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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Emmy nominations are announced 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

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Life has brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99%. Ball Americans building a better. Network -- -- looks amazing. Guy. Gearing is set. He is hard 2:1 morning last night for good beer I don't think you know indulging in the I don't sugar -- -- rhetoric gone. Don't forget all up in that. The pals over last night at the council rules don't want this -- -- I barely drink one drink in. Congratulations thanks -- training 1989. That is that it for. Ash Wednesday gave it up a lot of -- back never went back. -- -- Obviously five years past actually I'd -- -- -- regular Roger Ebert it's. Is right up as a you have got documentary light of herself but they'll watch you and your run -- him ever now I would love to have you always great pals Hewitt. Tom Shales knows what to college William. In the ruling passed for a different that -- had an audience of doctorate but now I -- all the time. India -- on -- read the last passage of The Great Gatsby. All the -- Saturday they take -- -- -- short film together outweighed what you greeted some of Chicago. Park yeah that's a great. I'd never -- academic government idea but Hebert that you want it's such a newsroom. And Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore that made yeah in -- yeah. I had not brought to you by AT&T here but the Emmy nomination just -- your team we got -- orbit the -- I care act when you watch the -- Now watch you'll -- as I'd like Portugal now watch the -- I I like some of the Oscars and I I watched the US is while doing stuff right I don't -- it would set. When when the foreign documentary comes up on like with them I'm not outraged at so and so was nominated him thrown him out there's nothing could easily be more baseball itself he couldn't cut shorter but more fish you want to cut the -- -- some. That you -- probably -- close to the OS -- become the show. Was Bob Hope like that I think -- I mean I am going back I was a kid. Johnny Carson. Eyesight American masses documentary yes -- right and and Steve Martin was talking about Johnny Carson hosting the Oscars Neeson Johnny Carson did it right. Ten minutes and this is these are Steve Martin's exact words Kamal give ten minutes of the best but here we -- and get out of the way right. Good advice and now it's now that -- the -- -- -- Billy Crystal was great. It was -- I was really needed for most of this year. Hugh Jackman or is that now Tony's was Seth MacFarlane that was last year. Al Kelly Jack -- students self ethnic group that the -- -- disaster Seth MacFarlane was -- it's -- -- that I would agree that the best drama this is. There's a golden age. I think would all agree that. If your best drama nominees breaking bad. Game of drones house of cards true detective Downton Abbey which received them now and Matt. You can do better. That's that's if that's got to be the best in history on mad men as one of the best dozens -- missing in the drones is one of the best doesn't have casinos cars rubbish doesn't it. And breaking bad goes goes all. Like top ten shows the future detective. Now this is true not -- and I and I try to get an on demand yes that's not so the problem video goes this so much good TV now. That in in the fighting -- TV -- Steve you agree that. The best of television as never ever been better the worst the television has never been -- watchers -- agree cast. They're going reality TV it crap they put on now and in more actors around job is the first time last night actually watched a pseudo sitcom -- out of -- -- -- anymore has got good reviews welcome to Sweden is now with what's your faces brother Greg -- I was. Actually not bad until you I never think to go to the networks like 8 o'clock there's nothing I don't watch network modern family. That's Hastert still watchable and jumped the shark it's -- to the shark it's -- the shark that's barely sharks bought a game and if I trust you really got a family now is this like the beginning. In this chaos at the end somebody talks about so IGL at the end. Families all that matters I'll show each other hugging and that's the thing about white and fairly easy just turn it on at any juncture of the plot is irrelevant. To the gags. So you can turn around Martin family just watch it -- twelve minutes with no real interest in what this is all about what they're setting up. In just watched the comedy and full it's fine it's not it's not offensive it's it's OK but I feel like it's. Wear them when it was good vs now it's over backward as you drop cable shows and nobody. Or Netflix and Netflix -- as a -- and -- nominated for best comedy. And like -- 2000 cars and this one did you. Post season always better partner in addition out of killed -- and they throw Kate merits for it but -- -- him a -- guy. Now I'm swords and sandals enough for me and I knew more from me except that this particular programs so well done. And I wasn't westerns -- ever and then. -- came that was great debt was one of the top three Porsche of everything. It's oh my god that Lewis was was so good. It was so good they could bring it back -- it was so expensive to do. Because every little tiny all the shares. Yeah while game at browns I don't know how they pay for that movie and you'll watch -- team. Now I told yet right mr. I'm not I'm a mom with the witnessing sources that handles well and I guess I guess that eluded us from which they are fast stuff Peter includes -- -- -- the whole thing is that it's not not for me scares of the guys I guess she's really good. He's off the chart does a million shows that boardwalk empire people like never never got influences like you masters sex but very good book watch that privacy -- you would like that. -- good show period. -- -- being made about Dan rather -- role bode George W. Bush is that national parts of the hole behind the scenes and asked. -- just cast in the lead off the director Robert Redford. As Dan rather rather. Should they get someone that's younger than -- and that was one reference probably all of years. To Redford is playing -- Dan rather this movie's director and mr. Sheehan said she. I'm gonna have I mean I. You know it's funny when I heard Michael Keaton was going to be the bat him and they and they brought back the Batman series of movies yet. Michael Keaton Batman and and you saw a bad man -- OK he came to pull that off. So stranger things have happened there was no Kristen Bell. And then it was it Matt Damon playing the varieties boyfriend like how to gonna pull that off and they pull that off if he plays in nineteen year old little old for me. I think they pulled it off July that. Moving aria was Michael that they must have last make that -- they said they did all right -- I would love to bend it like behind the scenes like the outtakes of ballots that. And Matt Damon pulled that up so. It's Hollywood make up special effects lighting you can do anything but this -- challenges my belief that that can be done. Robert Redford is Dan rather -- first was to both number two famous. -- -- -- two guys -- you know a Christopher Plummer played Mike Wallace and the inside -- its -- in what was a guy that. That died played or how money boat payments -- Hilltop and I just lightweight miscast except that he he had a great -- are actually coming apart that he played I don't know he he didn't seem like Art -- because we in who fall baseball. We know what our -- like. But he didn't know that. He was a passable big league manager yeah. Noted that general look good are always big and Borland value right now the casting was strange -- such a good -- -- did you see -- lost the record no. I flipped around outside is that brings great didn't stay -- -- a big red or any dialogue at all. Both the whole time -- just. He's -- and actually -- at the natural. Not too maudlin fields yet nationals moved to -- the reason to hope for now that's not that's you sort of like the natural. Now I really like the natural I hit it was always weird with my main problem with -- dreams and it's not gonna do what you think -- Joseph Jackson it had no problem with that sign its online -- like it was -- it was James Earl Jones talking -- harking back to the great old days and everything was good enough where blacks couldn't play baseball. -- -- And then and then they bring back all these big guys is Gil Hodges it's journalist it's it's smoky Joseph wood. It couldn't bring back Oscar Charleston it's natural paid. It is is is even heaven segregated they couldn't bring back in usually plays the play in Iowa. No I didn't agreement that's always bothered me. Fair point that's a fair point at their father and brother could Kamal today lightning never while what -- is -- Gibson. Jack could abrupt about Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson. Obama is always to a sort of like you know at the end there you wouldn't play he's grumpy and I like. -- people to Scotland or give you money for that that's supposed to be the big mess you make some money -- -- going to be like that -- Too -- for. -- movies once again Saturday is my favorite driver down the highway. And they pick up this kid and the in the -- -- of -- and low heat which he named -- grant program so it's Archie Graham from 1922. And they show up -- the park and he sees of these ball plays and he goes. Smokey Joe wallet inked Gil Hodges and he says -- I just yes -- -- -- -- yes he does it out that's a -- says -- -- and we get. There's there's Mel -- Has a -- I heard Gil Hodges and Ty Cobb was going to be repelled a suburb of that and that's it that's at three -- says that -- cut and above say he says him yeah right. Yeah yet we don't mistake it. And at that little -- also really owed to me is not agree. Spree in a week plays he plays -- he played Shoeless Joe Jackson like yearly. Like -- pleasure to meet you sir -- -- was a good song was a good. -- Jack curry challenge. Is based on its moves ever it was Joseph Jackson pilot whose great great. Nephew played in the tightly couple years ago -- named Joseph Jackson but so are the -- would know. All times are historic but. So you've got smoky Joseph wood in pillaging is being played -- like an Ivy League. Which is -- which is not accuse them that's true Gil Hodges that the bar and says that. I think -- I think you -- remember him this I don't think you are right. But the other one is a fair point of the James Jones we thought those -- Google -- the salad days to read by the way. Yes -- did. Wants and it's JD -- them in the bright which makes cents I guess yeah but Angela Jones who knows nothing about baseball so they can give no script that's probably -- and he's done. He's had to before there was no sign of view of the city know nothing of John descended nothing about football. It's -- resident with strip -- that young quarterback named unite as it was they were so he's eligible. That's headlines brought to you by he never said that six point 7779. 793 -- -- more Red Sox -- -- mix and we have to get the brighter at some point today at least to give you not the easiest -- continues to. The barge -- the stuff between the world cup of the broad what is he asking him do broadside the World Cup -- the two -- preemption BC's. Sunday -- two hours. -- Jim Gray at -- and read it I've got more we get back.

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