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Mike Carp with Joe & Dave after his walkoff hit against the White Sox

Jul 10, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to Mike Carp after his pinch hit won the game against the White Sox at Fenway.

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All right thanks viola might we dark again yesterday you said you were -- ready you are raring to go always you had your opportunity geared. Made the most of it with that base hit to win the game. You know it's you know tough kid knows late inning pinch hit opportunities and Jones over to come back and you know. I'm just looking out for its wonderful note welcome all of -- and it's my job is tough and you know society go out there and excuse due to the right thing. Mike you did you were gonna count to your favor we are looking fastball there because he doesn't want to go 321 you. Yeah you know he. He's got a heavy sinker that that is that is money and it's it's we relies on heavily in I knew once you went away. It was anti go back out there again and fortunately it as it was it in the hole it there. So the -- really came up big Daniel -- last night and not against scoring the winning run he worked the key leadoff walk and a 32 pitch that was it. Very close. Getting on enough not it is great to have that great you know that's that's why came up there in that situation that you got on base for -- is this -- But he got the inning off for us senate but it went right there. Mike did you assured survive today tear you apart there's others there's a that are ripping on off my necklace made of but I don't know I think it's well worth it in any time I use -- -- necklace or Jersey. Mean you can walk off fashion sport that you are right it was certainly shockingly -- you have that two run homer right. What was the year reaction in the dug out about this the way the game we go from there. I mean -- -- give credit to Gillespie's swap that you know coming off situation if this guy like that right there if it's going out on the outs on like Kosier. To give it give up late but. You know we have a tie ball game there -- -- as a win and so you know we still have felt like we had the upper hand going into and -- bottom half inning anytime we get to swing the bats and you know like we're so fortunate to come out they went. A nice way to go off to Houston Mike congratulations on a great hit thank you are great to have you back Mike thanks job.

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