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Jake Peavy on The Trade Deadline Show, 7-10-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Jake Peavy sat down with Rob Bradford to talk about the trade rumors that have his name attached.

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Joining us now on the MLB trade deadline show sponsored by hope knowingly insurance is Jake Peavy who's been in the news this week quite a bit and obviously is gone through the trade deadline in the past him and kind of going through right now and you as you had to Houston. First off going off the other today. With all the rumors flying around and he says -- these things probably aren't made up -- is there's some -- truth to a reality. Did you think that it you would be getting dressed and ready going to Houston this team engineered. While certainly hopes so. You never. You know I'd I did just. Feel like some of the -- what it was. What was maybe preacher and people were words were missed in the market little do with -- now Ayman do could be. At the same time -- stuff. Changes every fifteen minutes. In this it's really the reason not trusting I don't know if you drugs or crazy. When you player involved if you chunky but with every thing says every phone call it your general manager hazard. So you know I -- -- heart that this would be the case and got about ten minutes to tell him to get on the bus -- being used to -- ago -- to go from there but I. Com am extremely excited that -- the last few games. Worked out you know maybe. Not sure what Baltimore's on the and pay any attention or that place. Maybe get in the game back in and -- to more hopeful John Lackey. Hugh Hewitt said Hewitt said that day that would one day we're really all the rumors are flying around he came to the park and you you really were more focused and he had been a long time. And he felt that you were locked him. And it throughout these past few days has that continued to be the case where your beauty you feel that. -- still here working on your craft and and you just storming to the next hour yeah of course you have to. You have to be what we've had some changes you know here in the in the room so it's it's going to be a little bit different dynamic didn't know a young catcher. This in movements today -- with him in Lackey and listening. You know -- -- prep. You know -- more and eyes it's been it's been a neat to. You know watching a young kid -- -- so excited you know he's so excited for years and from the looks of it that review. Agree catcher. And obviously we knew that -- whispering -- You. That's all along not a news is too is to stay wrapped up and in one my job title my obligation. The moment is and that's to be here in made it very clear -- stay here you know. That being said. Would never have any hard feelings there you know -- to -- us from Boston Red Sox. People you know. Was more -- -- in his decisions my future. Plus questions just news news is you went through this last year to a certain degree. Which is more. Filled with -- anxiety this time around her her last you know I think last. I mean treason in in quite quite some time. And it's been in Chicago for five years. Things hadn't quite worked out the way we -- through Chicago we played them to it and then last year got often and played about the plan now the point where you knew. Had some. Ground Emeka to to be in contention so and the deal last year coming here went down to the -- and assuming teams in and hang on every word. I -- been through it also I was a little more exercise I think last year that I am this year piece where it was it was whatever happens. I could certainly. It would have been tough statistic in Chicago last year. -- and really have to write those -- signaling that he was going rebuilding stage. For the following years well so. Being here in these guys there's nobody -- that until we're mathematically eliminated ago -- on. Us win the division when you come to work and you know your team your organization. This is after that makes it -- can work everyday grind it out so. -- see what happens I'm I'm so excited to to be here one of these years -- head and just put my head down to approach in go to work until told otherwise -- open appreciation salute thank you.

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