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Larry Lucchino: We just threw a number out to start the Lester negotiations. 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Tim and Christian discuss the Jon Lester contract situation and the Red Sox decision just to "throw a number out" to start negotiations.

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-- -- It's not about two feet and didn't let me. Want not the -- -- yeah. Three of us took credit for that Red Sox seven game winning streak earlier this season numbers -- just take credit for. I'm in the first winning streak since then. -- -- We'll actually six lose big dogs -- and April 5 gear big god the thoughts are to vote. Getting Lou we love -- and we're back in about agent and now we arts we arts. We'll get into the. Dynamic of the AJ Pierzynski. Release story a little bit later on the program -- your favorite stories -- at the forefront here start it is the Jon Lester hollow let's go let's dive right into it at exactly channel six Jon Lester. What do you what do you got for. But he got from sell when I have -- it's what Larry Lucchino has top porous OK -- so if you picked up the Boston Globe. Today Dan Shaughnessy has a big piece of com. Back and forth with Larry Lucchino president of dialogue and conversation -- McCain during the game yesterday which eventually goes the way the Red Sox -- her in the open there. -- right here on WBI. Joseph David -- with the call here on the Red Sox radio network as they beat the White Sox along the way. Dan had a conversation with Lucchino. That in vault a lot of discussion about Jon Lester and where he stands right now this contract. And it's what Lucchino said. To Dan were eager to have Lester back next year were eager to negotiate with -- representatives. It's a question. Of what time is appropriate or that. And they went on to talk a little bit more and you -- Lucchino say among other things. That. There's a lack of dialogue going on from Webster's. Camp. -- that they wanted to negotiate a little bit further after the initial offer and the rays -- really jumped off the page at me they got my attention. Was the -- and we throw a number out there yet how did you read that passage. Yeah you resonate the same way that it did to meet his being incredibly. Happily air. We throw a number out there with the response would be yeah it was it was. It was a careless way of saying it 88. Ridiculous way of saying it was a careless way of doing it all bull both really used to Carroll's way of saying it and hindsight it was a careless layup. Doing business. Back in the spraying. When you do. Like issue dated know that won the season was going to be as bad as it was and didn't really know that Don Nelson would be playing as well as he is now. -- in the manic being better than he's being here's the exact quote I wish we'd been able to get it done earlier -- the contract to Lester but it's a clobber process what we do it was. -- number outs and at the negotiations started. Were certainly well aware. That there would have been significant improvement and that. What we expected a more concentrated and ongoing period of negotiations. Which hasn't happened yet. Always he. Again we've used -- now as a before. Go to buy a house a house or senate X price you low balled a column just to try to get the negotiations going when you all low ball offer out on the table. You want -- instead instead of having that -- jousting match you do you know a back and forth. You start so far away. Yeah he's got to be close united and united and the I keep my hands on you category. He's so used to starting so far away that there's not being used for them to return a volley. It is Christie is that people in management and I went through this before I came here went through this before -- my last two or three jobs. Management just gets off on negotiating they love it. And I do do that's yes that's the funniest part but what's the what's the push papers and and sharper their pencils all day they're there to dirty beat that back and forth. But ad that's I know we're Jon Lester is coming from on this because that soured me every time I went through this process and any job I ever -- why why we start their when you know Tennessee now. When you know you have more idea of let's be real from the start I would appreciate so much more -- be real from the store at least get close to the bullseye. And number that you really do you think you can get me yet and that will go from there and beat the -- week UB seventy million. Or you know don't give me 70000. Decode the -- to that but it just -- it. For -- whatever your. Expected prices don't come in 25 to 50% lower than what you're one again OK it is that gets the process off on such a bad foot and I think that's what there. They're reaping what they sell yet it now assists. It's just. Negotiation. 101 I mean is just all right listen what started negotiation Agassi everybody collapse site open the books the page number ten forget about the introduction. Negotiation mortal one start off with a very low number a -- -- negotiation going repeated that the way it works and I've had guys that do business with. And they purposely once I got to know them. And -- they purposely which show up to a meeting late. Half an hour late already five minutes late this is just foolish I know yet just to show all that day war. More important to keep me waiting. I know I came late and his job once before -- hired here Kevin -- still gives me jump about it is such a pet peeve of mine. But -- and what I heard on that. Once Lockett twice in one week. At this don't -- weeks. Earlier Friday to Monday so I guess you call one week but I wonder is that the tactics because. If this is what you're coming out but this is the first Michael little volley that you're gonna throw it was it was beautiful really and it was unique and the most. I hate when you're talking about the numbers that were talking about hate used the -- disrespectful because it isn't disrespectful. Put the average person for the ordinary person for all of -- to -- seventy million -- that is what I wrote on W yet I got out it was get compartmentalized life it negated that there will give -- to their bubble get -- the field of -- -- Jon Lester has like been. What his sport is what is cops far. Is this what his -- Thought but to draw and analogy do you think that's what Miami is doing with LeBron right now do you think that's what Cleveland is doing with LeBron right now just. -- and number out there to -- discussions going. Now -- not I don't think so dismissive about that Christian is if I'm looking at a from Jon Lester is point of view. Why. Why we why you just toss enough are a little bit more port that. I don't wanna get things done I've told you I would take less already. I've publicly stated that I would take less already it's seen its personal state that that was the first OK we'll again any aspirin go to on the negotiated -- I want to trap. That is a trap that is a trap for the player. That the management at GM and the coaches do -- to a third of that wanna hear but listen. It's got this red -- to figure. Out why so -- -- opera -- don't throw out ninety million. That's really where you should've started. Throw out ninety did you hear he says he said he was gonna take a -- -- seventy million. We perceive as a holdout this -- not really but that's so we should start that. So is it insulting -- it disrespectful yes based on especially now when you look at how how well he's played how many times he's saving the Steven how to's. He's one of the best pitcher right now in the -- It's like talk to Lester after the game yesterday as in the Red Sox locker room and asked him if he feels like every time he's pitching now before the all star break out when there might be some negotiations that take place all Locke Cole Hamels. From a couple years ago that he's. Moralists sending a message the Red Sox and every one of these outings that hate the prices going up. I'm not here to make statements -- -- win baseball games and that's all we're about right now on the personal stuff we'll take care of itself. I mean that's that's far from my mind right now I don't. Hold any grudges against people left and that doesn't motivate me to pitch better. Just I'm a competitor I wanna pitch well regardless of from. -- free -- to -- from you know if I've got you know years of my contract well that that doesn't motivate me motivates me is when in baseball games and when a World Series and and doing that sort of thing other stuff we'll take care of itself. Here's John -- on Lester after yesterday's game as well. A lot of times you see opposing lineups and try to protect against -- -- but today was curveball that was related difference maker. And and was able to pitch around them and scatter some basis. But so once again very very very strong on. Twelve strikeouts yesterday he's distracted by this salt certainly not showing no you know why not distracted by this anymore like being in there's not a better feeling. As a player. By if you're a free agent the last year your contract. And your plan the way Jon Lester. I mean you're just you're just proud as a peacock and you're just -- popped up and leakage you are holding all the Clark because guess what. If you're not gonna give the money that I want in somebody else well. And there is the as a team and we brought it up down the street. That is that is losing one other their main guys and to knock -- looks like he might have Tommy -- they're definitely going on the DL. You have another guy that they lost. Sabathia. They lost him also so. If if that's the fear right. So if I must not quite hardy know I have a couple suitors lined up already I know we haven't broken up if I start a -- doubt right now. And that's and that's a great this would be it is now -- play with house money. I mean how he starts as we have left realistically. I mean 1112 some like that. -- -- Think immoral on the lines of what he can get done before the trade. Yeah but it doesn't matter now he's past that point where it matters like for John we -- Agassi's he's. Built up enough credit for the season that. I know it it does it -- let's -- he completely falls off the cliff but he gets hurt knock on wood don't want that to happen to anybody. Everything is working out just the way you would hope the best case scenario like I'm more pessimistic. A pessimist by nature always think about it what's the worst thing that can happen if I make this decision what happened to knock. Yeah Obama he's -- -- he can go crimes that money -- Tennessee got the money you are OK let's -- pretty injury. Loan out your elbow that's the worst thing that could have that is the worth beginning to happen but. But as far as assuming you're gonna stay healthy the worst thing that happens for jockeys healthy he stays here he maybe doesn't make as much money. That's I mean. That's the worst. The -- is what's happening form right now Eagles out he feels it. And he goes out and they make mistakes publicly criticize a -- look he comes out that the -- is routed number just the start a negotiation going that to float. And a little dismissive yeah looks bush loyalists and you know slot I can hang out there and I wanna ask. Red Sox fans they feel the same way if you were someone who -- on the fence about how the Red Sox have handled the Jon Lester situation what you read today. Does it change your mind -- does it solidify your hunch but the Red Sox handled this wrong. 61777979837. It just came off as highly dismissive and or strategy to meet its backfiring. Right now I don't have to -- I'm not giving them a pass on this I -- -- a Red Sox fans think you can also text 37. 937 and look a bit further at this second part of the quote Christian I. I wish we've been able to get it done earlier but it's a collaborative process. What we -- it was -- number out to get the negotiations started were certainly well aware that there would have to be significant improvement -- that. But we expected a war concentrated. And ongoing period of negotiations. Well how can there be -- concentrated on going period of negotiations. If both within the last couple weeks the player himself and your -- general manager. I said you're tried to not talk during the season so you can focus on the season like for instance let's do this quote from Jon Lester I believe it was on June the 29. Some of them. Pretty consistent with. You -- -- performance before it's. Just I don't. For me and our focus from my focus right now is -- These students team backwards to be. Would that -- say that -- the last thing I want these guys have and what's your company. So you have a good. Perhaps it prudent and it's hard to -- at all. We're off to win. Talk kind of it's more appropriate and you know we'll we'll flip from realtors. And the -- feeder that is wood and -- it and say it would Dennis and Callahan on July the third. You know I think John those. Larry enters this. It and I think we all feel including on. You know given where we are right now -- here. Yeah what what this speaks. For all of us over the next. You know future leaks. There we are folks are received. He knows. In the big picture will no longer have to hear. You know reduce the soccer. So -- -- -- and and you know great powers shall start this season. So I ask you Christian how can you have a concentrated on going period of negotiation if you're not having a period of negotiation during the season he decided to not do anything during. Spring training after the initial dismissive but there are seven need to yeah have my my courses do these guys talked to the all talked about the talk to each other. Who do look Kerry looked look you know and Terry took today the -- trying get on the same page. If consumers I hear this and as I hear the what Lester is doing. That was a very subtle jab -- At management how they're handling the cot at how they're handling the contract unanswered question directly I do think they talk and I think Lucchino had a moment. Honesty and clarity there are not the penalties honesty I think in this discussion he was very more honest yeah IE he might have actually slipped to not be on the same page detailed and yes. We were trying to talk to them but no they're not engaging us now. As opposed to what -- Tim was saying Dennis and Callahan. I think that cherry -- was trying to go the company line at the time. The company a lot of time is we don't wanna talk during the season to distract everybody from the process of trying to win games that was the company -- the reality is we're trying to engage them. Because remember we heard reports of -- rob Bradford had a first. That the Red Sox were trying to reach out to Lester. And his camp wasn't. Really responding. The next thing they wanted to hear was not a number being thrown out there what they want it was a real. Follow up closer to the -- so I think to answer your question directly yes they do talk. But Larry might have gotten a script in this answer would Dan and was the more honest answer that's what I think. 6177797937. Let's go to Weston who's calling for Peabody I've west and go ahead you're on. Well good morning gentlemen -- today currently. Wonderful so on the market to go we -- talking about Howell but -- tequila a lack aero look the game. Other players in the team. And it I would like that take you know that back outlook. Had come to fruition. When it's hot it's subconsciously. Well a patient performed -- -- your contract and -- -- Claire want it and you want a World Series. That being treated like that disrespect. Why would think that you're coming to the end of your contract that you would want to perform even harder because regardless of -- stay with your current team or not you need to make money and then you would make a statement to the rest of the lead. Or go -- out. -- going loyalty to the organization or the organizations -- well you. Not I don't think you're foregoing loyalty to an organization -- -- -- the call I don't think you're foregoing loyalty to an organization is -- to -- that -- yeah -- you can -- is better than -- Christian but if you fulfill your contract and I don't see -- you're being disloyal you maybe -- -- commanded the Red -- like LeBron James is -- -- -- Cleveland -- -- as I was playing some I knew you would go down that path early in his conversations. Yeah I knew that was common. We're one -- Arkansas and act alone Cody. You're an -- And now aren't. Not to anger that is sure I would particularly indeed. Tell us just to date I've heard out of this. When you're negotiation with someone that your brand -- secure relate where featured in a whole lot different than the total stranger. It almost seemed like completely -- -- get to bed at the wonder is great. Built their relationship and on the back into it what message directly back out but it. But -- newsgroup wanna pour out there aren't an organization and they get walked a little bit more low handicap -- -- business. But it also -- it -- a bit. Yet you know what this it's coming interest -- at the story come out at the same time roughly -- to hear the White Sox were in town and we had a story about a -- And what the Red Sox rule in the paper -- had the blind bid remember that 63 million dollars in Chicago was a little bit more than 68 million dollars there were on the throw out there so it was it was so honest this is what we're willing to pay you this is what we think you are worth. Paying to play for us as opposed to the back and forth. This is just mean maybe be a little bit inherently negative towards management because I've gone through negotiations like this. Just to see it starts so far away because you want to play the game I would think that nobody would wanna play that game like you're saying calling. You're you're a player that had a good relationship with the team the teams had a good relationship with you you've won together you've. Bonded together you've done great things for the city together and you gotta go through the protocol you gotta go. Noted it realized it you know it's kind of like it if you know if you're gonna get like it's like signing a pre nup it's like you know you love each other you know you wanna stay together but we have to -- this awkward. You know gathering of information it's almost like here. -- for your divorce report happens and nobody wants to sit there and tell their significant other to be a sign a pre nup about America's I'd love you but. In case something goes bad we've got to put up now. Betsy there's there's the awkwardness as a source for another breath at least -- -- products that's the -- that I think when you're dealing. When Hussein friends -- the whole friendship thing in business and baseball man and it does not exist. It exists once you -- your deal. Everybody's happy everybody thinks they won that everybody's great they're saying great things about you you're saying great things about them. You can be friendly you can go out to each other's house for did you go have a beer you can note to everyone do take a vacation. Through the contract talks start coming up everybody's a little bit more closed off. Not talking as much a little bit more cryptic and some of their evaluate. -- and -- just -- The house analogies exactly right because night. And an argument with a realistic is trying to so my previous home. Why don't have to start that high and on -- again this is the waste of time wasting three days you're wasting a week here. Whatever it is indication Jon Lester in the Boston Red Sox they're wasting months and the months are important. -- from -- point of view they're important to my elbow or my weight -- From the Red Sox wanted to use the import in the sense that we might not be able to keep up with the Yankees this gets to the offseason. Because the reasons you just pointed out they've lost every pitchers are the could be more desperate to get a guy like Lester now yes it would put a. Or negotiation or you got it says OK here's the house I want here's here's the play and I don't want your GM. Okay I know what I wanna keep me here's the number no games here's -- I'm writing you know where that OK take it or leave it. Maybe there's a little bit negotiation argues that there and you played it's cat and mouse game CA I'm more direct here that I want here is going on. This is what we think you're worth yeah I resemble much more of the former I'm much -- don't give that offer. -- either you wait for something better you think things will change in your favor and you don't wanna be screwed you wanna make sure you win that's I've lactic position that the arena right now.

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