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Three For All: Lesbians Revisited and Breaking the Relationship Barrier 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

Tim and Christian are joined by receptionist Brittany to discuss the angry phone calls the station received yesterday. Then the three discuss when it is appropriate to break the relationship barrier and fart in front of your partner.

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These guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate -- in Renaissance man -- thinks -- the -- for a home. Number three months. 33 overall -- the three overall. -- -- Rick brawl sponsored by the pot -- construction needed to -- They've got you covered this is the segment of the program we take a whole bunch of topics that may or may not an interview with sports we throw them all under one roof. There's got the free for all Christian yesterday just brought up the topic of other phrase this if there was a lesbian out there that you wish -- great. Cool would it be and you wanted to get an answer from blue and I guess and I shared. I put the story out there from my days in Pittsburgh that I knew a girl who was on the Pittsburgh -- and here's -- -- -- and I knew a girl. That was I got a friend a total hot even though you would think they'll be the case based on the fact -- you -- women's football. This is many years ago I was. Told my good friend of mine who was also the team don't bother your barking up the wrong tree so that was my sharing with okay. Voting shares so much piles of -- Gina -- on character from balance since I knew -- was straight but that was as close I could get to a more. Accurate reference her body else to. Understand I give you Portia -- -- don't -- came up with the -- -- -- -- -- used to have a huge crush on her head of global hole I didn't I found out she was dead just let it. Shoot straight ahead. So you got there this is your suggests that. So we're talking about lesbians -- the three -- wrong half the show goes -- we get for the 1 o'clock hour. Shortly after program I do what I always do which is -- very holdings for four hours I go to the men's room back. Did you my business Hillary won the -- just -- not walked away got to walk by the front early so the you do not know dog I don't know I don't know what I went the other way around the building I went five britney's -- she runs the front desk for us and answer the. She's on the phone she's a lesbian bed -- He's looking at me with this bad hole I've never seen her not smile. Have you ever seen Britney not always ours alone -- mourn -- life stairs when she smiles -- looks like a Disney Channel carried her she's got this gorgeous huge smile. And she's according get -- news Dowling and she's got the photo story here. -- -- -- So I go to bathroom do my business come out I walked by chief poisonings -- again now she's like that indicating that she wants me to stay. To hear her laugh. For whatever is gone on. So she hangs up the quality here so yes sir I'll pass along sir. Whatever you say sir thank you sir are doing your due diligence as someone -- the front desk hangs up the phone she's writing down a phone number and then she just. Lazy enemy. I don't care what are you talking about lesbian. Yeah co -- -- I'm gonna be. Some guy from Connecticut. Apparently heard our segment that you brought up under free for all the way to be like it's my fault it is your fault because I felt her -- At the front desk not -- me I had to deal because of your three -- contribution. This looting Connecticut was pissed because it is five year old in the car and he had to explain this is literally what he said to her. Explain to my son what a lesbian is. Twelfth I don't know and we we have. Some audio Alina we don't I don't know if Britain Britain's -- here is now studio audience here we property due to fan I guess defend me or to defend. -- April looked as -- you're heads in the volatile what do you what he's staying aware of this vs anyone -- the I was saying -- he Collins and you know idea in my should be on hand what is your what do you feel the outlook -- -- I got my two year old in the car and he's got a new lesbian and it hurt the speed of thought the other day. Going on over there and and he also mentioned that quote unquote the transgender person. But that was -- yeah okay her. Not by she's announcing our honeymoon with the idea he college transgender submit blood transgender and he he referred to as. So I tell them he said I I have a problem with I listen Debbie got all the time love it -- But I had my five year old in the car and you guys are talking about. The lesbians and I transgender and -- I don't really does whatever but. -- I had to explain to my son. Play a lesbian like this guy he added. God forbid you should have to explain to your child is everything in -- me a little bit uncomfortable. Heaven forbid as a parent it falls do you. To do the explaining and you don't leave it up to TV your Twitter to do -- -- we added that should happen up -- you know like. I mean I was thinking about number may not like me me. You know it's an uncomfortable conversation about first of all it's. I mean -- on the demographic. Of the station apparently it's not five to twelve you'll know it is not Iowa and glitter and yeah the goal -- summertime. Still -- -- Ellison filling their proven center under the -- or some -- they work that out -- -- Radio Disney New England somewhere and they're not as there is there -- -- -- there is a -- and I understand his -- I was watching America's Got -- with my -- yes -- have -- this this this old man comes on the 84 year old -- you think is -- think some sort of like old school. To own and he comes up with a subpoenas song just one season. She's god. Why it's funny my kids are running around going details going home -- in all they're doing is going to the heat and like this is NBA city I get. They just want to sing. She's god. Happiness. -- -- I did I understand you're holding your she's holding her hand over her mouth. Because you can't believe how might America got talent all the old family sitting on the couch watching the show and hear this all cute little man comes up talking about. Transgender. Transsexual transgender is I mean now it's just as. It's just I don't pay you a million dollars. A million dollars that kid grows up to be a better parent did his father because he had to have something explain himself trying to be shielded from it. Now he's getting a little exposure god forbid had to sell the guy had none of that and that's why is that a -- This and they're. Since we have you here OK but now my question here's my three brought. OK so my girlfriend Erica there today she tells me that her best friend's boyfriend calls her -- called Brothers atlas and your friend. Your best friend is -- while she sleeps. And she's boarding like crazy I mean it's nonstop. And he's basically saying you know what what what can I do to -- should just like teller about this or half of what's -- -- of the -- of broccoli okay so my my thing was okay. Well we're talking about barriers here right so how long is it do you have to go before you can far too. In front of your girlfriend or your wife this -- going to be -- although because my boyfriend does not. Are incredibly might go -- and apparently refuses to do it I you know I never pardon for her he never does he literally he did one time and the fear of god bag came over his face when he realized that I heard it was just. He just I I -- I have an advantage though your singles so I mean obviously. How Long Will you go -- -- you know the first 34 months of dating you're under your you're at your best behavior doing everything right you're saying everything perfectly. What did you finally did let down your guard I know are you OK with your girlfriend who could be your girlfriend doing the same thing. Yes the last girlfriend private six months and then after that it was. I didn't mind parting elderly and around though by -- when she beat bush CBO OK but also. He's an -- you'll get with her party yeah I was final minute as bush into all the time you know way I can do whatever I want and that she couldn't. So what I've just got to let point yeah exactly Jews slaughtered by you battle luggage is -- That's a loose and a skirt cut off. Flows into the wind are you like just growth and out of there it goes through Gupta as the first group -- her skirt actually moves yeah I would have been gross out. You know can I personally do not care but and the beginning of my relation -- now. I would almost a year and a half two years with under my best behavior not party not doing anything bad that these are the doors calls I wanted about you name it. Both sit up toilet seats I mean now on display. Was I don't know where you're stressed was to compare and contrast here. What was it like with your first wife and -- and I noticed though because on the you know I mean believe me as -- failure -- -- massive amount of time no I didn't write about Carol and out of that and although we are divorced now yeah. I know with your current it's been a year and a half two years -- a lot longer than that. But it's understated took that long before you're willing to yet took about that lights up here relationship boy she's still she's a little dialogue with me here on out my -- I am Monday you know but at some point really just got out just wanna feel comfortable. -- in your surroundings in your house now you say you're not do you not already. -- pretty your wife never I hear -- down -- really are not our credit card and and am now. The USA -- let me go to battle -- -- his eyes hard and we actually we have. Just down the road for less money that I like better for a house that we have now. In large part because it only had one bathroom and she didn't want to ever be exposed. That's what ultimately behind or have me be exposed to what she had done -- there's a level of embarrassment. That was always there for her she had to be in the bathroom is we have several bathrooms now studied there should be after a certain amount of time there should be no barriers you should be -- to do whatever you wanted to correlate to complete an area that I absolutely not there there has to your way to a tight ends there has to be a little corner of my mind where she still perfect in every regard. I'll handle well who -- oh god she. She's not even -- so she's terrific that's been that it held that sort of gets deteriorated biggest chipped away at. Yeah some things that she does perfectly. Don't send. And I there's going to be some things you know they may be. They're perfect about me that she doesn't -- I'm really amazed at what I feel like you at that I'm amazed that you're telling me how is -- -- how long. They'll -- three years and you've never it was hard earlier today and your wife never. I wouldn't eating like you you just water I mean how does that even happen and I try to excuse myself hurt you know. -- about here in the car and it's like a prayer card by a UI and a message rationed and you suck it up don't you get a cramp I guess if you don't according get a -- get -- -- pull something. I just. -- -- amazed like bears need to be broken at some point Tim you need to break that we really do need to do that I had to lay in bed watching -- honey. I've come to a conclusion that we Toyota cars blue shield -- a -- job and whatever. I've come to the original and I'm glad to the home band that's playing and yeah do you radio she probably dying to do it she's probably sick of this little game to play like we both have to be perfect do you need to be the birth of us and I -- Tuesday. And just let it go pretty much what would you do your boyfriend is -- home tonight and best of him -- -- -- -- It's funny and yes it does not mean he was ignored my hero and president and I save more. Are you -- your boyfriend right I mean I don't make an ally is they are things that you don't do it. Because you're in a relationship they just let you can normally -- -- your friends are your mom your parents that you would be I would be no big -- any other kind of in my -- you don't even do that my head you've got a little compartment in your head and you just. Take it out and Larry yeah yes exactly -- -- I -- -- down in and you go to Pittsburgh. Walk away from the front desk for about five seconds take audio compartment why shouldn't central -- for a guy says -- have the big dresses -- -- just they just sit in there. You know it's. I images that they're. Going to give doubt what princess would she be I'd feel a little bit of as morale. -- my back then had little help hunt you know -- NN. Khalil and I got five kids I know I know. The hold no brief for all players who have attended the foods. So I just there's I'm -- my bowling. -- and your relationship probably not I mean that's not a bad question that this is the relationship question these are people been married bears bears need to be broken got to be reversed on iTunes or just. I'm not your comfort -- absolutely not through. -- 8777979837. Pretty pictures sound and I'm sorry we put you through such -- silently guys but if you wanted to win in the anytime you want to scream at me help me for something we've done here I'll be more than happy to take all you ladies will miss the punch line the -- on this was the payoff for all this was when Britney was taking this angry phone call about the lesbians and transgender discussion that you brought up yeah. You can say that I brought up some big guy he didn't know our game she just goes. That's baloney guy and that guy is he's done I don't know I have so as far as I -- although a little. Beyond reality men this guy's world is just -- -- automatically -- higher bond.

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