thoughts you -- perceive who don't worry he's going -- -- -- The curse of LeBron James but I'm telling you LeBron. For all of the damage that he did with the decision and it's crazy how this Gilbert -- letter got traction. Well now the brown but his letter. Eleven almost a little enclave and at least eliminate the decision it's almost like it never happened. He was stole. It got so much. Advice. It was such pulled it was politicians -- -- it was still -- everything they thought of okay. How can we poke holes and welcome to critic locals in this can't let let's -- this part up. OK let's let's eliminate that lets eliminate that. It was just this whole I'm going back home and this is where I belong and it's not about championships so you're able to. Give a shout out to the people of Ohio and Cleveland. You're able at a lower expectations. Brilliantly -- it's not easy to win championship just the opposite. -- the opposite of four years ago. You're able to put all this back on Dan Gilbert how can I hold a garage for doing -- all make mistakes so OK now it's your turn Gilbert. Apologize -- top of me not gonna put this back on you not you have to take them it really was. A well done letter even though. I mean really by army are you buying all right I don't buy into this sincerity. I think LeBron -- every -- Well -- he wrote every word without any help at all. Remember when I was sitting there at the Boys and Girls Club in 2010. I was thinking this is really tough I could feel it. I was leaving something units and the line and created. If I had to do it all over again I really did it reads like fifty shades of LeBron is no -- of romance novel to himself. And and that's what it is that's the part that -- because direct some of it's -- I like the embracing the northeast region of Ohio in the people out here but. Then the whole Lama mentor now -- the -- He's such an eagle -- and whether he wrote it or not he made sure there was plenty of ego maniacal aspects to this letter and that's what turns me because -- Like LeBron I really do and I've never really understood. The hate for instance you know but it's -- it again with that there's a million other urban got number one that's an -- -- any Khomeini. If you can't get past -- I can see why you but the pure hate for him. Somebody who I know that is a Celtics season ticket holder -- I was posing that well you know there's a chance that he's a free agent right now. Wouldn't root for him on the -- now we -- where got a lot I'd get that how. Can you hate him that much but you can't root for the decision do we not think any of these other people -- ego maniacs like you're rooting for. They are about. Saying that Larry Bird just -- -- it was the most humble guy in the world clearly Kevin Garnett has a has at a huge ego like. It it never manifested in its itself -- him put himself personal give an example one of those below while losses against. San Antonio he came out afterwards and every sentence begin with the first person pronoun is like I did everything I could I stepped it up I had a great third quarter up I guess it wasn't enough like he just. -- that was a bad one that was the one where he said you'd look at it and saw that I had 27 point eight. And you'd think it was enough but it one right exactly the thing you don't want to hear out of your team leader. At -- just got like you know you'd you'd jump kicked in the dirt by San Antonio who played a team game that took you apart and Chris Bosh and I'm not the end his. He had comments afterwards that like. -- all of us need to do a better job I -- at -- lake he said what you wanna hear whether it was sincere not at least he didn't say anything as stupid as. Broadly yeah truth I don't stop right LeBron go to your LeBron ever that he ever compare himself cute Jordan. Or magic. Was there ever gonna -- ever say that with those guys in mind or are people holding down on the not one not two not three not four not five. -- didn't say. Hey I'm I'm I'm trying to be the next magic I'm trying to be the next Jordan -- did. There's now he's moved away from four years ago it's the gun went on to championships well it starts right now it's. Hey I don't want to win a championship not promising that though is gonna be difficult but I you know open I know I'm sure I think he knows. In at least in Cleveland now NBA lies we start talking about great players just what we do and I don't have a problem you talk about the great to start to net. -- -- -- Magic verses. Michael vs Larry vs Corey and all the stuff you start looking at lots of things MVPs championships. You measured that way. LeBron -- it knows. That in Cleveland that doesn't matter all he has to do to win -- title. When a one time and to be the king of the reject -- northeast Ohio and never they never. One an NBA championship they don't have a single championship banner. In their -- Haven't won. A championship. -- with the browns in forty years. Haven't won a championship. At the most recent. In a little city forty years in the -- of all the all of -- all the countries India and I was thinking of the Cleveland parent. I'm with ya okay that was similar struggle I was told -- Cleveland Steelers are there to go to -- you have to write the darn immature form. But don't you think. I give them a pass for the not one not two because I think he got caught up in Peprah. That was a you know I'm. Buffalo. Five. Propped up -- -- I hit them -- -- -- that was the cheap pop up as they called it wrestling where you know Mick Foley used to this you know whatever. Or the musician it's great respect and -- Like that's just the cheap -- you're playing to your crowd. The decision. Was an orchestrated. Hole and event that was horrific -- that he should of pulled the plug on at some point I don't care how many. Advisors you have saying this is a good idea you know will do this is good for the brand. Pulled the plug on that I don't really hold the pep rally think again that's like you know you're just playing to the crowd and saying what they wanna hear that when you that you went there to win title. -- -- -- -- you -- hear about some conspiracies -- Texas says it's a setup job by the NBA asked some serious questions asked how he picked Cleveland. -- go there it weakens wasn't there I think not but the NBA back in May made short Cleveland got the first pick. Before you say no chance. Think about Tim -- don't. Wiggins isn't going to be so you don't it's going to be there. Think it's going to be -- yes. If he was so excited yeah -- -- wanted to mention my dad outlook. I know and we -- we'll talk about this in the second on the other side and Arnold love has said I'm intrigued by Cleveland I would I would accept the long term deal there. But if you're at the Minnesota Timberwolves that's all the deal that was offered him deals offer was. Dion Waiters and Anthony Bennett and a first round pick for Kevin Love. -- -- Flip Saunders and -- place. And accomplish something when you -- Since they started well like you know they started -- seventy whatever it up there at some point -- that's on the table to what's funny we talk about everything we'll talk about it with you next coming up 617 cents from 97% and Sports Radio W yeah. -- At some point today. There will be. -- from an expense. 18 of an except on this program. Jerry Jordan will be into it had a hard I don't know. Now. Him. Forward. -- -- Nobody elections that IDS. They relate themselves -- -- at one point 7 AM the late -- right you know with all that the rumor. -- -- What -- about waiting to see what the problem is gonna really don't know and out on the -- even know what that point the Obama the kid. Probably when that happened probably thirteen years -- search for charity that I'll ask about is Michael Richards at the height of my power the last thing I'm doing what a voice that. You know let me get and titles easier -- of -- and yeah I -- paper. What happened were obviously it's not say you guys talk about what your. I think worlds are about the same in January -- confusing David Carradine with again no Hannibal same thing. Same issue. Able the same way yes cellphone lifts asphyxiation pleasure hangers on auto erotic asphyxiation see that thing he. Yeah exactly and I'm just happy to staff app speaking a pleasure what a great day commitment I don't iron. Hey speaking of bizarre fetish is is this -- tough day for ESPN a lot because. Nobody has fond over anybody in this world the -- ESPN. Has just rubble at the feet of LeBron. It is entire -- every even of the offseason the first fifteen minutes a sports center is all him at this -- -- Jim Gray for years ago. Basically off the list on -- that he he -- the pit road when his career he's now after the -- work enemy out all store window in the hipster guy. -- somebody has spawned over. While LeBron more in ESPN's Sports Illustrated sir I'm not no no -- they -- -- don't tell -- Jenkins is a former Goldman turned really that terrific writer. But Jenkins. Over the last a couple of years looking up -- don't believe me go on the -- archives has written some very flattering pieces. About LeBron James even when it wasn't fashionable to love LeBron after the decision and he got to pay off today now -- Bryan -- horse and then come on man. Well I was telling did you we feel we have the TV on here in the studio but not the the sound obviously and they had a little sit down wind or something in -- the first question going to be. Why did you report this because. As you said high school followed apparently and everything. And instead ESPN has that -- the middle of the screen SI dot com yes all right got a skill and yeah we got to do this god to get this school. By the way guys yes it always run into trouble. When I try to do math very quickly. Or try to do math at all. Fifty -- up forty years. Up thirty. I can't see fit. If you errors you guys -- -- Cleveland team won a championship 196450. Years ago not forty years ago. Mob dad I -- to bring up something we're type of rhetoric though. People forget that LeBron took Cleveland to the finals. And I'm not gonna pretend I'm an NBA expert mr. Michael Holley says this team now is better than -- he took on a bad team so that's in -- the finals at a grown man named booby. Booby Gibson and the guard they had the east is weak so your tummy -- a better team Donyell competition Donyell Marshall. Was on that team that Larry Hughes another good. I went to the finals they would have finals now like they do it now and you'll able to get by. Starting at age pistons team and in the next year. The Celtics took up the pistons again and got back to the finals so. I mean -- the Eastern Conference and this week as the week -- is right now Eastern Conference may have been lightly. Slightly better than it is right now get to the finals. They don't have what it takes the winners though are not yet but it they get Camelot Camelot supposedly that just didn't -- under an agreement. But it happened or are Wiggins with up to his potential Patrick's in the car yeah. I think I thought -- We do dawn and I mentioned how broad that at -- Rhonda -- at that -- gotten me NBA. Now that the broadest bull -- know it -- -- well he -- -- when you -- -- BI. I mean you're ring. And abroad it -- actually a much better out or Albert I want or not -- New York you know. You know what Patrick I could see it in New York I don't see it and I mean you know carrier -- a point guard. Round as a point guard I don't think it's a match for Cleveland but if you say Rondo is going -- I agree with you got Rondo is going to be traded. It just seems obvious. Is the question is where's he traded. And Irving love and LeBron would be there Big Three could have been as you know Big Three to win a title. Whereas New York if they re signed mellow maybe you pair Rondo with naming your start to piece together -- year but they -- and I think it's New York -- the cousin in New York has made the trade. So they got holds a cult around a point guard who's who's a better shooter than Rondo much better -- very good shooter. And -- got a point guard so I don't know if if if that's the plan either. -- I you know I don't see movement Rondo now. And you -- selling low like him right now can you really are what other GM is looking at him -- and well after the -- all I have to have that guy I think they've got to play him. -- it this roster as it's currently constituted to me is like it's gonna be next season will be. QVC. Like look at this wonderful lineup of guards we have like this is practically you know what it needs a way he's a spare parts of their. Team -- they are a heap of spare parts right now right Celtics but they don't make sense you know. The lied about the Celtics last year was that they want a team they just were some guys were brought together because of the big KG pierce -- at the same thing is happening now. You've got some free stuff from the cavaliers because they were so desperate to clear space for LeBron but -- Marcus Thornton in a good score bench guy. You don't have plans for Marcus Thornton and Avery Bradley and James Young when your team you just happen because there was a trait right. And we got to get Marcus Thornton had a Tom because it's like -- Leander they can be only one. I wanna be that the number one point in this town of the two fabulous weeks I have been. And now they bring in this there's no way. There's going to be gone were sharper and there's another Thornton out there somewhere that -- that of other -- could tell all of them in the I don't think the community that. Here's our last -- Jerry. Yes or maybe they had it the -- demanding that runs the car was a -- -- Right -- you have a -- speaker ever have a tough time hearing you wanna hear your point. If you think it'll take us off speaker. Well into your hands on that bus our current. -- the -- report about the sort of my hatred of what brought. Actually books or the decision to go to quietly. Will you guys remember. The got out so his last -- and leave it so that starves them out of the playoffs and there walking down the tunnel and the -- -- thought security. Went straight -- camera. You know albeit that he you know going to be -- -- -- -- Source of my frustration it's being abroad and I don't think that that should. Yeah ever had its complaint looked even before the decision. Adrian was -- Ager in Basra was all over LeBron. And used to call it he said it was the summer. Summer of me. That was outlined in 2002 in the summer of me just talk about LeBron and now I -- as he was and the key was estimated there's no secret about that don't think. He's trying to deny it now -- I'd love to hear -- and penalties tonight Democrat to a press conference I'd love to hear press conference. Were I would think he would admit that that the not one not two not three that was a mistake the decision he's already said that was a mistake and all the other stuff that led to a departure. All of that there was like a game of that series against the Celtics where he flat out quit if you don't look at it that bag job except the numbers don't back it up. The number his last game as a -- it was but what was then -- triple double there was middle of that series there was one game where he had what is right shots he was walking up collecting wasn't all he'd be open -- he was just -- just -- and dropped to the next -- final hour of the show coming up everything's on the table the -- and I promise you we will get to -- media work like media attention. A will get to all that Larry Lucchino has the thought that Dan Shaughnessy today and mean techsters. At 545 Sports -- WE via.

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