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Red Sox walk-off again 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

The Red Sox walked off for the second straight game against the White Sox. Kirk, Meter and Buck look at the win and potential roster moves in the future.

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Delegate to the I mean listen the embarrassing. Fed Steve -- that is one of the worst when we get we put this out later Uga it's dirty governor it is cringe. Worth it is if it's from Psycho to. Shot. Three month but the Harrison and crawling around on the -- army -- and media rip job column it's common well. Yeah I'm at some point -- chip on the part -- sensitive than skin and it's gonna end badly yet that's that it actually has -- -- I've ever and it's gotten a copy of authority and Clinton don't get it on topic and there were on what's up -- I am I having a great summer you are -- go -- that -- really it's what Simon doing a lot of stuff house sub and get away. And stuff. Like that they did it avoids the edit percent of what. I'm doing stuff they talk is Nadia I mean -- meters now either I don't I hit -- stuff I know them all it was because men did was now. And I'd you know walls and I took it completely -- note rooms and put it back and mindful of 112 years ago recondition. The like are you. You're the Porter was in Vietnam and all -- and I don't need to be moved out if he is the exact opposite -- water that's me Q squabble you know. Baseball digest books -- I don't have jobs might I -- it guys now right I do you have. Pretty much every media Major League Baseball going back two hours ago I have a title role in in my office. I'd like to DG BC that they didn't show up right usually -- who's -- -- like me Zomorodi entry Durham tough -- And -- -- army unit but it won't allow this and then at three in the afternoon ink it will -- -- -- -- orders start. -- -- Position very cute little fairly madam chair to stay away from a fun little. You have plagued the boys' toys. -- -- how it's estimated that some Lehman remind you hired from Charlotte lament for sure. -- like knocked down coal and -- how it's different not got knocked lawyers are not a good idea my house is eleven years old ray and I have. Worn down all the laws the first floor and pick -- built with steel beams on the house. We knew we IT. Did you for a -- -- pointed and and open up a whole birth. A tip of what used to be attic complete ignited that entire attic is one huge veterans might look at them out one closet. Second floor I took out I took a big room. It would on the wall. They'll -- wall and made the entire front of the house my office which is that now huge room and all the windows overlooking street. Both cases one title this is over nineteen years very nice. Guys -- nice place and a palatial -- you -- know it is not palatial. -- -- -- -- Is -- -- -- like old style Victorian Cambridge houses. -- in Cambridge I grew up in Cambridge well but it is an old style house. But I have viable laudable but it and I am not order -- I don't wanna be your guy would piles of newspapers and house and so in in him head that up but the pass. Like to a three times a year I get trashed in wrote tons and tons of stuff out. Right because it does pile up pressure and and we aren't we are in the business will we get -- stuff in the free stuff is it worth anything. Endeavors and when you bring it home in the -- look at this that T shirt from the the -- you know come out and contest that lol. I love the the issue back from bowl games. You know in the gym bag always get this year in the -- that you depend principal. About to -- submit those cheesy bulls transport -- yet. -- report I got I think it was the classic golf shirt -- that the -- when they give you opinions like -- solar collectors editions in everybody but it muted then everybody has one of these hobbies there are people like notes. Who collects these pins and have. And the house has got them as you probably know works the press box. That -- the soda machine -- Guys I retired -- but I like him by the ballpark on time is -- different as -- incentives are always desperate Republicans really yes there. Not a Big Ten guy retired any lives and what Myers my dad and tell me now the mayor of felony in -- days ago now erupted last -- yesterday meter. Another win for the Red Sox two in a row in America that we are not gonna say we're. Well you would you know and I noticed you know and ask you -- it here hurtling it creeping back to a billion debt and it ultimately -- -- -- -- cutesy -- what is this. It's 607. This is a launching point presents -- launching point. We know the intricacies know they're gonna you struggled the rest of the way that's okay -- -- average right now. The story I guess yesterday as he continues to be when he pitches like this is Lester. And we as a star which he did yesterday ZR like there's some -- one over his last six starts he was great fantastic in the game. I think what -- is always let's go thirty note issued earlier hopes that would pay up. The arguments about this year or next year even a year after its about -- for five and six. That's why I don't think -- sign him that's why woods. Of this this. -- before and I beat you what pretty good because you not to Myron you challenge me -- name -- pitcher who's won any games after the age of thirty years but was that. And that's I think you might when you're paring down. Shrapnel walls and we both of you imagine that there was there was no sure dreamed it there are conversely it was a Comcast congress. Maybe but I mention I -- to -- Al Leiter for instance who had a phenomenal career after the age of thirty who Curt Schilling -- phenomenal career at the age of thirty in and on and on and on my my points means to that. That Jon Lester. Has never been injured. And he's had a health scare. The cancer back in summer of 06. He was back in the spring of 07 he was so far away from being game ready they had entity in an exhibition game against the twins. A B game at 10 o'clock in the morning and him stadium. In goes from that. To pitching the clinching game of the World Series and key as an 830 start guy all the way along. He likes pitching in Boston he's comfortable the whole Boston based -- experience thing. And he's he's. On the mom I find him entertaining watch because -- always admired the meanness. That he brings to now as I wrote last week. He he is not as entertaining as he's not. The guy you look ahead four days -- Lester pitches when I placed her -- -- is that the ought to feel the debt is an important total -- and -- on purpose I think you'd Somalia there and I don't the one truly fascinating thing. That I've heard him say it was in response to eight. Cheese ball questions that I asked him when he pitched in the all star game few years ago in Anaheim he pitched in the premieres. And what type you know outside the club Boggs at third base side in value they do those in game interview held -- the -- -- -- And I said to him pay when you guys are in Portland. Did you Hanley Ramirez have a corporate pizza would say maybe Sunday will be the all star game together. Is that based Asia and his response was well first of all I'd never go for pizza with him. And it was a low with I can work with this and I have always like Lester because he. He backs up what he says he's mean. But the one Florida that would that mean this is he directs and umpires too often and in east too good a pitcher. He's two he's got too much Major League experience too much cash today to whine and roll his eyes at. Ball strike calls -- -- a great town go to them what they always have with Lester going into the season was different insurers are the other guys has never had that season. -- Jerry was 25 to 67 was 33 year he's having an appeal to manage these -- gotta go ten and thirteen out of but I mean the you know we don't look at wins and losses and we don't you know so don't look at wins and losses referral -- is having a great not. Not a -- great season and it you know I -- -- the money but to be fair. This year when he's when he's had a cash -- NBA season that we can finally is yet it -- since last October. He's been thought up (%expletive) what you got this dispute Don I try to start to say where I started they had us now is so therefore does that. Oh well -- you know I I don't often get them before the trading deadline I think it'll get done. Because he is a guy who can pitch whether it's Sox in Boston and as we learned. Over the years never assume the guy who comes to Boston complaint would you sign six years 152 is what he's gonna get if he gets a mystery. Heard about the 150. But I would I would paid -- heavy freight. As far as the Red Sox or we don't give this is the thing that the right site they'll -- big conference will they did with Pedroia. Well they did it that was pretty low pre and yes it was but but the point I'm making is that they seem willing. It Pretoria is any kind of guide post break they seem willing to pony up for their -- guys. Who approved -- can play here but under market value per year which is we don't worry it which he offered Lester and -- would put to the test -- contention that he would give it is now. We're but I mean I don't think he's cool he's a particular one I think he will too we degree. He's got about twelve weeks left the free agency twelve weeks or whatever is this an important point see the finish line there's an important point that people miss Lester. And I'm gonna Q you were up to roll your rise but it. Because you and I one of the best talks we have to have his -- Hall of fame -- hall of fame he's. -- As a way to go they don't have again about a half a -- and a we've done what Kirk and I don't want shows yet we have spirited discussions -- hall of -- and I happen I think the Jon Lester. Is trending he's got a 641. Time in prison or thereabouts right and we act and ever see a community wondering and so that's that's over what we're not gonna have. When I can -- like Mickey lol it's guys to appropriate innings nor Ryan that's not gonna happen anymore. The way pitching you use these days. Regatta went 220 games is going to be a big deal and you look at Jon Lester is lifetime numbers in if you can kind of play at the numbers a little bit lucky with -- and build the next six years. I believe that Jon Lester has a shot at all of thing. And sometimes guys they leave the city -- -- and in the suffer. Mo Vaughn left Boston pardon me the phone with Jon Lester carpenter Jon Lester who's next to me at 5 AM. So Jon Lester rather Fred -- leaves Boston. If these they but the records demonstrated. If -- -- to remain with the Red Sox he -- -- and -- if -- monitor main threats like you might have been all baby I promise fat fat suit on and Royce and naked and you get an after the Royce is a better case because he netted him one of those guys looked upon how -- Detroit red now. But the but the fact is it it Jon Lester goes someplace else and they don't put a winning team behind him. And it's not a comfortable environment for him and his family members suffer for Albany doesn't go to all how many guys -- is this is -- as -- Eighth ninth season at least in capital six cent or six right how many guys pitched their entire twenties. Without -- -- POP3 Cy Young finish and -- all of my guesses. And start it in the history of baseball. He's shortly I will look up Don Sutton just because he might be that guy maybe 200 games but beat me in and Don Sutton didn't get -- -- main operation your golf. While he would support line and he went 323. Games. And up to but -- I would you say dogs so what do I think it also if you give us your pictures poker Pittsburgh -- winning percentage would be 643 -- and I think it's really persuade that means nothing which I don't I don't care. But OK so prima games doesn't mean anything to you with a Don Sutton and now. Com Don Sutton if you if you really sit down and look at Don Sutton year by year sudden his one. Is what twenties couple top five and look at it and if you look at Don -- Korea numbers very rarely -- like four times his entire career could you point to him that he was the aces that. He was always behind somebody else who had a bit bigger better season. And ease of ultra great -- in need a pitcher that you and your heart is well but he was always he was always the number two guy. But the number three guy except that he was that number two guy that -- got the twenty years. And won 300 games right so it all depends on how you wanna play with the numbers what I'm saying is. -- intimacy is the ace of the staff I only had gotten a -- Jon Lester sit around today where -- use our thinking geez you know what. 150 million dollars from the Yankees 160 million dollars from the Yankees or 96 endorsements but there's a chance that by live in the different -- I am on the hall of fame and agility -- -- -- -- it down like that and it sounds clever but that's not the case -- the ball. He wants on the Red Sox in 96 million idea especially there at such best offers to a I don't think it will all agree 100 million no way -- it. It clear that did. This that the bars though the law bars seven they've gone up thirty plus I don't think so I don't I don't really understand what the seven million dollars was all about. -- -- it was designed a system. I think it was does I think it was decides to be a little ball starting offer was about offer they knew that that they just wanted to -- you kind of on the waters and say here his -- seventy. Good bad and it leads me to this question because obviously the reflected call press conference and announced we want Jon Lester back and willing to pay seven million dollars for. The offer was so bad. At the -- camp leaked it to make threats like foot bad and good business on their part. I -- I wonder how many teams. Come out with really really embarrassing opera's first time out of the gate. It just doesn't it leaked probably priced at the time I guess -- talk about Ellsbury last year to write my point OK if you agree with that didn't. The Lester Crawford isn't as egregious as you might think what is that the reds are there at all right first round negotiation. I don't think so and I and I do think if you read. Please call comments that business journal every few months ago we can dig out -- -- not a that I. And I. And I am not gonna pay any business journal -- pay money to guys in their thirties they're just not in Bok you can give me out later that's fine pitch for a lot of might never had a huge contract to Schilling it's not -- That's also fine what you would agree that the track record if you stack up guys in their thirties making big money. It's the long term deal yet -- which makes you would agree that track record is. Hugely negative yes it's like close yes but -- -- -- guys -- -- -- bright guy Alan white bright guys. Are making argument apparently a month or I I don't get sick flies in the face of apparently of light so -- that not duck caller on. Doc has done so. He's just done done shoot tomorrow. Lester. Yeah some some mitigating factors that he's not in 9700. Mile an hour -- I'm very pleased. Soft little -- up -- -- but he's not a guy who's who who if he loses a mile to his fastball. His -- -- great not the cure you of those guys we pitcher. A loan and you agree. Yet I grew all right I'm lining you up here and -- I would. Adult and hit a I practically invented it. Number two we -- agrees kept himself in good -- He's you know he's got wolf he's pork is a picture he pulpit to look at tactic fat -- and these -- is that -- rush and now not jacket. Now back -- CIR -- part of that. Group I -- he's amid thirty straight from the path I could see some mid thirty sportage. So that's my but it happened that all of this does but he's not he's he's not what you would curl her field that would you accomplished that -- felt. He's how would you call help risk no thanks god I mean hopefully obviously -- -- and number three has -- not shown over the years that -- bright lights in the does that meet your expectations and expectations. The constant carping and whining is doing at this very moment doesn't seem to have an effect on wilted predicted 2011. If you give them down times here so now I think sometimes when the going gets tough he's not -- toughest guy I've. -- -- -- c.'s post season record is great amok in the pace simply based on you know. Seven states on is no point four. 250 million dollars based on. We innings of -- analogy -- broke a hundred typically I think Eric this this year you block. You provided to million dollars around as though every other players making 20000 dollars a year what is in it everyone out. Meaning that you're you're suggesting every other players right in the Tito were equivalent pocket and that they -- it must. Fifty million dollars everybody's over eight -- everybody makes ridiculous amounts of money. -- -- 150 up the electorate. I -- it's the going rate for guys who organic it has to myself -- guy 27 million dollars and 36 it never works well first the ball. This is far is that -- six million dollars and 36. Every player. Is overvalued analyst and what doesn't work as -- work that it's bad business the Red Sox but that's -- -- -- I agree with Pedro Martinez that last year with the Mets that was. That was wasted money writes let them Mets wanted the Mets got. Tool goods through pretty good seasons. One okay season in the fourth year that's what they knew they were gonna get after four years professionally and great church was wasted his -- million dollars was that that would that was it's a disaster but -- -- but that -- that that he impact that was so silly. Big big that that bears in that by the media right. And by the fans that got to give Curtis might write a right -- meant it in it was based Leo lovely parting gift and games that's what it was a kiss. Do you think he'll be embarrassed again what -- will they have to count our wall to the cries of the media and no it is now. And also the fans will they Willy -- to that pressure like. Well I'd like lol I don't know that it it's funny you say that because I don't think the fans. Or is emotionally. Invested in Jon Lester as the war I don't think there they won't care he walks and Ellen I don't I don't like to be a day or two and -- will be I don't -- won't care but they won't be up in arms as they have been -- other place he's not he's not not -- he's -- he's just not NIC and I -- friends and that's -- for now it's part of what I like about. -- I write this and you heard -- walk on Lackey for me off the tees. And Kaczynski and all those guys will get to I am. Miami rob brat when it comes to Jon Lester okay with them. That -- -- -- you know that would be practically suck up and -- We had this type I guess that is I -- say we just understood enjoy later he sees that like would you say. -- I don't like Robin LeBron. But I mean we brought you. We are you -- I love guide before you -- that measure that is one thing I don't like I -- John Lackey that's true -- guy by all terrific guy that total fraud to think Bradford is as bad as job. Nine is great as I thought he gets players did to say things that he. But it threw it a nice little filter and it's nice to meet. And you know as far as the the -- Brad you -- your Bradford threw the last Miami Bradford to jail last year without. Without the you know I don't go fishing let them would you -- with no I wouldn't I personally go fishing with anybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We continue. Are the level I would go on day then knocked it through your party day -- -- go fishing would benefit. It's boring guy who's -- -- opera and certainly he's obviously. Target I got into -- -- glorious past it's what was likeness that they have like one of those that story like Robert Duvall was on with Howard Stern a couple of weeks ago it was. Awesome looking up on your closet he was dishing out mr. Apocalypse Now copilot. I'm Hamachi its Nicholson. Tell all states that don't act means that -- memories to live with. Pacman doesn't Korea partner -- owners of the story of Christopher street and did villages and only -- like music and Iraq and pork. You know according about the ball is -- if you look hard and you've Bynum playing really tiny -- fuels like wild wild west and I stars. Steve McQueen movie -- Guys that -- cab driver and he was like -- and we take in the -- -- from that job yet what he's one of those guys who worked forever you know really -- father when he took off and then he had -- that he did eagle off -- Marlon -- busy he had some -- tells the stories about you know votes went for Madonna -- -- -- -- big but the thing is -- in -- in depth of worship. And -- brand. That -- and action rationed now you tell stories. They show this picture. Of you hold signs for -- can remember strip and you fall in this country as the tuxedo one. Yeah just taxied off that pressure on the huge war with all the words -- -- -- Which is always wondered about the as the -- There's got to be more than we know what he said and he goes on -- -- turning -- Robert -- -- Says you use that. While Robert by the grace actually -- -- -- to -- the second greatest you know -- you know is the big not just the tainted the biggest thing happened on the play and the pace senators Barbara and we all know I the second IG act as my you get it out Brian on. Talking about -- act when he could what's has resulted it's it's going to be who is out of water -- that the -- where we're at where we're in the coach go to college. -- -- -- Yes -- and return with and it you heard untouched right. Today Q&A wedge to know that -- you are as yet that's reports that yes yes that's the overcoat on April a month and it's exactly what -- your element to it and he was ravaging morality. And brought sterling. That Agassi was stupid Foster care but that might predictable story is that scene where godfather. Where. He has the -- it's in Tino -- in -- -- -- -- and they had filmed it. It's in the can it done and they -- -- whip in the set down in an -- exaggerated but the wall says. To -- to do one more time. Right and and he's got you know he's got the great Marlon Brando there -- probably wants to go for a lot with the cap and first does that prove it. Prefer and and I do have a question about it and a second but but if you just look at that -- seen. He'd just hits it right out of the ball yeah I was all emotionally yet and -- him on the and that is him after -- willing to do one more time now. The issue of only ten at that scene -- -- you have an -- Arafat Romans yeah but. After the god father says oh you know what I want no accident but and that is he gets up and walks away. He he tapped the phone right. And nieces called bonus there will need them now that the undertaker that did not -- on the big end of the year and so. Did not have a probably thinks are right take care of them go back to bed. And then Tom Hagan takes up the phone this is Tom making calling on Vito Corleone. West. But he says he'll be your shop in one hour BO four. And Marlon -- got both clubs at an angle to get dressed now part of the mine that's. You know if you I'll be it will be different now you know a mafia guys he failed as maybe the driving around and act are brought back to bad because when you go at making its -- gets part of the business -- -- -- all. When market real well with them may -- Question what my answer the story of -- guys forget. Don't memorized script. So Duvall was in Boston forever shoot Robert Downey junior judge ordered a couple months ago he said Downey junior -- I think -- your whole. Let's numbers script it read it -- and I -- using it seems more. Conversation. I'm told that one million dollars for -- I'm told that mutiny in the Bonnie -- Brando you can actually I haven't seen -- you can see him looking off camera. And the that the demise have the dummy cards on the -- That's how obvious it is he's like looks off. And then the army's you can see -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom Cruise. At all no that's when you become your guy madame de -- Of the Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple weeks ago while in -- -- that I shared a moment real yes he sure that your rate. 56. They'll go looking. Now it's. Ugly guys made up on move it urges all I. Six let's have it sent at seven. 7937. It's your calls here and governments we get back out at some point play to Steve lives except -- and Steve -- beat -- it wasn't -- maybe I'm wrong you guys can. Talking them -- before the show at some point to comments vote AJ Pierzynski. Paperwork. Examining -- well -- meter and Manningham for a -- He's.

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