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Dayton Moore on the The Trade Deadline Show, 7-10-14

Jul 11, 2014|

General Manager of the Kansas City Royals, Dayton Moore, joined Rob Bradford on The Trade Deadline Show to talk about how his team handles the deadline.

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Welcome back to the MLB trade deadline and show sponsored by hope knowingly and insurance hub and to have a way this Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore. 01 the finest GMs in the in the game I've known for a little bit and up and done a great job with the organization. Lot of challenges in and day in this is a unique time a year now as -- first off I wanna go back to last year about you guys -- every time we talk about how unique this time of year is. A lot of people reference you beat Kansas City Royals last year and what you were before the all star game and what you were by the time the non waiver trade deadline. Came about if you take -- back what that whole experience like. Well -- know last year we we wrestled with a lot of what to do urban air. At that time -- we we made big offseason trade or Jake Shields and and -- -- Russian moved. Really count players including you know will Myers and inject -- easy so. You know we felt that we needed to do everything we could. Just report the group player in 2013. So we made its decision not to trade. Ervin Santana. Truthfully I wasn't sure how that was gonna work out that I still believe you know in our team and our players that we felt that. Trust to be successful long term with this group we needed you know win that many games as we could put him in thirteen and of course. Moving and can't -- the I'm would prefer -- that much from Billy just that so. Looking back it worked out with Lee and an actual run 86 wing not where we want it to be of course but. It was a vast improvement you know over our our recent history so you know we'd go at that footage in a position to. Compete you know sooner than later fourteen you know we are down this year or are. You know we feel like we we've competed from the first day up until now so. We've got work to do going forward in the area were monitoring ways to help our team. Like every other organization. Those days is really fascinating that you talked a boat this intent gods allow my guess it wasn't time. How difficult was that because as to a certain degree the Red Sox are going through a little bit of that right now. Of of knowing saying you know why we have to make a move and we still won a contender in May -- there's a run around the corner which in your case there was but how difficult is to waive that and when do you really have to make that decision. It as the days get closer to the non waiver trade deadline. Well you certainly don't wanna make decisions they have to because this game changes meant that the minute that tactic in. You know go back in Iraq many examples of players you were looking to maybe move in that deal in place and somebody gets injured or something not seen happen. You know you're you're glad you didn't make the though you never really know hawk as though your -- in the -- -- into the future and it's difficult. The field upper deck what you know is going to happen at the end of the day you just have to gather much from you can't. Relied your manager or coaching staff. He give you get a permit them and go there feel you know for what's going on in the clubhouse certainly haven't -- -- yourself -- You know you're out here are out there were evaluating the other morning nineteen in making recommendations -- We just gather much information as you can and that you make the decision you know when it's appropriate but analysts are really makes. Great great and and feel a little conservative because. Again that the climate in our industry changes. You know minute to minute stated day. Did you see that coming the last couple weeks before the non waiver trade deadline and have it than it was or was there anything that is trying to set this. Run that you have in motion. Well you know we felt that you know our offense should start trading up our defense should be in early our starting rotation. I've been. Beyond. Our expectations even with the addition of shield we knew would be better picked in the country good for us -- was good. And you know urged chin continued there the street you know recommending you don't a good job or -- There are open on what triggered the defense and in the pitching with remained strong. The -- and -- tree and now we're the second half -- you know pitching tends to Wear down a little bit. In the second half as you know and give hitters a little bit advantage all. Jumped a little more Kauffman Stadium in the summer months or you know we're hopeful that we keep you out of that. The shoot strong but I think we were six games under 500. At the all star break perhaps and you know we got a little run right after the -- we play Troy. In Baltimore in and one they would want five and seven after the break should give -- -- -- -- It was got a role in but again there's no way to predict -- if that's gonna happen of course. You know that the number one saying every club I have to do -- -- -- you know we stayed pretty healthy. Last year and going into the break. You know we were we felt we were in a good place from how important well in. Other organization here right now but got a lot of talent on the net which you know. In a situation. You know when you're you're trying to make moves scored ordered through your team. The -- broke the -- James Shields and in Ervin Santana and from -- going back a little ways of your quest to find a top of the rotation guy and he -- he signed -- mash and and he he was atop perceived as a -- rotation guy but it was so so difficult. Has that turned because week especially around here the Red Sox were look at the the offensive struggles that they have and how do you find that next know the order bat. Has that turned from. The priority has to be going from getting the top of the rotation starter or is it more difficult now to find the middle middle of the order guy. While a great question I think it varies from year to year of course in the I think it's you know the recent quality pitch I think on the market eager certainly. -- demanded what it is there there's never enough option. There's no skating the fact that. Are crucial to grow your own towel from the end. And that's one thing that you are that terrific job in -- I want the best system in the game and you know we were all we've been fortunate that to -- and tell. As well but it's you know -- except for only if you have a legit lead off hitter with -- in for older. Your offense always has changed to work and you can plug a lot of the guys. At the other six or six spot again if you have those spot places and order but there's no substitute for good starting pitching starting pitching obviously. -- -- put the game in rhythm. Allowed her off and you know it's -- certain had dug out a little quicker than the other guys and again. Which became -- -- so I think there's no substitute for. For good starting pitching. As as a GM how difficult was that shields Myers I know there are other pieces involved with the -- Myers. Trade to make because there was order. -- -- -- In the scheme of what -- bargain in. In the walls and perspective. You know it's baseball but -- what we do our job. Actually it was -- agonizing because -- -- -- -- young corners and we knew we -- it will -- two million dollars out of the draft we know -- -- -- -- in them and he did nothing in the minor league to truck is a question what type of player he was going to be in the future there. The arrival we managed to. Decisions you'll go over the Royals this we needed Alex Gordon Billy Butler current players and -- there were double and doesn't do our best to sign him long term. We took advantage of you know -- -- rebounding and haven't and we're hopeful sign -- long term would put it at a decent contract would put us in that position and move him. Trophy is Escobar and Lorenzo Cain in. Deleted their role role players after the draft in and do everything -- could work him well both saying is an accomplished in you know we had young group and that in the major lyrics it's timeless loop. The stock at some Murton Perez came -- basketball or on the club Gordon Butler were curry and productive. Major League player and again we can't use our farm system. Who could add to their current group or not gonna go out -- what negotiations. Free agencies so we use our farm system. By trading Wellemeyer. We get there who really you know high quality pitcher that help. Being in a position a win and at the beginning of the -- -- -- typical they're going to do I mean I remember when we traded Adam Wainwright. J. D. Drew we knew -- have J. D. Drew a one year and John or felt that you know. But the and the additional fourteen straighten. And Adam Wainwright was you know a few years away from impact in our Major League club. Time that we knew Adam going to be good players so. Again we have to use our farm system. In an appropriate manner occur to win the negotiation. Allan and James Shields. Who is available in the living off season. Of 2012. -- contract affordable. Nobody could really debate whether they could put on thirteen and certainly you're gonna have to win the right for being -- or how your farm system and and you know we're fortunate to have enough talent and you know that the timing was such that we felt it was important. To start winning games at the Major League level look we we proved that we could still made built. Farm system we have a group we could win a Major League level we still have a group one was well yet so. Until we in the playoff compete for a world championship at all what what a World Series you know -- -- Well you pretty good position right now would be and having him toward the all star break in the last question. We had Allison topless on a week ago and asked him I said how many teams would you identify -- sellers I have one you can count on one on him and at that time I was a week ago. There was one you set I won I can think of well shortly thereafter the Cubs make the trade with the with the a's and things -- started pick up now from your person person perspective. Where do you see the trade market is it really started is this the time we're really stressing he double -- after the all star break. Well I think I think you know shortly it's it's after the break to achieve that deadline because right now. The asking price -- -- player that could eventually might be available very high and your great Wayne all -- option demeanor. I look at our our situation right now on neutral the only one that I can you comment on because in I don't know what. You know other GMs and other organizations earlier -- spiritually -- club but when I look at our team. You know we've we we've got pictures you're Detroit starting tonight and it's important we play well and stay in the hunt. They were true game doubtful wild card. You know financial flexibility is somewhat of an issue for Russia. But you know they are certainly wage question -- fourteen -- but in the players that you war and he. They've got to be available to -- and you know our look at our club. He we would like you know maybe get a ball and -- who we and then. Certainly cricket at bat that. You know logical to look at the same thing you know that the team that. Would potentially have a player to deal. And asking prices very -- -- -- should be I'd -- -- been in that position before you wanna make the bet he'll people -- -- historically they India. You know go to the liar a little bit it'll make it won't jump up and it is. Aggression -- -- and ready to trade or other top prospect. And -- again -- that kind of where we are here and can't figure out. Well day in thanks so much for dry it's always great to talk review in. This exciting and he's excited having people got excited when you guys got back commit last year and and -- they like. Your team like the way you guys play in the village the fact that year and this year so graduation so far. No -- probably appreciate having and then all of that -- -- --

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