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The Red Sox Walk Off and Say Goodbye to A.J. Pierzynski 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

Tim and Christian discuss the Red Sox walk off victory against the White Sox, as well as Ben Cherington's decision to designate A.J. Pierzynski for assignment.

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Former Sox player. Okay. And yeah and ex -- my teenage years naive my twenties so my thirties -- no I very low expectations my forties. -- 48 and bad news. Let WEEI sports. Here's the thing. -- OK okay. Brought to do list before that just now what do. It's. Sale. Are you okay. I didn't. Oh we never gave up you know when and they didn't. Still it's. Here come here I Christian when he saw Ron Paul is a game winning hit. He's done an emotion you saw that excitement I knew what happened I'd know what was that I know I just know would have -- oh before the whole night. I put in the position to make a difference again he comes through. It that's why I'm watching these games for -- -- access Chirac called club he's a big portion of his big -- 2% of now. And even the post game speech. Film it was entertaining album for a little more but you know we give -- 78 day you can expect I mean the -- they won that game last night. I mean great but you know the boy -- little kid sitting pretty well. But I'm hoping that just to feel a little bit Brock little bit Iraq. -- days and it beats him -- Christian Fauria Lou is outs today he's up for a couple days going on vacation and it's unfortunate for him because after the drudgery we've gone through in recent days of the Red Sox struggle in the way they have in this homestand. -- -- -- one -- have -- on the air given the fact the Red Sox did have that come from behind victory I still can't believe that. The White Sox took out Chris Sale when they did Dennis secondly was parade after the game on message saying this loss is on Robin Ventura for doing what he did. When he took Chris Sale out. A great defense on the lead Jackie Bradley catch was unbelievable I tell you what man I should say grade divas on the lakers or some bad defensive moments stealing moment Jonny Gomes -- the ball again and that. -- -- now -- Mike Napoli -- Every play well enough -- his face but then he made a diving catch so is like up and down defense they some highlight moments on defense Bradley's catches unbelievable you know and I watched -- they showed a couple replays of that don't they show it from the but the wide angle from a the stance from the pitcher's point of view. We had him on the show we try to figure out he's not really fast guy. Right below a 47 so by your -- play next wide receiver standards no that's not valued at Selma got Duquesne who we get to the ball the way he can you think he has I mean at 4445. Speed. -- quick burst. Air may -- can't run -- -- maybe he trails off at twenty. But -- when you watch him. The ball fitness sooner -- is it hit. -- justice beat and he's running and he's out the door quick and he's. Able to get to the ball agreed that -- that is impressive but that is that short area quickness but the patriots love. That is that the recall drilled you see all these wide receivers that you've never heard about the draft because they can do that three called Qwikster will they don't -- there and care about that that blazing speed. How quick are you in uniter cuts. I'd I'd put them against any of those guys I've put him against -- Josh Forsythe I'd put him against an air dobbs enemy. Because his his reaction time is so fast and his ability to know where the ball is go in the it's that. The bat hits the ball -- if you gotta go back and look got -- because that. Was impressive enough. Still WB I'll data developments coming from patriots camp they're making a trade for Jackie Bradley has reported here by Chris euphoria and we're going to catch it. If it can't be indoors than the other way we always British Tom Brady is slipping down all these polls because he does heavy tools to work with so if you put Jackie Bradley is the slot receiver everything's taking care of that yes your assessment. No one he's not going to be out Julian Edelman he probably wouldn't be out -- Dolan. If -- ran -- -- another guy that's duke. Let me listen you always trying to you or watching baseball. Just don't ever speak athlete I don't think. Athlete I don't think. Okay this is guy every hand eye coordination yes that's B yet -- do you still. Think ask because they're never really running at full speed -- -- on the first recess is gone pretty fast when he. An infield double which -- karamanlis -- -- -- infield double but go ahead and I was feel like if they're if they're they're sit around so much of it why don't they pulled their hamstrings more why don't -- -- her growing muscle more because they're so. Dormant when there's either in the outfield balls like getting hit pure fear in the dugout and you know we have a long at bat for the opposing team. And next thing you know you've hit a ground ball and you've got to sprint. Full out sprint I am surprised more guys don't have a crushing victory no. I hamstring that does linger for the entire season. But but didn't smoking is quick. Jackie Bradley is so impressive and we had him on the had among the other day. Again I'll try to figure out what is it is it that your just your fast or is it your ability to know will ball's going and he said it was a little bit of both. He's probably right so finally the Red Sox get a victory. In this homestand against the White Sox don't play again today. On WB I had four clock 6177797. Out of Portland today early game reds got Red Sox fans you wanna. Chime in on what happened last night your more than what -- -- clearly the big story took place before the game. Now is AJ Pierzynski -- designated for assignment and there's been quite the ripple effect from this move. I -- heard a lot of it on DNC this morning as the guys were filling them with John and Jerry often and Kirk was on. With meter and with TJ -- And then a couple guys on to talk about it including rob Bradford and Johnson mossy and John was the one that wrote the story of -- AJ Pierzynski. A long time in advance of this move coming. About in essence how much of a -- was. Am I limited dealings of being in that locker room in the short time since I've been there since I've been over there on a few occasions. Everything I heard about him turned out to be 100% true. Everything -- At any preconceived. Notion I had about AJ Pierzynski out walked out the locker room feeling well that was warranted. Now did you have or did -- did you use just pull out clearly SOB but did you in every amid talk don't couple times yeah there's a dismissive and Kurt and I -- -- a you aren't big enough names so we -- wanted -- to time today right. If you probably knew it was gonna get a job at WEEI so while -- Bruce weir got to do it because I don't want it we got the best baseball guide us through -- like some of the national so you know we'll be nice to encourage americanized to buster role but he was just a complete dismissive SOB he's -- Why would I do anything to dissuade anybody's public opinion about the way people were talking about a he treated me the same way that. Recruit you're racist disaster I tell you the BT you are awesome and their -- -- -- Gary on the field last night Broncos is there anything you can't do. As good as his eyes twinkle. I would they've never -- -- job I would never want one of those jobs that exact reason I just I mean for awhile there -- one resist reminding the stepchildren -- I don't know accord. Right they'll make it you know. I we used to just get on reporters who would ask those questions. Like they were basically what you're really asking question they were just make a statement hey you're awesome -- and you basically have to continue the conversation on your own I mean there's there's there's a lot of guys that do that. And when I guess now when -- put. In this position and issues on the other foot now you're asking the questions and is so we just have to walk off. To help you when the game they wanted to do -- and asking them to do I know I know what do you -- like OK and that the question that always drove me nuts. But what were you thinking. Well usually nothing usually nothing and so and for me to kind of parlay that into words. Does it usually translate into good TV. I was basically you heard crickets cricket sounds like that -- that's -- going on in my head Chris you always. Thinking well I don't think much. Your drive by an account pass through -- know what looked like house thinking. A Macau a Macau -- vote -- we did a did you just equate that to yourself you know just happen that are basically -- -- to the big. Whenever you or whenever you hear about an athlete peaking too much -- easily have problems. I am big too much I get up there and I expect it's gonna have is going to be Napoli Jackie Bradley -- more nicely I'm lost I'm thinking too much I I'm -- my head down I. Is -- why can't change my stance there you go to you don't want to think period. Before the game when Pierzynski was released literally come as a surprise that he was gone what did surprise me is or maybe it is magnified the point as make him before this guy was just. Such a gigantic a hole. That you couldn't find one team. That was interested. In picking up a left handed hitting catcher burn -- than. Before the trade deadline. -- EC from time to time teams that are trying to prepare themselves for pennant run they want a little. Depth at the catching position they -- on older veteran leader did that humility and charity that'd be in the front hey wanting to click. Yeah I am I'd be willing to move it to click. Like their people deleting bench Harrington from their phone right now that's because he had the -- don't accurate to call them about air AJ Pierzynski trade BI you red button those guys. You rip but yeah I got a phone you have it the green but not a red button green but you did and I know somebody red buttons mean. And -- only said it -- estimate is -- market for a jags had announced yesterday our show yes -- -- market there's no mark for AJ churn out what happens a couple of hours later he's just DF -- let go were better off not getting anything for you and having you leave you out because we'd rather just get you out of the clubhouse now. Before things really get back and both are dangerous situation there really aren't very sensitive. You know dangerous situations when you have a guy. It's just too funny like now I thought coming out like tomorrow she was way ahead of the game Mozilla -- Gambia was on this morning on DNC and sort of underscores his approach. In writing that column in the first place back in men. When in -- know this when you write something strong about a guy. You're prepared for repercussions when it comes out and I don't mean from a guy who you know the guy's going to be -- that's fine I don't blame -- -- he should have been upset. You expect to get your teammates as well you know I've gone after Beckett in the past and that hurt me with the pitchers that -- close. When I wrote that about Pierzynski. I fully expected to be some blow back I mean we've got to circle the wagons they protect their own. Not a single guy had an issue that's and we'll follow getting too specific I mean it was pretty clear when it came out that I think there are some people who are happy to see it in the club house. -- -- Served notice they jagr apparently -- get the message from his teammates that he needed to change some things. A -- that was well I mean it's you know you know and when. I didn't stand up for him when they were more on this side of the writer which just doesn't happen I think that that said that spoke volume. A -- rodents is is to highlight the point for a second here Christian this is beliefs. And -- -- on the ten game losing streak and I just coming out of the ten game losing streak maybe even -- by the way he was he was batting he was actually batting them one of the best players they had there and attended resisted -- -- Singling out one player for blame in this season to nowhere is patently unfair but we're going to do so anyway this is all AJ Pierzynski is -- Every last stinking bit of its. That's an overstatement of course but Pierzynski symbolizes. Much of what's wrong. What the defending World Series champs and of course the hatchet job and I say that lovingly and with great affection for what he wrote. Went on from there. Rob Bradford on today talking more specifically about what rubbed people the wrong way about AJ Pierzynski and apparently had a lot to do with the fact that. He never put his phone down. He was always in his -- not paying attention to anything else to -- in fact even had time to have -- phone the dugout going back knows more like going back in the clubhouse and getting on the -- FaceBook allegedly there was one moment -- a pitcher at a particularly bad outing and AJ was more concerned over what was on Twitter or. Downloading some act thing going up and say hey man go out and get a next time. This is a clip from rob Bradford today I'm Dennis and Callahan as well. I don't think anyone thought you'd be so different -- -- Problem. I guess the greater good okay -- news. Well that looks like what is that they certainly -- -- -- he wants to win then yeah he can be your place serve. Fired if they have a point out that when the biggest difference between him -- mark here is that there was a feeling with the -- team. Yes -- lockyer who fought in the game. Are you at all and he -- view is invested in the team investor in the scriptures. And it was just the exact opposite of golf all of them are learned he. -- so that was rob Bradford today from WEEI dot com you can read his post there. Today as well so go online and check that out he's all the guys in the 6 o'clock hour today and that is podcast it's on demand at WEEI. Dot com. John their all insisting. That Pierzynski is attitude had nothing to do his release is. No no not at all and I think if you look at some performers of our pitchers. That -- AJ is handled. John -- -- very consistently very well we talked to a -- Derosa and is AJ had. Some contributions in ruby's. Adjustments and the performs he's had here I would say yes he has so. This has been a matter of us taking a look at internally. One of the players -- we're going to be can do to build forward with. And we've started with what's taking place on a play. That was from dale -- -- yesterday before the game Christian bench Harrington speaking before the game yesterday as well and says the offense just wasn't there are enough to keep AJ around because as we all now is not exactly gold Glover defensively -- The office wasn't there. That's I'm again not trying to. Be critical of him if that was the part of the game. This wasn't a lack of effort on his car just wasn't there when you -- -- presents gifts we hope -- did everything they left and offensive in position. Always thought that that was important to the team. They've come on the news we got that any problem with the team you know obviously we had just short term new because of some of the -- -- them. But she should make a point before Chris number right on board with -- -- -- over to the new bounced him after the show afterwards that some mud and this is right after the decision was made to release presents here we're talking about the release and much that you launched tomorrow there's going to be or stories out there from people with all this inside Dario -- -- on this. I send out dolby five and that the -- he said. Because that's that's how this happens everybody's sort of hears about this but you can't put. Anonymous names are anonymous quotes of the story that's his big is this about the locker room strive act until it's after the fact because. Either a you put an anonymous. Terms of people global leader story and they refuted like John said that rallies everybody together against the media and tries to undercut the story. Or B you put somebody's name to it -- burn bridges a source. Still everybody waits until it's over and then you get this is they don't like what apple fried chicken and beer well here's the thing this is where does this at this bringing total living in the hotel at that pill popping and -- half. -- -- -- -- This is some that we talked about last week. We sat here. And we said in militarily if there are better when they what are they going to start pointing fingers. Bike week we discussed how he's gone because he would've started -- it was it was just it's just about the tip. Because he's worth it as long easy if you is -- she can keep him quiet as long you keep keep come from. Infecting. The younger guys who were coming up because the younger players -- -- The the that it does -- Bogart's the Jackie Bradley junior. Girl looking Adam no they don't play the same position but they're thinking in their head old that's the way approach can act at what point when -- a -- when -- vested. I can act like that I can just remove my myself from the situation. This team is is built on chemistry the -- reason why they won last service team was will become -- it was a brotherhood. It is not something you just automatically become part of because you become part of the team a brotherhood is earned a -- you wanna be doing that. So. The -- he was way ahead of the game he had a set to come out to be like listen I can see that the emperor has no clothes on. Okay and that's a deeper than -- so. It doesn't surprise me at all but it happens -- get anything to do with this production at the plate because it nobody's hitting. He's a little overly aggressive. And their style is to -- you don't. More pitches and get the pitch count up as much as they can that's not him me and this is this is this the one word should've been enough. This is why this summer read a quote. Get the -- sound ready. This is what happens when he limit when you slide. In in the second yeah nicely -- says that he got a good jump. Our replays suggested otherwise he also a wrongly put some of the blame on our chain victory -- who ended up tweaking his right hamstring he's still out today. So he says Vick made a good bunt president he said but it wasn't perfect. Two of music. Where's my boss slept -- bless you looking for I think you'll -- hey guess they guess who you're throwing your guy. Under the bus there is there's my town. Growing your teammates under the bus. IE maybe wasn't perfect. But you talk about that but I say god you're on the bus you'll be like -- whatever somebody. Can't just like the hottest thing to do one of the hardest things to do is to take the blame even though it's not your fault. You fall on the sword even though it's not your fault that's how you become part of a brotherhood listen -- That thought I mean there is no way you don't even have to explain it there's gonna do and also this isn't like this is it film study where the coach says. Is calling you out to him for making a bad play and you know it's a big but the coach can't tell that to me. So you know. Don't don't don't put that mark against me. Or did he can't do that. If he can't do that on this team with this person now the way they were last year -- automatically going to be -- size six -- 77797937. Let's go to frank who's calling in about AJ being gone frank you're on nine presided remind you. I'm sorry say that again -- -- we -- Frankie again there frank let's try one more time though we lost frank aren't let's go to Bob Bob who's calling from a stone Bob your 937 -- Hey guys -- going with Bob. This call isn't to defend AJ I'm glad he's gone -- bad marriages. Subtle like someone getting married BK -- and then. Complaining about she's attracting a lot of attention from men -- bad marriage to begin with. Like you brought -- something with direct talks could trade for him because of his reputation. The directors are not know over interpretation going into this game. Pride -- them fighting them yes. They did it I'm glad you caught because they feel a lot of the pictures on this team has -- behind that excuse. Always -- default way of giving up home runs is going to be very interesting now that. The Christian who have been removed the other pitching staff. Performed the rest away. I think it speaks to a very large problem. If that organization is direct talks always have to find someone to blame you gotta tell me they'll one guy. Walk into a World Series defending team in changing the entire -- culture of the clubhouse one guy. That speak to -- leadership problem direct talks have. -- yeah I know what -- I'm glad you brought that up somebody brought that up because we are gonna get into some more of the blame game end. Does it look like they're just keeping it on AJ Pierzynski and everybody is now expecting. The Red Sox to turn things around and I hope people don't do that I'm gonna draw. The same point back to what I said after the game against the rays for the fight occurred. I'm a Christian senators is low hanging fruit -- gonna look at the fight. Instead it's gonna unify them happen when I'm not long when -- tried it -- -- -- guys is waiting for you don't they managed to put up. And I started to -- It yet notified every day but they were down big just like you were last night -- AJ Pierzynski release inspired them so much doubt that they went out and got down big and had played bad defense and didn't look together at all. As a unit and has come back at the end through some bad managing by the White Sox but yeah I would hope. That if you're clubhouse was as strong as it was last year that the additional one guy who might not be in line didn't. Radiate to the degree that all the sudden you're in last place in the American League east that is seeing way way too much. -- like I gotta we -- typed in here on the screen what frank was trying to say it was that great quote from Ozzie Guillen. About AJ Pierzynski. If AJ is on the other team you hate him if he's on your team you hate him a little less. Actually Ozzie after what we've learned about AJ Pierzynski here in Boston I might suggest to him a little bit more and --

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