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The AJ Pierzynski Debate: Steve Buckley vs Rob Bradford 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Steve Buckley calls out Rob Bradford on his AJ Pierzynski piece after the Red Sox catcher was designated for assignment.

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Is -- fourth and final hour. Of the fifth and final day meter is John does that say before Dino and Gerry come back on Monday join me the boys are back although there -- So it's a moment you you are always been I've said I would happily. Move back side what's to come back RG it was a matter fact. -- would move aside for you question. -- you know think -- too much money enough of those other side you're and I just opened some rumblings app from blazing grumbling to I would like. I've missed the rumblings Ingraham. So Briscoe the show was -- This entire week from Monday to Thursday was meter ripping so we took a positive today -- Monday and is just spent -- beginning to end. Ripping on rob Bradford Weis said wrote stories that nobody else wrote he would do is nobody else. But did not like the peace has been. Tough -- it fair or unfair. I've been fairly tough on rob -- -- totally forgot about it tough. Ordering was aware that joining us again in the end yeah Dodd and in four months I'll be back and over again I guess. Is rob Bradford Colorado. Morning you know you know these just sent this -- cheap ratings stunt that it is right. -- -- in Serbia for five straight days now let's not let's buck polite all week. Buck buck be adult about you bend but but well but we should probably just turned what these don't have -- -- -- -- guys on -- -- probable -- -- okay the problem is that we have a story on AJ Pierzynski after he leaves the Red Sox everyone's sort of lining up. And and you write this piece that no quotes not source meandering peace. Ripping AG present ski after he leaves the Red Sox that's all I said that it -- The locks up that's that's when I said. And and by the way any can be in there with this all carved in stone I was asked by eight the host the show what I felt about the pace and that's when I -- You're here aren't -- on this. A million dollars and yes I won't but that doesn't mean I don't like you Robin love you ought to get to -- But I don't like -- I understand that I like you personally but weird because by the the law as citizen budget times yesterday I can understand where someone might jump to that conclusion. I think if you go -- some of the writers are there that yesterday are yet that night. Leads on to mossy Alex any of these guys they'll tell you exactly and think I told them when I got back of forum club house. I what is that day because AJ Pierzynski was the story of the day he did yet -- I -- AJ Pierzynski with a bad fit on this team. Baseball wise that is the column that I want to write what's gonna -- and that's what I knew I knew from minute one. Everything about deciding what did not make sense so. You bring that war why you've written that before. I think you are -- Saturday -- -- not now it is true that you that the who's the former catcher -- -- Red -- If you have to work boat before market yet Saltalamacchia and you had a business relationship with him. I didn't. Now I. Should. I didn't get as you can talk about the group to the far -- group -- think the quote. Let's get the sad about what the south the south. They put me in a position to succeed if you don't believe me listen to a familiar voice from Red Sox past. As Jarrod Saltalamacchia. -- the best dressed person out here -- looks great good job. Remember it's all about the close and OK so you out of business relationship with the former catcher of the Red Sox. No because. Jet told to do that larger global market regatta event. A convicted who approached him about doing the spot. He got he thought he said that once once I get the clothing deal. He volunteered to sell they'll say something so -- that is that you want to say something go ahead of the media now afraid they are given many. And he came into the studio record that I didn't know what -- -- you went to the winner beating you who knew me you went to the winter meetings with the tape recorded again in record that. No after you -- and Andre says. He said what -- bout that -- clothing deal he said -- you know why else say I always say something so okay. Visit tape recorder picked -- -- I haven't it was thought arguably whether typical further element forward. OK so you've got the recording from him brought it to the station to be used in this commercial. Yeah okay so so he's your body. He's not he's my body because they got a tape recording -- To do its dual radio commerce. No I don't think that prosecuted anybody big body to sell right or did. Do you view does -- do you view does say is a violation. Does is appeal right do you view that as well I'll think about it. Take anybody give him anybody I think anybody that -- mileage than what you can plate the -- -- subprime. There you view that as a violation I just I just thought it was kind of funny that you UN aid UN -- salt market team up together to do a commercial. In which he talks about how good looking you are -- and at that. What would you park you have to play for the resurrected particularly for a -- we get back to our mortgage backed the president saying why it right -- chrome. Because that's the best the heart of the matter which was I wanted to write and AJ Pierzynski column. So I hate when it out tried out -- many people they could be for the game. Gonna get much before the game. After the game so what. Apparently going to write this that's what I -- which was terrible. As a baseball player that's what I do so then after the game went down to the club out in I have never adversity. Heard people warning you volunteered multiple people. From different corners of that club house warming -- volunteered the information which I gave up. Anonymous sources yes it was wasn't source on the record but were certainly -- off the record in the things I got. After the game and I came back up from the -- -- I had no idea. This big -- the -- -- war that morning everything else in I was blown away that I had never heard. Player -- identify like that fight is I guess now former teammate. -- jet -- a Bible I should believe probably right I believe that story idea I've. Call me soccer I love the guys that had I. So there -- I talked her you know right right we Harkin and I tell you what. No I know about eight injured present I've been on the pregame show a bit on. Wherever it Vista talked about agent present throughout the here and play as well I've been pretty artists about about how I viewed him as a baseball player if you go back. A couple of weeks and it was after. I gave in Seattle after the game I wrote -- -- saying no I thought it was time ago and I laid out. With the reasons why agent present he was a bad fit you read that column that's pretty much what I -- right right then that was after the -- -- -- Seattle. But this stuff without talking about what I have followed the number one you know and number two I was blown away. These guys. Actually felt that did that to this level that's why they I would not be doing my job if -- after -- hear these guys. It's not going up in writing that. I just think it's funny that that it's I have a I have an issue and you know I feel about this is this cozy relationship that some people have. With Red Sox players you've got a commercial which shares sold mark geared for clothing company. And in I know he's no wonder what the brits like that you are baseball writer he's a baseball player. And women rob what once. Do you think that rob thought will he plays the same position as the guy who cut the growth well I'm just saying I -- argument. I'm I'm I'm simply saying that the should be detachment you just want to talk. About well I agree John about Obama guys on the beat Adam and what do I. It's not a makes it that you want to -- to -- -- emphasize he wasn't playing for the regular food directly baseball writer that's fine. I'll I won't make it clear there's not a negative about the change it at all. And -- wouldn't -- -- so revered. The hood -- B Jerod Mayo with armed current or whatever the sale is. -- -- -- -- -- OK that's fine but that's the Pope visit. If if if they have its sponsorship and they say you know that you. This guy wants this guy award the volunteers say something on this sad. And he doesn't play for the -- starts report what I ask a red card player and that no I would -- -- -- players do that. -- -- that I didn't academic we're confusing that because that's part if you if you don't want. Dubai into the little distinctive clothing avenue that that that worked perfectly fine the front and -- -- -- the heart of the matter that it is about the present he told -- -- -- For what I hope that I. Kurt -- what the -- part of that recall -- -- -- -- that but is that what did you want me to call in because of course. Because what you're says the offensive. Well you ticker with a -- -- because the president committed right to prevent anything aren't right. He said he thought that you knew about it before. Yes before -- before -- a -- I thought I would I mean I've had I've had issues with presents deal season -- in and I'm looking at what I wrote here I had. It might interest presents you know that is on minute to put it up in the west has a comfort level with rise. As it is it had nothing to do with me comment that's -- -- nets are -- -- -- -- is rough start against the blue jays. It's smacks of the kind of buck passing that was not in evidence last season. Maybe presents his comment was just a brush fire that has been extinguished or maybe it's a red flag of sign a sign of things to come. And that that's what I broke back in. May 26. Well congratulations. RBIs but it after the yelled after this yellow period there was just supported. Then edit my point is is that and so you're out you think that I didn't do this stuff that I wrote and I thought it. I don't actually actually wrote actually radical look at the larger issue I had was it in and -- -- playing his wing and he's doing a well. The larger showing that was but the players. Saying what they said because I think that now presents he becomes the convenient whipping boy all that's gone wrong with this team this is Bobby Valentine was in 2012. Well then they should no problem with the market. Installment -- because players were part of that. Dollar parties the lions. It. And I don't regional intimacy damaged the lines and let -- -- 11 last thing big what what more things Europe is that. Buck also said he mentioned -- out by name your last hour. You said that you guys. Lick the boots of Mike he's that night I guess you did not say -- -- metric symmetric guys the all the offense. That's exactly what I said -- exact I said rob and Alex all these guys have a great relationship with and Mike Hazen and all that and these guys get a free pass. Roberts is Bobby Valentine. Who got raked over the -- everything happened in 2012 and I personally. Put as much if not more blame. One bench Harrington in the front office because of the team that was assembled. And I also said I preface everything I said by saying the Bobby Valentine was the wrong bitch should not have been manager that team is administrative skills it waned. Use the wrong guy at the wrong time but to blame but that he takes too much blame for what happened 2012 fair or unfair. What are you got here or not just saying that out and think that the cart. Goblet DB you got a hold dramatic thing going on you you've got you got work to have you ever written Sheraton in print -- I assure -- Serbian republic to -- it. I -- a bit of the present -- thing. With a terrible side and eight in dole lets it go back to -- highly highly rated trade deadline show last night that had -- from ten to midnight. It if there with open arms about that -- a couple that we talked about we talked about the other day I was on that -- your guys show. Say that look at the acquisitions absolutely. Atom was Valentine I'd be developed by the bit of doubt every step of the way. Then and he just kept bigger than his own hole without a whole other -- -- fine if you wanna feel the way I understand. But I know we come back to this -- -- thing. And and so when -- -- that you have a problem with me -- it because I knew this stuff mentality that I didn't know this stuff. If that doesn't make any sense. I guess I well I guess. I got a dollar view at their best we got picked up the good stuff -- now get the real stuff for the last couple but it. -- and ask your question do you think David Ortiz or did Steris. I have a standing answer for all local -- because he flunked the test in 2003 -- yes OK fine robbed care to answer a question. If that that is quite -- but -- that -- in it and figure out -- he did do something to not did not pass that test right. Yes yes yes. I don't like so they get -- me about steroids that did you go to these steroids. When there's fifteen different thing that he can do. I don't know I can't say he did. Well I'm sorry immediate -- -- let me rephrase your question performance -- something yet is that I think yes yeah -- knowingly. Yes -- OPEC -- before. These two -- now. What my standard answer that is because I think -- and -- at some point for saying the wrong thing at the Lawrence I'm right in the absence of any cold hard information yes I I simply answer the question this way and I always answered this way. I accused nobody I suspect everybody. They I think. Really wouldn't look at mr. Clinton and bring people together. The fireworks I expected. Frankly as I orchestrated the oil unify that last how many you've been in here. It is truly unified or is it like I I just told you that back then and now I'm not. Let's say outlets and if I'm you personally I I've withdrawn presents key story. Meet personally from a guy -- -- it's XP on my heavenly -- on a big league baseball player on my commerce. I and that the -- the despite Toobin that that I don't think that's right -- -- that. I'm with buck an alum but I don't think because he did a commercial with the former catcher. You're going after the current action that's a link that doesn't if you look at it as a learning more -- hold -- I think that the cozy relationship between media people when athletes. And get over done with that. Well I would say this is that so -- -- -- to this story. You know that that's what -- probably had yesterday which is it's -- and if you think that way but let me explain why it wasn't that way. And then maybe give some credit because everyone else who has done the exact same thing after that game. And try to get that information but they -- So. You know -- as big bet it is in that case. That was important information that was -- -- -- instead of just they are all that was in trusting and I'm glad that was served Brit there was men actually been written a month ago. Rob is an unfair media even raise the Saltalamacchia. Radio spot. Is it -- I can understand later written about our -- Think right now I've always been and of always been a comfortable with that kind of stuff. And. Well I I think everybody equally -- your thought when you start the conversation that I'd I'd pay him or something. All right I I. I think you took advantage of a cozy relationship you have with thoughtful -- I don't think that's the. Already have all I would just say this site they keep -- once again. He offered. As a member of the Miami Marlins at the baseball winter meetings in Europe is a writer they don't think for a commercial once he found out. That I was that I wish I had this clothing deal. And so I stuck my vote in front of its phase the powers could be my employers. Want it that it be on the -- beer and that's fine. So there. I'm not a problem is laws as a member of the Miami Marlins -- -- that's exactly what do very -- -- -- -- -- it's not like it's like Saltalamacchia randomly said hey I really wanna do that for -- on the commercial I suspect someone help our little quiet -- -- you should read only one day cares -- -- you woke up in the morning -- did you -- -- for a guy is doing. Voice over for the commercial -- -- Actually I think he probably did -- that as well yes I like to. And I bite but as -- said before you know you always say like are you terribly draft -- -- -- in the winter meetings. I said. You know -- get that clothing deal. Did he really say where is rob Bradford what have you done with them. Oh everybody in their ways that's even acquaintances that even acquaintances. In the current picture it go you know I don't have a lot of broad level over point you have. A conference I rob thank you very much extra. Rob Bradford Debbie had a cup defending himself as best he can it should be -- that's fine is the country that's account hand. Militants who is an MRI RL and by the way it's an original -- by the way I'll be back on the day after Thanksgiving. This angle -- that's not true music Bradford as a program decisions. -- How does that work. -- I don't know how it's working we have Odyssey of a thing in your minds how does that process work. Oliver Stone but he -- This some conspiracy I I I I be honest I do talk to rob all the time I do think that he didn't know those stories until I I totally believe that. But as I said -- that that makes them comfortable you don't mind he's with mine. Now I don't mind is -- if you with a Red Sox I would maybe -- that the will be much targeting an audio it would issue a Josh Beckett. Yes yes yes a little bit yes I I don't I don't like. Is that I do understand what people saying well and I trust -- -- one of those -- butchery or and hang out with Roger Clemens is there no -- golf but now. Nothing often now that mean I -- lunch with players. -- story I'm going its corporate redolent kinda hang with the guys after hours. But to do the no I am -- of a more global busters that's just what I do. So it's not within my nature to. -- -- Six was 777979. -- said the deal would say. Should give you numbers to draw a line up look at the number of much. Number. About that says the lack of numbers mean Davis phone calls have been damaged you really want it taken more phone call has after the first of half hour or so far valid point. I had a PC caller we just lost. Back so many of all backed elements -- unit what do you want. What's RB CUS by the way I went for Comcast event predicted UMass. Will be peace deal is there a lot that's certainly applies. -- but it -- based on what exactly. Based on the fact that he won two based -- -- last -- is graduates -- -- it's it's an immediate dad is famous alumni -- you are really yes I'll get to that in doubt that -- -- well on jobless. They put me in a position to succeed if you don't believe me listen to a familiar. Voice from Red Sox past as Jarrod Saltalamacchia. -- the best dressed person out here looks great good job. Remember it's all about the close.

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