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Danny O Show - Canelo Alvarez vs Erislandy Lara Preview

Jul 11, 2014|

Danny O previews the big fight Saturday night between Canelo Alvarez and Erislandy Lara.

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All right folks they made abandoning -- red Lana. From Framingham Massachusetts. It. And he EE EE. EE EE EE EEE. Welcome to another edition of the video show went back back from vacation to an. Agreement. What did you do while excellent. Hold. The where there was no -- for. And you know as federal something didn't feel like I have a segment data breaches of the English knows. Tricky sometimes. It can be. I don't know. And to have only been a civilian. And I have no idea that. We have civilian life is hard and and taken six hours I did it work is in the area that you. You're out there who takes six hours of work. Where it is -- an ethnic euros. Progressing senior. Newfound career training. And and coaching so this is that's good -- -- updates on that front. -- -- been Coventry and a couple of kids that work with the PL kids of premium. There was excitement to see the young kids in and their passion so broad they just like the sport they love it so. -- -- -- got some stuff from the table and trying to work out some stuff in which. Any future champions. Analysts say. We'll CNET. We'll get there will get there on the return -- current. So we're here today did talk about the upcoming fight Saturday night. Canelo Alvarez are -- -- -- -- I know you had to have a minute to shut up you really. And I'm intrigued by this fight by the way so we had. Now Bryant is asking how mr. And I didn't want to fight that night just. I was pretty impressive bigger than I thought. And I thought he used his size advantage fairly well and again I'm Lou. I'm kind of -- every putting my foot in the boxing tour it's been kind of wild -- really really into it when I was younger. And it was interesting to see an up and coming fighter like that and I haven't watched one of those fights really since you especially the local. Yeah. But he was impressive. -- got -- win those those problems of seasons Reid just talked to a -- -- -- critical we have to get together or -- together yes we just because I wanna I wanna pick your brain while actually watch Sampson and there was my girlfriend and -- anything about it obviously this is to do it punching him in the face of and I'm trying to get back in and and learn some of those things. Some intricacies but -- we got to sit together and watch a fight maybe you can turn off the volume and practice my commentary that you can do it. I'll practice my opponent play. It. I was right up front unauthorized. And I'll put that -- -- that -- You okay you want -- -- -- we'll get into that fighters it's gonna be its biggest fight of the summer so far. So so and it might be -- proved to be the biggest fight of the summer and the most interest in front of the summer simply because. Canelo Alvarez. He fought Mayweather. Lost them decision. And here's -- you Marat is of unknown fighter he he's really an unknown commodity to most American fans can now we don't know why are we really don't know much about. But you've been scouting both of these guys going into this fight. And what's -- your first impression not your prediction but what's your first impression going into this fight for those two fighters the. It's it's. Fighting is such a match of styles and I mean and there are there. Opposite styles and and I think it's going to be the person that can do what they're good at. And impose their will better it is going to be victorious here and and I think that this fight has the potential. To have surely different outcomes depending on what happens during the play. And that's why I love this place so much because it's really too polished. Guys that are going to be going into battle and it's going to be the best man on that night. Who's gonna. Well let's start with canal and won't get in tomorrow a little bit after that it's Khaled Al Verizon's 23 point three years old he's got a lot of experience or. 43. Wins 31 Archos one loss -- obviously Mayweather as the best in the world and one -- I mean. This guitar pro is fifteen usually does I mean imagine well read freshman in high school being a pro athletes from supplements and I think -- idea and -- And and and he you know experiences of one thing that in anything you can't -- like he has so much experience already at such young age. That it's really impressive and also worries me a little bit. But it's impressive you know by the time it's all -- and -- athletes now you know -- some like Hopkins and they have a long career. He could potentially. Retire with you know a whole lot of fight you know eighty fights and who knows when you look. Boxing chemistry. And a name that I was six and obviously you know Mike -- those things but the name that 06 out of my head is sugar. And when you look at his record it blows tomorrow. That he was like one for a B and twenty extra. People as -- did you talk Batman time who was different and yet. It was a different -- him back and I think that those fighters are the true definition of gladiators and Arafat. You know fifteen rounds and and they fought every week every month and it didn't matter. You know now did you absolutely for the Mayweather who he's not gonna fight every month because his personal to put a paper view together into. Get everything that goes behind the scenes in the business -- -- potential you know months so you're not gonna how someone fighting has opted they did in the old days. And he's on the top of his game so he gets to choose really who. Who just don't allow the opportunity to fight him -- to take some time that he picked the right person you want pick someone you. Think you can be put on the best show and make the most money it because within -- -- all sports are entertainment. As time and again you gotta entertain the fans if you don't. Then you're not gonna really get paid. So can know -- the amount of experience yes at that young age. Do you worry about his career. In terms of length being shortened because of all this experience or young enough that he can still bounce back and fight fight. I think a little -- I do wary because you have to look. In my own shares are seeing a couple. Athletes who have had so much experience and then when they should be kinda their -- and they start decline and the reason why they start carting is causing so much experience. Which also -- so much trauma so much abuse over the years. -- their body just starts breaking down you see these fighters who had -- change you can take a punch and then all of a sudden now. You know I did -- -- and hurt the drop again and -- because. -- -- At some point is gonna say an office -- And that's father time that's that's everyone's an individual on the body and I can't say that and know what else can oak -- nobody knows sent condolences body. What's gonna help him is experiencing he has now is gonna help him right now and and however long that she's just gonna keep gays and last but you know I'd do -- a bright future with Camilla I mean. The -- he's portrayed through the media and through everything watch. He's doing and saying everything he should be saying as a person in the position. You know he really is being groomed the right way and you know to me he seems like he's humble kid and he's focused and he's working hard and you know I like to see that he is a good face for box. He problem what departure because I don't know what's happening behind the scenes but from what that they portray to the media that's what I take. And that's all that really matters because VM seems as Americans we don't see it so. I read a couple articles. On a couple different sites about him among the ones I've read that piqued my interest was. Is -- the next big thing. -- -- So a 23 years old she does have a career in front of him and thirty done a lot of damage in the war in the boxing world. Is he the next superstar or is is kind of we're just hoping that he has. I -- I think he already is a superstar but superstar so to say I mean he's logged in Mexico you know from from -- -- -- thinks he's at least -- diocese. It's together good and in America yes I mean in boxing yes I think he you know he has a future use -- three years older -- You know pending everything works out the way that he shouldn't he stays focused he stays healthy I think here as a always ago. Does can now have the respect from other fighters being on but having that experience as you know respect. I think so I mean he he fought Mayweather. Personally you know. I don't think it was -- best game plan. What is the mammogram they -- the fight and that's why he took a lot of heat and and one of the things that I do want to touch on as. Is you know the trainer and he was in congress changed trainers at that time after the play and I just don't think the game plan was what should have been what department that while it you have to understand. That sometimes it doesn't matter what your game plan is because you're fighting Mayweather and the fight's gonna go how Mayweather wanted to go so. It's not that you can't induced and it's just Mayweather doesn't call on you to do stuff so you people have to see both sides of the fence. Who do you blame for that game plan do you blame. Does that trainer. Or do you blame fighter for not. Insisting on -- -- I don't know necessarily with the specifics in that case was but it is that the trainers -- the game plans to faulty. Too many too many moving pieces in that. You know maybe that -- has a good game plan but the fighters while listening to him in between rounds maybe the game is awesome but now the fighter has a different England and you need to adjusting and -- adjusting yourself. There's too many pieces into it but but basically what we should do training -- -- -- ratios who trees are. Is -- we will go over socialist Sunday in his way it would cookers. On the grill and we watch flights in and if you gotta fight come and four if yet -- we will watch socialites together and and we were talk about it and we come up with a game plan together and you know. Fighter and trainer. Should have the same game -- angle and because it that's you know if you if they don't have the -- gambling Gordon and there on different pages that's a problem in itself before the fighting starts. They should both be on the same game plan. Go into the fight and that. Is when you need to adjust your game play and depending on how the -- -- because. Like Mike Tyson said -- gambling to get publicity stuff happens like Gary Russell we talked about stuff happens and sometimes it. Doesn't go towards plan and that's when you need to adjust and listen. Elite athletes can and Mayweather you know people like they can tell us. So yes you can almost promoters out golden boy industrial -- Has come -- says he's not a big fan of this fight why's he -- -- this -- trapped fight for you know knows the -- that's why don't. -- is that's why is not a candidate and and I watched this on lake HBO does behind the scenes and I tried to watch a couple of times -- showtime version justices on showtime. And if it had once seen ordeal avoid is. It looks to me like they have. A bit of a friendship evolved from the promotion cars -- wholly owned gold import promotion who promotes canola congress so it looks to me like that. A friendship has evolved in there on the plane together. And you always says you know in his words this is is a dangerous what he did like the fight you -- want to play and then the it turns to canal boat and he says you know wanna fight. And he wants to fight the best he wants to fight the best fighters out there and I think a little bit award that goes. Into that and just going to fight the best -- is because. It's a respect each -- in the story behind the scenes is no was fighting Angola. And there was a press conference and Laura. Dropped it on the press conference it was an even -- fight walked up to the podium kind of bully his way in a tub to the microphone. And you know in less words pretty much said listen you know when he got to -- -- -- -- way. And can -- really took that. You know negative -- that's that's disrespect. And and I mean -- -- that Latin matches yeah exactly you know Mexican fighters or an international please you American players and a lot of pride. That goes into what did you -- dying in the ring delusional and so it's like. Hit his his pride his respect woods was broken by large and in. I don't think it's wrong in you have to understand -- a lot goes into the mind games of fighting and our wants this fight so he's gonna put pressure on -- You know there had been some Twitter talks and so whenever social media. You know he was outspoken you know talking -- in putting pressure to get displayed because he wanted this. You talk about the mind games and the first and that obviously has to come your mind is Mohammed Ali he built his career off of those mind games and used it to his advantage. I especially against listen and against Foreman. And then against. Frazier in that third -- Column -- he's used those and then you know you look at the Foreman won. Ali al-Qaeda. I only killed -- killed there so I mean those mind games you saw the effect on the other fighters against solving. And you know maybe this has a real effect and you know when he bit off more than he could -- it. I don't think that he bit off more than he can you I think he's up for the challenge. You know he's a he's a really good fighter -- he really is and and I think there could have been easier fights for him maybe more strategic fights you know. Can all right now complete and -- you have to put. But but I think it comes down again today -- Yes -- want to play the best fighters in -- the best fights and be the best yeah of course but he was also disrespect. She wants to be our. You want to be tomorrow plain and simple. Which makes for good fight. Because while not -- surrogate fight but it makes for compelling drama leading -- -- talked about the before house sometimes boxing's missing. But the story line to draw you. You know. I still watch wrestling you used to watch -- -- what really brought you into a match was -- but with these big fights we're usually brings his story and especially your. Unfamiliar don't really know -- a French boxing fan you really need that to bring you. So I -- actually circled back to something you said a few minutes ago. With regards to can knows trainer after the fight and good game plan going into that fight. Should he acts have switched trainers wasn't a decision to stay with his trainer -- what's gone on there. Well. Clearly -- chapel -- -- show which you know I don't know who is mainstream name. But he's -- the rock and from when he was young fifteen years old he's been with the in his career. And if you don't often see that I mean a lot of time fighters will all come up and they'll possibly be a point when they outgrow their trainers. And they'll leave and go to someone morally and in with Morley comes more knowledge allegorical -- You know topless bar and partners people in the GM is just a different. So. It's really cool to see that you keep these statements is trainer and even after the plate there was encouragement. To change trainers he said no he said at the end of the day it's my decision. These are more than trainers he's in my family is what I feel comfortable with -- -- with him and and like -- decision a lot of the time. You know for later. Would you write comes to mind -- you do cut the same thing he had a trader who normally do and he stood with them and and that -- I think sometimes when you leave a trainer if you know go either two ways one. The trainer well kind of bitter -- and particularly in men and and or. The trainer warm though that he can't take you to the next level and yes and and problem. We talk about him podcast -- -- -- luncheon in touch with them -- time -- but he knew he couldn't take -- -- -- -- and then when I went. And I did what I had to do it always come back and talk to him and I -- -- -- so. It doesn't happen much but it does happen and and I think it's cool I mean he's loyal to his team. You know a date and -- fighter I would imagine sometimes. When someone trainer brings you up. You have a comfort level you have that trust level that you might not necessarily happen -- trainer of these -- so to speak. And thank you very comforting for someone knowing that this person's got -- -- no -- what you whereas if I go to this other guy I don't know how much attention I'm really gonna get from him. And I don't know if he's gonna have my back when push concession. Yeah I mean it depends on what type of training you go to me -- your -- -- business to business. You know deal then it might just be this is your allotted time on here and train you do this in this budget. This the way I always looked trainers. It's kinda like manner you're with this other person day in and day out he sees you a year your weakest point in your strongest points and and it's hard to just keep that in business jokers now you guys are emotionally involved in each other in your friends depending on how long you haven't Destiny's Child eager for him. So. That's why I always think -- really like. And so. There's always going to be is as much of a business deal as you try to keep it there's always going to be some sort of feelings here towards. Trainers or people on your team to working relationship deepened and general normal work -- and and also what people don't understand news. Picker coach -- I'd put duck coach. And and a sense. You know in control. Because what -- in the ring for twelve rounds. I can't see stuff that you concede because it just happens he's gonna see stuff that I can't scenery that just happens. I'm now in trusting in him that. I'm gonna listen to what you're saying and by listening to you it's going to be okay. -- yeah wealth and now that she is on the line yes strictly on this person and in trusts. Like in any relationship it is a very tricky. -- -- drizzly but switch gears now and talk about the Cuban sensation all. Nations. Hit Iceland just a little lower perk up Paris -- Laura is had it he's 31. So he's had a long amateur career is that a product of being Cuba. Oh yeah absolutely I mean when you're in the amateurs. Cuba I mean. You strive to -- Cuba and they're the cream of the crop like. When you just say the -- -- automatically get respect doesn't matter what I mean when I watch the videos of the plates and you know talking to guys and these. Kids in Cuba -- I mean it was kind of like an army type of setting where they're just these young kids in the gym just training it's like. Boxing is a -- -- there and it's like they are sold. Polished all of that and that is it's incredible to see -- -- powerhouse. Do you remember when we -- pop Warner. And we go to way for the season and we don't get off the boss every you know Norwood Walpole all of -- seem to get off their bosses and then we've seen Matt and get -- the -- They're all they're all -- pretty mind there were so they're very good but they were all hands on their sides. Straight -- looking forward not looking at anyone else is that kind of the parallel we can make. Yeah now that's that I mean that's that's what I got from from watch -- scenes I mean there are just born and bred to fight. Communism -- So I mean he's had this amazing amateur pedigree. 2005 image a world champ I mean to be a world -- and amateurs that is. Incredible and so. You know that's that's -- and they were just doesn't go higher -- highest possible level to India in the amateurs in the Olympics. Yeah so. It won't topic Cuban athletes usually thing you know mostly it's baseballs because there are gonna (%expletive) on you look at Jose Abreu with the Chicago White Sox who defected. Including a bunch of people that defected to come here to play professionally and actually make some money. What happened was Laura. As he tried to defect. What happened what got in the way. Well he was at the pan am games -- -- it was in Brazil and him and that teammate Ricky and who's. He's aluminum zone you know classroom that's very urgent was his -- and a they tried to defect together from Brazil and ultimately they got caught. They caught it shipped back to Cuba. Castro put them in one of his secret houses along the beach and -- two shoes on top of that. He was banned. From boxing ever again. Not hate you know he can't play anymore or hey you're in trouble you do your time you can never fight again. So I think before trying to add to the fact he knew the did you want to come to America and whose nickname is you know the American dream and he wanted to -- his American dream. By now. Going back in in not being able to fight ever again. You know that's if if he didn't make it out which he ultimately did I think two years later he defected. And the way that you portrayed it is that you know it was crazy it was -- -- rides rough waters scary. You know I don't know the exact route but it was like to Mexico and ultimately he ended up and -- Armenia and and to America eventually you know if if he didn't get away. In -- -- you would know are in now and the scary thing is that makes me think like. There could be Cuba plays over there that -- the best thing ever in the world ever do that we've heard that name because -- couldn't. Leave. I often think about that in baseball terms yet that there's so many Cubans that come over here and do very well that. It's a shame because we don't get to see it's not -- with the Dominican Republic where everyone gets to come over here and claim ply their trade. QB never hit him. So that's an interest in storage and it again. Good storyline leading to a fight I can't stress that enough. -- Since Laura has been here. Was he done that's really impressed him what has he done that maybe didn't impress you soft. Well I think Laura. -- how. Two -- the same -- and that's intro and Angola and the same outcome. For the same opponents. Between the book which was a unit unanimous decision twelve rounds and true. And tko in the tenth round with Anglo. When I do like is that LaRoche got dropped two times pretty bad by Angola. When I did like you got off the campus he then knocked out Anglo which. He I I don't know the exact because I -- -- -- yesterday attractive. -- up on it and -- -- I was so bad and I think you broke his or rubles and it was you know it was just it was it was it was really bad and you know. I -- like defected that he really heard that definitely defective like percent year he got -- he came back he dated. You know -- is just he's a really avoided fighter and that's because -- -- still knows his pedigree. You know his power a lot of people don't. Know his name yet because he's one of those fighters you don't really wanna fight he's a lefty. He's long long reach strong powerful I can't believe he's got a 154. Pounds. I used to spar him all the time because I was recorder on he was there. And he was able so I'm -- by sobs because yeah I like like he's just a hell of a nice guy and what stands out to me. -- Mars it. You know I think a lot of the people that come over here with nothing -- -- stuff and -- Not working as hard as they shouldn't get complacent yet and and in you hear stuff. -- -- You know he's -- on the the decline -- you know he heard rumors of him look like in the nightlife and do whatever you know being in Miami. Errors -- like -- focus in mean in and -- like that from him and I think this is a great place for him and I think he had to put on the pressure to get despite. Because this is gonna potentially open the eyes of the world to who he responded -- is. So I mean tuchman earlier adopt it was -- any other. -- -- not giving him the fight if he didn't crash that press conference. I. -- from all the stuff that I watched. I think about was the straw that broke the back I think that really what it. Was like -- you know -- can now listen. To. You know I mean you know because words are words I think you -- a lot of that stuff slide by. If I was at a press conference I was fighting you and another fighter came up ended that I would be offended and it would definitely make me. More likely to currently it's like this. Next one so see you mentioned that you sparred with them and our obviously in training in Houston with -- We're what do you see and know we -- very close relationship obviously LeBron because he trained. How well does he get his fighters prepared and it was one of best trainers in the world. -- what have you seen from him as opposed to maybe some other trainers that you think has. A fighter has an advantage with Ronnie in their -- as -- some maybe someone else. Yeah runner's game and he really honestly this key is mr. Assad. He absolutely -- and there's no short cuts include running game he takes every single aspect of training in his life. Serious. And implements in the Jim in his personal life and you know that are there's only question that car's going to be ready for the game winning you know I don't know what's gonna happen. But he's going to be ready and that's because called money doesn't take -- yes. Where you talked about the fight. Until after corruption. So I got a couple quotes off. What I -- on the showtime thing in their lives. -- beating Goran trial or decisively in his pocket right controllers on the -- are beating the two same opponents then. His other quote was when he sits down talking alarm. All my god. It's like Tyson hitting it. Astro. Now here's dale -- cronies all business he's he's he's a great guy he's all business he says that. Your power is like Mike Tyson who he trained and he would know. Dan that's what is because he's not gonna tell you something that's not true he's not gonna be yes he's gonna tell it how it is you like it. So and that is something that. I think a lot of people underestimated or has some sneaky. Engine. Bryant Maryland snuck in a sneaky upper cut it that are prepared to to the body. I mean he -- of so I think if if coach Ronnie says that I mean that's something that everybody. Should teachers and because. -- -- As in the bodies of -- question. I did not want to bother him before this I'm gonna try calling them on podcast after the play everything. I do -- column before because -- -- but as atlas Contra and send me quote from you know what else in here that I can just use podcast and his quote was. Air sliding -- will take canal to the Cuban school boxing. With -- you actually supports. That it's pretty funny. She sparred with him. He's the hardest you have been hit -- no. 20 -- I was there today and what happened because he never I only got a couple around. And I never really got hit. Flush because. He's a very sneaky high rates and you're very defensive front that's what I -- into defensive fighters are going to be in -- the biggest battle of battles and a he uses a lot of lateral movement and he's gonna movies are very -- counter -- And and I in the same. But in the short session I had to take the role of the aggressive because. Is Portland. And are wasn't can do that so there was no you know when he hits and you can feel he is powerful. But you know at no point he. You know drop me here in -- -- men like it. By. You know it's he he does that it doesn't that are in -- to watch out for especially. In a counter punch because a counterpunch that you don't seek common with power like that is. Potential to really hurt. Let's -- -- -- just I don't have a -- predictions and I think more people have to know winning the fight. And not an easy fashion very difficult question I remember reading one that said. He. Lauer will get out to an early lead on Camilo Patel will fight back and actually take the decision how to use. Well I think yeah I think that's wrong I think if anything can all of its early read the lead because. First of all super excited to finally get to talk about a flight before it outs and working congress say all right this is what the game plan I think for canal until our should be. And that would go back and see if -- But as -- so your grandchildren now Tucker Ronnie shields. You're training tomorrow what are you telling him what should his game plan be going into this fight animal rescue on the flip side canals all right well. They are -- -- you get which again. He is not gonna change his style because final note nor should he he's gonna use the tools they've got him to where he is now in the first place. And he's really really good at those to us. And him and -- on there at work and they're probably you know I don't know what the game plan has their they're gonna tweak it to what they think what they see from watching film by it. What got -- there is a lateral movement he's always move and he's always moving in and out sideways. He's a great great counter puncher and and and with those -- like we said before the -- you'll see are gonna hurt you. -- great boxer great range he knows so well he knows how far away. From you he has to be to still hit you and he knows how far away that you won't hit him I mean. He doesn't have a lot of head moment he -- does applicable style where he holds his gloves which I want to optical network. But he he knows homage to move just enough to get out of the reach -- pocket because that's that's where range confident and this is there on them distress and and it's very important. There it doesn't matter of course -- in your corner. If you don't listen to him and something that happens in -- happens you know not because you don't seem to be disrespectful because. You're in the middle of white men sometimes you know -- Is experience you know he's experienced he's gonna come back to record what needs to do is is -- com. And really listen to what coach Ronnie is sitting in the corner because he's gonna tell him adjustments he needs to make and and then it's. Our job to go back in and make those -- sex cute song. So my biggest worry though about -- is. So coach has -- to a lot of slip punches in an analyst at. Lot has more of a and he he is gonna take punishment right he's gonna take some punches. But he's not there -- between cutting and hit the gloves but that worries me because it doesn't matter. If they don't -- to clean those punches that are taking your elbows in in your arms and your wrist in your body. -- gonna Wear you down and I heard Paul Allen RG say. The commentary like that money in the wreckage it's gonna pay off eventually and you know even though the -- -- scoring punches goes goes away and that's what worries me because. You know I think he needs. Concentrate more on the lateral movement and getting out there -- actual. Taking the punch it's gonna happen but I think he's -- -- -- So how would you just just moving more and you don't -- don't stand there and take those punches you know moves and don't go backwards move sideways. You know -- get under the -- get out there but don't just. Take a breather by sitting in there with your hands up and -- canal though you know and punches and unfortunately. Because. -- has harm it -- -- does have power and in the last thing I want to see in his. To get worn down from that or even go there and just what's gonna happen is yet they're not scoring punches but called 89 rounds it fit weighs you down. Your hands might drop -- -- canal opens -- a little bit now they might be short punches and they might be scored on your face on your jaw. In you know auction and and absolutely aren't future now that ball would be your game plan for -- you've broken them -- how would you tell him to go into -- I think if I think you can really aggressive I think it's okay spot. And that's a big -- is that. As the aggressor he needs to be Smart. And by being Smart he needs to use a lot of things to offset the counters. -- in Cuba thing keep them guessing you don't get into a rhythm where he knows what you're gonna do because farmers more -- others. So I think he does that I think he keeps his punches. Fast you know. Crispy you know really snapping shots so that he's known as easily. Countered by -- are. I think he needs to get an inside if he's gonna be the aggressor. Get on the inside and stay inside because if you're on the inside you know he's really powerful. You know I watched -- when he fought and who he was throwing -- shots so I think the goal is to it. Get on the inside and stay on the inside. You know break. -- Trop -- on the ropes because of -- got to try to peak of post I always gonna move around. I think there canal needs to even though that name and he scored -- used to. Cut the ring or follow him around and chased him and just make it follow the leader type and -- the -- and get him in a position where you cut during in his into the ropes in the areas. And the biggest thing is to keep him because that is in itself is -- Well if you get in and you get in early. And get those body shots working you're gonna -- now. Yeah so that's what he wants to he wants to work the body early Sloan down -- those gloves drop down from the face -- -- face right. Yeah and and I think that he needs to be able man who needs to be able in enforce his will and I saw him do it against Anglo. United -- at Washington for them to see that he has -- and that's I do think -- -- it very versatile -- you've seen -- -- he can box pretty well. He has a pretty good defense man I think it's underestimated he slipped punches well he moves well. And he can also be able he can come forward throw combinations being the aggressor I think he's he's a real person to -- fighter. I think we're Lar you get what you gonna get in the region why you're gonna get is -- she is really good and it. And he's going to be a lot of people doing what he does great and I think that's. That's good too and that's why I think this fight is is so awesome because they're showing different outcomes depending on who. You know executes their game plan the best. And that's why you know I feel so election. I can probably -- fighters and you've given what you think the game plan should be for each except for the one thing that worries me. Is as the aggressor he is an open himself more to the consequences that's what worries me against Africa and I think that that's something they he has to keep. When he is being aggressive that their careers are coming that's not a question if they're coming they're coming -- -- -- -- you know race. -- -- so. Prediction time for the fight broken down -- the fighters we think they should be doing who's gonna win this fight. Is going to be enough got has got to go the distance and -- decision who wins this fight now. A legal decision and in a moment ago with -- You know first of all bias because I no longer personal level from from being intrigued with them. And and I'm never gonna -- against notre. I -- -- running I fully trusting -- anyone who doesn't know that because I've seen it day in India. So I -- -- with with this fight I think. I think it's a winnable fight -- But the thing is he has a good game plan and he needs to actually keep that game -- to a 22 TB is -- it was a good fighters and that's that's where I think it's going to be decision I think if everything is up to date with the scoring which. -- and and our only loss which was Paul Williams. It was a crazy decision and all the judges got suspended. Yet so I. We have to talk about it some -- yeah people -- but the -- and you've been screwed. And I knew he still pissed about. We talk about the judges someday but for for now. You just dropped a hell of a lot of knowledge on us and if I was a betting man I'd go among America's huge convinced me so if you are a betting man. I think Danny just told you where he should put your money experts ammonium are so. I also wanted to just give two and a shout out tomorrow I don't know it's front and -- -- play so another Cuban. Rates is Bartholomew and -- I know him personally because. Guys who don't you know I mean she's a little Leo margulies who wars box execute them I spent a lot of time in Miami sparred with them get to know them. Manchester he flew up -- night to watch me. He's -- so what thirty pounder Cuban do. Really nice guy and he has a watch it he won he won about a little while back and we have a rematch and it is going to be tomorrow night. -- flights and you know I just think that much to me because he's he's a really exciting -- Here's my prediction has nothing to do with the fight my prediction is in. Two years. We're gonna see you as the color commentator on Friday it has to happen and if it's not Friday night -- it would be anywhere in. I mean that really is the dream right now I -- the podcast as fun loving and we're gonna get to violate. Commentary broadcast for the fights. Its way enjoyment I wish I could be doing it for Camilo at I mean. Yeah I'm a fighter anymore but to be at the table Mexico drilling while he's treating its fighters. You know talking about it. I mean I'll take that any days it's gonna talk about the fight being part of being involved in this towards an impassioned about but not getting punched in the face. You can't beat. You can't get a punch in the face not good business not getting punched in the face -- Politico business. That includes this -- can -- reversal are pretty new podcast. We're gonna come back home. We're gonna come back next week. We're gonna do a recap of the fight we're -- talk about what's the future for both fighters depending on whatever position isn't re trying to run each of them come. So -- drowning if -- listen then. I'm battling -- because you a couple of days after the fight to grease you up to come will assume for the moment. Thank you guys for joining us yet again and in another edition of the -- any other show look at you guys next week enjoy the fights.

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