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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Homecoming Edition - 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by Lebron James homecoming in Cleveland.

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-- -- I. We have rocks. To explain that during the break we would like it a different incidents signs about. About home at -- and anybody else's like they're very badly for -- everything going what else. And I IQ tested these guys that way to a lot of these pins were mentioning a big I was pretty much there -- a way out of a -- get better. You guys value made by a secret thing I'll say you'll. I'll never be -- he'll make -- was in juxtaposition of -- the blacks that bit that Motley crew all got our roads and yet. Over an hour and a little bit of a moment you had with different. It's super when you have it and if I job there -- over a lot of years they admitted to -- my best friends that I secretly like we -- -- put down here it's weird but true story. He said. Am as my life and we and we embrace the Yankees were crazy time. Evidently support for. As I -- and AT&T god help us -- clunkers Jason Gore than dark closet over Patriot -- covers more than that and I respect. Of all Americans. Building you a better network -- been helpless laying -- the effect. -- -- What a revelation Democrat and I were talking about coming home in honor of LeBron James we're gonna bring it to Boston and we're gonna start -- Ray -- He was traded the avalanche that we could win a championship and he won that championship brought the cup back to Boston to Robin in our faces. The reception was incredible. From that. Thing at City Hall that America had done with Johnson I would never done without the -- the Bruins sign off -- -- -- that. And and then this reception from people that I've met I've met throughout the summer or even up to this day talking to bill. Where they were that they watch in the you know watching that final game is incredible the stories that I heard that summer where there's really remarkable. The responsiveness support that I have. Beverage industry ignored her body over Beers. I. -- -- -- -- -- -- Michael Palin think there was a time well don't judge about -- -- working overtime of members only jacket to parachute pants where where. This is like MC hammer and Toni Basil hey -- the eighties was the time it. Future archaeologists will never believe -- they are too magical the real -- -- what it would look company itself. Where it was between two -- Why. Is everything we would like us either it. So what's the helicopter go local favorite board. You guys think that was. That -- I don't have a it was it wasn't coming though right wasn't I do not have a that -- disabled read all right well let that. Was an embarrassment on on the Bruins -- Because at that point had -- -- Thirty something years without a cup I get to act with the -- that it's irrelevant. And decades without winning a cup. And celebrated. -- guys that they -- away they had a parade route it would it culprit of the city. It this way as well in the midst of all the teams in town professor accessible areas -- or even higher rate at 310. He retired after winning a couple of the Colorado Avalanche right -- the apple players' names carved it we're celebrating it's weird it's weird. And it's just. We as a great work because it's almost like when you guys can win when your own culture I'd just like that's the field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like right for a living vicariously through anything dammit we will win our own -- titles and you keep your cup felt. Yeah. Yes we are Michael we're gonna go to -- the mirror belly. Was treated like a conquering hero -- -- police escort on the way back to town that's a cop out like no way. This guy. There's violence. Like 640. 70. I've -- coming up your mind you dressed up doing a lot of things. Live right I remember the I've realized now. Attack blacks have done. Are only a Boston here you what you wanna tell me. We don't love our baseball look back up character of the specialist dark -- belly. You couldn't hear. What -- drew. Was -- Tim Wakefield so it catcher. Worth his hair for a knuckleballer. Got it totally escort. To Fenway Park. We heard and I -- and I think we -- -- be the name of this again hurt and they gave up they gave up Josh -- the job market catch everything David Cleveland. We have five fastball -- a little it was just terrible event that. But did you have to think Cuba Bart and was Meredith the part of that -- or -- Make that -- maybe now. About park in Florida had a good year -- San Diego. What was Meredith. If Meredith was a part of that field all the way to much I don't think he. Well yeah I don't know what they gave up either but I know that mirror Philly did nothing -- -- time you hear he could hit the ball out of the shadow -- it was like they gave a total started to a few but they gave hard. Meredith and cash. Etc. I think it gave up -- America. A good relief pitcher for the Padres for a few years and got his numbers are younger and get some good seasons. What -- Padres for back up catcher -- -- got one triple one. Not one -- -- -- -- what -- -- every fifth day -- you know -- ala extrapolate that over the fact receive is gonna have like fifteen starts over the course of the the rest of this season. But I like to the police escort. Because of what I like to do which is breaking and entering it was a great time to be a feat for the city -- -- because that would 101000 police. It's boarding up back up catcher from the airport so that he can get to a game like. Think we just obviously but school. I brought about by the way -- text -- from a -- eighties and struck by an access and Tears for Fears -- have -- OK if you don't -- It started while my heart history all stolen millions of -- I -- major tonight cylinders through the hello head over wheels -- the leader out of three. That brings us to our most recent homecoming of Kevin Garnett. And -- here's. It was so close to -- from his swallow islands most are about five seconds -- -- when trying to run. Plus plus I found that -- here. It's all good god it's no worse they're really describe our justice our -- here and -- and -- -- -- before the game. Know who's going to opens up here. You know how long some not so -- kept it under control and try to focus as much stuff could in the game and I took away from the book man this is. This is over tough. Could put that into words. See that when I'm okay. That reserve a normal that one -- Adam Vinatieri that one's whoever that it's happened to a million players over the course of the years that was OK it's here especially if you. Yes your own negatives about because. Remember the circumstances by which they left it was. Everyone agreed management and players alike that this team wasn't gonna go anywhere in order to get better. They had to move these guys these guys -- wanna go that they understood -- when it -- -- the forum. Yes yes exactly it was it was necessary. What everyone's account including mayors like they way they deserve to go to -- -- veteran team with a chance to still strange thing to see. In the -- of an old Sports Illustrated last year Paul Pierce. KG in the black and white of Brooklyn. Ever look at a Paul looking at that 34 Brooklyn and just doesn't make sense is that it's Johnny Unitas NA and San Diego Chargers as you just weird you deserve got -- apple horseshoe when your helmet Johnny not that lightning bolt doesn't make sense. -- Time now for the AT&T homecoming of the day. That brings us to Randy mosque and shot -- shot himself out of town back to Minnesota. But couldn't wait to get back to New England. Up. When we go to -- all right it. I really haven't had a chance. To really. Talked to a -- so this is no disrespect to the Minnesota Vikings organization. The captains. We'll forward Tommy Boy and I you know. -- fault. Ma'am does not -- guy hasn't -- detained. It was hard for me to come here play. It's been up and down roller coaster emotionally all week. And it will be able to come and see those guys. Don't run plays that know that there's dual. Says they have on the field the running game. What kind of know what type of feeling they have. You know this one will be able to other guys did. I'm just -- a lot of every every last helmet in that locker room. What I buy helmet but every guy in the locker room I've missed that talent like I know I think I -- my -- out of but I've made a mistake at this guy Brad Childress don't know what the hell he's doing that and I don't what -- The players are -- Gephardt in the press conference where he's given his own press conference because he did -- earlier in the week for not talking with the media. So he decided. He was gonna ask the question should give the answers we interviewed himself right right right and I sort of yes what went on an object of. Go -- say this I think this is some a couple of weeks ago look I got 525000 dollars not talking to you all. And me personally over the don't care but. At same time either way I do X questions on the answer questions throughout the week -- -- on the 25000 dollars a novel answer any more questions for the rest this year. If it's going to be interview I'm going conducted. -- and myself that way beyond that it's so -- and out of my answer anymore questions for the rest of the season and enough -- debt that we get to the game but for the. Either that was the best press conference all here at Foxboro. So in his own press conference the media doesn't ask about this. So you don't have to say. The next day -- -- man that was taken out of context back guy asked this question. I had it I gave an answer any just twisted it don't. It's all from Randy Moss reporter and Randy Moss aptly conversation. With himself. He ripped Brad Childress -- Praises the patriots so Bill Belichick of the greatest coach of all time says I love the fans of knowing that on Iran I'm out. After it admitted that they went -- yesterday. He was out there miles -- out of my mouth assets to get out of the from the from the patriots and patriots went down with a map that we war. After the the Miami -- Miami yes you know where he just kind of went off the rails that list -- I think. Three more weeks in Minnesota before he completely out that the bad. -- -- That's part that was he says you know -- answer questions during the week -- the question was rickety got a minute no -- -- -- the best is if he ever did stuff to -- you got three questions. I do you got to grow up. Like that would be a question part of -- was open it -- he would ask Randy like a difficult question -- do we get into an argument with -- for actual question actually we. -- ask that I don't with a hole like all of its legal thing where he is talking about the -- to -- that -- dimensions when Pedro came back -- the -- we have talked about them just don't feel that there -- There Pedro -- -- -- I mean like I said earlier the Vinatieri won there you went cold what the Vinatieri have a good good homecoming and now he. I'm Billy Graham came home. -- -- was a -- go through -- -- and it's happened every time he's been back which I find weird. It didn't seem to me to be a guy that. Deserve that but I -- an example of one guy who left as a -- to what archrival. And was always beloved when he came back from there Johnny Damon. Now -- know he's booed vociferously. It's patriot. Then he was booed boasts a -- and on that repeated that was always beloved even after we went to an archrival -- -- -- a freeagent nobody Curtis Martin Curtis Martin know when enough that a bad word about including me who I hate the jets more than I hate. Soiling my pants and yet why couldn't I never didn't love Curtis Marti gave it all year it's. The the patriots if you -- that like to wrecked by Belichick is average -- Parcells just a spot them -- -- -- -- poison pill in his contract we are. If the patriots matched it. Martin could still leave after one year to articulate well he was hurt the year before he didn't finish the season -- gonna get a first round or third rounder it. God knows what Bobby Grier can do with two draft text so this is a great move and nobody ever did locker Smart. And he never missed the game at the and it's one game in his final 96 games with the with the jets how about Lee -- Deion Branch because they need of the seniors Randy -- right yeah their Randy Moss left. -- needed -- why we're seeing that any help them win their first game right. Organic and at all anymore -- -- -- he had very good them he offense got better and costs left as a matter of fact I remember that season. It was against -- receipts CAD San Diego. With -- they got the ball back and maternal like eight seconds left in the half. Brady hit -- branch at the sideline he jumped -- about three seconds off the clock hit him again he jumped out of bounds. They kick a field goal and a -- that's that's the -- when he usually always smarter than everybody else on the field. The attacks who brings a great question. I was wondering. How often do you use. -- that you hate. Yet warned he should put leisure in the way witches I hate the jets as much as love. Some of the patriots I -- passionate and it is a sphere. That's fair cover from a grown man groom. For Jerry warned Thursday that. Remembers. It that time. I was thirteen.

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