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Could embattled WR Josh Gordon ever be a fit for the Patriots?

Jul 11, 2014|

Holley, Jerry Thornton and Andy Hart discuss Josh Gordon (and also Andre Johnson) and how they might be tied to the Patriots in the future.

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When it just talk about LeBron James and there's actually some football conversational get to you guys -- to to take on it because Tommy -- -- Yates we're here. A couple of days ago few days ago we have some disagreement. On Josh Gordon. Mr. doctor would you appeared here the patriots that's a trouble guy Josh Gordon. He's suspended for the year and there's been some talk at Cleveland -- against the Cleveland show we've Brownback. Should release Josh Gordon. -- out there if you're if you're the patriots. They've got the Brown's former general manager working with them right now Mike Lombardi would you be interested in making -- trade. For a guy who's out for the year. But in extremely. Extremely talented receiver all pro receiver a big east. Big receiver everything that duke fans say that Tom Brady needs to have he's got it also has loved and we look too much. Which you make a deal form. This wasn't -- We're not all about you know asking a question for our and I think one of the studies that -- all expect there. You talk about -- impairment exactly yeah that's -- played for Seattle I managed even -- Al -- and you look -- It will you help to answer. Michael barred former GM of the -- who tried to unload. Gordon right so you have. Inside information into Ellen underwear that forum while no one would -- up so they kept him right. They were looking I believe a second round pick would have gotten a second too much about it I say let's not too much for production if you get a sports. The -- led the NFL receiving yards despite missing two games but he's but he's out for the years and that's the risk -- -- -- -- -- out last year yeah last year. Let -- you're talking about me off the wagon last year than. He's got this problem that he has right now that's why -- -- that's why is -- -- but my point is Michael Lombardi knew the talent and wanted to get rid of him he knew this was not going to end well and wanted to get rid of him is part of the rebuilding process there. And now he is in your front office I find it hard to believe despite the history of giving guys chances in. Buying low to pick up good value and all that I find it hard to believe that I wouldn't be interest and I think it would be a problem this week that -- I would take him. For something close to free. And I say that because a guy like him such damaged goods right now yeah you don't need to give up anything to get him you it's one of those deals we wait until. He becomes available which -- happened we've seen before I don't know what they gave up far. Don't Darrelle Revis they give -- not government money right Monica is at Tampa woods was looking to get rid of him I'm sell its second or fourth no -- would do as much as. He might be able to help you I would take him for. Nothing immediate date for -- and you know really teen friendly deal because you don't know when this this guy's a one. Positive drug test the way from P&O. Even further so I would give up I would risk nothing but would I give -- a shot on the teams and you have Cyril leash via ads will at what it's like he set a -- would he did -- key to replay yet. It was it was like that we've been -- plea. That's horrible for and it was like others couldn't. Vincent Jackson Jimmy Graham who everybody -- are -- now is the greatest player in the world number six or whatever it was on the top Makiko -- out he couldn't do it. And Josh Gordon did it and by the way. He put up those numbers with nothing quarterback. -- every guy -- okay we're connecting with Jason camera wasn't he had nothing to work with a quarterback and he had a great season but my problem is if you look at this. The -- best offensive player beyond Tom Brady is Rob Gronkowski. You have question marks about him being out there if you invested in a guy like Gordon if we're gonna say Syrian you know make this a serious thing would we want Gordon. Now you're investing in a second guy who you don't know at any time won't be out there. Because of his issues off the field a price and their two best players. Who you okay it's you know the season has started up in the third week of September or -- got hurt last week this week Gordon got pulled over for do you he's out. My offense just went down on RC give. You bringing him in here when he you're you're trading form when he's out for the year so -- you can do that sixth round pick and get that at the sixth round pick because he's not he's not he's not helping. So they want spent a fifth round pick on Ryan queries. -- once been a second round pick on Kevin O'Connell tell me can't you can't the other brought up a fourth was a third -- -- got -- and -- So you don't tell me you can't spend. A fourth or fifth round pick on a -- But the -- -- a -- I would -- the zarrella parent of my question is week three. When he is on my 53 man roster as my top 21 of my top three play makers and he's gone but this I've invested my time and energy saying. I count on this guy like him -- -- we don't. -- -- -- -- This year. Where we're we're playing football orchard on Josh Gordon. We're gonna get you somehow gonna get to spend this year getting your life together and learn the playbook what do you think -- -- to gather. Making sure that you have you are aware of your we obsession. Europe we'd. If we can. Don't you gotta be right. He's on marijuana addict I'm telling your hair out these kids that are brilliant rocket at all -- if there isn't it pretty -- edition. And you can you be addicted to marijuana and I think I enjoy the other -- I don't think -- just like the smoke some people are addicted to things that take place at 126. -- 27 point 17. But the money but I do spend you know -- it's been a year you'd get him organized in his life together. In the end in 2015. And fourteen this is down -- wrote when he fifteen. You bring he's ready to go he's got his life together and you're ready to contribute so when they do that and Baylor and Cleveland. Capable one -- at the patriot way. A week patriot way at all the polls appear the company -- because there's only so much you can do we've learned that an -- and these guys are these guys and and they are there are certain. Aspects of the air. Wiring that are just and if it's a true addiction or he just can't give it up like Ricky Williams just couldn't give it up it was more important to him than anything else in the world. And I don't know that there's and making sure that. Part of the patriot way is to to have you know at. All upside no downside moves like -- for -- let's not forget Randy Moss cut his pay from like nine going to like formula to it to come here because -- all sorts of questions about him and everyone they've ever traded for has cut their -- -- -- Albert Haynesworth is a prime example I forget what they gave up to get him -- they were paying him peanuts active in the highest paid player in the in the league for a couple years. And he was on -- zero parts you know I mean he had two strikes one you know 31 more strike in you deciding -- argument and a it'll help you pack just get lost in -- lasts about six weeks. Before he wasn't sure what happened on the field and they showed on the door they they lost nothing I would do something like that with with Gordon and nothing else I wouldn't give up anything I wouldn't risk anything to take him. Because he is used. Screwed up beyond all recognition right now he's not mildly. Dad he's he's a carcinogen yet. Part percentage that don't don't you hundreds and don't do it. It's edited yet it's not rolled up and a five year old a carcinogen Ian IIII. Think that was actually race front from my -- backgrounds I think I started back Byzantine that got our work much better. I'm not sure what we are techsters are know all about read a lot about it. A compliment wrote -- does not addictive neither is Coke syrup ritual. He needs to watch reefer madness there's no withdrawals from marijuana. I'm addicted to weed out there aren't we would like to see marijuana be legal much as I like it just goes it will -- pot heads up did you have nothing else to talk about once it becomes legal just. Coolest new -- lately the rest of us along you know what maybe should be a good fit with Denver with that Seattle. Because it's legal it's legal there but it's not a big deal that would take the chance actually would do well would you -- the you gonna have to give up on anything that man who wet where. -- it's going to be for not -- on how to get Richard Kaplan suspended sixth round pick. I'm basketball I don't know I don't know patriots he knocked it -- now he won't -- move now. You probably traded for a while he is under suspense I would do it will be after he's reinstated if he isn't released. For the wanna get a Mumbai program. When -- get them on a program a program -- -- about a program Abraham and when a government program from lead to 617779. 7037 at 4 o'clock we have a homecoming for four coming up -- what do you guys think about Josh Gordon -- you take the risk a lot of people and feel like. The patriots -- in this position. After the Aaron Hernandez situation I don't see. The the connection between Hernandez and -- on do take your calls on an -- I really believe everything you can't help -- Is that they release. Get our out of Philadelphia -- -- -- -- a good -- -- -- a starter for a couple of years not quite as good as Josh or. Have a lot of good friends around me like goalie. Drone brow -- -- have all the support system in the world. I just wouldn't do the guys -- tell me you know guys would hang out with me but I just wouldn't do. I was Cris Carter ESPN radio earlier this week fantastic interview. He was talking about Josh Gordon we were talking about him for wanting to break you -- the patriots you guys out for the year -- the patriots. Would you make a deal with the Cleveland Browns and always up for the year. Fifth round pick sixth round pick seventh round or fourth round or whatever it is. Have Josh Gordon. In New England you get them on his program give his life together. And then in 2015 to take advantage of the look and Josh Gordon. Of that that situations on the table at some Texas Andre Johnson wanna go after him he says he wants out of Houston I think there's a money issue there. And of course the big news of the day that LeBron James. I decide to go back to Cleveland where it left -- years -- with the decision with the regrettable decisions so it's homecoming it's also homecoming for four of atlas and the best homecoming stories. In sports. And we still have to get to believe. Guys are an immediate torture loved media beat. Media -- media got vs media guy -- off yesterday. Steve Lyons yes -- your media -- the lions vs Johnson -- and then today. Many -- but we're talking about how Steve Lyons was out of line then. Both are -- now rob Bradford so they had a buck vs Bradford. So we got sound on all this stuff so that's gonna come up later but you know he we think about Andre Johnson and Gordon. There's other if these are the guy realistic. I think Andre Johnson is more realistic than Gordon because Andre Johnson it's a money thing and as you talked about Jerry. They've done the money thing before they've gotten guys to. Work their contract you tweak things will give you bonus money year push it off a little bit. Otherwise he's perfect I mean he does he. A little bit of a -- -- guy but comparison to Gordon I mean he has been a consistent. Productive. Peruvian weapon. Even at his age I would take him in -- heartbeat winding immediately or better or do you think mr. crafts. And this other crap you suck up in the -- insider who knows their draft picks are they trading for a Andre Johnson. -- Don't have bad info but I say it it works on a lot of levels not police the which is the whole. Scott O'Brien connection to the Belichick eight heat or bill is probably gone and gotten as far out on a limb. With Houston as he can you know I mean I kind of feel like it's. It's it's. It's gone too far for them pulled him back and they got it -- on that form when he's willing to settle camp or from you know and give up a million dollar bonus. And now we want to million dollar bonus back and it's on -- based legal pee up a rope it just it makes sense on a lot of levels and I think with him it's not. Enemies it's not about the money corset is I think it's much more about he's sick of being on a team that's not only. That's the kind of guy that tends to come to the patriots we have IA agent in the NFL and it's only a matter time before him. I'm I would think -- of -- guy. And on the -- -- -- are you are yard eagle -- I would think nothing of sending him to the patriots for one year any guy -- because they get the best that if you -- -- and I mean look at guys that. BenJarvus green Ellis agreed example cash in we'd be on what his actual value was not only about the pain made it a great deal that I'm only thing I would. -- they'll be no McCain to use that is analyses. Stage name don't know McCain. Elegant intelligent Villanova game will go to just a note and we'll show it out and Carlos is an. -- Rhode Island -- got Carlos. Paid not much guide com yeah I would I don't wanna eat a lot of Josh ordered. First of all you can make a move to get on an opulent album or year anyway. Brady's not gonna be around or -- seek -- the way -- ER eighty that are holed up our combat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This oh no we may hear spoken way -- I drug novice but I don't know I like all the couple has Carlos I grew up -- Weymouth where like I knew guys it might my street not the guys I hung out with what the older kids in the street who could turn -- object into up a pot pipe. Did America give a rock they will carbon into a -- you'll like my guy Borough of flight hash pipes and that's okay I -- an apple I've seen I've seen you know their parents were proud I had someone tell me today that they used to make a pipe out of -- care. As the back there -- About of the desperate folks those. Those kind of doubleheader they hit eight I had energy into something productive right they'd be like a cure for cancer thanks as your -- it's it's marijuana cannot ask for any problem hardware driver but -- do stuff like the Taliban are related upon -- all I have mirrors and I think -- At a carrot that's what happened. A homecoming the brawn James and others that he will we come up with 44 coming up next.

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