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Hockey Tinder: Proposed Rule Changes 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Tim and Christian swipe right and left for a new set of rules proposed by the AHL Board of Governors

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We first started this what -- Two or three shows in -- efforts to intersect -- swiping right swiping left. It up they were ten years. The best hookup thing going to -- -- explains Anderson you're actually on YouTube and an idea of OK so you loaded under if you like the person that you're looking at you swipe left. You don't lake. If you don't like it you slept like weapons he's in sorry if you like -- -- writes from. And you can be in a bar and find six of the people that are in your team your school. And swipe left -- right on them you get back to walk up to a and then next thing you know you have one drink -- in your back the park yes so the -- the more -- you have usually you're swiping right because -- -- -- our liking people exactly and you're pretty desperate. -- -- lower -- lowering your standards and it's 1:43 in the morning at closing time and here you still are. The dog and it's like right off the plane opted to Sasaki -- right and hockey -- today takes this to the American Hockey League because they're doing a bunch of rule changes in the AHL that might eventually find their way. The NHL. It's a bit of -- an experiment. And it got three different rules changes here one -- on you going to different directions. We'll start off balance over time. Christian what are you what -- don't comes to shoot -- Policy. Initially I am a fan of the Chicago I am too okay because I like the entertainment factor public -- -- stuff there that do not want the game. And in a -- -- simply -- talked about penalty kicks in soccer yeah I like cute you know but I can understand how you know you go through an entire game. And the game is decided by my sometimes chance you know a lucky -- got -- hit here you know it's it doesn't work out but I'd like -- I like this year. Still -- -- you swipe right swipe left. On overtime being increased to ten minutes what would you say before you get to issue and a regular season game. -- -- -- it swipe right -- -- yeah I would like right on that I'll be fine if they made overtime ten minutes before you got to shoot I'm all in favor of that to make the hockey purist happy yep if -- wells the constant. Whining about the existence of the -- but if I give you an additional five minutes maybe. Switch sides of the ice in between first and putt after putt whatever ten minutes of overtime. I'm fine with it before we get to -- to stop complaining about ways they allocate -- we've solved that problem allowing it -- vote and a swipe right swipe left on ten minutes of over. I'm definitely is swiping right on this because because just like you said the hockey purist that complain about five minutes and an -- game inning and overtime. Right so if you're -- It was some balls and overtimes were going to get ten minutes to play it would balls. Played with balls and they don't want it to the -- a world agreement on that debt now they'll all the polls at all -- The HL rules not sentiments the age rule experimentation is as follows it would be seven minutes of overtime. It would be or on or for the first four minutes. Then the person dead -- after four. It would be three on very. I'm -- it left on this one -- like your wife too -- too contrived. Three on three to me is as much of a joke is a shootout is anyway. Don't Parse don't split the difference make it's and or leave it alone I -- What do you what do you featured again trying to keep as many people happy as possible because yes like you're tries not to go that today -- -- -- to the penalty shot they don't want to result. So if we don't want a game and now we want and and candidate and regulations so we wanted to edit overtime when you try to make as many people happy as possible what remains nobody had -- -- nobody -- -- -- -- users -- is going to be. For middleweight so -- it's seven minutes four minutes of four -- four -- so you said that park's goal how do we know the clock keep running Heidi you know what and I don't know -- -- that's usual hockey -- what goes -- -- play. I would pick up a lot of play your readers six minute I mean. There's an issue so now what do we letting the clock run -- that goes on out I -- it's this and that there's some bizarre stuff built and when it comes to hockey that. We think this is dumb dumb dumb dumb swiping left there is gonna turn into a circus. I agree with you when you yeah yeah I think you're trying way too hard to keep too many people happy. It's almost like so we're swiping right we're all good on Janet's overtime left in the stupid HL -- yes -- get. Although I give -- for trying. I don't behave reverend creativity stats go to this great democracy -- imagine them in a row OK how can we make this more exciting Huckabee get more ratings -- -- we get more face it. What happened was talker so the people are watching soccer -- and looking elegant noticeably this Jon Lester appearance side five years now. -- number three a player house to stop after losing his helmet even accidentally. In play. Swipe right -- swipe left. Is this enough -- -- -- -- this is in play this is this there to help them -- off yeah you gotta stop what you're doing right. Picked up your helmet and its lead over to the bench or find a spot a nice quiet -- got -- yeah. Your help today that's that you -- when guys like you know it. -- all -- update you right I mean this is what it's all about because college football had the same rule college Wear your helmet fell off for any reason whatsoever. You could be involved in the play right and it hit that -- up not only could not be involved in the play. You couldn't stay all the you've got to exit the exit the field you can -- all right yeah you got the lead for the very next play so. The tentative which would physically trying to rip off full -- helmets running back Thomas cornerback solid especially in a very important to tuition. Now the packet -- I got to commend -- to the game winning touchdown pass this guy's helmet came off. Not because it was his fault. Ripped off on purpose or you had to call a timeout because I don't report a -- so you would have to use it's it's a dumb rule like guests. It's all about safety I get it but it's really not a practical as you would like it to be you know it's -- by yesterday about the boundaries. This is pushing the boundaries too much it's stupid swipe left you can't be in front of the net. Get cross checked from behind your helmet pops off and get to give up the position that you established by the net. But you're stupid helmet back estimate helmet that is saving your life from a concussion doesn't. I I agree with your point like you're right it's not practical is it got racquet that's so what do you do double strap your helmet on so you'd never fall off. I mean is that is that really what the message is that they're standing Joey so I mean is ice flows are crystal what are you saying so you put -- right or left on it. You know opera out of -- -- no neutral on all right right. Keep your dog is all about this is about. It's a very the very minor adjustments were rule it's very simple make sure your helmet -- buckle. So if it's oil -- and there's a breakaway and a guy loses helmet you think you should ski off the ice. I -- -- -- -- -- but I I I don't know if you're right though but my point is that this is all about that the very easy -- the very easy situation to make sure your your helmet sparkled but it's just well off the first -- I got wanna put this out there for occupants response and it was from Orleans Anderson it -- back you're gonna have Brad marsh and all over the place -- -- players on -- -- -- fitness -- -- to college. It was a dumb rule to be penalized for it. And it just go to ball offer regardless of his bail was available this rule in there -- figured out it -- -- you try to take advantage of duplicated college. And it'll just to a play. It's not practical. But we're got word about practical -- -- soon or were about what happened to the NFL with the ex players -- judge. We told to keep account on we've put a role in place. So you would be penalized if -- yeah. It appellate fell off we told acts of the ice judge. You know Philly would be safe. Flight right where -- -- didn't go for so many years playing without helmets. But I mean those are you got it. Up with and it felt affecting -- nebulous yes that's definitely that's and that's what they're doing it but the thing reads like colleges they re like oh I gotta get. The last one here is this is gonna explode to a player on the ice whose helmet to start a player on the ice who has any fights. If you have to fighting majors. The third place that you get you have to be out to other words it's kind of like a yellow card yellow card race card situation in soccer. To fighting majors and the third one you're out so you -- have a plate on October a place in November and you mr. next game. Let's here it is something -- twenty point four an automatic game misconduct will be applied to any player. Who has been assessed two major penalties for fighting or three major penalties. For any infraction in the same game subs okay it's only one game it's no game what -- odds of that happening. Two flights one game it could happen but it's that doesn't happen often but it's just it's a baby steps to get. Fighting out of the game actually that's what is the backhanded way a subtle way of getting it out of the picture -- albeit slow -- -- -- they yell cargoes like writers like -- out swipe right. But elected the I'd like -- I'm not a fan of fighting hobby or not you wanna gone public you don't -- gold's lucky swipe left on this one big time like to address completely contradict my helmet there. -- I want the oddity. But ought to keep helmet -- But if you do get the fight to keep coming right because it's way better seek instead of getting and -- minor concussion that keeps -- -- for seven days it's way better to break here and be out for six or you know stickiness I don't know. Is -- and. Six was 7779793. Senators are hockey tender for the day and you to respond to just about any of these. However -- like let me -- always -- this one make sure I I underlined this is -- give it right the first time. An automatic game misconduct will be applied to any player who has been assessed two major penalties for fighting or three major penalties pretty infraction in the same game. So it's condensing it's like to yellow cards in the same game which doesn't happen too often. And next here that the proposed rule be in one week in and that'll be. Yeah going to do in nine junior exactly a thing here like I got a soccer at the last on the penguins -- your -- group. Last found the penguins had a player earned three fighting majors in the game against -- England knows about Eric Goddard. That the Valentine's Day February 9 2007. Coca. Long time ago let's go to -- Bruce in Connecticut divers -- and any. Guys -- all right let's see who it is literally the -- -- soccer or thirty years in a joke -- I I would rather see them go for a four for the bullpen -- You know like and it looked at -- Austria Australia. So although he it's so contrived it's trying to make too many people happiness in the end result -- dumb rule. It actually in the rule change. Totally for a for a fighting because. As a last year we get to fighting major. It was automatic game misconduct. Of any other type of major slash and I still do annual automatic in the Albert. Y -- somebody goes to see a lot of -- -- games and Bruce wouldn't you also agree that this is a tougher rules for the -- it is a much tougher nut to crack the age children try to get fighting out with this kind of rule. That's somewhat similar to the junior rule. Because a lot of guys in the age are trying to make it to the NHL as fighters -- -- -- polluter. Every and they aren't that steals a game that sells the game more on the -- leveled half fighting they really don't wanna go to on this path I think they're even. Less inclined to do it I'm surprised has gotten this far in the gates I'll put this kind of record on the books to be frank with. That's tried Manchester next and talked to Tim hi Tim here on 937. -- there. Yet you're on go ahead. On what field. We lost -- I think what Tim was trying to say is I'm looking at the comments here. Two minutes to four minutes of power play for OT. In hockey basically just making it a power play exhibition. Not I don't know. That's that's hokey to either do or don't do -- player don't play. Even I'm OK with four on four because it keeps the game open a little bit more overtime which Friday get a goal. To I would still prefer to do -- five on five but I've fought that fight for too long. I'm final four on four splitting the four of war three and three wait too contrived. Too much thought into it. Peter Portland you're -- 937. You don't OK Peter. I worked for the ironic that here where the American League. I've been given her a lot like about your -- And what are other segment -- There's also been seeing and at the end regulate and yes that is a good deal. You're at eight era where he -- -- and figured it all at the end you're getting longer change. -- quarter -- overtime playoff Billick got it actually. Well and edit or art or -- any I could probably get a little bit 08. Though I'm in that you'll cleared and that I don't OpenId could be really odd I would. You'll be a lot let game going out that because. Bat the -- and out there aren't a lot and the guy. Org you can make important eat and how and why don't have a clear hold up. Percent are correct me if I'm wrong in this but -- isn't a right at the new rule as it's going in if they do four on four with no longer change they're gonna switch ends again after the stoppage in ice for the three on three and then make it a shorter change. So I don't I don't know why you would switch the you should always have a longer change because that's gonna lead to more goals statistic right. I I didn't read I can read it that -- eight. But I don't know that -- back I'm okay. I thought that's what they're gonna do I thought they're gonna switch ends of the ice again when they switch to four on four. -- -- from four on four to three on three. I would suggest you always have overtime with a longer change because there's a greater chance to have a goal. Yeah yeah. Eight W millet and that figure that -- at all playing very warm warm -- on it -- following three minute let. -- -- -- -- It Ellie aren't all straight Laurie you're the -- create for the duration -- -- -- No it doesn't it directly and it -- I don't get that. That's better. That's better than I'd rather see that 16177797937. You with me on that or not denial mop up listened. It is if the hokey part about one a three on three. Like I did it and they're trying to Leo keep people interested but at the same time again you're just trying to keep too many people happy at same time yeah so. Do we really because if you if we watched like three up three if you watch a hockey practice if you go watch some practice. Well those guys are warming up the dual that we drill a 303 I mean that's what they're doing that's that's what it will look like and you gotta. And hopefully start their practices to get out there three on two situation. Bob and we've moved the puck to -- -- shoot a score you know at night so the time they're making their shots.

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