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SoccerCast - World Cup Final Preview

Jul 11, 2014|

Ben and Russ break down the USMNT run at the World Cup and preview the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina.

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Welcome and welcome back. To another edition of WEEI soccer passes our World Cup petition the semifinals of Justin played. And we're back I'm back from vacation Ross even going if you can. No I didn't you have to -- kitchen watching -- I did but it was the great state -- OK okay what did you do anything. Well eyes turned 48 that was one thing you know we're happy birthday thank you -- I turned forty years old so that was good but. I'll -- -- good amount of -- soccer or -- what's good amount of Wimbledon so it was a lot of while watching TV which is what I normally do an endless. That's what I did on vacation. I get such a bad sunburn that I couldn't go outside anymore. It was so bad. That so I couldn't leave my hotel I had just have to watch studio day. Sounds good to me you know -- I wish I wish I could get my wife to buy that on you know on -- for sometimes because she's. She she's one of those people that needs to be out in the sun all the time and I'd rather be in would be in the hotel. Sacrifice your body for a couple of days don't put any sunscreen on. -- -- my guided and all's forgiven tiger and pain in the should be sympathetic to you -- rub aloe on you know. I'll do that next time -- thank you fifth fifth there aren't enough about her weirdo selves. So last time we talked to you guys we've previewed. -- -- Obviously that didn't go the way we wanted to to but it went kind of the way we expected it to. There was some bright moments from that game there -- some bad moments from that game and -- get into that and we'll talk about the two games this is it's Thursday for us this probably won't be post until Friday morning but it's Thursday for us. And the two semifinal games of just employed so we'll get into some of that and and the other lingering thoughts and maybe talk about some of these transfer rumors Luis Suarez the Barcelona. There's some mixed reports about that there's been some big moves around. Around the English from merely go over to the cornerstone of Syria so we'll get -- some of that stuff let's start with USA Belgium. And the aftermath of the World Cup for USA so let's start with the game itself. Did no good for most that game. Belgium pretty much had their way with them. Howard stood on his head obviously he had one of the greatest performances I've ever seen in any sport. And he was actually phenomenal the defense played all right. And but midfield mark and just couldn't get anything go and couldn't make any of those connections. Not at all and I do think you have to give agreed to a credit to Belgium because Belgium did not show this in the games leading up to. This match with the US that they you know again I knew that they were capable of on this performance but on -- controlled the play. Most of the time it was in the US you know how -- of the -- and I hit it it was unfortunate but I'm glad you brought up the defense. There obviously were some breakdowns because like you mentioned. Tim Howard did have to -- spin on his head pink and keep the US in the match. Blood on if you look at it from him for from that perspective. You know wanted to take detection time it's not it's not so terrible but overall I mean there wasn't really much to say going forward and now was again. Discouraging. Now there's very discouraging. Bradley didn't add another poor game didn't play very well. The defense again would this have played all right they did but they needed to do the the Belgian teams a better team yeah Tom. You and I -- I -- Belgium now for a couple of reasons. One as a tucked up before the World Cup is the Belgium's golden generation -- -- those of -- to nonsense and that they should not be considered one of these. Favored our courses and other it's kind of an oxymoron but. They were everyone sexy pick to -- the dark horse team that won the World Cup. I didn't I never side I didn't see enough talent from them obviously -- to -- -- Who's one of the best goalies in the world and you've got some interest in pieces on that team -- -- Marilyn felt Delanie. Eden hazard from kokua. Martins and they have players all over the field but they just don't stack up with a growing -- and the way that the US played against. Bowed their group of opponents. Led me to believe that they could put on a much better -- against. What was disappointing is that they're back for I felt. The US could've taken advantage of if they could get control the ball and get it get out wide and -- we saw that unfortunately at the end of extra time. That they were vulnerable or on but the US could not get. You know a deal similar to that one have nearly enough speed. That's that's a very good point nearly enough to demean both of fullbacks are fast. Group B Fabian Johnson herb Beasley both very fast. And -- has -- fast -- he's -- fast meal they're not fast not not very there is not fast. No and it showed itself in this match and something else that showed itself law. Some of the moves that Klinsmann made in in the starting 111 you know again I'm still shaking my head was on not having -- -- commitment there. And haven't Geoff Cameron played a role -- to bury our decision I'm glad you brought them and the reason why I'm bringing it up again I've heard some talk about this and off. I guess it's to the speculation is that he was in there to take that take -- bomb -- That that was going to be his role. Because of the height of Fellini. But it just it didn't work it didn't work he didn't offer enough spectrum and -- it would -- made a huge difference. -- would have thought a large U started to get more controlled the ball and you know again I understand the hype with Fellini but if that's the reason it's the war. Here here's the problem is the -- on that philosophy. That fear whatever Klinsmann was gone for their disease -- trying to match -- for height. Recommends a smaller player. Shorter. Put his advantages. In fillings can go up. You just undercut -- -- not gonna go up very often you undercut him let him fall maybe you take the penalty maybe you're taking -- But if you do it right. And you -- be enough against him he crumbles like a little bitch. We've seen in this whole season in Manchester you know actual. Undercut them. You know played chippy soccer play physical. Play very physical with him and he doesn't appropriately know how to use his size and strength. And it's easy to use it against him because he doesn't know how to use his size. He does yankees and the set pieces but moving up in -- -- he doesn't know how to use his height properly so undercut -- he just sky for ball. Under -- make him fall make meets enter. I totally agree and that's why when I'm watching this and I you know again I'm reading about it afterwards and and and the speculation was this is the reason why -- -- wasn't and -- people just talked about -- make sense but it doesn't mean I have to agree with that because I don't think it worked you know I don't. Until it's Tony Tony obviously for generic engine makes sense. True true and you know and you mentioned the lack of speed and we'll go right back to that because again. The country -- comes on and shows that type speed you know for for the injury and and and that was a help -- -- Doocy you know but to lead just just. I couldn't well I told judgment -- never been a fan of Pedroia yeah I never understood why he's in their over but a couple of other players. Especially once we saw what you're -- can do and his composure which wasn't as good in this Belgian game as it was against Portugal. So. I would have liked a senior at the -- -- the whole game. We're not -- started the game no listen not in a lot that's what I said in the podcast it before I wanted him to play. You did vote for what's funny about him. There -- positives and negatives that come along with the country album we saw the pauses but that we have talked about the negatives because -- Because he left wide open holes Colin Colin Barack and again you know many of those saves that on Tim Howard had to make him and he was partially probably responsible. For not giving back you know and not just ten minutes it's all knocked in the back now tracking back. But on his young player he's going alarm. And that's the risk of playing someone like Evelyn is that he might not be advocate backcourt -- up even though he has the speed. He's more I think concerned about going forward which is good but I I think we saw. We -- the downside of that as well. The downside of it is he doesn't fully understand his role yet. Which. Being the point that he's young Clark he is 20/20 one right around that age. Yeah he's gonna be one of these future mainstay is from the US men's national team and I'm excited and a I'm excited for some of the players on this team looking towards the future. What's -- demos Fabian Johnson excited about the prospects of him but I'm excited about Yemen. I'm excited about. What you gonna -- -- -- -- -- grave -- baby preach. I was always kind of excited about the Julian green edition. And I didn't think we're gonna see him in the throats -- And really weren't going to. Until the US cut down -- now in extra time in the -- months and what asked exactly get some experience who brought you over here for a reason it's an experience. And then -- in the back in that first well let's go to that goal -- He takes it off the volley. He did not. Kicked a ball clean no no way shape or form does an accidental goal. Partially partially bring you know what he put himself in the position to get the goal two point -- And I believe it was -- was mentioning before that he tried this one time before and probably didn't see him. This time he saw him and got the past them and be in a goal. And it just changed everything because that we're talking the last fifteen minutes. We can criticize. Obviously everything before that they deserve a good amount of criticism. But if you look at at the last fifteen minutes you're seeing some real good stuff you're seeing opportunities. For the US to to really equalize the you know again I could argue that that they should have. I could argue that possibly bend they could've won the game before we even got to election time. I was won the last few players that I want than to have in this situation. Is right there he house to score their sorry I have to put I don't want allows. Absolutely house to score he's screwed up big time on the -- that was the game those advancing. To quarterfinals. He really dropped the ball Mallon. No pun intended for but. But let's go through a team record constructing some players that we can think of that four years from now -- -- eighteen in Russia that we can expect to see on the team. But started to back with Tim Howard he's 35 years old always complaint -- -- -- I think he's going to be. I think you would they have to take. Someone behind him to really really step up and impress. Here you have Tim Howard lose that starting spot. Or Tim Howard has really fought for years which then it's possible. I don't think it well I don't think it would goalies you have this really long shelf life to -- Much longer than any other position on the field. Notes the stick on that back line there. Easily. This was his last round. I can't imagine he'd be around and to be honest through the woods yet Lyndon Johnson I don't know for an arm around anymore. He got beat pretty bad a couple times he had some good plays bringing the ball up and hearing it up but. Overall he wasn't terribly impressive he wasn't bad either but. He's not worth the roster spot for years. I totally agree I totally agree you know again age. And he's just not going to be a so so obviously we -- -- ball left back and the senate backs are going to be very interest in because he's still gonna have Omar Gonzales. Omar Gonzales -- to impress me because. I can see a concede his use him in again. At first he didn't. When he first came on and then you saw look at this as big dude who can really control the air in its. Absolutely and that you saw his his value I definitely sides. So so so he's still going to be there. Geoff Cameron. Still young player -- we will still be there humid some bone headed plays but he's quality players so yeah I expect -- still be there. Now I'm not sure it is obviously but he could still be errors while much world that these solar -- OK if I don't remember 00 OK okay I think concede -- not a -- -- -- I indicated that. No he didn't but he didn't do anything well either OK to just kind of an average player out there and and I don't really need and desire for average. Fabian Johnson obviously will be either it's oblique views when three. There is little -- -- -- might be yet yet he's -- he's only six but he'll defended their provided he doesn't get injured. He's got all those skills and tools you need for this team especially in the international stage. Yet when we know will be there provided nothing happens. Anyone else on the back -- can think of Brooks Brooks will be there Brooks will be there -- good call I would have liked to seen more Brooks so you know might not. If you're so worried about telling his size yeah. Brooks is taller Brooks and jump -- Well he could appoint -- along with a mark insults sense that -- -- -- and and and if you really wanna Cameron up front and keep camera front bunker or is that holding midfielder keep them there. Yeah I don't like that but I. And then I just and I didn't like several -- thought that stymied us putting him in that role I'd just you know again. I think if you put Kyle recommend in their ticket changes that revealed that Americans onsite. Student the midfield now. -- -- The B 36 I doubt that. I highly doubt -- will be there which is too bad because -- This was his sister. And and he you know he performed. He put his butt off he made a couple of mistakes but for the most part. When you see someone hustle around the field like that you can forgive minor. Minor mistakes. He at times was the best player on the field. -- Now who ultimately grams -- -- boy I don't know I mean -- you know again. France's C. I see his his ability -- you know again he has he has scaled that -- You know again from Disco duck on the last match that I saw -- you know again it just wasn't good enough will he be good enough for four years time. Maybe you know against still young players so let's just say I'm not so we'll learn how to. Everyone's favorite player right now. Michael Bradley. Will Michael Bradley -- back. I say yes I think he will be back but I don't think you will be the automatic. Plugged in starter. In the central midfield. You can be right you know again fractures and hope I -- equipment well you know it's it's added it's funny about Michael Bradley because again. He deserves the criticism I I expected him to be much better than he really wants. Did he give us the effort down I think -- gave us the effort he will he he clearly give us the effort because I believe one of things was he had -- More distance than any other player in the World Cup up to a point. Right so I mean that's that's -- that energy. That's trying. -- my my problem is -- making too many mental mistakes. He was and again he was playing a different role again we could you know again. With things have been different if law if Jozy Altidore played yet possibly you know again. Maybe that affected him more than that we really know because I've seen him play -- outdoor he looked like a completely different players that you tell me. If one player can affect another -- I think accounts on not given up on. On Michael probably because again you can you can move them back I mean maybe he should be back to more defensive midfielder. Role. You know all whereas he was Mormon and attacking midfield. Which is kind of what we're saying may be moved him back to being a second holding midfielder correct -- -- dumb. Record. Right don't impact on the world beatable Arctic and yet. You know for that. For the next. For that if the next time done -- you know and I liked what what he brought and again we're gonna have to find someone. Someone new and not such a midfield role and -- there are some young players to look for in the future I don't wanna drop names and do of one mind about. You know Louis -- -- UT's and mean what my appetite. Okay but you're gonna kill me because I know because that because again -- it's a full related supplier but his name was ever since -- And he's an 18 year old central midfield -- we watch him oath. This is a clean family friendly just telling you must you be dropping -- reference on all right but he's a player are you sure you won't be broken in before two dozen team. I just that -- -- a watchful -- it Harrison -- Actually -- has been playing with. With some of the -- and we've under eighteens and an under 21 teams. And is a player to watch you know for the role of what will he be that are in nov 2008 and possibly some cents put one. Pitchers and top hundred Madonna. I said. I think he will -- because clearly you're going Klinsmann has some kind of affection for I mean that I've -- and he he sees more out of him and -- -- that it's just effort I. -- -- -- If not below average. Our Julian green will obviously be their deaths. I've been brought over for them can we talk about Julian green because I hear -- -- agreed deal. The last needs and that's that they need a player to build -- wrong. Not saying that Julian green is going to be four yet he's he obviously. But he hasn't touched the a special -- yes. And that's why Klinsmann -- and an even though many people work. Were upset about well why you bringing him along for the arrival I think he showed us in a very short span of time. Why. You know why Klinsmann brought in to -- Brazil and the potential again this is just potential. But what if he has that special water. Well I mean -- room believes the people that really follow the game believe him to be that. Special player Tom say that that's like Klinsmann was in such a rush to bring them over access. He could've waited. But then you potentially lose out to Germany cooling into what is. But would you better really fit into that German team probably not -- And that's what makes him so valuable to us is that he he fits in perfectly for the US. It does because you know again. There isn't enough data to go along with Julian green and say he is this players that you can build around and you really have something because again that's what. The US is -- we're talking about dominant players and the dominant players for the US art when Donovan and Clint Dempsey well they're not gonna be involved. Moving forward you're gonna need someone to step up and die he might beat up -- you know again I don't know. But not I'm glad that Klinsmann is school with someone that could potentially be that dominant player. So he'll be only 22. In the next. Next World Cup and I think we're gonna get a better indication that point. Clint -- Clint Dempsey. Wolves Hillary right now. It's 3031. Possibly. Possibly but he'll be you know he might play that David Beckham -- for England -- it's more. You know. You know it's it's kind of hoping. That that he could give you something I don't know I mean. I thought he gave he gave me more than I thought he would give. -- system by himself. Yeah column without -- -- Jozy will be there sure he's still fairly young which Sony because I feel like he's been around for ever. One -- now now. Johansson yes he's very he'll be there another young player. -- who else was up front. Well it's it's Dempsey Johansson. Won the Huskies. Who are we missing out to Zoran. But don't -- -- -- that it. So. You look like you've got some pretty quality players. With a lot of speed on the outside it's. For next World Cup which is a great place to start. You've got a decent core. You've got potential goal scorers up front that could develop. Jose can still develop not done developing and he's at that point where he's just coasting on on how he is he still young enough that he's getting batters -- That's funny to say considering -- bad as it's on but. He can still be a player for. Aaron Hansen. He's very young he's proven to be -- quality goals or replacing out the door at eight in the spirit of his day right. He scored seventeen goals for them which was very good number. We didn't see anything really out of him when he replaced. Josie but that was in the right situation for him. He has to be with -- Because he's more of a -- like player who can kind of create something in traffic -- Jozy is. I'm gonna burn up and down that field and create problems for you. So -- Rather intrigued by the prospects of your -- moving forward. I grew -- and again you know. One of the off formations that Klinsmann I think once he uses Celek a 442 diamond. And he would fit in that along with the -- outdoor yet. So to me he'd be a good partner you know he's not gonna be the one these -- to -- that argument that's gonna be altitude he's going to be the one. Coming up next Ted Nextel to door and and being fed the ball and I think he could be dangerous in that role. You know he's -- the creator he's going to be the one basically you know I guess you could say one score the goals off of others but so be it. Yeah. And you brought up the formation that cleans them loves which is a correlation I love and I really truly believe it's not the only formation worth running is that 442. That's staggered 4424 for two diamond watch what everyone -- and it has to be the wide. You have to have you're wings out wide. Especially when you have considered Julian green with a speed pace and whether you whatever you gonna do on the right with yet Lyndon Johnson. Either one of them have enough speed to bring the ball up you have to keep mile wide to let him create. I'm excited I'm excited and intrigued by the prospects of this team over the next four years qualifying in and doing some damage along the way. Just so my and and listen just in two years we're gonna have the Copa America which is a pretty big. Tournament and now we're hosting it here and that's fluent in another indicator it's the third biggest international turn out so. So the fact that the US is involved in this is its opponents and I think we're gonna learn something in two years' time so so there's much. Much positive to take out of this and it's funny. Because the view of the US men's national team I've seen. It's different here than it is across the pond and I actually said you. It's such reply cast from the guardian and -- what I found interesting about the podcast it was done right after the US match. The view that I got from fans and I've heard in the media there is. They love the effort they love. The grit the determination of the US men's NASA team they were impressed by them it -- -- is on none of that from their team exactly none exactly. England has so much more talent. And the US men's national team but what team what oh what a better team in the USMR Washington had the better team they -- -- group. And what I found interesting was again in this podcast. They're talking about on. Talk about the talent talking about that the you know can -- prison at the US proved. -- You don't necessarily -- world class players to have a world class team. And there weren't the only team approved of course not grocery -- Costa Rica -- detail. And it just shows that it's not all about now you need to play as a team. And I think we have that team element. Now the talent has to rise to meet up with a team doubts where -- But there are pieces lip where which just talk about that's what's exciting about this. You can be you know you can be disappointed with the result I was to support and how they went out of course. But I also look at the big picture we talked about this several times I'm excited about the future. And you have ever reasonably I am too. The Copa America will be an interesting test for them who four were really get a good glimpse of what this team is two years from now. So obviously will will not preview that right now cause that would make and so it's cool they excel. The -- of the semifinal games -- just play this week -- Yesterday we had a lynching Netherlands Argentina game that. -- went with the quality of players are on the field and just wasn't very interesting game to watch. Not at all in fact I saw this over and over again I would have to agree with this -- boring. -- now that earns the boring moniker that the soccer haters yeah have placed on the sport patterned it mean. -- that's what you're representing your semifinals assigned to reputation. Nolan and and there was enough talent on both sides for not to be boring it was KG it was off. No one really wanted to make a mistake no allotted to risk. You know again Colin Ford it was just a very cagey both sides of this test match. It was me neither side every both sides were free to make a mistake yes -- -- And that's not the -- that you can't play that way. You cannot play the way in any sport -- -- boxing soccer tennis football baseball whatever you can't play afraid to make a mystic. Now you have to be willing to go for it and you know when -- we talked about the next match. Team -- Ford employees kind of backfired because they've -- -- went for the -- did not play defense that they play their style of football. But on they had absolute positively no defense and you know again we'll talk about them in a few minutes about Brazil. Give back to Argentina Netherlands. Are you Robinson after the game. That Germany is gonna kill our justice. I'm paraphrasing what he actually said that you provide to send that Argentina has no shot against Germany. And served it's hard to say they have much of a shock after you watch that seven to one -- lacking. It was impressive. It was it was very impressive and again. I you know I saw on -- of all. You Russell all only lost one L two it to Germany. Can you compare the matches and I don't think you can compare the matches at all because of the -- the strategy involved in Brazil wasn't without their two best play the players. You know listen I I would like to say while we can take something out of him out of it more you know of the US topic you really can't. Because we talked about they had no -- they had known MR. And those two losses were huge yeah there really formula what let's be honest they were they were huge so vocalist was a big a loss. Yes absolutely. Because Germany has so much firepower up front. And it indeed they've got our -- everywhere. But up front they're so top heavy and they can just absolutely -- and and they really didn't Brazil gave up after the first. They gave up. When he -- I can't remember who the hell it was picked demo picked off the Brazil's trying to after the kick off. Balkans all the way back to the the -- for Brazil and in Philadelphia they try to move it up to holding midfielder and picked off goal. As a whole -- crap. This is awful. You don't see teams to beat this badly and and -- America themselves are saying it was very embarrassing. And it's just hilarious to me that there's a third place games with a fifty. That's the stupidest thing. Well you know it's funny overtime how embarrassing it was. I thought that was cross in my mind -- and and office cross seniors -- from Framingham Mosul the word about about our -- after this match. My dad texted me in my -- the lives of premium text to me about the game. And that but -- fun about like I'd stay away from downtown prison today stain your house locked the doors. I wasn't there. Obviously I was here. And work but. -- I can imagine how premiums government. I've I was I was feel for those you know again -- it's a wonderful Brazilian community in Framingham I was feeling very doubtful all of them I -- -- he. And second of my friends are quick informing him a couple weeks ago about two weeks ago and they still live in Framingham line I don't anymore. But they're saying hi I just want to resort to lose X. The all the Brazilians here just in knowing when they win in -- -- horns and all the noises and I was like you know it's funny because since I don't live here anymore. I pull for Brazil because you know what they represent my hometown console so I pull for. But I honestly you know I understand what you're saying when you look at -- I get a little bit and if you've never been to Framingham -- he never experience living there on the south side of premium. There's about 40000 Brazilians and joking like thirty to 40000 Brazilians. And remember in 94 -- -- in 2002. How loud they were and how amazing every current flag coming out of it every cars and we're going crazy. It was it was actually a lot of fun. Annoying but a lot of farm. I am I understand a much better now. And I understand the passion and I and I respect that flat part of me was. Was hope conferred a different result for those people because the Davis Love they love their country and they did you show in their pride that's all it is -- and it's a good thing. But when -- -- there when you know my income tumbled when when we -- they're going through in your thinking about it that you're not used to. -- -- -- -- -- -- Acting like this it it you know it could come off -- a little annoying but but I respected now I have respect so much more now. Yes it's its interest there is really pulling for them. I was very disappointed how that came came out and Scolari. And as you did the right thing afterwards. And you know -- -- my name -- wouldn't change this result. And then -- -- came out and blasted it -- for being an ass and a jerk whenever it's like dude he just. Got your player off the hook really you know -- player got injured there as not his fault. But -- took a lot of pressure often said this is a whole team collapsed. They didn't have to do just one player. There was a camp there was an epic fail on -- and I mean this is a real failure and -- You don't listen they didn't miss these two players I think in the Silva a whole lot more than in its name on it. But what I found interest and again we're talking about how they lost the match I heard Thomas mullah. After the match and again I'm paraphrasing when he was talking motives time of their approach compared to how other teams approached. Very different because they. They took they took the match to Germany because this is Brazil they're not gonna sit back and not gonna play more defensive now. And Germany probably saw that in light while they did they play above the fact that it was an open match. Because then they could express themselves more and they took advantage of that it took advantage. Of what Brazil gave them which was. A lack of defense of shape and that they could kill them on the counter that could come out than that well. And they didn't have to worry about that defensive. I -- it's -- -- that other teams like the US gave them and they could they could just do what they needed to do and they did and that's what they won the match. And they deserved it. Total days you know a lot of people picked Germany has one of the favorites I think I both we both agreed that Germany is one of the favorites you I believe you picked Argentina. I can remember -- I think you might have picked Argentina. As -- as one of the favorites as one of the favorites I had Netherlands actually. Higher up than both teams -- which I was wrong obviously. But. Germany everyone knew there were one of the best teams and they really did provide throughout the moment. There -- -- was against the US and then they did kind of dominate the US to those are -- him. Even though they tied Algeria. Late they'll. But they played well against Algeria for most part few minutes those bad football knows about it. It's very good team votes let's preview. The final shot and a -- Sunday Sunday the third was -- -- Us we're not in pretty good third lowest incomes who gives a crap about third place media outlets with Psycho. Argentina. Germany. We have two powerhouses. Of the best player in the world on one side carrying his team except and carrying his team. And then we've got a collection of studs on the other side. Studs off the bench to vote for and cuts off the bench you have the all time leading goal scorer gold goal scorer. In World Cup history Miroslav Klose who broke the record in the last game. The -- of the future all time leader in World Cup goal scorer Thomas Mueller crazy. You've got power -- got an older bastions neinsager who consult like you've got. From my money the best fullback who's been converted to central defender. In them. Felt more. You've got talent ever -- my team does the weakness. There really isn't. May be either kind of lack of full backs on them but it is acquiesce when -- of Islam playing. I -- yeah it's like I guess if you want call that a weakness sure. But then look at the goalkeeper I don't call that a week it's only because. When you have alarm -- and mom can do anything he wants really on the field. As a holding mid -- You don't need full. Took these markets we'll have guys that are back they're defending at all times in Milan and Rome. And then you have. Manuel -- -- his unbelievable. Fantastic. Arguably the school in the world. Have talked to some people made all agree that he is not going to -- I did have a hard time believing that Germany's gonna lose Argentina on Sunday. I can't see it you know I'd I'd like to -- the argument for Argentina even though Germany was my -- I'm having a hard time seeing it it based on again. All the matches we've watched I'm not just talking about the last not for Argentina last not for German time overall you know. If you look at you know and it's not just held because again we're talking about. Being a team this team plays like a team and that's what impresses me about Germany because they can hit you -- so many different ways. And it's not just one play you can't just key on one player no. When you're when you're Argentina. Everyone's going to be key in on -- I don't take it away and impressed me too. I'm assuming you're gonna have Sergio acquire all involved as well he came off the bench I don't know about his health. But you know how this talent and a home that Germany has all over the pitch everywhere. And that to -- is going to be the difference you know. They are the complete team they are they should be the favorite they should be the favorite awareness and I'm I'm gonna pick Germany. And I've I've liked to see you know again it to be a very good match. I you know -- candidates are for me to go against Germany. Am I am my prediction is 31 Germany. I was gonna say the sense of so why are all second and also through wondering -- either scores are creates a goal one were another. But that's about it for them. It's funny because a part of me part part of me wants to see what it would be like if Argentina wins. In Brazil. -- of world war three. -- Tom -- you really bad. Did you -- he really -- about that to modify Argentina wins this match what what will happen in Brazil. You know there that there hated rival I mean that's. That affect Beckham be ugly but you know again. The the interest in the city who wins is but I really truly believe it's going to be Germany. -- -- very they're stacked their absolute -- -- you're gonna put it together dream team to pretty much already have most players you want. From the -- holding midfielder. My right wing in Mueller wherever he's kind of claims that he's flexible plays kind anywhere you need him to. You know what and I just want to portable -- the best way you know if you've never watched imply. I would just recommend watching one play and you'll see you'll see what he's all about the first goal of the match against. Against Brazil. He if he finds an opening and just takes the volley and just kicks it right in there like what was nothing not that this guy does. He's one of those players but Kenny Anderson to watch because he doesn't look like it it's very natural for him not flash. These are -- she was very natural for me it's very easy for him comes to -- so it doesn't look like he's trying very hard and yet he still -- to advertise. Every time he's amazing he's absolutely amazing he he's twenty New York. And how scary is that. His peak. Has not his thing that scares me right and up. You know and that's what's but that's it's interesting about this Germany team as well because -- they do have some all the pieces. The -- a young talent as well salt so this won't be the end of and about Germany. Four years will be talking about them again I mean there's no question about that I don't think it's going to be a similar situation with Spain. Where. Were Spain hit the wall in Germany have a chance if they win this two -- To possibly -- until. While jumping ahead -- you know. I just did that did that dominant and and they have how much talent that deep that's what really impresses me that's why have a hard times in Argentina winner. When is that they can change the game if they want they can play any style you want. They are going to ultimately. You know tick -- control of the match cause that's what you and that's what they've done they took control of that result match state. That they won't Brazil I guess you could say show what they're all ball and -- -- we're gonna take a right you come to us that we're gonna come right back -- even they boom life. -- -- -- -- In 2000 beat down I don't expect to see you'd be dumb they expect to see a thoroughly controlled game by Germany in that. They're really just frustrate Argentina throughout not let them get too much possession. And Messi will have an impact on the game but I don't think it'll matter enough. Well let's talk about -- say it's -- Say they don't win -- say how does this change his legacy doesn't. -- I don't think it does and here's why. He pretty much carried this team to. He's -- America. Well that's the whole thing what happens you know again. If he wants to be married if he wants to be that would be in that same world doesn't he have to win. But I don't think this changes his legacy because he did serious into the final and they lost so much. And I'm assuming duel of -- lost so much. More superior team to them. Maradona. In 86. -- -- into the final. In ninety -- just into the final of the loss in ninety. But in 86 he carried them now know they have a god whatever but you know it didn't matter he carried them on his back is far more aggressive. In how he -- again the messages. Not to say that -- he's not aggressive. But he's not nearly as aggressive as Maradona has -- matter don't the way he played really sparks everyone around him. Because he's trying his ass off at all times and again we come comebacks that same kind of it's natural for -- who doesn't always look like he's trying to hard. He's not a cocky. No he's not. And what you said it's more and I think it's more natural for a -- you know Massey and Maradona was just dominant and our daughter grace flamboyant. Our -- what you know that he was the best player in the world and I can doubt comes off his confidence. I think a little bit of arrogance. But it works and and in his world he's still number one. And four from me for -- to be in that conversation he needs to win it. Yeah I and I don't think several. -- because it would what -- his 27 right now so he's 31 come next World Cup. Well this is his chance that's -- insane yet. This to me is a legacy match if he wants to be in our conversation to go along with. Diego Maradona he wants to say you know what. I belong with -- Maradona and maybe I belonged. You know to possibly at some day be better be thought of as being better he's not not right now I don't buy I I think Maradona is. You know legacy wise probably had a -- who's the best. -- are all time -- of but I've ever seen asked to detail. -- It was part of America on for -- I think it begins and that's detail I find it funny and all circumspect in second but I kind of funny that Pelé and Maradona. Have always argued about who's better. Yet they've both said that the recently deceased -- -- to Stefano was out of them both. And I find -- very interesting because I never you don't really get to see. Any footage of offered a descent who dominated in the early sixties with Real Madrid. It's just a shame because the games were really broadcast. Police here in American TV so it's hard to find footage of him. Which had think is a shame because you can still find footage of freedom Babe -- from the twenties and thirties but you can't find. Footage of to Stefano from the late fifties early sixties a little bit there's some there's not a lot. So. You know it's sad news that he passed away this week 82 I believe he was someone that. One of all time great colors so. I just find interest in that we always argue Pelé or Maradona -- and yet they both agree offered a descent. All you know and again that scooter about Maradona to go there as well. -- because like I said he's very confident in himself the thought that he said that actually impresses me down my own merit on those of that. Hoover over Napoleon complex does perfect timing he's 55 -- tiny. In the scheme -- -- what's funny is that met our message doesn't have that no not at all. You would think someone that's small and have that too but he doesn't know. It is your right this is legacy game. If you wins yet and you put him in that category if not better potentially better mean Ford was it for -- -- and orders. Yeah you know that the attic and that's why am I'm just thinking about this with with the message the pressure that's actually on him to witness. I think it's going to be -- and you know. He'll still be a great player when a loose. But I think he'll I think he would change his legacy. Some people if you want so that's just the way I'm a guy that's what -- it's its pick for him. And you know and -- -- and one other thing before we wrap this thing up -- -- -- about this as we talked about this when we started the World Cup. Soccer cast were talking about while -- European team win in South America and we're gonna find out that the answer is going to be yes yeah. It's never happened before -- -- big World -- guy that you -- this to you wanna be in the now it's never happened. A European teams never won in this hemisphere right now to South America this side of the world. And I think we're gonna see it we're gonna see that streak end. And what's that all these streaks and at some point in Holland. There are records immediately broke. Absolutely and listen I've heard so much about it that's like part of me wants to Germany would just it's so that talks stopped a slate. -- -- When the Red Sox the quote unquote broke the -- like I just want in the winter break. All of this talk you know and this is somewhat thing -- which Germany I want in the -- -- -- not -- here. While you know you you know European team is number one -- You know in South America were -- this part of the hemisphere about beyond doubt Landec couldn't I think it's gonna -- Wilson. Let's quickly and now I'm Tony and just the government quickly talk about some of the transfer news or. Suarez Barcelona's star in Liverpool trying to get him. Couple reports are that can be done very soon. The money situation is what's holding this up right now apparently is. From what I've read in the Daily Mail that. Liverpool wants 75 million. Barcelona's -- balking at that price and wants to pay us from. Which I understand by the wanna payless and and you know I think when you look at the money that Gareth bale. Got Bernard did the transfer money for Gareth -- I think 7035. You know -- going to be out for a little while I think that's about right for him yeah civilized and and look at David believes it mattered that. -- ridiculous sixty million believe it was ridiculous. And he's. OK a union. It's not -- I'm sorry -- I know that's that's it on what you brought up -- because I I find out ridiculous. I mean that's. He's the most expensive defender in the world. He's not but he's not I wouldn't put him in my top I wouldn't put him on my starting back. I would neither you know I -- prime when even -- bench. The -- the problem. With -- -- -- is that he's for me he's not a defender he's he's not someone that wants to be a defender -- he plays out of position. I mean he wants to play out you I wouldn't say let's put up front I think he wants to play midfield. And die he just happens to be a defender but you know to pay that guy that type of money I'm sorry not worth it and all I I've -- the good about that guy. Our our Washington good amount of his matches and I sit in a bad to tell you that he's not worth sorry. -- Actually called a Roma. It's trying to understand he's -- elders for transfer to -- no big deal. Couple other moves have been made you know obviously we saw. That exodus from Southampton with Luke show on animal Lana -- going to Liverpool. That shot going to Manchester United. I do like the shots on kids 1819 years old and looks like he's going to be a stud consults on below on one worries me a little bit. At 25 already. He hasn't really broken through he still shows some. Promise he impressed me lobster dinner I'm telling you outline as the real thing and I think he's gonna prove you wrong don't wag your finger at me sorry I'm gonna -- a bucket because I I believe an atom line I do I I've watched enough matches last year. To really be impressed with him and I think he's gonna do a great job outlook report that he's just gonna had a great deal although you know it's funny -- -- Look at Liverpool and you know -- we don't really talk about -- -- the -- they added him was just a poacher. You know he's much older but he could score and not some of the moves that -- Liverpool. Are making and there -- -- going to be more com. Who looks like Alexis Sanchez -- Come to Liverpool and kind of he might be. I'm not I heard arsenal you heard arsenal yesterday I had a feeling that he was gonna be moved to Liverpool and in. Cash transfers -- players. The -- with a Suarez that you yes. Yeah I you know organize it. I really good amount of the speculation. And everything points again it could change to him going to arsenal. I'm like this in what group which you know me you know. I don't have a team at Barclays premier early this year it's gonna do a report -- -- could -- -- system for this year so I wanna see Liverpool. On top I want to Liverpool when the league and which is talk briefly go back to Suarez yet. I think I I think -- report doing the right thing by selling him yes but here's the question how much of a loss is Louis Lar is going to be ultimately. Leaving Liverpool can they survive without him. The difference in your place them. Are you going to be able to replace the the firepower. Not necessarily. Are you gonna have to make a couple of moves. To help create situations and goal scoring options for players. And Gerard Simon's. Almost. I -- he's it's almost time for him becomes opium. I would like to see that I would too I mean look. I don't automatically be great here I don't want to analysts to be the retirement league but of course talked about that right I don't I have seen. China. Australia Saudi Arabia. Coach these players with huge money they can still. Do something yet they're going to release it no one's ever gonna see them. Well if you're asking me I'd like to see frank webpart and Steven Gerrard. -- going to be here -- -- that right good but if you're asking me. Sunday I wouldn't mind seeing him over here I think I think that would be great I really do align our I don't see the downside of him coming over here. But he said instead of going to Australia for reform pledges one. Went down that are Damien Duff when I went to Russia I actually wanted him on the rest because -- I thought he would be an asset with the rats. We talk about the reds but the situation another time but. Which is really not a good subject at this point -- what's been going all of them lately but. But on jarrah would be a nice fit here in the analyst at a policy too many to many of these. -- you wanna see our players develop. But I think there is value I know people get a little worried about the the designated player. And the money and since from the -- not nests are having a ton of money not like the -- have funny money but they're not really investing into the -- the way other teams are there there's kind of trying to -- the fan -- on building this team what state actually done a fairly good job and other federal -- here and they have a little low to begin the season. But in terms of developing young new talent they're doing pretty good job of it there are for goodness pat Mullins. Andrew Farrell you know they're doing a good job bringing in these new guys they'll roll camera oh yeah. Bringing in these new guys and helping develop them. So I kind of like what they're doing someone in I would like to see them send it on one DP that can help teach these other players. How -- really develop in this game and boy it's gonna take on the bigger stages. I totally agree and not listen kickoff. Is going to a -- Orlando city and I obviously this is you know -- a relationship that's one of the reasons why he's going. For the owner or not and I get that. But why can't the revs beat him for player of -- that. What why not you know again I've heard the argument from from the reds management that we want a player that. That odd that we can market and we want a ploy if we're not against it but we need to play that that was -- Marcum can build around them that can be dat dat. Debt big name that decades not to sell tickets but also like you said teach. And there's got to be a player out there that they complied. -- that would come to the revolution and I've also heard part of the argument. The people come here is because of the -- you have heard that argument before. Paid the man that's I think I I think got fine fine if that's it if you find someone that that you target. You know what you do if you the rest you bring you bring in not temporary grass for the entire season you just do that -- who though that -- it. What will happen first. The reds have a new stadium for war. The -- bring in a let's say marquee. DP. None of the above. -- That includes this edition of divvy soccer guess. Record though before we do go. Next week we're gonna recap the entire World Cup cup and the final and -- -- each other's hands competitive on the back for -- correct predictions. And we're gonna do our own. World Cup starting eleven offered to us to each do our own would do it outside them will discuss who we have where and why. So kind of go for the next Russell's father and and stuff without without them requires little homework -- I'm on the homework. It's really enough homework -- that's what you're doing it for him I think. Thank you guys -- listening to another edition of WEEI soccer Castel is always I'm your host Ben gets alongside me my co host. Ross Goldman you can find Ross on Twitter act. Russell to -- -- you can find me on Twitter at young men WEEI almost forgot my Twitter and other for a second. Well I've been encouraging people follow you and you have that and they happen that's fantastic thank you pleased to welcome. Now I need to do this or follow me on Twitter. Oh thank you guys for listening again I hope you guys have enjoyed the World Cup so far -- been enjoying our podcast so far and I hope you guys keep listening and you can carry over and you know if you're a soccer -- outside of just the World Cup can hang with us we're going to be doing this all year long. And starting next week will get into won't recap the World Cup we'll do our World Cup starting elevens will. Serve -- -- that boost transfer rumors and talk about the EPL season and the animal less currently what's going on there and a hang with us and it's gonna be a fun ride -- we're gonna get you guys ready for the next World Cup -- -- scrutiny -- Thank you as to listening yet again this is W yes soccer cast.

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