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Jul 11, 2014|

The full version of The Trade Deadline Show hosted by Rob Bradford and Alex Speier. Guests include Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy, and Royals GM Dayton Moore. Rob and Alex talk about the all the options the Sox have going heading into the All-Star break, and touch on the AJ reports from the morning.

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First trade deadline show a week ago I thought it went swimmingly. Well and just myself. Very much much thanks to outs and outs and -- front Blue Jays general manager. Average -- Houston Chronicle. Writer. And Alex bear WER dot com and he was so good. That he has actually live in person this week Alex I'm no -- banished to predict -- what -- Simon it was that you're the only person would ever go on assignment on July 3 -- when watching fireworks you were -- something rather indeed indeed -- -- -- swimming in my -- waters -- While it while it is here that's the most important thing we're going to be doing in this on the off days and off days Thursday leading -- the non waiver trade deadline. I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com again that's Alex -- of the same organization. We're proud to be sponsored by -- New England concerns how bad need dot com you're sitting in pretty computer right now I want you go to hub and you dot com news. Little round a little bit learned a little bit about -- fine fine organization. Their we're very proud of their sponsored new show and we're proud to be doing the show we've done it for a couple years now and and it's a lot of fun and what what's fun this year is that it's different. We're getting ready to go to the all star game Alex and myself that's going to be. Media availability is going to be Monday in that is always -- the most fascinating days. I think of the entire baseball season because what happens is you have all the all -- -- disappear for an -- at their -- Do you go around from personal personal person and a big part of what they're being interviewed about. Is the trade deadline arguing get traded where do you get where would you good -- -- where would you like to play in Jon Lester better brace himself right. This is this is the real deal for him this the first time that there's. Ever that there's been a question about. About where his future's going to be yet and what so what happens is is Joe Schmo from Kansas City. Page John how would you like to playing Kansas and telling him quality content or -- that was or or Joe Schmo from and -- -- from Atlanta. Hey John how we like to play in Atlanta. And so he better have his answers read week we talked about this before is that there's some great examples. Of these players were going into free agency I don't whether it's short term or guys who had no trade protection right who. You know what we -- this team out about this -- with you like do you like the you know the Empire State Building the edit it is great is a great timing because of real early couple weeks from the non waiver trade deadline so yes there is the all star game. But this is. Just as big a part of it to me I mean the all star game is what it is -- derby forget about it right. This this this heat is is a meat and potatoes yeah this is the events because this is and it really helps to define I think you know the next couple weeks this is where all the attention shifts. -- you know of the attention on what's happening on the field has stopped and so the only thing that people can evaluate for these few days aside from rob. What you view as a very meaningful game on Tuesday night that you're your your baby me. Yeah -- -- there there album is the question of how do that who gets better who gets worse who get who who's moving who's a buyer who's -- And everything is totally geared towards it it's a pass. It really is -- him in so why a few more passing this year I think it's because we're gonna go through this off phenomenon. And a different way that as a Red Sox reporters as we've ever out. At least since we've been -- -- BI dot com. Which is 2008 which is. You you are going and identifying the guys who are -- of these big names were going to be traded the how would you like to play in Boston because the reality is that the Red Sox probably -- trading for those. MIA yeah I think you're looking at the guys who that the guys who are who would be longer term acquisitions. So it's an interesting time to think about who might they be in pursuit of in the -- he's definitely. And that's already coming into focus by the way with the 2014 Red Sox what they do in the coming off season as well as of this coming trade deadline. To set to set themselves up to be a lot veteran Torrie -- team and they aren't but he fourteen. -- again this is the MLB trade deadline show one of the most -- more unique shows you're gonna find on the radio dial Eddie part of the country wildly successful Disco on the Internet you'll see. -- interviews that we've done in the past and they said last week Alex and -- with with this front a GM and he was -- was great and he also set this team. For this week -- the questions I had asked him boy it's wise. How many sellers right at that point. Would you identify who would it be on one hand he said on one hand our I can think of one ball right after it happened you had the Cubs. And days trade which would dissect the team for basically this this flurry -- on into the non waiver trade on line so before we get into. What is gonna happen looking at the future was gonna be around the corner. I want Alex take a second -- he would be your opinion on what has happened over the last week what really struck you as being meaningful. In in the Red Sox universe it was affected they've stayed true to themselves beyond -- over doubt. That they could not put their eggs in the when he fourteen basket right did. -- state when they got blown out during this homestand and you know great they they've finished it up with two straight wins but that is too little too late if you look at. You know of what they can do between now and the all star break. The best they can do is I think get to seven games under 500. No team in in the wild card era has ever come back. From that are down to win the division it just doesn't happen right and so they you know NC all of a sudden had. For the first time. On on Wednesday and what Tuesday you had bench Harrington saying on them before the game. Well you know we have to we -- not yet at the point where we have to where we're looking towards 2015. And after they lost on Tuesday night. They started eight towards Italy fifty do you smell blood in the water because I was the first question redshirt him. Double mini press conference last night is after the designated agent Kaczynski for assignment. And he broached on these topics and Alex at the equivalent of first ones asks questions which as you said this yesterday now you lost have you changed. You're kind of focus in they had. But this is some what bench Jared instead about -- state of where they are now with a few weeks ago to non waiver trade deadline. We're in an unusual perhaps unique position and that it's unusual in the sense that we haven't been in this position this -- out there. And and as you thinking about. Trading players at the deadline. It's unique because on the one hand over our our team is or is on the other hand we've got guys on the team or. Performing at a very high level or our little World Series months ago. It doesn't happen often baseball. So we'll just have to see what happens. As I've said before or whatever we do we'll we'll need. With the mind of trying to get better as quickly as possible and John buildings and team as -- response. Ball. Isn't very trusting that your bench turn to in. Start talking about how the view the next few weeks because before -- it was grow. Awfully awfully vague in and one of the things the world has been a couple things that has happened over the last few days perhaps start to set things that. In motion a little bit we talked about the Pierzynski being DFA. But probably more notably that the Jake Peavy. A situation which I I would not been surprised at all if if he was already out the door this. I mean he basically was -- operate his own postmortem on Tuesday night it was Ellis those strange rob after that game that's part of the reason why. You know that I wrote a column that I basically say this was the right. Where the Red Sox. You know where the Red Sox third in the mirror and said it's not happening this year and that's exactly right that's exactly what you know essentially the transition that happened. The bench Harrington articulated. It was so strange to have Jake Peavy talking about the fact that he was in trade rumors that he understood that there was a reality to this trade rumors. He viewed it as being a real. Possibility if not likelihood it is going to be moved and kind of looking back forlornly and lovingly at reds hobbies yeah. Quite a weekend in there that gives me an opportunity tennis at that stage of one yet we got the rest of the show. I -- offer you the opportunity jump bandit 61777979376177797937. It's always did Tom talked about. Possible trades where the Red Sox are going. When other teams are doing we've heard about the docket today possibly going undergoing Tommy John that changes the landscape of the non waiver trade deadline but what we got coming up we're going to be. I get a chance to right before the Red Sox hit the road -- on the boss about an hour or so ago few hours ago I get a chance to talk about this week. Did Jake Peavy went through with peavy. And I thought it was pretty interesting because is a little who who thought you gonna get on the bus for Houston did you figure it's gonna get on the bus for Houston. 5050 -- -- voted 5050 that's saying something out I mean look I think I I would be if he's if he's on whatever bust areas on August 1 I'll be real surprised yes so I it was a -- directed him. We also have another interview coming up we were gonna talked to -- in more. Kansas City general manager and and he's a really trusting guy with a really -- team. For a couple of reasons number one. That when you talk about a team having hope that things can turn around. They they site last year's Kansas City Royals team right. Absolutely we were I remember at the all star game last year taking the pulse of -- Of the Royals were the all star game like Alex Gordon asked him so about Ervin Santana out you know he's he's going to beat. A really interest in trade chip for you are Ervin Santana I'm -- say he's the Jon Lester if he wasn't at that level. But they were weighing -- or not they go off from the qualifying offer as they Kansas City was six out heading into the all star break. Will pass stayed more about that just after the 11 o'clock hour. So we do a lot of things going on by -- out someone to talk more about where the Red Sox are right now and what we should expect. Dick -- say they're in a holding pattern but I think the talk about the peavy deal. And the peavy deal everyone thought are you gonna do something like look like AJ Pierzynski was designated for assignment. Right now you got to keep keep train moving got to keep doing something. We don't have that. First of -- it was important I think document people I thought they were thought it was important. Yet ruby Della Rosa threw restart healthy -- -- -- -- through his start healthy make sure the arms are gonna fall off before you'd steal them and then get the right deal from what I understand. If they they approached Saint Louis Saint Louis really wasn't happy with the offer so the Red Sox -- OK you know what will will regroup. Will go back right it is no rush. Yeah there's I mean look the Red Sox have the Red Sox could easily deal Jake Peavy in August if they want them -- the problem is the only clock. If they're up against is that they want to as as significant amount of time. To evaluate -- -- in Brandon Workman and perhaps other guys were in AAA as they hand but they are not under any presumed gone. About about dealing Jake -- right now. He's they've accounted for the money so the only question is the opportunity. And if they think there's going to be. If they think that whatever -- they're getting is inadequate and they can always. Step back there yeah absolutely -- down oh no not at all but they really do it was interesting after -- after Wednesday's walk off -- that John Farrell. Kind of sudden passing rubio or us was very good and we look forward to him being a staple rotation. Well if you look at. Yeah everyone's excited they went -- games in a row I don't know if you heard this one today while another walk -- well the walk offs in a row with kids you know kids. There's it can't besides all right. And once. A year ago it because -- -- today with bill I think Mike you said like fifty times -- Celebrate. It eases the transition which is certainly does so yeah and so bit this. The stated Red Sox are playing all these kids went through games in a row everywhere and feel and did AJ Pierzynski that it everywhere feeling -- Well but what does it mean -- and I is going to be fastening pocketed date more because. We -- six games -- six games ago. You don't know what's gonna happen. But yet have that hang your hat on and kind of I -- in in -- And I don't what it was I don't wanna go -- I don't wanna go there but but. Here's a scenario. You sweep the Astros they're feeling good about themselves going to Houston which they haven't felt good about themselves a long time. And in this is a different feeling good about yourself I think are a -- agree. I've said this over and over and over again they haven't won more than few games and -- except for two times you had a seven game win streak yet the three game win streak. And the seven game win streak was against bad teams playing terribly. Three game win streak against Minnesota you scored five runs. But now you have this feeling -- the last two days of the of will be a different feeling. I don't know if there's still elected team I don't know. But I do you sense that there is a different feeling in that clubhouse. Because of the young guys and also here's another thing Alex because I also think that John -- allowed the man Angelo now. We went -- -- bets I talked to him after the game today where -- you think about it. That roster that you have there's not a lot of managing me. It was it was not at last there was a multi dimensional offense this there was a non dimensional offense that right and rookie pets is. A multi dimensional player the first time right because the victory of being out because of Ellsbury being gone. Because of Dustin Pedroia and not being the Dustin Pedroia he's been throughout his career it's been -- they have and how you -- -- close help Bradley's article. Just a little bit yeah same time that he's just become ridiculous. -- as an as an energy as a source of energy and yes so soul. This is say you go to Houston you sweep that series. I'm not saying your back and it by. It makes the last 22 and a half weeks really really fast at a reasonably interesting anyway but it's not like your keep going down this road up. All you kept losing you kept losing you kept losing get a trade Lester good -- for Koji. If this is why this is so fascinating in again if you like join the conversation 6177797937. Or on the eighteenth he Tex signed. 37 in 937. One thing I want to talk about which was you know you go into. No matter what happens no matter what happens -- these young players and you have hope with more -- bats and Jackie Bradley sorry turn around these pitchers in in Christian Vasquez yeah I've -- I love watching play. It was interesting to hear John -- celebrating the ability to bring yes the bottom of the strike zone after his start because that was Dallas Pierzynski and you know -- Alex -- I'll say it. Also it I said this. It's -- on this two months ago. -- and I understand there or value later batters at the same thing yet yet and I mean who AJ Pierzynski and awesome -- -- -- -- didn't have that they would hit just an opera we exactly. And they were like well we can't have a a sixteenth young guy in the lineup. Getting ready to get you know blown back by -- well think about you know Pierzynski was the eighteen some times. And you would have -- batting cleanup right -- you would have Christian Vasquez. You're right that's what it was. Off Ellis so maddening you have like six singles and a week because their best on the planet would hit just enough he would throw a guy out just enough. It does say OK -- keep them around. But I am told you this is not second guessing this is not armchair quarterback you this is this Christian -- you saw him play yesterday. We saw him play a bunch in spring training you've seen him play in the minor leagues. And there's an energy to and that energy you can feel. The last two days it's been in there -- it has been a conversation. Since at least may in May be April about whether or not located Chris all the conversations should've been opt. The conversation should have been. Punctuated. And -- whatever so we're more before this is not waver I I quite the -- question that but I a you know -- -- could be the lack of -- Pierzynski. Was was apparent you know with largely parent but again. He performed just enough -- now and it was so. You know what if you don't want it out. This is about -- -- it is that not this is the MLB trade deadline. Show Edwin Edwards thinking worth thinking about what the Red Sox possibly can do what the rest of baseball possibly induce a lot of things a lot of balls in the air. -- we're talking about the Vasquez and president's key in the state of the Red Sox but. And at 5 I am and I do think that there is a different energy there right now whether that translates to wins in Houston. I don't know but that does not go that does not go against the fact. That the Red Sox still need to find some offense they still need to find a middle of the order bat and when we're talking about the non waiver credit trade deadline. That passed I whether it. It's it's an established guy whether it's a guy in the minors that to meek has to be the primary this is an opportunity to at least explore that. And whether it's that we've talked to the ground work for the -- yes yeah I it and in the Felix Hernandez he has nine guys pick five vote and give us. -- day and give it's -- Gonzales whoever. You know and but but you have to start finding some offense to put it in the middle of that a lot of of that to me. It's on the -- we can talk about and also something to the Red Sox should be talking about heading in the next couple weeks 617779. 7937. This is MLB trade deadline joke we go to break after the break. Wouldn't be talking to ought to go play my interview that I did about couple hours ago -- Jake Peavy -- -- -- -- find an interesting Alex because he very very honest about this week he's been honest the whole week -- he's an interesting -- week yeah absolutely. Strikingly candid yet and not not saying is nothing to this I don't know what you're talking about. Saying well you know what there's probably a lot of truth there's stuff coming out the we're gonna talk to Jake Peavy right after this. I have spoke to them I've spoke to -- just. As. Just in the polls on things. Because you. You know I think. When you get to this point it's it's some mutual respect thing hey this is roster and then. This is where we stand it's nice to have some to be blind sided by anything can kind of have some feel. Certainly. Would never disclose anything. That's personal conversation. -- and tool. The day comes and that we we have to so and that's just out of respect for for the process so. I'm here I'm so happy to be here although unfortunate situations where. What we're under. -- more lord willing and. Rule that was Jake Peavy punctuated by back yeah Nokia or -- you that are drill. Wow that was Jake Peavy this is MLB trade deadline so I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com out Spears. Alongside me exact same organization called New England churns club ND dot com go check it out as they said that was Jake Peavy what was that after. It's over you know and me and Tomas united got him before the game in the hole down in the -- next of the batting -- It very honest before the game and then after the game meat -- north ego multitude of people. And and he's just been honest the entire time it's been. I can't imagine what it's like for Jake Peavy. This week it's been so bizarre. But that's why I want to catch up with a after the game today because yes. Jake Peavy is on the plane to Houston with the Boston Red Sox as a member of the Boston Red Sox. So right before he got on the bus I get a chance to catch up -- them and he was very very honest here's what yet. Joining us now on the MLB trade deadline so sponsored by -- New England turns is Jake Peavy who's been in the news this week quite a bit and obviously is gone through the trade deadline in the past him and kind of going through right now and yeah as you had to Houston. First off going off the other today. With all the rumors flying around and he says says these things probably aren't made up and is there's some -- truth to a reality. Did you think that you would be getting dressed and ready going to Houston this team and -- While certainly hopes so. You never. You know I'd I did just. Feel like some of the talk -- it was. What was maybe premature and people were word miss and the more little do with Sam now -- do could be. At the same time -- stuff. Changes every fifteen minutes. In this it's really the reason I try to stay out of if you drive yourself crazy. When you're a player involved if you chunky but with every thing says every phone call it your general manager hazard. So you know I hope to all my heart that this would be the case in. -- got about ten minutes to tell him to get on the bus -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go from there but I. I'm I'm extremely excited that -- the last few games that have. Worked out you know maybe. Not sure what Baltimore's on the and paid any attention or they play. Maybe get in the game back in and sure looked more hopeful John Lackey. You Hewitt said Hewitt said that day that would one day where really all the rumors are flying around he came to the park and you you really were more focused and -- had been -- long time. And you felt that you were locked him. And it throughout these past few days has that continued to be the case for years you you feel that. -- still here working on your -- and and you just storming to the next start yeah of course you have. You have to be that way we've had some changes you know here in the in the room so it's it's going to be a little bit different dynamic didn't know a young catcher. This and we'll mention they would with him in Lackey and listening them you know -- lack prep. You know -- more and eyes it's been it's been a neat. You know watching a young kid learns and so excited you know he's so excited for years and from the looks of it last review. Agree catcher. And obviously when you come whispering but it's you. That's all on. Is to is to stay wrapped up -- and one my job title my obligation. At the moment is and that's to be here in made it very clear I want to stay here you know. That being said. Would never have any hard feelings there you know I want to do what's best Boston Red Sox. People you know. Was more than me making those decisions my future. Plus question adjusters -- is that you went through this last year to a certain degree arm which is more. Filled with -- anxiety this time around her her last you know I think last yeah I mean treason in in quite quite some time. And it's been in Chicago for five years. Things hadn't quite worked out the way we want him to Chicago we played them to it and then last year got often and played about the plan now on to the point where you knew. Had some. Ground Emeka to to be in contention so and the deal last year coming here went down to the wire and there's only teams in and hang on every word. I hadn't been through it -- -- I was a little more anxious I think last year that I am this year piece where it was it was whatever happens. I could certainly. It would have been tough statistic in Chicago last year. In and really have to write those -- signaling that he was going rebuilding stage. For the following year as well so. Being here in these guys there's nobody in this room that until we're mathematically eliminated in the go postal on. Us win the division when you come to work and know your team your organization. This is after that makes it -- -- to work everyday grind it out so. -- see what happens I'm I'm so excited to to be here one of these years. -- him and just put my head down to approach in go to work until told otherwise and open appreciation salute thank you. -- and it's nice tidy little -- Jake Peavy this couple hours ago Red Sox clubhouse after their big win. I'm rob Bradford RBI dot com Alex Spears team organization Alex yes or no when they come back from the all star game -- he's -- -- -- July 31 he's not. But I can see him making it back but that again. I am not sure I'm not sure I can't say what were -- -- on these guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's very honest. Things we know. He's he's not shying away for the fact that it is really good chance he's going to be traded he's also making it very clear. This is where he wants to be before this lets go some call it -- except Stewart I'd I'd if you wanna join the conversation 617. 77979837. Again at the top of the hour. Outs to step out for second at the top via our -- I'll be interviewing Dayton Moore will be calling and the more -- to -- -- manager. Coming up so this little wind out Linda -- you your first on the trade deadline so tonight RU. -- -- my colleagues are calling. I -- not stand and then that's grant is still a rookie he's coming up. But -- hear that comment. About the energy in the last couple of days. And you know you don't have anarchy and his parents bring a new or different talent. To that club. And I was wondering. Can't say progressive the next. You know couple of weeks a game. Which TV in the rotation and work with himself or. -- energy translates to where. Peavy is doing better with past players and Workman -- -- working out or whatever correct that such acts. What happened in terms of Q yeah. He'd be with the club and maybe moving worked really well I'm not excited about. -- side to the minors. I you have the great question live thanks for the call it's a great question because there's this lay out the scenario. That if you go hold on to peavy you would think that they were -- start winning some games at in that we ball -- he's gonna you're rated right yes okay. But in this scenario that you hold on a peavy -- on this winning streak you get back into it. But if you're doing that and work with probably pitching well bella Rose is probably pitching well. And if that's the case get rid of peavy. Well Workman is in the minors until you know until. Peavy is until peavy is they don't well wherever. But yeah I. I mean look there with the way in which there are two things that occurred when Crist Vazquez one was. They'd been -- and articulated this idea as to John Farrell that they wanted to -- to guys were going to be able to make an impact beyond 2014 as well. Media obviously is not act guy right even if they were to retain him there's no real indication that they wanna bring him back the agency they've -- again. Yeah the younger in the rotation paid you know they'd go with young internal guys. And the second thing is they thought that Baskett made the matter for the short term so that also played into it. And honestly the feeling that I have is that they feel like. Workman and workmen in Derosa right now are better options. The short term as well as the long term and he's played there have been now the you know argued -- PBS like last two outings. Has been pretty dead and the other interesting part is that whole notion of Vazquez being able to bring it is that the bottom of the strike zone. Because that's where peavy lives right -- his stuff. That's where -- since that's what it down but what of yes that was one. The issues the Jake Peavy had the AJ Pierzynski. Do we know that one a Pierzynski strength was not receiving the baseball in taking pitches -- strikes. And to your point. Peavy he -- wants to live there absolutely as for entrusting us market for our after the game. Just talk a little bit about Vasquez in and he said he he really looks at as an -- If that was interesting to me he looks at it as an Arctic catching as an. But it is awful fun watching it back guy cat I know that. He's he's really interesting because for him you know grow most most guys go to glamour positions you know when they're playing Little League day. They'd be immediately like we'll go out to shortstop. And do whatever -- Vazquez was a guy who -- from Puerto Rico. Wear -- whether it be catching tradition is long he grew up wearing out and Yvonne Rodriguez. Pudge like how to catch videotape. In worked on drills tirelessly what does that from the time that he was about ten years old. Trying to figure out like this is this is the art invocation of catching not it is something you. Chad Epperson is the Red Sox catching coordinator. I've been listening to him for years just kind of it just -- endlessly about Christian Vazquez and his commitment to what it is to be a catcher. I'm he is sick he gets so fired up talk met this guy and throw well I thought it was kind of -- placed -- I don't know Q is going to be what I hit. Is the big league spring training this year was the first time when this started while they really I think dug in. That it is document he made some strides heading into this year heading into spring training of course we've had we've had a barrage with what I wanna -- is a pass didn't -- carry over into the AAA regular season another thing. Before we get back to the calls here. The other thing in that TV interview I thought was interesting very very subtle thing. I'm talking about they were sitting peavy Lackey sitting with basket today. And that shows he did not that kind of dynamic. And despite that sort of thing it. Absolutely the fact that that I -- the staff is embracing the idea -- working with a young catcher oftentimes you expect there to be. A little bit of hesitancy about making that transition from veteran. Youth I mean. Quite frankly like when -- when Ryan the -- way it was up in the majors for instance I don't think that there was that necessary that same type of immediate enthusiasm. On the part of the pitchers they were. They had law bad -- had relationships with the Jason Varitek in the Jarrod Saltalamacchia is of the world may were I I think a little bit. Reluctant you in and here it seems like everyone is all in on men soaring baskets which is really what. We're gonna get through the trade scenarios who -- might well who -- might he also if you want also give in to the landscape. All of Major League Baseball the MLB trade deadline coming up. The -- is is a huge thing the Yankees are always in the usually be buyers and and Micah. One of the biggest wing guys in the in the American League. He could be -- -- -- -- I have heard from somewhere that he was the most important guy that is what was I wrong. -- now well absolutely. 61777. Guys see the phone lines are really studied him of this one love I love everywhere a city year. We're sitting here what over 10 o'clock at night we have Dayton board in the city general manager. Coming up the top of the hour we have. Ball lines used Jack people wanna talk about the trade deadline this should be exciting -- this -- July is I some 497. Hours in four. Oh -- that's right that's okay this I see all lined up to get to a recruit right through have a great arm it's agent. -- tag on its back on right after. Why we're back rob Bradford RBI dot com out Spears the exact same organization. MLB trade deadlines -- sponsored by our friends at a New England club and the dot com. Get in front of the computer wireless news show -- go to Hoffman the dot com. If the row nobody I mean you'll likely -- Alex you were to sifting around in the it is now Internet just now what. Fine Salem Red Sox website. Yastrzemski ruins Red Sox again straight or whoever put that after -- does get to the calls that Alex -- to get the -- said -- -- lined up here and I first -- Michael Michael RI thanks for all the -- Mike. Good evening and thank you for taking -- call IQ are -- are -- it peavy and -- realize how classy he is and we think about chemistry. We know we believe and the idea that chemistry really played into their winning the World Series last year with AJ Pierzynski moving. And the increasing of that I think that. Having that kind of chemistry again maybe help the team. And -- bad. Even though they are number of people believe we should be. Moving and selling equity trade deadline would know he really distinguishes itself in the elite no team ball or I can't blow out the Yankees now outlook to knock out. Toronto and that it would be up -- -- -- it last year I would hesitate to -- The beat -- And all of his we're playing eight and in below par and it worked Olympics where iron and a half games out of first place six game that wild card. I know that you have to duplicate that no team at this time a year and trying to make the wild card. I would -- be cautious about selling right now I'm expecting that routine is point or run -- he is ready to do you could ever. And I don't wanna be under the heat of having my game well. But there it could -- here and I think that that he could do pretty well we just settle and wait for a bit. All Michael that's great call and great points and it brings up the chemistry -- and is two different conversations early and we talk about peavy because. There is no question peavy is an absolute great fit for this team in terms of the type of player he is the attitude that he brings. -- me this horrid no absolutely is the make up is that the make up is unquestionably yeah I mean he he hangs out with the Jonny Gomes and its. It's not the pitches over here the hitters over here he fit in perfectly brings in the stats to the Indian. All of that. But the thing is something good out brought up earlier which was. -- look at even the short term production who is the better pitcher if you want to make the run that Michaels talked about who is the better pitchers. Ruby del -- president workmen -- Jake Peavy. And to me you know the stuff is peavy stuff doesn't match up and the other guys right now and again he gets -- -- the question. So you don't wanna put too many eggs in the 2014 basket because you're duty at -- talked about the longest of long shots I think the game graphs. Has been pegging the Red Sox playoff odds around one person. So you don't wanna put too much in there and sport in trying to push off an evaluation the could benefit what you wanna -- and when he fifteen now if the pursuit of being didn't when he fifteen in line with being better and make you run in 24 team. Great but that's how you have to do it because that to me I had. I do agree that chemistry is very very important. -- you have to -- it left and by the way they were slapped in the face with the presidency. Got what they already been slapped in the face with it you know Bobby Valentine obviously in 2012. The video to be slapped again yeah evidently -- apparently you know the fact that they did -- this early with Pierzynski might be -- might be evidence of the fact that they did kind of absorb some of that -- -- you're right because this is not chump change today at the years is go to Bob -- And did beat Bob our united. A much. I can't low ball work you know brought out I've got to grow up on that -- are you with that with the articles. Well actually you know. You know the -- over the young guys are obsolete yet that they're all baseball are -- we have a lot of fun doing it. Hey you know you need to -- out to walk all. The kidney stone age you present speed past that it you know at least a -- match. I'm playing a left town -- can -- go that you were incredible. Well I'd assume I've I've talked a lot about 8% -- evenly over the course today and it's a fascinating conversation we just tell -- -- this -- ball Pierzynski today is it's crazy. The that the LP port consuming per of them that all Pierzynski story in. And up and you really what he meant or didn't mean to the team and the thing was real quick Bob before him. One that you're right a lot of good defenders aren't obsolete don't know I don't know I don't sit at your side note I know I know that you -- -- I gotta I got them up lined up yeah you know I know I want it. By the the thing that was too shocking I've said this couple times today I think done on the radio which was. Yet I. There are things that I knew about Pierzynski about what type of player was obviously I felt like the -- probably let him go before because of the baseball player with I don't care what type of attitude he had out accurate type personality. But one and so I go in yesterday did do that story because he had the F they'd. And what I came out one at the end of the day it was a whole bunch of stuff which I didn't know going into the B today so for those people who think that -- accident on the story a month ago. I understand a lot of thinking but. Honestly I didn't know this stuff until yet I did not have any idea the level. -- -- though that there -- a tough crowd man you know everybody's gonna tell you how did you know I know I don't I wanna get our body and I'm not try to beat you -- -- applying a bouncing back you know I'll look at it that right now. Bobby I appreciate not only wanna get -- -- not the difference -- just try to set the scene in I guess the point and try to make is that. I had no idea. No idea. About the influence or -- lack of influence that Pierzynski had met clubhouse really until yesterday total Alex have you felt. Same to me when I walked in the clubhouse and sought for the first time in their corner that Pierzynski used occupied. A group of about a half dozen players sitting around socially. Which was a scene that hadn't been seen in the Red Sox clubhouse is here especially not in that area. I thought that it was a pretty clear message about the about how they felt. Of about how the topic that is his influence and working and quite frankly I agree with you -- until until he had been designated. I didn't have that clearer sense of the the level of you know -- I don't wanna hostility but it you know just -- There was Stewart destructive Biggio to maturity as a ball what do you what do you got -- -- -- -- -- we will are right now we've got. You've got a lot of young shot at a right now. You got a lot of young hungry potential on this team but let's take a look at a couple weeks you've been talking about it I -- -- only telling me that. And one half out there's one thing out there are gonna hang -- public -- on the well not only was talking about I'm gonna have to eat the replica and a eat a ton of money to get ready Jake Peavy are right now. -- -- Walking into a National League location. It is is that old plus. I'm hoping not only could nobody buddy I want to get a little shot back that you want Allen Craig Barrett though is a lot of pulled one mortuary don't you are ya are you. You guys an out there right now would cute too. -- Brooks and -- -- for Adrian Beltre you guys have a great night I'd love to show that club like I probably appreciate the call. I would do that trade in a heartbeat and so at the Red Sox in the Rangers would never do it in Seattle Beltre has another year's contract and that's the -- of the Belichick contract an interesting one because when he signed. A lot of people thought the Texas overpaid. They think Beltre were get through the contract could be heard all the time. Buys dealt with injuries he'd be short but he's buys you don't want to you just edit he's dealt with the injuries and continues to be able to do that Adam and behave raw power united Adam. That they they elect on appreciate and thank you unlike typical of the Alaska I think we're done this year. I mean we are one of the worst teams in baseball third worst team in the American League by record right now. There's fourteen ahead of us and our division we'd have to pass eighteen in the wild card. We're one of the worst teams in run differential where they score runs scored and Lauren runs allowed. I mean that's. We're just doing everything -- Well -- Adam I view we have take stock year of even when they win. It's excruciating process right. They use this is great they have these walk off. But every go back to last Sunday in New York you squeeze out that win over it and knock him. And then you have the win against Baltimore the walk off and then you have these you know when they're scoring three road that's right that's exactly what I'm talking about so out of mom agree with you. No I mean a couple of -- last year couple years ago we would smash bad pitching and then maybe lose by one run or maybe win by around one. Against good pitching now we're squeaking by one run wins against bad pitching. But I in the -- -- -- start to think about next season. And I guess my concern is that. It looks like we're gonna have to have a lot to contend next season I mean if -- get surgery. That's probably gonna drive up Lester. Well that's a great point Adam. Absolutely great boy CC sabathia thanks for the call appreciated CC sabathia could be micro fracture surgery on forget about UC sabathia combined with Tanaka you're talking about the guys who like entering the year were probably relied on the one in -- Kuroda is a free agent again. You know let the Lester conversation there's so many levels to it. But that have knocked -- Situation right now that adds another level to I don't care. I think of the people will say well the Yankees ago shy away from giving a contract like that is solid -- sabathia. It Lester has pitched in the division. -- it is is right now probably the top the list of free agent pitchers. And -- to knock it does have Tommy John Wood guess what. They're given you're number one starter yet because they -- the same problem that the Red Sox do on the and more pronounced passion which is that they don't have. Oh my they don't have an option in their system who would be successor. To the top of the rotation guy are John Atlanta are you doing John. That I get what they technical thank you. This might be off topic or maybe it is and when I went little. -- actually Gaudio will mug which didn't. Type of situation like this group came from this year with. When does that -- Yeah. There there's there's a whole host of hurdles it's difficult to predict precisely the timing it was a guy is going to get cleared by Major League Baseball but -- money Tomas who is -- the guy you're referring to. Outfielder from Cuba big raw power not Abreu raw power I was told by half by and evaluate her. I wanna say that he has who would have graded Abreu obviously is an eighty on the twenty to eighty power scale. That Tomas would probably rate more around 6065. Still. That represents a commodity that the Red Sox don't really have so you would think that you'll be someone who the Red Sox have considerable interest in the but and it's difficult to predict that you don't know what's gonna happen before the trade deadline if it's going to happen in September as it happened with Abreu or win. Are right appreciate the call thanks so much. We have some more calls lineup. And -- and do Alex. As -- week that we can gain more we we've put an text message to him and he's read the push back his interview a little bit so yet through these calls very accommodating of him. He's got some stuff going on obviously very busy man trade deadline. By he's going to be if passing got to talk to for the reasons we talked about. Number one this is the team being identified the Kansas City Royals. As the hole. For teams like the Red Sox are about six back last year at the all star break make this run. Goal from sellers though the potentially buyers -- a matter of weeks he probably will talk about that also. The quest for the mill the order bat they actually traded the middle of the order bat the potential -- have fewer homers than the Red Sox general Myers so what that dynamic is like because I think that. You go back with the team was the first when we first -- the Kansas City he was desperate for top of the rotation pitcher of the ticket -- and dual match. Trying to get that. Then they go after shields because they need a top -- patient pitcher or thinks might have switched where hey you know what. It's a lot harder to get a wil Myers maybe than James Shields where harder yeah -- yes so we get talked to about that but as they said he's been accommodating he's gonna push back his interview a little bit. We're gonna go to break come back answer all your calls. If you wanna join the conversation 6177797937. At the all lined up. Thanks for holed it on we'll get you right after this. I love the MLB trade deadline. So -- you'd make a show for now ex. With that by the boxing was that kind of old school hip -- -- -- -- for Bangkok as a closer I get the rapid I'm rob Bradford -- united on comments Alex these next game organization. But I cranked through these phone calls -- calls have been excellent. So far document the MLB trade. Deadline not waiver trade deadline of course they show is sponsored by club knowingly insurance. Go to a computer go to hub and the dot com check it out very friendly folks and they help you out ways that you -- off the ball. So this get right back to the calls I should mention about. 1125. -- Kansas City Royals general manager Dave Moore will be joining us. Very very pertinent gas great time now -- non always. The guitar to in the passing organization he's running in their right in the thick of things but right now we're talking trade deadline Mike -- hoped what he got worse. It robbed Alex Mike could interview with -- The really good classy guy. Unfortunately in all he could very will be -- between now and seven if there was some offense behind him. Ortiz it is going to be traded I'm pretty sure anyway but calm when need to bring -- big -- and I don't know he's gonna bring net and the prospects. Down the line. And we definitely need the side on what we're gonna do what Lackey. And let the because one of those two was going to be gone when we terrible next I'm pretty sure. For the trade deadline because all for obvious three reasons I keep hearing lackeys name people matching lackeys name is they think he's going to be gone. Mike tell me why you think like he's going to be gone. I don't necessarily think like he's going to be I I just don't think they have carried all I I I just don't see that happening I'd prefer. -- obviously. Like -- -- up there in age he's dead serious injury. Not -- back up like it always happening and a in the -- course. His career and I'd rather camp with the team. He's he's been after the second and and I I did see him go and I Ian Gold another 78 is solid. And Lackey right now I think he's tradable I think we can bring -- a couple backs. And you know he's been great this year and last. He really killed everybody that he's like what they thought he was acquitted of all that stuff went down but. I think he could bring something into it into us and I think we need to -- and I'm Lester. For the time being -- I'd rather see him without some long term we can't get the ball because obviously we need in the that would be a -- so. And or could -- be great pitches but right now as reinforce it -- -- -- -- to work himself up to -- that. Right Henry Henry Owens and thanks for the call Mike Henry Owens is at what what would you say what's your guess ETA and -- I I don't think that we see him up in the big leagues this year I I think it will see him sometime next year so that brings up brings us a lot of the two Lester. And the next couple weeks are gonna be really interesting -- Lester we talked about the all star game. Media availability how these players have to sit there and these questions these free agents to be into these questions about. How would you like to pitch in Atlanta hurry like he pitched Seattle. And Andy's have to sit there and in term all these guys have done it now it's Lester turned and I got to imagine Alex. I have to imagine that the Red Sox. Argue have gotten to a point where they have to put close to their best foot sport I -- I actually asked our bench -- about that yesterday just whether or not the Red Sox needed to get clarity with regards to their potential free agents. In the next couple weeks of the Payton knew. Really how to treat them as assets right whether or not you're treating them. As an asset only for the rest of 2014. Where you're treat them as an asset. For years to come in I think that you know really we're talking about Lester and who -- hot here right yeah -- is there anywhere when. When people questioned the whole like should the Red Sox he sellers at the deadline that's what it boils down to or is there anyone else seek him. -- who would even entry into the conversation of whether or not the Red Sox are really you know really. I'm back out watering the relievers you can Mickey case for I guess but. By the it's it's still the you're not stressing out about them leaving and we know relievers are. You are -- to turn them over a whole bunch he can probably find summer place -- the big hop opening -- really good acquisition he's a little bit rough time lately. By you talking about a guy -- ground balls again he does what they got to -- but to go back to your point. Yeah I do think that they have to in Ottawa was so what was Sharon -- answer for that. He said did they'd it will be a factor in that calculus I believe this is what it is cool IP you know but it won't be just positive a I'm back I'm using to spot a factor in the calculus factor in the calculus so. You know they it helps them to know whether or not whether or not -- the basis. Or an agreement and I figured I think you have to do it I think you have to do would be just makes a whole lot of sense that you figure out how close you looking -- Before the non waiver trade on July 31 and that's where we're -- being on towards Matt and Fall River are you Matt. Don't let -- to -- you again. Listen I can -- Allen Craig before but I think he would be that incredible and the chance to get hitters hit quality. In the deal what -- Lewis now would be incredible. Inconceivable even if they have increased the Jake Peavy offer may be include -- prospect or even you know throwing a Mike Carp is well. You know this seems like he hit it is possible to get them they really don't have a position from the trying to free up space for young outfielders then. You've been great acquisition for this year and for the future. Yeah I think did die I think fit right Allen Craig and -- like that's not a straight up conversation clearly -- it would have to be a package. It began with peavy but probably also -- number of other needs and to that you know in that sense I think he could Harken back to something like 2011. Where you saw the Cardinals very creatively addressing. A number of needs at the trade deadline by partnering with Colby -- mess and in turn using that with you know it seemed like a sixteen -- trade or something. It netted dumb like seventeen players to address various holes whether it was it was the starting rotation it was it was the bullpen it was multiple bullpen arms it was. And a lot in to me if you're talking about. -- for peavy no protect Matt Craig for peavy plus Miller plus prospect. You know because the Red Sox have. You know the Red Sox could certainly deal from there. Oh yeah I started slowly process but but but Matt I don't have a -- to -- yeah I know Matt -- I'm would you I like Allen Craig a lot in its kind of bizarre -- bizarre. Hitter he's a 300 he's not a power hitter but he draw I didn't run that he had additional flexibility can play third base. First base the outfield -- Los Angeles in the cheap money I I think most of the time this series all of his. Of a -- yeah I mean he's he's contracted it while he's under control through 2000 actually through 2018. Team option 2008 team he signed through 2017. But it is kind of bizarre the year he -- and thanks for the call. The he struck his on base percentage went from 7373. Last year and right now -- it threw 93 other we started out terrifically this year yet but but but that's my point though I I think day. Yes he's down this year. But when you're talking about a guy last couple years 876 OPS 830 UPS. This is what you're looking for you're looking -- maybe doesn't hit a bunch of home runs but you're looking for a guy who's driving the ball a guy who could be in the middle you water. It is a lot to like about a healthy productive -- rank if you believe that if you believe -- -- are right in and out of the Cardinals are thinking about moving him and you wonder whether or not they they are asking themselves if that player. Still exists by a nice guy by I think that that's how you gonna start thinking -- -- in this isn't the prototypical power guys that we keep referencing. But is a production guy a guy who can produce runs and that's what you have to start finding a -- Red Sox Charles and Connecticut are united Charles. Hey -- I don't. God it's a -- it's not. They're real quick check -- solve their initial thought element Raiders got our our other. More like an hour talk about Lester is more yeah. -- -- like right out meant it at that. But to explore that got a stop sign -- like Turkey it's yours who potentially could make them need to attack and look at -- What Charles here's the interesting thing that the that the to market news it's fascinating. Because I do think it directly affects Jon Lester and a couple different ways number one as we mentioned. The Yankees if he does have Tommy John the Yankees are probably the -- for number -- starter. And but also. It also highlights the fact that Jon Lester has been pitching in the American League east without getting hurt. For an extended period of time -- who hasn't been doing that. -- -- Peter brought it right -- I just want to bring that up by one other major pilots are up. I became much I am not sure what I middleweight but -- Jackie Bradley junior. Take a big league play in the outfield. You know yeah we -- Els birdies on base percentage and hitting but. If there's and help me at Perez. That computes. The number hit a player takes away and be erratically in my mind if he takes away yet. Every third game theoretically that he hit that its own. 240. Whatever batting average threatening yet. And it doesn't that make him really valuable as prepared are you submit. Great you did your Bears people say -- -- lot of assists because my grandmother ran out and prepare. There are statistics that calculate that I would get them for you in a second but there's not on. That website Bill James on line there is what's called the fielding Bible plus minus. Which refers to how many how many outs above an average player at that position. A player will produce and Bob you're right to factor that into a player's overall value now. You know right now Bradley ranks extremely well I think that he's the best of -- I believe he's the best among major -- and outfielders. He has he's credited with having taken away. Twelve might have haven't produced twelve more outfield outs than an average center -- -- -- which is actually a lot. But you know in terms of developing the whole player if he can be at 330 on base guy. They knew of a really right above ever does one of the things we look at the -- -- the rest of the years if you're assuming their out of it. That is one of the key things you have to find out what Jackie Bradley is the rest of the year. Because you have to plan and yes this is one of the most important things this try to squeeze in a couple more calls before we go to break and we get to date more. Chris Connecticut how're you Chris they get -- -- things. And I check all that we can go out -- retreat where we need to get proper tier outfield prospect brought. I really do want lectured that really aren't. An adequate -- hit the -- in America he's gone. -- Is that Chris has a quick quick aside. Holy macro is he is he doing what he needs to do to get his money is -- -- -- So I mean he's been he's been running out it's free guy he should had to win today. You know -- more -- cadet at the got a little more -- for. From our current. But my question I -- -- -- gotten an opening up the -- -- that -- -- Obviously it would be offseason priority but. The lead. Is getting acquiring. John in Miami that that have an extreme. I was singing and the media about. They'll double play duo. All Arizona -- with Marrero. In the draft hurt the short step in the future moniker quite -- that Obama had two years -- Guerrero has put together at the -- that when it gets hurt. At thanks for the call Chris Alex when we get armour are. He is probably the one guy in recent years in the Red Sox system profiles as someone who can be adequate offensively and well above average defense the -- Grace is obviously spectacular defensively -- back. So yeah there's a there's a chance that Guerrero is a shortstop of the future. Although it would help with his if he if he was an even more -- head. Yes the Yankees you'll hold his -- among vet like relative to Major League shortstop. Right but he won't be he will be a stand out. To me the best. The the guy with a high. Is doing a Red Sox shortstop in the system is named hobby or guerra and he's in that in in the Gulf Coast League right now. Buy dot I think Cabrera has chance to beat the Red Sox shortstop for a number of years if if what he's showed offensively this year. Is sustainable for awhile going for artist before ago break before we get to Dayton Moore. General manager Kansas City Royals Stephen main RU. Steve yeah I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If last year when your best. And you don't think you can -- be open market and you can -- Trade him and try to bill Will Allen try to the world or you make Romanoff are term the all star break. Well I still haven't sort of under controllable for a year so market and you meet him close to where you wanna be ignorant and you get the guys. -- -- Movement toward Utah has been especially in this season. I I agree receiving. And that's my point is I think between now and the non waiver trade Dolan at the end of the month and thanks for the call. That did the Red Sox have to put close to their best foot forward and this goes back though what I reported -- was last week. Which is this isn't about waiting to the end of the year. This is about Jon Leicester to wants to concentrate on the season to -- doesn't want distractions even now Wyndham being now and half games back. So if you -- if he perceives an offer to be close that he will negotiate. But if it's something like it was before where it's going to be a process over a couple weeks no thanks. Yeah I've got to get to the end game quicker. So I see some of the calls still lined up. Had gone if you can hang on the first after this break. Dayton Moore general manager of the Kansas City Royals -- very very trusting guy with a very very interest in team at a clock about what it's like. They be left for dead. Before the all star break being sellers and then all of a sudden after the all star break. Your buyers. And you actually have a chance that's exactly what they did last year he'll explain why it happened and how you did that right after this. Welcome back to -- MLB trade deadline and show sponsored by hope New England insurance hub in the dot com we are privileged. To have a win this Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore. 01 the finest GMs in the in the game I've known for a little bit and up and done a great job with the organization. Lot of challenges in in. Day in this is a unique time a year now -- -- first off I wanna go back to last year about you guys what every time we talk about how he'd be unique this time a year is. A lot of people reference you beat Kansas City Royals last year. And what you were before the all star game and what you were by the time the non waiver trade deadline came about if you take -- back what that whole experience alike. Well you know last year we we wrestle -- a lot of what to do urban -- At the time or we we made to pick off season trade record deal and in Wade Davis shin moved. Really count the players including you know will Myers and injured -- easy so. You know we felt that we needed to do everything we could just report the group player in 2013. So we made it vision not to trade. Ervin Santana. Currently I wasn't sure how that was gonna work out that I still believe you know in our team and our players that we felt that. Trust to be successful long term with this group we needed you know when that many games as we could indeed and thirteen and of course. Moving and -- at the time. We're we're in the garage from Billy just that so. Looking back it worked out with we have an actual run 86 wing not where we want it to be of course but. It was a vast improvement you know over our our recent history so you know we'd go at that position a position -- Compete you know sooner -- later and fourteen and you know we are down this year or are. You know we shall we we've competed from the first day up until now well. Got work to do or forward in we're monitoring ways to help our team. Like every other organization -- Those days is really fascinating that you talked a boat this intent gods allow my guess it wasn't time. How difficult was that because as to a certain degree the Red Sox are going through a little bit of that right now. Of of knowing saying you know why we have to make a move and we still won a contender in May -- there's a run around the corner which in your case there was but how difficult is to waive that and when do you really have to make that decision. It as the days get closer to the non waiver trade deadline. Well you certainly don't want make decisions and Charlie asked -- because this game changes minute minute tactic in. You know go back in -- many there all the players you were looking to maybe move in at the old place in the somebody gets injured or out in and -- happen been. You're you're you're glad you didn't make the so you never really know luck is no draft and he'll go look in the future and it's it's difficult. To be able to predict what you know is going to happen at the end of the day you just have to gather much from you can't. Relied your manager or coaching staff -- he give you get a permit them and go there feel you know for what's going on in the clubhouse certainly -- -- -- yourself and you know you're scouts or are out there are evaluating the other morning nineteen in making recommendations -- He just gather much information as you can and then you make the decision you know when it's appropriate. Electorate really makes. Great great and and -- little conservative because. Again that the climate in our industry changes. You know minute to minute stated day. Did you see that coming the last couple weeks before the non waiver trade deadline and have it -- it was or was there anything that is trying to set this. Run that you have in motion. Well you know we. Felt that you know our offense should start trading up our defense -- been really our starting rotation. And been you know beyond. Our expectations even with the addition of -- we knew it be better picked in the country. Good for -- curve was good. And you know urged -- continues. The street you know recommend and he is doing a good job or since. There -- -- -- on what triggered the defense and and that pitching would remain strong. The offense should -- and now we're the second half is you know pitching can Wear down a little bit. In the second half as you know and getting injured a little bit advantage all. Jumped a little more Kauffman Stadium in the summer months so you know we're hopeful that we keep -- out of that. The shoot strong but I think we were six games under 500. At the all star break perhaps and you know we got a little run right after the or duplicate Troy. And Baltimore and I wanna say we want five and seven after the break should get old that are -- And we've got overall and -- again there's nowhere to predict you know hours that's gonna happen of course. You know that the number one saying every club I have to do they help in you know we stayed pretty healthy. Last year and going into the break. You know we were we felt we were in a good place from how important well in. You know other organization here right now but got a lot of talent on the net which you know. In a situation. You know when you're you're trying to make moves scored organs for your team. The target broke the -- James Shields and end Ervin Santana and from -- going back a little ways of your quest to find a top of the rotation guy and he made he son -- mash and and he he was atop perceived as a Topper rotation guy but it was so so difficult. Has that turned because week especially around here the Red Sox were look at the the offensive struggles that they have and how do you find that next know the order bat. Has that turned from. The priority has to be going from getting the top of the rotation starter or is it more difficult now to find the middle middle of the order guy. While a great question I think it varies from year to year of course in the I think it's you know the recent all -- pitched I think on the market -- certainly. Supply and demand is what it is there there's never enough options. There's no skating the fact that. Are crucial to grow your own towel from the end. And that's one thing urged doctors that are terrific job in -- I want the best system in the game and you know we were four we've been fortunate that to -- talent. As well but it's you know at all except for only if you have a legit lead off hitter with you and for all that are. Your offense always has changed to work and you can plug a lot of the guys. At the other six or six spot again if you have those spot places and order but there's no substitute for good starting pitching starting pitching obviously. Objectionable and put the game and rhythm. Allowed her off and you know -- -- certain had dug out a little quicker than the other guys and again which became -- -- I think there's no substitute for. For good starting pitching. As as a GM how difficult was that shields Myers I know there are other pieces involved with the -- Myers. Trade to make because there was order. Agonizing. In and in the scheme of what goes on and in. In the walls and perspective. You know it's baseball but what we do -- -- Actually it was -- agonizing because then -- you -- triggered young corner and we knew we get it will mark coming in dollar draft. We knew that all the talent in them and he did nothing in the minor league to -- is a question what type of player it's going to be in the future -- The -- we made advances. Decisions you'll go over the Royals this we needed Alex Gordon Billy Butler -- players in the -- they were double and doesn't do our best to sign him long term. Took advantage of you know Gregory in our rebounding and haven't and we're hopeful sign a long term would put it at a decent contract. In that position and move him trophy is Escobar and Lorenzo Cain and there we needed good role role players after the draft in the and do everything he could work -- well those things have been accomplished in you know we had young group and that in the major lyrics that what -- Stock at some aren't correct Kane and ask or on the club Gordon Butler were turning -- -- Productive. Major League player and again we have -- our farm system. Who could add to their current group or not gonna go out when the negotiations. -- -- -- so we use our farm system. By trading Wellemeyer. We get to really you know high quality pitcher that help. Being in a position two win and but again is that it's not -- you typical they're going to do -- -- memorably traded Adam Wainwright. J. D. Drew we knew we had J. D. Drew a one year and -- all felt that you know or. But the -- the additionally working straighten. And Adam Wainwright was you know a few years away from impact in our Major League club. Time that we knew Adam going to be good players so. Again we have these -- our system. In an appropriate manner occur to win the negotiations are -- Beijing -- Who is available in the -- off season. Of 2012. If contract for all. Nobody could really debate whether they could put on their team and certainly you'll have to win the right for game shield or how your farm system and and you know we're fortunate to have enough talent and you know that the timing was such that we felt it was important. To start winning games at the Major League level look we've we've proved that we could still made built. Farm system we have a group we could win a Major League level we still have a group it went well yet so. Internally in the playoffs compete for a world championship at all what what -- World Series you know gobble up. Well you pretty good position right now days and having him toward the all star break him the last question. We had Allison topless on a week ago and asked him I said how many teams would you identify is sellers I have one you can count on one on him and at that time I was a week ago. There was one -- -- I won I can think of well shortly thereafter the Cubs make the trade with the with the a's and things -- started pick up now from your person person perspective. Where do you see the trade market is it really started is this the time we're really -- -- up pull the after the all star break. Well I think I think you know shortly it's it's after the break to achieve that deadline because right now. You know the asking price -- -- player that could eventually might be available very and your great weighing all options demeanor. I look at our our situation right now on neutral the only one that I can you comment on because in I don't know what. You know other GMs and other organizations earlier are spiritually winter club that when I look at our team. You know we've we we've got a big here's your Detroit starting tonight and it's important we play well and stay in the hunt. They were true game doubtful wild card. You know financial flexibility is somewhat of an issue or Russia. But you know they are certainly ways restaurant group fourteen men but in the players that you war and he. They're going to be available to -- and you know our look at our club. He we would like you know maybe get a ball and armor to tweaking and then. Certainly cricket at bat that. You know logical to look at the same thing you know that the team that. Would potentially have those players to deal. -- asking prices very high which you should be our B I've been in that position before you wanna make the best deal all born so it or -- in the area. You know go to the wire little bit and somebody to jump up and it is. Aggression -- and ready to trade or at the top prospect. And -- again -- that kind of where we are here and can't figure out. Well day in thanks so much for dry it's always great to talk review in. There's exciting and he's excited having people got excited when you guys got back commit last year and and able they like. Your team like the way you guys play in the -- the fact that year and this year so graduation so far. -- they probably appreciate having and then all the bad things didn't. -- -- I don't stretched MLB trade. Non waiver trade deadline. Show sponsored by called New England Sharon I'm rob Bradford OBI dot com Alex beer with me thank you. Dayton Moore for Colin in late night. Kansas City Royals general manager -- I was pretty interesting is new to ignore. Absolutely I love. Hearing about the the idea well not -- it fascinating to hear about kind of the behind the scenes like agonizing about about the idea. Of what a great challenge trade you know it's one that you can talk about over and over when you're talking about a top of the rotation guy and established veteran like shields. For a out for the homegrown guy in Myers. It really. Represents so many different philosophical fault lines in the industry I thought that was the. It was well we remember when that deal was made or that -- being talked about because they're Royals dating choir in the Red Sox. A bow in argue with the Red Sox inquiring back. But the will about it terrorism would suggest that -- it's just the Red Sox acquired first right. But the will -- for Jon Lester conversation. Which was really trust him because it lined up would James Shields of the time. Remember me Lester was coming off the really bad year down yet 2012. He was under control the same amount James Shields. So while we look at how Lester separate himself and shields right now wasn't necessarily the case back then. It was is interesting in in to your point. If you look at it and he talks Dayton Moore talks about. The value over a top of the rotation pitcher number one pitcher and the value of of a power hitter. And at that time I talked to a with him about it he's been chasing this number -- pitcher he chased -- with Gil Meche early on in his ten year. And now he won our league -- fell and James Shields -- But. Which is harder to get now which is harder to get compared to when he was chasing -- match which is a few years ago. Compared to now I would say the middle of the order hitter he will Myers. Is much more difficult again I mean look at look at the royals' home run total write the Royals or the one team that is more power deficient in Major League Baseball released in the American League. Been the Red Sox. They -- they have what 53 home runs entering today. I mean that's that's shockingly that's a shocking in the shockingly low figure -- -- you know they they do not have a middle of your order back. And when we go back to the use of the and the other fascinating about the interview in talking dame which was. The they were out of -- perceived to be out of it having the all star game they go on Iran. The toward the end of the month and they get back in and they've become buyers more than sellers and ball when they were sellers to perceive cellar to Ervin Santana was the guy. They were gonna try to get a bat -- well. They hung in that they need Ervin Santana they hang on to him they offered the qualifying operate. And then he sides of the Braves. But they never were able to leverage him to get that. Other bad but Santana like represents. What you can Santana represents the kind of found money where you can have a buy low guy. Who suddenly turns into days there anyway they've bought lawn and he will always on him you know they'd actually yeah they did a great job of identifying him. Trading for him before he was non tendered. Which is what was going to happen with the Angels. But you're seeing it again with for instance the Cubs and Jake Ariana. I don't want to exaggerate the degree to which is possible because you know you have the -- with a guy like Brandon -- Who is an out of nowhere discovery. In terms of middle of the order bat but the number of thirty home run hitters right now a Major League Baseball I think that last year you had something like. Were taking -- -- -- wanna see which was the fewest more than twenty years. Compared to the number of guys with sub three ERA is. Those guys are falling out of trees right. Via the in in. You made this point which is. The get that -- the order that we talked about the this Stanton sort of trade which is here or nine guys pick five in and do your best against Stan. Well. A lot of these power hitters there were talking about in baseball. The team penalty locked in -- but they fell into the. Yeah I that I I explored that topic a few days ago you know with the Braves coming to town because Abreu represented a guy that rare thing which was. A middle of the order guy in the prime of his career into the White Sox did a nice job about beating everyone including the Red Sox in what was a pretty tight cluster of bids. In order to acquire -- you. Who's going to anchor of their lineup for awhile but in Chris Davis -- -- current us young Batista Encarnacion Brandon Moss. You're -- you're talking about men like almost. David Ortiz for that matter almost a majority of the thirty home run hitters in Major League Baseball. Basically there are two ways of getting them you either have a top ten pick in the draft. Or you have this incredible good fortune of buying you go and a funny thing is people organ aptly cream too and I now under these words by. Willie Mo Pena. Right now this was the reason absolutely that's why you traded Bronson Arroyo have unquestionably you went for the lottery ticket. Yeah it's visit it's a tough on your screens in a phone call -- before the end of the show has been a really -- Joe's been. Georgia shows we've been through shows now Bulls have been really really. Enjoyable to do enjoyable listen to. We've had fun doing why Fred -- underwent the first one Alex was on -- time out of a feud on calling him last time I thought there was a highlight of being on assignment and it was absolutely by it -- it's been enjoyable -- people are getting fired up. As we yet closer they'll get even more fired up regardless where the with the Red Sox are because if if they go to ten game losing streak. It's still going to be conversation they go a ten game winning streak is can be conversation they're going to be going after the same guys regardless if ever guys were able to help them. Next next year and -- aren't. Maybe this year too but you know if they if they trim a couple of games off the deficit if they go Kansas City on this season. Then they would still be in a position where they would still be looking for offensive pieces they could help them beyond 2014. In -- and perhaps they would hope help them help them get further. It you know make some more noise in net in an American League east it's a I had division right. Now -- -- -- righty it in if sociable with Sweden and a phone call 6177797937. A New England insurance MLB trade deadlines show wrapping up here but you squeeze in one or two calls here before the end of the show was a guy Alex. You have one guy yesterday. That guy I think they should take a runner. And every record go anywhere from stay -- to Carlos Gonzales to. Anybody is there any guys that you say they should Ingram. Quite honestly you know my expectation is that there are so few of those guys who -- who clearly -- smokers I mean quite what interest me. Is the possibility of may be talking to a team like the Cubs. About the idea of trading for a young. Power hitter and someone because the Cubs have. The Cubs have loaded up recognizing the scarcity of power in the game they have loaded the top right and I don't know them Chris Bryant it's -- lawyers is -- right he's yes -- as sort of a behind but you have Javier Baez you have like you have all these guys with huge power. -- huge power ceilings. You know maybe you contemplates. The idea of you know if you really like Christian Vasquez do you contemplate -- Blake's -- -- You know and maybe one of the elite pitching prospects -- -- one of the top tier pitching prospects the you have number one of their offense prospects. That's really interesting to me. About here's a name a -- thrown you Alex Rios. And the reason I thrown Alex Rios has because you know you knew you'd say oh what was the -- now history of the sport season. He's the guy is thirties and we've heard we'd know what he can do it this is there is a lot of upside well. He is an option year you'd have a -- under control for another year. I think he can be a very very serviceable guy he's killing left handed pitching. Can't hit with some power we know what you do is not a lot of mystery there. But this can be our guy who really can I think help you next year he's not the guy that everyone wants who is going to be this out of nowhere home run hitter. But for why you might be able to get what you might be able to give up. It might make some sense to yeah I'm sure that the Rangers are going to shoot really really high because they have that option year. So they could certainly hold off. These -- certainly could hold off on doing -- like Rios for the off season. -- -- but yeah I think you explore absolutely they are going to need they need Morey and their outfield and they don't have. They've been discovering these internal solutions but the holes in the -- -- of the world but they don't have -- if they don't -- -- Alex Rios out committed don't -- But we -- continue that conversation we will continue the conversation and what -- Alex what a week to countdown is on -- It really as it was it was a fun show it was. Is this golf we are dominating the tend to be in night time slot on me on a constant basis I appreciate all the calls I appreciate all -- year. Chart is -- yeah eight or failure will never now. I actually this is that a point of contention is that I have no idea that's -- my last name. Really 'cause I grew up in the South -- is very Boston accent -- things you know what it's -- the ball well this is what we do you know you're Twitter handle is pat PL CH a RT IE ER pronounced as you well chatty as the you know. I well anyway thanks to Paulie Paul got the glass first nickname of definitely go much appreciated. Alex -- great job tonight. It was a really fun time thanks all the callers thanks to date more general manager of the -- Royals thanks to Jake Peavy for opera on by. Thanks everybody again we'll do it all again one week from tonight states him. Your column Orioles beat the nationals. -- story aids victim was 61 victory the Giants 57 scoreless from Scott Kazmir Phillies over the Brewers at Milwaukee 91. -- the final of the Braves picked -- 831 defeat. Over the -- Red Sox walked off the White Sox for the second straight time the final 43 at Fenway in ten innings. With only two. Germany four Argentina. -- -- -- -- -- Besides the Freddie Coleman show on ESPN radio. PN radio dot com.

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