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Skip Bayless, ESPN First Take. Reacts to Lebron going to Cleveland 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Skip Bayless of ESPN's First Take joins Tim and Christian to discuss Lebron's return to Cleveland

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One quick -- we did not getting to trending now about LeBron James he says he passed that would being Gilbert. Talked it out face to faces who applied to hold a grudge. That's the exact quote from LeBron don't know -- get an Audrey Johnson will not be treated by the Houston Texans. And -- over the patriots at least not yet we'll talk skip -- about that maybe at the end of our conversation but. Your former first take colleagues -- -- from ESPN joins us right now on night 37 WTI. Let's give thanks so much for joining meets -- Christian -- Boston how -- I hate him and we you -- -- Christian hockey amnesty to -- the you play golf worry that right now I feel you are mini vacation. Well. It's a short vacation he didn't Al -- -- year by -- World Cup ladies' Wimbledon last week in the World Cup this week but. We got one more week of this with slumping excellent British Open and then after that we're back on and I'm back in the saddle and you know I am Chris I don't like vacation now I know -- -- this is probably the worst time you take a vacation because the news broke I guess maybe an hour ago. That LeBron James is going home have you had a chance to read the essay or look over -- blitzer just general thoughts on the whole. Saw well the whole process. I'm shocked. I didn't. Believe it was happening. -- we get three shows earlier this week and even know my debate partner Steven Schmidt is that for about a year don't be surprised it will bond that we strongly considers going home. I just couldn't believe -- because. But they act like it now LeBlanc says there's been healed a world. -- between him and Eleanor obviously that they have a brand new coach who never coached a single dribble in the NBA and -- -- and failing to and they've been now tropics are evil. The end I gotta tell you I don't love the roster. I like Kylie going into that draft that. Much -- I liked it and he -- -- -- garden and sort of masquerade. As though. Point guard and make eagle on complain that point lieutenant makes -- undersized two guard. He hadn't played a lot of beaten nobody in that team like a lot of heat than. I -- Andrew we can can play the Internet about all I think he can do because like I watched them a lot of key input and I just. Not -- and that he wasn't first pick in the draft and I'm not sure how good basketball player you'll ever be. Even though -- athletically gifted he cute so green and that your basketball they beat. I know there's a lot of talk about -- gradient of seven -- I can't believe Minnesota would do that deal I'm sorry. In -- and LeBron got Kevin Love and try to read it wouldn't be quite the firepower these these two in Miami. So I mean a lot of respect for him -- really feel like you owe it to those people and I just Nokia and it's mainly in and certainly. His crew all human milk from Akron they all want that at least go home in the next few years at home. And I I respect that it now LeBron is going to have to beat Michael Jordan that he could win more rain and I'm just not sure. Skip Bayless witnessed -- Christian -- and at a 3:7 WE I am glad you brought up the roster skip because that's where I want it to go next. For two reasons the first of which is the mechanics of what you just discuss with -- he's not mentioned anywhere in this -- I mean. LeBron goes out of his way at the end to reference directly by name he's -- checking. Irving and Thompson Dion Waiters even Anderson very -- no reference of the number one overall pick. Is that for us to assume that maybe he will be on the move for Kevin Love or someone else even though I know you said you'd think minister would make the move. And if it is for another name player and this is a point I keep coming back to. If it's another orchestrated trade in advance where it's already. Carrier Irving place LeBron coming with another guy. How is that not just recreating what. What he did go on to Miami where people have killed him for years for quote unquote share re picking championships. You know. I don't know what the great question and I'll have a gradient report that I need more specifics. Again the GM -- normally -- I don't. Decade. Nobody would that high and Ian drew Wiggins and now like. Quick thought I was with Doug Collins obviously we're here to -- opinion great coached Romanian and a great analyst. In earlier. Somewhere on to treadmill with some gains that Korea India final. We just got stock and that Andrew -- met last game we play against Stanford at the big NCAA game. And your team that's pretty loaded it can't all be it young and and to wait and scored four point in the game and -- -- that got loud he's the southern Illinois where he did a great player you go back that far remember that far. Back and actually I wouldn't jump off a building I scored four point in NCAA game at that magnitude. I just -- I don't get it I don't know what you could trade in the league in sport in -- that name guy. To even qualify at the cherry picked so you've been ship until the end but. Clearly LeBron has not dumb and there there must be some bigger. Master plan in place and Steven and I thought that the master plan would -- -- -- the morning -- with him because they wanted so badly to play together. That's not happening that's just not realistically possible at that point certainly in Cleveland and what I'm missing something here. So I I don't know maybe there is another shoe to drop here that we're not playing that. We will broaden. -- Destin meetings would be and Gilbert not I assume he's gotten to know that you coached quietly somehow but I. I don't know it's almost like he wanted to go hall more than he wanted to win the championship committee in its psyche. He's on shaping Michael Jordan that's out -- -- -- you know we're talking to skip Bayless -- first they cut it to Mondays through fire Friday on ESP had to skip made mention -- you know not caring about when he. But right now -- bought a dot com has him has as the -- at 41 favored to win the NBA title I mean this is an hour and half. After this happened Obama comes out and actually need to win that idle -- -- one. I have no idea I don't think he's trying to get money -- yes -- the money. -- It you know personally -- we're supporter and again it the iron is that LeBron and the Miami just raw -- lost in the final like a record margin. And right now if you put LeBron on that roster and here is. That this birds which cherry picked them yeah. I like the spurs couldn't get enough complaint against a bunch of young green and what. Players except weakened yen could play some perimeter defense but. I I don't know. I like even fathom I would I wouldn't have I wouldn't put a nickel delegates were won Cleveland win the championship next year. Social scale of what absolutes and everybody else whatever the Carmelo Anthony and whatever is the boss whatever is that Dwyane Wade I mean all the rest of the -- going to fall now since. LeBron James came -- decided it where he was gonna play. You know I thought all along and I know Carmel a little bit. Well enough to -- that he loved playing in New York loves. Being in the living in New York. -- -- -- -- -- Obviously it's like are the most money -- -- so I'm going to assume that much I'm missing something in the is all happening pretty quickly what unless I'm missing something Melo will be and -- killed you can impart. Yet unborn to assume that Chris Bosh would be foolish not to take the match that Houston can offer to go play. We Dwight Howard would be perfect fit for Chris Bosh. Obviously like him do all the dirty work he can -- -- to -- shot. You can't making shots and Chris Bosh can definitely shoot those mid range jump shots and you -- the worst mid range jump shooting team in the NBA last year so -- It's this week in another day without income taxes on its home hill -- -- home state. I have to believe that they would. That that Dwyane Wade is going to be left with two bad knees starting over Miami in an Olympic he -- -- and I know he's doing everything in his power to didn't need it in the -- either -- just not true that extra ball because they're degenerative. He just lost a lot of them and Christian would no -- May be too much it's it's cart which cushion in the mean they're just not much whether or not much you can do about it at this point. Christian forays former first take partner skip Bayless with us here from ESPN 937 WEEI skip I can't get past what you just said and you were sold on when he said it is really resonated with me ever since you brought up. When he comes to. Him chasing Jordan this is -- about chasing Michael anymore. I think that this really is indicated in some of the things that he wrote in the essay to SI. He's paradigm shifting his own legacy. His legacy now is going to be more about finally getting Cleveland a championship. And less about the big picture of how many titles. Vs Michael I really do think you made a conscious decision. This is about one for Cleveland not about 56 or seven for me. I agree with that and one would be highly impressive to me albeit. The odd you do eat meat but. You tell me that Cleveland -- almost powerhouse in the west right now that laughable sneak in lush there's some other player who's going to Cleveland but -- I am with you I mean that it's. Yeah it will -- legacy could be one championship for the cavaliers. Can hear them. -- agent career he's going on thirty years of age. That would be -- Jordan air legacy is two championships in Miami and -- in Cleveland because I I don't eat. A dynasty in Cleveland but maybe again on that -- Are talking to skip Bayless from first take skip and you're you still patriots fan asked you still -- still major at least your team. I'm not I. I don't know the end of the -- definition I'm a supporter on the show and sometimes I get -- you know. Christian of those corners because everybody else on the show and the patriot. Even -- doesn't hate the patriot but he doesn't he he -- shot Tom Brady whenever possible -- Ilya. Yeah we have rob Parker on actually a couple of weeks ago. Because basically all these lists come out -- I get the doldrums of the year right right after training camp and before you know summer camps -- And everything is is it revolves around whether Tom Brady is -- whether he has been based on the moves. The teachers have done. This offseason. Where would you put them this year's bars the where there where we where we would rank them for best team in the NFL. I'll repeat of last words you do this. I think they're going to be the best team in the NFL. It made me pick somebody where'd all right now I would pick New England. In in large part obviously because he. The acquisition in the secondary. And I saw that on not yet in our company of the day KC -- the football scientist hockey gods saw that may indicate the by the end of the year we may be talking about the patriot secondary being even a little better and Seattle yeah. Which is a mouthful right now on much -- make at least let it. Possible. And again. Thought Tom Brady would be MVP last year during our whole lot with a little I thought -- bill would be better when he was -- Even -- let him ballot Tom delegate half a archer who won the game at Miami that and it could not launch -- shoot out. In -- didn't stay healthy now and I have no idea how the patriots got ears -- championship last year but they're going to be better this year and they -- a little better than. In Denver is at this point. -- I saw the out of the -- at Grady all the way down at nine to one for MVP -- -- you're going to make a good bet right now and put it I'm not betting man follower put a couple bucks down I would like that nine the -- Brady went going to be key next year. Skip thanks so much really do appreciate the time thanks for joining us in short notice but certainly newsworthy and the -- -- LeBron goes back to Cleveland is great having neon trees could catch of the Christian again let's do against him okay. You've got a crush Albion are served our -- -- vacation. Okay thank you that is skip Bayless formally of all of first take formally with Christian workers from doing natural for. ESPN now with -- --

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