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Lebron announces he is returning to Cleveland 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Tim and Christian react to the breaking news that Lebron James is resigning with the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Very interesting and definitive statement there from animal are I don't know who the leader is in the locker room right now for the reds on its okay to you bill lock him. Then who would you say. Is in charge who's in charge of patrolling in charger and a leader. And the same thing. The same thing. Whose whose -- some might say it. -- patrolling I'm not I would defer to people of definitely or how more than me but when I've been in there I feel like the guys part of leadership his communication. And to meeting guys who seemed to communicate the best or around the most in that I've seen interacting have been Ross MPV. Those of the guys that I look at now the bigger names and I would think by salary as well it's supposed to be Ortiz. In Pedroia. Now -- they looked upon as being leaders because of their status with their stats and with their contract and with their tenure. Probably. But I haven't noticed quite as much interaction with those guys and the others but again I have a much smaller sample size to look at and obviously I would defer to those who have been around more -- -- me. Yes so what what's your vibe from the outside. That there is at one. That's my vibe. At the vibe is and -- division wants. But it didn't seem like there is one leadership to me is not crystallized by yelling at the official scorer. For a single as opposed to an error in a scoreless game -- game are supposed to win. In a tipping point you're seasonally gave her -- -- that to me is the opposite of leadership and usually your best. Players it. You're -- -- guy -- -- -- -- guy was hurt it it it's hard for young guys to establish that role. It's -- usually you know following the leader or there are leading by example because they wanna stick around him people notice him in May notice the effort. But your best players usually have to be your hardest workers. And they need to be your leaders they'd need to be the voice of the team somebody with some sort of was some of some sort of scratch -- got to figure out away to convinced everybody that this is what we're supposed to do. 6177797937. What are we -- this. Is an official. Which SI as their exclusive report LeBron James wrote an essay. LeBron James wrote an -- to explaining why he's going back to Cleveland so we can print that out and breeds and listeners we come back again. Skip Bayless come on on a -- want to get a period of this is perfect breaking news skip Bayless 105 Ron -- to overturn. -- -- -- Play for the cavaliers with a question mark at the evident by the way this according to SI dot com LeBron has written an essay. Which may or may not actually be written by LeBron. As to why he is going back to Cleveland it's confirmed written by LeBron. No ghost writer how how hollow that as they have to me wonder -- I can't. He's coming back to visit us at this is what we've been -- or they god it's going to be over soon. What are we gonna talk about. Lester I'm not gonna lie you Christian I was kind of hoping we milk this through the week in the new Knight now one more most of -- LeBron this is perfect -- we got. Breaking news LeBron James Dolan Cleveland. Leaving it out I guess Chris Bosh can sign with Houston response can sound music Dwyane Wade days in Miami. Don't want. Really don't know what book to basket here. The article about go to Chicago. Yes everyone can live their lives now and it where's Kevin Love go -- Celtics where is that what happened to all the people who were hanging out around his house I'll. Exclusives I'm coming off -- That might help. Read that -- I think that's the ridiculous it's going exactly as I predicted. I'm coming home with a picture of LeBron staring longingly into the camera. Wearing one of his Miami Heat championship rings in his ring finger analysts thought it was who pulled by the -- Jake you like yes we thank you roses. So maybe that was a ghost and yet he's not write this which could we'll have a out of it due to that it would out of the sport frankly pick this thing up with a little. The Atlanta that -- that were what I was the thought this paper for belied the audit. And I would -- people were ought to work thought it out so you just do a -- but -- -- Armstrong the chalked up in the air in the studio right now. -- this is like this isn't as bad as the decision but it's. Editor right now congress it. We're going to read these segments from the -- when we come back in the meanwhile Boston basketball fans what do you think LeBron James it's official. Going back to Cleveland right move. Or just the right headline. 6177797937. This is -- -- -- Yeah I think and then. Now little. -- -- Guest he's. Right now in in Ohio keep -- going crazy we're going to be seeing video. In it's it's taking place right this second we're going to be seeing video for years what's going on. Because this to them. This is the biggest win as they can get it. Because losing LeBron was the biggest loss thinking yet. There are no words. Drive how much I hate you right now tops in the musical -- don't give Ryan would hurt a trial. Was there -- once a year. Chris -- three children but that handkerchief that aside a little bit it's OK Brian. You can get through this segment we'll do it together. Good days than at -- Christian Fauria events -- -- today. -- there's an essay. Written by. Lee Jenkins on behalf of LeBron James has told to -- Jenkins. From the -- abroad. -- -- -- Q -- -- Norris that camera and that's what I wanna know. But anyway here tonight enemy more now -- who LeBron -- -- our enemy more now I love them now you love I love this move this is such a great move below ground where you tearing up a little bit. Those are gearing up at all I mean I wasn't tearing up but this is a good move LeBron. -- will be the first athlete to bring a championship to Cleveland in how many years 39 years. What we're gonna get that he actually references that in the story and if you're just tuning in I'd like to get your reaction. The news that wolf first of our reaction is thank god it's over does my first reaction is at least until we now know worries feelings going back to Cleveland. And our help people really do like the idea of -- viable going back to Cleveland for sentimental reasons. For basketball reasons or is this just LeBron pandering. To what seems like. The best story line I'm going for choice he personally and would get into why a little bit more perhaps. As is illustrated by the story in SI. 6177797937. Let's start at the beginning of the -- shall we Christian to go where we're gonna start word of one. Because it's even more saccharine sweet and what Joey just dig coming back from a commercial break. Before anyone cared where I would play basketball. I was a kid from northeast Ohio. It's where I walked it's where Iran it's where I cried it's where I've bled. -- up for once I think if this were right you Archie -- me. It holds a special place in my heart people there -- seen me grow up I sometimes feel like I'm their son. Their passion can be overwhelming but it drives me I want to give them hope when I can't. I want to inspire them when I can my relationship with the northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn't realize it for years ago I do now. So in other words what's he trying to say here that he regrets going to Miami and going to the finals. Four years in a row and winning two championships. No he doesn't regret because in the next paragraph. He discusses the decision and he discusses how bomb. If you had to -- all over again he would obviously do things differently. And now we're talking about the decision Sydney in the Boys and Girls Club back in 2010. Ago he was thinking about how tough was but. He still said he -- -- left is like he's he he's he's comparing Miami his or your experience in Miami to college. Which remember he got drafted right at a high school I went straight to the pros. And he went to Miami and he had a blast championship four years in a row to NBA finals championship MVPs Cologne you name it so. I get that part but I think everybody else knew. That if he had a do over again he would not -- this is as much by gag reflex is kicking in honest I do think it's a better -- and how he handled the decision. That much is clear yeah I guess. I mean I guess I don't really need. I just don't need to. I fared OK but it. I feel like everything he everybody makes a move I gotta get a letter or essay describing it. It's better than the decision yes it's in the class year yes it is is to direct to the point. Under the cut answer all the question how can be ready to deploy its eight miles long does it say about this is they've outlawed what it always comparing it to the decision now or ahead. Mean really this is they outlawed it's a long piece it's a long letter do you remember the decision how long drawn out that was in the boy the girl in a bubble emerge there without a joke this is. -- guess at this -- -- That's fine I I could deal with it and answer some questions. It raises some others got a guy -- -- gone say against 6177797937. LeBron is going back to Cleveland we wanna hear from new boss what do you think about it is that the right move or is it just the right headline. I keep comeback choice beyond that one. I always believed that -- return to Cleveland and finish my career there I just didn't know when. After the season free agency was even -- thought. But I have two boys a wife Savannah and she's pregnant with a girl I started thinking about what it would be like to raise my family in my home town. I looked at other teams but I wasn't going to leave Miami for anywhere except Cleveland. The wartime past the more -- right this is what makes me happy what about the flirtations with Los Angeles that that question is raised. And then we get to this this is towards the end of the article that to the letter. I'm not promising a championship. That's interest in Smart -- six San. I'm not promising a championship I know how hard it is to deliver. We're not ready right now no way of course I wanna win next year but I'm realistic. Will be a long process longer than -- wasn't 2010. My patients will get tested I know that I'm going into a situation with a young team and a new coach I will be the old head. But I get a thrill out of bringing a group together and helping them reach a place they didn't know they can get to. I see myself as a mentor now and I am excited to lead one of these talented young groups of guys. I think that higher re Irving can become one of the best point guards in our league I think that. I can help that we get sort of a break here and partner print out a help Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters and I think I can. Reunite with -- Anderson -- -- one of my favorite teammates. Of all time. And there's a name missing yes there is a name missing no reference to awakens their no reference to Wiggins. So so what does that question says okay they keep Wiggins does PRD know that they're moving -- with that part of the deal listen outcome and I know you got some pieces there Wiggins isn't enough. Is there -- way we keep -- Kevin Love. Is there a way we -- did. Some -- better pieces. But Kevin Love was the name that came up earlier in the week -- the end of last week. MEM but this. We'll get some calls receive whatever vikings as the great move. And I I I believe that this throws at me if he was gonna go to Cleveland. It could -- would be just about him coming home but this entire article makes it seems like. He used Miami as is his college experience. You know hey -- but he's -- the camaraderie. Everything every commercial you saw every Samsung commercially saw had to do with -- and his team. Messing around. You know on the bus you know take pictures of me just do also took you know stuff but he would have done that he thinks he would have done if -- with a college. And he says this but this is not about the roster or the organization. I feel like calling here goes above basketball I have a responsibility. To lead in more ways than one and I take that very seriously. So. To me out of all that Tim this is purely. Purely about. Righting -- wrong. Coming back home. Fixing what he broke. Bringing -- championship runner up. Got to this one are not. If it I'm going to give it to me I want that. City hasn't had a feeling championship and a long long long time and Michael she pretty much does it ever that's in my head as many titles -- the question. What's most important I mean. It's bringing one's trophy. Back. -- I write nicer lowering the bar himself there is -- -- -- don't we're not one not two not three not to just one because it's Cleveland so it'll mean more its -- so long that they've had watched that one it's good enough now. What is got that down. -- -- -- All we got a call from Cleveland right off the bat an actress and worst critic let's go to Lisa up from Cleveland hi Lisa you're on 937. I'm Harry. Where fine how are you. Very well. We'll speak. It's not ideologues. You're so -- you can even talk about LeBron and not tell it like I. I happy. -- is moving that -- here's why. Let the working at a higher right. Just sort of act with Audi a sort apnea. It. Really at Jardine and now coming Johnny is it immature child and I don't think he's going to do much -- -- -- at all. At a more mature LeBron will do for people and ask. How did you feel after the decision and if he does come back and win that one championship. Does that our race what he did with the decision yes -- now. Yeah I agree totally. -- -- -- clap like I was not off. While glad that you -- that -- appreciate the honesty there because a lot of people are acting as if he comes back wins one title for Cleveland alls good with what happened before. I think that if Europe if you're Cleveland fan -- tend to agree with you. And I I would wonder. -- if Felix -- it was to -- the -- he wins one and like you're talking about there's been such a drought for Cleveland when it comes to having any championship whatsoever. If he wins one. It'll feel like ten. But the same time his four best years potentially being a pro athlete we're somewhere else they're in Miami. How you reconcile that. Not I'll pick the right after he picked it and eat it up and -- and then order. A -- -- their colleague -- he's not that. Girls are happy with the baby mama and well there -- and a warm or. Even out of all -- -- -- And you. Google. It's true we're really believe that I ordered an opportunity -- Make. All right and you know when you're -- war without it. -- -- -- or at least he wasn't and I don't think I let it. He is now well. Let's just go what you said before though it doesn't -- that it becomes it does not erase what he did it die in Israel right or wrong but it does it. It might be something. That you can look back on and say it helped. Were OK now we're good but don't. You've used the analogy before out cheat on your wife she's never gonna forget that right. -- You made up for this will help make up for but it doesn't erase the memory. -- I think listen I mean this is this was the biggest story. Relief of not the whole year but definitely the last three weeks it's. Free agency started and he opted out of his contract and Chris Bosh opted out of his concert in Dwyane Wade in the same day it. So what was that last ditch effort by Pat Riley. That -- -- yesterday that just happened yesterday so you obviously left with their patent their hands and just you know trying to figure out what their next move -- that's why. Wade flew backwards and try to close were Pat Riley couldn't Jack called rooster you're 937. I'm I don't know if you get there about conspiracy theories but. We got a new commissioner. There and everything that I always heard from you guys that that the NBA player to really liked David Stern. -- that wondering and it's just hear me out on this one. One of the reasons why I never really had a public Michael Jordan -- he was a great player pretty trying to talk a moribund. -- And they've been great and I never Larry Bird used to always say what's up with all these guys wanted to play tricky that -- and how about going to a team in making double winner. Took the brunt of the first time around go to Miami yeah he get there the make up for that in my a little bit. How great would it be I mean we can root for Cleveland -- Bostonians we can root for Cleveland it's hard to root for Miami it's hard to root for LA. It is pierce -- If your suggestion is though that the commissioner wanted this to happen. From -- market standpoint that would make much sense because. Miami's a bigger market in Cleveland. It's a better national story that he goes back to Cleveland but you're saying that he went to Cleveland by being pushed from Adam silver I would disagree because. How would it help to have now the heat be wayward one of the biggest markets in the country. 6177797937. And that's what they are there what they're listless now there's a reason now that organization. -- -- Miami -- that they're gonna win twelve games next year. Can be tough now now what do you do if -- really all of -- the ball now. Me Austin the rockets Anthony back to the next up Paul Gasol out of out of LA don't heated New York or under. Ever want -- side now. Everyone gets that set up in just figured out now because that's. Boston not going to Miami. You're going to Houston now with you know with. The cavs. The key is what is love showing up that's that's what's next -- that's the -- is a lot of note of now are now tiger now who's the favorite in the east -- the caps. Oh for sure let's -- -- so quickly it changes regardless of whether or not can -- goes now he has been able to build a whole hell out there somewhere and then they'll all like -- -- get a clear the bureau that's. He'll be exactly Bristol anymore on is Tim Tebow. -- -- -- 6177797. And 9370. What are -- more reaction to LeBron James going back to Cleveland this is largely been met with wide open to embracing arms I want I want to see him stay in Miami. And changed things. From that point of view that really went there cherry -- when championships. Duets. From the standpoint of rebuilding Miami or keeping the court together. That's what I want to see LeBron do you you decide to go for the storyline -- -- to go back to Cleveland. Policy when you think almost into the three -- skip Bayless is gonna join us in the 1 o'clock hour as well to talk to us. About LeBron James he's always opinion about LeBron will speak with him coming up one this is 937 WE. Right now we're -- 48 and -- us on the W we. EI Sports Radio network. Well you know they've been -- -- struggle obviously and James blatt and obviously. A great boon for their new coach David -- to get the best player. In the world on it's neat because certainly they're going to be a 5055. When he. But they do need to hedge shooting gave up a lot of student on the court court the court did. And so there's going to the things that they have to do with that rocked their roster -- championship Halliburton. And -- the head and I'm still valid. Terminology you're okay go ahead. 75% right yes you remember your father. I do remember them. Or -- they may be Fserve evidently -- hybrid Joey yeah. Reality normally do -- -- -- here but with the news that LeBron James has decide to go back to Cleveland realistic sports for the time being. Thanks to our sponsor as always for the -- here on middays with an FB. Sponsored -- valley construction needed new roof they've got you covered yet -- -- report your house is go back -- old Agassi you get into his house and how right -- was lie about this did you see this sports Centre banner. Exactly what I set out recreating. The poster that was taken off the side of the building. Arms aloft we all witness the -- up in the air but what if the put the better background. Would somebody dies -- the death real obit ready to go like with somebody old the wait for them to die for awhile to get people they want how they turn that around so fast. Because they had saved the ratings go ESPN has had this LeBron james' image no doubt way to -- editorial hours. They had a budget that they had a bunch of different -- I'm sure I suppose this will go to break they're gonna have a he's gone back to Miami batter he's going back to Cleveland -- because there's really only two teams in the mix. Say what you want about all the other teams are rumored to be in them LeBron James. You know yes that it was really Cleveland and Miami. Miami heat's owner has already tweeted out his statement he read a letter that he had a letter. Now is there's. Now -- on Twitter here Christians the -- used to sorry NSA but LeBron James wrote a serial -- wrote an essay no decision no TV show no letter on the website for the heat's owner -- -- He tweet out on Friday I am shocked and disappointed in today's news. However I will never forget what the -- brought us -- for years. Thanks for the memories act king James so it made sure that LeBron saw the -- at mentioned him on death. He got credit for order Frankie did that and is on Twitter at somebody do it for as told by my sister has told Miley Jenkins. They went to Miami. Six point 7779790. 37 and it's a good move by chance because who knows it -- 93 years ago back to Miami would you do the show all over again. Go to -- next ball from Quincy high candor and -- 37 W yeah. They get paid on good. Great I don't I'm -- you like Phillip on the open and go back to Cleveland because the Celtics seem to have been involved with that. In some way they did some -- -- it's open to allow them to get him to come back. So that cannot beat me to believe that they're gonna get -- -- I'll. One -- -- except the Celtics are big that big that he might be going to. -- Cleveland and that's. That's the that's already implication goes because the -- of just. You know he mixes a bunch of players who are currently on the team the one person he doesn't mention in his essay. -- all the number one pick Wiggins right so. Were assuming that this decision -- of this decision was made a lot. Quicker than just yesterday after he met with Pat Riley in Vegas and what earlier -- yeah a lot earlier this is the sum that December decide take -- what summing up real quick I decide to go back Cleveland. -- tell you my story put -- output and -- You know put pen to paper and and working out. I mean there's it's a Graham picture there's -- Graham hosts. That is why the Savannah sent out a couple weeks ago three weeks ago really -- and there is -- was trying to. You don't read into it. And she was pregnant right well you know they she -- the state of Ohio and you know the big star background and you know going back and for the people speculate OK there's the science -- going back to Cleveland. Maybe it was may be wasn't but these like this is don't happen overnight. This that this decision that was made a lot earlier I think we're given credit for Ralph gone from Cranston -- dramatic -- They -- The only thing that I don't lovable finished it's that's it maybe it -- -- create this a scenario where they could get -- because. I would never I don't think you'll Missouri they -- the Celtics they of the -- the Celtic well Lieberman mean making it better way to open up doors at eight. Geisha look outlook or actual -- have to have a lot. Oh absolutely I don't think there's any doubt about it I think that's exact there was. Heart -- this being part -- I don't think LeBron goes there to just play with carrier -- I think another person comes. I wouldn't take electric capital into -- -- know what you're getting ready to be an NBA -- -- -- -- can't -- I -- a good image still look at the mentality of this local run hatred and we can every hour what he'd do it. A national TV we can you would Shiites -- the parking who capsule without a doubt it for. And and we look at these people appreciate -- all -- to back. We kindergarten now but you're under the current assign the kinds Christian movie is different than it was twenty years ago what would Michael Jordan was chain. These theatrics happened let's let's not forget one thing the NBA desperately needs LeBron change you can get what you what you. Or worse you're gonna go off course they need the bronze in the worst you're -- gul it was gonna disappear if he's still in Miami. There's still the most -- wherever LeBron goes that's the most remarkable place the NBA he doesn't have to go to -- with the storyline -- marketable team wherever LeBron is. That's where the most important action occurs on a nightly basis for the -- I don't know how Rubin hurricane Carter is involved in the three way trade with the Celtics.

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